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14 October 2001
Ah! The experts! In 1940, the egg was a "class A protein" and used as a reference to evaluate all other protein sources. In addition to it being a perfect balanced source – it makes a whole bird, you know – it was recommended as being nearly essential for good health, as was milk. Anyone who has ever fed eggs to his pets knows that their fur and general welfare are noticeably improved. We had a saying, "Drink milk and have skin like a baby's ass."

It wasn't until a while later that high cholesterol levels were associated with heart problems and since eggs contained the stuff, eggs became the Hitler of the nutrition business. Later, the jerks went into the 'good" cholesterol and 'bad' cholesterol act and eggs gradually were relieved of their cyanide label. One decade, eggs are "in" and the next, they're "out". This inconsistently certainly would tell any rational person that the cluckers, speaking in the name of science, simply do not know what they are talking about.

And then there was oat bran. The cure for all your worries and woes.

Soy beans, a poor food even for cows, is now "in" and no one bothers to check out the $$$ to be made promoting the crap. Judeo-America evaluates everything according to profit and label and "foods good for you" are no exception.

The b.s. goes on and on and Joe Nobrain never notices the changing positions and assumes that fact is as pliable as tar in the hot sun.

Americans have a love affair with jerks. That's why they keep electing them to office and believing each contradictory statement they make. If they had the power of analysis, there'd be no need for the Dr. Torahs, Dan Blathers, and Larry Kinks to tell you how to think.

What now? Anthrax snail mail spamming? Just think of the number of people who handle your mail. Money, that is ZOGbucks, is the most handled of all pieces of paper. What might someone do upon finding a $100 bill lying on the sidewalk? Report it or pick it up? One reporter claimed that anthrax was "just a nuisance and not to worry." In a land where no one seems worried about fatal AIDS, perhaps he's right. Maybe body-sized condoms will become fashionable.
Mestizo eyes Bush reminds me of the mexi bandit in the 1948 Bogart movie, Treasure of the Sierra Madre. The bandido said, "Señor, eef you gif us your guns, weel go 'way." "Hey, hand over Osama and we'll see what we can do."  "Unconditional surrender" only means you'll make it easier for your enemies to dispose of you – ask the Germans. Today, the Americans are not confronting Germans who went by the rules. Hitler, with tons and tons of poison gas, never used them. It was only the drunken race-mixed Churchill who wanted to 'anthrax' all of Europe. Lucky for the world, Briton still had a few sane people in power. Americans – read jews – defined via that perversion called the Nuremberg trials, our present world tenor. We appear to be reaping what we have sown.
Anthrax Developments


The information received in the last 24 hours is serious indeed.  The Nevada attack on Microsoft Corporation was postmarked from Malaysia.  The NBC attack on NBC in NYC (I couldn't resist the 'nuclear-biological-chemical acronym pun) was postmarked in St. Petersburg, Florida.  For general information St. Petersburg FL is in the Metro Tampa area.  This postmark was an undisguised threat to US Central Command and Special Operations Command.  Al-Qaida is sending a very unsubtle message with all this.  1) They have a lot of anthrax;  2)  It's already deployed to multiple countries and; 3) The operatives already have their combat orders.


   So far Al-Qaida is deploying anthrax in a novel letter bio-bomb campaign of pinpoint attacks against those they consider especially egregious offenders.   This retail campaign does not preclude the possibility of later true mass attacks in the manner previously expected when bio-terrorism was still a theoretical future event.  This instead increases the probability of this event as military pressure increases in Afghanistan.  Al-Qaida is demonstrating anthrax capability with these poison powder letters.  Nothing in that demonstration precludes subsequent mass dispersion through multiple target areas in the classical bio-terror attack.


   At this time it's impossible to exaggerate the urgency for white people to read and heed the threat assessment and advice here:  /maguire/wto.htm and here /maguire/semitwar.htm


Some of today's nonsense reminds me of "the great toilet paper scare" of 1987. I went to the local market to buy some toilet paper only to find the shelves empty. The manager explained that there was a run on the item due to some radio mouth mentioning that production had temporarily ceased. While he was explaining, a dozen frantic people scurried about aghast at the lack of t.p. for their t.t. and p.p. I shrugged and bought a few boxes of Puffs. Before I could turn toward the checkout, a woman poked me and asked my opinion – usually something best left unasked – about the "shortage of paper". I pointed out to her that the shelves were full of napkins, towels, coffee filters, and kleenex and if the need arose, the newspaper racks were also full. "Yes, but I need toilet paper!", she yodeled. completely missing the point. I guess brains are not for thinking. Just something to keep your skull from imploding.
Irene Krotchna developed a hyper case of worry about the thought she'd catch anthrax and die. So intense was this mental anguish that she shot herself just to end it.

