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12 November 2001
                                     What Goes Around Comes Around Column.


This is an entertaining piece by Mr. Sherman Skolnick, Chicago activist to 'clean up the courts' and self-described Traditional Jew.  Mr. Skolnick here complains of a non-Jewish (but Semitic Arab) judge showing a ferocious tribal loyalty to other Arabs and antipathy towards someone not of his tribe (i.e. Mr. Skolnick and other Jewish associates).  This behavior, if true, is of course contrary to said Judge Betar's clear duty and sworn oaths to 'support and defend the Constitution of the United States.'

My mind travels back to just a few years ago when a Jewish federal judge in New York actually issued an order prohibiting publication (i.e. prior restraint and censorship) of materials hostile to the activities of the Mossad.  That was overturned a few hours later by the Appellate Court.  Some day soon such orders will be affirmed, not overturned.  This incident was just one of innumerable examples in which Jewish tribal loyalty won out over over clear legal duties to act as 'an American'  in official capacities.

In other words Mr. Skolnick is now sniveling his eyes out because Muslim Judge Betar is emulating the behavior his Jewish cousins on the bench have previously displayed throughout the 20th Century.  It's all instructive about the rapidly decomposing nature of 'American' courts and jurisprudence.  Tracks right along with the O.J. Simpson acquittal.

As Alex Linder recently said, "Immigration is not alchemy".


P.S.  Attention Marxist Mind Melted Liberal White Females.  Go right ahead believing the non-white beneficiaries of your largesse will remember your good intentions with reciprocal gratitude.  Some day you too can issue communiqués for help to a deaf world while hiding in a closet like Catherine Buckle does from her hideout in Harare, Zimbabwe (ex Salisbury Rhodesia).  By then you'll probably have to stuff notes in bottles since the electrical grid and internet will have collapsed everywhere outside Japan and parts of China.

Truth is in the mind of the beholder.
How are the legions doing, citizen?

I was told that when Ingrid, the Zud's 3rd wife, saw my name on his mailing list, she promptly pulled it. I receive zilch from the blightwing which does not surprise me. Anyway, depriving me of bulletins, newsletters, and other recyclable stuff, is probably environmentally a great thing to do, but there are still lots of little birds out there who keep me well informed on the nitty gritty shenanigans which are not publicized.

I read some comment by a female brotherly lover in Dr. Pierce's NA bulletin. She, like all commie dimwits who can't stand to see white people breathing, mentioned that we have to be thankful for the niggers as they entertain us with sports and music. White people not only can do this but THEY INVENTED the means by which all of it takes place, that is, until the history books are rewritten to show that Little Black Sambo invented the trumpet "Sachmo" plays, or that the piano was invented in some Congo cow dung hut by Mutumba Mau Mau just so Gnat Kink Cole can doodle with the ivories – amplified by whitey's inventions and recorded with whitey's inventions. Old Gnat's tribe also had nothing to do with the $6000 watch he wears.

This is the mistake all weez eekills make. If a chimpanzee can ride a bicycle as a hoomun does, then they are equal – completely forgetting that a bicycle needs to be ENGINEERED and MANUFACTURED, which niggers cannot do on their own, and INVENTED, also which niggers could not do given the validity of another 40,000 years of Darwinian evolution. Take out the white component, and very little is left.

White females are particularly prone to inversion of nature. A sow knows enough to kill the deformed in its litter but mama honky will forsake her healthy offspring in order to focus attention on the ugly and crippled – they NEEDS! It certainly is bizarre that so many female appear fascinated by ugliness. One of my sisters was particularly taken by the peculiar look of the mestizo actor Jack Palance, whom she deemed "handsome", while mentioning not the striking countenance of Robert Taylor or Errol Flynn. Women, by and large, are very susceptible to communist propaganda and that's why family wrecking, where dad is the captain, was given so much priority by the bolsheviks who now run most everything in this land. Once the female is in charge, it's Redall the way.

Ever hear this dilly? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.That's about as logically silly as things can get. Hyenas and lions are not friends. Thus, the gazelle would claim that its enemy, the hyena, is its friend because both it and the hyena have the lion as an enemy. The Taliban and the Northern Alliance are the same people having a family dispute. Both hate us, and for good reason, I might add.

