13 April 2000
A radio announcement mentioned a patent for a new drug which was granted to the University of Rochester. The whoopee crowd hailed it as a giant breakthrough for the treatment of colon cancer, Alzheimer's and some other cancer, I believe. My prediction: It will be a general thud except in the profit business. Medical 'science' still relies upon the "it works in rats, therefore is must work in humans" theory. Even if there were some solid biological link between rats and humans, one must not forget that the rats used are bred to be relatively pure – nearly clones. But what the f--- is a human? At best, we have a few races/species which are somewhat uniform but the mass of them are mongrels of one shade or the other. The obsession with the mythical 'equality' has saturated the medical field and, at base, is responsible for their observable poor rate of curing anything other than the low bank accounts of the witch doctors involved. The mere existence of Tylenol, aspirin, Advil, etc. indicates that one chemical compound will simply not work for everyone.

Men must watch over their children when they get ill. A woman, always concerned with feelings, is very prone to stuffing masses of crap into a helpless child. A woman wants an immediate end to her child's misery and any actions in that regard will thwart the body's attempt at equilibrium. Mom once said, "Bobby has a sore throat and it hurts when he talks." Dad replied, "Tell him to stop talking." I, on rare occasions, do get headaches but I cannot remember ever taking any pain killers during the past 10 years. I try massage, rest, cold water, a brisk walk, and other such things until it goes away, which is usually soon. Pain is a part of life and it's a message that something is not as it should be. Why kill the messenger? Look for the cause of the pain.

I grew up on a farm and sometimes slept in a hay mow just for the kiddy fun of it. I breathed in goldenrod pollen, ragweed pollen, dog dander, horse dander, cat dander, road dust, dust mites and probably every variety of airborne junk under the sun. Except for a sneeze here and there, and a nose blowing to dislodge the accumulated dirt, I never heard the term allergy until I moved into the city where the sick and criminal seem to congregate. I used to wonder why people could have allergic reactions to the natural world. I also discovered some odd malady called asthma. What in hell was that? The more I observed, the more I came to believe that city folks just were not fit to live.

A friend, who is writing a report on some school students, stopped by and mentioned one case. It seems that little Antuan is 14 years old and in the 4th grade. The age difference relative to his peers, according to the report, interferes with his proper school performance. What to do? What to do? If you have been paying attention you'd immediately recognize the feminine nature of the report. A man would ask, as I did, "Was Antuan 10 years old when he entered the first grade?" No, he wasn't. Then he was with his peers at the beginning and certainly this could not have been a reason for his poor performance. The real reason for his poor performance is that Antuan is stupid and age will not remove that condition. He'd still be 14 in the 4th grade even if he were the only student in his class. Women are more concerned with 'feelings' than with facts and this forever removes them from the domain of objectivity. ZOG's approach to the illegal alien Elian, is purely a feminine one. A man could have settled it in about an hour. Yes, my friend is a woman.
"I got rid of my Bill Gates manure pile and am using an Amstrad 9512+. I hope they bring Nelson Mandela over from South Africa to necklace Bill Gates personally, he really deserves it." Carlos Porter – who renounced American citizenship and moved to Europe. I lifted this quote from the publicly available www.heretical.com.
Folks, you can do much if you'd remember to grab the better material from any controversial – not porno – link you can find. Send the stuff to a few people in your life, such as your teachers who get bent out of shape when they find out that their 'political correctness' brain-washing didn't take. Stick it unto them as they have stuck it unto you.

To keep the chain moving – if you receive a tasty morsel, be sure to pass it on to a few others. If this 'tree' (pyramid) continues, it will do the same job as any TV channel can do. No spamming! Pick your targets well – then press the 'send' button. For God's sake, don't pass on material from people who cannot spell properly or use the correct word (their for there or they're; it's for possessive it;  hear for here, etc.) or comes off as a high school dropout or just plain drunk. Poor English, when it occurs in writing, degrades the whole message.

