28 May 2000
Although I have included one of Dr. Pierce's articles concerning the increasing number of White women who are bedding down with sub-humans, I do not agree with his reasons. A White woman seeking a sexual liaison with a Black male is not looking for masculinity. A male aardvark is masculine as is a male baboon. It is very hard for me to believe that a filthy and stupid "masculine" animal is more attractive sexually than a Clark Kent type of clean, mild-mannered White male. To flip the question over, would a White male seek out a member of another species for her "femininity" as opposed to coupling with the most miserable of the countless number of  attractive White bitches? I do not think so. The reason White women are shacking up with anything they can drag out of a sewer is evidence of a brain gone awry.
If homosexuals are called "gay", then what shall we call necrophiliacs? Jolly boys?
There is no "Iron Heel". Name one single American who would die fighting for ZOG and Old Glory. As the crumbling continues, month by month, ZOG will be shown to have feet of clay.

The U.S. Department of Justice has issued a little booklet entitled "Addressing Hate Crimes." Very interesting. While it does not precisely define what a hate crime is, it gives examples where the 'victims' are what we affectionately refer to as "muds", "nigs", and people with six-pointed heads. The only conclusion one can draw is that only Whitey can commit a hate crime just as the NYS Department of Education claims that racism is a White mental affliction. When you let your racial enemies run the show, what do you expect? The question is now whether the American White male will behave as did his ding bat brothers in Rhodesia and South Africa.
To get ZOG injun freebies, one needs only 1/16 injun blood. That's the latest yammer relative to the Pequot nonsense which has erupted again. If you remember,  a batch of them moved out – in the 17th century, under Uncas – of what is now Connecticut and and subsequently took the name of Mohegans (Mohicans). I am very pleased with this 'indian' criteria. One part, out of sixteen, of any non-White blood qualifies you as being a non-White even if you are Dan Rather or Johhny Cash.
I was told that Al Gore is a jew. I do not know if that's a fact but a manure pile of any variety still smells the same.
I just read an interesting criticism of Dr. William Pierce. The main thrust of the paragraph was that he is "doing nothing" for "the cause" – whatever that is – except talk and write articles. I will assume that the "do nothing" means that he is not breaking the law. To the cretins who unfortunately infest our race, law breaking is about all their mentality will allow. I hold no high regard for the law, since it's mainly anti-White, but since most people still think you should obey it, I simply go with the flow.
All In The Family: The jew Kevin Kostner is now playing dip the wick with the jewess Kathy Lee. The jew Bruce Willis is still tied to his mestiza. My old jewish co-worker Ron, failed to heed my advice about his money grubbing. I recommended that he retire about 9 years ago. He hung on to those regular paychecks but did manage to retire quite recently. After a couple of months of retirement bliss, he dropped dead – face down in the garden he was planting. What a waste.
As I wrote in The Crystal Ball back in 1966, I said the forced integration of White students with sub humans would destroy the school system. For the most art, that happened and ZOG stepped in with more force, money and regulations. People who would be considered intellectually normal in their own society, were now labeled LD, learning disabled and/or ED, emotionally disturbed, which places a burdensome value judgment upon what has sanely been recognized as their normal behavior. This collective group – those who failed to be Whites with a pigmentation problem – was then railroaded into a category called Special Education. After decades of dismal failure in trying to teach penguins how to fly, the ZOG commisars of NY have now handed down another of its commandments. All Special Education students will now be integrated into regular classes. At least the Marxists have achieved one of their goals – equality in the classroom – and all the diversity one could smilingly welcome: perverts, morons, epileptics, psychopaths, crotch-grabbers, drug pushers, plus the hood, the bad and the ugly. Anyone for a teaching career?
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended that their members question the kiddies of twittish soccer mom's regarding whether their big, bad and ugly dad possesses any big, bad and ugly firearms. You see, the AAP's position is clear – they advocate that all hand guns, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns be BANNED!

