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27 May 2002
In "ancient times", when I went to school, there was a shortage of hypocrites in the teaching profession. The biology teacher stressed the THEORY part of evolution and our geometry teacher always referred to Euclid's THEORY of geometry. Never once were we left with a belief that what we were being taught was absolute truth. The question, "Why are negroes called 'niggers'?" was never met with social outcry nor cause for legal suits. Education was partially about questioning, at least it used to be. We've come a long way, right baby? This is a free country so shut your mouth.
We are all aware of the "shadow government" business which might be sprung upon us at any time during these days of 'crisis', 'terrorism', and yeast infection. Who might these people in the shadows be? It would surprise me not if they were all from Israel. It would be good news since the real ZOG rulers would then be known.
Enlist and serve your country? What do you mean by 'country'? During the SWATKWP, young men were eager to enlist since the belief was that 'country' meant White folk, which, at that time, it decidedly meant. Today, the "I am an American" kaleidoscope of Mau Mau, camel jockeys, wahoos, yahoos, knuckle draggers, misfits, muds and cruds of every conceivable description, is not a "country" I'd be willing to even get a blister over. The American flag, to me, now represents nothing worthwhile to defend. It must be a widespread feeling since I see very few "Americans" defending the country against the Asian and Mexican invasions. In fact, it appears that the White folk have lost interest in defending anything. They somehow feel great in electing Benedict Arnolds who vie with each other in seeing who can give everything away the fastest. The flag-wavers just haven't caught on to the present as yet.
While others were wandering off to Red Bank, NJ, in order to play share the diseases with the barroom females, I often sat on my foot locker reading philosophy books. It was years later when it dawned on me that all men have a philosophy of life, including myself. Since this was a common attribute, I wondered why some men were called philosophers and others not. The answer is simple: if you are gainfully employed then you cannot be a philosopher even though you possess a philosophy. A philosopher is someone who also has a philosophy but does not have a job. He sits about writing down his thoughts hoping that others will give up their philosophy and accept his. A working man worries not about his philosophy and is secure in knowing that it works for him. A 'philosopher' is not that sure of himself since he spends much of his life trying to convince others that he has the inside track. Old Art Schopenhauer spent his last days living with his sister, who probably supported him, and a batch of French poodles. Is it necessary that we working White men need the advice of people who never worked? I think not.
Mental defectives, in the old U.S.S.R., were often grabbed from the streets and soon thereafter given a "Lubianka breakfast". That is, a cigarette and a bullet in the back of the head. Here in kindly America, we allow our nuts to roam free, often granting them special privileges and, on occasion, elect a few to public office.
We are all in this together – share the wealth, disease, filth, crime. Ain't it grand we enjoy all of this cultural sharing and enrichment? It's hardly new, you know. The Andes Injuns loved humping their llamas and alpacas. Research has indicated that they contracted an "across-the-species-barrier" disease called syphilis. When the Portuguese came into contact with those Injuns, they promptly played stuff the sausage. The adventurers then became infected with a disease which they returned home to share with their wives and countrymen. Syphilis, unknown in Europe before 1492, was then shared within a framework of brotherly love. Of course, the Europeans returned the favor by infecting  the New Worlders with small pox. At that time, syphilis was known as the "great pox" since the lesions resembled the familiar (small) pox. Archeologists have discovered syphilis lesions on the remains of bodies from pre-Columbian times. Thus, those of the Old World and the New World not only shared in the exchange of bodily fluids – leaving behind a new generation called mestizos – they shared diseases. This is we are all about anyway. The Injuns gave tobacco to the Europeans and the Europeans gave the Injuns alcohol. Both of these substances were a boon to the health and welfare of all concerned. Who says diversity isn't beneficial?
A reader recommends this site – http://www.jna.tzo.com/literature/osmanbey/conjewin.html
Stephen Jay Gould, Jewish Marxist Evolutionist, anti-Creationist and 'anti-racist', Deceased



Here's the usual laudatory obituaries for Professor Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard, long time columnist for Natural History Magazine.  The Washington Post did pick up a bit on Gould's apparent contradictions:

"Gould's politics were solidly left of center. He forcefully argued against the teaching of creationism in schools, a position that drew a great deal of fire. His book "The Mismeasure of Man" is perhaps the most influential critique of racist theories in the study of human intelligence. Critics sometimes called him a Marxist."

