For The Committed White Patriotic Revolutionary: "What time is it?"

I. Political Definition

II. Defining "Revolution"

III. Assessing the Times: After Action Review Part II: 1993-2001

I. Political Definitions.

"I'm not a subversive Commie Jew pinko feminist Revolutionary!!! I'm a red blooded patriotic American who believes in God, Country, Family and the Sacred 3Ms of Motherhood, Marriage and the Marine Corps! I'm want to protect and conserve all that. I'm pro-life and anti-abortion and am out to protect the white race. I'm not trying to make a RE-vol-lushun! I'm outta heah!"

Before you storm out, let's look at some first principles (courtesy of my Webster's II New Riverside Desk Dictionary)

con-serv-a-tive adj. 1. Tending to oppose change. 2. Moderate: cautious. 3. Traditional in style or manner.
4. Belonging to a conservative political party.

rev-o-lu-tion n. 1. a. Orbital motion about a point  [Saturn's yearly revolution around the sun.] b. Rotational motion about an axis. 2. Abrupt or sudden overthrow of a government or group of rulers. 3. Sudden or radical change in a system or state of affairs.

rev-o-lu-tion-ary. adj. 1. Of, relating to, or promoting revolution. 2. Marked by or effecting radical change.

In the 1920s in the mass movement Ku Klux Klan, the anti-immigration movement of the era, the anti-Communist and the anti-Jewish defense reactions we see true political 'conservatives' opposing change to the demographic, political and social arrangements (white, majority white rule and racial separatist and anti-miscegenationist) of America. These true conservatives suffered a string of defeats beginning with Roosevelt's election, continuing through their failure to keep American neutral in the Second War to Kill White People and continuing to final defeat in 1954 in the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. From that moment on ZOG became the ruling regime and Judeo -Masonic Communism the official ideology of the nation. And at that moment all white American patriots became the real revolutionaries.

The policy of 'Dynamic Silence' (i.e. media censorship facilitated by the concentrated media oligopolies) covered up the true 'Silent Revolution' or 'Silent Coup'. Consequently whites still thought they were 'conservatives' while many Communists thought they were still revolutionaries. ZOG itself reinforced this mass popular delusion with its social 'Revolution From The Top' in the 1960s for the 'left' and a series of false flag operations such as the John Birch Society and CIA fronts like National Review Magazine for the 'right'. While everyone was looking elsewhere, ZOG finished up destroying its remaining real political opponents.

The 1960s thus saw a profound split in the white movement in the U.S.A. In the south the Ku Klux Klan was still resisting final ZOG occupation in cooperation with southern political establishments and politicians such as the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission, Lester Maddox and George Wallace. These groups still deemed themselves 'conservatives'.

In other parts of the U.S.A. George Lincoln Rockwell was attempting to energize White Revolution and correctly understood himself to be a 'revolutionary'. As a tactic to defeat the active censorship of Dynamic Silence this son of a vaudeville performer adopted the costume of the Hollywood Nazi. Unfortunately Rockwell was assassinated before he could run his course and unfold his full design, leaving behind followers who mostly didn't understand the grand design. There were a few genuine leaders among Rockwell's followers but mostly they were mere extras for his staged media events. Rockwell tolerated them because they served their purposes in his political theater. In conjunction with his calculated political Vaudeville roadshow Rockwell was actively developing alternative media.

Changes in patterns of white habitation (almost entirely suburban now as opposed to urban), media technologies and mass tastes have since made most of Rockwell's old media strategy obsolete. As always there are political Luddites who simply don't get the word and engage in sabotage (throwing their wooden shoes, 'sabot', into the machine to stop progress) while trying to continue the Old Ways.

Meanwhile cells of KKK imitators occasionally spring up and promptly start imitating KKK version 2 of the 1920s-1960s. These groups almost all fail to notice that the state and local political establishments Klan II (Klan I was 1865-1869) cooperated with are long gone. Klan v.2 was itself part of a uniquely southern political strategy that preserved an apartheid political and social system while permitting inter-racial cooperation. Klan v.2 was the political police component operating under 'plausible deniability'.