I am not interested in the wiggers who imitate that which they can never be. Their minds are fixated on drugs, beer and pussy. Most of them grow up to be worthless – not even for cannon fodder. You are in school to learn things but sadly most of what you will experience is conditioning via b.s. sessions known as social sciences, community adjustment, etc. Be diligent in the true sciences; make sure you are getting English down pat; and save the fun for those more-than-likely females who lecture you on 'hate' and 'violence'. When one of them brings up the Anne Frank diary, for example, do not reveal whether you think it is baloney or not, but be an inquisitive and gentle questioner. Ask her what she thinks about such and such an article – at this point you present to her, hopefully in full view of the class, a solid bit of research which glaringly reveals the pure bull contained in that non-diary. Never reveal any attempt to ridicule her – just be a nice inquisitive kid yearning for the truth to set you free. I've done this in college on many occasions and it's one of the greatest sources of humor I know – just to watch those Marxists swim in their own putrid sewers. Never get emotional. Leave that to the females. I nailed a Marxist Ph.D. by the name of Otterbein once, with his own words, and he is recognized as an "expert". He finally dropped the topic of "evil Nazis" which didn't belong in that class anyway. I had always received A+ on all of the papers I handed in but once he connected my face to the papers, my grades dropped to D's. That's the price I paid for all of that hilarity. A more practical way is to parrot their horsepuck, keep your mouth shut and have a party when it's all over. But, one just can't pass up the chance to cram the purple shaft up their sodomistic behinds once in a while.

As an afterthought to counter the word manipulation, always refer to yourself as a "native American". When some little sweety wonders because you don't exactly look like Tonto or Chief Red Jacket, tell her you were born here in America and that makes you a native. (Look 'native' up in case you doubt old Robert.)

It's tough to grow up trying to be a man in this feminized asylum. Being "a man" does not mean the ability to knock up as many females as possible nor does it encompass the capacity to punch people in the face. Eons ago, these demonstrations of strength and virility did, for the most part, set male and female apart. Today the game has changed as you should notice each time you flick a light switch or turn on the radio. If we chucked our technology, then we'd be back on the Planet of the Apes where a 10 pound rock delivered with gusto to another's face, would solve whatever dispute was on the agenda. It would also permanently remove the fertile ground for the growth of bitches and witches and the subsequent litters of unruly brats. But alas, the mighty brain of the White man hypnotically led him into today's morass where 'more ass' is now the reward for being subservient – not a manly trait in any society or time.

Tired of carrying rocks, ancient men discovered that he could get horses and such, to be directed to do that work for him. Horses, elephants and oxen were enlisted as slaves. Horses supplied mostly brute force but the enslavement of other critters – the talking apes of Africa – were much more desirable since they could follow directions much better – usually – and when massive strength was not needed. Unfortunately for the race, Blacks proved to be interfertile and new lifeforms popped onto the surface of the earth. Always remember that God did not create the mongrel. Man did. Shepherds often surprised a member of their flock from behind and one might well imagine what we'd be living in had those 2 critters also been interfertile.

The White man invented and invented, and built and built. The days of animal and human slaves were at an end and the animals were released from their work-related slavery only to be enslaved for entertainment purposes. The Black man should have been sent back to Africa where he could be as African as he chose without the evils of "racism" to give his acid indigestion. He'd also have been relieved of the perpetual excuse that he "was held back". Instead, politicians viewed them as potential voters and the greedy business community accepted them as customers. The religious hucksters saw in them a vast sea of untapped "souls." And certain women welcomed the opportunity to taste animal virility without being condemned for bestiality.

Technology no longer requires than man beat his next meal to death with a rock. He simply aims his 4 inch cannon at the rabbit and lights the fuse. These tools – 'weapons of mass destruction' as the Marxists yodel – had an interesting feature. They did not require the strength of a man to pull the trigger. Let me digress for a moment.

One of my brothers owned a 1929 Overland 'touring' automobile – called a convertible or rag top, today. Eddy Amidon was a puny fellow who simply could not drive that vehicle. Once he tried to round a corner but did not have the physical strength to pull the vehicle back into a straight line. In those bygone days, very little caster and king pin inclination was built into the straight axles which meant that all steering was a "haul job" – often with one foot on the dash board. Ed couldn't straighten the car out and so it flattened the picket fence in old Doc Gillard's lawn. Needless to say, women never drove those cars and even such classics as the Stutz Bearcat and the Duesenberg (1928-1937) were known as  "men's cars."

