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20 December 2000
A fellow sent me an article concerning global oil production and how it was going to peak somewhere in the immediate future. The consequence of this was that civilization, as we know it, would end. That, I thought, was  a very good thing. After all, aren't we all complaining about the hedonistic racial garbage dump we are living in?

The article had a technical format with references (without a reference, shame on you) as plentiful as periods. It reminded me of the technical stuff written by a jew automotive engineer (who couldn't keep his own car running) who claimed that no one could be gassed to death with diesel fumes. He supplied references, graphs and tables to "prove" his point. I wrote to him supplying two newspaper clippings reporting on suicides using diesel powered automobiles. The fool also claimed that "given sufficient oxygen, carbon dioxide is not hazardous to your health". I supplied this fellow with copies of my 1944 U.S. Navy Aqua Lung Diving manual which listed carbon dioxide as a very dangerous gas and something to be continually monitored. Like all of the Ivory Tower crowd, real life facts never makes a dent in their concrete heads. Remember when the "scientists" proved that bumble bees couldn't fly and that it was impossible for a dragster to exceed 194 MPH in the quarter mile? They supplied tons of formulas as if words and symbols ever proved anything. The problem with most of this scientific jabber is that it intimidates Joe Blow and Mary Muff. I heed virtually none of it. I must be from Missouri for you have to show me.

The author of this oil article goes on to explain "sweet oil" from "sour oil", solar energy from moon energy, coal from wood, up from down and top from bottom. At one point, he mentioned that it would cost prohibitive to ship liquid natural gas around the planet on big barges. That was new to me. Many things are new to me. Natural gas is composed of about 12 to 67 percent ethane, depending upon where it comes from, and the balance is propane. Liquefied ethane? I didn't know that liquefied natural gas was a real item for transport. (Eric informs me that such tankers run between Libya and France.) The vapor pressure of ethane is about 10 atmospheres at -30 Celsius while that of propane is 1.5 atmospheres at the same temperature. There would appear to be a rather large problem with ethane.

He did make a point, albeit not a very new one. You do not get something for nothing. Energy can be transformed but not created. That's why long term investments in solar and wind energy will leave someone holding the bagel bag. Electric cars – some were built in 1900 – are more of a novel toy than they are anything practical. The only wave of the future will be those hordes of marauding mestizos tearing up your neighborhood.

In 1950, Air Trails ran an article on how we'd all be driving nuclear powered cars within 10 years. In 1960, Popular Science ran an article on how we'd all be driving turbine powered cars by 1970. (Chrysler actually wasted their time and money by producing a few prototypes.) One can claim anything and as long as it's dressed in suitable scientific mumbo jumbo (something like the TV evangelist babble), there will be millions of gullible goyim to buy into it. Remember the diesel craze of 1973 (I wrote an article then explaining why that notion wouldn't last more than 5 years) or the Wankel (Mazda) engine hype the next year. (I also wrote that the heat and friction problems with this sort of engine would guarantee a worn out power plant in less than 18,000 miles. I was right on target as many sorry buyers soon discovered.) When the smoke cleared, the old standby gasoline engine was still out front in the chugging department.

Suppose we run out of oil. Why not fall back on those German patents which ZOG stole in 1945? Germany was synthesizing gasoline from coal at the time and the "experts" all tell us that we have enough coal for at least 6,000,000 more years, give or take a few holocausts.

The article was drowning in technical gibberish. It reminded me of pouring on salad dressing until the salad was no longer recognizable, or useful.

The general mentality, and it is also shared by the author, is the sacredness of infinite expansion. This is the standard definition of "progress" – MORE! Progress, to me, in anything which enhances QUALITY! Ten healthy and intelligent men are more valuable than 1000 mischlings – skraelings. Progress should mean improvement and just not more of that which hasn't much value in the first place. Look at it this way: A happy world is where every one is stoned on drugs and diving into all available diseased orifices with time out for lunch. Who needs petroleum energy for that? Make love, not burn fossil fuels.