At the present time (March, 2001) everything is done to reduce the numbers of the white race and diminish the power of those members who do struggle through to life. Abortionists legally operate white baby killing mills under the false flags of 'pro-choice' and 'medical care'. White working and middle class men are legally second class citizens under the Orwellian rubric of 'Affirmative Action' and 'Hate Crimes' and are systematically denied a living wage. White women are constantly raped by negroids and otherwise socialized into voluntarily destroying their genetic heritage and posterity either by the grotesque process of miscegenation or the genetic dead end of feminism. They are otherwise physically and mentally worn out by work at ZOG clerical and store jobs for the sake of ZOG financial profit. These jobs, which they work at to make up for the living wage stolen from their family, steal away the female vitality that belongs by right to their children.

Homosexuals and other perverts openly parade through the public schools recruiting, seducing and molesting children into their pathetic anti-life. The ZOG schools systematically degrade white children through forced integration and psychologically damaging anti-white racist hate teachings drafted by the Jews and their anti-white coalition.

The military forces are degenerate, ill-trained, ill-disciplined and organized largely on mercenary principles. More capable white male officers are passed over for promotion in favor of less qualified negroes as a matter or policy. Whenever the forces do straggle out of the barracks, the missions they are given are to the further benefit of Jews, Zionists and their political allies, and not their own people. The border on the Rio Grande is unguarded and subject to a constant immigration invasion which is encouraged by the ZOG regime. The first fruits of the weapons industries go not to American forces but to foreign Jews in Palestine. Justice has been commoditized and is openly hawked like any other ware in a bazaar. We no longer live under the rule of law, we live under the rule of lawyers. It's possible to expand on the above but that's enough for now.

The above state of affairs is not something I wish to 'conserve'. I am a white revolutionary. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are conservative political parties since they do wish to 'conserve' the above situation.

Up to know we have undeniably been pursuing the first definition of revolution. That is, we have been running in circles and chasing our tails. We definitely do desire to "overthrow a group of rulers" and effect "a radical change in a system or state of affairs". We are white revolutionaries.

II. Defining Revolution.

Returning to Webster once more we see:

rev-o-lu-tion n. ... 2. Abrupt or sudden overthrow of a government or group of rulers. 3. Sudden or radical change in a system or state of affairs.

There was nothing abrupt about the First American Revolution. It was an eight year struggle that followed on a previous lengthy pre-revolutionary period. Ultimate success followed a series of military victories culminating at Yorktown with the surrender of Lord Cornwallis to General Washington. The Continental Army that defeated the British (with French assistance) was the military wing of the Continental Congress, itself an amalgam of earlier organizations known as Committees of Correspondence. The Continental Congress was the only possible political successor since it had already thoroughly organized itself before the outbreak of armed hostilities, possessed a monopoly of military force and possessed the laurels of victory. In addition to Brit-ZOG forces and attached mercenaries the Continental Congress also defeated local loyalists in a civil war fought alongside the larger struggle.

The French Revolution of 1789, the First, Second and Third Russian Revolutions and the German Revolution of 1918-1933 took different courses. The Ancient Regime first experienced a systemic failure triggered by either severe external military defeat or financial bankruptcy. At that point the weight of an ossified social system and bureaucracy caused the entire structure to implode. This left a power vacuum in which many new parties and factions struggled for dominance. We will be looking at each of these events in greater depth in the future to determine which models and which tactics are best suited to our own struggle.

The first important lesson we learn is that in each case the Ancient Regime was already delegitimized in the eyes of large segments of the population. Which agencies accomplished this delegitimization varied but in every case the Ancient Regime was its own primary delegitimizer through its failures.

We are white revolutionaries. This requires very deep understanding. White revolutionaries use very different tactics from Jewish revolutionaries. Jewish revolutionaries get great gratification from violent uprisings which set gentiles to killing each other and destroy governments and entire social systems. It satisfies a primal urge in their makeup. Killing large numbers of gentiles and the 'best of the gentiles' is always a primary goal of Jewish revolutionaries. It's a racial religious imperative straight out of the Talmud.

White people in aggregate abhor violence and disorder in their living space. The National Socialist Party of Germany came to power precisely to end such conditions of economic, social and physical anarchy in Germany and to restore the order necessary for the propagation of the white race. White revolutions are made by a political conjunction of the white working and middle classes. They seek not to overthrow government systems but groups of corrupt rulers. This was true both of the First American Revolution and the National Socialist Revolution in Germany.

