17 April 2000
In the movie, Once Upon a Time in America (The Hoods), there is the line, "Get rid of this barrel of shit." Whenever that line passes through my noggin, an image of Rush Limbaugh immediately pops up. Rush, if you listen closely, switches gears faster than faggots switch rectums. Today, he talked about "human debris" – a category of humans which automatically places humankind into two groups – those of whom he approves and those whom he doesn't. Then, he switched to the "tree huggers" calling them a batch of wackos. This came up relative to the controversy over jobs, and the redwood and sequoia forests. Rush feels it's better to give in to short-term human interests than it is to consider long-term all-encompassing life/earth interests. Cut down the trees, save the jobs and build houses. That's the cry, but what happens after all of those giant trees are gone? You are back to square one. Rush just doesn't give a damn as long as people get their Pabulum – now – as soon as their fetid mouths open. I do wonder if Rush, in one of his ego-stroking fits, includes "human debris" as beneficiaries of his projected bag of goodies resulting from leveling another region of the planet? The sad failure resulting from the Brazilian rain forest fiasco, should have enabled men to learn something. But that's the error. Rapacious people are not interested in learning – only in exploitation. Do these people really believe that an expanding human population will go on forever? The Japanese now want a return to whale hunting and the Black Africans, a resumption of the ivory trade. The quest for natural "Viagra" has decimated many species such as the tiger. Castration has many beneficial side effects. Greed and sex. What noble standards they are.
One giant step for mankind?

        Ok my little poofs. Tell me exactly what each race contributed to manned space flight.
If you need scientific facts in order to evaluate the various races, then your 5 senses are obviously malfunctioning. Then again, you just might have Alzheimer's or tertiary syphilis.
is now getting married for the 4th time. That means she has 3 broken oaths to her credit so far. Her word is obviously not worth dingo dung. She explains that she always marries some fellow who 'disappoints' her. Two things are possible: she either has very poor taste or men just can't stand living with her. It's probably a little of both.

Many of the young prefer the "shacking up" scene which is little more than a tenuous arrangement for copulation. They poo-poo marriage as "only a piece of paper." Well, that piece of paper represents a public oath, with or without a god, and so an attitude such as this only serves to inform the world of their relative uselessness. A man or woman is no better than his or her word. A worthless word is a byproduct of society's fetish in regard to the supremacy of the individual and perhaps even a sine qua non.

Woe befalls any child whose mom or pop flees the scene when the goona-goona starts to get a little stale – which it will if you manage to live long enough. The main reason our youth is in such a bag is because they unfortunately had parents who placed the welfare of their children second – if they were lucky – to their own selfish and usually hedonist desires. The "Viagra" crowd tells you what is on the main burner in their lives. Too bad kids cannot get to choose their parents.

High school dropout, part time marijuana smoker and absentee father, Greg Sprague, was interviewed on TV after he leaped off a tall building wearing a giant suspender. He was yipping and yelping about the wonderful "high" that the drafty leap had left him with.

I thought about this 'high' and all of the other thrills certain people get by doing what appears to be dangerous things. Danger may be  real or it may be imagined. The same is true for that popular infantile addiction to 'safety'. Danger never gives anyone a thrill otherwise war would be more popular than it already is. Russian roulette never gives anyone a 'high' even if he can remember the click of the hammer after he pulled the trigger. Years ago, when ripping though the mountains from Fort Bridger WY to Vernal UT, my 1940 Hudson slid sideways on a sharp curve – gravel road – and stalled after I mashed the brake pedal. I thought sure I was going to take a swan dive into that 150 foot ravine. Obviously I didn't. I absolutely did not enjoy any 'high' even after I was safely back on the road.

A 'high', within this context,  is a direct result of performing an otherwise foolish act with the BELIEF that one can do it in PERFECT SAFETY. Sometimes that belief is itself a foolish act as evidenced when some jerk goes splat. As safety devices become more fail-safe and plentiful, asshole behavior will increase – if that' possible.

