5 May 1999
A garbage dump exhibits diversity.
Disasters waiting to happen: Low tech people operating high tech equipment.

Up your Y2K!
Did you know that a vast number of companies operate on a pseudo-Julian calendar? A Julian calendar is one which starts with some beginning day and gives a day count from that point. McGard, a company which makes wheel locks and keys, uses such a system whereby the date 06 January 1993 is their 'Julian' date, 16711. January 1, 2000 is just another number in the sequence and I find it hard to believe that all Ford wheels, using these locks, will drop off at midnight (which time zone, Mabel?) thus causing you to crash into a over-priced bagel wagon and end up suffocating in a vat of moldy cream cheese. Knowledge never made anyone free but the lack of it makes one a genuine ahole – the American archetype.

Banks do not use computer infromation as primary data. They rely on hard copy which is micro-filmed. Your debt payments will not skip one beat in the year 2000.

Speaking of the profiteers who are making a bundle catering to the gullible goyim, I heard a new wrinkle on the local commie radio relative to the "probable power outage". Mills Company has in stock "several thousand" $1500 portable electric generators which they will hold in your name for a $300 fee. If you need one on 31 December 1999, or thereafter, they will C.O.D. it to your home by truck for the balance of $1200. If you don't need it, the $300 lost fee insured "peace of mind." If a person signs up for this generous service, it is obvious he has no mind in the first place. Consider this: The electric power goes thud. Your portable power supply needs gasoline. Gasoline is in underground tanks which require electricity to pump it up to ground level. Mills' trucks are also dependent upon gasoline to deliver your 'independent' electron propeller. The traffic lights will be down and the lights in Mills' storage building will not be operating. I understand that the doors there are huge and require electricity to open them. Lights and alarms will not function and the looters will be raising hell everywhere thus making the peaceful delivery of anything a joke. Either the people at Mills are lying to you or they are idiots. In either case, a healthy society would promptly sterilize them all – and let God worry about it. If I had gasoline to spare, I'd not put it into any power generator. I'd use it in my tired Ford and race to the hills as soon as possible in order to avoid the savages who would then be without welfare checks. If you really think that all will be as usual once the power goes flop, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. All in all, Y2K hysteria serves as a compelling reason to gas everyone.

According to John Baker, in his book Race, savages mutilate their bodies. This includes circumcision (American males, jews) , tattoos (skin heads, macho types) , tongue-piercing (wiggers, the insane) and most of the other American fads. One batch of 'equal' idiots in the  East Indies cuts the male's uretha open near the base of the penis. This causes semen to be ejaulated where Nature never intended – a means of birth control I'd imagine. Clever, eh? The pervert Margaret Mead never mentioned the resulting altered urination process. 
Do we really need someone to recite the obvious?

"I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you."

Dr. Albert Schweitzer

In his The Enemy of Europe, Francis Parker Yockey points an accusing  finger at the United States of America. The friend of Europe was supposed to be the Soviet Union. This was based upon the foolish notion, also shared by Dr. William Pierce and "Wilmot Robertson", that the U.S.S.R. was relatively free of jews and their power of the purse. These three self-deluded people suffer from 'egg head' paralysis whereby they were educated to the point where they could no longer tell if the rain was falling. Anyone who has been in the 'workers' paradise', as has Eric Thomson, knows that every bureau from the mighty to the low, was run by a jew and still is. If your TV news doesn't tell you something, then nothing will.

Yockey wrote entertaining stuff which was always wrong, relative to the real world. His "food wars" of the 1970s failed to materialize much like the failure of the "jupiter effect" of 1982 and soon, the Y2K holocaust fizzle will join those ranks. He also changed his position faster than a disgruntled woman changes bed partners. When the Brits failed to rally around him, he went to Europe where he was also equally ignored. He then – as they say – got 'pissed' and labeled the Soviets as 'good guys'. If he had lived long enough to find that the Russians weren't interested in his verbal wares either, who knows who his next great hope might have been? 

Someone sent me the following and I'll assume that it was 'tongue in cheek'. A selection of people were asked if they would participate in a contest called "Spot That Jew." The volunteers were given photographs of  certain individuals and asked to correctly identify the jews. They were given scores based upon the percentage of correct answers. I am displaying a partial list because the results closely agree with my own observations.