Gould also called himself a Marxist so there's no disagreement here.  And in the best traditions of Stalinist Lysenkoism Gould freely perverted his 'science' to the service of higher Jewish interests.  His anti-Creationism pogroms satisfied the Christ hating imperative of the Jewish community.  Jews don't debate.  They censor.  Equally this biologist's brazen denial of the vast evidence for speciation in human beings served other equally important Jewish political imperatives.   His 'science' typically expressed itself in literary story-telling combined with a poisonous invective directed at anyone who disagreed with him.  The life and times of Professor Gould are the epitomy of how everything degenerates in Jewish hands and becomes warped to the Judeo-centric view.

As for Professor Gould's Jewishness it's best to take his own account of this:


"As for my own cultural influences, mine is the typical story of New York Jewry. I'm a third generation in this sense... All my grandparents were Eastern European immigrants who started in the garment sweatshops like everybody else – no big heroic tale  (note:  these sweatshops were overwhelmingly owned by other Jews, such as convicted workplace sexual predator, rapist and murderer Franks of Atlanta, cause celebre for the ADL). All my older relatives were Yiddish speakers when I was a kid."


The open lawlessness of the Bush-ZOG FBI:

The FBI's open degeneration into a Zionist Jewish controlled secret political police agency.

Here's a real 'pearl' of a story.  The activity in question, crudely showing the Daniel Pearl (ex-Israeli citizen and probable Mossad operative) snuff film, isn't even illegal by the FBI agent's own admission.  It's just as protected by the First Amendment as was the social standard destroying tidal wave of Jewish-produced pornography previously inflicted on the Late Great U.S.A.  This incident also shows the extreme abnormality of the Jewish psyche and why permitting Jews any political influence inevitably leads to censorship, Gulags, mass executions and totalitarian police state regimes.

"WASHINGTON (AP) – The FBI  has contacted at least two Internet Web sites and asked them to stop displaying video footage of the killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, the agency said Saturday.   Special agent Sandra Carroll of the FBI's field office in Newark, N.J., said the sites had been asked to voluntarily remove the video "out of consideration for the family" of Pearl. "To my knowledge, most have voluntarily done that," she added.

"The ogrish Web site states that the FBI "contacted our host Prohosters to inform them that they were going to sue us for putting on the Pearl video on 5-18-2002. We had no other choice than deleting the video. ... We live in a censored world.  Carroll said an FBI agent may have passed along information that the Pearl family was "looking at what legal remedies that they may have,"including obscenity laws. But she said there is no legal prohibition against showing the video."

"Steve Goldstein, a spokesman for Dow Jones & Co., the owner of The Wall Street Journal, said that "when the family notifies us that they have seen a video on one of the sites, we pass the information on to appropriate law enforcement officials.""

So why is the FBI even involved if there's no legal prohibition by their own admission?  Personally I think it takes a real problem to run a copy of that video on one's website to attract attention, as Dr. Hal Turner, Ph.D, does.  It also takes a real problem to morbidly fixate on finding such websites featuring the death of a relative.  But these are these people's problems and ought not to be ours.

Our problem is the FBI's lawless abuse of its police powers to intimidate private citizens into not exercising their Constitutional rights.   This is being openly done at the behest of private Jewish interests.  In recent times we've been treated to the following:

1.  FBI Congressional testimony that tries to paint all political opponents of organized Zionism and Jewry as terrorists while keeping silent about known Jewish terrorist leader Irv Rubin and his murderous domestic terrorism plots with weapons of mass destruction.

2.  The FBI's continual abuse of its police powers to suppress protected political speech matters at the behest of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, a known Jewish racist supremacist organization.  Cases include Alex Curtis and apparently now an on-going targeting of pro-white people exercising their Constitutional rights in Massachussetts.

3.  The FBI's clear refusal to carry out its clear duty to protect white Americans from alien attack, as most recently exposed by FBI Agent Coleen Rowley.

