28 November 1999
HATE is a growth industry.
Degeneration always follows when the men of our race become broadminded enough to see beauty and attractiveness in the females of another obviously inferior race.
We know very definite things about the moral effects of racial crosses. We know that whereas fertility is increased, character is destroyed. Eurasians and Mulattos and cross-bred Europeans and Chinese are proverbial for their unreliability, shiftiness and even dishonesty. Where the blend is perfect, obviously both moral attributes tend to neutralize each other, and leave but a residuum of somewhat savage primary instincts behind, denuded of their usual overlay of social and aesthetic inhibitions.
One African meat shop had a wide assortment of human parts for sale – arms, legs, livers, etc. Prices per pound varied according to which part but one sign was quite puzzling. It read: "White brains $1.00 per pound. Black brains $12.00 per pound." When asked the reason for such a price difference, the proprietor replied, "It's a matter of supply. Black brains are very hard to find."
One fellow called our collective zoo, a TIS – totally insane society. I think it is much worse than this. Insane means not sane, i.e., not healthy in the mind. Reasonable people can view reality objectively and accept the minuscule, and relatively unimportant part they play in it. I have faulty color perception and that's why I could only pass the III medical rating for a pilot's license. What I am prevents me from ever qualifying for commercial or military piloting – which was my one and only true love. My height prevents me from becoming a star basketball player – as if that's any sort of worthwhile goal for someone whose brain functions better than that of a chimpanzee. I preferred to focus upon what I could do and leave the blubbering to someone else. Not very 'American' wouldn't you say?

Today, I happened to hear over the marxist radio a batch of 'what ifs' which emanated from one of our very plentiful feminine hysteria types. ( Hysteria and hysterectomy have the same root.) The 'news reader' shrieked, "He came to school with a gun! Ohhhh.... The gun wasn't loaded but what IF it were. He could have killed someone. IF the gun were an automatic AND he had bullets, he could have killed a lot of people! God save us! Aaarrrggggg!"

As long as one is in the IF business, he might have continued: "IF someone were shot then he'd fall over. IF he were near a valuable lamp, he could have wrecked it. IF the lamp, which was on loan, were destroyed then the school might have been sued. IF the school were sued, lawyers would have been employed. IF a lawyer were paid well enough he could have bought a yacht. IF, while sailing the yacht, a hard storm developed, the passengers would be placed at risk. (Another sickening phrase!)  IF the storm were severe, it might have capsized the yacht. IF the yacht capsized, a rescue crew would have responded. IF Frank, a member of the rescue crew, had not shown up for work that day, he wouldn't have drowned during the rescue attempt. IF Frank had not drowned, then he might have fathered a son. IF that son scored high on his school tests, he might have won a scholarship. IF he received a prestigious degree, he might have been hired by some medical research facility. IF he worked hard, he might have developed a cure for venereal warts."

There you have it. Some pecker-head brings an unloaded gun to school and causes the continued spread of venereal warts.

Of course, this is a forward pass of the IF. We could waltz backward. IF the kid hadn't stolen the gun, he couldn't have brought it to school. IF the firearms dealer hadn't sold the gun, it would not have been available for stealing. IF the company hadn't manufactured the gun, it wouldn't have been sold. IF iron hadn't been discovered, then the gun could not have been manufactured. IF someone hadn't noticed that certain rocks oozed out something when used as a firewall, then iron would not have been discovered. IF that nitwit hadn't built the fire, then nothing could have melted. IF he hadn't had a cold ass, he wouldn't have built the fire to warm it.

Yes. A fellow with a cold ass causes the spread of venereal warts. Come to think of it, that makes sense. Then again, IF that kid were never born, then he couldn't have brought anything to any school.