In the state of Connecticut, police are now allowed to enter a private residence and CONFISCATE  legally owned firearms. All they need is nothing more than a personal BELIEF that the owner MIGHT be a danger to something or the other. In commie double-speak, this means that an accusation is sufficient to warrant the BIG FINGER and some version of a Waco barbecue. With people now being jailed for what the ZOG-thugs THINK their target MIGHT be thinking, I wouldn't be too smug about feeling that secure even if you are hoarse from singing "God Bless America". What you are now seeing – and the warnings have been flying for over 50 years – is only a taste of the real tyranny the communist United Nations and their New World Order intend to saddle mankind with.

I love it! I love it! The beautiful Black democracy of South Africa now has the world's highest rate of people being killed by firearms. The more restrictive their gun laws are, the worse it gets. Beautiful! It couldn't happen to nicer bunch of people. Wasn't Black rule supposed to bring about more peace and jelly beans?

In second place, is the mongrel country of Brazil. Their gun laws are repressive and several politicians believe that there is a connection between those laws and the crime rate. More laws – more bang-bang in the streets. Am I concerned about the future of these samba bumpers? Hell no, Joe, and besides, 'democratic' politicians have never solved any problem. They
are problem makers.

What happens is this: Restrict something that people want and its value increases. That is usually expressed in the way of a rising cost. Thus, a black market is created. The profits go up and the fast buck artists are quick to grab another opportunity to get rich while expending less effort. When the predators start killing each other, as they now do in the drug business, it will be time to bring out the popcorn and enjoy the show.

This is a letter I sent to the local talk show bumpkins, plus the station manager concerning an upcoming "debate":

"When I was a child, my father had a gun cabinet which held two shotguns, one rifle, one pistol and boxes of ammunition. The cabinet was never locked. Whenever I visited a friend's home, the same conditions were present. Guns were here; guns were there; and they were always accessible to anyone. However, I never saw one minor with a gun much less hearing of one who even opened a gun cabinet, nor were there any minors running about the countryside playing the Billy the Kid. I would even venture a guess – since hunting for food was quite common then – that the gun density per capita was higher then, than it is today. I'd like to ask what you might offer as a reason for the fact that far less gun mayhem occurred then as compared to now.

To me, the reason was simple. My father was a man of his word and he only spoke once. If he told us never to touch any guns without his permission and supervision, we never touched them. That was it. We really did not know what dad would have done, if we disobeyed him, but we well recognized that swift and positive punishment would ensue. It was a fear of certain punishment which perhaps held us more at bay than it was a respect for the property rights of others which, by the way, was duly impressed in our home.

Today, we have so-called parents who play at raising children while setting a very poor example of a figure to emulate. They do not want to bear the burden of parenting and beg for a society which lets the kids run wild in perfect safety – note the increasing popularity of day care communes. One must not be held accountable for one's transgressions nor be sorely affected by his foolishness. The adults demand this. Hence the mania for 'safety' – the refuge of the spineless and irresponsible."

Only one person responded. He said, "What hateful thing to say." So much for the writing of letters to Marxists.

When any society goes on an orifice stuffing binge, as ours now is, down breeding is the result. With this deterioration in stock, goes an increase in physical ugliness and a fouled up internal biology. Mental attributes fall into the trash can and to make up for the increased stupidity, standards have to be lowered in order to keep the sheep contented with themselves. The young are quite stupid. Some wear baseball hats even though they are not playing baseball and most of them still haven't figured out which way the visor to supposed to point. If they wished to wear inappropriate sports gear, it would make sense to don a football helmet while at a mud-rock drug concert and wear cold water SCUBA gear when visiting Bill or Hillary Clinton.

Medicinal drugs are chemical substances which follow a specific chemical course. As the Nobel Prize winning biologist Roger Williams pointed out in 1931, everyone's biology differs from that of his neighbor and for this reason it is not possible to recommend an optimum vitamin C intake, for example, which would apply to both. With race-mixing and down breeding producing revolting specimens by the car load, medicine will increasingly fail to cure much of anything. We see this easily when we realize that aspirin works for some while Tylenol is required for others. The increasing demand for "health care" (actually sick care) demonstrates that the general health is decreasing. Many older people spend more money on drugs than they do on food. Over half the population has defective eyesight and TV ads, which are very expensive, list every malady known to man from crotch yeast infections – better to have used a banana than a baguette – to having a complete breakdown after sniffing 6 clusters of goldenrod pollen.

