On Real 'Stormtroops' and the Futility of the Militia Movement, Leaderless Resisters and Lone Wolves


A number of books constitute core holdings in every white revolutionary's academic and intellectual armory. One of these texts is Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. Don Black of http://www.stormfront.org has very generously made an English translation of Mein Kampf available online at this url: http://www.stormfront.org/books/mein_kampf/index.html

This book is of great interest not only for its historical value but its timeless political insight. Some parts are clearly anachronistic in the modern day, such as the analysis of Germany's post 1918 eastern foreign policy. While we are impressed with the acuity of Hitler's 1924 vision in foreseeing that possession of the French coast was essential for a submarine war against Brit-ZOG, this observation offers us little today.

Other parts relating to fundamentals of political action are timeless and offer us sound counsel today. CHAPTER IX: FUNDAMENTAL IDEAS REGARDING THE NATURE AND ORGANIZATION OF THE STORM TROOPS is one of these. The assigned prerequisite homework prior to reading the rest of this lesson is


You will understand nothing without completing this assigned reading. I recommend reading the entire chapter at least twice and preferably five times. If you have previously been active in the blightwing since Commander Rockwell's assassination, print it out and read it 10 times before proceeding and once every day thereafter.

As we study the nature of those who claim to carry the banners of the white race in North America in 2001 we encounter the most astounding paradox. Those who most openly identify and costume themselves as being 'Nazis' are those who have heeded the advice of CHAPTER IX the least. They not only violate the civil and criminal laws of towns, counties, states and ZOG, but they also defy every last principle laid down in Mein Kampf for pro-white political activity and the conduct of a successful white revolution. They are indeed the Revolutionary Anarchists we previously identified them as being.

I. The Modern American Militia Movement

The modern American 'unorganized militia' movement claims to find its roots and precedents in the state militias of the early American Republic and the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The best we can say for them is that they are half right and half bright. The militia partisans are quite correct in saying every able bodied white American man is legally a member of the 'militia'. The early American Republic, like the Roman Republic before it and the German People's State after it, considered the duty to bear arms an indivisible component of citizenship.

These modern militia demagogues are quite incorrect though in thinking that this militia ever had any legal or practical power to generate its own leadership apart from the state. We will take as our contra example one of the most famous American militia leaders, General and later President Andrew Jackson.

General Jackson was one of the youngest veterans of the First American Revolution. He saw action against Brit-ZOG forces as a member of the South Carolina militia and was captured at the age of 13. In 1802 he was elected Major General of the Tennessee Militia. This military office was a legal Office of the State, with powers of command and punishment. We see a continuation of such state offices in a few American states today in the form of elected state Adjutants-General who are in effective command of the local Army and Air National Guards and their unfederalized State Guard Reserves. These Adjutants-General and their predecessors possess real resources in the form of public funds and disciplinary authority such as the ability to compel drill attendance on pain of being locked up in the county jail.

This practice of election only continues in a very few of the smaller states. Most state Adjutants-General are now appointed. They also face a second political reliability screening in the form of 'Federal Recognition' of their commissions by the National Guard Bureau. USA-ZOG thus long ago relieved Military Force from any duty of responsiveness to the Will of the American (i.e. white) People. This was a very wise precaution on ZOG's part. If elected Adjutants-General were still widespread, a large number of candidates would have already gained office on the promise to use the State's military power to repel foreign Mestizo invaders from Mexico and the rest of Central/South America. Such military commanders responsive to the People would also have previously deployed military force to prevent the invasion of little white children's schools by uncivilizable

Our modern American 'militias' which Morris Dees inflates to scare up the dollars are thus in no way comparable to the true American state militias. The State Militias still exist legally and Constitutionally despite ZOG suppression and its artful Talmudic law twists. So what are the 'Militia of Montana', of Michigan (recently disbanded) and their many imitators? They were and are strictly voluntary 'defense' organizations. Their ostensible purpose is local defense against 'tyranny' and 'invasion' at some apparently unidentified point in the future against a yet to be identified enemy. Many have formed and most disbanded without ever firing a shot at the foreign invaders daily swarming across the undefended southern frontier, or at any other subverter of the
lives and liberties of American whites.

