2 November 1999
When your way of life is being destroyed by invaders, the meek surrender and get trampled while the brave and righteous declare war. One never rids himself of his enemies by bribes, courtesy, wishful thinking or endless discussion.
Most are interested in improving their 'quality of living' as long as someone else pays for it. This 'quality' involves pleasure seeking, avoidance of responsibility and appears limited to those who cannot see past next week's football game or crack concert. An attitude such as this is what draws people to communism whether it's called democracy, freedom, bolshevism or "we are all in this together". My focus is not a something for nothing affair but can be simple stated: To hell with improving the quality of living. Let's improve the quality of that which lives! Quality people will always create a better life for themselves. The way it is now, quality people are burdened by law or queer religious beliefs, to upgrade those parasitic wretches who have not the capacity to do it for themselves.  We cannot improve the miserable beings which are today breathing and breeding out of control. We can improve that which is yet to be born. I am not in favor of genetic hocus-pocus which is little more than patching things up after the fact and the way Nature works, it will involve catastrophe anyway. The greedy – always ready to sacrifice the other fellow – will gladly accept a huge monetary payment in exchange for the simplicity of being sterilized. It would be a boon for the degenerates for they could live handsomely, comfortably and screw to their loin's content without all of that parental nonsense which they avoid anyway. Those with a world view can see the icebergs through the cold fog but alas, they are too few and their power is limited. It therefore will probably fall upon Nature to deal with us harshly via Her arsenal of diseases and calamities. The fickle finger of fate points randomly and so it would be to our advantage to better order our world in harmony with what has been shown to us. One cannot fool Mother Nature.
Thirty minutes south of where I live, lies a city called Buffalo. Buffalo is going full Black quick time. In that city lies a college principally for 'minorities'. It hands out grants, non-scholar scholarships and other tax-supported goodies to anyone smart enough to ride a bus. A student can get a degree and a teaching certificate as long as he has accumulated enough seat time. This is the new breed of Affirmative Action teachers none of whom could have ever graduated from high school if the standards of 1950 were employed. Be that as it may, 200 new teachers , mainly from this sorry group, were hired by the city. In the first week of school, 31 of them quit and by the first week in October, a total of 93 have deserted the ship. Still, no one has seemed to make the connection: You cannot integrate chickens and ducks and expect all of them to fly south for the winter no matter how you deceive yourself into believing that all birds are equal. You may fool yourself but you cannot fool Mother Nature.

In a nearby clothing store I heard an older man mention, "You know, that fellow Hitler had some good ideas." The owner, Bert Farber, didn't seem impressed.

What a wonderful, loving, sharing we're-in-this-together place this is. We share our money and their diverse diseases. God must have loved mud for He created so much of it.
Pat Buchanan – some say he is a Judas goat; a thermometer to gauge the extent of anti-Semitism in this country. I doubt this very much and my reason lies in what most people vote for. The politicians are best at this rigged game, so watch what they do. In Iowa, they are for the farmers. In no man's land, they want to save the environment. In front of senior citizens (the death row crowd), they promise to raise S.S. benefits. To the fearful they preach law and order. For the stupid, it's more schools. And so on and so forth. They do this because this is the way people vote. Pat is anti-abortion and that's enough for some people who probably don't care if he's anti-bananas, kicks dogs and poisons  the pigeons in the park. Those looking for freebies usually have no principles of their own and couldn't care less about those of whom he elects as long as the official steals for them. No one ever votes for the whole meat pie. (If you had a world view, you'd be neither Republican nor Democrat.) They focus on their own little selfish piece and don't care a rat's ass whose ox is gored as long as it's not theirs. To benotanti-Semitic does not mean that you are pro-Semitic. If I were a jew, I'd worry more about the indifferent slobs in the neighborhood than I would about someone who cares about things – one way or the other. People who care can sometimes change their views. The indifferent remain unchanging burdens forever.
Once again, the ass backwards 'values' of this hawg heaven shows itself. The media mouths are alive with tears and praise for a man who did little other than swat balls for a living – the other people who died in the same crash are of little importance, it appears. Each day, there are hundreds of really valuable people – engineers, doctors, tradesmen, etc. – who die but the nation doesn't do a wailing wall spectacle for them. They are the wealth of any land and the criminals, entertainment morons and perverts wouldn't be able to have such a fat cow to feed upon, if it weren't for our wealth (not money!) producers. And how does a drug soaked slut become rich by screeching and gyrating on stage? Or a 300 pound moron command millions of dollars per year chasing balls around a pasture? The answer: They are supported by hordes of their own kind who would rather be entertained than pay attention to the welfare of their  family and nation. After all, it's easier to sit on one's duff than it is to contribute something of value. Perhaps it's only a matter of down breeding.
This is a hypocrisy, not a democracy. Clinton's call for "tolerance" means we should be tolerant of what he likes while he can remain intolerant of the things you dislike – such as the Waco murder of the goofy Koreshites and their little children. If you can be tolerant, that is, smile while you are being robbed and your land being invaded, then that's the kind of tolerance which makes you an ideal American sheep worthy of being elected to office. No matter what the vocabulary, this land is full of people who hate those (usually their betters) who complain about the infringements upon their lives and property, and those who still retain a sense of duty to their own kind whom they refer to as 'racists'. Jews and Zionists are opposed to racism in America but support it whole-heartedly in Israel.
When idiots are supported by unscrupulous lawyers, you have the making of a comic tragedy. Pizza Hut is taking Papa John's – both make lousy pizza – to federal court over what they believe to be a negative "inference". The slogan "Better ingredients make better pizza,"  is the basis of the complaint. How paranoid can one get? (The answer becomes clear when one discovers the racial make-up of its owners.) Consider it this way: Suppose that Papa John's used worm-ridden, mouse turd contaminated flour (a real possibility?) and the customers complained about the taste. Now, "Better ingredients make better pizza," could be construed as a reflection upon themselves and perhaps even regarded as an excuse for their bad pizza.