The goyim are taught to parrot whatever it is the indoctrinator presents. Being an unthinking  parrot gets one "A"s and even a "Student of the Moment" bumper sticker. Sheep get to graze on a more regular basis. Whenever I think of this, I smile remembering the last words of a high school principal as he escorted me to the door, "You were disrupting the tranquility of this school. You were teaching the kids how to think!"

Let me also mention the TV program I watched last night. It was about "six billion years ago....." that earth began to cool. (Global cooling – probably due to the lack of greenhouse gases and Freon.) The icebergs gradually crawled, crept and wandered towards the equator. As the ice grew,  it reflected more of the sun's rays and the earth cooled more. This continued until the whole planet "resembled a giant snow ball." This was the holocaust of the ice age. What happened next? The volcanoes saved the planet! They bubbled and burbled and spewed hot air which eventually started to melt the ice. The ice receded and another continual cold foot was avoided. Being from Missouri, I ask, "If the volcanoes were hot enough to cause the glaciers to recede then why are they not still receding?" If an equilibrium was established, then why worry? Also, "If the volcanoes were that hot and juicy and willing, then why were they not sufficient to prevent the "snowball" from forming in the first place?" Dirty old minds want to know.

http://www.worldtribune.com/tout-3.html     Unlike many people I try to neither over or under-rate the Jews.  The 'Jews' are a phenomenon of the remaining wreckage of western civilization.  They only thrive in white countries or places like Argentina and Brazil.  And like the 'West' (i.e. White World) they also are in strategic retreat from advancing Asia.     In that sense I agree with the 'many leading Israelis' listed in the World Tribune article.  They are strategically and demographically unviable in Palestine.  Israeli Jewish birthrates are around 2.2 per Khazaress compared to rates of 4-8 among neighboring Arab women.  The latest Intifada has seen the Palestinians inside Israel joining with the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.   Eric has made this point before that the Jews are getting tired of running their Palestinian concentration camp.  Both he and I (and Benjamin Freedman before us) have pointed out that 'Israel' is just a branch office of JewsWorld.  I recently re-highlighted their real World H.Q. in London.     And Jews frequently make big mistakes in fact and conclusion, as they did in that article.  So-called strategic weapons will not help them in the protracted dirty war the Palestinians have settled down into.  Nukes and gas are no more usable there than they are against America's turd world dirty war.     This is all very mixed to bad news for us in my opinion.  Their first option appears to be to 'bring in the U.S. Cavalry', as they discussed in that article of a 'pro-American alliance'.  Too bad for them.  Their relatives in the Jew Ess Ah have rotted everything out so much this is no longer within U.S. power.  There's a very recent historical precedent for this.  Even after 'Declaring War' on Germany in 1932, the Jews continued to weaken France as late as 1936 under the Jew Leon Blum's 'Popular Front'.  The French Air Force was starved and diminished, the Army was demoralized and rotted out with Communist propaganda.  Come 1940 many French Aryans were openly saying "Better Hitler than Blum".   As a result France collapsed in six weeks in May-June 1940.     We'll therefore progress to phase two.   As the Zionist colony in Palestine collapses, where does anyone think these refugees are going to go?   The Sephardics, who are really Arabs, may well make their peace with their Arab brothers.  Their coin of transaction will be the Israeli Khazars.  When Jews run out of Gentiles to sell out, they sell out each other.  This leaves the Israeli Khazars, over 2.5 million strong.  Does anyone want to take a wild guess as to their refuge of choice?  Ultimately this is just another unfolding chapter in the long saga of "Jews and Country Wrecking".   Meanwhile opium continues to lose market share and the Jews continue to lose their production share of opium to the Chinese.  Keep your baby blues on Columbia and Cocaine.


