5 April 2000
Advice from an old sailor. There are "man" things which many women disapprove of and they will surely let you know it. Know that deep love – that which exists above the crotch level – is very rare but it nonetheless exists. The best most of us, including myself, can do is to accommodate ourselves the best we can to what presents itself. If what is objectionable represents no skin off her tail, then stick to it. Never be abusive to a woman even though, at times and justifiably so, a good 'rap in the mouth' would solve a lot of things. As a married man, you must be a father and a husband in the best way possible. There are things which do exist for a man outside of this and it often includes politics. A woman who complains incessantly is telling you that you ended up with the wrong babe. Let me illustrate with a story about Ruth.

Ruth was a well mannered and very good looking woman a few years older than myself. Through the usual office chit chat, we started dating and she swooned at my mere presence. I was perfect, so she claimed. Not being one for lapping up flattery, or being swayed by it, I simply smiled and let events unfold.

Ruth soon expressed the fact that she really didn't like convertibles and that the "wind messed up her hair." Trivial? Maybe. But I used this as a warning light since my "perfect" image apparently was clouded by the kind of car I preferred. That car was a "street rod" which I drag raced often and won many trophies. At that time, each first place winner was given a sticker which I put on the left rear window. Ruth then complained about those stickers and suggested that I remove them. Ah! The second clue. At this point I realized that she had absolutely no interest in what I found to be very exciting. Since a few hours a week of drag racing did not in one bit interfere with our expensive dates, it became obvious that she was more concerned with what SHE wanted than she was in ME – hardly an indicator of love of any variety.

I bought a new Cougar because it appealed to me on a grand scale. Ruth thought that I did it to please her, that is, ridding myself of that loathsome Chevy. Complaints ceased – for a while. Then, she let me know that she did not approve of the shoes I was wearing. In my mind, the relationship was terminated since whatever value I received from our few hours per week together was simply not worth accommodating my whole life to her adolescent whims. There was more but the formal ending was beautiful!

I had scheduled a delightful New Year's Eve at a very, very expensive inn in Canada overlooking beautifully frozen Lake Erie. During the interim, Ruth danced with joy at the prospect. The night came and we started the long drive to Canada. Along the way, she brought up some place in Niagara Falls which her friends had recommended to her. She wanted to go there and in spite of my surmise that there would be no room available, she insisted that there just might be a cancellation. The little voice in my head whispered that this was to be our final date. I gave her what she wanted and there was no space available. We then proceeded back toward the originally planned lodge. I knew what would happen. We were late and the reservation was null and void. What to do?

I told her not to worry since I knew of a place where the atmosphere was delightful, the food excellent and I'd guarantee that she would be very happy with my choice. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and then settled back in a relaxed position with a huge smile on her face. I was still perfect, she whispered, and then closed her eyes.

"We are here," I said in an awaking interrupt.

"But," cried Ruth, "this is where I live."

"Yes, I know and you'll find that it will be as I promised. Please get out. Good night."

As I drove away I could see her in my rear view mirror standing in the gently falling snow. I wondered what the next man in her life would do. Which would be more important to him? – his manhood or the intoxication of keeping company with one of the most beautiful women I've known?

One of the boys from Brazil said, "You Americans are funny. One drop of Black blood and you call the person Black. In my country, if you have one drop of White blood, we call you White."
Just for laughs, I attended a 'community' meeting complete with the little jew town supervisor who tells people he's Italian. (I caught this fellow lying through his teeth on more than one occasion. When he sees me coming, he turns his back and tries to hide.) Anyway, one of those middle-aged yammering cows people love to elect to office, belched about the failure of the "just say no" programs relative to drugs. Her solution? Perhaps the effort should be set to music. Thereupon we were assaulted with a set of 'lyrics' set to the tune of some ooga-booga rap crap, featuring some high school kids doing a kindergarten skit. It was the typical jew inversion: the 'good' kids wore earrings, were scruffy in appearance and wore the required ass backwards baseball cap. The 'bad' kids were well dressed and clean cut. Such a deal. My tolerance wore thin and I left wondering why such a batch of honkies were worth saving anyway.
Civilizations are started by problem solvers. After a time, problem makers start to infest the place. The problem solvers then have to take time away from the civilization and correct the problems the problem makers create. Soon, the problem makers out-number the problem solvers and the roof falls in. This apparently happens over and over throughout history and yet no one has caught on to a simple corrective rule: don't let the problem makers live. If you haven't the stomach for that, then sterilization is a passable substitute.
The sickening flap over that Cuban mud kid would have been solved in about 5 minutes if men were running this country. However, we choose to let the feminine types – of both sexes – run the show. When you ask a man about how to sharpen a pencil, he mentions little more that placing the pencil in the hole and turning the crank. When you ask a woman, she'll take off on a million tangents even including how pencil sharpeners are bigots since they do not accompany left-handed people very well. It's this sort of cackle which irritates me as nothing else can. I do believe that the inclusion of females in the non-movement 'movement' has more to do with erections than it does with thought. Women, as Ludovici pointed out, have no taste and certainly are very near-sighted when it comes to the future. When an man encounters the young of a dangerous beast, he'll kill them knowing that it's easier to do it then than it would be if they were allowed to mature. Nits grow up to be lice. A woman only sees something helpless and has a desire to nurture and protect it. Women are drawn towards the stupid, ugly and helpless when they are not searching for large wallets. Good-looking women learn to prostitute themselves at an early age and usually spend their lives making as many men as possible, miserable. Haven't you noticed how many blight-wingers have had it shoved up their buns by some woman turn-coat? Even wily John Dillinger met his doom as the direct result of requiring a warm orifice. Perhaps he died with a smile on his face. Jewish women are far more likely to stick by their revolutionary men than are the honky twats.