Factoid: During the time a handful of people contracted anthrax, hundreds received AIDS, and S.T.D.s, from their loving partners. Diseases are acceptable if you get them from one of your 'diversity' companions, but from an envelope? Now that's a different matter entirely. It's like screwing a vacuum.

The U.S. Govt. is doing everything they can to cause fear, heart attacks and nervous breakdown. Wonder how many folks have kicked the bucket since this lunacy started. Sort of reminds me of an old joke I heard yrs. ago. One hot day in an old mining town this fellow enters a bar filled with miners. The bar has an overhead fan and everyone is drinking and talking away. Now this fellow has a serious need to find a toilet but can get no attention, so he decides to rent a room in hopes of finding the toilet. He then goes to his room. No toilet, but there is a hole in the floor so in desperation he relieves himself. Then he goes downstairs to an empty bar except for the bartender who is wiping himself vigorously with a towel. "Where is everyone," the fellow asks, and the bartender replies, "Man, weren't you here when the shit hit the fan?" Well our Govt. is working overtime to throw the crap of fear into the fan and keep the public scattering to hide under the sheets, and  thus quake until the bogey man Mr. bin Laden is caught. (Thanks, J.S.)
Further on the Chinese and bin Laden.

   When the Chinese engage in covert warfare, a/ka/ "Low Intensity Conflict" they play the good cop/bad cop routine better than anyone around.  This kind of proxy war is what they are engaging in with bin Laden as puppet in my opinion.

    But when they engage in direct military intervention they are the most above board and honest folks on the planet.  They never do it without crystal clear warnings before hand that it's coming and WHY it's coming.  For instance, in 1950 Chou En Lai warned they would intervene in Korea if MacArthur approached closer than 50 miles to the Manchurian border.  They didn't go to war for the North Koreans.  In their minds they went to war to secure their own borders.  MacArthur came too close so they entered the battle.

    This same sequence happened with the Chinese border war with Vietnam in the late 70s.  They gave unmistakable guidance
ahead of time on what the specific problems were and how to rectify them: i.e. Hanoi's full scale invasion of Cambodia plus Soviet naval and air bases being built in Cam Rahn Bay.  The solutions involved limitations (the face saving compromise) on both actions, not complete stoppages.  Hanoi and Moscow blew them off so BANG.

    To the Chinese it's us'uns and not them who are inscrutable, and completely unpredictable, when it comes to forecasting direct military interventions.  Saddam Hussein, the Vietnamese and the North Koreans all think the same.  In May 1950 Dean  Acheson specifically excluded Korea from US vital interests.  A few months later MacArthur was landing troops at Inchon.  In 1964 American generals said don't get involved in land wars in Asia.  LBJ made the promise not to send American boys to Vietnam a centerpiece of his campaign.  Two months after LBJ's inauguration US Marines waded ashore at Da Nang.  A few weeks before invading Kuwait, Hussein asked US Ambassador April Glaspie her opinion of such a project, which turned out to be neutral.  A month later the leading brigade of the 82d Airborne Division was landing at Dharan air base in Saudia Arabia.  Whether these mixed signals resulted from sheer stupidity or were intentional attempts to start wars by diplomatic confusion is an interesting subsidiary topic.

   The above Chinese track record is a big reason why I don't credit the DEBKAfiles story (Chinese troops in Afghanistan) , in addition to the ridiculousness of arming their own separatist Moslems and then motivating those Moslems to fight in strange lands away from their homes and families.  Kirgizs, Tajiks and Turkmens know the USA is here today and gone tomorrow while Beijing continues on like the energizer bunny.

   Any decision to embark on something like Japan's lurch to conquest in 1941 would be a different story.  But limited open and direct warfare by China has always followed the above pattern.  They wouldn't have voted as they did in the UN Security Council re. terrorism if they had different ideas ruling on the ground.


