9 April 2000
Why are classical music stations disappearing? Classical music is supported locally which means a large population is needed. Where are the large population concentrations? Cities. Who fills up cities? Niggers, muds, etc. – anything non-European. Classical  music is European. As White people disappear so does their music. (Rock, western, blue grass, jazz, etc. is non-White music in spite of the White faces which play it. Elvis sang and played nigger noise.)
Mike once told me that "If you don't hate all jews then you are not a friend of mine." Interesting. A mestizo was surprised when Eric told him, "Just because we do not agree does not mean that I don't like you."

We are aware of the pushy and greedy nature of some jews but often we seem to overlook those genuine Anglo bastards who laid the foundation for much of our current social malaise. We can argue that jews were deep into the slave trade but it was not the jews who wanted slave labor for their cotton plantations. Thousands of Chinese were imported as virtual slaves, not by the jews, but by greedy Anglo railroad barons. If during the heyday of the slave trade there were no Semites on the face of the earth, you can bet that there's be lots of Aryans running boats to and fro across the Atlantic. I lay the entire blame for our Black racial problem squarely upon the shoulders of those Southerners who were too damned lazy to work their own land.

Laying the blame on someone else's shoulders is eons old and it didn't just pop up in the last decade. We mumble about some anti-social school kid blasting his schoolmates with a Colt 45 and then hold the seller, or manufacturer of that gun, responsible. The moron puffs and puffs away on his burning tobacco cylinder and, in spite of information which has been available for over 50 years, sues the cigarette company for making them available. Isn't this the same corrupt mentality which blames jews for the slave trade completely overlooking the fact of WHO it was that wanted Blacks brought to this continent? Could it be remotely possible that some of the jewish behavior, which we dislike, was only a response to the environment in which they entered?

Sol Davidovich ran a used car parts company often referred to as a junk yard. I often went there for this and that since I loved to tinker with cars and had little money for new parts. Sol was an older graying man, soft spoken and not noted for congeniality. I'd come and go and once I remarked to him, "Be easy on me. I know you have to make a living but I am not exactly Fort Knox." He smiled.

On another occasion, I said, "Make your profit but remember that I am still not Daddy Warbucks. Sol again smiled, nodded and said "Seven dollars."

One day I came in where I witnessed an argument over the price of something. My view of such matters was that if you thought the price was too high, then leave – go elsewhere. No merchant is required to sell anything at the customer's price. The angry noises subsided, the trouble maker left and I took my turn at the counter. I needed a distributor for a 1940 Nash 6 cylinder. It was an unusual item since the Nashes of those days had 2 spark plugs per cylinder. Anyway, Sol handed me a bag of wrenches and directed me to where I might remove such a distributor. When I returned I made sure the tools were wiped clean and none were missing. "How much?", I asked. Mr. Davidovich responded, "No better deal you shall have this day – take it and don't hurt your fingers on that loose door handle."

Any astute farm boy, as was I, knows full well that the behavior of most animals depends considerably upon the way they were treated. Be miserable to a bull and he'll remember and someday you might live to regret it.

One of the really silly things the upper crust Anglos did in my home town was to categorize people according to economic things. The town had essentially 4 regions: the Italian section, the Polish section, the poor White section and the "important section". There were many jews scattered here and there. The Lighters were in the Italian section and the Chirnovs in the Polish. Brenner and Steinburg were in the snob section while the Barzuks were in our section – the poor. No one paid any attention to the jews as they were small in number and they paid little attention to the rest of the town.

Jim Hursh was a jew as he related to me many years ago. His family attended the Methodist church and the uppity Anglos accepted him as one of their own since the family had the correct income to be recognized as human. The Hurshes were from Pennsylvania and they intently disliked their relatives. They changed their name as well as their residence. Jim was not circumcised as any boy could easily discover in the school shower room.

Jim was a bright and diligent student and our senior year was filled with buzzing as to who, Jim or I, would receive the greater score in the Chemistry final. I could easily cream Jim in any math area and did beat him by over 15 points on the Physics Regents. This was just teen age trivia.

The Anglo snobs didn't know what to do with me. I was a poor White but could out-think any 10 of those dullards at one time. I was sort of "accepted" – but not at party time. As events unfolded, Jim was one of the very few people who ever came to visit me. He would knock softly on the door and I would welcome him as we proceeded to work on my model airplanes. Jim had 10 times more manual dexterity than I and this certainly helped him when he finally became a surgeon. I never forgot that.

