For The Committed White Patriotic Revolutionary: 1948-1995 After Action Review

   Today's guest lecturer is Jewish Professor of Sociology Jeffrey Kaplan.  We are fortunate to have Professor
Kaplan present to us his own enemy's historical analysis of precisely how they defeated us starting in the early
1930s and continuing onwards to today's low nadir.   While already somewhat dated by the advent of the
internet Professor Kaplan's sociological-historical analysis is still a classic.

    Military veterans who have exercised actual leadership will instantly recognize the 'After Action Review' and
'Lessons Learned' aspect of today's lecture.    So don't any of the rest of you get your pwecious wittle feewings
hurt.  Approach this in the spirit of General Lee's statement to General Stuart:  "You must take what I have said
and learn from it, as a man does."

    Pay particular attention to Professor Kaplan's discussion surrounding the Anti-Defamation League's
adoption of the strategy of 'Dynamic Silence'.  Although Professor Kaplan errs in suggesting this was adopted
only in the early 1950s (it was embryonically employed in the early 1930s) his description of it is still the best
available.   In an attempt to defeat this 'Dynamic Silence' Commander Rockwell, the son of a vaudevillian
performer, adopted what we'll term the 'Hollywood Nazi' strategy.

    Another key lesson is the discussion concerning "Delegitimation as a Mutual and Reciprocal Process." When we consider this we learn that the infrequent exceptions that occur to 'Dynamic Silence' come not because 'we are suddenly gaining headway' but are precisely calculated by ZOG to further the delegitimation of white patriots among the general white population.

    Professor Kaplan...


    Thank you very much, Professor Kaplan.  <applause>

    During his lecture Professor Kaplan stated a fact we are all familiar with but will be a tidbit of use in spreading truth among still deceived whites.  He baldly stated as fact that the Jewish establishment does indeed control what is seen, said and printed in the American mass media:

    "Making a virtue of indecision, the strategy which both the ADL and AJC eventually arrived at was termed at the time "dynamic silence." Championed by Rabbi S. A. Fineberg of the AJC, the idea was to close off all access to the public media – and thus the larger culture – to "rabble rousers" such as Smith.[5] This decision would mark the moment in time when the radical right would gradually fade from direct access to the popular media, and thus the public consciousness, leaving the 'watchdog' organizations such as the ADL and AJC in a position to assume stewardship of the public exposure of the movement."

    The phrase 'dynamic silence' is in fact another of rebbe's many oily lying euphemisms for the machinery of
his hate filled, brutal and genocidal dictatorship.  The honest word is 'censorship'.    They chose to censor their
opposition starting in the late 1940s.  And it is necessary to recognize they in fact had the power to impose this
censorship policy on the major media of that era, which were ABC, NBC, CBS, the major newspapers,
magazines and the major wire services.

    When we consider the overarching strategy of 'Dynamic Silence' we also realize that the anarchic and random violence of 'Leaderless Resistance' played directly into the strategy of 'Mutual Delegitimation' by providing grist for ZOG's propaganda mill.  The alternative to all this, for which Michael Hoffman has been crying out for years, is to rebuild our own media.  It was furthered along by the ZOG informer network of agents provocateurs infiltrating into our groups.  We also see why so many of the most spectacular acts of incompetent terrorism originated with ZOG police informers.

    Classical revolutionary theory has long posited that in order to succeed the revolutionaries must first delegitimize the ancient regime in the eyes of the populace.  In various time and places regimes have sometimes defeated this delegitimation process by 'reforming' or 'liberalizing', which is to say eliminating the principle sources of mass discontent.  For instance, Czar Nicholas II defeated the 1905-06 Revolution in this way with the Stolypin Reforms.  But broadly speaking, delegitimizing the ancient regime in the eyes of the governed is an essential prerequisite to any revolution.

    ZOG, consisting of Jews and degenerate genetic canaille, was unwilling to liberalize or reform, which would have involved ceasing in important ways to be Jewish.  It instead hit upon the brilliant device of simultaneously
delegitimizing alternative white leadership among discontented whites.    We have thus arrived at our current
position.  Less than 25% of the eligible voters would have supported the winner irrespective of whether Bush or
Gore truly won the electoral college.  Another 50% of the eligible electorate didn't even bother to cast a vote.  Yet the regime is as stable as ever.

    It is not only our task to delegitimate the ZOG regime.  In most essential aspects it has already done this work
for us simply by being itself.  Our bigger task, as Professor Kaplan teaches us so well, is to legitimate our
alternative leadership.