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14 June 2002
It appears that the stock market gamblers are now moving into gold. That's interesting. If you don't personally have your hands on the gold you've purchased then you are left with a paper promise. Why is that any better than the I.O.U. Zogbucks? It is illegal to use gold as currency so what do you intend to do with your sack of gold nuggets? "Here Harry. Take this bag of nuggets, weigh them up and let me have some groceries." Personally, I'd think a closet full of beans and flour would be a far better asset, but those who think they can use excess money to magically grow more without one drop of sweat, are exactly the kind who got us into this fine mess in the first place. At bottom, it will be food which will have the value. Everyone needs food. Who needs gold?
Without truth, you cannot have freedom or justice.
When one digs deep into the banking system,
he comes up with drugs, weapons and terrorism. Translated =  big bucks.
José Padilla is just another bozo al-Qaeda uses to help exhaust American resources, like the "shoe bomber." They will use such people as fodder until it's time for the experienced big boys to step in and get really serious. We are in for some interesting days ahead. In the meantime, smoke pot to relieve the mental anguish.
Will the next governor of NYS be the nigeroo Carl McCall or the he-looks-like-a-jew-to-me Andy Cuomo?
A TV ad described a new dog food
based on carrots, peas and corn. When was the last time you saw Rover wander into the garden and eat such things? If you want a sick and short-lived dog, then follow the nutritional advice of the people who love to find a way to unload vegetables they cannot sell to humanoids. Purina, a maker of chicken feed, found out that starving dogs will eat grain. Thus, the new garbage entered the market. Owners know that a dog eating the rabbit it just nailed, will leave a messy stool which is not as easy to clean up as are the nuggets which are dropped from a grain-eating dog. Besides, dry dog food is cheaper and easier on the owner. But who cares two shits about a dog anyway as long as its owner benefits?
What the hell. Wasn't the Enron paper shredding just a version of ZOG's Paper Reduction Act?
Late, but needed.
The Forgotten Victims of Attica (a prison in New York State – scene of the 1971 nigger uprising) are asking $30 million in reparations from Jew York State. The relatives of 300 criminals won a verdict of $8 million several years ago for not being allowed to trash the prison and kill more guards. What was of particular interest in the Jew York Times was a photo of a crying Maryann Valone (misspelled Vallone), a young relative of the late Carl Valone. I knew Carl as a kid. His father ran a tavern called the Silver Slipper which had great fish fries. Carl and I went on a trip to Montreal in his birthday present, a nice Buick. Carl bought an archery set from me and often would add extra french fries to my order. I left town about the same time as Carl became a prison guard. It was this past relation which allowed me to be privy to the way Carl was killed at the prison. He was castrated and the parts stuffed into his mouth. He then had his throat cut. Another childhood friend of mine, also a guard, was treated to the same act of brotherly love.

While we are on the topic of personal experience with "diversity", my second cousin Karen had a shotgun rammed into her abdomen and the trigger pulled. What upset her nigger lover was that she refused to "give head" to his brother. The simian was released from Attica in 3 years only to end up getting arrested for pushing drugs to the middle school kids. I guess the "rehabilitation" didn't stick. 

The Washington Telephone Assistance Program is not for you Paleface. There's no way you are entitled to 50% discount on the connection fee or discounts on the monthly bill. You will not be relieved of supplying a local deposit either. Don't complain. You asked for it.
When they decided to push welfare cows, with calves, into the work force as part of the welfare reform business, something unexpected happened. The offspring of such back-to-work moms started doing more poorly in school. I can see the headlines now – Welfare Increases School Performance. Perhaps a new ZOG program WISP will come about.
The dudes who run the education racket in New York were "embarrassed" when they found that recent literature exams had all questions relating to "troublesome topics" expurgated. "Troublesome" means politically incorrect. Censorship reigns across the board when to comes to American schools. Sorry pal, but most of the crap you learn in school is crap. 'Shit' to those who do not understand what 'crap' is.
Now you can sign up for Krav Maga, a jew version of a Chuck Norris self-defense ballet. Jui Jitsu came about in Japan because the average Tojo had no access to weapons. In the event Chuck Norris takes a dislike to me, I'll carry a machete and I won't even have to swing it. When he launches one of his foot-raised 360° pirouettes,  I'll be holding the machete upright. In this manner, he will amputate his own foot, fall over, and bled to death. That's what I call real self-defense.
Negress teacher JoAnne Anthony prefers a whiteboard to a blackboard. Dis be racist?
The ornery geezer
– dat's me Whitey – at Hate Central (FAEM) did do say that solar power would be about as useful as a rubber crutch. Expert Koenigs at Energy Northwest recently showed off the massive, and very costly, White Bluffs Solar Station. This idiotic toy, covering acres, manages to have a whoopee output of 29.5 KW. That would hardly be enough energy to keep one decent massage parlor in business. A few dozen alternators from old Edsels could produce as much. Solar powered cars? Solar powered homes? Keep dreaming. One would have a better chance at raping a bumble bee.
In Seattle, Chinese dragons are now being displayed at Jackson and Eigth Avenues. The $100,000 project was sponsored by "I am Amelican" Meng Huang. Ain't it grand that American culture is so honored?