Women with an urge to "mother" often let their emotions interfere with good judgment. It should be pointed out that adoptions from overseas are always some country's rejects. "Korean" babies, for example, are almost always not Korean but sambos – nigger-Korean. We're loaded with mongrels already and so it shouldn't be necessary to seek outside help in order to add to the list of non-whites in this country. Any couple sporting such critters have labeled themselves enemies of the white race.
A tax by any other name —

Make sure that whatever you buy, beans to brooms, has the kosher seal of approval on it. In that way you'll know that the jews are getting a piece of the action – namely, another finger in your wallet. It's too bad the brain dead christians haven't caught onto this scheme and levied their own version of God's blessing, for a price, of course. Perhaps we could include the Moslems and maybe the headhunters of Venezuela. After all, if the American boob isn't having it shoved up his rear, he isn't happy.

Useful forward from A. B. on bin Laden's Chinese Connections. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/fr/547384/posts
This is more credible to me than DEBKAfiles science fiction about Chinese troops invading eastern Afghanistan or Chinese arming their own Moslems.

To repeat, this guy's game plan was not originated by Arabs.  Having experience with both Middle East and Asian matters I gotta tell you, bin Laden's strategy is definitely Asian.  It has all the earmarks of previous PLA and NVA guerilla warfare strategies in East and Southeast Asia.

And as I said weeks ago, when he's not found after the Taliban are gone, look for him in China. Maguire.

As Eric noted, some time ago, wherever bin Laden has been, the Chinese also show up.


        The myth of the American Dream is an enduring one. The promise was always implicit for White people. Work hard. Play the game. Apply the lips in the prescribed manner. Vote the way youíre told, think the way youíre told, and never let a nasty racist thought enter your mind. Do all these things and you would be rewarded with a material luxury unheard of in human
history. ZOG is the most subtle tyranny ever known to man; the tyrant wealthy and canny enough to buy his slaves and leave the iron fist in the glove unless all else failed.

        But the great American honeycomb is drying out. The flow of consumer goodies is slowing perceptibly, like the salmon runs of the Northwest where there are fewer and smaller fish every year. The crime, drugs, chaos, and Third World filth can no longer be contained; the sewer is overflowing into the previously safe streets of suburbia and out into the countryside. An
entire generation of White children is being destroyed in the schools; Beavis and Butthead graduate unable to read or do simple fractions. There is no longer even a pretense of representative government; corruption is naked and unashamed. Job security, living wages, home ownership, and peace of mind are things of the past. White Americans live in fear and loathing.  Morris Dees whines and moans about "angry White males" and the "rising tide of extremism", but more and more the stark question appears: why should a White man not become an extremist? The System no longer holds up its end of the social contract.

        Suppose a White man does everything heís supposed to do by the liberal gospels? Suppose you keep your brain squeaky clean of racist, sexist, homophobic, or religious thoughts? What if you support affirmative action, sodomy and abortion, saving whales and spotted owls? Suppose you obediently shuffle to the polls on election day and pull the straight Democratic ticket lever? Recycle your garbage?

        Whatís in it for you? Will your political correctness prevent you from being downsized tomorrow? Will your liberal orthodoxy stop your promotion going to an unqualified minority or yuppie Barbie doll? Will your contributions to the SPLC prevent you from being beaten by blacks in a shopping mall? Will your docile vote for Billyboy prevent your ten year-old son from being fondled in school by a sodomite teacher?

        Suppose you read this newsletter, scream in horror, and throw it down as you flee in panic lest someone think you a racist? What, exactly, do you accomplish? You still have to live in this cesspool. You still have to try and find a way to survive in a world of madness and chaos and violence and evil that hates you because of your sex and the color of your skin. True,
you may still have a little to lose if you join the Party – but what exactly will you gain if you donít?

– Harold A. Covington 

As the Anthrax Spores Turn...


BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) – Five more employees at American Media Inc. have tested positive for exposure to anthrax, a company spokesman said Saturday.


"Health officials said late Saturday afternoon that a second NBC employee had a low-grade fever, swollen lymph nodes and a rash – symptoms of anthrax."

"The employee, who was not identified, was on antibiotics, said YNeal Shapiro, (NBC) network news president. "She's fine,'' he said.