Sports shooting is another activity enjoyed mainly by White christian types. They get their jollies by using prairie dogs, wild horses, a or whatever, as targets for their expensive rifles. From LASER sights, helicopters and steel-lined jockstraps, these wonderfully brave men ensure that they can splatter blood and guts all over the landscape without so much as suffering a hangnail. That's another form of 'high'. I wouldn't even raise my voice in protest if a pack of Mongols decided to skin those demented bastards alive. I listened to one s.o.b. complain because his special ammunition failed to disintegrate the unfortunate live target of his butchery. I am only in favor of saving SOME of the White race.

Last night I watched the old movie San Francisco – released in 1936, I believe. It starred Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and the soprano Jeanette MacDonald. I am not that fond of sopranos but I can listen to them without harboring a desire to kill, as is the case when I hear nignog ooga booga jungle noise. Miss MacDonald is a beautiful red-haired woman who is very pleasant to watch. How far we have fallen. Today a hideous pile of banshee protoplasm named Tina Turner represents one of our 'best' singing – that's stretching it a whole lot – entertainers, who entertains me not. Hell is where I am in bed between Madaliane Albright and Janet Reno with ugly box Turner screeching in the next room. 
I am not all that fond of copyrights so if something here tickles your gonads, feel free to lift it and pass it around to anyone you can think of – except me. I already have a copy. It would be nice if the author were credited, but there are 6 billion people on the planet who wouldn't recognize an author even if he wore a purple python in his nose. If they could, they wouldn't care anyway. Pass it on. Pass it on. If politically incorrect people I suffer from some malady then you are required to pass their words on. We pass on genital herpes, flu, TB, chancre, AIDS and every other foul thing, so if being politically incorrect is a foul thing then it should also be passed on. How equal can you get?
A tolerant person is one who allows his throat to be cut without offering a struggle. The muds want you to be "tolerant" of them as they occupy your territory. If you think this "tolerance' works both ways, then you've been singing too many hymns. If a White man objects to something, then he is branded intolerant. If he gets emotional about it, he is then called "full of hate". If he acts upon his dispossession, then he becomes a "domestic terrorist". When will people catch on to the communist party line and their word-twisting Pavlovian techniques? 
I advise no one to break any law. In fact, I do not even "jump" nor "run" red lights. I do not steal things because of some law, but simply because is it not constructive in regard to a civilized society. Animals steal – all the time – and from each other. ZOG maintains its power mainly by theft – sometimes called taxes. This does not mean that I think the "law" is some sort of god or even that it works in anyone's interests. "Law" is pure fiction relative to the real world. At one time it was illegal to swill alcohol. Now it isn't. At one time it was legal to burn people at the stake. Today, it isn't. If the "law" were some sort of divine cupcake, then why should it be continually changing? How often have the Ten Commandments been changed?

The law, as applied today, sticks it to the White male clearly out of proportion to any other group. I do not believe that this is accidental. The law, being a fluid concoction of those with the most guns, is always directed towards those whom the "powerful" consider a nuisance relative to their interests, whatever they might be at the time.

I hope that I am favored with some umbrella which forever shields me from ever again hearing that sophomoric drivel "This is a nation of laws, not of men." Up your wart plagued fanny! Men are not above the Law? When was the last time you saw Cigar Bill in action? Or some judge let one of his fellow judges off the hook for sodomy?

Laws, as we know them here in our great cesspool, are manufactured by a body of criminals called lawyers. These people have the support of a very large group of nitwits called the 'electorate' and a smaller group of mindless mercenaries called the 'police', 'military', etc. Lawyers are self-appointed rulers in the same sense that the TV charlatans and hucksters appoint themselves as God's middlemen. One group keeps the peace by getting everyone to sing "no one is above the law" while at the same time making you aware that real thugs can be brought in to help you "get your thinking straight," in case you started to wander from the party line. The religious criminals threaten you with hellfire and will deny you your over-priced ticket to heaven if you don't fill the collection plate.

