1 April 2000
For those who viewed this spot earlier, let me remark that a boo-boo was made which included an undeserved bit of ridicule, and therefore it was erased. My apologies to Dr. Pierce for having misquoted him – it restores my faith in people who point out my errors. I screw up and consider it a favor when I am told of it. Thanks to the fellow who was this considerate. I will not retract the comment that I think Dr. Pierce is way off the mark by continually insisting that jews make up slightly over 2 percent of our population. There is enough evidence – most of it from a reader who researched the matter, plus the writings of Dr. Oliver, William Pelley and articles in the 11th (1911) edition of Britannica – to indicate that 10 percent is not unreasonable. Now, with the great influx of "Russians" which has been going on for the past few years, that 10 percent has to be a minimum.

In 1933, the jews in Germany were encouraged to leave, which many, many did. I personally know of a "survivor" who belly-ached that he "escaped" in time to avoid being "holocausted". The fact was that he and his family went to Denmark where they took first class passage on an ocean liner headed for this, the new Promised Land. Since property is life to a jew, all one has to do to get him to feel like he was dead, is deprive him of his possessions.

Now deceased, I worked with a very knowledgeable jew named Maxie Reiger. He left Germany in 1945 and until the collapse he was fully employed in glider research by the same people who supposedly "gassed" every jew they could lay their hands upon.. He once showed me a copy of the Berlin telephone directory of 1944-5 which listed nearly 100 active Jewish organizations. Maxie did me the personal favor of beautifully binding – black leather with embossed gold print – my old book The Swastika, circa 1890. I also helped him, in a very small way, during his construction of a garage-size personal helicopter. Sadly, he died unexpectedly before he finished it.

During the period 1945-1950, ships left the US leaded with materials for Europe. The boats returned full of jews and German property which was "liberated."  We liberate. They loot. My cousin, personally assigned to Gen. Patton for special demolition missions, brought back 2 large foot lockers full of captured "battlefield" items such as silverware, watches, a helmet, two paintings plus some hand made blankets. It must have been harrowing indeed to have been attacked by an old German woman of 68 chasing you with a whirling blanket.

Now that VLADIMIR PUTIN is el nuevo presidente of "Aryan" Russia, we can expect a new twist on the phony 'cold war' of the past. Let the sabers rattle and the goyim dig their bomb shelters – the end is nigh! Even the mongrel author of best-selling books for the brain-dead, Hal Lindsey with his grinning idiot companion 'Beauregard' Ford, now has Gog/Magog unifying the Muslims for their march upon Jerusalem which will occur sometime within the next couple of millennia, give or take an ice age. We should be so lucky! This clown act – Injun Hal still refers to Hitler as "an Austrian paper hanger and house painter" – appears on the Christian TV network which is so kosher I can smell the baking bagels. Well friends, in case your eyesight is not too good, your brain a little sluggish, or both, Putin is a jew. Such a deal.

Tomahawk Hal exclaimed "Are you ready to meet Jesus?" If Jesus drops down to give us all a high-five on an individual basis, then he's got one hell of a monster job. If He manages to shake the hands of 60 of us per minute, then an eternity will be required for this greeting alone, since 230 new souls are added to our planet each, and every minute. Now, if Jesus is down here, then who's back in Heaven guarding all of those gold paved roads?

The anticipated rebuilding of Mother Russia, according to Putin of KGB fame (a kosher outfit as was our war time OSS and its daughter, the CIA), will quite naturally be at the American tax-payers' expense as was the whole tragic anti-human communist comedy since its inception nearly one century ago. It is a factual disgrace to claim that Putin is "another Hitler" or "another Czar" or another anything other than what he really is.

Dr. Torah, the race-mixing jewess whom the bumbling boobs run to for verbal strokes, promotes Christianity part-time simply because Christianity, in its present form, promotes race-mixing. Although she gasses approvingly about "all" religions, let her know that your religion is racist and then watch her bagel batter bubble.
It always happens. I toss a little critical opinion out, and the mail comes in. Without categorizing the responses, I'll try and make myself clear. I'll be somewhat allegorical.