No suh!  There's absolutely positively no reason to suspect bin-Laden and al-Qaida would target the news media as part of their campaign against 'Zionist Jews' and 'Christian Crusaders'.  No reason whatsoever.  None.


P.S.  In the period immediately preceding the collapse of the USSR even the employees of the Communist propaganda organs had ceased to believe their propaganda.  One wonders how many employees of the Judeo-Media still believe the drivel they put out. 

Anthrax Spore Spin

   I learn something new every day in these times.  Today I learned that anthrax spores spin.  It's true.  Whyizzit I never learned that when I was studying nuclear-biological-chemical defense?  I should have guessed it.  Maybe I was asleep during that lecture.  After all, we talking about weaponizing anthrax all the time.

   The current anthrax spin the Judeo-Media is applying to the attacks on itself is mildly amusing. "Who?  Us?  Targets of al-Qaida?  Pshaw!  We didn't do anything at all.  It's just us innocent objective reporters here.  This is all unconnected to September 11 or al-Qaida.  There's absolutely no evidence to connect these.  In fact, the ballistic DNA rifling of the New York and Florida spores are completely different."

 The above line blossomed out independently on every major 'independent' news outlet in America today.  First I heard it on National Public Radio when they interrupted the classical music bill to tell more lies on the news.  Then CNN and NBC started saying this.  Then right on cue John Ashcroft came into the press briefing room to say so, followed by Tommy Thomson of Health and Hooman Services.

   Judeo-Media in America.

   For those who missed it, my own recent (and unexpected) contribution to "the literature" about who actually owns and controls the information flow in America is here: /adlib/2001/b1008.htm  It's the second article down.  Turns out all the tabloids in America are owned by the same company with an upstream executive personnel list identical to the previous Clinton Administration cabinet.  To update that, this includes the new Spanish language 'bloid Mira.  The classic in this field though, just updated as of July 2001, remains Dr. William Pierce's "Who Rules America":  http://www.natall.com/who-rules-america/

   I invite all and sundry to read these two links and decide for themselves.  Are the anthrax attacks random acts of unkindness with Wal-Mart pharmacy supplies from the vitamin section or perhaps something deeper by someone with a bone, or 1,000,000, to pick with the owners and employees?


P.S.  Robert's infinitely better qualified than I am in science but I think he'll agree with this statement:  The acid test of any scientific theory is its accuracy in predicting future events.  See the my Threat Assessments from September 13:  /maguire/wto.htm and September 26:  /maguire/semitwar.htm.   Both were written and posted here before the spores started spinning.  And both anthrax events occurred in the #1 and #2 predicted target zones.

How goes the land of freedom and opportunity? Only masochists and idiots are entering the teaching profession. Who wants to be held responsible when an ape cannot learn to count? Spend all the money you want, concoct all of the moronic programs you wish, you cannot teach penguins how to fly.

Meanwhile back at the chili bean border, 80% of the border guards are looking for another means to earn a living. As the swarms ooze, in – Camp of the Saints! – the guards are prevented from REALLY doing their job. Ready, aim, fire.... When the new Air Marshals jobs opened up, most border guards showed a preference for that sort of work. Now, I suppose all of Juan's cousins will now grab the jobs being vacated at the old Rio Beane.

You see my friends, while ZOG focuses your attention on the wastelands of Central Asia, your land will fill up faster than before with more diversity that you would imagine. Your children will curse you for it, but what the hey – it sure makes good TV watching.

Anthrax – coming soon to a theater near you? As Maguire pointed out, the battle between good and evil, will continue 27-7-365 as long as there are jewish targets to hit in the now collapsing U.S.A. Anthrax "just happens" to be popping up all around and it has nothing to do with the WTC event, so we are told. As in all battles, the attacker goes for the head of the beast and that ain't the goyim, wouldn't you say?

Waddah mean, the ship is sinking? My steak is still hot, the music is still playing and the waiter agreed to bring a bottle of wine. I don't see any water.

It surely is important that U.S. citizens seriously consider how long "enduring freedom" will last in the U.S. when there are constant calls to restrict freedoms in the interest of national security and once implemented it never goes away, like taxes. J.S.
September 11 was indeed a "wake up call." The aftermath clearly exposes the insane population.
If the "war against evil" starts to interfere with scheduled niggerball, then it's time to consider the war serious.

