24 May 1999
Generous compliments from  readers:

"Whether you know it or not I view you and Eric as islands in the storm of stupidity that is the White Nationalist movement."

If it walks like a duck; quacks like a duck; ... ... ...

"I like the fact that you let Dr. Oliver speak for himself and do not twist his words to turn him into something he plainly is not (The "Identity" true jew idiots love to make him an apologist for their cause. They love to quote his statement that Christianity is the religion of the West, but seldom quote the other things he said about Judaism's Aryan branch.). "

Neither Eric or I have any agenda other than telling what we believe to be the truth and attempting to get White people back on the track of sanity.

"Frankly, I'm not too sure if I will continue to read every word Dr. Chomsky writes, as Eric is frankly a more astute observer and does not need to be taken with quite so much salt."

A parrot might utter sounds which appear to be human language, but it is still a parrot. Dr. Chomsky is a jew and views the world as one no matter what issues from his pen or mouth.

Multilingual Eric has a wide experience which includes years of foreign work, service and travel. He is far more worthy of consideration than is a Dr. Pierce, for example, who has rarely been outside of his "Deliverance" bunker. I would rather take my car for repair to someone who has worked on automobiles than to someone who prefers to read books on how to repair cars, thus preventing his hands from getting dirty – which is the modus operandi of the self-appointed blight-wing 'leaders'.

America is now over 50% Asiatic in blood. This includes the variety of Anglo-mestizos known as F.D.R. 'whites' plus the colonizing Asians, Amerasians, many jews, Mexicans and so on. From top to bottom, what constitutes that dismal collection known as the 'blight-wing', cannot even define who White people are in spite of their incessant yammering to that effect. Many have mixed-blood wives and/or mistresses when they are not so themselves.

The latest free speech 'hot shot', Matt Drudge (I hope I misspelled his name), is a jew and wears his hat in the same manner as did the deceased jew war-monger (let's you and him fight) to which he is compared – Walter Winchell.

Soil and grime problems? You've tried them all – BON AMI, OLD DUTCH, ZUD and COMET – now try ERIC'S ETHNIC CLEANSER. Sprinkle it on and it's guaranteed to chase all of your dirt onto your neighbor's property. Our commercial size, after only one application, will absolutely move your crud into someone's else's country. It's big, really big!
The recent voting results, concerning the local school board members and related issues, clearly demonstrated that the goyim sense that something is wrong but still cannot grasp the reality they are living in. They voted for higher taxes and a smaller budget. That's a welcome relief from voting for lower taxes and an increased budget. Neither makes any logical sense anyway. They still believe that spending money on building school gymnasiums will improve the cranial content of their genetically defective offspring. 
I am waiting for a law to be passed which bans tornadoes. Americans love to have laws passed but do not have the backbone to enforce them. It's all part of their wishful thinking activity whereby 'tragedies' can be prevented if one yammers and cries long enough.

A tragedy is something which has happened. One can no more "prevent" a disaster than he can a crime. All the law ever does is to retaliate after some rule is broken. Rape a woman and your balls will be cut off. A law such as this is simply a threat – an act of coercion or intimidation. If you haven't the fortitude to carry out the threat, then don't issue it.

(Hey man! I saved a woman from being raped. I changed my mind.)

I ask someone to name a future tragedy giving the time, place and details. Without a crystal ball, I think he would be a little handicapped. If you cannot be specific then how in hell can you say that you know how to prevent it? Are you able to build something of which you know nothing?

Let's see: Take a gun, a young person and a school. Boink! The ingredients for a future tragedy, so the people blubber. It's pure fatalism which presupposes some knowledge of the future. How about abolishing schools? That would 'prevent' further school killings wouldn't it?

Each day I search for evidence of sanity and I find none.

