27 April 2000
Most people prefer bad order to disorder, but the ZOG's 'order' guarantees disorder.
When Ye stand alone and one is smitten, the cause dieth with Ye.

When Ye stand as Aryan brethren and one is smitten,
the cause dieth not and the smitten increaseth the cause.

I find it odd that while the American population is getting darker, the percentage of "Whites" increases. Soon, we will be a mud world where one drop of White blood qualifies you to call yourself White.
Three people stand in a flowered goldenrod field. One smiles and enjoys the country smell. Another sneezes from time to time. The third, gasps and sneezes and his eyes swell amidst the tears. The "cure" for allergies announces itself and it won't be found in race-mixing and other varieties of down-breeding. A wise man concerns himself with the field he plants his seeds in.
Been busy. Put new upper control arms in my old Ford. I have about as much faith in auto mechanics as I do medical doctors. It's work such as this which serves as a reminder that I am not 28 years old anymore. Father Time cares little whether you are good, bad or ugly. He is more powerful than God for no batch of prayers, hormone cream or Viagra will rescue you from that march of time.
Trustworthy people seldom have untrustworthy friends. Thus, the untrustworthy rarely have trustworthy friends so that's why groups of them never accomplish anything. Sooner or later, the lack of trust demolishes their association and terminates any project they may have had in mind – ranging from marriage to poisoning pigeons in the park. If White people cannot stop acting like a bunch of untrustworthy anarchists, then accomplishment will forever remain a dream.
The non-family family. Today, what most people refer to as 'family' is in reality not much more than a small hotel where the inhabitants sometimes eat together and share bathrooms. Once someone moves out, they are no longer a part of that family and it follows that what they do is not a family affair. No so with the Chinese, and that's part of the reason they are successfully colonizing various sections of our no-longer-America.

Don is a robust blond fellow with deep blue eyes. He was happy with what he was. During the 1950s, he took a job as a welder on tall building projects, something I'd not do. For this sort of work, he was paid about ten times as much as the workers on the ground. Anyway, Don, since he liked the way he looked, naturally chose a blonde blue-eyed woman for a wife. If one does not know who, or what he is, then I suppose that anything which tickles the gonads would do. Don always looked at the future as something his present activities would influence. He wanted a family and that's why he got married – marriage being a public announcement of an oath and contract. Don wanted children which looked like himself and not to anyone's surprise, he had three of them. They – two girls and one boy – were all exceptionally good-looking, bright and healthy. This group comprised only a small corner of what Don considered to be family. Family was blood thing which had little to do with where one's feet were planted at any given time. What Don and his wife did, reflected upon the whole family and naturally, what his children did impacted the others. Then one day, without any notice, the older daughter decided to do the shack-up routine with a mestizo. This made everyone unhappy except for the wayward daughter who acted in a typically American fashion with absolutely no regard for the wishes of others – she was "doing her own thing." Situational ethics would then demand that all members of the family adopt another set of values in order to match those of the daughter. It's just another variety of the 'American way' where the one who squawks  has a "constitutional right" to have the rest of the world bend to his infantile, and often insane, whims and notions. Since his daughter's behavior adversely affected the rest of her 'blood', Don simply declared her not to be his daughter and the family had nothing further to do with her. (Today, this sad woman has suffered much misery at the hands of the 'mud' who apparently mesmerized her. The fellow was part of the work force that Don belonged to and was aware of Don's low opinion of mongrels. This person was once heard to brag that he'd "get that gringo" by screwing his daughter. He did. Don's values, whether you approve or not, remained unchanged.)

Don has a cousin named Bonnie who, as a widow, collects a fat pension check from a very well known company. Bonnie met a rather shifty rat-eyed fellow from the middle east who was about 20 years her junior. I assume that he tickled more than  her fancy and so he moved in with her – into the house bought by her hard-working dead husband. Today, Bonnie has signed over her house to her 'stud' and added his name to her rather large checking account. One does not need a crystal ball to tell her the future.

Bonnie denounced Don for his position vis-à-vis his daughter. Bonnie never liked mongrels, and other such, but quickly adopted a whole new set of "values" when her daughter popped the "guess who's coming to dinner" scenario. Don is a man of substance and his cousin little other than an easily manipulated piece of protoplasm with no set of values beyond "going with the flow." Nations are built by people like Don and people like Bonnie are at best, merely something for others to wipe their feet, and other things on.