As I understand it,
50,000 people regularly worked in the WTC yet only 5000 are somewhat accounted for. Those 45,000 ghosts will soon become lost somewhere, silenced by the very tiring pounding of the Zionist war drums.
Lesson: solipsism1. The theory that the self is the only thing that can be known and verified. 2. The theory or view that the self is the only reality.

This is what the jews have bred in America through their half-century of perversion of education and culture. Now they foolishly expect Americans to be robust, community minded warriors fully eager to wage world war. That's loony city. I can yelp daily that I am an elephant but that does not alter reality one iota.

The Taliban is refused "evidence" which links Osama to the Twin Towers. So is the American people. I guess ZOG thinks both are enemies.
Americans cannot hear Osama's words due to the fact that they might contain "secret" information. Osama's words are broadcast all over the Arab world so only the American people are victim's of ZOG's censorship.
Partial profile of a terrorist: They live in houses and drive cars. They sleep in queen size beds and many own American flags.
Good economic news! American flags are selling fast in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.
The down side – They are made in China.
Heard on the street: "The way the roaches are multiplying in this city, I pray that some 'enemy' would bomb the place thus improving the demographics."
If the "terrorists" attack Yakima WA, it will be viewed as an attack upon Mexico and a quick response by the Mexican Navy will be forthcoming.
When the male adds knowledge to his being, it changes his outlook and his behavior. When a women adds knowledge to her being, it changes nothing. Eric Thomson.
Hospitalized vets
are complaining that the V.A. is replacing American doctors with Arabs. They want doctors who can at least speak English. I guess they do not appreciate the beauty of diversity.
China entering the war?  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=24831

Magure sez:

DEBKAfiles (source of the Chinese invasion crapola), their ravings and all their hooey is a topic I've been waiting the right moment for discussing. It's a well-known Mossad disinformation outlet.  They're 10 times worse than STRATFOR.com, which is bad enough.  They inhabit a world formed by their own mental images.  It's a different planet than the one we live on.

Since we had air superiority over Afghanistan, that allowed us to bomb the shit out of them. Now that we've have bombed the shit out of them, we can now claim that we have air superiority. Such a deal.

"Our" efforts can be equated to the bully who bashes a kid in the teeth with a ball bat and them hands him a Band-Aid and candy bar. Such as deal.

How can we get the coke snorters to snort anthrax. That would be a good deal.

(Look very carefully at the above. It might contain a secret message.)

Women were given the vote before their mean intelligence levels were adequate to the task. Most are still unable to discern between a republic and a father. – Donald E. Pauley
In order to eliminate intolerance, we must become intolerant. In order to eliminate evil, we must become evil. In order to eliminate hate, we must become full of hate. Does all of this compute?
According to the poll
mentioned in the article, Americans are (surprisingly) on the right track. The OPENNESS of the response in attempting to deceive Americans in this article is astounding!!

http://www.jpost.com/Editions/2001/10/10/News/News.35927.html            (Submitted by J.J.)

Robert comments – Don't forget that most Americans WORSHIP mongrel jews, for some peculiar reason, and are willing to have other people's sons die to protect them. At least, it's now in the open instead of hidden as in the SWATKWP.

Amil's rule: The more useless a person is, the more he values his own life.
For maximum security,
we should use the "buddy system". One week, you guard me. The next week, I'll guard you.  Or maybe we should all guard ourselves. Personally, the number of people I'd trust with my life are very few. If you think some mud cop is going to look out for the interests of some honky, then good luck.

If we avoided all places and all situations where someone wasn't hurt, sometime, somewhere, what might that be? People even die in the womb. Life is hazardous.

Back in ancient times, when the general public knew little of the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus developed during the SWATKWP by the French and Italians, I had access to a real live, genuine, honest to goodness, U.S. Navy issue. I'd go to quarries in the winter, bust through the ice and explore whatever was there. Lakes in the remote northern reaches of Ontario also were part of my liquid sight-seeing tours. I'd spear fish in rivers and rescue equipment  which was at the bottom of some body of water as a result of some idiot over turning his boat. I sub-contracted for the local unit of the state police to tie tow chains onto cars which drunks and thieves ran into the drink. I had one great time and always ventured alone for, as a kid, I never believed in the "safety in numbers" for all I saw about me were incompetent yoyos afraid of the dark. One is NEVER safe in a crowd prone to stampede.