No captain would ever put a near-sighted sailor in his crow's nest. He would draw upon those with the more acute far-sightedness. A woman, however – and that's where the seat of all 'democracy' lies – would like to see everyone feel good and thus take their equal turn as lookout. In fact, she'll even suggest that the blind be given a chance at observation. As I have mentioned before, our society will fart around playing musical chairs with positions of power AS LONG AS THE SEA IS CALM. Once the storm appears and the waves mount, the feel-good games will cease for the Natural Order can only reveal itself during a period of struggle. Women are individual oriented. Men are community oriented. A society becomes one or the other depending upon who's in the driver's seat. Men, you've allowed your erections to be stiffer than your spines. A stiff spine is with you 24 hours a day. Your erection is of short duration.

Of course they want you to be tolerant and non-racist. They are invading your land and do not want any opposition. If they achieve political power, do you really, REALLY believe that they will do the same for you? Does Africa give you a clue?
About 3 weeks ago, New York State announced that they weren't sending out income tax refunds until April due to the lack of money. Today they announced that they were operating in the black and had a surplus. Sounds like jewish bookkeeping to me.
You can bet your bippy that I stereotype. You have to be smoking odd weeds if you think I am going to evaluate crocodiles, rattlesnakes  and hyenas on a individual basis. A stereotype does not exist unless certain characteristics pop up all of the time. There might be some viper out here, full of brotherly love, which will not sink its fangs into one's behind. I'll leave that discovery up to you.
If you can remember that 100 percent of TV is as kosher as it can be and so are all political candidates higher than the local level, then surprises will not be forthcoming. A man who always is truthful can be depended upon – to tell the truth . A man who lies all of the time can also be depended upon – to lie. It's those who manipulate truth and falsehood to their own advantage, which cannot be trusted with anything. The TV History Channel combines both fact and fiction. I don't bother to sort any of it out – I assume that it is all ostrich droppings. I am not concerned with who is a good whatchamacallit and who is not. It's too mind taxing. Why not kill them all and let God sort it out?
In case you hadn't noticed, the majority of Whites who are assaulted by Blacks are those who have befriended them. Blacks are of another species and their heads are wired differently. Doing favors for Blacks is generally interpreted as weakness resulting from fear. Compassion and gratitude do not reside in their simian heads.
Net2phone fraud? I signed up for a $3.95 trial of the PC to phone service. After 8 attempts to sign on, I finally made it. I was plagued by waits, and "you can't get there from here" messages plus simple cutoffs. The $3.95 special turned out to be a $25 deposit from which the 1 cent per minute calls would be deducted. That's understandable and I said "what the hell" and let them sock my CC $25. I then decided to view my account information. I was taken back when it said I had $10 worth of calls I could make. Where the f--- did the $15 go? – I asked myself. Noted for patience, I decided to call Norma as I do from time to time. When I clicked the "call" button I waited for over 1 minute before the connection was established. As I do record things, I checked my stop watch so I could later calculate my expenses. The call lasted a hair over 2 minutes, the fidelity was lousy and the phones crackled with so many breaks that we had to repeat ourselves. Norma, at first, would not speak because she failed to recognize my voice. I hung up and viewed my account balance again. Lo and behold, I was socked for 4 minutes which I believe counted my wait time. Then, the big surprise flashed on my screen – the cost was 10 cents per minute which is actually much more than my regular telephone long distance rate. I then deleted the whole sorry mess from my HD and chalked the $25 loss to "experience". But the story has not ended. Sorry bastards such as these deserve to be reported. The internet is a Federal thing. In the meantime, I'd be damned careful about Net2phone.
I hope that none of you White kids fall for that Asians-are-smarter-than-Whites crap. This position followed a report that Asians do better on tests than do Whites – here in Divers City which is rapidly turning into another Bangladesh. Remember that "white" in America includes nearly all mestizos (FDR whites not noted for mental achievements) plus smart Whites and the not so smart Whites. The Asians who have been sent here to get a college education represents their BEST. Unlike our ZOG, China would never waste a cent on a slug or a dime on a dimwit. Also, how come they don't have their own superior universities – if they are so damned smart?