I have been asked what my priorities are when I am in the market for a woman. Well, it's little different than what I look for in a friend. I chose my friends because of their politics. I don't choose my politics because of my friends. As for the female, the order is (1) health, (2) character – trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, (3) world view – politics, etc., (4) intelligence, and finally, (5) eyeball appeal.
People with dysfunctional brains do weird things. They'll bawl their eyes out over the alien Elian, whom they don't know. They'll not drop one tear over a White kid, whom they also don't know, who gets hacked to death in Zimbabwe. They went into disabling emotional fits when they heard a kid was blown sky high in Oklahoma City, yet they cried not when babies were burned alive in Waco. Selective wailing is a sign of bigotry and prejudice. Americans are one batch of sick puppies. Did someone mention extermination?
Vots gnu? Just a note from an irate reader who loves to get acid reflux from reading this page. If the nitwit had a brain, he'd spend more time at his porno sites and save himself all of that aggravation. He dropped a few gems on me so that I could be informed that Blacks were the substance of the the golden age of Egypt and Greece; that the Chinese army, any time it wished, could have massacred the Roman legions in about an hour; and Stone Hinge (sic) was built by Africans. He apparently graduated from the same school where it was taught that Adolf Hitler was a jew who ran a jewish country and sacked Aryan Russia. I know all of this including the fact that Clint Eastwood is a Mongolian, Henry Ford an Eskimo and Cheeta the chimpanzee a three-toed sloth. Granted that White people never invented anything nor even contributed to music and the arts, but I still wonder why all of those great non-Whites, who are responsible for virtually everything worthwhile, always seem to do their creative work when no one sees them.
Ah, diversity! Those wonderful Colombians who supply us with all those exotic chemicals, have an interesting way of dealing with people they don't like. If you are lucky, they will leave you alive after they have had their sport – huevos revueltos. While down, they repeatedly kick you in the crotch until your testicles are smashed, hence the term "scrambled eggs." Another sweet action leaves you dead. Your throat is cut and the tongue pulled down and out of the slit so as to resemble a tie. Neither of the above is a hate crime since they get many minutes of hearty laughter out of sights they find quite humorous. 
Like most jews, the American White loves to roll in the downside of life. It's somewhat like having a celebration over getting syphilis while forgetting the orgasm. If we keep having 'moments of silence' and physical memorials over things such as "Columbine" (I hope I misspelled it.), soon there won't be much room to walk and the whole year will pass in absolute silence. That's good. At least it will rid the world of 'hate speech'.

Let's see. At any given moment, hundreds of kids meet an untimely death – most in automobile accidents. No memorials. No sobbing and wailing. That's because they were in different locations. Thus, one might conclude that dying in a group increases your value – except if those innocent children happened to have been at Waco. Some killings are more equal than others. Moreover, if you were killed with a gun then you are obviously more worthy of tears and lawsuits than if you were hacked to death with a machete or had molten lead poured down your throat. Such a deal.

I am not a White supremacist. I am a White INFERIORIST. I believe that Whites are a plagues upon the planet. They never created anything but ruined everything. They are inferior to practically everything in the animal kingdom – lower than worms! They – the cheats and scoundrels that they are – like to take credit for everything the superior races accomplished. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was really Chinese having a birth name of Won Long Wang, for example. One thing puzzles me. If we are so vile and horrible, then why does every Mud want to come and live with us? Maybe they want to improve our lot, hence the term "cultural enrichment."
Name one critter more pathetic and worthless than a groveling White. Since it's now open season on honkies in the workers' paradise known as Zimbabwe – we goona zim your bab, baby – we can expect the fad to catch on elsewhere. I listened to a great looking Rhodesian woman moaning, " the color of your skin shouldn't matter," after she heard of the escalating warfare against White "enemies of the state."  It might not matter to her, but it sure matters to the Blacks, the Chinese, the Mexicans, and so on and so forth. It all reminds me of those silly religious who sang hymns as the Angolan Blacks ran them through saw mills in the early 1960s. (I have some nice photos of this sporting event plus videos of love filled Blacks enjoying a necklacing holiday.) (Look for the Blacks in Zimbabwe to back off now and then but remember that the goal is the extermination of all Whites in that country.) Much of this deadened awareness might possibly be because of the massive feminine attitude of 80 percent of this country. Women have a blind spot when it comes to reality. Their eyes are filled with hope and they have a hard time seeing ugliness as in "a face only a mother could love." They look at a peaceful crocodile and mummer what an attentive mother it is. When the same crocodile rips the guts out of a zebra, they close their eyes. My beloved sister always closed her eyes when a threatening traffic situation came into view. Gratefully, she was an extremely lucky woman. A woman looks at a child for what it IS (present). A man looks at a child for what it can BECOME (future). When concern for the present becomes an addiction, as it now has, we have a right to expect a very dismal future, as is now becoming very apparent. There is nothing more pathetic than a male, of any race, dropping on his knees to a band of women and children.
I just received another Ludovici book from the Netherlands. It was wrapped in a newspaper which I could not understand save the photos and a few nouns. It, at once, reminded me of the female Dutch pilot I met years ago. She told me that anyone who WANTED to live in her country, had the RIGHT to do so REGARDLESS of where they were presently living. I am afraid that most American females share this view. By the way, ZOG's interest in "day care" (communes and disease centers) is because they fully realize that children, in order to be indoctrinated with anti-Nature feelings, must be propagandized at a very early age. (In spite of the horse pucky to the contrary, ZOG is in the family destruction business.) ALL day care centers are race-mixing enterprises, full time. Soon, there will be ZOG monetary rewards for those interested in race-mixed marriages as there are now in the business arena where a "minority" partner means big bucks in your coffer. Anyway, back to the newspaper.