Pending the restoration of lawful authority in the FBI (and Washington) I have to say it's time to take Tom Metzger's advice in all dealings with the Federales:  "I have nothing to say."  It's up to the FBI, not us, to prove their patriotism and loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America.  The disloyalty exists in the FBI, not here.


In Wiscasset, ME, they are having a big debate about what to do with an aging nuclear power plant. It is a cumbersome process of decontamination and demolition, and this generates all sorts of discussion. After one glance at the structure, I suggest it be turned into a mosque, with the usual jew middleman scamming both sides. As our "I'm an American" Muslim population grows, it's our Constitutional duty to provide for "the refuse of foreign shores" as posted on the Statue of Commerce – whoops! – I mean Liberty.
The economy is improving, my friends. Boeing, which already has dumped 26,000 workers, says that another 1,100 will go by July. Jes, amigo, let's import more mestizos since we don't have enough workers to fill all of those jobs.
Holy crap! Another "study". This time it relates to a connection between soot and cancer. This is bad news for diesel engines and prayer candles. There ought to be a law... The whole g.d. world is hazardous to our health. Maybe we should blow the damned thing up.
To the never-ending attack and hate against Hitler and the Third reich, I can only repeat what Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) said:

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by the sign, that the dunces are all in conspiracy against him."

Hey – females of the race-mixng persuasion – If your black poker sometimes refers to you as a goat, then there's good reason. According to the news from Cape Town, SA, (Limpopo) goat humping has reached epidemic proportions. The young studs now prefer goats to female anthropoids since they can be grasped by the horns, thus affording better penetration. In addition, it is believed that one cannot get AIDS from goats but the news article fails to mention if the goats are thus immune. Like the preying mantis, the black folk usually end up eating the goat after proper roasting – only this time it's the male who does the consuming. It's about time the males of the world started to even the score vis-à-vis the black widow, mantis, etc.

Robert Kirby – "Thabo Mbeki's renewed avowal they 99% of the world's leading medical specialists are nothing but a bunch of white supremacist dickheads who won't listen properly when he tells tham that HIV has nothing whatsoever to do with AIDS."

I am waiting for bestiality, like faggotry and sodomy, to soon be accepted as another form of cultural enrichment. All of this free-for-all juice swapping has nothing to do with the increase of diseases. Yeh, right.

Spam From Maguire's Mailbox —

"U N I V E R S I T Y   D I P L O M A S"

Obtain a prosperous future, money earning power, and the admiration of all.  Diplomas from prestigious non-accredited universities based on your present knowledge and life experience.

No required tests, classes, books, or interviews. Bachelors, masters, MBA, and doctorate (PhD) diplomas available in the field of your choice.No one is turned down.

Confidentiality assured.  CALL NOW to receive your diploma within days!!!

1 – 555-555-5555  or  1 – 555-555-5555  Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Sundays and holidays."

It's nice to see that white folks can now get academic degrees on the same basis affirmative action non-whites get them in ZOG academe.  I'm sure the matriculation fees aren't nearly as high as ZOG's accredited institutions even if that organization is Jewish run.

Hum.  Wonder if Robert and Eric can apply for doctorates in racialism?  Can Maguire get a masters in Economic Philosophy and a doctorate Historical Analysis and Socio-Military Planning?  Actually we're already a non-accredited learning institution all our own.  The possibilities here are really good.  Perhaps F.A.E.M. can become both an accrediting body and a degree granting institution?  And it's May no less.  Yes! Yes!  Mombo amomba!

Hal Turner, come on down!!!

"Mr. Hal Turner, by virtue of the powers invested in us by the First Amendment and the F.A.E.M. logo graphic, we award you a Ph.D in White Racialist Hucksterism from the Willis Carto School of Advanced Financial Studies, F.A.E.M. University.  Dr. Turner, you can now sell your 'Hal Turner University – Mighty Whities' t-shirts with all the usual pompous gravitas of ZOG institutions.http://www.halturnershow.com/T-Shirts.html



Your article on the stock market helped me decide to sell all my stocks, mostly techs like Qualcomm and put some of the money in gold shares when gold was trading below $300 per ounce.  I took some losses on stocks but made up for it when gold broke through $300 and gold shares surged.  I don't have confidence in gold either so I protected my profits.  The Jews manipulate that market so badly (example George Soros and Federal Reserve bankers like Greenspan).

