28 March 2000
The Census Bureau requires that the yellow/white cross-breed (mestizo) be registered as "white" which means all Mexicans. However, the black/white cross-breed (mulatto) is still called "black". The same mulatto living in Portugal would be called "white". The Higi of Nigeria, as well as many other African countries, consider Italians as non-white. That's what I like – consistency and precise definitions. 
A recent radio burp, by a jew,  mentioned that a dictionary might "mislead" one as to the truth of a matter. How's that again? 
I wish some of these blight-wing pontificators would get their acts together. One recently mentioned that the great actor Kirk Douglas, was an example of a typical Anglo-Saxon and a Christian to boot. Kirk was born Issur Danilovich Demsky in Amsterdam NY  in 1916. I guess that is about as Anglo as one can get.
My second roommate at the University of Chicago was a fellow named Joel Kupperman, the TV 'Quiz Kid' math whiz. Joel was very interesting to talk with as were most of the jews I had encountered there. Joel claimed that he had such good control over his emotions that it was impossible for anyone to upset him. That challenge was accepted by the three students Zuckerman, Friedman and Gervertz. After pulling Joel to the floor in the kitchen of Snell Hall, they proceeded to cut off his tie, dump ketchup and garbage all over him, plus ripping his shirt and other relatively harmless things. Joel continued to smile and taunt his mild mannered antagonists. He apparently proved his point but I always felt that he did have a 'breaking point' but it obviously was much higher than most.

Joe Masgai was my 'shelter half' buddy during my 17th Airborne basic training at Camp Picket, VA. He had a weekend pass which allowed him to go home where he wanted "to surprise his wife." As the fates often do with our best laid plans, it was Joe who was surprised. He found his wife in bed with a stud which apparently stopped by for coffee. Joe, who always reminded me of Bob Mitchum the actor, simply packed his wife's suitcases, placed them in the driveway and directed her to get her eating where she was getting her screwing. (Of course, the brave pussy stuffer had long fled the scene.) Most of the boys in our barracks thought that he should have shot both of them – a perfectly sensible and laudable thing to do and, in a sane society, would have been permitted.

It is rank stupidity, or brainless wishful thinking, to assume that a man should be always under total emotional control. (Hate is what drives some to perform absolutely astounding feats.) Wimps are of course rewarded today and men with guts are being emotionally castrated by laws which do not benefit the male one bit. Thus, we are under the severe restriction that, no matter what a woman does, it never warrants a 'belt in the mouth." She can lie, whore around, neglect and pervert your children, squander your money, interfere with your work, and who knows what, but to raise your voice in protest constitutes "verbal abuse" and if you happened to kick her ass so hard she'd be wearing it for a hat, you'd end up in the slammer and be socially scolded for being a naughty boy. Women, like all so-called minorities in this land are always – by definition – blameless.

Although I never had one among my sisters, mother, aunts, and such, there are women who absolutely deserve to be tossed into a tar pit and the best a man can do is to spot them in advance, and no matter what, keep his distance. Women who have complained about physical abuse from a husband either have provoked it or are genuine poor judges of character. Women, like little children, often do naughty and intentional things just to see if they will be 'spanked'. If a man fails in this, she will become one nasty bitch as a result of his weakness. A good spanking is now prohibited in this pig sty of a society, thus a man has only the choice of leaving and this, I suspect, might be a reason why young men prefer not to get married since the legal strings would involve his earnings. There must be millions of men who are paying alimony so that his estranged won't starve while she is humping the next sucker.

To many women, getting laid is the focus of their life and they gladly suffer abuse in order to secure it. The radio news just revealed that a woman, who had a restraining order – relative to physical abuse – against her partner in fornication, was stabbed to death by that same person. It seemed that the crotch urge was so great that she actually allowed him back into her bed. Of course, he was of the same mold as like always seeks like.