BTW, the recent by-election winner NDP candidate Brain Masse is another Asian Squaw man. Her name is Terry Chow.

Since the niggers trashed the public zoo in Buffalo NY, attacks against White teachers in the schools have increased. The usual penalty is 3 days suspension. That's like punishing a caged bird with 3 days freedom.
Ah! Miss Universe contestants from the getting-blacker-by-the-day Western hemisphere include Erica Yadirs Cruz Escalante (mestiza) representing Mexico, Neelam Verna (gookette) for Canada and our own chocolate drop, Shaunaty Hinton representing the Jewess Hay. 
Free enterprise has at last returned to 'liberated' South Africa. The human heads required for 'traditional' medicine are going for $1500. So far, the law still views this as a result of murder but hang in there Whitey. "Progress" will soon catch up.
Jew freaks create chicken freaks in their Frankenstein labs in Vampiristan. They call it "genetic engineering" but it's still sick. You think your health is bad now, wait until you starting eating this "low fat" featherless fowl. This is a Crime Against Nature.
In down-the-tubes Canada, a Sikh student went to court to establish that the wearing of a dagger is a religious thing and freedom of religion must be upheld. I agree with that. I can hardly wait for chicken and goat sacrifice to also appear as a expression of religious freedom. Too bad there are some Aztecs left around. Their religious ceremonies could enhance our cultural experience. 
A survey following the WTC remodeling indicated that substance abuse increased. "Mental anguish", heretofore a jewish disease, seems to be spreading and indicates what many knew all along – drug city is for the emotionally weak.
I called my oldest sister and asked about her experience with toasters since I was not happy with the brand I just bought. She told me all toasters were junk and laughed when I mentioned I bought the "top rated" one. As a result of the conversation, I then purchased the cheapest one I could find, and discovered that there was virtually no difference in the way either toasted bread. This led to a little research and I found the criteria, and method, used to determine the 5-star rating. I should not have been surprised. The items given points are (1) how it fits in with the kitchen's decor, (2) ease of use, (3) ease of cleaning, (4) bagel accommodation and (5) safety features (for the idiot kids who like to stick their grimy paws on hot elements, or adults who eat breakfast in the bath tub, I suppose.)

Notice that there was no evaluation of what the toaster PRODUCED – toasted bread! Doesn't this remind you of our public education system?

Jew caught seeding official archives with forged documents concerning Nazi Germany and Hitler...


This is unusual.

"THE alleged mastermind of an audacious international scam to sell Hitler's suicide pistol and the gun of Hitler's niece and lover Geli Raubal for $4.75 million has surfaced in Queensland as the head of a militant Jewish group.  Michael O'Hara, a.k.a. Zeev Gideon Korwan, is facing 139 fraud charges in Melbourne after elaborately forged documents authenticating Hitler's Walther PPK 7.65mm handgun and Ms Raubal's Walther Special 8, 6.35 calibre, were planted in archives in Germany and Russia.

Reason number 666 why I don't believe the holocaust tales.  Beyond the microscopic evidence for extermination are the many reasons for believing this evidence was faked by interested parties.  Or do you suppose every previous attempt at planting disinformation was apprehended?


To the disgruntled young female who finds objection that the "White unity" movement relies too much upon "crusty old men." Well sweetheart, an old fellow who has lived through all seasons is certainly more knowledgeable than a young person knowing only one. Perhaps this woman thinks that the only things worth knowing are obtained while one is young. In any event, only the older people have witnessed personally America's decline and I disagree with another person who thinks that "the good old days" are not much more than some geezer's convenient forgetting of the 'down side'. As a kid, when we wanted to learn about something, we never went to our peers as they were as ignorant as we, and often more so. We sought out the older people for, as the saying goes, "They've been around."
Home schooling was the typical American way many decades ago. This naturally grew into community schooling and remained so until the communist military victory of 1945. America long enjoyed local communities schooling according to their desire. But what has happened?

The first heavy assault against community occurred when federal troops, using bayonets, forced people to admit people they previously wished not to associate with. Freedom of association began to be destroyed not only in the schools but also relative to the private property of people who chose to run businesses. Business owners increasingly found that their customers had more 'rights' over their business than they did. Marxism was entering full steam ahead.

The next ploy was for ZOG to offer financial assistance to the various entities in education, with a very large string attached. Like fish in a lake, most grabbed the financial lure only to find themselves hooked with the Federales dictating what should be taught. This was a compete reversal of the once greatest public education system on the planet.