We apparently glorify our deficiencies. TV ads show smiling faces yapping about their incurable venereal diseases and how happy they are for some suppressant which allows them to enjoy an "active life" – which means spreading their infections to others. The AIDS infected fudge-packers have a Constitutional right to spread their diseases and are given special considerations by law. People wear their handicapped stickers with pride and feminist twits never fail to seek out the more ugly and hideous orphans for adoption. It's more than degenerate – it's depraved.

It's only a matter of time before this asylum receives its well deserved collapse. There are more than enough straws on the camel's back.

It was a Chelsea morning – I awoke full of bigotry, prejudice and HATE! I stretched and peered out at the crows who were also full of hate. They hated to be shot at. They hated it when people tried to feed them poisoned corn. They hated it when hawks moved into their territory. Now, if crows were politically correct, they'd love the diversity of being shot at, poisoned and preyed upon. But crows still continue to hate that which threatens them and I will never get rid of mine, so that's why I started to sing – O, what a beautiful morning..... I am happier than Clinton with a new box of cigars.
I do not know if the rumors about gun dealers in Michigan defying the ZOG concerning the required background checks of prospective "enemies of the state" – a commie phrase meaning 'patriot'. I haven't noticed any mushroom clouds in that direction lately. I also do not know if the ranchers in Texas are having problems with mestizo squatters – problems which our benevolent ZOG blames on the ranchers for violating "human rights". I do, from time to time, manage to know a bit of something.

During the 1960s, when I was bouncing back and forth between Rochester NY and Chicago IL, I noticed a great discrepancy between what was happening in one city as opposed to its news in the other. While the darker muds were redistributing the wealth in Rochester (some bigots had the audacity to call it looting), hardly a word about it appeared in Chicago. When cops were being assaulted with flying potatoes, filled with double edged razor blades, the Rochester news was more concerned with the mayor getting a new dog. Being unemployed – a state people work their entire lives to achieve (they call it retirement) – I was in a position to zip to and fro, spying as only a non-spy can do. I formulated an opinion based upon fact: ZOG suppresses information and habitually lies as a method of crowd control. It wants every little serf to believe that what is happening to him is just a fluke – just a poke up the rear by the fickle finger of fate. During that time, ZOG feared that the people in general would be informed of an encompassing situation just as it today lies about the crime statistics. Roosevelt, that master red prevaricator, suppressed the fact that Japanese bomb carrying balloons and miniature submarines, were starting to threaten our western shores – some people were actually killed. He then lied about a threat in the east due to German bombers, which by the way, had a hard time getting across the English Channel and returning.

I am no revisionist and so I don't argue about nonsense. I pay no attention to the propaganda arm – the media – of our Marxist ZOG.

It's a crying shame that Hillary's mother wasn't pro abortion. We'd have been spared the environmental pollution caused by this red bitch.
When a jew bad mouths persons and groups, they call it 'freedom of speech' but when someone bad mouths a jew, it becomes 'anti-Semitism'. 
Scrounge about your local used book stores and see if you can't find a copy of Elmer Pendell's Sex Versus Civilization. It was published in 1967, I believe, and remains one of the best discourses concerning the down breeding which is happening all around us. Mr. Pendell, a Ph.D., is listed in Who's Who and has several other books to his credit. He saw war duty in Europe during the most violent phase of the jew's war against civilization which began in 1933 and is still going on, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart. He was an Army flyer and a college professor.
GARLIC ! Well, the story goes that this item, if eaten, will supply your body with mysterious wing ding properties which ward off diseases – some even go so far as to mention the word cure. As kids, we noticed certain people of different culinary customs who ate the stuff by the pound. They didn't catch the common cold, and for a good reason. They were so offensive in general body odor, that no one ever approached them. They were thus shielded from contact with people who just might be carrying some virus. That's why they never caught a cold. It's like money. You suddenly do not become ugly if you don't have any. It's just that women avoid you for that reason. Otherwise, how can you explain the fact that Henry Kissinger and Allan Greenspan are attractive to women? Money, and often notoriety, attracts women like honey does flies, and those are the kind of flies women fly to.