Suppose someone wishes to find a whole number which, when squared and diminished by 1, is then divisible by 29. That's their goal. Suppose that someone says that 13 is a solution. I say that it is not. Now the predictable: "OK wise guy, what's your solution? And how would you go about finding such a number?" These questions are based upon assumptions which may or may not be valid. First, I know that 13 is not correct because I did a little calculation. Next, I really am not interested in finding a solution even though you are. Moreover, if I wanted to find a solution, then I would not do it the way you suggested since obviously, your method doesn't work – as the answer 13 clearly demonstrates.

As a blight-winger, you express a desire to swim across the river to get to the other side and "do something." I point out that the river is full of crocodiles and piranha. You say I am "negative." Again: "OK wise guy, how would you get across that river?" Answer: I am not interested in crossing the river, and so have not thought about it because, from what I can see, the other side is a wasteland.

Over my past decades, I've leaned that it is virtually impossible to unseat anyone's delusions. In many cases, such an attempt might place you at the receiving end of a punch to the mouth. Clark believed that his wife was faithful and virtuous and would go into the fist fight mode if it were questioned. Every Thursday, when Clark went to his club meeting, I'd drive Jack to Clark's house and wait about 30 minutes outside in the car while Jack "conversed" with Doris. I knew the facts. Jack knew the facts and since Jack had a bragging mouth, I assume that everyone – except Clark – knew the facts. Bill, my favorite attorney knew the facts as did my fishing buddy Art, the Chief of Police. Clark eventually learned the truth but it was not because someone gave him a "heart to heart", sold him a book or video, or invited him to join the Alliance for Truth. Clark learned on his own, the hard way, because he was a bigot when it came to learning from the experiences of others.

Remember that "great White homeland" nonsense of a few years ago? White people were supposed to form a huge community where something magical, I suppose, was going to happen once they had a town meeting. This notion was proposed by an unemployed vagabond – another great "leader" – who lived out of a suitcase. Bill, an electrical engineer, doesn't like living around Blacks, but he does earn 64K per year, has a stay at home wife, keeps his kids out of jungle schools and does his damned best to insure a safe and sound family. This type of man is worth 10,000 blight-wing leaders and asking him to pack up and go to the Northwest is an assault upon all sanity. On the other side, anyone with a brain larger than a prune instantly knows that wherever White people set up shop, ZOG will insure that herds of diseased minorities will be sent that way. Inferior peoples simply want to be where their superiors are. That's where the goodies are.

I cannot fathom the "goals", if indeed there are any, of the various disjoint and dysfunctional factions of the blight-wing. One group apparently is only interested in "kicking ass" which I presume to mean bashing heads, pistol whipping and other sorts of criminal behavior. One fellow's goal is little other than trying to stay out of jail and his supporters gladly foot his legal bills and pay for his vacations – a rather dubious item since he is also unemployed. One wishes to "build an organization" but the "what for?" part of it seems elusive. There are plenty of video and book sellers – entertainment – who would like to claim the contents of your wallet. Others babble about truth and project some God-given directive to inform the public of "true" history, but in essence, it's the way they earn a living.

Diana is a slut and I care not about "saving her soul" or converting her to a nun. (Diana views herself as a girl with a 'normal sex drive'.) I don't associate with her even though a mechanic I know claims she is "one hot bitch." I am not interested in this woman and care not about her worthless life. She is a slut because she loves being one and not because of a bad childhood or some other lame-brained excuse for not having a spine. People who get their jollies by going to rock concerts are degenerate in one way or the other. I am not interested in what happens to them nor in providing an excuse for their insane behavior. They had a choice and they took the one they loved the most for degeneracy is a descent into the field of irresponsibility and abandon – the easiest thing in the world. What these people demonstrate is that they have no desire, nor perhaps even the will, to reach for heights only White people can attain. Anyone can indulge in an orgy but it requires a directed will to accomplish a state of honesty and integrity – honor. Stealing is what animals and savages do. Lying tongues are found in the mouths of serpents.

