13 November 1999
In the nearby city of Buffalo NY, Johnny Crockran of 'juice' Simpson fame is busy pushing a lawsuit concerning a female Sonderneger who walked into oncoming traffic and got transported into the welkin. It seems that the bus stop wasn't where she wanted it to be and therefore it was necessary to cross a busy street before browsing in the Galleria Mall. Obviously a racist intersection. Anyway, the jury was picked and old yammer mouth was quick to argue that it contained no Bantu-Americans. Another batch of racism, no doubt. It seems that the 'racist' judge announced that the jury was selected according to the rules of New York State and that was that. There must be another 'race card' up old Johnny's sleeve.
Winter tip: If you use a gasoline additive for the absorption of water, do not buy any product which contain methyl alcohol. It is relatively ineffective but it's sold because it's cheap. There are only 2 such additives which are used in aircraft. All others are illegal. One is iso-propyl alcohol (iso-propanol or 2-propanol). Use about 1 fl.oz. per 1 to 1.2 gallons of fuel. Follow directions on the can. The other substance has a chemical name almost as long as the list of Clinton adulteries. One ounce does a whole tank but it costs more proportionally than iso-propyl alcohol.

Without discussing solubility, mutual solubility, miscibility and all of that, let me simplify by saying – what happens is this: Water 'dissolves' in methyl alcohol but methyl alcohol does not dissolve in gasoline. If there is water in the bottom of your tank, adding methyl alcohol only serves to prevent the freezing of the water. The alcohol/water solution remains at the bottom of the tank.

Iso-propanol will dissolve both in water and gasoline so the 3 liquids actually end up as one phase. A similar situation occurs when essential oils are blended with propylene glycol before diluting with water to make food flavorings.

By the way, the best windshield washer "solvent" is again iso-propyl alcohol although, and again for cheapness, most of the products you buy are methyl alcohol based.

If it weren't for White people, what do you think the present state of chemistry would be? Isn't it great to belong to that race?

Lesson: A news yapper announced that 10,000,000 married women will commit adultery in 1999 – far more than the number of men doing so. This looks like an interesting fact but it is nothing more than an opinion or an extrapolation of some survey – you know, those things where people prevaricate for their own amusement. If factual, 10M women must have somehow verified that they did play around – hardly likely. Even if someone got them to admit it, how could we tell that they were telling the truth? Think about other crap that gets passed off as 'fact.'
Low turnout at the polls does not indicate voter apathy. It is actually a boycott. Many people simply recognize that the lesser of two evils is still evil.

CUI BONO (who gains; to whose advantage is the accusation?)

With all of the "Oh my God!" shrieks coming over the air waves, let's see if I understand it all.

Who are all of the child molesters? The White males.
Cui bono = Bitter, timorous and disgruntled broads of every description.

Who are all of the racists? The While males.
Cui bono = Muds and cruds of every description.

Who are all of the women abusers? The White males.
Cui bono = Feminists, hags, bags, hens and career twats of every description.

Who are all of the gun nuts shooting at everything that moves? The White males.
Cui bono = Communists, Marxists, peace creeps and ZOGlings of every description.

Who are all of the homophobes? The White males.
Cui bono = Queers, pansies, daisies and faggots of every description.

There seems to be a common theme here, eh? Nobody likes me. I think I'll go berserk and gas all of the pigeons in the park. After all, White males were responsible for Zyklon B, weren't they?.

It's hard to believe! Jews faking 'evidence'?

BERLIN, Nov. 4 - An exhibition showing ordinary German soldiers committing Nazi war crimes which has prompted right-wing protests in Germany was shut down on Thursday after historians said some photographs were faked.