Havya noticed the increased display of "hate Germany" and WW II propaganda which is currently being excreted via the jew tube? They are even running the most foul lies which that generation of Americans had to endure and of which, many believed. If ZOG says it, it has to be true.

All politicians know that the average boob cannot remember anything which transpired over 2 weeks ago. That's why they do as they please, and choose to salvo their lies 2 weeks preceding an election. Obviously, they still realize this and in lieu of a disaster every 2 weeks, they have to pump out shit about a war which took place 5 decades earlier. You simply cannot rekindle the SWATKWP spirit because the type of American which existed then DOES NOT exist now

If I knew what day it was, I'd proclaim myself a genius. The other day, I had to call the dog in, in order to find out if it was raining.

The authors, 'Decision Support Systems, Inc.', seem incapable of fully observing the world around them.  They constantly hit the theme of al-Qaida having the intent of 'luring U.S. forces to the Mid-East where they can be destroyed.'  Their main conclusion hinges on this being an intended and realizable goal of bin Laden.

Al-Qaida cannot destroy the U.S. forces inside the U.S., nor can it convince the U.S. to leave the Middle East using terror attacks. The intention of the terror attacks is a provocation to force the U.S. to engage and deploy forces to the Middle East, where such forces could be destroyed

At the rate of 3 men and 1 crashed helo per month, bin Laden will run out of friendly Pashtuns and al-Qaida 055 Brigade members long before U.S. forces are seriously attrited down.  These U.S. forces are not even engageable because al-Qaida lacks a navy, a long range air force to attack Diego Garcia or effective air defenses.  It seems more likely al Qaida's intent was to lure U.S. forces into action to provoke widespread political unrest in Muslim populations.  So far the unrest has proven to be quite manageable.

DSSi's other main thesis similarly depends on al-Qaida having conventional military forces in the right size and locations:  "outright destruction of the petroleum production system would leave the U.S. with no or greatly reduced real interests in the region" Saddam Hussein was only able to inflict an 18 month slow down in production with his vandalism in 1991 with total, albeit rapidly fading, military control of the Kuwaiti fields, His in-theatre army then was about 500,000 men.  I didn't notice that Hussein's pyromania led to a suspension or stoppage of Desert Storm short of its goals.  Destroyed infrastructure can be (and was) rebuilt.

With that background consider for a moment the size and location of forces thus necessary to achieve DSSi's other event of "outright destruction of the petroleum production system"  throughout the Gulf States, Oman, Saudia Arabia, Iraq, Iran and beyond.  If done by surprise the attackers would have to hit hundreds of points simultaneously and successfully.  If done sequentially the force requirements expand far beyond what the Iraqis used in 1991.  This is because surprise will be lost after the first wave and security vastly enhanced.  DSSi's second major point in its executive summary thus relies once again on a military event far outside the physical power of al-Qaida to implement.

Their final major 'insight', "the intention and purpose of Al-Qaida’s plans are either to make the Middle East ungovernable..’, starts from a clear lack of understanding of how Middle Eastern countries are 'governed' to start with.
 This next statement in particular betrays a ZOG media Hollywood level of understanding of the nature of so-called 'weapons of mass destruction': "At roughly the same time, some weapon of mass destruction could be used on U.S. deployed forces. Such a weapon could be nuclear (acquired from Pakistan, Russia, or possibly Iraq), biological, chemical, or radiological..."   Tabun and Sarin would produce sensational media events if deployed against civilians.  These agents are useless at this point as chemical weaponry against U.S. forces.  Even VX is starting to lag as protective suit, warning system and antidote technologies improve.  For several decades chemical weaponry has been regarded as a nuisance and area denial weapon useful in flooding an enemy's medical system with casualties and degrading performance because of protective measures.  It is not and has not been a decisive stand-alone weapon since after the first usage of chlorine at Ypres in 1915.