The procedure is simple to follow. (a) Start with the means to bash heads. (b) Make rules so that you don't have to bash too many heads. This is accomplished by convincing the nitwits that their heads won't be bashed if they agree to abide by the rules you write. (c) Get them to harmonize that "no one is above the law" while fondling the genitals of their neighbor in song.

Some men create laws. Creators (the rulers) are always superior to that which it creates. Laws are therefore numero segundo. Nitwits are not to be above the law for if they were, they'd then be on a par with the rulers – a state of equality which the rulers are not interested in. The hierarchy is clear: (1) rulers, (2) laws, (3) serfs, with an odd group (KD) which thinks it belongs simultaneously to both (1) and (3). They are the enforcers – a hideous group of malcontents who look for reasons, out of (2), to kill and destroy anything within sight or hearing which belongs to group (3). (General Order #5.)

Many serfs wish to be rulers. That's why the law schools are stuffed with so many sweating, and smelly copulating carcasses. Revolutionaries also want to be rulers without bothering to go to law school. They are a special subgroup of group 3 known as the SS group. Since they, at present, don't have any sizable KD group of their own, they form virtual cliques and spend their time groaning, "look at what they are doing to us now," that is, between emptying beer cans and tapping any available pussy. The existence of these people, now being labeled "domestic terrorists", "lone wolves", "crazies", and so on, has given rise to a subgroup of the KD group which splintered from the 1 group in order to increase their income. This is the MD group. They convince group 3 that the threat from group SS is larger than AIDS and given enough $$ they will see to it that group SS will become group X – those who no longer breathe. This would insure that group 3 could at least enjoy their slavery in peace. Notice that the MD group always allows enough of the SS to continue breathing so that the cash flow will be comfortably steady. They create the problem and then sell you the cure.

Breaking the law is a risky business unless you belong to group 1. During some periods, group 3 is often allowed to break the rules in a wonderfully expansive manner. This generally occurs during a time of "national emergency" where group 1 informs the nitwits in group 3 that Ming from the Planet Mongo is about to launch a batch of cosmic brimstone. Thus, during the late 1930s and early 1940s, our group 3 was informed that a group 3 from another land, was about to bomb their cities after flying over the Atlantic Ocean with planes which could barely fly over the English Channel. So a little tiff resulted where group 3 was allowed to break the rules and commit murder and mayhem on a wholesale basis. Group 3 then went on a destructive holiday which they called a "fight for freedom," or something like that. Their idea of "saving freedom" was to deny other people of their freedom and to the extent of killing them en masse. The interesting result was that group 3, if his side lost the fracas, had his license to kill revoked and was thereby punished. This is to be expected since group 1 makes the rules which are to be obeyed by group 3. Whether last year's rules were contradicted by this year's rules made no difference. Rules are made to be obeyed and not questioned. Does one question God?

That's the law in a hazelnut shell. Nothing holy nor mysterious – just verbal farts put on paper in order to mask predation and control. If you belong to group 3 then you can jerk around with group 1 only at your own peril.

HATE is a many splendor thing. God, how I love it!

When the world was more sane, certain crimes were committed during "the heat of passion". One such would be when a fellow, after breaking his ass all day in a sweat shop, would return home unexpectedly only to find his grateful wife being humped by the mailman. A man's emotion at this time could hardly be considered one of love nor would he be submerged in a feeling of tolerance – "after all, the mailman only wanted a little poontang and maybe I was not doing my studly duty." I strongly suspect that the poor fellow would become enraged and fly off into a real episode of hate. People have died during such encounters. It was a masculine society when I was a boy and so it was quite understandable that leniency would be given to the man who may have battered, or killed, the frolicking parties. Crimes of passion actually had a lesser penalty in those bygone years. In this feminine society, things have shifted but they are not converses. The man does not want his wife to be the community dick-wipe. He demands that those bearing his name – those he feeds and protects – are of his seed. He is interested in prevention and that is what a masculine society would assist with. The bitches and witches of the 'now' generation are not interested in anyone telling them whom they can, or cannot screw. A objecting husband is thereupon cast in a criminal light if he raises as little as one finger against her. She wants licensee and she is getting it. Whenever "domestic violence' rears its head, who dares ask what precipitated it?