Lincoln tried the Greenback and was assassinated. Kennedy tried to do the same and was assassinated. Hitler cut out the international finance boys and look what happened to his Germany. China is now issuing their own internal currency but 1200 million plus Chinese will need a little more assassination than 90 million Germans. Such a deal.
People who tell about their race-mixed ancestry only reveal that their forebears would copulate with anything available. What a nifty thing to be proud of –
part Indian, part Swedish, part Higi, part Italian, part crab grass.
My estimate is that not over 34 percent of our population can be legitimately called "white". As a population grows darker, more and more will call themselves "white".
The next time you see any Hollywood Nazis shouting "Sieg Heil", tossing beer cans, urinating on fire hydrants, and being a general public nuisance – if you can get past the earrings and tattoos – keep in mind that this is not Hitler's National Socialism but only that which the jews want you to believe.

The Führer demands:

Comrade, never forget that you are an exponent and representative of the National Socialist Movement and our Weltanschauung.

The stranger will form his opinion about the Movement according to the impression he gets from you.

Therefore, be a National Socialist in all your actions, in everything you do and leave undone!

For others, be an example of courage, discipline and devotion.

As a man be diligent, industrious and modest. Treat your subordinates like fellow nationals and not like pack animals. Do not regard them as objects to be exploited but as , fellow-fighters and colleagues in our nationwide fight for existence. Never treat them in a way in which you, as a German and National Socialist, would not want to be treated yourself. Always remember that you are not a slave master but a leader and never forget what they owe to you, and what you owe to them.

In all you do, act as if you carry the future of the entire nation on your shoulders. Never expect from others what you are not ready to give and do yourself, and always be an example for your comrades.

As a leader, be responsible in executing your duties and be determined in giving instructions. Treat your subordinates well and be helpful. Never be narrow minded in your opinions on the frailty of human nature. Realize other peoples needs quickly and be modest in your own! Never get drunk!

Do your duties for the Movement and always keep in mind that the greatest achievements can only be accomplished by men who are willing to submit their own ego to more important common necessities and to common welfare. In everything you do, you should give your fellow nationals and comrades an example of what you would like them to be. Look upon the last one of your fellow nationals as someone who shares your blood, someone you are inseparably tied with on this earth by destiny. Therefore, estimate the last German street-cleaner higher than the king of a foreign nation.

Never forget that for a nation freedom is the greatest good in the world. Without freedom there is no life and the loss of freedom cannot be compensated with speeches or labor; but only with a fight full of sacrifices. Remember that this fight for freedom can never be led by a social class but only by a nation! It is the task of your Movement to transcend all social classes and to form a nation that is able and ready to achieve the very best.

If you are fighting for the National Socialist German Worker's Party, you are fighting for your people.

Adolf Hitler, München, 9 January 1927


Hail Harold!

Re: Slow Coming Dark, what a masterpiece! You have finally chosen a target worthy of your talent. I heard you had written a new book from blightwing sources. What sort of book, whether fiction or nonfiction, they never said. "Ha-yup, dat Harold, he write anudder book. Duh." Well, there are books and then there are very good books. Yours fits into the latter category.

Normally I get in from work around 3 or 4 A.M., then I do correspondence, read and sort news clippings and/or essay composition until I get bleary-eyed and flop into bed. I received your mysterious parcel from the post office and did not recognize the return address, so I said to the postal clerk, "This may make a loud noise when I open it." She said "Then open it outside, please!" I had no chance to read it then, but I at last got around to it after my return from work. My intention was to give it a quick scan and then do a thorough reading when I was less fatigued. Well, and again well! I read straight through with great interest until ten o'clock in the morning, when I came to the end.

The printing quality, format, and binding are outstanding. I spotted only a couple of typos in the entire book, such as a couple of missing articles, which may have been intended for dialect and the mysterious "lich" in one sentence which I did not decipher, for the sentence made sense without it. ["Lich" is an archaic term for a corpse. Every now and then I lapse into Lovecraftian terminology. – HAC]

The plot was excellent. You never telegraphed any predictable outcome where things were about to happen. All the reader knew was that all hell was going to break loose. There was plenty of that to satisfy any adventure-action addict. The sexual content was perfectly appropriate and credible, as well as the romantic interest, which combined to make a good social commentary without being didactic.