DSSi additionally failed to discriminate between warhead weaponry and a delivery system.  The effective use of chemical or biological agents as a "weapon of mass destruction" requires simultaneous area delivery by hundreds of cannon, rockets and/or aircraft.  The average American is in far greater danger from a derailed chlorine tank car than he is from a terrorist even armed with 10 gallons of VX.  Without mass delivery systems chemicals and biologicals turn into exotic point weapons as we've seen now with the anthrax letters and previously saw with sarin in Tokyo.    During their analysis they also fell for the canard about ex-Soviet suitcase nukes without considering for one moment the miniature yields of these weapons.  I simply cannot take seriously people who don't understand or can't assess the difference in weapon effect between 0.5 kiloton, 1 kiloton, 20 kilotons and 200 kilotons.
Buried in the mass of turgid analysis is one good insight worth considering.  That is a possible motive behind the anthrax attacks.  DSSi proposes the purpose of these attacks is to convert left-wing minded media and political people to war by targeting them directly.  It's a useful thought that expands the range of suspects on the basis of 'Cui Bono'.  I still don't subscribe to theories of Mossad involvement in 911, but it's early days to dismiss them as not being behind the anthrax campaign.   Certainly they have both the capability and the motive.  Their servitors in the media and in politics (SPLC & Simon Wiesenthal Center) were all quick to throw baseless accusations against all the many 'usual' perceived enemies of Zionism and Jewish dominance.  Nor would this be the first time Zionists have attacked American targets to stir up hostility.  Virtually everyone has forgotten the wave of bombing attacks in Egypt in the 1950s against American cultural targets.  It turned out the Israeli government was behind these terrorist bombings.

DSSi's analysis also fails to take into its consideration the extent to which both 9-11 and ZOG's response serves ZOG's own internal political goals.  To bin Laden's disappointment ZOG has refused the bait of a Hobbesian warre of competing religions/ideologies.  Instead of targeting ('profiling') specific groups, ZOG is happily extending and expanding its police state controls to all of its subjects.  It thus remains true to its own public racial equality premises while simultaneously shoring up its political position for a bit longer.

The war in Afghanistan is not lagging because of Taliban durability.  A Pakistan-based Kashmiri group with volunteers in Afghanistan recently reported that 85 of its men have been killed in airstrikes.  They may have been exceptionally unfortunate but these casualties coming in a small foreign contingent provide a good gauge of what the Taliban's main forces are experiencing under B-52 'Arc Light' strikes and without the benefit of triple canopy jungle cover.

The war in Afghanistan is already over the post-Taliban succession.  Apparent slow progress is due to jockeying for position in oil and drugs afterwards.


The twin steel and concrete phalluses will soon be moving towards the "no trace" stage. Whether destroyed by Osama's bin, Merciless Ming of the planet Mongo, super mysterious other-directed robots, a reincarnation of Davey Jones or some marooned space alien, is of no further importance to anyone. It's done and ZOG has its raison d'être relative to the "round up" stage of its concluding NWO assault upon all peoples. Thus, the babble over who, what and how, is irrelevant relative to the imposition of more police controls on a citizenry more interested in Peter dunkin' than freedom.
The Jew York State voters approved of a bill to rewrite the State Constitution so as to eliminate "sexist" terms. More nutty females vote in NY than do males and following the "but she's a woman" blanket approval to Hillary the Red, this comes as no surprise. I am not sure what these hens – all deserving to be gang raped by King Kong's relatives, if they can be inticed to lower themselves – propose to use instead of "mankind". Although "womankind" might seem appropriate, it nonetheless still contains the vulgarity – "man". I think "itkind" would be appropriate and we could let vulva brain Bill define "it".
When a child is born, it often finds itself emerged in a manure "family" not of his choosing. Far too often, he sees this as merely something to lash out against instead of something to be overcome. It's one thing to find yourself covered with shit and quite another to stay that way while swearing at those who covered you with it. Your circumstance of birth is not your fault and what's done is done – long gone, never to be corrected. I once paid a young woman to clean my apartment while I was away in Utah. When I returned, my apartment was certainly cleaned – it was empty. I never was driven to hatred for this female nor harbored any desire to "even the books". What was done was done. The past is about as dead as dead can be. She only ran off with my possessions which I could certainly renew. She touched not my soul, mind nor spirit.