Following a minor accident at the raceway in Corona California, I ended up being admitted to the hospital in Brea. They demanded an up-front sum of $300 or I could go to sleep on the sidewalk. My old "friend" Don Clark – a blue-eyed blond Aryan – was "unable" to help me out. Out of the blue, a nurse said that they had received the money from one of my friends. I wondered a bit and was then told – to my surprise – that a fellow named Lou Kossuth had heard of my difficulty while talking to another fellow. I knew Lou slightly since he was always around one track or the other. Mr. Kossuth was a jew. We saw much of each other during the following days.

These episodes certainly never altered my essential ideas concerning race-mixing, who runs the TV business, and so on. I still have the same attitude towards cheats, liars and scoundrels as I did when I was 10 years old. If you can understand only one facet of my person, I hope that it would be my absolute, and intense dislike for the hypocrite and the predator. If we truly want to support our White community then we much enrich that community by being a better person. We must also give credit, where credit is due, to all regardless of whether they oppose us or not. This, in essense, means to seek out and promote ALL truth and not just that which makes us look sweet and our opposites sour.

It's a shame that the word "invest" has taken on such a totally greed-filled meaning. When my father started up his tiny business, Uncle Fred "invested" in that enterprise. In other words, he endowed/granted my father the use of $10,000. Uncle Fred's motives were to assist my father but not to the extent of giving him that amount. Likewise, my older sister invested in a son-in-law's business with the only stipulation being that the money be paid back – no interest – within 5 years. This sort of investing is for the purpose of mainly assisting others. Today, the definition has degenerated into a mere search for one-sided profit – with a guarantee, no less! There are many enterprises which will benefit everyone once they are established. Many people are not in a position to give but often gladly loan, which buying stocks really amounts to. Such loans, if they involve interest payments are practically the same as collecting dividends on stocks. If both sides profit, then all the better.

Loans, stocks, and whatever can never be guaranteed realistically.  My father suggested – never loan what you cannot do without. Never gamble that which you might some day need. Only buy stocks with your excess money. So it is with the stock market which at best is a form of roulette and at worst, a ponzi scheme.

I listened today to a greed show called "Money Talk". The Microsoft investors were crying the blues and wanted reassurance that they would POSITIVELY, some day, get back their money plus a hefty deserved bonus. Many whimpered that they didn't invest so that they could lose. (Gamblers never think in terms of losing either but lose, most will.) Poor babies. What they want is a gambling guarantee that Black Jack will always pay off. It is this self-centered greed which is mainly responsible for the millions of aliens which are streaming into the country. Cheap labor is the cry but, in the end, there is really no such thing as cheap labor. More bodies which can vote – who cares what societal damage is concurrent as long as one gets elected. That's why airplanes are dropping from the skies, food is becoming more and more contaminated and appliances fall apart before they wear out. Mr. X, apparently an Aryan, employs in his shop which is about 23 miles from here, several Guatemalans at very low wages and no benefits. He mentioned that he wasn't to blame for the immigrants being here – the jews let them in! And he was only doing things for the benefit of his business. You bet. Uh huh. Amen.

Bill Pierce's radio broadcast of 8 April was a good one. I encourage all to listen to it. This does not mean that I agree with his total approach – only parts of it. Let me tell you of a personal experience which happened a very long time ago.

While employed as a teacher of computer science and mathematics, I often brought books such as Der Auschwitz Mythos to school for reading during my lunch period. These books were always in plain view of the students and faculty. Although I never talked about the topic, it apparently became well known that I did not view Adolph Hitler in a totally unsatisfactory light. One day, I noticed a pretty little blonde head peeking around the doorway. I begged the young lady to enter explaining that if she had a question, I promised not to bite. With a slight giggle she explained, "I only wanted to see what a Nazi looked like." Well, what did she see? An over-weight  middle-aged man, with hair beginning to gray, wearing a tie and crisp, but inexpensive suit plus being clean-shaven and good looking. After passing a cute smile, she left the room carrying with her my request, "Please come back someday and  tell me what you think a Nazi really is?"

