8 May 2000
Peace Loving Brothers

Angola, West Africa, March 15, 1961

Americans, shielded from the real world by two oceans and media censors, have always enjoyed a Disneyland sort of existence. Few, even though the information was obtainable, ever concerned themselves with the absolutely horrible brutal aspects of communism – that doctrine of brotherly love and equality. From the butcheries following the so-called "French" and "Russian" revolutions to the ghastly horrors of the Spanish Civil War, the pattern has always remained the same. As our masters are moving toward their One World communist state, it might do well to remind ourselves that what is presently happening in Zimbabwe has occurred before and shall occur again.


When Blacks attack Whites, nothing attached to those Whites escapes their brutality. This includes their pets, livestock, servants and farm laborers. Women are gang-raped, burned, dismembered, and always have their genitals mutilated. In one town, a saw mill was available and the unfortunates were "processed" while still alive.


This man suffered an attack with machetes and his severed penis was stuffed into his mouth. There are always two main areas of mutilation – the face, where lips, ears and noses are cut off and the genital area which is often the focus of excessive treatment.

From heads to hands, arms and legs, various body parts are hacked off and usually mounted on poles or tied from tree branches. Needless to say, all of the varied assaults take place with no distinction being made as to whether the victim is alive or dead. It is generally customary to carve off "steaks" from tethered cows or other animals, while they are still alive – a practice shared by our oriental friends as any Vietnam veteran can testify.

The same sort of photographic evidence exists for the 1936 communist butcheries in Spain where "American" volunteers formed the communist jewish Abraham Lincoln Brigade so loved by the author Ernst Hemmingway.

White folks, with their heads perpetually in lala land, always have to learn Nature's lessons the hard way.

I was watching a TV cooking show featuring some fairly good-looking blonde woman and a chef from who cares. There is a distinct difference between "man food" and "woman food." Men like things simple and hearty – a steak, a few spuds and a cold drink. Women go for the complex mishmash, airy fairy, dolled-up doodad sort of stuff fit only for faggots, tea parties and "modern" art exhibits. I was about to 'click' to another channel when I noticed that the woman NEVER let the male chef finish a single sentence. She was continually interrupting with either obvious comments or ridiculous suggestions. It reminded me of another loud mouthed lip flapper named Adrianna Huffington who has appeared on a few yapping shows. Anyway, those who interrupt habitually are obviously not interested in another's opinion beyond having it serve as the impetus for starting their own jaws into motion. I did manage to avoid the wailing wall yarns and land upon a "D" Japanese science fiction movie – certainly preferable to some feminist nitwit flapping her gums.

Today, many days later, I was sitting in my kitchen listening to a middle-aged woman, who had just returned a book, and an attractive red-head who was absorbing a little of my math tutoring. They soon found conversational common ground and proceeded to honk at each other in the way geese do after landing upon a quiet pond. Here it was again! Neither allowed the other to finish a sentence and at many points, they actually ended up talking at the same time. Occasionally they'd raise their voices in an attempt to drown the other out, but it was obvious that neither understood a word the other was saying and probably didn't care anyway. Afterward, you could ask them what they were talking about and the only reply you'd receive is that it was "fun". "Nice to have met you." Yah. Yah. Yah.

There is another aspect regarding conversation with a female. Ask one how to get to the nearest exit and she'll begin a direction which, at some point, reminds her of her neighbor Susan who had a pot of gardenias which she bought near the north exit of  a local mall. This then, leads her to another story about the circumstances under which the exit door happened to be painted fudge-work brown. Like the dishes they prepare – inedible weeds for 'eye appeal' and useless 'decorative' dribbles of sauce – pertinent material has to be cluttered up with all sort of extraneous twaddle and more often than not, absolutely useless information.

How often have we heard some woman say, "Now, I know nothing about it, but....", and then proceeds to rattle her mouth anyway? Things she knows nothing about are either derided or become the focus of a myriad of opinions often detached from the topic. When a man is changing the spark plugs on the family car, his wife refers to it as, "Tinkering under the hood." Fixing a leaky exhaust system becomes, "Fooling with the car." It would be interesting if men adopted this approach. When referring to the fact that his wife is washing the dishes, he could say, "She is tinkering in the sink." Baking a cake then becomes, "Fooling with the kitchen."