If the young men of today have any wish to recapture the country their parents gave away, they must stretch far beyond infantile considerations for they will only prove to be chains to aspiration. During one of those several 'wars to end all wars', I've seen both types of men: those who never survived emotionally from their wife's infidelities and those who could mirror-talk that they married a whore but would now be fore-armed by the experience. One of the most disgusting commonalties of any war, are the unfaithful women who satiate the desires of their crotch while their husbands are getting shot at on some foreign soil. This, in my view, should be a capital offense. The past is well seasoned with the bodies of men who died defending harlots whom they deceived themselves into believing were angels. Such is the power of hormones.

Frenz' axiom #14: There are always more horse's asses than there are horses.
When one finishes
painting his house, he can stand back and feel solidly great about himself. One doesn't need those idiotic Marxist "feel good about yourself" courses to attain such objectives. It's all within each person's reach and for free. You merely have to commit yourself and then follow through.

My email has piled up since I have been away in another part of the country fulfilling my past word. What a great feeling it is to do what one has said. I never use the word "promise" since that implies that without it, your word is meaningless. The money expended had nothing to do with it.

Although a close, well connected, friend informed me of this over 2 weeks ago, I never gave it much thought. Here it is: When the WTC obeyed the laws of physics, the "boys' decided to nail a max of about 50-60 days on any recovery efforts – searching for bodies, parts and whatever. That time is now up and the TV yappers will soon announce – if they haven't already done so – that from here on out, the rubble will be removed with no attempt to treat the pile as anything else. Just a standard demolition clean up.
A fellow stood on a roof, feathers glued to his arms. He was ready for flight. Another stepped up and mentioned that his attempt would fail. A little lady who happened to be near said, "How dare you criticize unless you have a better way to get to the Great White Northwest Hopeland." If you are attempting to quench your thirst with cyanide Kool Aid, why should I need to supply you with Utah spring water in order for my warning to have merit?
Key People?


"However, Prof Harry Smith, chairman of the Royal Society working group on biological weapons, said the call for worldwide vaccination was "going over the top". But he added: "On the other hand, I think smallpox vaccine needs to be ready to immunize key people and deal with any outbreak, if it occurs."

This article provides an educational glimpse into the thought processes of key ZOGists in Brit-ZOG and elsewhere.  I've seen similar statements recently by ZOG-USA scientists regarding not vaccinating everyone.  'Key people' will get their immunizations ahead of the event.  Just what are key people?  Any long odds that the Bush, Clinton, Schumer and Schiff families and their mercenaries will be deemed 'key' while you more than likely will not be so rated?  The rest of us proles will just have to take our chances on becoming 'collateral damage' in the Semites' War.

The degree to which the Judeo-Masonic ruling elites have converted most people into mindless sheep is nowhere better illustrated than in the lack of public outcry on this subject.  It's hard for very young people to understand this but at one time American  governments could have collapsed upon failure to disavow CDC statements similar to the above statement by Professor Harry Smith.   The deadly charge of 'elitism' and 'aristocracy' would have been leveled.


A person who gives up some of his freedom as a means of increasing his "safety" and "security", is a person who deserves neither. In fact, the gods eons ago responded to such spineless behavior by insuring that all so afflicted will get neither. This would be of no concern to the individualists of this world except for one item: the boat the masses of asses chose to scuttle is also the same one they are are in.

A caged bird is free from the terrorist attacks of cats, snakes and owls. It gets it's daily ration and is kept warm and secure. It views its cage as an item of safety – a shield from the big, bad, and ugly world. Yet, beyond all of its singing and joyous movement, lies the temptation called freedom for once allowed, it chooses not the cage but prefers all of the risks involved in living the way all creatures were ordained to live – free. Only the down-bred human – that insult to Nature – views the prison of its own making, as something from heaven. Such miserable creatures are as cancers upon all which was created.


This is a subject I've long wanted to say something on.  In the instant case the Delta Force appears to have violated the First Rule of deep penetration raids.  That rule is "OUTNUMBER THE DEFENDERS 3-1 AT THE POINT OF CONTACT."  The Second Rule follows from the first:  "BREAK OFF CONTACT BEFORE THE DEFENDERS CAN CONCENTRATE TO REDUCE THAT SUPERIORITY."  This rule appears to have been violated again, as it was in Mogadishu in 1993.  Granted there was a 20 year period from 1973-1993 when the lessons about this could be lost because of personnel turnover.  More serious is the apparent inability to reinternalize the lesson from Somalia in 1993.  The amnesia that's overcome the Department of Defense and the ZOG regime appears to be terminal.