The examples are plentiful and the male can keep his problems to a minimum by being honest with himself as to his "breaking point." He must know himself and who he is. Being 'tolerant' of the assaults upon your being is not a virtue. It is a vice and the enemies of the male are doing their best to brainwash him into believing he needs "counseling", "sensitivity training", and that sort of thing, if certain episodes 'upset him' to the point of physical reaction. If they cannot reduce men to helpless psychological cripples by indoctrination or the offering of 'goodies' (the woman's favorite is 'nooky' where she wins doubly), then laws will be manufactured – as they now are – which will provide the desired chains. (Many of our legislators are not men in the true sense but cowards who hate other males for being what they are not. These are the allies of women who hate men also – the kind who gets elected to office.)

It's a tough road to walk. When maleness disappears, there won't be much left except hordes of uncontrollable, flaky brats and useless, unhappy female twats plus subservient males who gave up their natural role of leader which required a struggle they no longer had the fortitude to continue. As an aside, if one is interested in having a 'leader' or advisor, then he should make sure that that person has "balls" in the all senses of the word. Otherwise, it's buyer beware.

The Farmers' Union of Central Kentucky held a cherry picking contest. The object was to reward with a cash prize and trophy, the fellow who could run through the orchard and pick the most cherries by reaching and/or jumping. Simon arrived first with his usual smile. He was 7 feet tall and his knuckles dragged on the ground. Then Marvin wandered in. Marvin was about 4'8" tall which only served to accent his rather prominent "schnozzle". One wondered about Rastus. He was born with only one hand. His mom was a user of thalidomide while he was still in the womb. Other people showed up and a crowd gathered ready for the starting ball to drop. In the past, this was announced by the sharp crack of a pistol discharge but all projectile launchers were outlawed due to political pressures brought to bear by a woman's league, all of whom had sharp cracks.

Hillary bellowed that the contest was "unfair" since Marvin could not reach the lowest limb. The committee responsible for the affair went into council. They worried and scratched and scratched and worried. Coming up with nothing, they then divined the meaning of a certain shape of squirrel dung and decided that Marvin should also be fitted with stilts.

Janet opened her mouth issuing a sharp crack and said that it still wasn't fair since Rastus only had one hand. The all-male committee rendered yet another rule since they didn't want to irritate the women and thus risk getting 'shut off'. Henceforth all contestants must pick cherries with one hand tied behind their backs.

"But," cracked the mouth of the sharp-cracked Madelaine, "Rastus is still shorter than the others and he should also be fitted with stilts."

"We don't have enough stilts for everyone so I think it's best that we require Simon to pick cherries while on his knees," said George who often wondered why his wife only had headaches after they went to bed.

Even on his knees, Simon could still out-reach his competitors. Janet, her lips starting to get moist when she caught view of a succulent young lass of 16, suggested that Simon be fitted with a restraining device so that his arm could not be fully extended.

All of the women, with their sharp cracks, smiled and thought the "fair" contest should now begin but were interrupted by another female, Elton John – a rather unusual woman for she had a pair of testicles – who thought that Simon, a blue-collar worker, might be better able to pull on the cherries due to his coarse finger skin texture. Thus, an engineer was brought in to use his durometer for the testing of finger hardness. The result was that all were now required to wear gloves since finger 'equality' didn't show up as wished for.

Dropping his Penthouse magazine, in order to zip up his fly, the chairman yelled, "We do not have any gloves."

"I won't use gloves. Not even on my tongue," mumbled Elton.

"No problem," yelled Hyman, "I can sell you some at a wholesale price. That's how generous I am." Thereupon he opened the rear of his van where his un-circumcised daughter was busy cutting the "made in China" tags from the gloves.

High on overlooking branches, one crow said to the other, "Look at those silly bastards. The cherries are rotting and they are all trying to modify reality to their silly liking."

"What else could you expect from a gaggle of American Marxists?", announced the other crow, "I'll race you to the cherries and may the best bird win!"

"Look at those two crows above," cried Hillary, still debating with herself over the size of the cigars she was going to buy for Billy Boy, "One of them can fly faster than the other."

