Political Activism In The New Revolutionary Era.

   What is to be done at the outset of the current revolutionary period?  The current anticipated changes in demographics and our present weak position seem to close off most options.  The task of delegitimation continues and is an unstoppable process.  The demographic process suggests the real answer.  We have to accelerate the pace of ancient regime collapse.  The question is how to do this.
   I am all in favor of legal public political activism.  This activism has to meet several tests.

   1.  Is the proposed action legal?  If you don't know what the law is, then get competent legal counsel (a tall order I know).  Richard Barrett is a starting point.  Edgar Steele is another source of advice and referral.

   2.  Don't act in ways contrary to your beliefs, if you have some.  For example, the accusation is constantly raised that Zionists will  perjure themselves to advance their perceived interests or strike their enemies.  Do you read this, do you mouth this and then not act on it?  So why set yourself up for that process with a dumb stunt like going to heckle at a Synagogue where you know you are outnumbered and won't find any recruits anyway?  The only white people there are mercenaries paying obeisance to foreign gods like Kenneth Lay of Enron used to do.  You will neither cause Jews to stop being Jews nor can you outbid them.

   3.  The activity has to be reasonably calculated to recruit white people.  Otherwise it's useless.  How many recruits does anyone expect to gain by going to the Shalom Temple and trying to out-Jew the Jews?  It's sheer insanity.

   4.  You must represent well.  See http://www.deeswatch.com for a practical example of this.  We have to continue the process of asymmetrically legitimizing our alternative leadership.

   5.  No Lone Wolf-ism.  Leave the Clint Eastwood Man With No Name mentality behind when you shut off the tube.  Sure the Anti Racist Alliance is amoral trash.  And yes the Talmudists' hate literature sanctions committing perjury when (a) it will advance their cause and (b) they can get away with it.  So when you go to public forums to advocate pro-white interests, take friends as witnesses.  Take other friends who don't appear to be friends with videocams to capture the moment.  Wear a 'wire' or small tape recorder to capture those precious verbal threats uttered by complacent Judeo-Marxist haters. True, the local prosecutors at this point are almost all amoral mercenaries or Judeo-Marxists.  Thus in terms of criminal prosecutions nothing will happen.  Those snippets of tape though can still win acquittals from juries and dismissals from judges if worse comes to worse.  They can also serve as good 'news' to report.

   6.  Be local muck-rakers.   This is most important.  ZOG installs compromised politicians both by design and by natural instinct.  They're easier to control by means of blackmail and corrupt dealings.  So dig out their secrets and expose them yourselves.

   These shabbez goy allies that people consider the Zionists' strong point are actually their weakest link.  First, Jews combine high levels of intra-group loyalty with total contempt for outsiders.  This doesn't stop in their dealings with their allies in aggregate.  This is enhanced by contempt for allies who are seen as betraying their own group.  The one way nature of the USA-Israel Special Relationship is replicated at the level of individual political relations.  This is why there's periodic dust-ups like Hillary's off-color references to "Jews" and "kikes".  The alert student of politics noticed that this did not hurt her one bit in her New York Senate campaign.  She knows the real deal and so do they.  These are political alliances of convenience.

   Second, Jews are utterly merciless with 'allies' who've outlived their usefulness.  The case of the South Lebanon Army during the Israeli pull-out was a classic example of what's usually termed 'Jewish betrayal'.  The Israelis literally slammed the northern border gates in the faces of most of their fleeing former mercenaries and left them to face the music alone with Hamas.  The Israeli newspaper rationales were they didn't want them diluting the 'Jewish' character of Israel.  The contrast with American (white) reaction to the South Vietnamese in 1975 could not have been more complete.  While many view this instinctive Jewish attitude as a strength it can be used as weak point for political attack.   Read on.

   I've tried to draw attention to this next in the past.  The political task of the moment is to eliminate the ZOG false front called the Republican Party.  This is the peer competitor for the political leadership of white people.  So long as it exists white patriots can never gain the leadership.  The case of David Duke in Louisiana should have already satisfied most people on this point.  Once Duke started winning legitimately the national GOP openly combined with the Democrats to frustrate the will of the electors.

   This GOP entity is not that large in reality.  The true number of hard core Republican activists is no more than 75,000 on the most generous estimate.  That's right.  In numbers the GOP is smaller than the actual members and sympathizers of the non-Movement.  It's just better organized, much better funded and better led tactically.  This small size is the reason 'soft-money' is so important to it.