I've perhaps belabored my point but until we develop better White men, there is little to be gained by pondering organizations, plans and other useless pursuits for one simply cannot make a delectable pie out of mud – so stop worrying about the baking procedure. And please, examine as I have, the blight-wing and then tell me what they are supposed to be accomplishing other than making a nuisance of themselves and providing an income for the "leaders" most of whom would have a hard time staying employed at Burger King.

Nothing important will ever be accomplished until men start controlling things again. Today, a mud radio commentator, who likes to think he is White, claimed that the family's primary parent is the woman. Dozens of lace-drawered males called in to agree.

My solution to that Cuban kid problem which has everyone in a tizzy: Give him swimming lessons and a map, and toss him back into the ocean.

The 'men' in this county came up with a solution for the large number of accidents and deaths, at a certain intersection, which is caused by people trying to beat the red light: Make the intersection wider. My solution: Place a sharp-shooter at the intersection with orders to blow out the brains of anyone who jumps the light. Caution will then become very, very popular.

I want to see the computer software companies make their simulation programs more realistic so as to reduce the number of nitwit hot shots who think they have mastered something. Instead of having a noisy boom and a screen flashing "you're dead," when you miss a joy stick turn with the latest "Teach Yourself How to Drive" software, have the twerp's seat stuffed with dynamite wired to the computer. When he runs off the road, he detonates. Now that will teach the brat to be a little more cautious and the electronic response certainly would be more realistic.

Each time you are caught in the trap of indecision, play a round of Russian roulette. I guarantee that you'll soon learn to be more decisive.

Poachers are killing off the Bengal tiger at alarming rates – leading to their extinction. Indonesia seems powerless to stop it. My solution: Offer a bounty on the poachers which doubles the going rate for one tiger.

How to cure hunger in Somalia: Let the U.S. offer $6,000,000 to the first Somalian who brings in the heads of six Somalians. Give them a day or so and you'll be surprised at what a little money can do. Besides, it would actually be cheaper than foreign aid in the long run.

Make the same offer to Israel. It would go a long way toward answering that age-old question of whether blood or money is thicker.

A man is measured by whether he has the strength of will to back up his threats.

All faggots should be required to take a penis enlarging hormone. In that way, they could bugger themselves thus reducing anxiety and eliminate their predatory, and disease spreading, behavior.

Double the size of the welfare check when the recipient agrees to get sterilized. Quadruple it if he/she drowns their offspring.

Folks, we can do almost anything and stop practically everything, if – as in the Wizard of OZ – we only had some balls. That's were the men come in. If we think it's good to elect men without testicles, such as the Hillary, Madelaine, Adrianna and Janet types, then we fully deserve whatever happens to us.

It's estimated that 76 percent of American males are psychologically castrated. The Bobbit treatment just isn't necessary.

The White Christian twat bubbled, "Oh those nice Mexicans. They are such good workers." So are termites, lady!
What's the difference between bestiality and inter-racial sex?

In inter-racial sex, both parties can collect welfare.
In the wars of this century, the color of your skin will be your uniform.
Census 2000 – more money for the muds.
Eric warned
those White dead-heads against handing their country, Rhodesia, over to Blacks. American Whites are no smarter since they are progressively doing the same thing. Note the rock-and-roll drums so loved by white American youth. Blacks, who never think beyond the moment, fail to realize that when the White farmer goes, so does his food supply. At least that will put an end to the Zimbabwean "we feed, they breed" insanity. Blacks are never grateful – only demanding. As we knew as kids – give them an inch and they'll take a mile. Note that the Black Marxist tyrant Robert Mugabe is a protégé of Pope John Paul II (out of Katz) as is the criminal Nelson Mandela. Did you ever wonder WHO is really on your White side? It ain't the Christian church, baby.