I spent some of my own time in special ops.  The men in these units train very hard and are mostly 'a few good men'.  What I'm going to say next is not against them individually but against the system that has organized them as they are today.

That said, I've long thought the modern over-emphasis on these units weakens the Army overall when considered from a total force view.  Naturally any given Ranger company is 25-40% better than the standard line infantry unit.  Contrary to the legends this is not entirely the result of manpower quality, although I don't deny that's the most important factor.  Superior resourcing for training and priority for personnel fill are also major factors.  These units receive training budget allocations that are probably 200% greater man-for-man than the next group of units in the 82d and 101st Airborne Divisions.  Their personnel fills are set at 110-120% versus the 85-95% most other units struggle along on.  They are also exempted from the garrison support taskings – a/k/a 'rock painting' – that eat up all other units' manpower and constitute significant training distracters.

The next flaw in the current special ops model is the concentration of most of the premium warrior manpower in the most lightly armed units around.   These organizations have no staying power once in contact.  Unless the mission is strategic reconnaissance the time span for the typical mission once in direct contact is less than many aircraft loiter times nowadays.  These organizations have also become vast personnel drains skimming off team and squad leader capable soldiers and using them at skill levels one step below their current potential.  This shows up again in further reduced performance in the other line units.   Then there's the definite morale lowering effect on the rest of the combat units with the unsubtle message they are regarded as second rate by the government.

The moral lesson is that special ops performance isn't so great as to justify their excessive direct and opportunity costs to the rest of the force.  This whole elite forces concept was originated by Winston S. Churchill in 1940 after the internal collapse of the French Army.  His model was the Boer Commando troops he remembered from the Boer War in 1902.  The original purpose of the Commando units were to stage events for Churchill's larger virtual propaganda and terrorist war.  They conducted two big raids against limited opposition in the Norwegian Lofoten Islands, an attack against a huge dry dock at St. Nazarre.  Their highwater mark was the disaster at Dieppe in June 1942.  Later in 1944 they did some useful work on the Belgian coast, but nothing of a decisive nature.  The current British Special Air Service traces its lineage to jeep mounted desert raiders in North Africa in 1941-42.  Their effectiveness was much greater.  They were operating against the Africa Korps' exposed desert flank in Libya.

Generally forgotten, these tales of glory and heroism is that this formation of numerous British Army 'elite' units in mid-late 1940 was followed by British Army morale based disasters at Singapore and Tobruk in early-mid 1942.    At Singapore 33,000 Japanese took nearly 100,000 British Empire troops.  At Tobruk 50,000 Imperial soldiers surrendered to perhaps 25,000 Germans and Italians.  Lord  Wavell sent the diagnosing signal when he telegraphed Churchill that "Percival should enough troops (to hold Singapore) if the men can be made to act with sufficient vigour."  Anyone with any experience in the infantry knows that making the troops act with 'sufficient vigour' is sergeants' business.  At Singapore the men who should have been squad leaders were elsewhere in Churchill's Stunt Man Army.

In contrast the U.S. Army at Bataan was far more stubborn despite being in an identically poor strategic situation and also having been mishandled tactically at the start of the campaign.  The biggest single difference was the quality of the assigned small unit leadership in the combat units.  In the British forces the best enlisted men had already been drained away to Commando units and Bomber Command.  The U.S. Army had not yet been seduced by these Hollywood ideas of Commando propaganda stunts and Douhet 'strategic' bombing.  The available small unit NCOs were of a far higher quality than the corresponding British forces at Singapore and Tobruk.  I think the last word on this subject was spoken by Field Marshal Slim when he said "the outcome of a campaign isn't determined by the best battalion or the worst battalion.  It's determined by the quality of the average battalion."

The U.S. Marine Corps initially followed Churchill's suggestion to set up 'Marine Raider' battalions in 1942.  After some early experiences with high casualties for no lasting results the USMC terminated this experiment and returned the men to the 'line' Marine units.  The USMC's high performance in the Pacific War was a direct result of its refusal to dilute the 'average quality' of its units by emphasizing p.r. over substance.