According to the Buffalo News:
Five young people were killed almost instantly when the car they were riding in collided with an immovable concrete overpass support on the Kensington Expressway. All were leaving a wedding reception and all had their brains pickled in booze which did not lend great dignity to the marriage celebration, I would imagine. In addition, the vehicle was traveling in excess of 100 MPH in a 50 MPH speed zone. The driver failed to negotiate a slight curve. Of course, DWI and speeding are a deadly combination but were the young idiots at fault for this tragedy? Of course not! A Ph.D. Hindu urine-drinker from the local university stated that the expressway was poorly designed. He suggested planting a myriad of rubber barrels along the sides of the road to protect the little darlings who love to drive as if they just purchased the road. This refugee from the sewers of Calcutta also suggested that the speed limit should be enforced. Enforcing laws are only acts of retribution after the deed is committed. If the violation results in the offender's death, an arrest seems a little silly. As if we don't have enough morons of our own, with college degrees, we have to import more from the turd world. On the brighter side, three of the responding police and ambulance drivers promptly went bonkers after viewing the scene which included an automobile in several pieces, as were the victims. The stalwart public servants required on-the-spot counseling for their self-induced traumas. Now we can look forward to candlelight vigils; lawsuits; a wailing wall built upon the site; and yearly remembrance sob sessions at the local churches. When aholes do themselves in, I shed not one tear. It's all so Darwinian and beautiful. Cars are registered but that doesn't stop the slaughter either.
As the Christian nit-wits gear up for the year 2000, we should remember that the New World Order criminals hope to have all national sovereignty abolished by that date. It's beginning to look a lot like Mejico, baby. Pass the hepatitis and TB-laced salsa, Juan. I hear that your mother is a virgin.
I thank all of those who wrote an email of appreciation for The Yellow Peril. I am now considering working on The Riddle of the Jews' Success – 300 pages. It will be a translation from the German which moves through unsavory business practices; international connections; the Stock Exchange; trade specialties; supporters of Capitalism; business and religion; instigated wars and their profits plus the cunning utilization of feminine weaknesses to further the sale of mercantile trash.
It's a shame, but Routine Circumcision – The Tragic Myth is no longer in print. It's an eye-opener for would-be parents who are considering just that. Perhaps there is sufficient interest for me to accept yet another project.
According to some six year 'study' made at some university, somewhere, by some experts in something, it was 'shown' that computers do not make kids smarter. Dawhhhh.... It's in the genes, kiddies. It always has been and all of those wasted tax dollars won't alter Mother Nature one bit.
According to John Baker, in his book Race, savages mutilate their bodies. This includes circumcision (American males, jews) , tattoos (skin heads, macho types) , tongue-piercing (wiggers, the insane) and most of the other American fads. One batch of 'equal' idiots in the East Indies cuts the male's urethra open near the base of the penis. This causes semen to be ejaculated where Nature never intended – a means of birth control I'd imagine. Clever, eh? The pervert Margaret Mead never mentioned the resulting altered urination process. 
In his The Enemy of Europe, Francis Parker Yockey points an accusing  finger at the United States of America. The friend of Europe was supposed to be the Soviet Union. This was based upon the foolish notion, also shared by Dr. William Pierce and "Wilmot Robertson", that the U.S.S.R. was relatively free of jews and their power of the purse. These three self-deluded people suffer from 'egg head' paralysis whereby they were educated to the point where they could no longer tell if the rain was falling. Anyone who has been in the 'workers' paradise', as has Eric Thomson, knows that every bureau from the mighty to the low, was run by a jew and still is. If your TV news doesn't tell you something, then nothing will.

Yockey wrote entertaining stuff which was always wrong, relative to the real world. His "food wars" of the 1970s failed to materialize much like the failure of the "jupiter effect" of 1982 and soon, the Y2K holocaust fizzle will join those ranks. He also changed his position faster than a disgruntled woman changes bed partners. When the Brits failed to rally around him, he went to Europe where he was also equally ignored. He then – as they say – got 'pissed' and labeled the Soviets as 'good guys'. If he had lived long enough to find that the Russians weren't interested in his verbal wares either, who knows who his next great hope might have been?