ZOG's final step is now in the making. It will not be forced but will be another fancy lure that the fish, sad to say, will grasp willingly. This will be the use of computers to present ZOG's view of the world and to propagandize young minds into accepting what they will eventually regret. Daily I note that the Marxist NEA is going all out to have a classroom little other than a movie theater with the screen presenting the Holocaust channel as the ultimate source of knowledge. Kids have already been conditioned to accept screen images as reality in the same way a drug user thinks he is experiencing reality in a fuller sense. Marginal minds have always been easy to sway but there are million of young people in this land who "go along" but deep inside they know something is not as presented.

We once attended school to develop skills whether it be writing, number doodling, or whatever. Skills can only be acquired by drill, that is, a repetition of something until it becomes second nature. Drill is now 'out' because is isn't 'fun'. Penmanship has gone by the wayside and today we have a society of people who cannot even read their own handwriting – enter the keyboard. Conversational skills, as well as reading ability, is now worse than those past days when public schools were small, few and far between. One might do well to dig up some of the letters written to home by the soldiers of our Civil War. Many of them are fascinating to read and the articulation level is simply amazing. My grandfather, who had only 5 years of formal schooling, was an outstanding writer. I'd wager that his account of the battle at Manassas (Bull Run) would not be comprehended by a large portion of our young population. Not only are the young being "dumbed down", they are being lied to big time.

Overall, I notice a very sad dependence of most upon some institution, device, drug, "expert", and what not. The cry for more "security" at the expense of personal freedom, is a trend I abhor and one, if it continues, that most will soon live to regret. Life IS hazardous my friend and none will ever get out of it alive.

Jose Padilla – "Abdullah al Muhajir" Developments


Interesting picture here of this 'ant-Zionist'.  Even more interesting is ZOG's approach to this affair.  Padilla was arrested over a month ago on May 8.  He's now been transferred to Department of Defense custody where he will be held incommunicado indefinitely without either charges or a hearing.  The DUI President has taken the credit for this personally and thereby put his 'prestige' on the line.

Now think about this.  This is all occuring on the say so of the famous anonymous intelligence sources that allege Padilla 'joined' al-Qaeda.  Was there an enlistment contract?  Uniforms?  Pictures of a swearing in ceremony?   Maybe.  And maybe not.  But Padilla's going to be locked up at least until Bush-oil leaves office.

Stop, look, learn and stay a dozen miles away from any of these shitskin ragheads or anyone who traffics with them.


Mestizo 'U.S. Citizen' and alleged al-Qaeda terrorist seized by ZOG.


"WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. government has arrested an alleged al-Qaida terrorist who plotted to build and detonate a radiological "dirty" bomb, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Monday."

"Ashcroft said Abdullah Al Mujahir was in the custody of the U.S. military and being treated as an enemy combatant, suggesting plans for the first military tribunal of an alleged terrorist.  The attorney general, who was in Moscow, made the announcement through a television hookup.  Ashcroft said Al Mujahir, also known as Jose Padilla, was arrested May 8 as he flew from Pakistan into Chicago O'Hare International Airport."...

"The official said Mujahir is a former Chicago street gang member who served time in prison in the 1990s, converted to Islam and met with al-Qaeda leader in 2001 before returning to the United States. Mujahir will be detained by the U.S. military as an "enemy combatant," the attorney general said, setting up the first military tribunal since the Sept. 11 attacks.

"We have acted with legal authority both under the laws of war and clear Supreme Court precedent, which establishes that the military may detain a United States citizen who has joined the enemy and has entered our country to carry out hostile acts," Ashcroft said."

Let no one make any mistake about this.  The definition of "joined the enemy" will be pushed to very elastic limits by ZOG and its new military tribunals.  It may be after 5 years internment as a combatant the Supreme Court will determine the government was too expansive in its usage of that definition.    Or it might not.

I have warned before against getting involved with non-white Muslim ragheads simply because they are 'anti-Zionist'.  The Chinese are 'anti-Zionist' too.  So what?  Taking the practical view, there is nothing to be gained in trying to form active working coalitions.  At this time it's reasonable to say that anyone advocating you to get directly involved with anti-Zionist Islamics (for instance, at demonstrations at foreign embassies) should simply be ignored.  Permanently.  The blightwing's counter-intelligence is not good enough to ensure these largely immigrant non-whites and all their relatives and associates are not (a) ZOG agents or (b) other foreign agents.