   At least 40% of these activists are located Inside-The-Beltway in think tanks, on Congressional staffs, headquartering the Washington offices of dozens of 'conservative issues organizations' and in lobbying firms.  The remainder are concentrated in the state capitals.  The numbers of real GOP true believers is so small they had to fly in Washington staffers to stage demonstrations in Palm Beach and Dade Counties in November-December 2000.

   That 'Party' has no real roots in the nation.  At this time it's a collection of rich country club a--holes (the 'Moderates') in league with money hungry Zionist Rapture Cult leaders (Robertson's so-called 'Christian Coalition').   The Moderates are the open borders fans.  The Zionists preach rewards in the hereafter for their followers, but take cash up front for themselves.  The antipathy between the 'Moderates' and the followers of the Rapture Cult leaders is unbridgeable.  The GOP Moderate women are openly contemptuous of the others as 'tacky people' who 'shop at Wal-Mart'.  The Rapture Cult leaders themselves are mostly off-shoots of the GOP Moderate class.  Robertson himself with his Harvard background and Senator Daddy is a classic case.

   The temporary loss (most will be back later in a more serviceable and loyal mood since non-whites have no use for them) of these Country Clubbers and their rich men's agendas will be more than made up by the accession of millions of working class whites currently voting their pocketbooks (so they think) with the Democratic Party.

   Getting rid of this false front won't be that hard, either.  Most political races can be decided by moving just a few hundred to a few thousand votes off to the sidelines.  Buchanan almost cost Bush the election as it was.  The few hundred or few thousand to split off in each case are followers of the Rapture Cultists.  'Expose' remains most effective among these people.   ZOG needs 'help' it really doesn't want, in order to do this.  Provide that help by detonating the stink bombs ZOG holds over these guys' heads as control mechanisms.  Once you do that, the Jews will instinctively treat them the way they treated the South Lebanon Army.  Here's how to do it.

   Again see:  http://www.deeswatch.com/  Marc Slanger has done a good job on Morris Dees with this.  There must be an equivalent website for every Republican politician in the country from precinct committeeman on up.  Just because the local ZOG papers don't raise a hullabaloo doesn't mean unmentioned GOP politicians are squeaky clean.  It means they're subservient.  So dig.  Dig out their deals in the real estate property records, the state corporate records, the UCC filings and the court dockets.  It's what ZOG's own information gatherers do to find dirt.  You do the same and then open your information website with fully accurate if not especially complementary info.  As you gain more experience you can expand your 'news coverage' by analyzing local government contracting.  This is where the real liquidity and real financial dirt is although sweetheart real estate deals remain a popular method of conveying bribes.

   Fact:  Virtually all city and county governments are just big nests of financial incest between self-interested parties.  As long as they take the shekel, pay lip service to the Cults of Holocaustianity and Marxist racial equality and let in the ADL and SPLC to pervert the local police, then they're left in peace by ZOG Media with their squalid deals.  The low voter turnouts in local elections compared to state and national elections helps this tendency along, as does ZOG Media's policy of benign neglect.

   So gather your base information from the public records, publicize your website a little bit locally, get a P.O. Box and wait.  Once it's known you're interested, the real dirt will soon be anonymously and spontaneously sent to you.   This is how the big dirt on Morris Seligman Dees (his divorce proceedings) was obtained.  An anonymous sympathizer screwed over by Dees mailed it in.  Similarly you'll soon get material from disgruntled employees reporting on illegal alien hires, upset ex-sleep-in secretaries, ex-wives, current wives in divorce proceedings, former screwed-over business associates, betrayed ex-political allies, policemen anonymously sending you the names of black prostitutes to locate and interview, etc.  Fact check, verify and publicize.

   Learn a lesson from the Gulag Archipelago.  What made life so miserable for the politicals in the Destructive Labor Camps was not the guards.  The guards weren't even allowed to talk to the prisoners.  What made life miserable was the NKVD security officer – the Godfather – and his corps of prisoner informers (stool pigeons).  When the Ukrainian nationalists started arriving they immediately understood what to do.  "Kill the stoolie."  The Godfather at first took care of fleeing stoolies (just as the Israelis at first let in small numbers of SLA refugees).  As the numbers of now 'useless eater' stoolies increased, Godfather stopped doing this.  And being a stoolie suddenly lost its attractiveness to the self-seeker.  Once this process was well launched the Godfather was cut off from all information.

   This is the figurative (not literal, no illegality) political task now.  Politically eliminate the Republican stool pigeons.  This has to be done a precinct at a time.

   All politics are local.  So start getting locally relevant.