8 January 1999
Educated beyond their ability to understand –
Nonchalant Robert: Sir, perhaps you would like to know that you are standing in cow shit.
Supercilious Expert: Do you have a degree in zoology? Do you have a degree in podiatry? If not, then what qualifies you to make such a statement?
Nonchalant Robert: OK. So you are standing in melted Hershey bars.

When I was in high school, one had to have an IQ equivalent of 115 or above before anyone would recommend you for college and then only if your dad was well-heeled. The US military even required a similar score before one could be admitted to Officer Candidate School. The military victory of the great unwashed hordes of lemmings in 1945 ended all of that. Upon discharge, one was encouraged to attend one of the billions of colleges which were being assembled in response to the G.I. Bill of Rights. I chose to collect a fistful of dollars via the 52/20 club, at least for that following year. In any event, this was the beginning of the education industry where every grape-head was encouraged to "fill his potential," even if he had to spend his time observing inactive volcanoes. Besides, it was a great place to stuff those returning GIs so that they wouldn't complain about the lack of jobs. (A useful dodge: Can't find a job? Go to school.) Since it is difficult for a dwarf to jump over a five-foot fence, all fences were lowered. It wouldn't be "fair" if someone's foolish fantasies weren't realized. (I am waiting for 'equal opportunity' to extend to the dwarfs who wish to play professional basketball.) On the bright side, let's not forget that the hard sciences have not, as yet, been watered down to the level of a Bantu – but it's coming! So you see, waving your degrees in my face impresses me about as much as does a mute stone. As a matter of understanding, I feel that if someone needs to bandy his degrees about, then he isn't worth listening to anyway for words with merit should stand on their own. 

How to make a bundle before you blow town and leave the suckers holding onto themselves:
 (1) Create a problem, real or imagined. (2) Sell the yokels a solution.

Example: (1) Take a minor problem, like the Y2K thing, and blow it out of proportion. Scare the living shit out of the goyim. Keep the hype going until their coronaries are about to bust.
(2) Start a company – advertised  to provide the solution – and give it a fancy name such as Cyber Cum Y2K.
(3) Sell "survival kits," and/or stock in your company and continue the hype. As the money rolls in, buy plane tickets and put a down payment on a hacienda in Argentina.
(4) Get drunk on December 31, 1999 and take a one way to your new casa on the very next day.
(5) Read all about it in the Wall Street Journal. Enjoy the warm winters.

The credo of the blight-wing: If someone knows more than you do, then don't support him. 
How many blight-wingers do you know who have ever held a steady job? 
The years 1990-1999 are labeled "The Decade of the United Nations."

As the Armageddon nitwits prepare to precipitate events which they believe will set the stage for the return of the Golden Rider from the welkin, and the Y2K peckerheads get set for an electronic melt-down, we might like to fortify our cupboards with a few extra rounds of ammunition and a jug of good home brew. When this is coupled with the criminal intent to strip all peoples of their right of free association and to destroy all national boundaries – with the exception of Israel's – as is the purpose of the United Nations,  it might do well to ponder things other than how many crotches we can share venereal diseases with.

It is no coincidence that the United Nations building is located in Tel Aviv on the Hudson nor that our government has been sponsoring that insane concept from day one. (The border between the U.S. and Mexico has virtually disappeared.) The National Geographic, as early as 1905, exposed the participation of the U.S. government in the attempt at a communist coup in Russia. That coup failed but the one following WW I did not. Most of the perpetrators came from the sewers of New York City. When the Soviet regime was on the verge of starvation and collapse, President Herbert Hoover ordered vast shipments of grain to be sent to the communists. President Franklin Roosevelt (Rosenfelt, as some claim) opened up credit avenues for that bankrupt empire. What we now know as World War II, was fought to save communism and those designed and fostered it. Even today, vast shipments of grain are pouring into that same vast region – courtesy of the American tax-payers.

Eric Thomson has reported seeing Japanese, Korean and "Soviet" troops in and around military bases in the state of Washington. When this is coupled with the question posed to U.S. troops, "Will you fire upon American citizens if so ordered?", one might be inclined to wonder about this coming last year of the United Nations decade. With this in mind, I have added another of Eric's old, but timely articles, The Genocide Treaty. It shouldn't take one long to read it and thereby not subtract too much from the time one consumes swilling down the contents of a six-pack, shrieking at a drug-rock "concert," and gawking at niggerball.

Bill Clinton is the best argument in favor of abortion that I can think of.
What did the public think they were getting when they elected this pot-smoking draft-dodger?

If you like moderate to heavy reading, write to grom@jps.net and ask to be put on the mailing list. You'll receive great stuff from Yuriy Kirienko, a Russian Aryan, who is in a better position to tell you about the former Soviet Union than any hack writer who pushes out "history" crap for local boob consumption. I often disagree with what Yuriy writes, but, as with most everyone, there are simply things we cannot help but learn by listening to one another. Yuriy has a relatively unique view of the "Holocaust", Nazi Germany and the anti-White racial war we are now engaged in.

BHIMARAMA@aol.com is also another interesting list. Give them a shot. 

Often, I poke fun at people, as they do me, and just as often tender egos get offended. (A polite term for being pissed off.) Sometimes, I inadvertently write things which are not true. In any case, if the person who is suffering the heart palpitations hasn't the backbone to switch to the Mickey Mouse web site, or Food TV, then he/she/it should drop me a line and I'll do what I can to help them avoid a life threatening attack of mental anguish. Please be sure that you understand the difference between and opinion and a fact. Dictionaries are not that hard to come by, I am told. 
Crimes of the non-hate, non-racial type:

About one month ago, The Buffalo News reported an incident where 3 jovial, happy-go-lucky, Negro youths kicked, and stomped to death, a young White male who was frequenting the wrong bar room. His lifeless body was left accompanying  some hundreds of dollars in cash which the Negroes failed to lift. A witness reported how happy the Negroes were, as they waded through the blood, and so that was probably the reason it was not labeled a hate-crime. Dr. William Pierce, I believe, commented upon this in a recent short-wave radio broadcast. Of course, we all know that Black on White crime never is of a racial nature. We also fully realize what an uproar it would have caused if it were the other way around. But what's new in a land where White males are 6th class citizens and we have a hierarchy of privileged classes?

This date, the police have now arrested 2 Black females, ages 16 and 17, who strangled and beat to death a Christian minister who had spent much of his life trying to make silk purses out of sows' ears – against Biblical dictates. The young, misdirected ladies merely attempted to enforce their Constitutional right to receive all of the hand-outs their little sweet hearts desired. It was obviously the minister's fault since he failed to come up with enough boodle to satiate the dears.

This latest story was reminiscent of another brutal murder, in this same city, of a White Catholic priest who was found bound to a chair and full of love inspired stab wounds which ultimately caused his death. The 2 Black youths responsible, were obviously so distressed over finding so little cash, that they just couldn't control themselves. Mental anguish is a terrible thing and it could have been avoided if the priest's coffers were better stocked.

As grandfather used to say, "When you feed wild animals, they become more dangerous." But the mark of an idiot is not that he doesn't learn from his mistakes – it's that he doesn't learn from the mistakes of others. 

If you worship your enemies, you are defeated.
If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
If you breed with your enemies, you are destroyed.
..... Eric Thomson