22 June 2000
My girl friend and I popped into a Chinese restaurant recently. As I usually do, I "scope out" the customers. My eyes were immediately drawn to a young and fair couple with two good-looking blond children. What a comforting sight! The rest of the people I could see were something out of a horror movie or possibly a klekja of Spielberg's relatives. My thoughts were that Dr. Frankenstein was running an assembly line and his rejects all came to this restaurant. When the blond family left, the only things which were not visually disturbing were the Chinese. At least you could tell WHAT they were. Sight pollution is a terrible thing to endure.
Sleep. Obey. Consume. Race-mix.
                           Sleep. Obey. Consume. Race-mix.
                                                      Sleep. Obey. Consume. Race-mix.

You honkies are soon going to be very lonely on this planet living in a society you brought upon yourself.

A lethal glass of potassium cyanide solution is 99.6 percent pure water. A little bit of race-mixing goes a long, long way.
Women are fascinated with ugliness but are attracted to Dicks with large wallets and Wallys with large dicks.
Why is it that men always compliment other men by mentioning that they have a beautiful wife. I have yet to hear anyone mention that a woman might be intelligent, trust-worthy and things like that. "My but you have an honest wife." Ever hear anything like that? I haven't. Is it that men have a one channel mind relative to women, or is it because women are really empty shells if they do not possess good looks? Schopenhauer claims the latter.
Our blameless, and useless, parasitic Blacks are now complaining – they always are, about one thing or the other – that the insurance companies charge higher premiums for Blacks than they do for Whites. Lawdy be! Such discrimination. Yes, Rastus, it is discrimination but the reason is  not the color of your hide. Insurance companies are in the scam, money-grubbing, business. They, like the boys in Las Vegas, play the odds. An ideal environment for any insurance company is one where they never paid out one cent – to anyone – for any reason.

Many moons ago, female drivers always paid less for auto insurance than males. This was because they were involved in fewer accidents and premiums were adjusted accordingly. I suppose, given today's insane social climate, that males could legitimately gripe that they were being discriminated against because they were male. The maleness was not a factor nor even a good corollary. Do you REALLY think any insurance company gives one damn about you personally? (Insurance companies call people with the lowest record of accidents, "good" drivers which has little to do with one's ability to handle an automobile. Many "good" drivers are incompetent at the wheel as many have noticed when driving around some retirement commune.) Today, I understand that in the state of Florida, females between the ages of 18 and 26 are charged the greater premiums. Without a doubt, these young twats, seated in a small import, generally drive without care or caution – just open your eyes and see. It's another example of a group granted privileges they soon abused. (Another bad ass bunch on the road are those affluent suburban clowns with their SUVs, busses, etc.) Perhaps, the female coalition might like to get in on the Black complaint act. What the hell, this is America, isn't it? Everybody's a victim of some damned thing.

The blight-wing apparently is afraid to form groups, so claims one spokesman for Nazis Anonymous, because ZOG spies always form 10 percent of any 'racist' group. (I founded Nazis Anonymous in '69 and had regular weekly meetings. I soon got tired of talking to myself and therefore abolished the group – after 88 days – and burned its one-member list.) I've got news for you. Most of your neighborhood – including your mother – is opposed to your views and you'll find that they'll turn you in quicker than anyone on ZOG's payroll. Public opposition is never the result of deliberation, but of programming – like the Manchurian Candidate. One only needs to shout "There's a Nazi," and the mob soon goes blank in the face with eyes staring like two pissholes in the snow. Their mouths will start to foam and at the command, "Kill," you'd better run as if a hungry Cheetah had just fixed his gaze upon your tenderloin tail.

Americans simply have no allegiance to anything other than their own personal self-serving interests. They are as wildebeests, traveling in herds, following the rectums of those ahead of them, often in pursuit of the same goals but not one will come to the defense of another. (That's why lions and such manage to survive.) Today, they are opposed to racism, tomorrow, they'll change their minds. One moment, they were isolationist and opposed to foreign intervention. The next moment, they were gung-ho to kill every Japanese and German on the planet. It used to be America first! Now it's America last. Today, the shrinking White non-majority kowtows to non-Whites. Tomorrow? Well, that's another day.