After a contemplation of himself and his fellows, modern man certainly cannot fail to recognize one extra-ordinary pronounced feature which unites him and them in one common category. Indeed, if a Brotherhood of civilized man may be believed to exist at all, it is surely this feature which constitutes its most powerful bond, and chiefly distinguishes civilized man from the horse, the elephant, the savage, and the man of the past. I refer, of course, to bad memory. This is surely one of the most unmistakable signs of "progress"; for wherever "progress" appears it is accompanied by this characteristic. Modern conditions might even to be said to have reared a new and hitherto unknown type of man: Homo sapiens sine memoria. His politicians, his entertainers, his exploiters, his most flourishing criminals – aye, even his traitors – frequently depend for the success of their careers upon this very failing in him. His huge and flatulent press reckons and speculates upon it; for how, indeed, could the average modern European read his morning, midday and evening papers if he possessed anything remotely resembling a memory? In fact, the whole of modern life is organized on the assumption that the memory of civilized man will not survive a few hours, not to mention a few days. Anthony Ludovici from his Man's Descent from the Gods, 1921, William Heinemann.

As Eric Thomson reminds us: The White man invents and forgets.

The girl at the checkout said, "Look at this trash – left by men who still believe their mama should pick up after them." I began thinking "Where have all of the men gone?" By 'man' I am not referring to the beaner mentality where manhood is assigned as the result of knocking some young girl up, punching someone in the teeth, grunting while doing a Chuck Norris pirouette or spending time in jail. A man is one who leads and that leadership is bestowed according to his word, steadfastness and general sense of dependability and honor. What do I see? Males arguing with women over this and that. The argument alone suffices to sum it up. The woman argues because she does not respect who and what you are. You argue back because you need, like a little boy, something from her – usually a flop in the sack which is about all I can think of at the moment. The women argue with their children thus demonstrating to the small ones that she can lead nothing. From this we generate a gaggle of obnoxious, arrogantly ignorant, untrustworthy males who can only demonstrate a modicum of bravery when the odds are in their favor. My dad once told me, "Son, the time will come when you shall leave home. You must learn to support yourself first before you ever think of starting a family." I have observed that far too many males treat women psychologically as whores and/or property – something to screw, bring home money and parade about as a conquest. With a land filled with 'men' such as these, is it any wonder why there are so many discontented females? Women follow, and since there is not much worthy to follow, they flap their gums, become demanding and take to the "equality" road where we find them f-ing up everything from the education system and political arena to the rearing of children. The males – especially the White ones – sense that they no longer are in charge of much of anything. Therein lies the seed of blaming someone, or something else – other than themselves – be it jews, ozone holes or jock itch. Men have become prostitutes. They do not rent their bodies but they do sell their souls, honor, word and just about anything in order to satiate their desires whether it be material wealth, greed or steady sex. Until some backbone is developed, no organization or program will ever turn a turd into something worth calling a comrade.
(1) Thoroughly clean the toilet.
(2) Add the required amount of shampoo to the toilet water, and have both lids lifted.
(3) Obtain the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.
(4) In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids (you may need to stand on the lid so that he cannot escape). CAUTION: Do not get any part of your body too close to the edge, as his paws will be reaching out for any purchase they can find.
(5) Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a "powerwash and "rinse" which I have found to be quite effective.
(6) Have someone open the door to the outside and ensure that there are no people between the toilet and the outside door.
(7) Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift both lids.
(8) The now-clean cat will rocket out of the toilet, and run outside where he will dry himself.
Diversity is just another way of spelling 'garbage dump'.

Rusty nails and rotting boards:

Detroit: The honchos wanted to test welfare recipients for drugs. If positive, then the parasites would have to participate in a rehabilitation program. A judge ruled that a no-no since it would amount to an "unreasonable search". We need a resurrection of lamp pole justice.

Mongrel-looking race-mixer "W" Bush advocated 'character education' as a part of the useless curriculum in our schools. Little tots copy their parents. That's how their character is formed. School is too little and too late. If the father was a liar and a drunk; the mother the village slut, then little Johnny will celebrate his 5th birthday will little going for him. This revolting damage to small children should be punished severely – very severely. We need a resurrection of lamp pole justice.

It's a crime for the U.S. to sell sophisticated defense technology to China. The Chinese don't worry. They can always buy it from Israel which receives it gratis from the good ole U.S. of A.'s debt-slaves.

A Sonderneger high school superintendent from Seattle was caught with his pants down and his fingerless arm up. It seems he was sampling the younger flesh of the coeds in his jurisdiction. Nothing much will happen since he belongs to one of our untouchable and holy classes – something like the rats and cows of India.