The above are some technical considerations from someone with a long interest and some experience in these matters.  It doesn't mean I think there's some magic formula that can restore individual manpower and unit superiority to the entire army given the external constraints.  Most of the factors crippling military performance today are beyond the Army's control.  These factors include the demographics it must rely on, the political background and the constraints imposed by the ruling elites.  Ultimately the effectiveness of any large army is an expression of the underlying social system.    Our current Army has no effectiveness as a body.  The extreme emphasis on 'special operations forces' itself is a glaring indicator of the alien mental nature of our ZOG ruling elites both Jewish and Gentile. Their priority goals do not include the security of the larger society and its members.  I think September 11 proved this fact to most reasonable people's satisfaction.

What our ZOG has done with 'Special Operations Command' is organize a parallel army to serve its particular elite goals.  These goals include physical protection of the regime's members and destruction of direct threats to elites.  The goals don't include protecting the ruled masses.  History previously witnessed this cycle in the late Roman Empire from the time of Constantine forward.   The formerly invincible legions had degenerated into static regional forces stripped of their best manpower.  In their place was a new mobile field force known as the Posse Comitatenses.    The Posse Comitatenses received all the best recruits, equipment and superior pay to the decaying legions.  Yes, the nearly defunct local posse had its origins as a highly elite cavalry force in the late Roman Empire.  One of my favorite Jewish writers – Edward Luttwak – described the main purpose of this force as ensuring the central government authority survived for another season of tax gathering.  I think this comes ever closer to describing US Special Operations Command today.


On the bright side – As you have read before on this page, the gun-grabbers have had one hellova set-back since the NYC face-lift nearly two months ago. People are arming themselves to the teeth, as it should be. What good is a Second Amendment if you don't use it? Remember the projections where FEDZOG goons would be going door to door picking up all the deer rifles, sling shots and blow-guns? That's life. Those whom predict are often left playing with themselves.

I am a bit disturbed when I find people who are not gung ho for war, being called "unpatriotic" and if you are unpatriotic, then you are ipso facto a communist. That demonstrates ignorance. Patriotism is standing by the country – one's people – not the government. It appears that the most patriotic people are those who oppose ZOG rule, and war, floods and yeast infections have nothing to do with it. Some of our best people opposed entry into the SWATKWP and they were hardly "communists". Our present episodes of destruction have little to do with the interests of the white race, and that's why I oppose it, but I'll hinder not those who feel that the eradication of the nation of Islam will end our problems. That's idiotic and futile.

I frequently listen to Dr. Torah just to see what the tribe is wrecking now. Today, she made a statement to this effect, "All kids lie as a means of staying out of trouble. My own son lies to me often." Her son is a jew, which explains what he says but to make this blanket condemnation is to admit that she views the world through hebe eyes. Over the years, I have met far too many truth telling young people for me to believe her ridiculous statement. Dr. Torah claims that children must be protected at all costs but trusts none of them. She told her son that he can own nothing until he is of age – 18 – to earn it. I guess gifts come with a string attached. Then again, she's a jew.

As I directed my daughter, "Never lie. If you do not want to answer a question simply say that you choose not to." I never pried into her affairs because so doing often invades privacy and if you are to teach your kids things about privacy and private property, you start by respecting that in your children. I know many parents simply do not trust their children and they reveal this distrust with every question. She was taught never to interrupt and talking back to her parents is best described by her comment to a friend who asked her about it. "If I ever talked back to my mom, I'd lose half of my teeth and when dad found out about it, I'd lose the other half." Listening to the hebe "child experts" one might expect that she'd have become a female version of Charlie Manson. Not so. Self-control is something which has to be practiced and no kid brought up "doing his thing" ever develops it.

Anthrax Attacks In Pakistan


   A Pakistani newspaper (probably touting the Judeo-Masonic line on the 'warre') has received an anthrax poison pen letter.  The ZOG of Pakistan has announced this was the second such attack there.

   Previously the hate-filled Jews of the Simon Weasenthal Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center were spreading vile slanders and false libels against patriotic white Americans.  They were implying that such people, and not the Semites of al-Qaida, were behind the anthrax terrorism.   Of course they were trying to whip up another federal government sponsored pogrom against native born whites.  That entire campaign of lies has now been decisively disproven.