The recent movie release "Sum Of All Fears" is not just entertainment.  Jewlly-wood uses its pictures as its premier politico-psychological warfare weapon.   They have been trying non-stop to link together all their enemies from before Day One, the better to deal with them on an extra-constitutional basis.  ZOG-USA Jew lawyers are already publicly calling for things like legalized police torture (Dershowitz) and executing families of martyr bombers (Nathan Lewin).  This is where these hate-filled Jews' minds are running.  Jewish hate is revealing the buried murderous blood-lust that always exists just below the surface in these evil creatures.

Don't 'waste' yourself on a different bunch of worthless non-white 'allies'.  Now knock on the table for a reality check.  If these muds were worth two shits, they'd have got rid of that bunch of myopic little Zionist kikes a long time ago.   Or do you think that when Hymie scoops up third cousin Omar in Ramallah that Muhammed in Washington won't sell you out to free his kin?  There's an old saying, "blood is thicker than water."

Think about it.



Thanks for the info on Matt Drudge. Never did think much of Walter Winchell, Gabrial Heater, H.V.Kaltenborn, or Edward R. Morrow, with his London calling dialogue as though he was some sort of hero under great pressure and a dangerous siege. It's too bad the whole pack weren't in Hamburg or Dresden when those cities were bombed. None of these fellows ever knew the true suffering of those under great stress in a combat role or civilians who were murdered by the thousands in the destructive bombing that took place in German cities. Granted that London, Coventry and a limited number of English cities were bombed but no where near the destruction that was inflicted on German cities. Nor were the civilians including children machine gunned by fighter planes in farmers fields as occurred in Germany. The problem I had with these fellows was that they were alarmist and did everything they could to help get the U.S. into that disgusting war called W.W.II. After the fall of France much could have been done to stop the war and many an English and German soldiers as well as civilians would have been spared and their lives saved for a tomorrow they never saw. It's always easy to tell someone to destroy another person's life in the devils game of war, but how many of the cowards who urge others on  both then and now would risk their precious life. No young soldier should ever  have to carry the burden of  knowing  that he took the life of another human being, and then through the years ask for Gods  forgiveness. While prayer may help, it would have been far better if the war loving bastards that nations have for leaders would do all in their power to not incite or cause wars to happen, and the yacking yappers that try to stir the passions of war be put in the front line of the first real shooting that occurs. In time everything is supposed to change but unless mankind changes, nothing will change and repetition of tragedy in human existence can be counted on to continue.

Regards. Joe.

(Again I note: Joe was a combat veteran and like the many I know personally, you'll NEVER see them interviewed on Larry King or the Holocaust channel. ZOG needs desperately to maintain their fictional accounts of the mass murder of White people called WW II – the SWATKWP.)

Robert Wrote: "Often I get email criticizing the way I express certain things."

(ID info deleted.) M.D. comments:

I was turned on to you by a friend of mine whom you probably are quite familiar with, and when I first started reading FAEM, I was aghast. It was a brutal process coming to terms with the fact that everything you've been taught about life isn't worth its weight in shit. But since I knew, or rather intuited, that things were wrong and not really as they seemed – I just didn't know what or how things were wrong – I took my reaction in stride, and decided to act like an educated and somewhat intelligent man, and weighed the arguments presented here. I have yet to find a more honest and accurate analysis of what is happening in America. One of the things that I really respect about you three is that FAEM isn't a pro-white version of Sunday morning talmudvision preachers who are more concerned with the donations they receive than the message they spread. You three are beholden to no one, and, hence, pander to no one's tastes. You call it as you see it, and pull no punches. If people don't like what they read then they shouldn't read it – this equation is not rocket science – and if they do feel the need to complain, then they are truly not white, or if their skin is of a rougeable quality, then they are the mere ostensible whites that Eric talks of so often in Yakima.

Please keep on keeping on...

Farmer Barnaby Whitedic was in a tizzy. Coyotes were terrorizing his sheep. Raccoons were terrorizing his chickens. Snakes were terrorizing his geese. Gophers were terrorizing the dirt by making all sorts of mounds and holes. The horses were being terrorized by the bears. The mice were terrorizing his grain and spiders were terrorizing the flies, but that he didn't mind. A little domestic terrorism had to be tolerated in the name of universal love, diversity, and brotherhood, but the other assaults causing so much mental anguish, just had to go.

Terror hung over the farm.

Barney tried to enlist his neighbors but they to had their own mental anguish to tend. Barney's kids never returned from college where one died from over drinking and the other, from AIDS. What to do?

Barney then searched the yellowing yellow pages and discovered the number 1-800-EAT-SHIT. This was a free call to the Farmers' Betrayal Institute, a subsidiary of the Advanced Deception League. They'd get rid of the terrorists who were terrorizing his terrorized livestock, outhouse and sundry other shards of property.