Once a year, the school built a temporary shrine out of broken beer bottles and a mass of candles to commemorate Kristallnacht – the much ballyhooed "night of the broken glass." There was a ceremony complete with hysterical bawling, moaning and other wailing wall antics. I simply sat respectfully during this performance not issuing one comment. I let their foolishness be their foolishness and they courteously never questioned, nor punished me for what they assumed were my beliefs. I attribute this position to the fact that I was judged on BEHAVIOR alone – something I feel is at the bottom of nearly every relation between people. This is where I part  company with Dr. Pierce. He feels that the current rock and drug crowd represents a "great untapped potential" in the ongoing race war we are now engaged in. In this vein, he has purchased Resistance Records which you can view at http://www.resistance.com. Let's look at the shenanigans and appearance of these people.

"Rock" is nigger, electric nigger, pure and simple and generally drug related with nothing to offer but decibels, shrieking, epileptic fits and atavism. There is nothing European or cultured about it. It offends the senses and will actually drive moles, squirrels and other critters into the next county and cause dogs which cannot escape, to howl cuttingly. The heavy bass has been demonstrated to stimulate bowel activity – an appropriate antidote for those who dine at MacDonald's. Look at the appearance and behavior of both the audience and the "group", the jew-run MTV crowd. Ass-backwards ball caps, pants falling off the ass, half-shaven, tits popping out of cheap blouses, slovenly cannibal ornamentation with earrings, nose rings and tattoos, and eyes always scanning for the next can of beer, a wad of some drug or a quick stab at some available orifice. Here are people who have regressed into a hedonist life-style – people who in most sane countries would be in jail for being a public nuisance. Woodstock, of decades ago, was little other than a degenerate orgy and the predominate white color of the skins only served to make it more despicable. How, I might ask of Dr. Pierce or even Tom Metzger, can a band of people who have cast off any pretense of being civilized, save any civilization or race? I'll change my view upon the presentation of any explanation which contains no wishful thinking.

There are things we can do if we choose to present ourselves as the bearers of something better. An unwashed cretin is not a good advertisement for intelligence or cleanliness. There is a 'smell' out there which represents the enemy of all European peoples. It has been called and described by many names and I think "the enemy" might be a suitable embracing term. The enemy has distorted our vocabulary and Orwell's "1984" reminds us that "he who defines, rules." As an example, "Holocaust" originally meant a great destruction by fire. The enemy not only capitalized the word  – and capitalized on it – but virtually copyrighted it. Instead of "by fire", it became a hearsay gassing operation. Now the word must be uttered in reverence, if at all. A few of my friends have adopted an approach as a means to take the 'holiness' out of that word as a prelude to a partial restoration of its meaning. Whenever something disagreeable happens in our lives, we should refer to it publicly – so others can hear – as a 'holocaust'. Eric once remarked, upon returning to his apartment only to find that the electricity was not on, "I didn't have lights for about 3 hours. What a holocaust that was." Again, I left the market to find someone had bashed in the door of my car. "What a holocaust. It'll have to be fixed and that's yet another holocaust."

Eric and I used to chat in a pub in Toronto decades ago. I once remarked about one of the most handsome and intelligent men I had known. Eric replied, "He probably was a Nazi."

Eric frequently leaves people sucking on their teeth when he asks people, within an appropriate circumstance, what a Nazi is. If you can remember that most of our "political correctness" is little other than Pavlovian responses, you can dream up ways to shake the stupefied parrots. Thus, we do have weapons – legal weapons – which can be used effectively. One only has to use his imagination, control his behavior, present no physical threat and above all, be what you claim you are representing.

John Toland once remarked that every one of America's so-called neo-Nazis would be in a concentration camp if they had actually lived in the Third Reich. I find no argument in that.

Another matter is that of comradeship. It's easy to pull the "leaderless resistance" baloney (actually nothing more than a rudderless annoyance – a no responsibility, no trust position) when one is embarked upon criminal activity. In that mode, being a loner is always the safest way. However, man is a social animal and desires company, and there is no better company than those who view the world as you do. The National Alliance, from what little I know, apparently promotes small group activity within small geographical areas. That's a good thing in my book but I wish Doc would trash that idiotic symbol which resembles an 18th century hay fork at best, or a chicken footprint, at worst. I do not recommend the wearing of anything which can be used as a label, or identifier. We are targeted enough by virtue of our white skins. Whites cannot yet be legally attacked wholesale but will surely be thumped when outnumbered and wearing swastikas, white sheets and dunce caps, runes or even a purple left eye patch which might finger you as being more than some jew-dazed White. If your brain is not in gear, there's no point in worrying about how much fuel is in the tank.