ZIMBABWE'S embattled white farmers were preparing for the worst yesterday after President Robert Mugabe threatened them with "very, very, very severe" violence.

His remarks raised the tension still further in the stand-off between farmers and thousands of squatters demanding land rights. During a Reuters Television interview on Monday, Mr. Mugabe said the squatters could keep their gains and delivered a harsh warning to farmers.

He said: "There have been very few cases of violence, but if the farmers start to be angry and start to be violent, then, of course, they will get that medicine delivered to them. And it can be very, very, very severe, but we don't want to get there."

Mr. Mugabe added that any farmer who "provoked" the squatters would face violence. The warning seemed designed to forestall action by white farmers against thousands of squatters who have invaded almost 20 per cent of all white-owned commercial farms in Zimbabwe.

Encouraged by Mr. Mugabe's public support, at least 40 further properties were occupied this week, bringing the total affected to 793. The High Court has declared the invasions illegal and the police were given until last Monday to remove the squatters. But Mr. Mugabe has publicly refused to enforce the law.

Despairing of any help from the authorities, some farmers are preparing to use their labourers to force the invaders off their land. In a remarkable display of solidarity with white Zimbabweans, supporters of the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change, have rescued a few farmers and compelled the squatters to leave.

Chris Brooker, who manages a farm in the Victory district, was threatened by a mob on Tuesday after being accused of forcing his workers to vote for the MDC. Mr. Brooker said of Mr. Mugabe's comments: "We all know that these are the dying kicks of the donkey, but I've never heard him say anything like that before. It does make me feel even more threatened."

The formation of vigilante groups to clear white farms is fraught with risk. Chris Shepherd, a farmer near Karoi, said: "I don't want to be responsible for getting my workers beaten up. It's a very high risk thing, but this may be what has to happen."

If farmers did take action, Mr. Mugabe's latest comments indicate that his reaction could be explosive. Observers believe that he started the crisis to boost his standing ahead of parliamentary elections and he is ready to maintain the pressure for as long as is needed.

Robin Wyrley-Birch, a farmer near Guruvi, said: "We are dealing with a caged beast here. He has nothing else to offer his people but land." Drunken mobs of pro-Mugabe squatters have threatened to kill some farmers and, in other cases, stormed their houses. Police have usually ignored pleas for help and the squatters' leaders candidly admit that they are following Mr. Mugabe's instructions.

Farmers believe him to be totally unpredictable and are preparing contingency plans. Michelle Connor, whose farm near Karoi was invaded recently, said: "I'm getting to a point now where I've just had enough. Nothing frightens me, it's my children I worry about." Mrs Connor, who has a daughter of eight and sons aged six and seven, has prepared for an emergency.

She said: "I have a plan for a war situation. I have a safe place to put the kids and I have my firearms ready at night. I know how to use a gun and if needs be I will retaliate. I would rather be prepared than just wait for something horrific to happen. It's strange that I have to think like this. I make myself mad because I sit and think about it. But I was born in this country and I never want to leave."

Britain has contingency plans to evacuate 20,000 passport holders from Zimbabwe and some believe that Mr. Mugabe's hidden agenda is to force out the 75,000 remaining whites. Alf Jackson, whose farm near Centenary was among the first to be invaded, said: "They want to get rid of all of us whites. The whole thing is racist."

29 March 2000: Mugabe gives white farms to his cronies.
27 March 2000: Fresh fears for farmers as Mugabe delays poll.
26 March 2000: UK accused of trying to bring down Mugabe.
25 March 2000: Britain is ready to take 20,000 from Zimbabwe, says Hain.
21 March 2000: Zimbabwe farmer tells of axe attack by mob.
18 March 2000: Court orders police to remove squatters from white farms.
15 March 2000: Zimbabwe farm invasion plea.
4 March 2000: Mugabe approves farm invasions.