The multi-media exhibition was due to open in the United States in December but organisers have instead closed the display for three months to allow an independent panel of historians to decide whether the criticisms are true. Historians have pointed out in a number of historical journals that photographs of corpses in the display show the victims of the NKVD Soviet security police rather than the Wehrmacht, the Nazi-era German army. Other controversial exhibits include a photograph of a German firing squad shooting youths in Yugoslavia in 1941. War historians say the soldiers involved were actually Hungarian. And other visitors have pointed out a host of other errors in how pictures were displayed and labelled. Since it began four years ago the exhibition, called "War of Extermination – Crimes of the Wehrmacht, 1941-1944," has struck a nerve in Germany. There is a widely held belief in Germany that the army, unlike Hitler's elite SS, were either not involved in the worst Nazi atrocities or participated only under duress. "The exhibition has suffered an extraordinary loss of credibility," said Jan Philipp Reemtsma, the billionaire philantrophist and art patron who has sponsored the Hamburg Institute for Social Research to organise the exhibition. "It is possible the loss of credibility could ultimately damage the overall argument of the exhibition," Reemstma said. The Polish historian Bogdan Musial has said that nine of the 801 photographs catalogued as part of the exhibition – some of which are shown in a display case shaped like the German army's top honour, the Iron Cross – are fake. Reemstsma denies that the photographs were altered on purpose to make the German army look bad. "Our exhibition is not the only one to contain mistakes, but it is the only one where errors make such large waves. And that is because the exhibition is so provocative to so many people," Reemstsma said in this week's Stern magazine. Reemtsma said the exhibition's main goal was to stimulate discussion about how the German population dealt with the years of Nazi rule and this was why it had raised such an outcry. There have been violent demonstrations by right-wing groups in nearly every city the display has visited and it was even targeted by a bomb in March. The controversy prompted a debate in parliament, where some deputies broke down crying as they told tales of their families' sufferings and gave details of Nazis among their relatives.

Around 900,000 people have visited the exhibition to date. (end of article)

Hey matey! How come the jews don't collect reparations for all of their tribesmen which they claim were killed under Stalin's rule? How come there are no bloody-bastard Soviet war criminals?

Anyone out there who doodles with their car's engine and is into scanning the computer codes, I have an unused copy of Haynes Techbook 10205 (2108) publ. 1994, Computer Codes and Engine Management Systems which is FREE – as in, old Robert doesn't have strings on anything. Hell, I've even given things to people who've told me to go and f--- myself. 
If you are tired of having your furniture wrecked and finding shit all over your carpets, then ask yourself why you allow goats to live in your house. They are not to blame for acting like goats.

I prefer a White society where all of the non-Whites are "over there" someplace. Until Whites stop blaming others for their own lack of backbone and effort, then I'll remain stranded in an unflushed toilet bowl swimming as best I can to avoid the turds.

Abortion as is currently being practiced – usually as a method of birth control – is repugnant to my way of thinking. Keep your dick in your pants until you grow up enough to form a family. As for the blight-wing argument that abortion is reducing the White population and therefore should be opposed, is another nitwit view of the world based upon a dubious bit of morality. This planet already has more hominids than it needs. I know that many seem to believe that out-breeding one's enemies is the way to success as they have defined it. These are the same people who give you other idiotic advice, advice which Father Time always demonstrates to be pure wishful thinking. Nitwits, however, cannot even remember what they did the day before, and so they can never remember the advice which fell apart at the seams. Before you follow anyone make sure that he knows where in hell he is going and that his brain and character are up to the task. That should eliminate about 98 percent of the blight-wing noise makers. 
Steady themes across all TV programs and channels:
(1) Monkey music as background for everything. To me, nothing is as irritating sound-wise as jungle shriek, warble and log thump. Nigger noise is for niggers no matter what color they are.
(2) Sex scenes begin with a hungry female yanking off her male partner's clothes. Then, when horizontal, she's on top with his hydraulic biology acting counter to gravity. (If hominids were shaped like elephants, this would be funnier than it already is.) To some men, this sort of play comes across as a compliment: "She really is hot for me!"  The truth is something else. This is becoming a conditioned response asserting female dominance. The sad fact about many White males is that they care little about the female's character, truthfulness, honor or any other Western value as long as they 'get their rocks off '.
The over-perfumed 'liberated' hens were all a twitter. They gushed with pride at the fruit of their endeavor – at tax-payers' expense of course. The stage was filled with chimpanzees dressed to a tee and waving their college diplomas. Some were sipping tea while others rode their bicycles 'round and 'round. A few bowed and danced while one was seen smoking a cigar. As a few C minor 7th chords echoed from the miniature piano, the mush-brained educators patted each other on the back in typical Academy Award fashion. Our simian equals had come of age thus proving that money and education plus a good dose of brotherly love could accomplish anything. It was truly a "we shall overcome" day but an odd thing then happened – someone threw a bunch of bananas and a bag of peanuts upon the stage. So much for that foolish bit of Affirmative Action.