It's bad how a friend at work spends money to buy a Jewish run financial newsletter by Martin Weiss.  The newsletter is now saying to get out of stocks and buy gold (too late to do).  You wrote about this some time ago at the correct time to get out as a service to the white race for free.  The only way I can pay back now is to educate as many white people as I can.

Thanks for F.A.E.M.!

Regards and Orion – M.R..

Maguire replies,

Thank you.   Your last sentence is the only 'payment' we look for.

There is some medium reader demand for more economic oriented pieces from me, which is flattering.   And I have been doing more of late when they also have a political and social tie-in.  But it's not F.A.E.M.'s purpose to give individual investment advice or start comparing different investment 'opportunities' in ZOG's paper investment bazaar.

To the extent people can reason from our observations of the macro environment to their own microenvironment, as you did, I'm happy.  Sparking that kind of thought is one of F.A.E.M.'s prime purposes for being.  But editorially F.A.E.M. looks at things from a white group viewpoint.  Just in case anyone else is confused, F.A.E.M. will never run a 12 step scheme for individuals to get personally rich as measured by Uncle Alan's ZOG bucks.  The existence of 'rich' implies the existence of 'poor' since the gap defines 'rich' by reference.

Our goal is for the entire white community to live well.  You can call this pro-white patriotism, or white communitarianism, or 'Old Americanism' or even national socialism as a previous generation once did.  The label on the package is unimportant in my opinion.  What matters are the contents and outcome.  F.A.E.M thus comes in its own generic packaging.  We have some F.A.E.M. specific graphics and symbols.  These are specific to the website and were not designed for widespread use by an 'organization' (although they aren't copyrighted).  We aim to socialize white people, not buildings.

For example, Robert has written reminiscences about the white community swimming hole of his youth.  They're somewhere back in ad libitum.  That kind environment and outcome is what we aim at.  Or imagine city parks that are safe for women and children at all hours.  I know that sounds like fantasy to most readers but the public parks once really were that way and that in the early lifetimes of some of our 'experienced' readers.    Things like these can't be individually priced and sold.   To enjoy such amenities now takes an upper class income and possibly mega ZOG bucks and a private guarded estate.  Compared to that so what if someone makes an apparent profit of 500% trading some stock?

We're demanding a far higher return on our 'investment' here.


War Mongering (and non-veteran) Zionist Jews Lead Iraq Invasion Hysteria


"One senior general talked of defusing an "Iraq hysteria" that gripped senior officials last winter. Another senior officer said: "The civilian leadership thought they could do it a la Afghanistan, with special forces. I think they've been dissuaded of that."

However, other sources said that the situation was still "fluid", noting that Mr Rumsfeld had so far stayed clear of the debate, leaving it up to his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, and the chief of policy, Douglas Feith. Both men are seen as leading conservatives in favour of action against Iraq."

It's natural for the Freemason stooge Donald Rumsfeld to steer clear of the debate.  He's the Secretary of Defense in name only when it comes to anything affecting Jewish interests.  Rumsfeld is there to steer military tax dollar pork to his lodge brothers.  Once anything more serious comes up the Big Jews step in.

More information on the war mongering Zionist Jews Wolfowitz and Feith, both U.S. military non-veterans, can be found here:

Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith:   http://www.ifpafletcherconference.com/2001/bios/feith.htm

Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz: http://www.ifpafletcherconference.com/2001/bios/wolfowitz.htm

Despite being of military age during the Vietnam War Wolfowitz did not serve with the colors.  That's something these Zionist Jews leave for white boys.   Both Wolfowitz and Feith are creatures of Zionist Jew Richard Perle.  Richard Perle is an old fixture from the Reagan and Bush 41 Administrations.  He's also a director of the Jerusalem Post newspaper.  The case of Mr. Perle is extremely interesting.  He again has a Pentagon E-Ring office even though he doesn't have any official Cabinet appointment requiring Senate confirmation.  Here again we see Bush-ZOG's level of respect for the Constitution.  Zero ( -0- ).