A brain-dead Christian couple from North Dakota adopted a critter from the Marshall islands. The little mud, who physically resembled an aardvark, managed to infect 56 of his neighbors with TB – a disease very common in those happy-go-lucky nature types found in the tropics. Diversity is good for the medical business.

Why didn't the cab driver pick up Danny Glover? For the same reason he probably would not want to swim with crocodiles or use a match to check the level of gasoline in his tank. Statistics are never complimentary when it comes to Sondernegers.

"Enjoy," as the jews say.

The following is from issue #7 of the White Nationalist Report (England) which can be obtained by visiting their website, or it can be emailed to you. See my 'links' folder.

SOUTH AFRICA INTRODUCES RACE AND SEX LAWS – New laws being introduced by the African National Congress regime in South Africa are so wide-ranging and weird that even the emasculated "New National Party" has formally protested them. The ex-terrorist ANC Government of South Africa are pushing through laws designed to stop ANY criticism of race, gender (sex!), height, infirmity, homosexuality, lesbianism and just about any other loony lefty campaign issue you can think of! They are outlawing the use of the word "kaffir" for blacks (and are even banning a pro-black play "Dekaffirnated" for being racist!). Insanity is on the march in South Africa, and the next step will be the banning of all hard line White resistance groups such as the AWB, followed by the softer nationalist groups who idiotically thought they could cut a deal with an organisation as terror-laden as the African National Congress!

Under the new law if you as a South African motorist in a fit of road rage called somebody an "idiotic, blind, kaffir" then you would guilty of no less than THREE different offences all of which could carry jail terms. Call someone an "undersized, old, one-legged lesbian"? Four offences – even if they are a very small, one legged OAP with weird sexual preferences! The liberal world madness just continues to get even more lunatic... 

Eric Thomson's aphorism corner.
           The mongrel is cursed to seek that which he cannot understand;
                                            that which becomes his own undoing.
A good estimate is
that 80 to 90 percent of my in/out email between 11/14 and 11/17 disappeared into the welkin. Ah! The computer age. Keep this in mind before you launch yourself into orbit.

My old Ford is running again and so I will resume the work on Dr. Oliver's articles shortly.

About 20 miles from here, the initial steel structure for a new building collapsed from "reasons unknown." One look at the labor force and the "engineers" told me all I wanted to know. Incompetence was written all over their equal opportunity minority business faces.

Johnny Cochran, who represented the family of the deceased Black moron who thought she had an Affirmative Action right to walk across a busy street without looking, wangled a 2.5M dollar settlement with the Galleria Mall and all of the transit companies for not having a bus stop where she wanted one to be. Sondernegers can do as they damned well please and get big bucks if reality nails their hides to a door. How long this parasitic legal business engaged in 'protecting' idiots from themselves can last, is anyone's guess.

Support Japanese racists. It appears that Whitey is a lost cause. A Japanese world would solve the hunger problem by letting the hungry "do their own thing". Blacks would be returned – the lucky ones – to fill an African theme park. The best of the Whites would be kept as useful tools. It probably would be better to be a second-class citizen under Japanese rule than a fifth-class citizen under our ZOG.

A racist sent me a copy of Mythbusters, PO Box 3639, Gaithersburg, MD, 20885, $35 for 12 issues. It's a great little periodical but no one apparently takes credit for writing it. Anyhoo, I's gwine ta gib youse sum clips frommit.

The Bad News is that Washington has implemented computerized Tyranny.
The Good News is that Microsoft wrote the software.

Pat Buchanan has finally learned that the one thing that will not be tolerated in a political campaign is the Truth.

The Democrats are the Internationalists of the Left and the Republicans are the Internationalists of the Right.

The Reform Party is dedicated to reforming what can never be reformed.

A Nation is built on Biology, not Mythology or Ideology.

A Politician is a Crook with less risk aversion than a Bureaucrat, but more than a Bank Robber.

Robes are the Working Clothes of Judges, Bishops, and very busy Prostitutes.

Authority and Liberty are Mutually Exclusive.

Freedom is inversely proportional to Population Density.

The End of America
The Hispanic invasion has ended America because they are the first large group of immigrants who do not pretend to be assimilated. They also are cosmetically and psychologically non-European. Blacks have always been a separate, unequal. and captive nation-within-a-nation; all that "Civil Rights" has done is get them a little more booty in an ongoing war they are now losing to Hispanics rather than to Whites.....