This exercise in futility is unsurprising to us. The employment of death-dealing military force is a political act. The eternal prerequisite for such use is the political identification of a discernible enemy that can be destroyed. The very identification of an enemy is a POLITICAL and not military act. What are the 'politics' of the modern 'Unorganized Militias'? Many of them proclaimed themselves apolitical (hence neutralized from the start) upon their formation. This non-partisan basis was even touted as a virtue and used as a recruiting tool. Both at the sub-conscious and conscious levels the entire movement based itself on explicit and implicit promises never to require its members to actually do anything.

What political basis these militia groups do have is limited to a general allegiance to the Constitution, a specific allegiance to the Second Amendment plus an admixture of John Birch Society nonsense about some overarching conspiracy of never identifiable and endlessly morphing 'Insiders'. Robert Welch intentionally formed the JBS as a political organization dedicated to never intervening in politics. JBS conspiracist tomfoolery was therefore the ideal political viewpoint for military organizations also founded on the implicit premise of never engaging in the only activity suited to their design. No wonder combat veteran and
revolutionary anarchist Timothy McVeigh refused to join any of these militias after evaluating them.

At this point a quotation from Mein Kampf is instructive:

"On purely practical grounds it is impossible to build up a national defense organization by means of private associations, unless
the State makes an enormous contribution to it. Whoever thinks otherwise overestimates his own powers. Now it is entirely out
of the question to form organizations of any military value for a definite purpose on the principle of so-called ‘voluntary
discipline’. Here the chief support for enforcing orders, namely, the power of inflicting punishment, is lacking. In the autumn, or
rather in the spring, of 1919 it was still possible to raise ‘volunteer corps’, not only because most of the men who came
forward at that time had been through the school of the old Army, but also because the kind of duty imposed there constrained
the individual to absolute obedience at least for a definite period of time.

That spirit is entirely lacking in the volunteer defense organizations of to-day. The more the defense association grows, the
weaker its discipline becomes and so much the less can one demand from the individual members. Thus the whole organization
will more and more assume the character of the old non-political associations of war comrades and veterans.

It is impossible to carry through a voluntary training in military service for larger masses unless one is assured absolute power of
command. There will always be few men who will voluntarily and spontaneously submit to that kind of obedience which is
considered natural and necessary in the Army.

Moreover, a proper system of military training cannot be developed where there are such ridiculously scanty means as those at
the disposal of the defense associations. The principal task of such an institution must be to impart the best and most reliable
kind of instruction. Eight years have passed since the end of the War, and during that time none of our German youth, at an age
when formerly they would have had to do military service, have received any systematic training at all. The aim of a defense
association cannot be to enlist here and now all those who have already received a military training; for in that case it could be
reckoned with mathematical accuracy when the last member would leave the association. Even the younger soldier from 1918
will no longer be fit for front-line service twenty years later, and we are approaching that state of things with a rapidity that
gives cause for anxiety. Thus the defense associations must assume more and more the aspect of the old ex-service men's

(note: See http://www.azcentral.com/news/0506militia06.html . The reporter relates how Arizona militia members "... reveled in new weapons and old war stories." Exactly as happens at the American Legion halls of old ex-service men every weekend.)

But that cannot be the meaning and purpose of an institution which calls itself, not an association of ex-service men but a
defense association, indicating by this title that it considers its task to be, not only to preserve the tradition of the old soldiers
and hold them together but also to propagate the idea of national defense and be able to carry this idea into practical effect,
which means the creation of a body of men who are fit and trained for military defense.

But this implies that those elements will receive a military training which up to now have received none. This is something that in
practice is impossible for the defense associations. Real soldiers cannot be made by a training of one or two hours per week.
In view of the enormously increasing demands which modern warfare imposes on each individual soldier to-day, a military
service of two years is barely sufficient to transform a raw recruit into a trained soldier. At the Front during the War we all saw
the fearful consequences which our young recruits had to suffer from their lack of a thorough military training. Volunteer
formations which had been drilled for fifteen or twenty weeks under an iron discipline and shown unlimited self-denial proved
nevertheless to be no better than cannon fodder at the Front. Only when distributed among the ranks of the old and
experienced soldiers could the young recruits, who had been trained for four or six months, become useful members of a
regiment. Guided by the ‘old men’, they adapted themselves gradually to their task.