Q.  "Does anyone have a greater percentage content of shit in the skull than a 'conservative' white Republican Rush Limbaugh fan?"

A.  "Yes.  A 'conservative' white Republican Pat Robertson fan."

Dear FAEM –

I don't know about America, but in Europe, stage three (ie 'the Organisation in terms of the idea') is developing.

There are a number of anti-establishment pro-White organisations making strides in most Western European countries, and these are having an impact on the policies of the establishment political parties. Here in Britain, the relatively small but nevertheless significant recent electoral successes of the British National Party has worried the establishment into a panic response – ie. talking tough viz illegal immigrants yet at the same time arguing the need for more immigration. In other words, they're talking out of both sides of the mouth at the same time, as they desperately try to ameliorate an increasingly agitated population whilst maintaining their long-term plan.

The growth of the European 'Organisations in terms of the plan' is forcing European Governments to reveal themselves as agents of an outside force. It is only a matter of time before an 'international' grouping of the nationalistic elements comes into being to challenge the internationalists' hegemony. Nice irony eh?

Best wishes, J.P.G.

More from FBI Agent Collen Rowley

"Agent: FBI Rewrote Moussaoui Request"


"WASHINGTON (AP) – An FBI whistle-blower alleges FBI headquarters rewrote Minnesota agents' pre-Sept. 11 request for surveillance and search warrants for terrorism defendant Zacarias Moussaoui and removed important information before rejecting them, government officials said Friday."

"Agent Coleen Rowley wrote that the Minnesota agents became so frustrated by roadblocks erected by terrorism supervisors in Washington that they began to joke that FBI headquarters was becoming an "unwitting accomplice" to Osama bin Laden's efforts to attack the United States, the officials said."

This information is highly significant.  It shows the specifics of ZOG-FBI headquarters in Washington actively blocking FBI field agents from following up al-Qaida leads.  Let's explore the possible reasons for this strange behavior in Washington.

1.  The FBI managers were active al-Qaida sympathizers.  I doubt this considering the FBI's attentiveness in inflating trespass charges against Alex Curtis into 'terrorism' at the behest of the San Diego ADL.  The FBI has been highly sensitive to all other Jewish interests, such as omitting active Jewish domestic terrorist organizations from recent Congressional testimony listing 'domestic' terrorist groups.

2.  The FBI managers were bureaucratic cowards.  I also rate this as unlikely.  Typical bureaucratic cover-your-ass behavior would be to straddle the fence by (1) granting the field agents' warrant requests while (2) preparing a memo for the record expressing doubt them.  (3) To actually deny a request for anti-terrorist search warrants in the absence of other on-going operations would leave the FBI executive concerned far out on a limb should something subsequently occur.

3.  Choice number (3), my favorite, is there was an on-going joint ZOG-USA/Mossad anti-terrorism operation?  Such an operation would be handled at the highest possible classification levels.  At the same time it would be necessary to keep kibitzers from interfering and possibly scaring off other al-Qaida operatives.  Autonomous field requests, such as to follow up on the Moussaoui trail, would have to be denied, and also denied in such a way as not to leak information about what else is going on.  Retrospectively viewed in isolation such stone-walling would easily appear to be incompetence, 'collaboration' or simply inexplicable.

This 'alliance' went sour in a classic betrayal designed to bring American troops into more active Zionist service.  As Zionist Jew Binny Netanyahu joyously announced in an incautious moment, 9-11 was "very good for the Jews."  I think we can credit Sharon and the Mossad with sufficient duplicity and treachery to have calculated that outcome ahead of time.


A little satire to brighten the day.



The Importance of Revisionism and the Individual

The rapid unraveling of Bush-ZOG's lies about 9-11 and its prelude is the direct result of two developments since December 7, 1941.  The first is the internet and its wonderful ability to disseminate information outside the supervision of the 90% Jew controlled media.  The second development was decades of patient scholarship and archival research into the real genesis of the Pearl Harbor attack and Roosevelt's treasonous plot to plunge America into the Second War To Kill White People.  This work created sufficient probable cause for an influential minority of citizens not to be buffaloed by the vast propaganda machine that cranked up on 9-11.