"That's not fair," cracked Madelaine as she cell-phoned an order to exterminate more civilians in Serbia..

"I'll fix those black heretics," belched Janet, wondering if she had made a racist remark, "they'll shape up after they get a taste of my tanks, flame throwers and gas!"

Madelaine instantly went into an orgiastic fit at the thought of killing more non-kosher lifeforms so none heard her shout "Gas? Vot gas?"

"Velly dangerous, "whispered Ming, "Woman standing on head have crack up."

It started to rain and dusk was falling. The contest was called off and in fairness each contestant was given a trophy, a $100 bill and a swatch from one of Monica's discarded undergarments. That's only fair.

How to pen an American hawg.
Toss a bushel of free corn into an open clearing in the woods. When the hawgs have consumed it, leave another bushel. On the third bushel, put up a couple of yards of fence. On the next bushel, add another yard or so moving it somewhat the arc of an imaginary circle. Continue in this fashion until the area is circumscribed by a fence leaving only a small opening which will be ready to accept the last piece of the pen. When the hawgs have gathered for their ZOG freebies, nail in the last piece of the fence. Now you can slaughter them at will and with ease. From start to finish, that hawgs will still believe in "freedom" and Constitutional rights" and even when the sound of knives being sharpened reaches their ears, they'll not think beyond wondering where the next bushel of corn is.
Yes, I see that little termite and I know he chews upon the beams in my house. My house is large and the termite so small that I really don't think he can do much damage. So I lean back plotting on how to cheat my neighbor while I suck on my beer can. No niggerball today but I can dream about the profits I shall soon reap from the stocks I bought with borrowed money. Life is good and no one is going to upset me with that "termite danger" nonsense. Hell, look around! The house is still in good shape, isn't it?

The termites grin and chew and grin. A grain here and a grain there and little by little they move unopposed.

The erosion of the First Amendment, and its planned destruction, proceeds as does the Chinese water torture – a steady drip, drip which eventually drives one mad or kills him. The first wave of the assault consisted of installing the concept of 'politically correct' speech. Mustn't offend anyone, you know. Apparently the laws governing slander and libel only hit those with deep pockets. Joe Blue-collar could mouth off without much fear of reprisal since the parasitic lawyers knew that well was dry. The spineless, of course, grabbed upon this to preserve their feelings of inferiority which are parcel of useless and selfish bodies. The internet is under close scrutiny and "hate" laws are being implemented which are really covers for "hate" speech. Those laws appear ambiguous until one discovers the common thread – they are all anti White. If I beat on a negro with a ball bat while I merrily sing a happy tune, and explain that I am only interested in improving the blood circulation in his scalp, it is still called a "hate crime." Get the picture? In England, people are now being arrested for speaking out against the worshipped minorities even in small gatherings such as one finds in a pub. If you think a piece of paper called the Bill of Rights is going to save your freedom to bitch and complain, then I would wonder what sort of weed you are smoking. The Constitution is virtually passé and the flag merely a rag standing for nothing.

I wrote in 1964 (Crystal Ball), that 'our' government would shove blacks down our throats until we stopped yelping about it. Then, according to plan, they'd open the gates to the not-so-black people which the public would then accept because "at least they aren't black." Imposed tyranny, when not the result of brutal conquest, always has the female as a vector. Most households are now controlled by women and they fall prey to any claptrap which involves "saving the children." As any old Indian fighter knew, nits grow up to be lice. When you make the kiddies off limits, what better way is there for an invading army to establish itself without a fight?

The projection is clear once one knows the intended goal – the destruction of the White race. If you can't get the fellow to commit suicide, then perhaps you could bribe him in a covert way. Get his women to sell him out – as hundreds of thousands already have – and above all, don't take out too large a bite at any one time. Interracial marriage will be promoted but still many will not succumb. That's the time for cash "incentives" to produce mongrels. Even now, if one chooses to go into business with a Black as a partner, massive ZOG aid is available for the taking. When all has been tried, and there are still holdouts, then White/White marriages will be made illegal. How insane, say you. Well my friends, it is an insane plan put into motion by insane and hateful people. The only reason this whole asylum isn't blowing up is because you can still buy beer and watch niggerball. The gods on Mount Olympus always have other things in mind though. When the bust comes, the fates will count the number of White people who haven't become "trendy" enough to imitate the behavior of  other species.