In the light of all this, how hopeless must the attempt be to create a body of fighting troops by a so-called training of one or two
hours in the week, without any definite power of command and without any considerable means. In that way perhaps one
could refresh military training in old soldiers, but raw recruits cannot thus be transformed into expert soldiers.

How such a proceeding produces utterly worthless results may also be demonstrated by the fact that at the same time as these
so-called volunteer defense associations, with great effort and outcry and under difficulties and lack of necessities, try to
educate and train a few thousand men of goodwill (the others need not be taken into account) for purposes of national defense,
the State teaches our young men democratic and pacifist ideas and thus deprives millions and millions of their national instincts,
poisons their logical sense of patriotism and gradually turns them into a herd of sheep who will patiently follow any arbitrary
command. Thus they render ridiculous all those attempts made by the defense associations to inculcate their ideas in the minds
of the German youth.

Almost more important is the following consideration, which has always made me take up a stand against all attempts at a
so-called military training on the basis of the volunteer associations.

Assuming that, in spite of all the difficulties just mentioned, a defense association were successful in training a certain number of
Germans every year to be efficient soldiers, not only as regards their mental outlook but also as regards bodily efficiency and
the expert handling of arms, the result must necessarily be null and void in a State whose whole tendency makes it not only look
upon such a defensive formation as undesirable but even positively hate it, because such an association would completely
contradict the intimate aims of the political leaders, who are the corrupters of this State.

But anyhow, such a result would be worthless under governments which have demonstrated by their own acts that they do not
lay the slightest importance on the military power of the nation and are not disposed to permit an appeal to that power only in
case that it were necessary for the protection of their own malignant existence.

And that is the state of affairs to-day. It is not ridiculous to think of training some ten thousand men in the use of arms, and
carry on that training surreptitiously, when a few years previously the State, having shamefully sacrificed eight-and-a-half million
highly trained soldiers, not merely did not require their services any more, but, as a mark of gratitude for their sacrifices, held
them up to public contumely. Shall we train soldiers for a regime which besmirched and spat upon our most glorious soldiers,
tore the medals and badges from their breasts, trampled on their flags and derided their achievements? Has the present regime
taken one step towards restoring the honour of the old army and bringing those who destroyed and outraged it to answer for
their deeds? Not in the least. On the contrary, the people I have just referred to may be seen enthroned in the highest positions
under the State to-day. And yet it was said at Leipzig: "Right goes with might." Since, however, in our Republic today might is
in the hands of the very men who arranged for the Revolution, and since that Revolution represents a most despicable act of
high treason against the nation – yea, the vilest act in German history – there can surely be no grounds for saying that might of
this character should be enhanced by the formation of a new young army. It is against all sound reason."

II. Leaderless Resisters and Lone Wolves Baying At The Moon

In Lesson Three we identified the true identity, motivations and purposes of those Leaderless Resisters and Lone Wolves who have "taken it to the max" and engaged in lethal violence. As these words are written the somber event of Timothy McVeigh's execution lies six days in the future. Timothy McVeigh has already done very well at writing his own eulogies. We would not presume to speak for him. We do wish to make one thing perfectly clear however. Upon the restoration of legitimate national authority based upon the People we will no longer punish such terrorist acts in a hidden execution chamber similar to the abortionist's den. Judgment will instead be executed on a gallows on the public square.

There are those claiming to speak for North American whites who advocate yet more terrorism and individual anarchy as a way of creating secure living conditions for white people. These self-proclaimed white racists themselves stagger from pillar to post (some literally intoxicated by strong drink). The prime movers of that non-movement, such as Terrible Tommie Metzger and Louis Beam, had previously organized a uniformed 'voluntary' border patrol defense organization claiming to turn back the Immigration Invasion on the border in San Diego. Now they have tried to reinvent themselves as 'National Socialists', decorate their Paytriot websites with swastikas (except for the Shopping Cart modules) and pretend to offer counsel to young white men
trapped in the urban hells on earth created by ZOG social policy.

