The Fake Russian Revolution of 1991: The ZOG is dead. Long live the ZOG!

For white revolutionaries the events in Russia from 1985 provide many useful lessons and insights applicable to our current situation.

In 1985 a unique political event occurred in the U.S.S.R. Mikhail Gorbachev became General Secretary of the Communist Party Soviet Union and successor ruler of the Empire of Lenin. Gorbachev's accession to power marked the first time since Czar Nicholas II that a gentile leader with a gentile wife ruled in Russia. Gorbachev introduced real changes in the intellectual life of the country with his policy of glasnost (openness) in political discussion. We of course see that this policy served the historical purpose of regime delegitimation by its candid discussions of the many failures and genocidal crimes of the Jewish-Bolshevik Imperium.

Gorbachev's economic policy, perestroika (restructuring) had less impact since it was principally another public relations theme unaccompanied by systemic personnel changes. Underneath the surface of politicians cavorting through staged media events real change was eroding the foundations of the U.S.S.R. The Russian population percentage of the U.S.S.R. had declined to just over 50% of the total population. This racial transformation alone had profound effects on the continued viability of the U.S.S.R. as a unified political entity.

Meanwhile overall energy production was falling due to the exhaustion of the old Baku oil fields, the internal failure to develop new sources in Siberia, failure to maximize enormous coal resources and the general industrial-technological decline. While exacerbated by the inherent inefficiencies and corruption of Marxism, this decline came from a previous peak achieved during 'Communism' and paralleled the demographic shift. The decline in oil production moved the U.S.S.R. from being a petroleum exporter to a position of oil deficit compounded by industrial inefficiency in utilizing available natural gas, coal and nuclear resources.

With the completion of the natural gas and oil pipelines to Europe, German reunification was 'negotiated' and Soviet troops withdrawn from East Germany. But ZOG's energy control mechanism on Germany and continental Europe is useless unless it can deliver energy. The middleman cannot thrive unless he has something to broker.

National revolutions broke out across Eastern Europe. In the provinces, the internal nationalities, sensing their moment had struck, were straining against the Russian center. Huge demonstrations broke out in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In the Moslem republics, mullahs and clerics subsidized by Iran and Saudi Arabia gathered adherents.

Intellectually 19th Century Marxism as a marketing plan for ZOG dictatorship was discredited worldwide. International Socialism as an economic theory had been replaced by International Finance Capitalism. Many Birchers would argue that's always what it was. We won't quibble with that so long as it's clearly recognized that 80% of the 'Insiders' are Jews and the rest Zionists.

The old USSR therefore approached a triple crisis and also began to present a mortal future danger to the self-Chosen. Internally it was at the point of political collapse because of the emerging majority of minorities. Industrial efficiency had concurrently dropped with the increase of the minority (i.e. non-white) component of the population. Externally the old model of Marxism-Leninism was dead as an advertising gambit. Of importance to the Jews were two factors. First, the USSR could no longer fulfill either its control role in continental Europe from a position of energy deficit while recycling hard currency energy export earnings back to London and New York.

The second danger was the changing nature of the Russian Communist party. A socialist party that ceases to be 'International Socialist' becomes a 'National Socialist' party by definition. And this is not mere word play. This phenomenon has been seen several times in actual practice and illustrates the false nature of ZOG's proffered political spectrums. In the late 1920s & early 30s in Germany, declines and increases in the Communist and NSDAP votes mirrored each other very exactly. In the 1990s when the French communist party collapsed its white voters went straight over to LePen's Nationalists, thus proving the Nazis and Communists had indeed been trading votes in the 1930s.

It was clearly time for the U.S.S.R. to go. And go it did.

August in Russia brings stifling heat to the cities of interior Eurasia. The Gorbachevs, like many Russians do in the Dog Days of Summer, fled the heat of the cities for the countryside cottage on the shores of the Black Sea.