100 %  rabbi Marvin Lighter
100 %  Larry King
  99 %  Eric Thomson
  62 %  Marlon Brando
  31 %  Ernst Zündel
  21 %  Tom Metzger
  14 %  Alex Curtis
  13 %  Bo Decker
    9 %  William Pierce
    1 %  Ray Charles (blind but he made one correct guess)

Would you call some bastard a bastard if you knew that the bastard really was a bastard and that the bastard would be offended by being called a bastard? Or would you rather lie about the whole thing?
Bob Djurdjevic's writings are rapidly attracting new readers due to his coverage of the slaughter fest in Yugoslavia. Please do not deceive yourself into believing he is a champion of the white race. In spite of his timely work, he is still a system stooge who plays the profitable, and politically correct game of the Zionists. Otherwise you'd not see any of his articles appearing in ZOG media. The truth will set you free? Balderdash! A man with his head on a guillotine block has his head full of truth. Only blood, sweat and tears (Lord Byron, not the drunk Churchill!) will work. Honky. You'd better wise up. We are being picked off, one by one. You will save nothing by endless reading and yammering. Gawd Greta! Look at what they are doing to us now...

Just because the ZOG media lies most of the time, doesn't mean that Bob's Truth in Media is telling you the truth. Believe whatever makes you smile.

Revisionists and Holocausters are acolytes who devote their lives to disagreeing with one another.
Can one be considered an anti-Semite if he quotes Jews?

* The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism – The Chicago Jewish Sentinel.
* The Jews are the spiritual fathers of Democracy – Dr. Oscar Levy.
* I see no inconsistency between the Philosophy of Communism and Principles of Democracy – Herbert Benjamin.
* We as Jews are certain that Judaism and Democracy are inseparable – Rabbi Israel Goldman.
* Some call it Marxism; I call it Judaism – Rabbi Stephen Wise.
* The League of Nations is a Jewish conception – Israel Zangwill.
* The League of Nations is a Jewish idea – Nahum Sololow.
* The United Nations Ideal is a Jewish Ideal – David Ben-Gurion.
* The United Nations is Zionism – Harry Klein.
* Zionism is Jewish nationalism – Rabbi Stephen Wise.
(NATO is a communist invention.)
* We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything today is Jewdified – Dr. Kurt Munzer.
* The public schools must be kept clear of Christmas carols and other Christmas influence. We want all this Christmas propaganda stopped – Jewish National Day.

We are supposed to be living in a REPUBLIC!

Some have asked why I have little comment about the situation in Yugoslavia. Frankly my dear, I don't really care since the news coming out of Europe contradicts the news coming from America. Out of expediency, I simply assume that both sides are lying which has been typical of the hundreds of wars sought to 'save the peace'. Clinton directs the killing of people in order to 'save lives'. Our bombs wreck the whole place so that the sucker tax-payer will have something to rebuild. It all makes us feel so self-righteous and important and besides, it's good for business.

The aim of this whole sad operation is, as claimed by the vindictive jew General Wesley Clark, to destroy ethnic and/or national states – Israel is exempt, which should tell you something. Kill them all and that'll be the end of it. The problem is that the commies and their useful idiots want to engage in wars where only the other side gets damaged without one casualty occurring on the aggressor's side. H.L. Mencken's Boobus Americanus eats this crap right up.

If the goal of this war is to be achieved without the loss of a single American life, then someone else will have to do the ground fighting. It's the noble thing for us to insist upon. Who then? Arm the Albanians and let those fools fight for our goals. The problem is that this would only encourage more ethnic unity, not less. I guess we can't get there from here.

In the meantime, I can hear the racist Chinese laughing as they continue to buy up, and colonize, a country whose citizens couldn't care less as long as the fridge is full of beer and niggerball continues uninterrupted. We truly deserve quick-zip Clinton and his gang of mid eastern desert cutthroats – Albright, Rubin, Berger, Cohen, Clark and Izzy Pilebaum.