   Since we don't want any readers passing out from hypoxia, don't hold your breath waiting on them to retract their filthy hate-speech or apologize.  Also don't expect Bushoil to punish those particular "evil-doers".


The more aliens which invade our living space, the more American flags appear. Fodlammer's rule.
One lawyer
condoned faggotry as being merely "mutual consent" and therefore should be legal. Bribery is also mutual consent as is drug dealing and prostitution. How about conspiracy and all partnerships in crime? Consent is all over the place.
Advice to young men who claim to love America: If you love America, don't leave it, for who are you leaving it to? Mestizos, asians, what?
Igor Sikorsky
the Russian-American who engineered the first manned helicopter apparently thought as I did about the CRAP they teach our kids –

In 1903 Sikorsky entered the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg, with the intention of becoming a career officer, but his
interest in engineering led to his resignation from the service in 1906. After a brief period of engineering study in Paris, he
entered the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Following a reasonably successful academic year, however, he concluded that the
abstract sciences and the higher mathematics as then taught had little relationship to the solution of practical problems, and he left the school, preferring to spend his time in his own shop and laboratory.

Helicopters are great utility vehicles as long as someone is not shooting back at them – Vietnam proved how true this was, especially in Cambodia where helicopters where great targets, somewhat like zeppelins. Yes, the crew might be covered with armor but that won't help one bit after the rotor is creamed with a barrage of 30 caliper bullets. "Yes, Orville, I am glad we have all of this armament. It'll make me feel safe when we crash."

A fellow obviously in college, asked me a question about "Abelian groups" and something about "onto" and "into" mappings. I told him that unless he intended to teach this hot air math, he should drop the course. "Modern math" is little more than gassing about nonsense, yet Sally Soccermom thinks her kid is really getting a super education when he comes home babbling this sort of gobbledegook. I have been accused of "sour grapes" in this respect but I'll say it once – I've taken 78 hours of math beyond high school (6 courses there) , graduate and undergraduate, and maintained a 99+ average, thus I feel I am somewhat qualified to discuss the topic. The red loving Dr. Wirzup always gave me A+ but told me I was a very poor student. Translated – I never believed that the bullshit had any significance, which it doesn't. Real world mathematics was finalized over 2 centuries ago.

Lest we forget – Prior to the Bush election, Eric told us he was going to vote for Bush because Bush would get us into war. In the 1970s, Eric outlined the step by step collapse of Rhodesia and South Africa. When September 11 occurred, he said, "The balloon is up." 
To go to Afhanistan is to be defeated.
The more Bushoil's ZOGwar is pushed overseas, the worse it will be over here.

The muds, and blacks, have more gut intelligence than do the whites for they rarely support that which is not good for them. The Judeo-Americans in Yakima, WA, are running scared, but the mestizos, injuns and blacks are not. They seem to know that ZOG's war is bad for whites and the country will be theirs as ZOG collapses.
A 'patriot' is an American who solicits a second American to draft a third American to go to Afghanistan, and no one wants to be that third American.

A Zionist is a jew who solicits money from a second jew to send a third jew to Israel, and on one wants to be the third jew.

Dr. Torah is pounding her hebe war drums again by telling mothers who don't want their sons to go to Afghanistan, they they come close to being unpatriotic. It's the same old format – SWATKWP propaganda where the jews are doing the cheer leading and the goyim do the fighting, bleeding and dying. When this hag sends her son off to fight , then we might reevaluate our position. Know any WWII vets? Why not ask them how many jews they saw in combat. In my company, we had 3 jews during basic training. All were discharged as "undesirable" within 3 months.

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

This is the home page of FAEM by Robert Frenz. It was a public journal before the term “web log” was invented. Since Frenz’s death in May 2003 this collection of over 1,200 pages is maintained by the Heretical Press, Yorkshire, England. Frenz’s pithy and perceptive commentary on events occurring between 2000 and 2003, combined with many illuminating anecdotes from his rich and varied life, gained him a keen audience. Though a chemist and mathematician Robert Frenz was above all a teacher, and he is missed by many.