The white revolutionary never seeks to 'overthrow' a social system. His (and her) goal is always directed to the restoration of legitimate national (a nation is a biologically related group of people) authority in the face of an unlawful usurpation of long established natural right by alien and alien subservient elites. This was the goal of both the First American Revolution and of the National Socialist revolution in Germany. The historical models for the white patriotic revolutionary therefore are the successful white revolutions of the past.

The ravings of Karl Marx, of the syphilitic V.I. Lenin, of the sex addict Mao Tse Tung, or of 'Uncle Ho Chi Minh', whose attempts at revolutionary uprising in South Vietnam were militarily destroyed (South Vietnam fell to a conventional military invasion, not revolutionary guerrillas) have no place in our theoretical models. These are models for non-whites to rebel against whites or for non-whites to ascend to ruling whites. We still need to study these events for historical lessons while avoiding the adoption of tactics and intermediate goals that will work against our real goal, which is the restoration of legitimate national authority.

Ideologically our position is simple. We white patriotic revolutionaries in North America are the true heirs of the Founders, of the pioneers, of the Constitution of the United States and of the United States itself. We owned it before, we own it now, and we will always own it. After victory there will no doubt in anyone's mind that we are the lawful, legal, legitimate successor authority of that nation and government. We struggle on behalf of natural right. We may decide to change the name of the country and heavily modify the Constitution itself. The national borders may contract in some places and expand in others, and even the national capital may move. But there is not and never will be a question of a disputed succession.

That fact that corrupt gentile elites swindled Rebbe by selling him something they didn't have legal title to is their problem and his. He should have known better than to buy a defective title. A policy of 'legality' is not just tactically necessary but mandatory because of the social nature of white people.

Understanding the Jewish Political Warfare Model.

The first and still the most succinct description of the standard Jewish political warfare tactic is in the Book of Acts 17:5 in the New Testament: "But the Jews were jealous, so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace, formed a mob and started a riot in the city."

It's quite clear from the context that these human dregs were hired rioters. In ancient times the marketplace not only had sellers of products but sellers of labor. These included everyone from day laborers to prostitutes to slaves for permanent sale.

Described in Acts 17:5 in a nutshell is everything from the Revolutions of 1848 to the Paris Commune to the Bolshevik Coup d' Tat to the 'Civil Rights' movement of the 1960s to the modern rent-a-mobs that endlessly torment Zündel, Irving and many others.

This model is custom tailored to the unique political needs of the permanent minority that desires to rule supreme as the 2% majority. They cannot afford allies larger or as cohesive as themselves. That's because this ally would rule and not them. Consequently they must always operate with the dregs. That's why they reach out to 'minorities' and dysgenic members of the majority such as feminists, homosexuals, criminals and sex perverts. We easily see that this model is utterly unsuited to the revolutionary needs of the white working and middle classes. All attempts to apply it or use it on behalf of whites will fail.

Whenever ZOG achieves success using the above model it finds itself in a position of permanent instability. It's allies by deliberate selection are self-extinguishing rather than self-propagating. This, and not just the natural rebelliousness of Jews, is why societies subjected to ZOG rule find themselves in a state of perpetual upheaval. If no suitable social allies exist, ZOG must create them.

III. Assessing the Times.

As Professor Frenz learned and told us so eloquently in Face to Face With George Lincoln Rockwell, no revolution ever comes before its time. And that remains true today and forever. If it's not time then we're wasting our time to attempt to force the event. A large enough part of the population has to be ready first. This does not mean all or even 50% but it does mean something larger than 10%.

We therefore have to assess the state of the times with brutal objectivity. This assessment is the starting point for deciding what to do next. Is Revolution in fact on the horizon? Dissatisfaction by itself never brings about revolution. We do see that whites are being increasingly alienated from a ZOG system that is ever more openly hostile to them. We will not use the fickle whore of transient public opinion polls. These are nearly useless to us. They are not true measurements of public opinion. Their purpose is to operate as multiple choice tests to gauge the effectiveness of the propaganda delivered under the censorship called 'Dynamic Silence'.

We will instead check those 'polls' that involve whites voting with their hands, feet, time and money. Mere opposition indicates nothing. Consistent white majorities of 80-85% opposed school busing to achieve racial mixing ever since the late 1960s. Both the policy and ZOG remain in place.