Marvin Pilebaum, a privileged agent of the F.B.I. promised to eliminate the terrorism but he must have a free hand in doing so. He was to determine which was a terrorist and which was not. "After all," said Marvin, "I've had years of experience in ambushing old crippled and dying German men, and dragging them to the kosher gallows. Many said they were innocent, but that was false for I could tell a Nazi by the way he combed his hair. Yes indeed. Evil must be terrorized until it becomes good. Unfortunately, doing good is very bloody."

Barnaby scratched his behind, mumbled under his breath and inquired, "I agree since you are the expert terrorist terrorizer and non-violent executioner. I know you will use democratic kindness and peace loving discretion in all that you do so that the rights of non-terrorists will not be violated, alleviated, assuaged, eased, lightened, palliated or otherwise f---ed with."

The next day, Marvin arose early and gobbled down a bagel topped with cream cheese. At least he thought is was cream cheese but the terrorists knew otherwise. Armed with grenades, flame throwers, gamma ray zappers, bubble gum, machetes, bear traps, condensed ozone, a chrome plated Thompson submachine gun previously owned by Al Capone's dwarf mistress, and a wheel barrow full of 007 secret weapons, Marvin advanced into the fields.

Rat-tat-tat! "I gotcha. You damned terrorist chipmunks."

Blam... ka-boom! "So long you cowardly terrorist snakes and gophers."

Bang. Thud. Bang. Zip! "Off windoshine, as they say in German, to you terrorist bears, lions, and sandpipers."

Boom! Whiz! Zap! Rat-tat-tat! Blam! "Ha, ha. Down under you go, terrorist raccoons."

After a few hours, Marvin checked off the last terrorist on Farmer Whitedic's list. He congratulated himself on a job well done but a voice in his head made him wonder if the farmer had a complete list. What if there were terrorists Barnaby Whitedic had failed to notice! "Back to work," Marvin said to himself.

"There's a cow terrorizing the grass!" Blam.. blam.

"The g.d. chickens are terrorizing the caterpillars." Boom!

"Those horses are terrorizing the fallen apples." Ka-boom. Rat-tat-tat.

Marvin returned to the farm house and discovered Barnaby about to boil a carrot. "You sick bastard. Terrorizing a peace loving vegetable!" Blam. Blam. "That will teach you."

As Marvin surveyed the now quiet and ghostly set of acres, he felt a deep sense of inner reward. "At last. All of the terrorists are gone. Of course, there's nothing left here to terrorize anyway. If there were, it would only attract future terrorists."

Marvin kicked open the door, paused, and shouted, "I'll be a pig's ass. I forgot to get paid before I shot that stupid son-of-a-bitch! O well. I'll double the price to the next cretin who needs terrorism eliminated."

I recently watched The Tale of Two Cities with Ronald Coleman (1935 I believe). There was background music which was sort of a theme. The melody haunts me since it is familiar and I cannot pin it down. My guess would be Chopin Prelude #7. Anyone out there who can clue me in?
More goodies in the Jewess Hay insane asylum – thanks to E.D.

Even dogs realize differences between races, which makes them guilty of hate crimes.  Hooray for diversity!


Police Dog Accused Of Racial Profiling – Councilwoman Wants Dog Put To Death


How long until an evil white racist is subjected to "justice" like this? http://drudgereport.com/flash1.htm?.

I have said it many times and Eric agrees. When it comes to down to earth moxie, the Black folks whip the White folks so bad that it's not even a contest. They, like the Chinese and Mexicans KNOW WHO THEY ARE and know who their enemies are. White folks have brains made of lemon Jell-O and generally can't tell the time of day without consulting their masters, the jews.

America is coming apart and I have yet to see one Black or one Chinese or one Mexican who is scared crapless over some imagined, or real, "terrorist" threat. The honky shakes in his boots demanding more "security". Most of the White race is simply not fit to survive and coming events will demonstrate that. In the meantime, here's an great article sent by J.D. Thanks.)  http://www.sierratimes.com/02/06/07/arjj060702.htm 

In 1954, General Motors introduced a new windshield style. It was called "wrap around". The idea behind it was to eliminate the blind spot caused by the door post/window frame. Although ballyhooed as the next best thing to being catapulted to heaven, the man in the street couldn't make up his mid whether he liked it or not. Conversations on the topic followed the script in the move Marty: "What do you think of the new Buick windshield?" " I donno. What do you think?" " Well, it's sort of... well... Do you like it?" "If it weren't a good thing then why would they make it?" "I donno. Know anyone who has a new car?" "I donno. The windshield is curved, you know? Maybe it's OK." "I donno. What do you think?"

This same mental weakness – the inability to form an independent opinion – still plagues us. We are a herd of unthinking cows who never got past following the rump of the animal in front of us. Today, most are still being led by the nose and do not care as long as the grazing is good.