One characteristic of men is their tenaciousness relative to a project. Once engaged, they refuse to take time out to eat and often, to sleep. Women always find time for mirror antics, gossip, meals and beddy-bye. The idea that a battalion of women, whether Japanese, Germans, or English could be expected to endure things such as that little game called World War II, is laughable. Even our 'equal' female police officers are often whisked out of a deadly encounter due to their inefficiency. As Ludovici stated, "Women have no taste." Neither do they have a taste for doing anything of a drastic nature. They might like to give the order, but the ax swinging will be left to the men.

Advances of technology are the foundation for much of the 'equality' nonsense which nauseates us today. A woman can now drive a car. So can a child. So can a well trained chimpanzee if the car is outfitted appropriately. Niggers will soon take space rides as did the chimps and dogs and mice before them. Women now take space rides providing they have had a hysterectomy which, at bottom, tells us that a normal woman is unfit for space travel when weightlessness is involved. In a pure sense, there is never any reason why any woman is needed for that sort of thing anyway.

The masculine features of strength, objectivity and unwavering attention to a goal where certainly present in ample amounts during the earlier ages. Hunger was the requirement. This formed the goal and strength was need to swing that club for other forms of life have an aversion to being consumed – unlike the average American who apparently loves being a victim. Imagine our man, club raised high above the head of some critter, and a feminine thought whispers, "But that's only a baby and it is so helpless" – completely negating the goal.

Moving from the swinging club to the trigger controlled rifle did not dilute the masculine drive behind them in spite of the general perversions which may have accompanied that. I am thoroughly opposed to the modern hunting (entertainment) scene where blow-hards enter upon a slaughter and assuage their guilt by calling it a "sport." Sport, to me, means that the other side has a chance of winning. I think a man armed with a sword might demonstrate his "masculinity" by doing battle with a grizzly bear. Most "sport" today comes complete with a plethora of gadgets called "safety devices." This simply tells us that manly sport has been replaced with infantile entertainment.

White man, then, created the anti-male environment we now live in. That leaves the young lads in a quandary. They can either be men and endure the privations which now cling, or give up and become feminine – a situation where one is emotionally castrated but not physically so. A strong backbone endures a lifetime. The other 'bone' enjoys only momentary periods of standing on its own.

This society rewards liars and prostitutes – attributes which cannot be called masculine. There simply is no demand for men these days. (Dr. Torah reminds us that men are mere 'sperm donors' and 'bread providers' – that is – floor mats who are not supposed to complain.) After all, anyone can flip a light switch, play at being captain and even engage in warfare where they are assured of not being deprived or hurt, as per Bushy's War. What to do? Well, one can join the crowd. After all, you only live once. Or you can stand your ground in the firm knowledge that most will despise you and thou shalt not be rewarded mightily either. When the shit hits the fan, it will be the time for men. The question is – how many will be ready?