Your plot fits the Clintons' actions and character so well, that the reader wonders which part is fact and which is fiction. By keeping both of the malefactors alive, you give realism to the story. I would not be surprised if people who read your book [mmmm .... no, I won't ruin that part of the plot line for people who haven't read SCD yet. – HAC] Your characters, even the real bad ones, are pretty credible, and your lack of name-calling allows the characters to exhibit their badness, like FBI agent JAP. Very well done. Your depiction of the scenes makes one feel that he is there, and your descriptions of the actions are detailed without slowing anything down. You build the tension throughout the book.

Your knowledge of state-of-the-art electronic surveillance equipment and weaponry gave the story further authenticity. I am often disappointed by "techno-macho" writers who parade their alleged expertise in technical matters, only to reveal embarrassing gaps in their actual fictional skills. One author even had his hero in two places at once, during the same action! Another, who wrote about ships as a major part of his plot, came forth with a "triple-expansion diesel engine." Clive Cussler, whose novels I enjoy, disappointed me when he wrote about a "flooded mine" which was so dry it mummified the victims of a train robbery gone wrong. I am disappointed when I encounter such errors, which can spoil the story.

If you like, I can send a copy of this letter to Robert Frenz and ask him to put it on his website, or use it yourself as a review, in whole or in part. Many thanks for the book, and congratulations!

Eric Thomson

Slow Coming Dark may be ordered on the Internet through amazon.com, or special-ordered from any Barnes and Noble bookstore. The retail cost is $14.95 plus shipping and handling; it works out to about twenty dollars.

Note: Mr. Covington and Mr. Thomson were in Rhodesia together and have known each other for decades. I have known Eric for almost 20 years. I have never met Mr. Covington. RF

If a banana split is laced with slivers of carrot, then I don't call it a banana split. Water with 1/10 of one percent potassium cyanide doesn't qualify as drinking water either. The same goes for many who call themselves "white".
HIGHER STANDARDS are UNFAIR if some people cannot meet them. That's the latest pronouncement from the red National Education Association.

    BRIT-ZOG has been pounding these drums also. They're nearly up to the 'story a day' policy.  And there was 'Armageddon' and the other 'asteroid hits the earth' movie in 1998.  I need hardly point out that orbital or L5 based devices capable of deflecting asteroids are the ultimate military 'high ground' for dominating Earth, too.

    Even TRW's airborne laser defense is based on identifying rockets at launch and intercepting them in late boost phase.  'Asteroid Defense' is long past boost phase.  It's already up there, waiting.


What WHAMs Need To Know About Affirmative Action by Paul Craig Roberts

If you are a white heterosexual able-bodied male (WHAM), you need to understand that affirmative action is not about leveling a playing field. It is about leveling you.

You need to comprehend, also, that you are already pretty much leveled. Even the most recent immigrant from the Third World arrives in the U.S. with more legal rights than you or your sons have.

As a "person of color" the immigrant is admitted to universities and job-training programs on the basis of lower standards than are applied to you. He has the right to be hired and promoted ahead of you despite lesser qualifications for the job.

He can sue you for discrimination for a variety of reasons – for example, you don't want to hire him, make him a bank loan, or rent him your house. But you cannot sue him for the same reasons. He can call you names, but you can't call him names. His special legal status is growing as politicians pandering to him create new crimes that only he can suffer and only you can commit. His special rights are based on skin color. His official designation is "preferred minority." He is a member of a new aristocracy with status-based rights. He is learning to see his preferred legal position as a race-based entitlement.

You may say, "Baloney! We WHAMs outnumber the minorities. We have all the power, money and best jobs. These Third World types work in McDonalds and clean our homes while we pull in the big bucks." This is, for the most part, true. For now. But the fact remains that he has superior legal status to you. It is just a matter of time before he learns to use his superior llegal standing to displace you.