I was listening to a Republican conservative (to Limpnuts, they are the same thing) this AM on radio. He was calling for the torture and summary execution of anyone who even "thinks" of doing harm to the god-like Americans. He ranted for nearly 10 minutes claiming the "terrorists" want to kill all of the American kiddies simply because they are Americans. Earlier this month, Bill O'Reilly sang the identical song – torture and then execution. What happened to 'brotherly love' and all of that "let's teach them to love us" be cause we are "so worthy"?

In tune with the times, the Holocaust Channel ran a program about punishment down through the ages. I have 5 or 6 old comprehensive books in my library on the topic and so there was no need for me to watch it, but it did. I predicted before the narrative began that (1) jews would be 'explaining' the topic to their serfs and (2) Nazis would play a role. I was not disappointed. Sho' enough White boy, there were the faces of a Rothman and Friedman with one short interjection by another hebe named Glassberg. The miraculous migrating gas chambers did not fail to show themselves.

Naturally, only tortures committed by Whitey were shown and the fact that this jewish "documentary" was out of phase over ½ of the time with my books, I was left with the dilemma of believing my circa 1860 books or the mumbling of hate-crazed jews. Lifelong experience has left be very, very wary of ANYTHING any jew says.

Rothman mentioned that the overhead meat cleaver called the guillotine was never used outside of France. Wrong. It was used briefly in Germany. He also said that when the gallant Allies discovered how the not so gallant Germans were "guessing" people in 1939, Americans were so appalled that they stopped using gas execution. B.S. on both counts. The "gas chamber" business was Allied war propaganda which didn't really get rolling until the late 1950s. The jew Caryl Chessman was executed in a California gas chamber in 1960 and others followed. Interestingly enough, when Rothman gassed about Nazi gas chambers, the screen showed pictures of cremation "ovens". This reminded me the another jew, Wolper, and his documentary about the evil Hitler. When Hitler waved from the window of the Reichschancellery, the narrator said, "Here Hilter is seen at a window in the prison at Landsberg. It's all Shoah business and the goyim wouldn't know the difference anyway.

Preposterous bullcrap also was the norm of the day during the SWATKWP. Jew mouths, such as the rabble rousing Walter Winchell (he has his modern counterpart in Matt Drudge, who also wears his hat while yammering), had German Heinkels bombing Keokuk Iowa; Mitsubishis bombing Chloride Arizona; and a Nazi invasion being planned where billions of Nazis were going to land in Argentina and after a forced march north through the Andes and Central America, invade Texas and rape all of the young women. Of course, given the technical capabilities of the day, all of this was comic opera since none of it was actually possible, like nearly all of the Holohoax malarkey. Today, the same idiotic hysteria is being generated and the purpose remains the same – to get the cattle to surrender their rights.

Each day, someone announces that Americans will gladly give up "some" of their rights in order to fight "terrorism" and "feel safe". This sort of thing often meets with success because it is in the nature of man to believe that whatever goes on, someone else is at fault and someone else must pay. Search and seizure, based only upon suspicion, is accepted because he firmly believes that it with be THE OTHER GUY whose home will thus be profaned. Even as White people, we have no shortage of simpletons and "ordinary" citizens with criminal bent..

Dear Robert:

I failed to mention a bit about library books. The jews hold sway over the U.S. library system. Public library policy is that of The Memory Hole, for books which are deemed "old" or which are not checked out frequently are discarded. The hebes who run the local library have two categories of discards: one is for giving or resale, and one is for destruction because of condition and CONTENT. I received an excellent edition of Vanity Fair's Cavalcade of the 1920s & 1930s from my source. It has pictures of Rabbi Wise, Samuel Untermeyer and one of Hitler captioned "Hope." History goes down the Memory Hole . The kikes and their kosher cohorts are doing more massively what they did to The Library of Alexandria in ancient times. A book which is not checked out in some talmudic time frame is 'out'.

This area supplies German beer-makers with hops, so hops is a big business. There was a recent hop-blight which was ruining crops, so a grower went to the "Public Library" to get a book on Hop Diseases. Naturally, they'd got rid of it in due course, so he had to order one via secondhand book dealers, from Germany! The kikes really defeat the purpose of written information by this policy of destruction. I imagine that only new books and/or those frequently checked out are saved from The Memory Hole, so all infrequently, but urgently-needed knowledge is absent and all literature about "the past" just be a few months old! I thought books existed to record things so we did not have to memorize them, but I see a Memory Renaissance looming in our jew-dazed, niggerized society.

Last night I caught a glimpse of a "History Channel" feature on the Normandy Invasion. There was some apparent newsreel footage, but lots of Hollywood 'history', with the young Robert Mitchum storming the beaches and looking very casual about it. It's like I was living in "Fahrenheit 451". Perhaps we shall be "the Book People" when the net goes BLIP. We truly resemble the Eloi in "The Time Machine."