The termite chews and the fence is being pieced together, little by little.

The average American has a hard time believing in the utter depravity of communists. The bloody part of WW 2 started in 1936 with the so-called Spanish Civil War – the 'beautiful days' according to the red sympathizer Ernst Hemmingway. If one has the stomach for it, it would do him well to view the available photographs of the bodies left by the red butchers. Of course, the American boob still likes to think of the Iroquois Indians – people who played games with the severed heads of their enemies, after they mercilessly tortured them for many gleeful hours – as peaceful farmers and hunters. When German soldiers entered the "workers' paradise" of the Soviet Union, during the war which made the world safe for communism, they encountered the very same sort of carnage which they had known to have occurred in Spain. If you go to the Letters folder, you'll find a few letters from the Eastern front which describe what a few had seen. On a more personal side, I  have talked with several 'terrible' Germans who had fought on the Eastern front and their stories were similar to those found on this site. It is not the fact that we, as a people, are lied to on a daily basis, but the almost unbelievable evidence that hardly a soul will lift a single finger to ferret out one iota of truth and if by chance one happens to stumble upon a morsel, he will do his utmost to pretend he didn't see it. Even today, a 'documentary' describes how all of the Japanese on the Pacific islands preferred to die than surrender. This was true for a lot of them but thousands DID surrender only to be machine-gunned to death, buried alive,  or burned alive with flame-throwers. I have 3 childhood friends who were there and took part and Dick still humorously recalls how they urinated upon the bread they gave to the starving German civilians. Believe me, the typical G.I. was far more than a dispenser of Hershey bars and nylons. War does bring out the worst in people, and those at the very bottom of the heap were "our gallant Soviet allies" who General Patton expressed a desire to rid the world of. That's one of the reasons why he was murdered.
Here's a good one for all of my tolerant faggot worshipping readers: It seems that a certain 'gay' fellow is not as gay as he used to be. He was rushed to the emergency room of a WNY hospital for treatment as a result of using his Constitutional 'right' to be as depraved as he could. What happened was this:

He and his soul-mate, ever in search of new orgiastic thrills, happened upon an idea. They took a hapless gerbil (a mouse-like rodent) and ripped out his claws. Then, the 'master' shoved an aluminum tubing up the rectum of his kissing-companion and forced the gerbil up the tube. The tube was withdrawn and the gerbil's attempt at escape was supposed to send those eagerly sought after vibrations. It is clear why the critter's nails were removed. Apparently the gerbil went the wrong way leaving sweet and lovely Georgie in a predicament. Hence, the ambulance ride. Upon examination, the fellow's rectum, and lower intestine,  were observed to have been lacerated to a considerable degree. His 'honey' apparently forgot to file the burrs from the tube after it was cut to an appropriate length. What sort of society would allow such filth to continue breathing? On my scale of values, that gerbil was worth more than those two daisies combined.