Indeed, you are already a smaller percentage of the population than you think. Many WHAMs – those in college and university faculties, media, entertainment, the Democratic Party, public employee unions, the bar association, the ACLU, and corporate executives – have allied themselves with preferred minorities. Moreover, these WHAM allies of minorities live mainly in urban areas where there are large concentrations of preferred minorities. In the last election, the urban vote in a relatively few counties matched the vote of the entire rest of the country and gave Al Gore a chance to steal the presidency.

Homosexual and disabled white males also vote against you. The latter have achieved preferred status and homosexuals are demanding it.

Feminists have split many white heterosexual women from you. It has become dangerous for a WHAM to marry. Laws have changed out from under you. You can be blameless, but your wife can walk away with another man, your children, half of your property and pension and a good chunk of your earnings for many years to come. If you resist, your wife may hit you with child abuse charges. You will not get a fair trial. Police sex crime units, desperate for cases to justify budgets that feminists have put in place, will use the charges to send you off to prison.

Moreover, affirmative action has given women gender privileges comparable to the racial privileges of darker skins. WHAMs are the only group without privileges or preferred legal standing.

Your persecution has already begun. And much worse is to come. You are demonized in the universities in vicious terms. You are part of the "hegemonic order." Your success and contributions are based on holding down others. The rule of law is your self-serving construction and nothing but a race and gender law designed to oppress blacks and women. You have done nothing but evil throughout history. The communists blamed the capitalists. Feminists and affirmative action blame you.

You have no leaders, no organization, and no spokesmen. Anyone who attempts to rouse you immediately becomes an outcast. They are slandered and called names. They lose their job and their voice. You have nowhere to go and no way of protecting yourself from the vicious propaganda that is targeted against you. You are too politically weak to cap the immigration that is making you into a minority in your homeland.

You are losing the ability to reproduce as your women influenced by feminists increasingly eschew procreation. The birthrate of native-born Americans is significantly below the replacement rate. More than 42 percent of American women of childbearing age are childless. Career paths dictated by gender quotas are increasing the percentage.

It is just a matter of time.

In response to inquiries of contradiction, relative to my view that Blacks are a larger percent of the population than what is pumped out by ZOG, I'd like to add a few words. The blightwing soothsayers get their data from ZOG's published census and their number of jews, which seems to remain stable at 5.5 million for some odd reason, from jewish sources. The blight wing, and revisionists included, love to bicker over figures supplied by their enemies. This is a waste of anyone's time and is an insult to common sense.

One fellow wrote that the reason for the decrease in negro fecundity reported in 1920, was due to the influenza epidemic. At this time, the negro element apparently had a zero birth rate. The epidemic of 1919 took 550,000 lives here in America and if you attribute them all to Blacks, it still fails to thwart my point.

Starting in the census of 1890, it was recognized that an accurate count of the Black folks was difficult and there emerged a strong tendency to estimate their numbers MINIMALLY – calculated at the White population rate increase which is usually about 1.5 percent per annum. (Obviously, when they were slaves it was possible to render and accurate count.) This 'guesstimation' held for a few decades but the more strenuous efforts of 1960-1970 revealed the Black increase per annum was at least 2 percent. There is no logical reason to believe that it was ever below that figure! In that decade, special privileges for Blacks really commenced to roll and the guessers went back to the old method of count 1, guess 2.

One thing I stress in these pages, is to THINK FOR YOURSELF – stop being a gullible parrot. In order to sustain one fellow's "Blacks are only 12 percent of the population" bit of disinformation is to believe that Blacks have lost much of their desire to play musical humping. I refuse to accept ZOG's figures as words from on high, especially when they conflict with what your nose tells you. Monitor your "gut" feelings for they are a result of successful survival instincts and trust no man who cannot hate, for God dislikes those who are lukewarm. Rv:3:16: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. An inability to hate with passion is paired with an inability to love with passion – and I do not mean hormone flashes or twat twitch.