Im. lucky to have a set of jobs, for we are living in an inflationary depression. A young Ostensible White applied for a menial job at one place where I work. He was a typical product of ZOG miseducation: jew-dazed and niggerized; barely able to speak coherent English, albeit with a nigger accent. He looked as if he were on dope. No wonder the Mexicans and Asians can run circles around these "Americans". They must shape up, fast, just to survive, and I'm sure most won't be able to make it, for the wogs are way ahead of them, in what used to be their country.

Keep up the great work! Eric Thomson

Here are a few closing remarks on a rather worn out neighborhood event. Although some readers might think that a female – the 16 year old having an affair with a simian – like this might have made someone a good wife if it weren't for outside influence, I beg to strongly disagree. This turkey was a loser from birth. I watched her lie and cheat since she was barely able to talk, long before her formal Marxist indoctrination. She'd sweet talk me when she needed a donation to an event she would later "forget" to participate in, and then tell her friends I was a no good s.o.b. whom she hated. (I have yet to receive the Christmas paper I ordered nor the candy I paid for, not to mention the dozen eggs she borrowed 6 years ago.) What her problem was, I do not know, but she's a loser which would be foolish to waste one care of concern over. Her bloodline is questionable, as I observe. Anyway, she handed over her dad's house keys to her jigaboo humper for safe keeping until after school. (Yes, I know many teachers in the know!) On Mondays, dad works late and mom goes to some pottery class. It's hot and I was sitting on my step when the two interracial lovers came home. Lo and behold, the simian "lost" the keys. Thus, the trollop showed him how to enter the house through a window which was apparently left unlocked for such an emergency. The two then entered and probably started a discussion of the merits of Say's vs. Sorokin's views on economics. I didn't hear Mozart in the background but perhaps they played it softly.
Another laugh from reader S.A. —

 Will use it's usual even-handed approach on this one.


How do you expect to swim when you refuse to go near the water? My friends, I do not sit down to write with any other objective than to present my views. As I have said, I hope to rattle loose those dead gray cells and get you to THINK about the world which is deteriorating before your eyes. I never ask myself, "Will these words inspire people?", or any other presumptuous, and ego stroking, folderol. To assume that I know it all is to assume a superiority of which I do not possess. There are far, far better people out there than myself.

Years ago, when I entertained myself with drag racing, I pursued it until I was satiated. My objective was not to beat people but just to see what I was personally capable of. I was decent but not great. I was content with a regional championship and about 60 or so minor trophies.

I remember one fellow who caught on to the way I worked – I bought a car to fit a class, not buy a car and then wonder what class it would be running in. The rules have changed drastically over the years, but at the time I eyed "E-gas" and purchased a Chevy which made it into the class by 5 pounds. For a while, I never had any worthwhile competition so that the trophies were easy captures. Then a fellow came along with a similar Chevy, although a year older, and I keenly tracked his response to the flag and his E.T.s (elapsed times through the 1/4 mile.) I was sure his reaction times were shorter than mine and his speeds were better. Logic dictated that he'd "nail" me everytime, but he didn't – not once. At the end of every race where I beat him, he appeared frustrated and sad. One hot Sunday, I went over to him as soon as he entered the pits. He recognized me and I then proceeded to tell him that he had a faster car and that he had a far shorter response time to the flag. There was no way I should beat him, all other things considered equal. I further explained that the reason he consistently lost was that he was "psyched" by the common remark, "You can't beat that friendly s.o.b. He has Class E all locked up." Ron, as I learned his name was, listened to another Sunday session of my jabber before he managed to do what I knew he was capable of – BEAT ME! I still competed with for the remainder of the season, and managed to sneak in a win once in a while due to his slight hesitation at the start or a slowed shift. Due to experience, I was more consistent than he, but when he didn't err, I was always second place.

In this race against time, and against a numerically superior opponent, we, as White people,  have yet failed to arrive at step one. We are not a White community with a "party". What we have is a vast collection of independent "patriots for profit", blow-hards, pompous asses, skirt chasers, and a host of others all claiming something unique for themselves. If a magic wand waved on the morrow's morn instantly erased all blightwing seers, prophets (profits), and self-proclaimed leaders, we'll not be one iota worse off. In fact, the lack of fetters just might be helpful.

ZOG has purposely encouraged a selfish demeanor in all of its serfs. It has encouraged mistrust. It champions perversion. The net effect is to reduce a population to becoming a mass of unorganized hedonists with no purpose in life other than "happiness" and pleasure. Such a population can never rise up against anything for they have allowed themselves to be voluntarily shackled. A pile of individual bricks is not a building and can never be one as long as it refuses the mortar necessary to bind it. That mortar is trust, but trust is a dangerous thing and people FEAR danger. That – danger – is at the bottom of all incapacity. If we fear to lose, we are lost!