The Attorney General of New York State, Spitzer (kosher), announced that the objective of gun control laws is to shut down (bankrupt) the American small arms industry – unless I misunderstood. (Reds love to grab guns.) Let's suppose that the American manufacturers of some of the most innovative guns ever produced, all disappeared into one of the black holes in Carl Sagan's brain. Where would that leave us? Would our resident criminals suddenly declare, "Oh golly gee, no more guns? I guess I'll have to go straight." The Chinese are again smiling and since they pay about as much attention to the New World Order as Al Capone did to the Prohibition laws, we can assume that they will be glad to fill the increased demand for noisy lead launchers. Since ZOG cannot stop drugs and beaners from crossing the border, what makes anyone think that small arms will miraculously be blocked? If you live on the west coast, you are well aware of the increased arms traffic of which the INS stops only a token amount. Big demand. Big profits. To many, the risk will be well worth it. The Chinese know WHO THEY ARE and, as a people, can be counted upon to develop a foreign policy which benefits the Chinese – exclusively.. (That's an advantage of being racist.) Since Americans, for the most part, have no idea WHO they are – many do not even know WHERE they are – nearly all foreign policy will benefit everyone except Americans, as we have seen over and over again. Our tolerance for people who have no tolerance for us, is simply the mark of a lunatic. Right now, the radio babble of a talk-show mongrel bounces off my noggin – We must be tolerant for that shows how really human we are. Besides, maybe one of those poor Guatemalans whom we cloth, feed, house and ship off to college, at tax-payers' expense, MIGHT develop a cure for cancer. Good gawd, Greta! That's like eating a pail of garbage hoping there's a clean grape in it. White people DO NOT NEED THE HELP of any jungle-mite FOR ANYTHING! If you can understand that simple fact then you've come a long way baby. That agglomerate of morons, liars and sell-outs, we choose to call 'our government' can make all the laws they want but no law will ever stop decay, gravity, sunspots or a lowly criminal from doing his thing, except —
Why is it that when a mulatto, or some variety thereof, is born in Italy, Egypt, Greece or such, he is called "white" but when he is born in America, he is called "black"?
For the 6,000,000 cult – The 1898 best-selling novel, War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, mentioned that "six-million" "human beings" were "gassed to death"" by the evil Martians. The novel was made into a 1938 radio broadcast by the famous actor Orson Wells. The New Jersey "UFO landing" as announced, scared millions out New Jersey residents out of their skins. 
I do speak out at times but mainly I shy away from extremely strong criticism. However, I did read an article about a few members of the World Church of the Creator – a rather bizarre bunch of emotional misfits – concerning some events which recently took place in Florida. A while back, one of its high priests was denied admission to the Illinois Bar Association. If this was due to his off-the-planet beliefs, then I am opposed to that action. People like this would soon ruin any business they engaged in anyway and would run out of clients before their next electric bill was due. Be that as it may, one of these Wooden Crutch of the Cretin hoodlums pistol-whipped the jewish owner of an exotic video joint during a robbery. Now, a whole pack of them are on their way to, or are already in, the hoosegow. I dislike hearing of anyone – especially young people – ending up in the slammer even though they might deserve it.

I don't like 'exotic joints', that's why I don't go into them. I do dislike degenerate jews like Stern, Hefner and Springer. That's why I refrain from watching their TV shows or knowingly doing anything from which they might profit. I dislike the jews who allow this sort of thing to be presented in the first place but I have never disliked a jew merely because he was a jew or wouldn't invite me to his home for corned beef. I dislike spinach and don't eat it, but that's not the same as trying to exterminate the spinach plants or stopping others from eating spinach. Opinion is one thing. Violent criminal acts are something quite different even if you try and pass them off as part of a revolutionary agenda for the imagined benefit of White people. And calling themselves 'political prisoners' doesn't perfume their behavior either.

The argument has been forwarded, and the participants applauded, because they supposedly followed the asinine examples as described in  the book The Turner Diaries. (What! no imagination?) These criminal acts remain part and parcel of the so-called 'lone wolf' approach although I remain unclear about what the objectives of such strategies might be. If I remember correctly, another loose cannon participated in the killing of the jewish talk-show host, Berg or Berger, in Denver several years ago. Rightly so, he's enjoying the state's hospitality while demonstrating to his children how good daddies behave. This talk-show host was an obnoxious critter and letting him live would have been of enormous propaganda value for those wishing to point out the seamier side of the jew. (Stern and Springer provide lots of ammunition for those who aren't overly fond of God's Chosen.) But bone-heads will be bone-heads and apparently prisons attract them as a magnet does iron filings. The sad thing is that young people often have criminals for martyrs, and this appears to be the case for we are told that the bandit was "doing something" for the "White cause." They invariably pay a price for their stone-headed ignorance. At least John Dillinger was more honest, stable  and sane. He robbed banks for the money, and the joyous hell of it.