Now matter how repulsive the genitalia of the 'equal' Hottentot female is, you should never forget that it took  a batch of White males to impregnate them so as to produce the mongrel "Cape Coloreds". Now you might understand why some males take to sheep, cows, llamas, etc. while their female counterparts just itch to mate with dogs, Blacks, ponies, and so on – anything with a sweet chariot swinging low.
In a TV interview, retiring (retired?) Senator Daniel Moynihan of New York made some interesting comments about young people. All over the white world, illegitimate births rose from about 3 percent in 1940 to 25 percent by the 1960s and is about 70 percent today. This is not true in Japan, India or China. He ventured no reason for the phenomenon. As a second point, he said the young people are getting dumber by the generation. Not exactly p.c., but he doesn't have to worry about elections anymore. My question to the Senator is, "Are you familiar with what 'going nigger' means?" It'll help you understand.
 And youse thought that mestizo Dubya was a friend of white people? Ha... ha... ha... ha.... Willy stuffed in jews by the bagel wagon and the oil man mason is surrounding himself with all of the beaners and voodoo he can find. When are the political parties going to get hip? Where in hell are all the Chinese? Jesse, the boy with the overload pupil distance, once again farted LOUD AND CLEAR that we wouldn't have Colon Trowel without Affirmative Action. Did you honkies catch that? Or were you too busy stuffing orifices, getting slobbered and watching niggerball? If you can't see, then why do you need eyes?
'Tis awfully beautiful Barbara and I don't mean your —. The one-world after all globalization pipe dream is starting to fall apart under natural pressures – that's racism in case you all is a wundering. LIFE, and that includes ALL of  the idiots who think that they have no God-given animal attributes, IS BIOLOGY. Economics, religion, art, etc., all flow from biology. To seek a solution to what is basically a biological problem, by any other avenue, will be fruitless. This century will be one of bio-politics. Those who do not know which side they are on will soon learn from their enemies. The white world can no longer keep up with the demands of its parasites and this poignant fact is starting to penetrate even the most dense of noodles. Our ZOG with its subservient ZOGlings delude themselves by believing that they can change the nature of a crocodile by keeping it well fed with handouts. When whitey admits that he cannot fill the bottomless pit, then the true nature of our "brothers" will surface in all its savage and gory glory. What a gift to be alive in that time!  Don't fret about Dubya and his consortium of mediocre politically correct puppets. The worse they are, the better it is for our nation – our blood nation. Millions of our young men sacrificed their lives for what they believed America was all about. If they were alive today, would they do the same knowing what America has become? I think not. 
A couple of days ago, I visited an old private pilot friend of mine out Fayetteville way. He invited me to a LaRouche celebration of something I cannot remember. Outside of the organization being about 50% jewish, I went along as an exercise in keeping my lips buttoned. I knew beforehand that we wouldn't see pupil to iris.

As typical, they had about 20 chairs and 47 people showed up. Not being a gentleman in this age of equality, I held fast to the most comfortable chair. They floundered a bit trying to make that earth shaking decision on where to sit. In the past, The LaRouchies have proposed many idiotic schemes and notions: (1) Since man is in the image of God, then the more 'images' we have the more God-like the planet. Over population is not a concern – we'll just inhbait the moon and when it looks like a rat-less Calcutta, it's on to Mars we'll go. Prior to that, we'll build a giant mirror-band floating in the welkin and focusing the sun's rays down to make the red rock cozy and habitable. (2) Criss-cross the Sahara Desert with Autobahns so as to connect the 69 or so nuclear reactors which will power all of the transportation necessary to go from reactor to reactor. (3) Build a transcontinental rail system from Berlin to Irkutsk where UPS can pick it up and on to Tientsin so the West can poor all of their goodies into China. Give China money, industry, and so on, and when they are as affluent as O. J. Simpson, they'll be able to buy all of the junk we make. Jobs will be created and Christmas will prosper.