Hitler's enemies say he was jewish and ruled the German people by sheer terror. Hitler's friends say he was not jewish and that the German people willingly supported him. If Hitler's enemies are correct, then how can the German people be blamed for the "holocaust"?
I am opposed
to all of this discussion about racial differences especially when it is used as a justification for feelings. Whether the Black man's brain is not as convoluted as a White man's, misses the point. I care not about skull thickness – which gives Black's an advantage in the boxing ring or other sport where bashes on the head are frequent – blood types, IQ measurements, sweat glands, hair structure, and on and on. Failing to deal with a problem effectively is an admission that one is more of a woman than a man. Now, a crocodile has certain attributes which I find dangerous when I have a desire to swim in the Congo River. I don't care about the state of the crocodile's appetite, whether he had a lousy upbringing, is high on drugs, does well in school, believes in a god, has narrow hips, won the Indianapolis 500, or what all. That's feminine babble. I won't swim in a crocodile infested river simply because crocodiles can be counted upon to behave in a certain fashion which I would not appreciate during a swim. That's the g.d. end of the matter. Let the revisionists, David Dukes, and other amatuer and professional blabbers waste their time spreading such hot air among the gullible who mistakenly believe that if you know the WHY then you can alter the approaching disaster. After falling off a ledge into a 200 foot ravine, I can amuse myself with all of the whys with thoughts about gravity, Newton's laws, the sound of the buzzard's wings, the breeze though my hair and even perhaps calculate when I shall go SPLAT! I hate b.s. and that's why I dislike lawyers, politicians, most teachers, and virtually all of the blight-wing. Their noises are no more significant than the honks of a flock of geese settling upon a quiet body of water.

As a child I was prejudiced relative to the eating of spinach – I prejudged what it would taste like. I ate some and found I didn't like it's taste and thereafter never ate any again. My prejudice was removed. If I continued to eat it after I found that I disliked it, then I would be a bigot. You can give me a list of its vitamin and mineral content, burden me with stories about 'roughage', nursery rhymes about 'equality' amongst vegetables, and the advantage of diversity in the diet, but the bottom line is that I DO NOT LIKE SPINACH – and never will – so I want that stuff removed from my table now, and forever, and I care little whether I am the only person who ever lived who had such a politically incorrect view of what is good to eat. 

General Robert E. Lee is a direct descendent of the Bruce of Scotland. I am a direct descendent of General Robert E. Lee. Those are facts and appear to impart some sort of majesty when I can safely state that I am a direct descendent of the Bruce of Scotland. The significance is that I am removed by the generations to the extent that whatever was in, or not in those great genes, affects me little. I might have been a direct descendent of Genghis Khan but the subsequent genetic dilution over the generations would have effectively erased any such influence. This family tree business leads to confusion since daily I encounter people who THINK they are White, but are not and jews who are likewise mistaken that they are jews by blood..
Diana took an intelligence test. She scored 156. Thereafter, she claimed to have an IQ of 156 and used this as a verbal hammer each time her mouth opened.

Diana's lusty parts propelled her in the direction of Michael. Michael had 3 failed marriages in his past and the last ex-wife still manages to date him and offer advice relative to Diana. Michael is addicted to pornography. Michael lied about many things and had cheated many of the  customers of his California business. Michael was previously treated for some sort of sexually transmitted disease. Michael always dictated to Diana when it came to her activities. Michael was a photograph buff. He keeps hundreds of photos of his past girl friends all in various stages of undressing.

Diana has an IQ of 156. She knows the facts about Michael. The couple will be married within a week. Question: Is Diana intelligent?

