1 September 1998
I fully support racial improvement. I am quite naturally more interested in improving the "White race" than I am in any of the others. I cannot help but marvel at the beauty of a fox or gazelle doing "its thing" in a clean and beautiful world. We are first a biological critter and contrary to what Robert Hutchins (the Chancellor of the University of Chicago when I was a student there) said – "The body is only a vehicle to carry the mind about" – my view is simple. Even if only a vehicle, it behooves us all to have a top-notch vehicle for that purpose. This will never be attained by attempts at manipulating the body's chemistry with drugs, goof-ass low-fat diets, nor with any procedures involving gene tampering. Even the faddish exercise mania will do nothing for the health of those unborn. In fact, the idiotic "fitness" craze is mostly geared to making one's self more attractive to the opposite sex thus leading to the dubious advantage of increasing one's participation in sexual promiscuity. I definitely do not support any program geared to making the world safe for idiots, or other biological defects.

We can do little about what we happen to be. Our parents, for good or ill, dumped a pottage upon us, and like a hand of cards, we can do no other than play with what we were dealt.

Race-mixing is a perversion which improves neither race. It actually destroys the races of those who engage in it. Thus, I am opposed to this sort of thing and knowing that most men, once their penises become erect, are willing to stuff them into any available orifice, I fully endorse racial separation.

For one-half of a century we've been deluged with everything from " The Jews" to the "Illuminati," not to mention L.F. "woodpecker" radio waves and "666" computer chips. The purveyors of this hokum are interested in separating you and your money and they appear to believe that if they label their foolishness with a copyright symbol, then it somehow increases in value. Cow urine, even when enclosed in a perfume bottle, does not change in value.