One must use care relative to whom he trusts and this includes full knowledge that it may be misplaced. My personal experience has taught me so which led to my statement, "If you are going to shaft me, then make sure you do a good job for you will never have that chance again."

ZOG, continuing with its commie objectives, is encouraging people to "rat" on each other in the name of "security". Don't fall for this crap. Winning the favor of ZOG, in this regard, is to lose any hope of community. A person without community is a person who is more alone than he realizes. Community does not mean a gaggle of idiots who join in an orgy or drunken party. I'd worry more about ZOG's intended police state than I would about any mugger or some "terrorist" who might urinate in one of Coor's beer vats, or set fire to something which needed burning down anyway.

A very young lady once asked me the value of being honest and steadfast. This was asked in the context of being aware of the cheating and conniving which transpired around her. I told her, "If you were the only honest person on the face of this earth, it would still be a better place than if you were not."

Take a moment and imagine how nice it would be if you could actually trust all of those around you. Would it be a better world? I'd agree. That better world starts at home.

Often I get email criticizing the way I express certain things. One woman called my language "salty" and others thought I could be more "gentlemanly". 'Tis true but I have always believed that you cannot please everyone all of the time, and so I let it all hang out letting the lumps fall where they may. Otherwise, the F.A. would imply a sweet and lovely format of no value whatsoever. Now, some blocks of wood are harder than others and therefore in order to drive the nail, different hammers are needed. Somewhere, someone, at sometime, will be offended by something or the other. That's life. Suicide is the only way you can avoid it all. Ben Franklin, I believe, reminded us that those who give up liberty for a little security, deserve neither. 
The flotsam and jetsam of race-mixing is the basis for my present objection to it, other than it's noticeable perversion. Otherwise, I think race-mixing is a great thing as it unites those who profane their own race. The problem is that it always leaves behind scrubs of no value whatsoever. Therefore, all race-mixers must necessarily be sterilized and then they could screw themselves into oblivion without leaving behind their biological crap to mess up the society. 
As I survey the cleanliness of this town, I would feel comfortable in referring to this age as the Pig Eon. If one omits the space, he is still reminded about those nice birds which also crap on public property.
Surprise. Surprise.  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=27892

Yowzer baby, it's only a few renegade Blacks who are causing all of the problems, don'cha 'no'? Yes again, but how many of the "good Blacks" are coming to the rescue of those deluded honkies who opted to avoid reality? Yes, not all Blacks are robbing, mugging, raping, sodomizing, and spreading AIDS. Not all rattlesnakes have bitten people. Not all tigers have killed a man. Not all numbers are divisible by 6, but numbers they be! Not all acorns become trees. This sort of liberal nonsense has been used, over and over, to "prove" that different groups are really the same. All have "good" and all have "bad". Therefore they are equal. If you swallow this sort of thought I suggest you go to Radio Shack and have them test the voltage in your head.

Now that we are all "eating healthy", how come we are more sick than ever before? Clinics are popping up faster than zits on a race-mixing prostitute. Old folks – the long-term care crowd – spend ½ of their time at a doctor's office and the other ½ eating the drugs which are prescribed. That's "eating healthy"? As a kid, we all ate "unhealthy", but were in far better physical shape than the flabs of today. Allergies, asthma, and that sort of thing, was such a rare event at that time, that I never knew one person who suffered from either. What sort of critter has "allergies" to what is found in Nature? 
Every once in a while, TV comes off with a moment of truth. Some animal show filmed two rats battling it out. A brown vs. a black. The narrator mentioned that the two species are interfertile but never have been known to mate in the wild state. The brown rat dislikes the black rat – racist rodent! – and drives it out whenever it can. Too bad we aren't that smart.

Article 19 Human Rights Charter, United Nations:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
"Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government." — James Madison.
The immortal and inspiring Horst Wessel LiedPlay it.
When the Brit Army pressed into fuzzy wuzzy land the fuzzy wuzzys went fuzzy wuzzy when they heard the bagpipes. Play it.
Das Lied der Deutschen – Deutschland über Alles. (Josef Haydn 1797). The jews are fond of doing our thinking for us. They claim that the translation (Germany above all) meant that they wanted to rule the world. Rubbish! Germany – esteemed above everything in the world. That was it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Play it.
When the Yellow man finds an oasis in the desert, he maintains it.
When the Black man encounters an oasis, he turns it into a desert.
When a White man finds a desert, he turns it into an oasis.
If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.
From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
from the loss of memory, all understanding;
and from this – all evil.
(ancient Aryan proverb)
White people invent and forget.
Yellow people copy and remember.
Black people do neither.


Opinions are neither right nor wrong and any opinion expressed on this page should not be construed as fact. I often do not agree with what appears here but I do agree that people have a right to this expression. RF.
Miscegenation always destroys the races which engage in it.
Race mixing is genocide.

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