The front page contained a photo of the nigger in charge of the "multicultural bureau." At the bottom of the page was a picture of niggers dancing in the street. I couldn't make out the words under the other photo of another nigger with a huge smile. Inside, every advertisement had a picture of a non-White, save one. This was a picture of a White woman in an ad for Philips cell phones. On the back page was a bottle blonde who obviously was a jewess and the only light skinned male appearing was a "Birnbaum". What ever happened to the tulips and sweet faced tow heads?  The world is becoming diseased, dirty and ever so muddy looking.

The honky snuffing in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) has begun. The White farmers still remaining will positively lose their land and if their feet don't do their thing, their lives will be lost also. Yes, dear couch potatoes, Whites used to rule that land and made it quite wealthy and self-sufficient. When the Whites go, so will the productive farms and the apes there will probably start eating each other in order to partially solve the problem. Ian Smith sold them out and our ZOG is also littered with the same sort of sell-out types – liberals, christians, marxists and other brain-rotted types who think 'race' is some abstract concept or a mental affliction of 'haters'. It's too bad these bastards cannot be made to swim in their own juices but, as the cowards they are, they always manage to flee the ship they ruined with their drilling of holes in the hull.
The insanity continues. Now there is a call for self extinguishing cigarettes so that idiots, who pass out from drugs, won't be responsible for the houses they burn down. I say "good riddance." Let's make incendiary cigarettes.

In Scottsdale AZ, schools are enacting rules where 'brushing' another student while passing through the crowded hallways, will be considered "harassment" subject to penalties. If an accidental touch can get you expelled, then why not rip off a fistful of beaver fur? In addition, there are 'remarks' which are also grounds for getting the boot. I can see the future where no one will talk to anyone else out of fear – it's getting close to that already. Then, there will be new rules covering those with harassing "looks" – evil eyes, as it were. And we still wonder why some people go off their rockers and blow a few useless brains all over the wall.

I received a letter which covered the level of anxiety of some people when it was announced that their toilet water would be purified and recycled into drinking water. Some gasped at the idea but the faggots already are doing it but without the bother of purifying it. You can't say they aren't conservative.

All water we drink has been recycled, one way or the other. Nature, if she is not over burdened, does an excellecnt job otherwise the planet would have gone 'thud' eons ago. We, on our farm, drank from both spring and well both of which were not too far from the barnyard and pasture. Manure was plowed into the soil and the juices followed the path gravity dictated. We had only primitive plumbing and certainly no flush feature on the toilet – outhouse.

Nature's method for water purification is a wonder and it does not change the nature of pollution as do manmade attempts. Man cleans up one pollutant by introducing others. Our 'health' activities consist of gulping down one drug which produces other afflictions called 'side effects'.

Decades ago, while employed as chief chemist for a Boeing and Lockheed subcontractor, I was called in to propose a plan for the clean up of the waste material which the company dumped into a nearby stream. We were dumping very large quantities of chromic acid, calcium fluoride and sodium hydroxide into a small stream which passed through a swamp. In about one year, that dumping turned the swamp into a gray/blue/green petrified forest where no frog or insect could be seen. I'd visit the area, from time to time with my sample bottles, and was taken by the strange silence which prevailed.

What my proposal entailed is of little import here and it wasn't followed anyway. The company estimated that they'd have to spend about $4M to put it into operation. Their reply to the interested parties – town board, state, environmental agencies, etc. – was a simple one. If you force our company to build such a purifying facility, we'll simply close down thus laying off about 6000 workers. Here in ZOG land, greed always has the upper hand and so another 5 year study was started. About 4 years into it, the company closed down anyway.

The dumping probably would have continued except for the fact that a housewife, about 25 miles away, started complaining about the green water she was getting from her well. That's what brought me into the affair.

Proposals in the real world, unlike those from Congress, have to take Natural Law into account. First, the effluent – mainly chromic acid – would have to have its chromic component reduced to the chromous state. Sodium sulfite was cheap and readily available. This, coupled with a pH adjustment, would allow chromous hydroxide to be precipitated, then allowed to settle where it could be moved into drums which were to be hauled away (pass the buck!). The "safe" remainder was loaded with sodium salts of every description which were to be dumped into the swamp. The net result would be one where additional pollutants were created something like replacing pneumonia with influenza. The chrome sludge, instead of being dumped in our neck of the woods, would be dumped somewhere else. But that's what being an American is all about anyway. Let someone else clean up your mess.

If you use any man conceived process to clean up your sewage, you'll only end up with another pollution problem. The problem is that Nature is being burdened with our sewage. To cut down on the sewage, we must cut down on those who produce it – or at least, let Nature assist via disease and starvation. This planet could be a paradise within a few decades if we could find a simple way to sterilize 5.5 billion talking apes and then monitor the remainder closely, very closely.