Lard-butt Rush as a sports commentator? Why not? Rush defuses and befuddles the goyim by confining everything to the "conservative vs. liberal" ring. There's a whole world outside that arena. Rush got his start in radio via his daddy's bigbucks and jewish connections. He was also a draft-dodger. I guess that qualifies him for bullshitting about sports – a mercenary occupation. None of the so-called athletes are ever from the area they are supposed to represent. They will choose a Dallas over a Miami simply because one pays more than the other and all cheer leaders are good in the sack. They are paid soldiers and nothing more. People such as these are basically unprincipled and millions of goons worship them. It's a strange world, after all.
Some NY teepee residents are bellowing about the use of Injun names. It appears that the Commissioner of Marxist re-Education is going to kiss tail and give in to their dictates although it is very unclear as to what those demands really entail. The silly thing is that many Indian names were simply a corruption of French words. Maybe the French should bitch about it. Anyway, the nits who run this trolley foolishly let Blacks into a driver's seat and now we can fully expect every mud to play this "monkey see monkey do" routine until the 'day of the hammer' dawns.
HA! Hardly a day passes when some female career harpy verbally farts something about her "motherly" attributes. When she is confronted with the fact that she spends only 32 minutes a day with her children, she grunts something about "quality time".  (Men are basically to blame for this aberration since it is precisely they who chose this type to be the mother of their children.) What the hell does that mean? Quality time? Let's see: I go to my boss and tell him I will not be working anymore on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. Why? Because I now have turned all of my Mondays and Tuesdays into "quality time."
FLASH !! Gender bias found in maternity wards and dairy farms.
Here, a little bit south of Lake Champlain, it's snowing. I know that since the dog was covered with the stuff when he came back into the house. Beth said she'd fix me something special and now my mind is wandering over a larger territory than it did before she told me that.
Odd, but the right wing seems quiet relative to the new jewish honcho in Russia – Putin. Yuriy the Aryan, will now have a harder time convincing us that Russia is fighting the "White cause" and that the slant-eyed Stalin was a first cousin to Clint Eastwood.
David Irving lost his libel suit against Debbie the Lip. Lonesome Dave was up against world jewry and courts which are either secret Zionist organizations or lapdogs who are scared crapless of losing their positions. The jews showed up as a coordinated group. Dave played the lone wolf. This shows you the power of leaderless resistance. Right? United we stand. Divided we fall – as the 'leaderless' boys, one by one, are picked off.
I've received a few burps about the topic of incest. One fellow appeared to be on the verge of losing his cookies at the mere mention of the word. That's the power of the mind and that's what the whole 'political correctness' tyranny is all about – protecting meatheads, who should have been drowned at birth, from their own mental gymnastics. Jews make a big deal out of words they don't like to hear which sends them into tizzies about "hate speech". Too bad there wasn't a botfly which loved to eat jewish eardrums, Then they'd all be made deaf and be much happier for it. Anyway, incest has been a taboo in some cultures while it is illegal in others. The word itself suggests something "impure" although I cannot understand why mixing like things makes it impure.

Incest has degrees. Based purely upon blood similarity the brother/sister thing is the more acute. This is followed my mothers, aunts and daughters, and then cousins. Brothers and sisters are more closely related than any other family pair. Mothers and aunts thus share the same closeness blood wise, but the incest restrictions leave aunts as a lesser degree of severity. This is understandable once one realizes that community and family relationships are jeopardized greatly by incest and it has nothing to do with blood relations, per se. Men get absolutely possessive when it comes to mates and usually can be counted upon to temporarily go off their rocker when they find someone else has 'tapped' his woman – a fact many castrating females work cleverly to their advantage.

If men stuck to their women faithfully for life and vice versa, the whole topic of incest would be moot. But, as the mongrels of this planet attest to, wick dipping has rarely been confined to marriage. If cows, sheep, llama, goats, etc. were interfertile with humans, you can well imagine what things might look like today – something out of Star Wars or Spielberg's most pleasant dreams..

To strength the argument against incest, they have added the idea that such a coupling would produce a gargoyle of some variety. That is pure lox. What close breeding does is to augment characteristics, both advantageous and the not so advantageous. Any breeder knows that upgrading any stock requires pruning of the defectives – something most human populations do not do – Cigar Bill is a living testimonial of that fact. It's a shame that his mother didn't believe in abortion, as he does.

When people of diverse blood mate, all recessive and dominate characteristics become submerged thus allowing defective genes to be passed on from generation to generation – a profound racial pollution. As a result, the population becomes saturated with faulty genetic material which downgrades the gene pool thus making a more fertile ground for maladies such as cancer, and dysfunctions and malfunctions of many organs. Much of America's turmoil can be traced to a poor resistance to disease plus a general down sizing of intelligence. 

I listened briefly to a huckster named Schumbach (scam buck, or something like that) who professed to be a christian minister on a jew-controlled religious TV channel. He had a 'holy bucket' into which the brain-dead were supposed to toss their one-hundred dollar bills. If you hesitated, he used that to 'prove' that Satan had a grip on your soul for all money was God's anyway. If you tossed your money into his bucket – which I suppose he would quickly Priority Mail to heaven – you'd be assured that God would be so grateful that He'd return your gift ten-fold. Imagine running a business that way – you give me 1 and I'll give you 10. A healthy society would toss this fellow to the sharks. At least he'd get to meet some of his relatives. The absolutely unbelievable thing about all of this it that some people actually believe the man! Now you know why certain people can get elected and why wars are often fought against the interest of the conflicting parties.