Of course the termite which fastens its jaws upon your beams, will demand 'tolerance'. Tolerance is the agreement that you will do nothing while he chews your wood asunder. He, on the other hand, will not tolerate you as you reach for the Zyklon B. He shouts that he is hungry and that he needs only a small place to stay. His children are hungry and cold and he shouts his appeal to your women. If you heed your women, your house will be destroyed. If you do not heed your women, and seek not tolerance for the invader, others who have heeded their women will make laws forbidding you to defend your wooden beams. You have only two paths – hold fast to your convictions knowing that the future will unfold according to your sayings or, fall into the party of women and become not a man among men nor even a man among women. You, like the racial hybrid, are then nothing and the gods remain not ignorant and assuredly will respond in their own time.
One of the reasons I often have a hard time getting a point across, is the feminine mindset of far too many males in this society. I grew up in a rather large family where all of the men were the captains. They absolutely consulted their wives and children for opinions and such, but all recognized that there was only one captain and there were no arguments over any decision.

A man coming toward me in the market had a wide open fly. I assumed that he didn't want it that way and perhaps he was not aware of the matter. I informed him of the situation and he thanked me. That was the end of the episode. A man can state a fact, or opinion as a discrete quantity but the feminine mind is compelled to attach every string of complication she can dream up. In the case of the open fly: Would the man be embarrassed by my mention? Perhaps he would be insulted. Why doesn't the woman with him, tell him? Maybe his zipper is stuck. Blah, blah, blah. (If that man were a jew, he might consider my remark as 'anti-Semitic' since he thinks like a woman.)

I taught in a variety of schools, one of which was all-girl and another all-boy. This gave me an opportunity to check various responses to the same statements. One of my favorites was this statement, connected not to any discussion or even part of the subject at hand. Women and men are not equal. Once uttered, listen to the comments of the classes:

Boys: What do you mean by 'not equal'? Of course we are different – I love it. Not equal in what respect? Is that all you are going to say? What's the point in this? Isn't that obvious?

Girls: We are just as good as any man. That's a chauvinist remark. My mother knows more about things than does my father. That's not very nice to say, especially to girls. Boys grow up with more advantages. You think just like a man.

Notice the essential differences. The male is analytical and sticks to the item at hand. There is an absence of anything personal but the girls, on the other hand, issue statements far outside the domain of that statement. Nothing was said about superiority, greater than or less than – just not equal. Women were compelled, in the main, to take an unattached statement and connect it to emotions, motives and all of that. This is a major political problem in this country and it shall get worse. That Elian matter would have been cleaned up in five minutes if men were running this country. As more twats, hens and busy-bodies are elected to office, things will become more ridiculous, nothing will ever be solved and confusion will increase.

Consider the rescue of some people from a complicated disaster. If 98 out of the 100 were rescued, a man would view this as a tremendous success. However, the woman would break down emotionally and focus on the 2 who died. This then, is the basis for the Murrah Building wailing wall and all of those 'memorials' which spring up on every corner where someone meets his maker. Male jews are essentially feminine in nature. Just watch them at their own wailing wall. That's one of the reasons I do not argue over that opinionated topic called the "holocaust" – I don't argue with women.

Virtually all blight-wing gatherings are feminine in nature when they aren't outright beer festivals or, at the worst, rock orgies of one variety or the other. The topic is often that White people have lost a sense of community. When you think of any matter, it is very wise if you pay attention to that which works. That's a masculine approach. Men are far more group minded than are women, that is, when they behave as men. Men have no problem in considering community interests above individual interests. Groups function when they have a leader. 'Leaderless resistance' is feminine and it is generally cowardly in approach.

In the 1920s, the "Jukes" family was a degenerate batch of criminals who were problems to the society. (Hitler took his cue from America.) They had a severe genetic problem but the 1920s found America still basically masculine and so sterilization laws were adopted. The female would view this on an individual basis and cry about how poor Ed was forcefully deprived of his right to be a father. A man looks to the welfare of his entire family. The woman looks to the welfare of the individual – the weak getting the more consideration. A woman 'loves' any young critter no matter how diseased or ugly with absolutely no concern about what this critter might be as an adult. Men will kill the young of the dangerous knowing that it is easier than a confrontation when it is an adult. Women will fight to save the young simply because they are young. Therein lies the basis for our worship of the individual – we are a feminine society.

