5 March 2000
If the latest school shooting failed to bring on a commie uproar about guns, there's got to be a reason. Try this one.

I'm looking at this morning's St. Petersburg Times, a perennial Pulitzer winner (jew award).


Literally a quarter of the entire front page is filled with a picture of a weeping Black parent
and a weeping child.

Oh, but wait a minute – a tiny, literally thumbnail photo shows the victim.  And she's White!

Nowhere, nowhere, NOWHERE is the race of the assailant mentioned. But if you turn to the back page, you see –   MORE SUFFERING, WEEPING BLACKS!

I did some web surfing and found out that:
1) The assailant's "father" is presently in jail on unspecified charges.
2) The crime weapon, which the assailant took from home, had been reported stolen from other
people in a burglary. There was also a stolen shotgun found in the six-year-old assailant's home.

So, his "daddy" is a crackhead, with a house full of stolen guns.

Submitted by Anon.

An intelligent Black is one who recognizes that he belongs to a stupid race.
Cabbage head McCain
is wondering about how to garner the California vote. I suggest that he paint his face with brown shoe polish and change his name to Pedro Chang. While the turd-world continually votes block racist, Honky the ham hock still hasn't caught on to the game. Anyway, if elections really made a difference, they'd be outlawed.
Larry Patterson puts out a funny paper called Criminal Politics. He thinks puttering with economic matters will cure all of society's ills. The monthly does contain about 24 percent valuable information but the remainder is speculative nonsense – a sort of high priced Spotlight. Recently, he gave reasons why the jews will allow the economy to boom for at least another 14 months – something about Clinton's image. I'll tell you this, the 'experts' – government, jews and what all – created a vapor and spent billions of our tax dollars on it. It was called the abominable Y2K snow object which anyone with an IQ of 69 and some iota of information as to HOW a computer works, could have told you was kosher sausage. Now, does Larry think that buffoons such as these REALLY have a handle on the future? I don't. Even the kosher mouthpieces of God Himself have been DEAD WRONG on EVERY single packet of flatus which passed through their lips. If God doesn't know what's going on, then who does? The good news is that the price of Larry's paper has dropped from about $200 – $300 per year to $99. Such a deal.
I notice that the number of ostensible white sluts dragging about ugly mulatto critters, appears to be increasing. The format is all the same. Once knocked up, the black humper promptly deserts the broad. If he did not manage to leave her hooked on drugs or carrying some infectious crotch disease, then that could be considered an oversight. I am not concerned with the mentality of such females anymore than I would concern myself with wondering why scarabs eat elephant dung. What does bother me is that this so-called society of ours permits such race-polluting behavior – and even rewards it.
The young fellow in the car ahead of me had blond hair which he wore as a crew cut. He was pleasant enough in appearance but his bumper sticker read Diversity is Strength. This sticker was the label on his intelligence folder. It's right out of 1984 – war is peace – love is hate – up is down – ugly is beautiful – sin is virtue. Strength always comes from unity as in Unity is Strength. Diverse, for those fortunate enough to be able to read a dictionary, means motley, hodgepodge, scrambled, not the same, etc. Variety, while possibly contributing to spiciness, stands as an antithesis to unity. Unity requires sameness as any military officer knows well. Diversity is being pushed as a desirable for one and only one reason – Divide and Rule. There is no strength, and hence no capability of resistance, in a population which resembles a Pigasso (sic) "painting" – and the enemies of the White race fully understand this.

Suppose that the African world of feline predators sat in council.

"Let's form a great hunting team embodying the talents of us all. Let diversity be our strength," said the lion, "Why we lions can add our talent of surrounding the prey."

"Yes," the cheetah responded, "that's all well and good but you seem to let many good meals slip by because you just can't run fast enough. This, I could supply."

"Ha!, " bellowed the leopard, "all of that running and chasing, for what?" "Hell, I'll just lie on a high limb ready to drop upon one that walks under. That's a plus."

In chorus, they agreed that they were all in this together and now could have all of the bases covered from trees, ambush, enclosure, running – you name it. Diversity brought it all in.

"Let's test our diverse strength and go to lunch," shouted one, and together the group left in proud stride merrily singing to a familiar melody, "Diversity, diversity, ZOG shed His strength on thee."

A hungry vulture, with vested interest, dropped in to whisper, "Over there, over there – there's a meal to be had." And so they went in the direction of the pointing feather.

"Crap," said the lion, "it's a damned forest. How can we surround anything."

"I know," cried the cheetah, "if I started running I'd bash my brains out on some damned tree trunk."

The vulture then whispered, "Over there, over there," raising the same pointing feather.

The leopard scowled and whimpered, "There are no trees from which I can leap." And so the vulture pointed and pointed and the group wandered and wandered while their hunger mounted and mounted.

Moma hyena peeked over the shrub at the moping cat congress and chuckled to her clan, "See those silly bastards? They can't get together on anything. Now we have the whole field of prey to ourselves while they bicker and bicker. They had a good thing going – and we had to work our asses off keeping up – until our uncle Steinfeld convinced them that they should combine their talents under the banner of 'diversity is strength'. In the end, they'll do each other in and we'll be in charge of the New Territory Order."