I have observed over my  many decades of breathing, that 'love' between male and female is no longer in the realm of spirit. It is pure estrus and often even below the animal level. I recently read of an example which illustrates this view:

A 'man' apparently was engaged in his habitual fornication with some woman foolish enough to believe his lies. He had steady meat – as the saying goes. Well, well, don't you know? She got pregnant whereby he promptly sued her – that's love! – for breaking a 'promise' that his numerous orgasms would not end up producing such a natural outcome. He even added that birth control was the female's obligation. He is dead wrong and if I were running this country, he'd be promptly castrated and shipped to Zambia with a sign reading "cook until tender". You see, the male is the seeker and pursuer. It is he who penetrates the woman. It is his sperm which penetrates the ovum. The woman is, and always has been, the receiver. It's true, as in this example, that there are many, many very gullible women running loose but that in no way means that a male is required to 'service' them. The male 'gives' the sperm to the female and it is he, and he alone, who controls that gift. This is an upside down age which obviously cannot continue much longer.

The male in this example shuns, nay abhors, responsibility. That's plainly evident. (He's just a little boy who still needs his mommy to clean up his messes.) As I look around I see many males but few men. A man shoulders the responsibility for his children and for his wife. What do we see among the young today? Males encouraging females to work so that the Corvette payments will be easier. When unwanted impregnation occurs, the woman is 'responsible' and off to the the abortion clinic she goes where psychological, and physical, damage is done. Each day I pass dozens of one parent (meaning the female) 'families' where 'daddy' deserted and went on the prowl for another woman to con into steady copulation.

It appears to be precisely this sort of male who is very active in the 'hate' movements. They claim they are going to save society's bacon but when it comes to shouldering the responsibility for families they've started, they are nowhere to be found. This sort of animated rubbish couldn't lead iron filings to a magnet.

'Love' has now degenerated into something less than that exhibited by jackals. At least jackals are around long enough to rear their young.

The legions of Rome were rarely defeated in the field. Rome fell due to the lack of (white) Romans. America will collapse once the white racial base is destroyed. America could last for centuries without blacks or mestizos. It couldn't last six months without white people.
When a country (America) commits acts of war, without a declaration of war, against another sovereign country (Yugoslavia), then it is little other than banditry where the culprits are criminals.
Have you noticed that the commie National Education Association, in its Today periodical, always exhibits, on its front page, a black or mestizo face when the topic is genius or excellence of any kind? On the other hand, drug-heads, drop-outs, and other riffraff, always have milk-white skins, blue eyes and blond hair.
In America, things are always ass-backwards. It's assumed that all problems can be talked into solution – that's the Internet – or, at least, bought off. The real deal doesn't work that way. One cannot become an expert photographer by buying an expensive camera. People think they can become National Socialists simply by saying that they are, and/or waving swastikas in the air and shouting "Sieg Heil" at every lamp post. The truth of the matter is that politics begins at home. First, one must BE a National Socialist in mind and spirit and not merely rattle off at the mouth. The jewish historian John Toland once commented that the only place the American Hollywood Nazis would have had in the Third Reich would have been to occupy space in some concentration camp.
Most women care little about the quality of the children they beget – as long as they are helpless. Men take pride in the evolving beauty of their children and in the mounting level of their accomplishments. Women despair when they find they are no longer needed by the weak. If 98 out of 100 people are saved from some calamity, men view it as a success. Women bellow and wail about the 2 who were lost. Men who turn their affairs, whether private or public, over to women are none other than little boys in need of a mother. This is what has made America a collection of infantile belly-achers and whiners and, when the odds are in their favor, self-righteous bullies. 
Whatever happened to our last "5 year education plan" which was supposed to make America #1 in math and science by the year 2000? No one ballyhoos that anymore. As predicted, it went belly up and vanished down the memory hole. As long as blacks are considered 'equals' and mongrels 'white', America is headed for the trash bin which is all according to the New World Order plan. By the way, the destruction of all national sovereignty is supposed to be completed by year 2000.
Remember to support The United Penguin College Fund. A wing is a terrible thing to waste.
In regard to the photo contained in  Black Pride, I have no idea what your (not mine) brother is doing. I do know that many black tribes do cool themselves in freshly discharged cow urine. Perhaps this young disadvantaged lad is priming the pump. Be that as it may, the Masai, I believe, mix cow manure with blood to make a floor covering for their huts. It has the ability to be highly polished, I am told. Black women also use cow manure as a hair dressing. Blacks have no aversion to any form of excrement, and may perhaps enjoy its many varieties. One can certainly notice that in the case of a black rapist, sodomy is nearly always involved. Ain't cultural diversity grand?
A man blows the brains out of another's head. Years ago, the cry was, "Get the killer!"