As a result Bush-ZOG and its tales instantly came under microscopic scrutiny by concerned citizens, your humble F.A.E.M. among them.  As the pieces keep falling into place, more and more citizens, like FBI Agent Coleen Rowley, are coming forward with their own first hand information of pre-attack ZOG conduct that doesn't pass the smell test.

History.  I agree with David Irving that there's nothing more boring than the ever changing Jewish tales about their SWATKWP 'Holocaust' in 'gas ovens', steam chambers, electrified conveyor belts and peddle operated 'brain bashing' machines.  To me it all rates right up there in credibility with the Talmudic tales of 400 million or 6 billion Jews killed at Bethar during Bar Kochba's war against the Romans and the attached parenthesis that describes 4 million little kike tykes roasted there in vellum or papyrus scrolls.   When I actually looked into the Holocaust exterminationist claims I found the primary source evidence was of lower quality and less persuasive than is the available evidence for UFOs being flying saucers from other worlds.

But history itself is not boring, nor are the views applied to it.   Many people of above average intelligence refer to previous experience to try to find guides to future action.  Because of this the particular historical views propagated are of extreme political importance, as Deborah Lipstadt and her co-conspirators well know.  This is why they work so hard to impose their totalitarian Judeo-Stalinist single approved line, which is the approved "Is it good for the Jews?" viewpoint.

The work of the Revisionists on Pearl Harbor (and all of SWATKWP) has proceeded bit by bit.  This was almost entirely the result of individual effort and scholarship.  Very often key information was uncovered simply because one committed individual grabbed hold and wouldn't let go.

My own approach to history is informed by a predisposition, or rather a pre-existing loyalty.  That loyalty is pro-white.  I am not an intrinsic 'hater' of non-whites but neither do I confuse them with white people or myself with God.  'Citizens of the World' may look upon my view with horror.  I reply that Globalism hasn't done anything for the African or South Asian condition.  The Palestinian condition has measurably deteriorated in the last 100 years.

When we look back at where we were as a white American nation in 1902, the subsequent events are nothing short of stupefying.  A reasonable projection forward from 1902 to 2002 would have said that come the 21st Century we would be a nation of perhaps 300 million white people occupying all of North America.  We are not.  Why are we not?  Where were the wrong turns?  Where did the body politic make wrong choices?  Who informed and influenced those choices?



As India prepares for war with Pakistan the U.S. is quite active in trying to get Pakistan to ameliorate their policy because such a war would undoubtedly upset the apple cart and cause the downfall of the Pakistan Government. Now if a war erupts and India prevails what happens to the bases the U.S. has established in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan? The desire for war was initiated by fundamentalist Muslims unhappy about the U.S. intrusion into their world. There are fundamentalist in the Pakistan army that are not at all happy with President Mussarraf falling all over himself to accommodate the U.S. and undoubtedly enrich, and entrench, himself in a self-delusion of importance. These soldiers might not be willing to fight even if the others don't. The same irritation is occurring in Russia where many Russians are quite upset about the self-proclaimed Hebrew Mr. Putin's eager accommodation of  the U.S. All of this is but the opening act 3 which will culminate in W.W.III. Most folk carry on as though tomorrow will be like today, but the hand of fate will not wait and because of a western tragedy going back to 1914, we now witness the final act of western stupidity. President Bush thinks he was crowned king of the world and when he announces that the U.S. will wage war on all continents, he is endangering the lives of millions of Americans and others.  A nuclear war will end the arrogance of those leaders who follow the Hebrew band into the inferno of no return.

Regards. Joe.

FBI Headquarters Actively Blocked Anti-Terrorist Investigations Before 9-11


"WASHINGTON (AP) – Concerned that Washington headquarters was hindering their pre-Sept. 11 probe of terrorism defendant Zacarias Moussaoui, FBI  agents in Minnesota took the radical step of contacting the CIA for help, an FBI whistleblower says."

"Agent Coleen Rowley took the rare course this week of sending her allegations directly to the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller. Copies were sent to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee."

