17 May 2000
What's the use of trying to keep your guns when everyone is busy giving the country away?
Welcome to Israel West where:
War is peace.
Babel is comprehension.
Diversity is strength.
Craziness is competence.
Penguins could fly with Affirmative Action.
The Chinese are now copying British  textbooks which were printed about 100 years ago. The American boob is now buying these books while attributing the 'higher standards" to the Chinese. That makes sense to me.
A soccer mom thought is was dandy that her effeminate male offspring was enjoying high school sports. Then one terrible and awful day when the gods weren't smiling, young Peter ended up with a broken shoulder blade. Mom then changed her tune about sports and tried to get other moms to sign a petition banning soccer at the local high school boobery. No luck. Now she's in the process of suing everyone from the school to the fellow who put the "sock" in soccer. She reminds me of another twit who said she was in favor of guns as long as they weren't powerful enough to kill anyone. Many people have been 'pistol whipped' to death so she is probably in favor of guns made from licorice – that's until someone chokes to death while sucking on one.
I used to blame the White male for much of our societal problem. The more I listen and observe, the more I feel they have simply opted out of the whole screwball mess and let the female motor-mouths, and minority morons, run the ship into the rocks – which they will, absolutely. You betcha. Absolutely.
On May 6, 1937, at Lakehurst, NJ, the dirigible Hindenburg burst into flames as soon as its static discharge lines touched the ground. It was claimed by some to be an act of some anti-Nazi hater but the general belief was that an electrical discharge ignited leaking hydrogen which then led to the burning of the fabric panels. The official German investigation of the following months claimed that the fabric ignited first. After 40 years of research, an American group agrees with this. Americans always seem to be a little late since it took them nearly 50 years to discover what those evil Nazis had already discovered about cancer.

The Hindenburg carried 1000 passengers and sped along at about 80 miles per hour.

The ancient Greeks knew that the gods were blue-eyed, yellow-haired beings. Americans don't know that much as they think one of them looks like Alan Greenspan in black-face.
Think this one out – slowly – In about 5-7 years, an automobile air conditioner can be expected to lose about one pound of Freon due to unavoidable leakage. Previously, Freon 12 was used but the boys who run this ship of no-state claimed that the ozone hole was being nuked by Freon and so approved the use of Freon 134 as a cure. Thus, they made it illegal for the home mechanic to buy a can of Freon 12 stuff without a proper license. OK. My '77 Ford needs a can of the stuff. I can put it in illegally or a certified, honest-to-goodness 'technician' can do the same while reading his certification aloud prior to singing "God bless America." Does the ozone hole really know the difference? Or care?

As old Robert's lip flappings have a way of coming true, I'll mention that when the Freon 12 ban went into effect, I predicted that within 10 years some batch of registered nitwits would "discover" that the man-made series of Freons was really not a "natural addition" to the environment. Recent studies have now shown that the ozone hole is still behaving as cigar Bill does when he discovers a new place to dunk his cigars. Freon 134 seems to be just as bad as Freon 12 and Freon 22. My theory? I've noticed that the ozone hole goes ape each time Hillary gasses an audience with her verbal flatus. Now, if we could only find a way to stuff Hillary's bisexual can into a can – and then stuff it aboard the Enterprise. It's big, really big.

The tolerance of degeneracy is not a virtue.
I never could figure out what the evolutionary value of big fat prehensile lips were. Now, if you had a banana in each hand, then you wouldn't have to worry about what you could peel them with. 
Why read a book on gardening if you never intend to pick up a hoe? Why pick up a hoe if you have no intention of using it?