Far too many males, viewing sex as entertainment, have produced unwanted offspring. This often results in the male blowing town and thus leaving his child devoid of the necessary environment which leads to an understanding experience involving both sexes. The absence of a father – continually changing 'uncles' in order to relieve crotch itch, provides only emotional havoc – is a disaster and with the female, it usually produces one which is unsuitable for any secure bond with a man. Every slut, man-hater and other aberration – in my experience – has always had a very, very poor relationship with her father. (They never fail to produce screwed up and angry sons.) Every boy brought up in a fatherless home either becomes a faggot, bully or other such undesirable.

Never require of another something which in not in yourself. Only the honest have a right to demand honestly. Only the brave have a right to demand bravery. Only the faithful have a right to demand faithfulness. Only the truthful have a right to demand truth.

It is absolutely pointless to spend time attending meetings and lectures and mumble "look at what they are doing to us now." If males started to behave as men, community would automatically follow. Until then, you are merely urinating into the wind.

Can the leopard change its spots? On TV, I watched that ugly rapacious jew Bill Gates whine as he burbled how Microshaft was helping mankind, etc. His blubbering was inversely proportional to the state of the market. Anyway, his behavior was right out of that great German movie, The Sweet Jew (Jud Süss). The acting is somewhat dated but the message is one that all should be aware of. Another good one is The Eternal Jew
As racing mixing increases, so does the production of lost nitwits. As internet access increases so does the production of nitwit material. Speaking of nitwits, I understand that there was some sort of discussion, rally, lecture, debate or other bit of circle-jerk which involved nitwit David Duke and nitwit professor J. Philippe Rushton of CANZOG. The back-and-forth centered around the topic of race which no one bothered to define. That's a great start. I want you to think a bit about all of this and certainly would feel that I had failed if you took me at my word. Use your God-given brain!

We know that Duke doesn't like honest employment and like many, tries to get elected so he can enjoy the perks which go with those dishonest jobs. Besides, women just love to flock around men in power and that presents more opportunities to jump additional bones. Rushton, on the other hand, is brain-damaged to the extent that it qualifies him to teach at the University of Western Ontario.

Rushton is the fellow who claims that Yellow people are the most intelligent of all the races. Since the White people have been able to invent more, develop more and build more – in spite of their inferior numbers relative to the Yellows, for instance – than any other racial batch on the planet, the only conclusion which I can draw, assuming that Rushton is correct, is that intelligence has nothing to do with inventing, developing and building. Intelligence has then nothing to do with Gauss, Mozart, Newton, Archimedes, Euler, Grieg, da Vinci, Euler, Tesla, and on and on and on. Rushton's apologetic answer was that the Yellows "were more cautious" and hence did not use their superior intelligence. Caution neutralizes intelligence it appears. Look at it this way: suppose that Mozart sat on his duff and watched the grass grow under his feet without once lifting a finger to the keyboard. He would have produced no music so what good did his talent do? Potential is just that – a possibility. The Yellow people are intelligent but they didn't do very much with it. That's nice. I believe in that to the same extent I believe in the "holocaust". Mozart had "an itch" to compose and so he did. All intelligent people have the same itch to question, learn and answer things which pop into their heads. Dullards never have a thought worth expressing. They go "moo" and follow the ass of the one ahead of them. Max Planck had an itch relative to the field of physics. A person with any talent is inwardly compelled to pursue it unless a bad home life, a liberal education or acute crotch itch destroys his thought process. Diana had an I.Q. of 156 but spent her waking hours horizontal with her legs apart and a mop beside her bed. Would you really consider her intelligent?

Rushton is one of those nitwit "correlaters". He's the sort who observes that flying things have wings and thus might conclude that the larger the wing the more the "fly-ability" or that the presence of wings means a critter can fly. What would he then have to say about the penguin and the ostrich? Or that flying birds with a smaller wing to mass size are generally the most speedy?

During this b.s. conference, Rushton put his foot in his intellectual mouth more times than he had teeth. I will admit that I am writing from a weak position – hearsay – but I'll assume that the writer of the material I received got it straight – a very generous assumption, considering.

Rushton promoted the theory that "the bigger the dick the smaller the brain", along with other nonsense and contradictions, but his audience, including Duke, never challenged him one bit. (Wave the diploma and the audience is cowed into silence.) Let's bash on this over-paid professor a bit and condense one bit of what he stated in a factual framework.

(1) Larger birth canals (in women or Elton John – Ellen 'degeneris' doesn't have a birth canal) mean larger skulls and hence brains.
(2) Yellow people have the larger brains.
(3) White people have the larger birth canals.