CIA  boss Jew George Tenet did nothing besides refer this back to the FBI, of course.

"When, in a desperate 11th-hour measure to bypass the FBI HQ roadblock, the Minneapolis division undertook to directly notify the CIA's counterterrorist center, FBI HQ personnel chastised the Minneapolis agents for making the direct notification without their approval," she wrote."

This information continues to track my own conclusion that a ZOG-USA/Israeli joint operation against al-Qaida was underway prior to 9-11.  Given that such an operation were active in the field it would be natural for ZOG HQ to warn away uninvolved low level operatives lest they muddy the waters.

In other FBI news a bureau witness recently gave testimony to Congress identifying the National Alliance, Aryan Nations and the World Church of the Creator as the major 'right wing' domestic terrorism threats.  People for Ethical Treatment of Animals and other anti-white (and anti-Zionist) 'left wing' groups were also listed.  Jewish organizations such as the Jewish Defense League were not mentioned in the FBI testimony.  This is despite the fact it was JDL chief Irv Rubin and another white hating Jew who was actually arrested after 9-11 by low-level FBI operatives.  This arrest occurred during a domestic terrorism to attack a religious facility with a weapon of mass destruction (ZOG's new legal definition of bombs).

The evidence accumulates that the FBI's current controllers are open enemies of white people and are under the control of treasonous and alien 'evil-doers'.


I saw pieces of the movie, Pearl Harbor, and the service personnel were running about in white T-shirts and undershorts. During the SWATKWP, Army undies were olive drab and no T-shirts – just the sleeveless kind. I know that in 1948, there were some uniform changes – the introduction of dark ties, for example – so possibly white underclothes were used prior to 1942. I seriously doubt the use of T-shirts during that time, however. Any vets out there who can clear this up for me?
For a single snapshot, it would take about 1 gigabyte of memory for a digital camera to come close to the resolution of a 35mm camera using ordinary BW film.  Using the Speed graphic I was issued in the Army, the amount of light information stored on 1 sheet of film would take neary 20 gigabytes of digital space. Once "computer" or "digital" is heard, people's brains go out to lunch.
Shrinking Populations and Industrialization?

Although I'm a strong believer in moderate white population growth, declining populations neither signal Armageddon or any economic reason to breach the border dikes for a mud flood.

There's a current flurry of articles running around about Japan's low birth-rates.  The biggest reason they're receiving publicity is because Japan's ruling class has decided to do something about it.  In the intermediate term there are solutions that don't involve de-industrialization or importing high-birth rate low quality foreigners.  Consider this factoid from the CIA World Factbook:

"The crowding of habitable land area and the aging of the population are two major long-run problems. Robotics constitutes a key long-term economic strength, with Japan possessing 410,000 of the world's 720,000 "working robots". (57%)"

The CIA analyst concerned was highly alert to the direct connection between a changing labor pool and industrial robotics.

These possibilities are largely unexplored in the Jew Es Ah!  A large minority population of industrial robots does nothing for the Judeo-Masonic Overclass.  Robots don't vote, aren't swayed by appeals to racial group politics and don't take out high interest consumer loans.  Worse, robots are areligious beings who don't care about Holocaustianity or Judeo-ism.  Although easily programmed to hate white people they're easily programmed to ally with white people, too.

The field of robotics seamlessly shades into another industrial area that a truly national government would have long ago targeted for nuturing.  This is the CNC Industrial Revolution.  CNC means "computer numerically controlled".  This is digital computer control applied to servo-operated machine tools of all kinds.  These now include two axis and three axis industrial lasers as well as lathes, milling machines and large CNC flatbed routers.  All of these machines are driven by various CAD (Computer Assisted Design) programs.  What previously required a large machine shop, experienced machinists, draftsmen and an upfront investment in special tools, jigs and dies can now be done in a small machine shop with an internet connection.

The costs of entry are dropping dramatically, too.  A good reconditioned 30-40 watt two axis laser can be had for $15,000 – $20,000.  The speed and accuracy of these is quite amazing if you've never seen one.   Combined with the development of light weight high tensile strength composites and existing plastic injection molding and vacuum forming technologies this revolutionizes the possibilities for economic small scale hi-tech local manufacturing.  This has been occuring as entrepreneurship and remanant capital allow.