15 MAR 00. Dear Robert: If I understand Yuriy correctly, "Aryans" are only those people who live EAST of the Urals. People who live WEST of the Urals, including the Western Hemisphere, are non-Aryans, who are mainly jews. Stalin & the rest of the Bolshevik leaders, including every chief of the Soviet secret police, i.e. the Cheka, NKVD, KGB, &c. were and are "Aryans". The Yiddish-speaking police force of Moscow are also "Aryans". Since Stalin, Russia has been an Aryan paradise & a shining beacon of civilization which we western mongrels can only envy, but never emulate. Aren't we lucky to have Yuriy here to tell us how backward & non-Aryan we really are! If Yuri believes himself, then why is he here? All citizens of "the glorious Soviet Republics" have their very own internal passports, stating their nationalities. I wonder what nationality is on Yuriy's passport: Russian or jewish? Remember:
And if Yuriy is "Aryan", then I'm the king of the Khazars!
Eric Thomson
America is not a melting pot. It is a chamber pot where the predominant colors are brown, black and yellow.
In case you were wondering: HSBC stands for Hong-Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation.
That's why we fought WW II – so we could give the country away. Don't you love it?
Where might I find the blight-wing plan for government after they seize power? After they have bopped all the Negroes they wish? And drowned all the mestizos in salsa? After they have burned down all jewish bakeries? Has anyone ever thought about what the White Pride bunch would do to keep the millions of citizens on their daily course of caring for their families and earning a living? Which guitar-smashing rock star would they appoint as Secretary of Transportation? Which WCOTC member would become the Commissar of Education?

It's easy to preach destruction and a little more involved to produce it, but what then? Hitler had his paper bureaucracy in tact before he achieved power that why the transition went smoothly. (No leaderless resistance here!) Unlike the Lawrence of Arabia affair where he had to wait for the lights to go out before he stepped in because the Bedouins, who could destroy, had not the capability to build.

I am afraid that the public, after a brief taste of government by the dysfunctional bunch Eric and I refer to as 'the blight-wing', would demand a return of the days of zionist control. Demolition derbys attract thousands but the brick by brick construction of a building goes on relatively unnoticed. The blight-wing has no plan. They are interested in a demolition derby. The blight-wing is dysfunctional. They neither cooperate long nor learn from one another, or anyone else for that matter. The blight-wing is a set of disjoint subsets with little in common except for that ill-defined burp called White Power. Blacks, who are apparently more savvy than are Whites, know the value of unity when it comes to changing the course of things. When was the last time you saw Black leaders arguing about who held the superior ideas? Which Black leader ever advocated 'leaderless resistance'? Which Black leader had videos and books he offered for sale? Which Black leader operated his political venue as if it were some sort of business for profit? Inquiring minds want to know.