On my way to visit Eileen, I stopped at a local supermarket to buy her a baguette or two, I walked past a woman who was just emptying her shopping cart. I asked her if she would like me to return the cart for her. I had expected a simple yes or no. Instead, I was verbally drowned in various topics from the fractured wheel on the cart to why the parking stripes were too close together. After what seemed like a trip in a time machine, she finally commented, "That's nice of you." I assumed that this meant yes and so I smiled and moved on, wondering if this were part of the reason many cultures drown many of their females at birth.

As I age at an ever increasing pace – I can hear the shovels digging my grave – I begin to feel the import of Schopenhauer's comment that the perceived beauty of women depends entirely upon the sex urge.

If old line Catholics have a hard time understanding the latest gymnastics of their Pope, they might like to ponder that, in all likelihood, he is a jew (mother's maiden name – Katz), as so many of his predecessors were. The "world church" is nothing but another plank in the communist platform – the New World Order. The kosher religious, such as millionaire Billy Graham (75,000 acre estate – I thought the money was supposed to go to God), form the Protestant portion of the choir. Some dissenters aren't too happy with the latest vocalizations from God's middlemen and, true to fashion, will become targets for the kosher eraser. Among the groups who apparently refuse to embrace a uni-sex mud-god are (1) Protestant Bible-believers, (2) traditional Catholics, (3) Shiite Moslems and (4) ultra Orthodox Jews. The latter two probably can be bought off using political power and money. The first two groups belong to the die-hard set and it will be interesting as to how they will be brought into line. Since most religions are reality escape mechanisms plus a set feel-good beliefs, they probably will be taught that their beliefs will no longer make them "feel good".

The best TVangelist con I've heard in a long while, on the christian bagel network, was a great one. The b.s. promoter who, in a sane society, would have been simply shot, told his congregation of suckers that the reason they hesitated in dropping their $100 bills into his "love bucket" was because the devil had a hold on them. Their resistance was 'proof' of the power of the devil. "Overcome the devil. Put your $100 dollar bills into the bucket and show him that your love of God is stronger." This was the same charlatan who convinced many of the brain-dead that God "needed" $2000 from them – immediately. He even urged the flock to borrow the money if they otherwise could not obtain it. As for myself, I asked God if an I.O.U. would be all right. He didn't say no.

"Scientists" have reconfirmed that indeed, the universe is getting larger – expanding. If the universe is everything, then what in  hell is it expanding into? While in the shower, I looked down but failed to see anything getting larger.
If you would like to see the end result of brotherly love as currently being exercised in Zimbabwe, then do the middle finger click job on FUN AND GAMES, AFRICAN STYLE. It kind of makes me want to post the photos of a similar party which took place in a saw mill in Angola several decades ago.
The daily blab called the Seattle Post-Intelligencer carried an A.P. article titled "Across Europe, far right is obsessed with foreigners." Foreigners rush to Europe to seek prosperity. Ain't that grand? One wonders why they couldn't achieve prosperity in their own land considering their innate superiority to White folks. Besides, on their own turf, they wouldn't have to deal with all of the White racism which "holds them down." In spite of all that "hate" they still pour in. Ever wonder why?

Are Germans, Austrians, Brits and so on "obsessed" with Turks, muds and all? An obsession is a compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. Right. There is nothing compulsive about anyone's concern over people who are invading their territory. I am swimming in an Amazon river stuffed with ravenous piranhas. Do I become "obsessed" with those swimming teeth? Hell no, mate. Wrong word. I am afraid that the article is just another attempt to attach psychiatric negatives to people mentally healthy enough to want to be with their own kind. If you are looking for sickos you'll find the media, schools and government stuffed with them. They are monkeywork red.

I watch TV less and less. The remote control is being worn out as I 'click' past niggerball, mud faces, yapping females, "holocaust' yarns, b.s. talk shows, etc. in my never-ending search for Clint Eastwood movies or the relief found in a test pattern. Even my favorite nature shows are now saturated with ooga booga drum thump and other irritating jungle racket. As I glance at the Stern and Springer crap, my mind questions, "Where are the chambers now that we need them?"

I did find the reason for all of the boo-hoo orgies of late – it's HR week ("holocaust" remembrance, or holy rubbish – your choice). At first, there was HR day; now HR week. I suspect that soon it will be expanded to HR month and then HR year. How about HR decade and HR century? Yes, by gosh and gee, let the 20th century be known as the HR century. Unlike PMS, which has a drug to relieve the symptoms, an HR attack can only be alleviated by another "hair of the dog". If 6 chosenites were 'guessed' per hour continually for a whole century, then we'd have the number who are currently collecting 'survivor' checks – about 5.3 million.