There is no need for me to discuss that atrocious assault upon sanity called "hate crimes." Such crimes have an additional penalty and we know that they were especially created for the purpose of neutralizing the White male as a force to be reckoned with. Incidentally, ALL guns laws – no matter how trivial they might seem – are aimed at a TOTAL disarming of the citizenry, or at least, a control total enough to enact a total disarming whenever it seems desirable and feasible. There is now in the works, a million "mom" march on Washington to serve as a catalyst for this very purpose. These moms are someone's wives and that should make every man wonder whose side his wife is really on.

If hate crimes carry an extra penalty, then logic and fairness dictates that "love crimes" receive a reduced penalty. Rape is a love crime. "I love nooky and so I just roped off a little for myself." Very often the rapist finds himself loving a picnic in Barbara's valley better than in Betty's so he comes back for a second sandwich. In this case, more love was expressed and so the penalty should be further reduced. If nailed after a batch of rapes involving Barbara, I could actually understand the judge saying "Case dismissed."

The "Hate in America" sequence aired another episode last night. I watch them not because of an ignorance of what will be portrayed, but out of a quasi analytical curiosity as to how the facts will be stretched, altered or just plain fabricated. Tom Metgzer was allowed a few words as well as was Bill Pierce within the framework of communist balance, naturally. (Since Bill has a Ph.D. in physics, but is no longer involved in that discipline, I find it a bit nonsensical to refer to him as "Dr." That would be on a par with calling someone so entitled, "Reverend"  when he earns his living running a whorehouse.). I didn't wait have to wait very long before the aroma of the outhouse made itself known. They just had to have the customary "I have seen the Jesus and the light."

I'll call him Zud since I can't remember what his name really was. Zud was one of many White kids who found themselves dumped into a nearly all Black school – something like an over-filled baboon cage at the zoo. Zud related tales of how the misunderstood and sweet Blacks grabbed White kids, held their heads over a toilet and then urinated on those very same heads. One of Zud's friends actually had "fudge" smeared all over his face. With a few loving beatings here and there, plus continued verbal harassment, Zud slowly developed a dislike for Blacks. This certainly indicated a character defect due to his lack of christian tolerance. Remember this: Zud came into the school relatively neutral, or even ignorant, concerning race but personal encounters rendered him slightly on the hateful side relative to those people. Race hatred is always fueled by forced association which ZOG prefers to call "diversity". When you add special privileges, than the emotions go nuclear, particularly with those on the short end – White folks.

Zud then became involved with other Whites with the same feelings which followed similar experiences. The program then added a few details of the Zud's alliance with "hate". Zud ended up breaking the law and got nailed. After talking with Jesus over coffee, he repented and had his sins absolved by going to work for an understanding Chosenite. Keeping in mind that Zud became violently racist because of his experience with Blacks due to forced integration, he has now – after seeing the holy light – offered a solution which he, by the way, has put in to practice. I'll bet you can never guess. You guessed it. He recommends mixing, buddy-buddy wise, with Blacks so you can get to love them. If Zud hasn't read Alice in Wonderland, he should. He's in it. Mixing with Blacks causes hate and mixing with Blacks causes love. How can poor Whitey lose with such a deal?

The real clown appeared near the end of the program. It was a fairly good-looking blonde girl standing in the middle of a group of whatevers ranging in color from black to excrement brown. She gave the all-embracing reason for all of that Columbine, and similarly related, stuff. Those honkies were filled with "self hate." If so, then how could they perpetrate a "hate crime" by snuffing a few classmates, colored or otherwise? The only way a "self hater" can commit a hate crime is by suicide – one must be guilty of killing that which it hates.