Are sufficient numbers sufficiently alienated yet? The collapse in military recruiting (despite the downsized military and growth in total population) is one strong indication. The vast rise of the 'home school' movement is another symptom of profound white middle class alienation. The decline in political party identification with both parties and the collapse in voter turnouts is still another indicator. These are all long term indicators of something.

We saw a recent significant event. It was reported that "82 percent of the White students in a 50/50 mixed school played hooky the day a 'black history' program was presented in the Whiteville, NC, high school. Their parents wrote out 'doctor's appointment' excuse slips for the most part. Interesting name, Whiteville. Are there any Blackvilles around? Those honky kids should be a little more tolerant. After all, it only takes about an hour to present 10,000 years of Black history."

This is a significant instance of local white rebellion against ZOG orthodoxy. Not only did whites act in unison on behalf of white interest (as opposed to individualized white flight), but the cooperation was multi-generational. This kind of unity is essential. Because of 'Dynamic Silence' (ZOG media censorship) we have no idea how many more such events take place weekly.

So we are undoubtedly closer to the necessary conditions than we were before. But exactly how close are we? To help us answer this question we've invited a very special guest today.

Mr. Leaderless Resister, the floor is yours....

"Imagine that! Me of all people appearing at F.A.E.M. I thought you college educated white boys was too smart and accomplished for the likes of white trash like me. Well shitheads, the feeling is mutual. But you are the first ones who've finally tried to really listen to what I've been saying the whole time.

"You know, I've been around for a bit now, ever since the late 1970s. That's about 22-23 years now. I actually do work for someone believe it or not. She's a lady play producer named History. I have to tell you, she is one mean bitch. She never lets anything happen before she's good and ready.

"When I was hanging out at Butler's place I was reading about that fake Jew revolution in the 1960s. That was stage managed from top to bottom. It was just Jew money, Jew rabble rousers to stir up those shows called protests and civil rights marches and what not and Jew media to put it on the tube.

"Here's the funny part to me. Some of those rich gentile kids the Jews got to help them in the SDS got disappointed that no real revolution seemed to be coming along from the masses. So those kids started something called The Weatherman, which later became the Weather Underground. Those university kids had read their history books so they figured they had to be me to get what they wanted. Now they were right but they were also wrong. I always first (so the boss lady tells me), but no one can ever become me by just deciding too. They didn't get anywhere and after just a few years they gave up and became Yuppies.

"To be me you have to be BORN me. Those rich kids weren't born me. I'm shaped by genetics, by birth, and by History, that $%&^$% bitch. It's always the same. You can tell it's me because I go the whole route, right to death, and I don't care who I take with me. That's because that's where I want to go. It's not so painful as life.

"Being me is a piece of crap. I don't ever get anything. Nothing ever goes right for me. Ever. You think I really care about your precious PEEPHOLE? Nope. I never get a good woman, or kids, or home or any of that heritage and posterity stuff. I never knew my daddy and my momma smoked pot most of the time and screwed whoever came along, spics and niggers included. So if you think I care about yours you are DEAD wrong! I just hang out with you guys because you're white and I'm white. But I don't really fit any better with you than anyplace else.

"I'll tell you a funny story from early 1980. I'd just showed up in town and was coming out of a Country Western bar. You'd never guess who I ran into. It was David Horowitz, the professional Jewish revolutionary himself. You know, he was born to Jewish Commie parents and he learned Revolution with his momma's milk. He looked at me real funny and said he thought I looked familiar but wasn't sure, so he asked my name. I told him.

"I still laugh about that whenever I think of it. Then Davy Horowitz, his oriental slant eyes got round as silver dollars. I thought his jaw was going to hit the street, it fell open just that far. And then he actually shit in his pants. Only time I ever saw that. It was terrible. Hahaha. Then he said, "I waited all my life to meet you. But you're wearing the wrong uniform for me. You weren't supposed to come this way. " I didn't know what he meant. I was just wearing my blue jeans and cowboy boots and Mack Truck hat.

"Would you believe I was once a Khazar Jew a long time ago?  Now I'm an Aryan through and through. Test me any way you will. I'm as white as snow. Nothing but white genes. It's true. I'd thought Davy would be happy to see me since we were kin once. But he wasn't a bit happy. He acted scared like someone had walked over his grave.