The early pre-dawn hours of August 19, 1991 saw unusual traffic on Moscow's upscale Kutuzovsky Prospekt, home in those days to the nomenklatura owners of the U.S.S.R. Instead of chauffeured automobiles, columns of tanks streamed past the Napoleon Victory Arch headed for the city center and the Russian parliament building called The White House. On television the movie ballet Swan Lake was playing. Special announcers on state radio were reading communiqués from the "Committee For the State of Emergency". The KGB had drawn up large arrest lists of political opponents and had assigned teams to follow these people and seize them on command. Paratroop regiments and the KGB Alpha Commando were brought up surrounding the White House. It was Perevot, the Russian word for 'coup'. Or so it seemed.

And then nothing. For three days the world watched transfixed on CNN, which was allowed to broadcast out of Russia despite internal censorship, as the forces of the Soviet state faced a drunk with a Jewish wife standing on top of a tank.

Instead of striking decisively at 0400 on August 19, the forces of 'Putschists' simply joined the audience. The KGB did not implement its extensive arrest plans. Gorbachev did not die of 'natural causes' or 'suicide'. The only real shooting event occurred spontaneously when a mob threw molotov cocktails at infantry transports and frightened conscripts fired back. We are told the KGB Alpha and Paratroops refused orders to assault after three days of the drama. Why they simply didn't seize the White House in the pre-dawn hours of August 19 has still not been credibly explained.

Then the "Committee For the State of Emergency" dissolved. Some of its participants turned up dead while others jetted to Gorbachev's seaside dacha (why not to China?) for reasons that are still inexplicable. The All Union Treaty went into effect and the U.S.S.R. dissolved on December 31, 1991. The 15 constituent republics became independent with 12 minus the Baltics forming the 'Commonwealth of Independent States'. The surviving putschists received light or no sentences and have all played more significant subsequent roles in Russian politics than Gorbachev himself.

The explanations given for the hesitancy of the 'Putschists', when combined with the subsequent results, have still not received the skeptical examination they deserve. Here were people steeped in the history of the Bolshevik coup of 1917. Beyond that many of these men had been direct participants in the 1968 suppression of the 'Prague Spring' and the 1980 coup in Kabul, Afghanistan. They certainly had both theoretical training and operational experience in conducting coups. Yet they choked. Two years later the heavily Jewish regime of Boris Yeltsin showed no such hesitation. When the white Russians of the Communist Party reacted against the emerging nature of Yeltsin's Organizatsiya junta, Yeltsin's people responded with tank fire and paratroop assault against that same Russian White House. Boris Yeltsin's new 'Russian' regime displayed some remarkable characteristics. It saw a concentration of Jewish personalities unmatched since the original Bolshevik coup of 1917. Yeltsin's own wife is Jewish, as is his daughter Tatyana Dyachenko, long reputed to be the power behind the throne. Of Yelstin's Prime Ministers Kirienko and Primakov are known Jews (Kirienko is a dual national Russian-Israeli) while many Jews were subsequently found in Viktor Chernomyrdin's (PM from 1993-1998 and GAZPROM senior statesman) family woodpile. Other prominent personalities included the Chubais brothers, Boris Nemtsov and a string of lesser kosher lights in ministerial posts. At various times as much as 44% of the Russian cabinet have been dual national Russian-Israelis.

The result of industrial 'privatization' was the vast concentration of wealth in the hands of the mainly Jewish oligarchs.

These privatized businesses were typically closed and then asset mined in a manner reminiscent of Michael Milken's leveraged buyout operations. With the de-industrialization of Russia proper and the conversion of the republics into external customers, energy surpluses, exports and hard currency earnings all returned. The media came under open Jewish control under people like Berezovsky and Gusinsky, bringing in its train the usual flood tide of pornography and degeneracy. This same privatization schema played out across Russia in thousands of small retellings of the same story. Former nomenklatura reappeared in the guise of independent business owners with plenty of capital and connections to international traders for the supply of consumer goods.