It has been said that we should kill all of the lawyers. It would be more wise to kill all of the idiots and then the lawyers would starve. In that way, it's two birds with one stone.

This has been called a "spartan page" and I consider that a compliment. The internet is supposed to be a means of rapid and cheap communication but it's rapidly becoming more like the superficial glitter of jewish Las Vegas. Did you know that most hyper-text (webpage HTML) files are now so loaded with font, layout crap and other doo-doo, that these directions alone account for 70 to 80 percent of the file's content. What one has to say might be only 25K bytes but after it is 'dressed up' for presentation, the file could be enlarged to over 100K – 4 times larger! That's unnecessary baggage if it's information you seek. Here again we see the usual aggrandizement of that which is useless. All gravy and little meat. In the 1950s, we 'hot rodders' had a saying for this sort of thing: If it won't go, chrome it. It's like covering up a bad smell with perfume. The stink is still there but you don't notice it.
Go north, young man? Since I have lived here in the Great White Hopeland, I think,  judging by the few White faces visible in the hordes of swarming muds, that it's a wee bit late. A nation is a people, not a place. If the nation does not want to defend its interests, then there is no solution in finding one more place to cringe and cower.   Eric Thomson
The book, Jewish Ritual Murder is an interesting work. One can argue this while another argues that. What impresses me most is the fact that 'learned men' of the judiciary find that truth is of no importance when it comes to defending one's self in a legal proceeding. The animal which immediately comes to mind is the kangaroo. Such is the state of affairs in Merry England.
I've been busier than a cat trying to cover up crap on a tin roof. I just completed building a dynamic wheel balancer featuring an ingenious – if I do say so myself – electro-mechanical transducer.

I am burying my computer in dry ice to freeze out anticipated Y2K problems. If that doesn't work, I will shoot the neighbor's cat. It belongs to the woman  who always tells me, "You're 2 Kind."

Most Christians are Zionist. Many Jews are not. We have a ZOG – not a JOG. Listen up honkie and stop playing the wrong tune on a bad instrument.

I understand that the great great great grandson of Shaka Zulu has formed a new NS (nothing special) party for White nits who have gone native. The headquarters are in Kwa Bulawayo sandwiched between a crack house and a brothel – which is another sort of crack house.

14 words to live by: If you muck with my family then I am going to fixa ya face.

Instead of 14 words, how about 14 actions?

If you take 14 (words) increased by a high 5, and then subtract that sum from 88, you get 69 – which seems to be a favorite of the blight-wing.

Never say the 14-word! Using your toes, you can find out what the 14th letter is.

14 is a baker's dozen plus the extra you ate while waiting in line at the store.

In Kurbat, 14 is rendered das char.

The 14th even number is 28 which is the second perfect number – the 3rd even number (6) being the first.

The 14th prime number is 43 which is the value of the expression:  n^2 + n + 1 when n = 6.

When you put two people together, you have 14 orifices.

The sum of the squares of the first 3 natural numbers is 14.

The longest human penis on record was 14 inches. It's owner also had the same I.Q. measure.

The harmonic mean of 8 and 56 is 14. So what?

There are 14 legs in a web containing a spider and a fly.

Too bad that Sigmund Freud's last name wasn't Hale. There he goes! Sig Hale. The Führer the better, I say.

Hell, someone's gotta pick the cotton, tote that barge and lift that bale.

Do deaf mutes have a right to free speech? Does anyone have a right to rights? If so, then they should also have a right to lefts. Otherwise, there'd be no sensible pairs even though pears don't care – especially after they're pared regardless of how they were paired