First, there was a pleasant young lady who sang some negro spiritual. She later explained that the lyrics represented a sort of applause for every slave who zipped over the underground railroad to freedom. I explained to her that when someone says he's is gwein ago home to Jeezus, he's anticipating death and not a trip north to harmonize with a Baptist minister. She heard me not and it proved that I really cannot keep my mouth shut. Anyway, what followed was a rather humorous shock. I  never expected anyone to put words to Beethoven's 8th. The words jolted me so that I was inclined to give my seat to the standing elderly lady who looked like she was imitating the tower of Pisa. In the nick of time, I remembered "equality" and let her fall over. The words were ripping – to use a violent term. "Din, din, din, din ,din, as Americans we hate the ADL, din, din, they are Nazis and are screwing, screw, screw, screwing the American, can, can way, din, din." (Something like this or something like that. Remember I am approaching senility. Some of my parts have already forgotten.) "Yes," the full chested lady said, "we must counter the evil of the ADL with superior prose. This war will be won with ideas!!!" (Applause – 23 seconds.)

Jim entered and informed us, to our collective surprise, that in all probability there was vote fraud in Florida ..... Texas.... Michigan.... and other places. Up jumped Harry, who saluted some imaginary flag and rendered, "There auto be a law!" After a few affirmative groans, Jim went on to describe the coming monetary "meltdown". I secretly hoped it would happen before I left to go home since the snow was coming down rather hard and my old Ford would be hampered with its bald tires. Jim described the coming "fascist" America where people would be abducted during the dead of night and why the average American should be buying tickets to the opera instead of football games.

The next item on the program was the equating of negro spirituals with Western classical music. Wolfgang Mozart, Edvard Grieg, et al, wrote "soul" music. Even sonatas were a sort of spiritual sympathetic vibration from our "in the image of" brothers of Africa. I asked Sarah, whose upper blouse button had dislodged due to the effects of gravity, why spirituals never arose in Africa since she claimed that they were racial in nature. Before she could answer, the old lady who previously fell over, stood up and wanted to know if it was time to eat. We did just that.

The food was good except for the cabbage salad which was really onion salad with a few flecks of cabbage tossed in. Since it didn't look like Sarah's second button would pop, I excused myself, woke Dick up, and we departed. Damn, but it was snowing hard.

If the engine of your train doesn't run, then why do you care where the tracks go?
It's a woman's nature to try and save those who make no attempt to save themselves.
O jes. A mestizo prez and a quadroon sec of state. It's only the beginning but does it make a difference? It doesn't to the string pullers behind the scenes. You can change the costumes of the puppets, but the play goes on as scheduled. Remember to applaud all disasters for they will be our only hope in the end.

One asked if I were concerned about the low white birth rate. No. In spite of the foolish suggestions that we try to out breed the muds – impossible since nature always makes the less valuable more prolific – I remain unconcerned. The white CONCEPTION RATE is probably higher than it ever was but the abortion business makes any resultant births null and void. People who kill the unborn would be lousy parents anyway. The dimwits who stuff themselves with birth control pills and other hormone type drugs, including those which dry up milk supplies, will, in their latter years, need all of that Medicare they are now demanding. One doesn't fork with Mother Nature with impunity.

As white people, our concern has always been, and remains so, QUALITY and not quantity. White people have conquered continents and space, and the muds still rely on white folks to save them from their own follies. Our biggest enemy is that huge army of self-hating white people who are leading the hordes against us and you'll find at least two of them running for any elected office.

The numbers are now safely in the hands of the muds in spite of the "statistics" provided by leaders of the blight-wing who still haven't mastered the art of using a calculator, or using their nose. (The hispic vote in Florida was relied upon to insure the plan to install drug connected Dubya but, starting with Cinco de Mayo, the word came down to support the Gore. This provided the stage for another clown 'spectacle' but the result would have been the same without it.)