What did this fellow and his allies, which included members of the delicate sex, do for "our cause"? I dislike the Marxist theft of my wages – taxes – being used for the purpose of raising the standard of living for those who would perish if they weren't protected by ZOG's PPP – Parasite Protection Policy. OK. Wannabe Adolf, who wouldn't have lasted 2 weeks in the REAL Third Reich, pops a store owner or a talk-show host. For the moment, the jewish population would have dropped by one but Sarah and Benny, enjoying a fit of orgiastic frenzy, will ensure that the void is soon filled. Net gain – zero.

Diphead is now dragged through the mechanics of the 'system'. A few lawyers pocket undeserved moolah but all the rest involves the tax-payers' money – my money – your money – for the bureaucratic involvement of police, wardens, prison, etc. He, along with his WCOTC companions, will be housed and fed for years to come, at taxpayers' expense. This is a net loss for anyone's cause. Misdirected critters, such as these, would be imprisoned in any society even though the love of Jesus shone brightly from their bright blue eyes.

There is always strength in unity and the reason the "lone wolf" malarkey is heralded is because group action with these types is impossible due to the low character of the participants – which could be improved if they ever got their head's out of the behinds. I once had an email debate with one of them which could have been decided by a tiny bit of research. Instead, this hammerhead wanted to meet me in "the alley" where he would "kick my f---ing face in" to demonstrate that he "was right". That was an outright bit of ignorance – probably stupidity in this fellow's case – since he didn't realize that I could bench press 360 pounds, bend horse shoes, pull freight train cars down the track, been known to have killed Arnold's entire family with one punch, leap over tall buildings in a single bounce, and besides, I would have shown up with a belt of grenades, one freshly oiled Thompson and 6 cans of Zyklon B, and God would have bellowed from the clouds, "Let's see who's right!" With this tongue-in-cheek, I'll switch gears.

I think I understand why many of our young people are angry. I understand their desire to help change things. I have compassion for many of them because they are acting from the heart – unlike their parents who act only from their wallets. Once so disposed, I understand why they latch onto the first clarion call which hits their ears. Like most of the society, a quick cure sells well. There never has been, and never will be, a substitute for thinking and planning, and this society is so sick that it cannot be moved in a more rewarding direction overnight. I have repeated often that one must be careful what he puts into his mouth, whom he chooses for a wife, whom he trusts and especially the later. When you elect to follow some self-appointed egotistical leader, who generally does not follow his own advice, you'd better check out his character, and his activities, as if your life depended upon it – for eventually it will. This then, is one of the reasons I suspect that the 'leaders' are left to 'lead' while their followers go to jail. It's an escape valve for ZOG who well understands that if you can pick off the Braves, one at a time so that their numbers do not increase, you can let the Chiefs bellow all they wish. This also goes a long way toward discouraging others to join whatever is faddish at the time.

Until the youth manages to get their own personal affairs in order, then I am afraid that they'll be suckered into many a one-way road where absolutely nothing positive will be accomplished except to increase the job opportunities for prison guards. Individual failures axiomatically must act alone – as lone wolves.

The professional liars keep telling us that inflation is nil and under control. They site a few selected prices here and there. Inflation is more than the price of goods. If you pay $25 dollars for a toaster of a certain brand, and the 'same' toaster cost $25 two years ago, you might think that inflation did not affect this item. If the price remains the same, and you are getting less for your money – that's inflationary. Quality, on all fronts, is slipping, or are you oblivious to that fact? They are adding more water to the soup and taking out the carrots, but the price per bowl does not change. As my father reminded, "Don't be concerned with the price of bread. Don't be concerned with your wages. Such a deal. Just ask yourself  'How many loaves of bread can I get for 1 hour of my labor?' That's what it is all about anyway."