Somewhere along a cliff in Yellowstone National Park, was an outboard stair constructed so people could go down to the river bed and get a good look at the falls. When my sister and I arrived at that point, it was boarded up with huge warning signs indicated extreme danger for those venturing beyond, due to the deterioration of the stair. It looked interesting to me and always remembering my dad's  words to the effect that 90 percent of all safety lies between your ears – I went over the barricade and very, cautiously worked my way to the bottom. Sis commented, "You're nuts. I will wait for you in the car." She waited and I returned.

A short way from our farm was an area full of caves near a beautiful waterfall. Dad told me about the caves and how he used to crawl about in them when he was a boy. One day, some dickhead got lost and it took about 2 days for a large party to rescue him. Immediately following that event, the entrances to the caves were filled with tons of rock, thus blocking what my family thought was a great place for kids to play.

The falls was named Buttermilk and we used to dive from the top into the pool below. However, there were places on the bottom where large boulders lay. As kids, we always explored the bottom of any water BEFORE we dived in. One day a nice fellow named Ronny joined us. Without knowing anything about where not to dive, he took a shot at what turned into being a great swan dive. Ronny splatted on a rock below and died instantly from a smashed skull and broken neck. It was a terrible thing. Following that Mr. Fuller then banned anyone from using the area for picnics and sport, something he allowed for nearly 50 years. Yes, look before you leap. If we did, it would certainly put a damper on our accepted promiscuity.

Every safety gadget and every law designed to "protect" only serves to limit our freedom for if a person is shielded from the consequences of his own stupidity, then he is nothing but a well cared for vegetable.

I was extremely fortunate to have sisters, a mother, grandmothers and aunts who were/are REAL women. I say this so the feminist twats who read my words won't get the idea I hate all women. Not by a long shot. I do not discriminate. I dislike clowns regardless of sex, race, age, or the condition of their teeth.

Hey Osama. We want to kill you. Why are you hiding? Are you a coward? Come out and be blown to bits – die like a man. Wait.... if you die like a man, then how can you be evil? Man, ZOG is really f---ing with my mind.
While the American dickhead focuses his myopic vision on goat herders, big corporations are plucking their CEOs from mud countries. Alcoa – Morocco. Ford – Lebanon. Kellogg – Cuba. Pharmacia – Pakistan. Aramark – Israel. Computer Associates – Sri Lanka. Eli Lilly – Morroco. Goodyear – Egypt. US Airways – India.

Most of the big web hosting companies are owned by Chinese or Japanese. It all makes one wonder what you are saluting when the flag is hoisted up.

While airport security goes bananas over nail clippers and jack-knives, I might mention that nearly EVERY young girl I knew carried nail clippers, nail file, tweezers and a small mirror. I don't think I can remember any young boy who didn't have a jack-knife in his pocket. That was back in the days before such items were not equated with machetes and sabers. We've come a long way, Abbie. Soon, the national anthem will be, "Moo, moo, moo..."
What is the definition of  'mass confusion'? Father's day in Harlem.
When a big guy bashes a small guy, it's called justice. When the small guy kicks the big guy in the nuts, it's call terrorism.

Hey man. Now that it was announced we've achieved "air superiority" over the Afghans, does anyone know how many Fokker Tri-planes and Spads their air force consisted of? The last I knew, their 3 pilots were only checked out for hot air balloons. Also, now soon do you think it will be before we announce naval superiority?

So the shit heads we elected to Congress are "leaking secrets"? Are you surprised? Bushoil should shoot a few of them to "send a message". Enjoy the carnival as your standard of living drops and muds hog continue up your living space.

It's a shame that Limpblow is losing his hearing. I prayed to the god Zorn that Lush lose his voice. I guess Zorn got things mixed up.

How am I copingwith the terror, stress and uncertainty? If the ENEMY decides to nuke this one whore's town I live in, I want it to be in the day time. I'd hate to have anything interupt my night's sleep. We are more in danger of Debbie spreading and thereby speading S.T.D., than we are from anthrax, Amtrak or hydrocyanic acid rain. When the asstro physicist's "fundamental particle", the vibrating vacuum, stops shaking, then I'll worry.
Third Anthrax Case Confirmed in Palm Beach County Florida At Target American Media, Inc.