"Then he said goodbye and left to clean himself, I guess. I heard later he joined the Republican Party, broke with his old pinko friends and sponsored something called 'Second Thoughts'. Funny the things people do.

"Later I read something by a guy who got shot before I was born, someone named Rockwell. He said 'Your skin will be your uniform'. Maybe that's what scared Horowitz so bad. I dunno. I was just being me. I never did nothing personal to him.

"I've had a lot a fun in my 20 odd years. Now me and Tim McVeigh, we had a really good one in 1995. Best one ever. I got me a few more years to go, but 20-25, that's all History ever gives me when she lets me come. History, she let me wear some other costumes. Said it was okay since they didn't cover up my real identity. So I played at being a Minute Man, and a Phineas Priest, and a member of the 'Order'. I was in the National Alliance for awhile but old man Pierce always tells everyone what to do. Awhile back some guy named Louis Beam talked a lot about something called 'Leaderless Resistance'. Then everyone started calling me a Leaderless Resister and blaming me because I wouldn't listen to them. I was already here before Beam started spouting his bullshit.

"You asked me a question but I can't answer it. I'm not a prophet and I don't have your fancy education. All I can tell you is what Boss Lady History named me. Hah. I fooled all of you real good for awhile, you calling me Aryan Warrior and Leaderless Resister and Phineas Priest. Now Horowitz, he's one smart Jewboy. He's the only one I know who recognized me the first time he saw me.

"My real name, the name History gave me, is REVOLUTIONARY ANARCHIST. Now see ya, cuz' I got better things to do. Billy found a couple of cool bitches to tool around with on our hogs tonight."

Throughout history the spontaneous appearance of the Revolutionary Anarchist is the unmistakable calling card of the beginning of the pre-revolutionary period. His form, race and class are the indelible markers of the group destined to make the next revolution. This anarchist himself does not make it, lead it, participate in it, speed it up, slow it down or cause it. He's just the first dip in the barometer before the storm, the first kernel to pop in the popcorn popper. He is the true Weatherman pointing out the sign of the historical times.

The same pressures that shape him are at work in mass form on all the rest of his group. He's the red line on society's tachometer marking the point past which lies a blowout.

The Weather Underground and the Symbionese Liberation Army attempted to force history artificially by becoming anarchists since they knew that the appearance of anarchists was an historical prerequisite. They failed and soon gave up. That's because they operated from an academic analysis and not emotional drives created by the nature of their lives. The simply attempted to stage the sequence of revolution as everything else in the 1960s was staged.

Viewed in perspective the New Left plastic 'anarchists' appear clownish and comical. They didn't want to die, and they operated more like American infantry squads than real anarchists. They thought they would force history by first being violent anarchists, survive to quickly change costumes to revolutionary leaders and finally rulers. They acted like typical spoiled American baby boomers wanting to have it all.

What drives the revolutionary anarchist is an alienation so profound he can't quit and prefers the anaesthesia of death to the pain of life. They are created by the circumstances of their lives. They are born, not trained. They find in radical politics a justification for doing what they already want to do anyway. What they want is escape from an intolerable situation and some revenge as they go out. They apologize for nothing.

Timothy McVeigh stands as probably this cycle's exemplar. Except for the children in the day care center, he remains unrepentant. He's been writing essays from prison, many of which are on the internet. His whole program is to destroy the federal government and the current structure of society. Beyond that he has no program. He's the 'angry white male'.

How has the 'Ancient Regime' responded to all this? A January 16 editorial by the Tampa Tribune is a classic in reactionism. The self-styled right thinking progressive editor lambasted McVeigh as a 'monster', which is true enough. But it's old news. This ZOG hack and his media and academic colleagues have been blasting Timothy McVeigh as a monster from the day he was born.

The overall response of the 'Ancient Regime' to white anarchism has been to increase repression. It has accelerated the anti-white and anti-male agenda, calling this 'progressivism' and 'change'. Political speech codes and censorship have been strengthened, not diminished. There are attempts at disarming the populace. However they are labeled, these are all the textbook reactionary responses of an Ancient Regime faced with a pre-revolutionary situation.