Today things have progressed. We care little about the killer and more about the weapon, so the cry became, "Get the gun!"

Time marches on (draft-dodger Clinton never marched anywhere). The progression, that is, progress, continues. We are now after the emotion that propelled the man to use the gun. "Get the hate!" shouts the media.

I suspect that soon the walnut-brained mobs will be shouting for the confiscation of that which caused the emotion. I can hear it now. "Get the brain! Make brains illegal."

Then we could move on those who gave rise to that brain. "Get the parents! Kill them all. That will teach the kiddies that violence does not pay."

This could be blamed on dad's erection and so we could make those illegal too. The links are endless – just what the law makers need to keep themselves in business – ad infinitum.

Fearless Fosdick

== Tampax substitute, cigar Billy says that we are doing all of that Belgrade bombing in order to save lives.
== Remember that Janet the Reno also told us, that to prevent child abuse, she had to order the burning alive of all those kiddies at Waco.
== Our airmen, who vaporized hundreds of thousands of people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, also were in the business of "saving lives".
== This all  reminds me of a 1930s Dick Tracy comic strip sequence. It went something like this:

Someone poisoned a can of beans and surreptitiously deposited in on a grocery store shelf. (A precursor to the Tylenol/cyanide episode of later decades, I suppose.) A sleuth named Fearless Fosdick was ordered to do what he could to prevent someone from eating that can of beans. In the final strip, Fearless finally found the grocery store, and the customer, but before he could confiscate the poisoned can of beans, he observed a man starting to eat those very beans. Fearless ordered the man to stop what he was doing but the fellow continued to eat. "Stop, or I'll shoot" was the command. The man didn't stop – he was very hungry – and so true-aim Fosdick shot him through the head and, with a sigh, announced, "There. I've accomplished my task. No one died from eating those poisoned beans."

So, you see, those insane degenerates who are running our government aren't exactly original. 

The man who does not give way to despair perceives that the Western poison, egalitarianism, is the obscene and loathsome vengeance of the slave mentality. 
Good gawd Greta! Thou offendith me.

New speak informs us that "Jew lawyer", and similar constructs, are offensive and vulgar terms. Why is that so? We can speak of Christian lawyers and French lawyers and Mongolian lawyers, without some bean-head going ballistic, can't we? We are supposed to say "Jewish lawyers" and to be consistent, Christianish lawyers, Frenchish lawyers and Mongolianish lawyers. The "ish" makes it an adjective. Perhaps we could say "Jew-like lawyer" and so my hash-like lunch could become a hashish lunch. Why do jews, and Jews, get bent out of shape when someone refers to them as what they are? Talk about thin skins!

Jew – refers to a person of the Judaic faith.
jew – a biological term indicating a tri-racial hybrid.
jue – anyone who uses haggling as a means to get you to lower your price.
jou – anyone who believes as a Jew, but thinks he is something else.
joo – anyone who doesn't fit into any of the above but feels he should be.
juice – an imprecise plural form.

The above sets have intersections. Sammy Davis Jr. was a Jew but not a jew. Sidney Bergash is a jew but not a Jew. Tony DiNapoli is a jue but is not a Jew or a jew. Irving Barzuk is a Jew, a jew and a jue. The idiot next door is a joo. Pat Robertson and Billy Graham are jous, and probably two jues too.

In blight-wing circles, a Jew, jew, jue, jou and a joo are one in the same. That's one of the reasons they never know what in hell they are talking about. Basically, it's anyone they don't like.

Certain other people don't know the difference between a vagina, a rectum and an oral cavity. The girl next door, while bending over, appears to be equal to a sheep's behind. That's why race-mixers and perverts are usually seen together. People who hump spades together, get AIDS together.