Mestizos are now headed to infest Ohio since the word is that jobs are available there. It is well known that the meat packing industry is kosher from one end to the other and the work force is now nearly all mestizo. It got that way since the salsa bunch is well known to offer the honky, still on the job, something he couldn't refuse. The pressures are subtle at first and then get to the point of violence where many a White has been stabbed and beaten while on the job. Result? He quits thus making room for another taco bender. Also well documented, is the fact that for every 1 mestizo who is employed, there are 15 collecting public assistance in the form of welfare, scholarships, medical stuff and what all. They breed and we feed. The show will soon be coming to your town and I know you shall thank God for all of the benefits of diversity. Being able to share their diseases is a gift from heaven. The medical business loves how it all increases their profits.
As I listened to a clip of a speech by Dr. W. Pierce, I came to realize how immersed he was in the Marxist notion that people are somehow victims of circumstance and to what depths he ignores personal responsibly as criteria. He, correctly so, labeled "about 10 million" of our White youth as "lost", "aimless", etc. They associate with Blacks, dress like Blacks, have the morals and manner of Blacks and vibrate to Black "rap" crap. "We must find a way to reach out to these people," he stated in such words. This, to me, was an admission of the utter bankruptcy of the National Alliance and/or a sign that Alzheimer's has its fingers on his brain. I have very little tolerance for this sort of "poor baby" approach to 18 year olds and their insane and inconsiderate antics. I grew up during the Great Depression and although we had sparse food much of the time, my father never stole even as much as a crumb. He never lied, broke his word or even got drunk as many of the blight-wing seem to think is something normal to do – bar stool patriots forever on the prowl for an unoccupied orifice. There were drugs available but none of my family had anything to do with them. My father had guns stacked in an unlocked cabinet surrounded by ammunition, but none of us ever touched them. None of my brothers or sisters ever missed a day of school and never cheated on any test. The interesting thing is that we were not some sort of unusual family but quite typical. Acceptance of personal responsibility was the norm. Now, Dr. Pierce wants to "reach" people who have demonstrated their relative uselessness and on more than one occasion, relieves them of personal responsibility by saying that the jews made them what they are. Balderdash! I surely am interested in meeting a jew, or even a devil, who can seduce me into jumping up and down, shrieking like a lunatic, all to the ooga-booga jungle jerk of electronic amplification. Where is that terrible jew who can talk me into taking drugs, lying to everyone I meet or causing me to drool over pictures of degenerates engaging in sex orgies? The truth is that these "lost" imitators of Blacks act the way they do out of choice – their choice – and any sane society would dispose of them in short fashion.

Let's assume that I am incorrect in this and that our 10 million lost White rappers become molded by the Pierce foundation into a potent swarm which manages to melt the Iron Heel and cause the system to go kaput. With hedonism and anarchy, in the form of leaderless resistance, now in control, how would they suddenly become organizational to the extent necessary to insure that the electricity would still flow and the trains run on time? Old habits are hard to break and I still have a hard time believing that a batch of losers, who are certainly capable of destruction, can miraculously be transformed into a harmonious set of cooperative builders and organizers. But the blight-wing is a subset of the American pottage and as such, love their day dreams. The Mexican invasion holds great promise as an awakener. Let's hope that it does.


As we waited for the stop light to change color, George Lincoln Rockwell, while leaning out the window of my car, scanned a large group of humanoids who had gathered in front of some sidewalk display. "God," he said, "the White race sure needs a lot of pruning... an awful damned lot of pruning."

At another time, I walked into a small group of people who were carrying "White Pride" signs. I asked one of the more belligerent females exactly what was she proud of. She hollered something about jews, blacks and cockroaches. I am White and recognize the superiority of the better elements of my race in endeavors such as technical matters. Since I had no great part in the development of anything, I somehow didn't have an urge to be proud of something of which I contributed virtually nothing. But that's me.

The computer, initially being a powerful machine for computation, has degenerated into little more than an entertainment device. It entertains me little, but I do drift back into an emotional childhood on occasion and have a "go at it." With whatever freeware I could garner, I briefly plunged into the world of "real video" and its accompanying mediocrity and disappointments. I popped onto www.whiterace.com for a peek at the latest rage/fad claiming to be the great White hope of the future. If this is all we have as a people then we are truly on the way out.

This site was down for a short period due to a saturation of "hits" which exceeded the servers limit. In typical blight-wing fashion, the 'boys' claimed that censorship was in operation. Will the blight-wing EVER get anything straight? Anyway, the 30,000 hits per day told me that more than pornography was popular on the internet. Logic directs us to wonder what could possibly rival porno other than another variety of porno. It was just a distortion of MTV – pornography with noise.

We have been advised by a great leader, whom I shall subsequently refer to as Mutt, that as White people we are not to criticize our own. Mutt, of course, invokes political correctness when it comes to one group, but unshackles his mouth when it comes to other groups. That's being a hypocrite, pure and simple. Mutt claims that his brand of 'revolution' is winning but when asked to give one concrete example, he changed the subject. I stand unwavering. If I wish to criticize a jew, for example, then I retain the right to criticize a honky. If I give the name of a White person as someone whom I appreciate, then I also feel free to say that the jew Eli Wallach is not only a great character actor, but one of my favorites.