The existence of Wal-Mart and kindred retail distribution oligarchies has however retarded the natural growth of this in our communities.  Despite this many small industrial park operations have upgrading existing tooling suddenly discovered themselves possessing enhanced manufacturing capabilities they hadn't anticipated.

When the middleman 50 Percenter Jews of the Wall Street Journal tell you 'borderless' trade is essential, don't you believe them.  It's essential only to people who make their living from buying and selling the products of others.  It is not essential to producers and creators.



"Mossad chiefs insist the Israeli spy agency was tracking Osama Bin-Laden's terrorists in America before September 11 and that that the information was passed on to the CIA on Five separate occasions before the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. As late as August 24, less than two weeks before the attacks, a Mossad warning, confirmed by German intelligence, BND, said that "terrorists plan to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture." The warning alert was passed to the CIA."

As I was saying, the Mossad was here.  And I still maintain it was a joint operation against al-Qaida that went sour.  The FBI knew exactly where to grab these Israeli operatives the moment they wanted them.  The subsequent plausible deniability statements don't mean they actually passed anything along, though.  That is, unless the moon and stars came into conjunction and Mossad has stopped lying.  And if they really did tell the CIA, the why didn't Jew George Tenet do anything?  And why hasn't he been fired since then?


What could be more disguised than http://www.nazi.net ? If you don't save this link, then shame on you. It's chock full of great stuff from across the pond, that is, if you live in the Jewess Aye. Ye Olde Heretical Press has been re-pressed but not yet repressed. Hat's off to Mr. Sheppard.
Suppose ZOG warns us that Abdul the Bulbul Ameer is planning to zonk the Jefferson Memorial with an over-sized bottle of over-fizzed root beer. If you are scared shitless, as it appears a sickening number of American sheeple are, then the safest place to be IS the Jefferson Memorial. Once one's plans are discovered, then you'd have to be some insane turkey to proceed with the exercise. Even a black convenient store robber will forget about it once he knows the store's help, and the police, are aware of his intent.

We tolerate highway slaughter, and the abortion death chambers, which wipe out hundreds of thousands, but take alarm when 3 people trying to shoplift at WalMart get blown up with a home-made bomb. A people with such priorities are not long for this world. That's us folks! We are all sick jews.

10 years ago, I believed only 23% of ZOG's propaganda. Now that is down to 11%. You see how I am improving? Hope rings eternal.

Only a jackass would be surprised.



Robert –

Read that news item  about the school at Asbury Park and the idiotic white parents that let the shits they have for white educators intimidate them. God I'm glad I was born with a temper for I would not have stood by for a minute and listened to crappie pontificating about racial slurs. As I have indicated a number of times the real enemy is the dip shit whites that think their duty in life is to pander to negroes and Jews. Our sappy President kisses black kids and black women and I surely expect that he will soon be kissing black men. No wonder negroes are as demanding as they are. They see the feminized dopey white man for what he is. White men have let themselves be intimidated into an unnatural state of mind or maybe the best of them were killed in wars. No white child should have to go to integrated schools. Separation of the races at an early age leads to proper identification with tribal members and a life long desire to protect  their racial heritage.

Regards. Joe.

Read this and weep... of things to come, soon, to your neighborhood, you silly brain-dead honky.


I was stationed in Ft. Monmouth not far from Asbury Park. I remember the boardwalk and the loads of fun we used to have on overnight passes. Then there was Red Bank, a stone's throw to the nearest pub. There was a path through the woods, out of the post, for those we dared risk AWOL for a little poon-tang. Sometimes girls would sneak onto the post where there was a small shed near the fence line. It wasn't very private, but those guided by their gonads didn't seem to mind. That area was not a jungle as it is today.

This sort of "war story" will become very commonplace and there's no need to get upset. One must find some humor in it, if possible, and solace in the fact the the death of any society leaves the mixed feeling of a past lost and 'good riddance'. Our past could not have been that great for it led to what we had today. No more wars to kill white people! And no more listening to the siren song of the jew.

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

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