So sayeth the Queen of Hearts.

After you have digested that Alice in Wonderland horse manure, consider that Rushton theorized that "Blacks have an advantage in sports because they have narrower hips, but they have narrower hips because they have smaller brains." And that great White nitwit Duke just sat and listened without objection. Let's peck at this one. "But" is a conjunction between one statement and its contrary. Narrow hips mean that you are good in sports. How about power lifting? football? wrestling? sumo? Then the second half: apparently brain size CAUSES hip size. If so, then anyone with a large brain must have large hips and a genius, apparently,  must have an ass as wide as a pool table. (How did Michelangelo Buonarroti ever manage to plank his wide can on those narrow planks in the Sistine Chapel?) Maybe the converse is true: small hips cause small brains.

People who try and make Nature conform to a set of man-made rules should be shipped to Antarctica carrying a peanut butter sandwich and a cyanide capsule. Most things GO TOGETHER. Period. One does not CAUSE the other. It's a demonstrable fact that blue-eyed people can see better in dim light. The ability to see well in dim light does not cause blue eyes anymore than blue-eyes cause one to see better in dim light. The presence of a right hand does not cause the presence of a left hand and when one does the data correlation bit, it's a sign that his brain is rotting and the holder should be put out of his misery as soon as possible, preferably with Zyklon B.

This sort of correlation is pure Lysenko/Marxism.

If you can believe Rushton, then the reason chickens do not fly well is because they are "cautious".

I'd like to know if Rushton got his I.Q. measurements of the Chinese from a study of China or from a study of Chinese living in America.

People – I hope they didn't have to pay – at this conference learned that: White women have larger birth canals; brain size is related to birth canal size; brain size has nothing to do with intelligence; Blacks have narrower hips which makes their craniums smaller; Blacks have larger "back jaws" which prevents brain development; White brains are superior and Yellow brains are more intelligent. The audience was "awed" at this wonderful news according to the report I have. It's no surprise that its called the 'blight-wing'.

By the way, that great White hope Buchanan is apparently considering a Black Marxist female as a running mate. Cheers!

One racist Japanese mentioned years ago, "Whites know how to invent and we depend upon them." Behavior is what counts! That is what I dislike about Black people. Not their skin color or even their bad smell. Behavior, over the centuries, has demonstrated the relative achievements of the various races. Behavior is the very essence of racism. The more the Blacks rape and assault, the more they are given special privileges and handouts, the more racist Whites will become. ZOG produces the most fertile field for racism the world has ever known.

I think the conference I minutely discussed above was sponsored by American Renaissance, or something. It's typical blight-wing – anything to promote talk while the country disintegrates. "Renaissance" tells you something. They want a revival of the old America. What the hell for? The old America gave rise to ZOG. We don't need a renaissance. We need something radically NEW! And as long as you fart around with conferences, discussions, open debates and other verbal games, you'll not achieve your declared objective – in fact, you'll achieve nothing at all! White man, think!

While on the topic of nitwits, I'll invoke the wrath of another nitwit – Yuriy, the Stalinist. I'll discuss nothing with this immigrant "Russian" (I want to see his internal passport first!) because, as an interloper, he tells WE Americans how to run OUR country. Why doesn't he go back to that worker's paradise and tell THEM how to run HIS country? In this sense, is he really any different than some across-the-border beaner?

The gospel is: Stalin is not a jew, or even supportive of jews, because he killed jews. (Apparently all of the 'Aryan' Soviet hierarchy changed their names to jewish names. And why did most of them look so oriental? so jewish?) This means that jews do not kill fellow jews. Yet, while German Nazis were jews they nonetheless were responsible for the "holocaust". Now that's a good deal if it is contradictory. In addition, American wealth was stolen from the Golden Goose Russia. The Soviet mongrels won World War II and America only joined in when she saw that the war was already own. Sorry Yuriy, the U.S.S.R. refused to declare war upon Japan until after the A-bombs were dropped on Nagasaki ( the secondary target; Kobe was primary) and Hiroshima.

Through it all, this poor soul has the chutzpah to claim they WE are brain-washed. As Eric put it, "If Yuriy is an Aryan then I am king of the Khazars." My comment: send Yuriy some more hashish. His supply is getting low.