Let's turn a bit to the nonexistent blight-wing logic. Jews control TV. OK? Whatever appears on TV is at their discretion. They let nothing appear which is not in their interests. Any argument here? Springer and Stern obviously present the refuse of our society without preference for race, sex, and that sort of thing. People who watch these shows are obviously fascinated by, or enjoy an affinity for, garbage. MTV is just another channel for degeneracy which only attracts the degenerate. If the jews who control all of this,  promote degeneracy, then why do you as White people, who supposedly are wise to all of this, go along with it?

Blacks started the fad of wearing baseball hats ass-backwards and oversized pants falling off their behinds. The White degenerate copied this. Blacks dance using imitations of the mating dances of wild birds and such, with all of its epileptic jerking and accentuated posturing. The White degenerate copied that peculiar activity also. This was also true for that cacophony of screeching and log-thumping racket miscalled "music" which is always accompanied by drugs and license. Whites apparently lack originality since they spend most of their time copying whatever happens to be the latest Black fad (and niggerball holds their keenest interest). And I know for a fact, that many Blacks laugh at this asinine copying behavior which generally leads to a total lack of respect for White people in general.

The White Prider, at least the "rock" type, has nothing to be proud of since he has descended from a  more lofty position. He chooses not to act White. This is what degeneracy is all about – a drop into an inferior and undesirable state. Blacks, with a few of their more controversial "rock stars" started the bad-mouthing of White people via crude lyrics. Whites, of course, just had an itch to be copycats again and so they started their own groups which then bad-mouthed Blacks, etc. This, we are told by Mutt and other great 'leaders', is the way to "save the White race." Imagine a cheetah telling her cubs that the way to insure the survival of their kind would be to imitate hyenas. Yet this is what the "14 words" nitwits advocate apparently not being bright enough to recognize that a cheetah acting like a hyena, is not longer a cheetah. Genuine White people simply do not attend rock concerts more than for a single excursion of curiosity. White skin is apparently not enough to make one feel White. (Electronic "music" racket has been proven to drive moles, squirrels and birds completely out of an area and send dogs howling over the next hill.)

I do not indict all White folks for there are millions of them all about who are busy inventing, building and providing this society with the glue which keeps it together and functioning. I am criticizing those who believe that a pack of degenerates wearing white skins, represents a path to salvation. They cannot even "save" themselves for most are either unemployed, or rely upon indulgent and simple minded parents to keep them supplied with rock concert tickets and computer games. Degenerate it is – a descent – for even the most profound of the human experiences, sex, has dropped to a level lower than that of the other animals we choose to claim dominance over. The degenerate now has a "sex partner" – a masturbating companion – instead of a loved one. No longer are ballads or poems written but raucous profanities. What sex has become is guttural, vulgar and degenerate. Love has been replaced with orgasms – mere selfish entertainment – and if a pregnancy comes upon the scene, the male degenerate simply hightails it to another bed leaving the jerk-water female to fend for herself thus insuring that the unborn will arrive in a dysfunctional atmosphere.

The revolution these White degenerates seek is of the same type that communists have always pursued: destruction of the existing order. And the tools are the same: the criminal and the degenerate. The drive is one of envy, with power as the goal, but what do they offer as a replacement? In other words, what does the White Power bunch stand for other than destruction and anarchy? They choose not to behave as White people and so we can assume that they do not like White attributes. They shout slogans and even have 'platforms', but their behavior belies this. Many of them play musical chairs with prison doors by blindly following the bad direction of such books as the Turner Diaries, where the target selection was inane, or by simply being petty criminals in the name of White superiority. If this society is an anathema for White values then one should hope, at least, for an improvement. But the question remains: how can people who have forsaken White values provide us with a new society with White values? They cannot.