A spic, with a Desi Arnez accent,  had the final say. "Just because my brothers beat the sh-- out of a few gringos once in a while, doesn't mean they are bad kids." The White drug-slut nodded in approval.

Some things never die. I, more than once, mentioned that odd critter called the pussy whipped man. Often, women also go the same route. Take for example the White married woman of about 30 years old, with 3 children, who lives in the big city a couple of dozen miles from where my spartan apartment is. She was a career type preferring to let someone else bring up her children. During the course of her teaching duties, she befriended a 13 year old male. I never quite got the straight scoop on his race, but it sure looks like he was a you-know-what with only one thing on his mind. Well, hormone met hormone on a frequent basis during the period from when school was out to when potatoes had to be fried. The liberal teacher got knocked up. The husband took the 3 kids and moved to another city. The newborn was dumped into the home of grandparents. The judge slapped her with a statuary rape charge and placed her on probation with an order never to contact junior stud again. That might have taught her something, but it didn't. Being a victim of the disease called "twat twitch", she continued to meet the under-aged orifice stuffer on the sly – but not as sly as she thought. What ho? Quite so. She got knocked up again and the judge wasn't happy since this happened to violate a court order. Result – she is now spending time in the slammer. The new infant was also farmed out. One might think that finally, with old 'loose knees' locked up, time would move on and the whole thing disappear into the ozone cave.

Today, after 3 years of relative quiet, the stud, in cahoots with his family, is suing the school system for not protecting him from the advances of the hungry vagina with two feet in spite of the fact that he publicly mentioned that she "was one hot pump." The real capper is that the lawsuit contains a hefty assembly of other items including "mental anguish". Well, my brain is failing but it still is sharp enough to remember that the last time I was in the sack with a woman, it didn't come across as anguish, mental or physical. But then again, I haven't experienced everything.

A United Nations study, conducted in 1976, proves that four people can be comfortable in 600 sq. ft. of shelter with one bath and one toilette. A retired American couple with an 1,800 sq. ft. house will be required to share their shelter resources with ten homeless immigrants. The UN has publicly stated that it is going to implement this program as soon as possible. 
Whatever that nebulous quality we like to call intelligence is, it certainly reveals itself in one's behavior. If one behaves as a jackass then how can so-called intelligence tests have any validity when they offer scores not indicative of behavior? Often intelligent people are cowed by their mental inferiors who happen to be in the possession of sheets of paper which represent a certain length of seat time in some institution where they receive what they call an education – actually a parroting exercise. I've sadly experienced contact with Ph.D.s, some of them Nobel Prize holders, and various varieties of "genius" who all lacked the ability to survive outside of a fabricated environment. One fellow, who was driving a car I was in – IQ 169 with scholarships hanging off his behind so as to resemble a peacock – nearly got us all killed because it took him over 10 minutes to realize he was going the wrong way on a one-way street. Intelligent? Not in my book.

Suppose I handed you a written sheet with something along this line on it:

(1) Dearections for makin nitroglisserin:
Get sum glisserin from the drug store. Get sum battry acid from a car parts store. Get sum Ashford N fertiliser from the G.L.F. and way out 5 pounds. Now, take 1 quart of battry acid an mix in a a large steal pot. Now....

We certainly recognize the lack of the King's English and even an initial ambiguity which would have been resolved at a later point in the recipe. Be that as it may, it is possible to give directions in such a form which will alsolutely lead one to the preparation of the desired compound. Now, consider the following:

(2) Directions for the preparation of 100 grams of glycerol trinitrate (nitroglycerine):
(a) Purchase the following: 500 grams of pharmaceutical grade stearin, 500 grams 32 Bé. nitric acid, 1000 grams 64 Bé. sulfuric acid and 50 grams of 3-methylbutanoic acid.
(b) In a 5 liter beaker add the 500 grams of stearin. Next, add 500 mls. water followed by the addition of the sulfuric acid. Next.....