At the present time there are two racial conditions in any locality in North America. Whites are either in a majority or in a minority. The degree of racial mixture is trackable with scientific precision merely by reference to the crime index for any particular zip code. The savage urgings latent in non-whites combined with a ZOG which actively defends and legally favors non-white violence against whites is the biggest daily security problem faced by the people. As anyone experienced in urban conditions knows, violently minded non-whites overwhelmingly travel and operate in groups. Not only does this give them an advantage in morale and absolute physical strength but it also confers a legal advantage when the time comes for the next 'Hate Crime' trial. In the ZOG Courts and ZOG Media it's the word of many politically correct species members against the word of one politically incorrect skin colored white.

Confronted with the above facts what strategy does Metzger and Curtis hold out? 'Lone Wolf! Owoooo-ooohhh!!!' White men, alone and outnumbered, are supposed to creep out and secretly commit violent acts against targets chosen at random with an equally random selection of weaponry and tactics.

"Lone Wolf?" The 'Lone Wolf' is an echo of the Jewellywood distortions of the 'Old West' as presented in some John Wayne and all Clint Eastwood movies. We can now see the real purpose of the Jewellywood promotion of the amoral Man With No Name. It was to promote the intellectual concept of separating from white men from helping each other. Ever hear of 'Divide & Conquer'?

The lone gunfighter of movie and Louis L'Amour fame was an outgrowth of the Code Duello. These were rules for white men to settle personal differences among themselves. They were never applied to confrontations between whites and other races. Even L'Amour's real ideal was his continuing series about the extended Sackett family that always banded together in times of danger. The most famous individual heroes of American military history didn't start out as 'Lone Wolves'. They were members of a group who displayed extreme personal courage in combat in pursuit of group goals. Very often that heroism was for saving their comrades.

The 'Lone Wolf' rarely exists in nature. When one does occur it's either a genetic defective or is rabid. Real wolves travel and cooperate in extended family packs. This is as true of the canine variety as it was of the U-Boat variety. That's why they're so dangerous. The real natural order is 'Wolf Pack'!

Lone Wolves also often end up in jail or dead. Theoretically there might be some or many who succeed. An intrinsic part of being a successful 'Lone Wolf' means keeping 'veewy veewy quiet' after the illegal deed is done. So whether they are captured or not, 'The Five Words' (I have nothing to say) are an integral legal component of every Lone Wolf's strategy. Perhaps The Five Words are just Metzger's application of his own lesson learned after serving as his own attorney against Morris Dees.

By its premises the Lone Wolf strategy in itself is a prescription for political failure. By definition politics involves multiple human beings. The prerequisite for every revolutionary movement is popular support. This popular political support can only be generated by words in the billions matched with actions conforming to the words. The entire package must be directed to answering the people's real life and death needs.

Even implemented successfully Lone Wolves merely raise the general level of violent anarchy and cause people to look to government for law and order. No wonder ZOG media promotes them so heavily. I also find it intriguing that Tom Metzger, with his ZOG-Morris Dees judgment strapped to his back, now promotes exactly the kind of anarchic violence Dees and the SPLC claim to fight. The excellent white racialist novelist Harold Covington has offered on theory on what might really be transpiring there.

IV. A True Place for Modernized 'Storm Troopers' and the Real Needs of North American Whites.

Where did the name 'Storm Troops' as applied to certain members of the National Socialist Party originate? Our best assessment is that this name was a direct contribution by General Erich von Ludendorff prior to his betrayal of National Socialism in 1923. The first 'Storm Troopers' appeared in the German Army on the Western Front in France in 1918. They were special infantry detachments trained in using new tactics of bypass and infiltration to break the trench deadlock. They were the tactically successful spearheads of each of General von Ludendorff's five strategically failed 1918 offensives.

Subsequently there was a body of young men in the National Socialist German Workers Party called 'Storm Troops'. The name of this sub organization was clearly intended to identify them in spirit and esprit with the Imperial Army Storm Troops of the last year of the First War To Kill White People.