I did find a great old movie – apparently a collection of O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) short stories. One of them starred the British-born actor Charles Laughton who used the word "niggardly". Lawdy bee. Wash dat honky's mout out wid soap! 

Years ago, the Governor of Florida recommended that the people in his state arm themselves because the police could no longer be effective in protecting them. I have not been successful in finding the before/after crime statistics in this regard. They just might be interesting.
Hate is – where you find it – and you'll find it – everywhere! Good grief Greta. It's coming to our town!

It seems that some budding miscreant in western NY spray painted "niggers live here" on the side of a house where welfare niggers lived – as if the neighbors needed written confirmation of that fact. What came next? You gassed it. In steamed the F.B.I. with all of their Waco connections to determine if this was indeed a "HATE CRIME"! Indeed!

It's looks like the time for "code words" has returned. It was faddish in the 1960s where jews were referred to – by the valiant right-wing – as "Eskimos". Would a spray paint job of "water buffalo live here" be a "hate crime"? Maybe we could use the term "reggin" which would indicate a backward nigger – an oxygenated redundancy.

This is the sort of nonsense our benevolent ZOG takes seriously. The alien Elian circus will not be the last in this pathetic area for that's about all ZOG is capable of doing anyway.

Each week, I am informed of some new disease. I still haven't figured out "toenail fungus" yet and "yeast infection" will have to wait for another day. Yeast infection? Maybe these women should be more careful where they stuff their rising bread dough.

Over half of the population has defective eye sight and the sickness business (sometimes called "health care") is growing by leaps and bounds. Keep up that down-breeding. It's good for business.

After decades of harping about tolerance, the perverts are now screaming "zero tolerance". What these commies, nitwits and sewer freaks really mean is – tolerate US and if you don't, we shall NOT tolerate YOU – as if they ever did. Yes, the termites want you to tolerate them and bellow "rights' whenever some sane person gets out the can of Raid. Why not take a vacation to Zimbabwe for a good lesson on how you can tolerate THEM while they rape and kill YOU. This has always been standard commie procedure: Cry about being persecuted and always being the underdog. Fight for "equality" and then vote the foolish saps out of their country.
I went to a lecture – open questions from the floor – where a faggot told "his story" to a group of college twits. After they all settled down to a batch of oohs and aahs accompanied by a general feeling of good fortune in regards to the cultural improvements the queers have given to us, I ventured this: "Now, after you have finished dipping your stick and find it's coated with chocolate, do you require your partner to lick it clean?" Luckily, I was stationed near a convenient exit which I used post haste.
Speaking of stories, I almost bust a gut laughing at the wide tale of yet another "survivor". (There is a 'survivor' gene which is passed on from one generation to another so as to insure continuity of those checks.) It seems that she, and a few thousand fellow survivors, we being herded down a road going somewhere – probably from one 'guessing camp' to another due to temporary shortages of Zyklon B. (Aren't you glad you bought stock in the company?) They were surrounded by "hordes" of SS who randomly shot people just for the sport of it. Long walks perhaps were somewhat monotonous. During this herding and shooting, the woman and her sister then ambled off across the field wearing only "wooden shoes". That's what happens when all of those SS boys are near-sighted – they lose most of their intended victims. The sisters then entered a farm house which was occupied by a woman and a male POW! (Obviously he was on his own recognizance.) The friendly house frau then searched through a pile of clothes to find something befitting the two sisters. One dress "had lice" and so the woman tossed it out the window. The other clothes were not infected because it appeared that the lice only wanted to sleep in blue garments. Such discrimination. At this point I switched channels before the jewess started the crying routine. I settled for a movie starring another jew, Michael Caine and the certified pinko Lawrence Oliver. It was also fiction.
Senator Funguscrotch gave a speech on C-Span where he said we should love our diseased daisies because they "couldn't help" being what they were. Perverted behavior is inherited! Yes, my friends, there is a wayward gene lurking deep within the recesses of your recesses which can cause you not to know the difference between a vagina and a rectum. Heap powerful. The thing which puzzles me is how this enriched gene gets passed on down the family tree.

Here is another bid for tolerance – the playground for those who love problems. Those botflys are just doing their genetic thing but I'll smash the bastards anyway even including that other botfly some idiots chose to elect to the Senate.