Race-mixing, no matter how you pump it, hasn't one positive to its name. When blacks mix with whites, mulattos are formed. In general intelligence, the mulatto is half-way between the dull black and the more mentally alert white. However – and very interesting – the problem-solving ability of the mulatto is beneath that of both the black and the white. If you white females want good-looking and intelligent children, then you'll know who not to spread for. In addition, the inmates of the funny farms are mostly mongrels. 
Didja ever notice that those who scream for war are never those who will fight that war? Our Congressional fat-asses are again up to no good. Remember that these clowns are usually elected by people who want something for nothing. You young people should also remember that your Congressman lives in your area and thus it is easy to peacefully make him an offer he can't refuse – keeping in mind William Munney's (Clint Eastwood) farewell message to the town's people in the movie Unforgiven.
Religion makes smart people behave stupidly.
The military makes stupid people behave smartly.
Eric Thomson

The Zionist Occupation Government of the United States is committed to the destruction of ALL White nationalism. Black nationalism and Yellow nationalism are supported and defended.
The story of Hans:

The Gerstenbergers were born in Germany. During the 1920s, economic conditions there were so poor that the family emigrated to the United States. Their son Hans was born in Jamestown NY in 1926. The Great Depression caused the family to return to Germany where Hitler's Reich was just beginning to blossom while Americans stood in bread lines..

According to the Nürnberg Laws, Hans was a German by blood. According to American law, Hans was an American by geography. Hans served on the Russian Front and became a battle-hardened veteran of 3 years. The war ended and Eisenhower was just beginning his murderous assault upon the prostrate population of Germany. The Gerstenbergers once again fled to America. The American draft was still in effect in 1948 and Hans' record showed that he had not served "his country". He was drafted and shipped to the Korean theater in 1950. He again served in combat. I know not what  became of him beyond that point.

Hans was a man of enormous character and nobility, bearing the universally envied Nordic physical features. Contrast this to the typical noise-making blight-winger here in America, or most any other what's-in-it-for-me American, for that matter.

Yakima WA, is currently enjoying the benefits of promiscuity – a rapid increase in the number of AIDS (HIV) cases. Blacks, and mestizos, are passing it on – in the name of diversity, equality,  and brotherhood – at a rate 26 times that of whites. It goes something like this: A white dude, who cannot control his stiff joint, takes on some white girl who was recently plunked by some other guy whose girl loved race-mixing juice exchanges. Sooner or later, what goes around comes around, and everyone is happy knowing that they "are in this together." A loose market cashier, who often smiles at me, claims she is only humping older men now since the young guys are mostly diseased. Wasn't there something about glass houses?
In New York State, it is a crime to possess a policeman's baton. However, it is legal to carry a machete on the street. You go figure...
Just when you thought there was an even playing field, any woman who wants to be an astronaut is required to have a hysterectomy. A man does not have to have a vasectomy.

Men, women, mice, negroes, dogs, asians, and chimpanzees, have all taken Buck Rogers rides into the welkin but this in no way proves any sort of equality. It's little other than political correctness in action.

Qualifications demanding selection based upon merit are, in the end, racist.

Law enforcement is also racist by nature.

Dr. Anita Holdcroft, an anesthesiologist at London's Royal Postgraduate Medical School, found that women's brain's shrink 3-5% during pregnancy. This may impact learning and memory. In cognitive tests, more than 70% of women had difficulty learning new information during their ninth month of pregnancy. Performances during pregnancy were 15-20% lower on spatial and verbal tests. Six months later, the brain, and scores, returned to normal. The pituitary gland increased in size during pregnancy.

(Brain in the News, 8/15/97, Vol. 4. #8, pg. 8)

Daycare communes – one of the prime locations for the spreading of communicable diseases have another downside:

Harvard University researcher Mary Carlson discovered that the emotional bonding between mother and infant changes the infant's brain. Infants deprived or put in daycare centers had abnormal levels of stress hormones (cortisol) on weekdays, but not on weekends, when they were home. The touch-deprived children had the lowest scores on mental and motor testing.

In addition, some of the infant's brain cells may simply commit suicide. Maternal separation caused many more brain cells to die in laboratory animal studies. Although the growing brain normally prunes excess synapses and cells, the neurons in the maternally-deprived animals died at twice the normal rate!

(Brain in the News, 11/15/97, Vol. 4. #11, pg. 4)