    "NEWSWEEK has learned that the FBI is aggressively trying to locate a summer intern from nearby Florida Atlantic University in connection with the investigation. The intern, who sources said came from a Middle Eastern country, had sent an e-mail to all employees that a top American Media official described as “peculiar.”

   I'm going to take a minute here to toot Robert's and my horns.  This is simply to try to persuade a few of you of the extreme urgency of taking advice.  The following quotes comes from my September 13 post strike assessment and safety advice:

September 13 (/maguire/wto.htm)

"— Biological attacks with smallpox or other toxins."

"—  Principal danger target zones for future Muslim attacks include the Greater New York City Metropolitan area, Washington D.C., the Miami-West Palm Beach corridor on Florida's Gold Coast and Los Angeles-Hollywood-Beverly Hills."

"(3)  Avoid all large public buildings.   You need only observe the cleaning crew coming in one night to understand just how useless the rent-a-guard security and badge system there is. 'Danger' is waved right on through wearing an 'employee security badge'"

   That was September 13.  The current event now turns out to have been 1) a "biological attack", 2) the target was in the "West Palm Beach Corridor" and 3) it was conducted by someone wearing an "employee security badge".  Now please read and heed my updated threat assessment of September 26:  /maguire/semitwar.htm  This is literally a life and death matter for some of you.


Dear Jim:  (Maguire responds to questions.)

However, you do not seem to think that there is any New World Order conspiracy going on.

Supra-national government structures are quite ancient.  From the 5th to 18th Centuries this role was performed by the Pope.  Starting in the 18th Century we saw the rise of the "British Empire" in alliance with the group known as "Jews".  It hit its stride at the Congress of Vienna after Waterloo.  It engineered FWATKWP to strike down two rising rivals (Germany & Russia) and trick a third (USA) into servitude.

This entity, which we often call ZOG at FAEM, has had a heavy package redesign following WWII-SWATKWP.  It still exists today with its power axis centered on London-New York.

What do you think the European Union is all about?

Making Europe more manageable for ZOG-former 'British Empire' or whatever you want to call it.

What about NAFTA and GATT?  They sure as hell aren't about "free trade".

No.  They're about maximizing the middleman trader's profit for doing nothing and reducing workers' wages to as close to zero as possible.

What about the CFR?

A clerical training school for ZOG servants like Condie Rice and Roger Altman.


A lecture society for ZOG movers and shakers.

Mason's, City of London, Rothchilds and other bankers.

see /maguire/a1206mm.htm .  Nothing to add to that.  You're in the control group now.

Don't you think that the Marxist/Zionist jews and their stooges want to rule the world?

No.  I think they are ALREADY ruling the world from the perspective of obtaining their goals.

Don't you think that Bin Laden could still be working for the CIA?

No.  He had contacts with some personnel in the 1980s, but so did nearly every Mujahideen ranking higher than private.  So what?  So did Manuel Noriega at one time.  At this time he's in prison in Terre Haute Indiana.

If he bin Laden were still working for the CIA or other ZOG interests the percentage of white casualties would be far higher and Jewish casualties nearly -0-.  The locations of the attacks would have been more in the 'heartland' rather than coastal.  This is ragheads acting independently, make no mistake.

The Homeland Security nonsense sounds a lot like quasi martial law.

We are in fact at war.  I agree it's nonsense from the standpoint it deviates from proven Constitutional measures revolving around the states, militia and proper role of the federal government.

It does however prove my long-standing point that the Department of Defense and CIA have -0- to do with defending the American people.

They want our guns.

This is politically dead for a good number of years to come.

Do you think Mr. Fox and Dubya want open borders just because they like Mexicans?

No.  I think they like cheap labor here and want to defuse an explosive social situation in Mexico to keep an unbelievably corrupt elite in power.  Mexicans are more violent individually but also more politically pliable in groups.  The majority of Jews feel very uncomfortable being a lone minority in a country like 19th Century USA.  They feel much safer being one minority in an area of minorities.

I think this is all part of the march toward the NWO and I think our government is deeply involved in it.

I think this is all part of an ongoing collapse of a civilization.  The areas where ZOG's writ runs shrinks daily.  Ignore the Jewspapers and look at what's going on.  ZOG can't even generate 50,000 well trained and equipped infantry to go into Afghanistan.


Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

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