Recently, I heard that blacks are "only 10 percent" of the population. Starting with 1790 until the abolition of slavery shortly after 1860, when blacks COULD ACTUALLY BE COUNTED, the numbers indicate an increase of 2.6 percent per year. From 1870 to 1890, that rate was recorded as 1.9 percent. From 1890 to 1910, 1.0 percent and from 1920 to 1940, 0.6 percent!!!! Do these statistics prove that as time goes on, blacks have given up screwing and their population increase dropped below that of any other people? If you can believe that, then there is an organization you should join. The statistics do demonstrate that it is nearly impossible to keep track of our resident blacks – especially the males since they do engage in a lot of hut hopping just as they did,  and still do, in Africa. If, through the miracle of abolition, blacks suddenly changed their pumping habits to the level of white people, then today they would be 14 percent of the population. In 1960, there was a concerted census effort to get the number as accurate as possible and this resulted in a reported rate of increase of 2.3 percent which is nearly the same as that recorded during the days of slavery. This rate is nearly dittoed by the census of 1970 and can reasonably be expected to be characteristic. Keep in mind that a rate of 1.7 percent is sufficient to make blacks 20 percent of the population today and I have yet to hear of any reason why their rate of increase is lower than that. I am anticipating the shallow comment, "I look around and I don't see that many black people." The speaker obviously hasn't visited Detroit or Washington DC. It's hard to notice icebergs when you live in Arizona. As a very, very generous lower bound, our resident blacks are 20 percent of the population.

As a further note to substantiate my argument, the statistics of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) from 1890 to 1990 show an annual increase of 2.3 percent!!!! Idiotic white people inserted a food supply which caused a rapid increase in the black population. When the whites go, so does their food growing ability. This will, and has, dropped the unfortunate blacks into a situation – entirely natural – which is not a stranger to them. It is called starvation.

ZOG deliberately supplies the sheep with disinformation and when the blight-wing echoes that, then it really frosts my gonads. If jews represent "only 2 percent" of the population, then Madonna is Mother Theresa's daughter. The bottom line is that those who presently control the white world DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THE FACTS until it is too late to do anything about it. (It's closer than you might think! All slaughter houses go to great care to prevent the herd from learning exactly what goes on behind that closed door.) They lie for a purpose. Why do your "patriotic leaders" also supply you with disinformation? It's about time you asked.

Why do people have a tendency to call people, such as Bill and Hillary, intelligent, just because they have a talent for getting other people to believe their lies?
The Constitution, Article III
 Sect. 3.  (1) Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

(1) There was a war, 1954-1975, called the Vietnam War.
(2) The U.S. was engaged in it.
(3) The U.S. therefore had enemies.
(4) Jane Fonda, a movie actress, gave aid and comfort to the enemy, along with many others. (The draft-dodging future Prez was burning American flags at the time – before he got run out of England for rape.)
(5) Jane Fonda was never even indicted for treason.
(6) Jane Fonda is now to be honored as one of the top 100 women of the 20th Century.

A country boy asks "How come?" Well, it seems that treason does prosper.

The pro-communist American boob believes he is anti-Communist. He is pro-ZOG which, in spite of the staged side shows, is itself pro-communist. ZOG destroys everything anti-Communist it can find and cares less about who gets killed in the process. ZOG is only an alien government and a government is not the people nor the country.

There is a far greater difference between the black man and the white man, then there is between a $1 bill and a $1000 dollar bill. No one claims the bills are equal – except for a very small difference in ink distribution.
As the asian and mestizo load is added to the nog load of California, expect power and water shortages to add to the diverse atmosphere. Whitey is doing his best to keep up with the parasitic demand but it looks likes God isn't interested in helping. Diseases are getting a great ride and medical facilities are being taxed severely. Everyone loves the turd-world and cannot wait until the land of the freebie looks like an outhouse in a Guatemalan swamp.
The Bush-Colombian drug ticket finally won out as Eric predicted over a year ago. Mr. Maguire was also on target but then again, when it comes to predicting, these two seem to have a whole bunch of great luck. Maybe it's the chromium in their diet.

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

This is the home page of FAEM by Robert Frenz. It was a public journal before the term “web log” was invented. Since Frenz’s death in May 2003 this collection of over 1,200 pages is maintained by the Heretical Press, Yorkshire, England. Frenz’s pithy and perceptive commentary on events occurring between 2000 and 2003, combined with many illuminating anecdotes from his rich and varied life, gained him a keen audience. Though a chemist and mathematician Robert Frenz was above all a teacher, and he is missed by many.