After living around niggers for decades, Asians do stick out as being a little smarter – a not too difficult job. As for those miraculous Yellow people, Nissan of Japan employs batches of honkies to do their brain work. I have a lifelong friend who works for Nissan as a manager of about 500 Japanese. During our last conversation, he mentioned that it takes 5 Japanese to do the work of 1 White man.

A while back, there was a silly little study by the Canadian Dr. Rushton who was more concerned about the penis size of the various races than he was about any other factor. His theory was: the larger the dick the more stupid the owner. Anyone who has spent much time in Army or YMCA shower rooms could easily have come to the same conclusion. Harold Butler and Bill Doty – both deceased, otherwise I would not reveal their names – had jammers reminiscent of links of bologna. In the mental department, dull would have been a compliment. (Now we understand why mental slugs, such as football players, are attractive to certain sluts.) Asian appendages are generally smaller than those swinging on the White trunk and I think this influenced Dr. Rushton's view of the brain world. Besides, anyone who spends a lot of time measuring sausages might possibly overlook other factors. Gotta watch those Ph.D.s – especially when you drop your soap in a shower room.

Since South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) are now under Black rule, and the citizens no longer held down by White racism, we can now expect major developments in aerospace, communications, literature, mathematics, etc. to be flowing massively from those lands. Each TV program reminds us of the innate genius of the Black faces and I expect that Blacks will be able to produce in one century more than the European produced in five. Whites are disgusting and inferior people so I cannot understand why mud people want to come and live with them.
She kindly crowd which shoved chocolate drops down your throat so that you'd finally accept anything 'near White' without protest, are using the same technique relative to diseases. The massive hurdle was to get the public to tolerant AIDS as it does the common cold. Now, after such a conditioning, they are adding the incurable genital herpes to the list. "At least it ain't AIDS," mumbles the goyim. TV ads for genital herpes potions show happy-go-lucky fornicators smiling as they pass on the disease to other crotch-driven idiots. It's enough to drive a health conscious person to become a hermit.

Another conditioning exercise should be noticeable on ALL TV channels which means that it's not accidental. That is the ooga-booga nigger holler, screech and log thumping background "music" which accompanies all advertising and interludes of programs. Even my favorite nature programs are now plastered with this crap which means I watch hardly any of it anymore. Even space shots had nigger bounce for background. This inversion of association might even lead to hearing Mozart while watching the Masai women plaster cow dung upon their heads. I suspect that nigger beat will cause many marginal "Whites" to hop up and down and contort their bodies as if they were Black on the inside – maybe they are. When I hear this thumping, it only increases my rage and so I withdraw so as not to do something rash.

If you are called a racist, why not smile, nod your head and admit it? It will drive the I'll-hump-anything crowd wild.

One of the best interceptor planes of World War II – the Supermarine Spitfire. It was a descendent of Britain's Schneider Trophy winner. It had 4 fixed Browning machine guns in each wing which were outside of the propeller area thus allowing a fire rate of 10,000 rounds per minute. If the ammunition lasted long enough, it could literally saw an enemy aircraft in half. It was powered by a liquid-cooled 1050 horse-power Rolls Royce Merlin engine giving it a top speed of 367 MPH and a climb rate of 11,000 feet in 4.8 minutes.

One of the best-kept secrets of WW II was the fact that this plane could have never been developed without the leadership and massive engineering skill of the Khoisan Bantus which were then living in the Okavango and Zambezi region of that enlightened land mass racists referred to as the "Dark Continent." As all Americans are now taught – it's about time! – Whites can accomplish nothing on their own and require 'diversity' in order to develop even insignificant and mundane projects such as manned flight to the moon. Those atavistic characteristics we call 'hate' and 'racism' have blocked common knowledge in the area of Black achievement. This is the dawning of the Age of Hilarious.

MUDS flock to White areas not because of "freedom" but because of "freebies."
It's understandable why many young people choose not to imitate their parents. What isn't understandable is why they choose to imitate jungle-bunnies.


Those Zionist Christian 'end time' TV hucksters, half-breed Hal Lindsey and his grinning idiot partner Cliff Ford, continually refer to Adolf Hitler as "the Austrian house-painter and paper-hanger." Yes, Hitler did "paint houses". Here you see such a house as was rendered in watercolor in 1915. In the lower right hand corner is the title of the painting "Munich Artist's House". In the lower left hand corner is the signature, A. Hitler.

This color work was taken from Bill F. Price's book: Hitler, the Unknown Artist.