Little Rubin, a forever inquisitive pup, interrupted the prevailing content. "But what about those wild hunting dogs packs? They seem to know the value of racial cohesiveness and the strength of not being diverse."

The alpha female responded, "That will be a tough nut to crack as the 'all cats are equal' ploy will not work with them. Perhaps we could get them to declare war upon each other in case we cannot succeed in bribing them. It's worked in the past, you know."

The vulture, now soaring directly above, amusingly heard his inner voice say, "Ho ho. Those hyenas seem to think they have the world locked up with their United Rations scheme but they have 2-dimensional views. Being able to be high above, I enjoy a 3-dimensional  glimpse into their future ... and it ain't pretty. Having no true racial soul, they have no idea that this is not a struggle for power, economic markets or the acceptance of all that is anti-Nature. It is a cosmic struggle in which they will be consumed – hopefully by fire."

I think it's about time to upgrade the term "honky". Let's say it is an ostensible White who thinks it's raining when someone pisses down his back. Also, when someone craps in his soup he rushes out and buys a bumper sticker – Diversity is Strength. He is the epitome of tolerance without a discriminatory cell in his whole body. He'll eat shit or steak with equal enthusiasm.
Have you noticed that when Whites promote racism of even the most feeble variety, they are ostracized, called naughty names with visions of hanging trees swimming in the minds of the critics? On the other hand, when Blacks and Mestizos promote VIOLENT racism during those sorry episodes of ear damaging cacophony they call music, they get GRAMMY awards? 'Tis a great thing this "equality". 
Cabbage head McCain or mestizo Bush? What ever happened to Alfred E. Neuman?
Chaka Zulu would straighten the country out but after that it would go nowhere – which is about where we are anyway.
My how time just keeps zipping along. Eric is working on some new material and I have been busy building another computer out of bargain basement parts. With the sheep going ape over the new 600-800 MHz processors (the 1 GHzs will be out very soon), it's easy to pick up 450s no one wants. It's up and running as you notice. Wha's hap'nin'?

Hillary the Red – running for the NY State senate seat – has received an endorsement from a "well respected" dark mud leader – the communist murderer and terrorist, old jail time Nelson, who learned his ABCs from his jew handler Joe Slovo. This is the kind of world all of you WW II vets got your balls shot off for. I hope you are satisfied – I am not.

The one thing which characterizes nigs, both black and white, is their propensity to create and enjoy NOISE – loud and long. Asians are usually the quietest of people and they are hardly noticed as they buy up our country. Speaking of Asians, in particular the Chinese, the apple farmers in  the state of WA are now starting to complain about a problem they brought upon themselves as only short-sighted white idiots can. They agreed to sell, for a profit, of course, apple farming technology to the Chinese. Now, observers have been reporting that China has more acreage in American type apples than does our whole northwest. When the chinks start dumping their apples on the world market, there will be hundreds of US farmers who still don't get it and will busy themselves by scratching their heads and their balls while waiting in the unemployment line. While the American boob is busy shouting "racism" at every opportunity, the Chinese say nothing but they do PRACTICE IT in spades.

The black community is loaded with AIDS and syphilis. That appears to be attractive to the white sluts who enjoy playing with matches. However, our south of the border brothers are usually more heavily laced with incurable genital annoyances than are the blacks. I thought I'd mention this so you could inform all of your open minded bed companions who love the spice of risk.

This land is enjoying a heart problem epidemic, so it's claimed. The drug companies and the medical doctors are enjoying new profits from this politically correct malady. After all, it could earn you a 'handicapped sticker' which you can proudly display and use providing some welfare cow hasn't beat you to the parking space. The connection between heart problems and the consumption of hydrogenated vegetable oils such as used in margarine and nearly all assembly line "foods" was established back in 1929 about the time Roger Williams won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of pantothenic acid. During the evil days of Reich number 3, Nazi medicine came to the same conclusion. As I read from Dr. George Kastner's 1948 book The Treasure of Life, "Milk products such as butter and cheese cannot be substituted. Butter has a very strong rival. But if we continue to allow our tables to be decorated with a substitute for butter, the persons who are victims of this practice WILL SOME DAY SUFFER A HAZARD BEYOND CONTROL." Poor old Doc Kastner. He died at age 94 from eating too much butter fat. In 1992, The NY Times hinted at the very same connection. Since most Americans have their heads up their asses, they have a difficult time listening to anything. Maybe that's why they love loud nigger rock and screech.

Get the book "John Bull's Nigger". It's a lovely compendium of nigger faults in narrative fashion. If the best-selling author wasn''t black himself, he'd be ostracized for "racism" and his books banned. He tells us nothing new but at least manages to get it into print – something a honky isn't allowed to do. That's the Sonderneger business for you.

Now for a break. I'll watch the video The Professional starring 3 of my favorite jews, Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman. Always remember that for every 1 who is a jew by admission, there are at least 6 others who pass themselves off as catholics, etc. During the reign of Isabel of Castile, the ratio was about 1 to 16. Spain had many problems in those days, but most believed that a sprinkle of  holy water reached clear into the genes. In reality, only the flames of the stake did.

    If you disapprove of what you read here, then why in hell do you keep coming back?