An enemy is not required to have a conscious intent to harm us. If he behaves in a manner which threatens our existence – no matter what his motives – then he is an enemy just as assuredly as one who advocates our demise. Thus, businessmen who welcome the arrival of low wage muds are to be considered enemies. This also includes the majority of the christian busy-bodies and do-gooders no matter how sweetly they smile. ZOG is, of course, the supreme enemy of the White race although they have never declared that fact and claim to act in the interests of all – equally. When our taxes are used to support those who cannot support themselves, and assist them in invading our living space, then those who tax us are to be considered enemies. An enemy does not have to have evil intent. After all, the crocodile is only looking for a meal and the tuberculosis bacillus, only a nice place to live in peace..
A society under stress, in need or in the expansion business requires that men be at the helm. When a society goes to pot and begins to play with itself, we always see women come to the fore. In a calm sea, people can play the equality game relative to who will be the current captain, but when the seas begin to boil, no woman will be found dickering with the ship. One sees this over and over again, in our uni-sex police forces and fire departments. When the job gets severe, the women stand back and the men do their job. There is nothing more ridiculous to observe than a female "swat" officer pretending, with her gestures, hoops and hollers, to be masculine. Affirmative Action stuffs all sorts of incompetents into jobs they simple cannot handle and if the field were level, would not have qualified for in the first place. This is only possible when there are breezes and not tornados.

One can identify a masculine or feminine society by its priorities. Females always give the most attention to the botched and weak. (That's why communist propaganda is directed heavily in their direction.) We often notice that superior kids are often neglected by the mother in favor of the inferior. Most fathers are inclined to favor the children with the most promise. Our society is absolutely feminine. We waste our energies feeding the poor, curing the sick and elevating the ugly to being just "one of the boys." One day, the surpluses will vanish and all will demand that "something be done". It won't be a woman who will be required.

The meta-physicists have come up with a new batch of nonsense. Black matter. "Why," farted one, "there's more black matter than there is real matter." Black matter apparently can penetrate into 10 miles of solid rock and guess what? You've got it! A batch of these nincompoops are setting up camp within the bowels of our dirt ball anticipating the capture of a few specks of it. If they never observed the stuff then how do they know any of its properties – such at the penetration bit? The truth is that physics is now the servant of mathematics. The equations are truth and 'reality' has to be explained in terms of abstract descriptions and symbol manipulation. This is simply jewish science – start with a conclusion and work backwards and proclaim that the hideous Einstein was a genius. Einstein is to science as Picasso is to art. If the degenerate slop produced by Picasso can be called "masterpieces" then Einstein's babble, I guess, represents profound truth.
A career is a chosen pursuit in which one engages for the purpose of monetary gain, notoriety and ego-stroking. The forms vary from being called a profession to an occupation. It is the principal focus of one's activities and hence, primary. A 'career woman' has declared what the primary object of her life is. These types always relegate their children to being little more than the flotsam of the wreck they sometimes refer to as a 'marriage'. The fact that so many males support their two-legged orifices in this nonsense, only serves to show that while they may have testicles, they have no balls. 
The coffee was its usual bitterness but Richard was as humorous as ever. In the next booth sat a pathetic elderly White man feeding a very, very ugly mulatto youngster. The picture was typical. Wayward female, with a hormone problem and a mental short-circuit, spread her knees for some member of another inter-fertile species. Once the 'head' and 'pump' were interrupted by a pregnancy, he typically flew the coop probably after stealing her money and infecting her with some incurable genital disease – a penalty richly deserved. Female took a job to catch a few shekels and dumped the by-product of sperm meeting egg, straight into the lap of the innocent – a man who labored much of his life so that she could "do her thing." That, my friends is the ultimate show of disrespect for any parent.

It was during one of those Black "comedy" – if it ain't about licking, sticking and honky bashing, then it ain't funny – shows that I heard a female of the species mention that mulattos were "its". Dey ain't Black and dey ain't White. Theyz nuttin'! She gave another noun but it was in 'ebonics', I guess, and I didn't catch it although it must have been a ripper – if the audience laughter was any indication. Our grandparents well recognized that giving a White woman a mud child represented the ultimate insult to the race as a whole and they guarded against it to the extent of their honor – a word ZOG has worked feverishly to eliminate along with making it illegal for White people to defend their White heritage, traditions and even the race.