Direction (2) sounds very scientific and is very easy to follow. However, if one proceeds he'll meet with some unpleasantness and if he survives, no nitroglycerine would be produced anyway.

The poorly spelled directions work. The 'scholastic' version does not. Which is the more valuable? Often we are left to make decisions such as this. This is not some virtual and ideal world.

Revisionists are people who spend their time buggering each other's documents and they would look upon direction (2) with an approving smile – it was tidy. The fact that those directions did not work would be of no concern to them.

The trap has always been one of the label and a focus upon the appearance rather than the utility, is a feminine trait which has no place in any struggle. Beware of all "patriots" who have something to sell to you – books, videos, memberships, periodicals, etc. They will be found hiding behind copyrights and other academic crap. If they were truly interested in the welfare of the White community, they'd give of themselves freely.

Another batch of useless meatheads has appeared. They argue that the backward, or left-handed swastika is the REAL thing much in the way certain dips claim they are "true jews" or "true Aryans".

The swastika is a doodle – a symbol – and nothing more. Wearing one does not turn you into an instant Nazi, Buddhist or Dakota injun. Some people are offended by certain symbols. Such people are in themselves, offensive.

The swastika (Sanskrit sv – good or well, asti – to be.) has been around since God made little green apples. One expert claims this while another, that. No one can tell for sure and so whom you choose to pay attention to is simply a matter of belief – faith. That's what history mainly is – faith that a certain piece of paper, or some gossip, represents the truth.

Some cultures used the familiar right-handed form, others the left (reverse or mirror image), and others, both. The left jobber was named suavastika by Prof. Max Müller with no authority (academic bull meaning he apparently didn't copy it from someone else) except perhaps in Burnouf. I maintain the the 'right' version is the most acceptable.

Significant world activity is a Northern Hemisphere thing – Europe, China, India, etc. When one takes off in his flying saucer and hovers aloft above the north pole, he'll notice that the planet spins counter-clockwise. If you fill your sink with water and let it come to a quietness and then pop the plug – assuming you have external control of the stopper – you'll see that the water spirals in a counter-clockwise direction thus forming the right-handed spiral. This is more easily observed if the surface of the water is sprinkled with pepper or your wife's expensive body powder. Grab a dirty stick and poke one end of it into your wife's $600 bedspread. Twist the stick counter-clockwise and you'll see the wrinkles form the right-hand swastika spiral. If you have time on your hands, gawk at a few flowering plants and find those 'swastika' spirals in the arrangement of petals etc. – especially the lotus.

Most people are right-handed and during the process of writing an "O" – drawing a circle – the more natural direction is counter-clockwise. Right-handed people swing ball bats and golf clubs in a counter-clockwise direction. When right-handed people smash their knuckles into an opponents face, the swing is in a counter-clockwise direction. (Don't get lost in the orientation. An object moving to the left leaves a path on its right.)

This is not a cultural thing or a "just so happens" bit of moldy bagel crumbs. The molecules of life are mainly composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and they occupy a 3-dimensional world. All building blocks of life are left-handed structures. Look at your left hand and then your right hand. They are virtually identical in structure and arrangement except for one highly important attribute – they are mirror images of each other. Your right hand does not fit into a left hand glove. Many molecules can exist in both a left-handed arrangement and a right-handed arrangement. In technical language, they are called enantiomorphic isomers. If I were a TV evangelist, I could call upon God to assist me with a miraculous demonstration. I'd have Him prepare a turkey using only right-handed molecules. We – in our unrecognized insignificance – would not notice a thing. It could be roasted and we could eat it. However, your body cannot utilize such right-hand molecules and you'd starve even though your belly was full. (Sounds like a lot of the 'food' which is sold today.)

I stand convinced of the essential naturalness of the right spiral which plays its part in the swastika.