Hollywood is in charge of destroying the world's cultures and nations by exporting American pop culture. This particular trash is not "American," but a combination of primitive (mostly African) motifs, reworked by industrial psychologists. Freud may have discovered the subconscious, but it has taken painstaking scientific work to learn how to manipulate it. The role of the various Jewish moguls is to run things like a business and make money so that Hollywood is perceived as Wall Street's Ministry of Propaganda, not Washington's. They do that pretty well!

The various agencies clustered in the Federal Triangle in Washington are not really the "government." They are staffed by various time-servers whose duty it is to pretend to be doing something. Those few who are doing anything at all are funneling the taxpayers' money into private contractors and universities to support the Mandarins who are the real functioning government.....

.....Despite all their cleverness, the Liberals are bringing the era of American Global Hegemony to a rapid termination. The U.S. economy is totally hollowed out, consisting of unnecessary "services" and poorly written software. (E.g., Windows 98 often goes into a loop and locks up when trying to shut down.) The country is living on the export of paper money, which it then borrows back. American foreign policy is designed to destabilize other countries so that investors there buy U.S. debt and equity for safety and security. When the current stock market bubble pops, the illusion of U.S. stability will go with it.

Easy victories in Iraq and Kosovo have given the Pentagon new delusions of grandeur. Fighter-bombers can destroy a World War II vintage army without modern air defenses. But the U.S. military cannot control a region, only devastate it. When countries with competent engineers, like China and Japan, develop, deploy, and sell effective defenses against the U.S. Air Force, Washington will lose control even over its faithful stooges, such as Germany, Canada and the UK.

The only people Washington controls within the USA now is the timid and declining White middle class. Despite the fact that they are very dependent on government handouts, Blacks do whatever they please. Hispanics don't need the handouts, so they are even more casual about what they do.

Even a few Whites have figured out that the political and legal systems are squalid rackets, or more to the point, that they are not the beneficiaries of these rackets. Those still deceived continue to vote for Democrats. Those who still hope that the system can be salvaged vote for Republicans. The Reform Party is growing and there is a new Southern Party. But the biggest gains are still among the stay-at-home voters.

The White middle class is too stupid, too cowardly, and to lazy to rise up against its oppressors. Washington, like all previous Tyrannies, will collapse under the weight of its own incompetence. This will happen when its global, financial Ponzi scheme disintegrates. Well after the fact, various groups will declare victory for their "revolutions." The original American Revolution was not a revolution, but a war for independence, where regional elites seized power from those in the far-off Mother Country.....

.....But who are we? Some people like the term "Populist," but that has too many connotations about class warfare. "Nationalist" is not quite right, since most nation-states are no longer loyal to their ethnic majority and often are its worst enemy. Perhaps we should proudly wear the label "Racist," because it is the one not acceptable to either Liberals or Conservatives. But that is because race is a real, measurable and totally obvious fact, not an asinine ideology dreamed up by some academic scribbler.

If you see a Black guy, you know he is a Black and (in most cases) are 100% sure of it. But is he a Liberal or Conservative? Democrat or Republican? Christian or Moslem (or even Jewish)? A brilliant scientist or an illiterate janitor? A convicted felon or solid citizen? How do you guess? First, consult his racial profile. You may be able to refine your racially derived probabilities by listening to his speech and observing his clothes and mannerisms, but unless he is wearing a uniform (or specialized work clothes), most of your knowledge will come from his racial heritage. If his bones are dug up a 1000 years from now by an archaeologist, his race will be just about the only thing that will be identifiable.....

.....The phony debate about the importance of heredity and genetics for intelligence should now be over. There may remain taboos about the obvious facts concerning and intelligence, but those too will go by the wayside. The most alarming is that the average chimpanzee or gorilla may have a higher IQ than the average Negro.....

.....A forest is God's only true Temple. Give Him half a chance, and He will erect one right in your backyard. If you do not fix the roof on your Church, will He fix it? No, because it is not His Church. Come back in 1000 years (from Heaven or Hell). What will you see? Your Temple is rubble or even gone; God will have erected His Temple on its ruins.....