(note: Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale has achieved this superficial level of understanding with his unimaginative carbon copy brand name positioning of his WCOTC 'White Rangers' and 'White Berets' (thereby offering a McDonald's choice to young ZOGlings.) See http://www.creator.org/manual.html#17 . But Hale, like Metzger and Curtis, then proceeded to confuse the true function of these personnel both in purpose and equipment with Clint Eastwood's portrayals of The Man With No Name and Dirty Harry by requiring each candidate to own a handgun. Hale thus reveals both his lack of military experience and also limited legal knowledge. Rifles and shotguns are not only more effective weapons but are legal to own and transport in far more jurisdictions in ZOG-USA.)

What was the function of these post First War Storm Troops of the NSDAP? Let us first examine what their role was not. Their role was not that of a 'voluntary defense organization' or militia. Again reverting to Adolf Hitler:

"The troops for the preservation of order, which were then formed under the National Socialist Movement, were fundamentally
different from all the other defense associations by reason of the fact that our formations were not meant in any way to defend
the state of things created by the Revolution, but rather that they were meant exclusively to support our struggle for the creation
of a new Germany."

Nor was their role the physical defeat or conquest of political opponents. Mein Kampf, Volume II, Chapter IX delimits their purpose very clearly.

(note: When the 'Second Revolutionist' and apparent homosexual pederast Ernst Rohm attempted to take the Storm Troops past their clear boundaries and supplant the national Army by threatening or attempting a coup, Hitler had him shot for treason. These 'Second Revolutionists' are also the source of the modern myth of a 'Holocaust' against 'Pink Triangle' homosexuals. An outraged Jewish inmate of the labor camps later related that virtually all queers in the camps were members of the Rohm underground terrorist faction in the S.A..)

Hitler again:

"I have already described how practical experience in our young movement led us slowly to organize a system of defense for
our meetings. This gradually assumed the character of a military body specially trained for the maintenance of order, and
tended to develop into a service which would have its properly organized cadres."

Emphasis here on 'slowly'. The 'Storm Troops' were among the the last, not the first, of the NSDAP organizations to appear.
They 'slowly' appeared in response to the refusal of the then existent authorities to provide police protection in the course of the
NSDAP conducting legal political activities. They were not and never were the principal purpose of the Party. They were a
defensive response to the long standing Jewish-Communist tactic of violently disrupting opponents' political gatherings in
accordance with Acts 17:5. (But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people.)

Question. Does that condition completely prevail today? Answer. It does not. It partially prevails. The Jewish funded 'Anti-Racist Alliance' and similar groups stand ever ready to provide rent-a-mobs of human dreg rioters to oppose any white patriotic activities. The actual experience of the non-Movement shows that state and local forces currently will mostly uphold their Constitutional duties to protect First Amendment exercises. Indeed, the pathetic imitations of the Storm Troops (aside from their poor physical conditions and Salvation Army level uniforms) are usually protected BY the local and state police from ARA style groups, rather than protecting a mass political meeting of whites from racial enemies.

Such displays in themselves are confessions of weakness, not strength. The purpose of a mass political meeting is to display strength, not weakness. Attempts to directly import the SA concept also run up against the distributed and suburban nature of most white residential patterns in North America. An SA parade of companies and battalions would be witnessed by hundreds of thousands in heavily urbanized Germany. An identical parade (assuming we had such formations) in ZOG-USA would only be seen by hundreds or a few thousands in North America due to the much lower population density.

Against this copy-cat response to a largely non-existent threat, white revolutionaries fail to meet actual white needs and especially the needs of young white men and women. No German in 1923 was attacked merely for being German and white. That is the daily experience of thousands of whites today in ZOG-USA in racially mixed urban areas and schools. Against this real need there is no difficulty in the peaceful spread of white revolutionaries' message (if they have a real message) in the remaining white suburban areas.

We therefore certainly don't need any analog to the 'Storm Troops' currently.   Whenever a mass following (or even 10,000) are present in one place this assessment can be revisited. Against this non-need there is a desperate current need for daily protection against physical but largely non-lethal assault by non-whites. We clearly need organized groups for white self-defense. Repeat, that is self-defense, not attack by white vigilantes against non-whites. The form and organization of these groups is worthy of profound consideration.  They will definitely form part of any successful white revolutionary movement.