International ZOG also showed itself extremely helpful to the Yeltsin regime. The personalities involved included not only people like Soros. Even agents of the same families active in the first Bolshevik coup, such as the second generation Armand Hammer bondservant and Schiff family father-in-law Al Gore appeared in Russia with bundles of cash. The USSR's $100 billion in external debt was handled with finesse. Yeltsin, on behalf of the 50% Russian population of the former USSR, assumed responsibility for 100% of the USSR's external debt. The alternate plan suggested by Richard Nixon of canceling this debt by having western governments directly repay the holders was not adopted.

Instead ZOG, led by Clinton, poured in hundreds of billions in 'aid'. The Yeltsin regime then recycled it to the foreign debt holders in the City of London and New York. This preserved their relative privacy as well as their influence on the Russian government and banking system. The rest of this flood of money, along with most hard currency earnings of the 1990s simply 'vanished' in 'corruption' that diverted it 'outside the country'. Meanwhile Jewish organized crime based out of Russia exploded across the world stage, far outstripping the Sicilian Mafia in the scale of operations and ferocity of its violence.

What have been the results for white Russians? A second Russian holocaust is the only description. Pensions for retired workers have declined to $20 and even less. With deindustrialization work also has dried up. Access to medical care and the quality of medical care has declined for the vast majority of Russians. Importation and use of heroin and cocaine has soared, abortions are up, prostitution is commonplace and the white Russian birth rate has fallen far below replacement level.

What lessons do we draw from the above?

1. The break-up of the U.S.S.R. was inevitable given the demographic changes in percentages of the component racial groups. The original Bolshevik Holocaust against white people and the explosion of non-white birth rates left the Soviet Empire without an essential homogeneous majority. Just as Rome perished from a 'lack of Romans' so too did the USSR perish from a relative lack of Russians. The absolute numbers of Russians and the birthrate only started their precipitous decline after 1991. Until then they were at replacement value and slightly above. The non-whites, mainly Muslims, were reproducing as non-whites always do when given access to white technology.

2. Because of internal group cohesiveness, pre-existing organization and the availability of external ZOG aid, the Jews in Russia were able to leverage themselves into a better and not worse position despite imperial collapse. External strategic considerations, the actual course of the August 1991 events and subsequent results show that 1991 was certainly managed by ZOG from the beginning.

3. White revolutionaries at this period of history will face both internal and external enemies. This was the experience of the National Socialists in Germany, upon whom the external Jews declared external war in 1933. The potential white national socialist party in Russia was similarly defeated by a combination of internal Jewish subversion, delegitimation from association with the Ancient Regime and external ZOG intervention. International ZOG will always act to support its local allies and tribesmen.

4. As in the First American and Second Russian revolutions, the successor regime pre-existed politically prior to the events catalyzing the destruction of the Ancient Regime. The Continental Congress, the Bolshevik Party and Yeltsin's RFSSR government were all in existence prior to the events that removed their respective opponents' regimes. Even today the next largest political force in Russia is the white part of the old Russian Communist party. The 1920s experience in Germany of a white party successfully forming during the revolutionary period and not before it, remains something of a historical fluke. It would be unwise in the extreme to count on a repeat of this event. The larger lessons of history say that successor regimes
emerge from political groups already organized before the Ancient Regime collapses.

In summarizing, we can see nearly identical trends in the U.S.A. as were seen in USSR-ZOG in the 1980s. Demographically USA-ZOG is going the way of USSR-ZOG as the non-white population percentage increases. Both industrial production and efficiency are plummeting as the non-white gene counts are rising. Energy production crises have already appeared in California. Economic chaos is spreading as the imaginary economy of stock-jobbery and dot.com has their plugs pulled by contact with reality. There is an absolute necessity for a pre-existing pro-white patriotic party. Merely by organizing ahead of time and surviving throughout Ancient Regime collapse such a party can become a serious contender for power succession.