As for ZOG's spies: They're all around you, everywhere and at all times. ALL governments know that it is necessary to watch what their subjects are up to. I attended the innocuous 'Freedom School' back in the 1960s. It was a pacifist bunch who thought that laissez faire was the key to heaven on earth. Our classes were always attended by a little man with a big notebook who was on ZOG's snoop payroll. Since we were not a subversive, nor criminal group, Bob LeFerve cared not and once mentioned, "Perhaps he might learn something – if that's at all possible for a government lacky." I say you should welcome the spies to your gatherings. Who knows? Maybe one just might be converted.

Moma's spaghetti pot and papa's machete are made of the same substance but that does not mean that the machete and the pot are related. Life on this planet is composed of the same materials and involves the same chemical reactions, for the most part. This does not prove that any of it is related, nor evolved from, relative to the process of reproduction. Blacks are not the same mammals as Whites and your senses, if they weren't cauterized by your commie education, should tell you that. That should be enough for anyone. One should need no analysis of brain convolutions, Biblical passages, IQ tests, crime statistics and all of that, to realize that if they want smart and good-looking children, then Blacks are not critters they should mate with.

The forced inclusion of primitive Blacks into a White technological society will surely destroy that society. Even without the disgusting practice of cross-breeding, disaster will follow. (Over the ages, some men have copulated with anything from llamas and dogs to sheep and cows. The advantage here was that the species were not inter-fertile.) Here, in the insane world of the "happiness" crowd, the special advantages bestowed upon Blacks will only accelerate America's decline. The only thing Blacks, and their supporters, can come up with is excuses, excuse and more excuses. Why anyone would insist that a people with an average IQ of 70 should operate at the level of those with 100 IQs, is something which completely baffles me. Of course, the excuse in the IQ test matter is that it is a "White" test – devised by Whites. Let the Blacks make up the IQ test and then let Whites take it. Are there any of unsound mind who would believe that Whites would axiomatically achieve lower scores?

The effects are plain. Education standards have been battered beyond recognition. Incompetents, unable to write a coherent sentence, are granted college degrees and given employment positions – Affirmative Action – of which they are not suited, cannot handle and cause major havoc, sooner or later. "Scholarship" is just another word for hand-out. Merit is now a dirty word. Degeneracy has moved from being a phenomenon. It is now ennobled!

Young White man, the next time one of your White enemies – most of them ARE of your own kind, you know – spouts off about 'minority rights' ask them why it is that they have a compulsion to come to the aid of non-Whites at the expense of opposing their own kind. In this might lie the seed of their collective anti-Nature insanity.

To those Hillary for Senate voters: What kind of woman would marry the likes of Bill – much less stay married to him? Birds of a feather vote together.
Great! Hate! Great hate! As the soviet noose continues to tighten around this failed Republic, I am reminded that in the old Soviet Union – which has since changed its name – there was the complete freedom to agree and that's what we are headed for. Hillary's partner in perversion is as pleased as can be over the latest Senate vote – almost as much as greeting a new patient in his Offal Office examining room. The "feds" – read ZOG – now have new teeth in their war upon people who have the character defect of not liking their faces smeared with excrement. The objective, as is with all such legislation, is to erase all dissent – those who suggest using bailing pails when they noticed that our boat was taking on water. Yes, children, Big Daddy is going to stomp out 'hate' and they will of course, hate anyone who stands in their way.

Just like some pigs are more equal than others, some killings are more equal than others. Killing people is neither good nor bad. If you kill FOR ZOG, then you'll get a few medals but I have often wondered why the tears are different when a loved one gets killed in an auto accident as opposed to being a "victim" of some twit who wondered about his ability to snuff out as many people on Easter Sunday as possible. Why should 'hate' make murder any more serious? If I 'loved' the person I just killed, logically the penalty should be lessened if there is any validity to the 'hate' argument. Besides, aren't there clauses on the books about "malice aforethought"? And what in hell is 'hate' anyway? Look no further for this "survivor" of back-alley brawls and lying broads, will clue you in.

'Hate' is anything ZOG says it is. Who's to argue? They have the big clubs. If a gang of Blacks is joyfully stomping the last breath out of a sap who really believed in 'equality', that would be no 'hate crime' – just "kids having sport" – they really didn't intend to kill the fool. On the other hand, if Whitey manages to do in some down-trodden, forever persecuted, perpetually in need, "minority" – for whatever reason – you can bet a buttered bagel that ZOG will soon investigate. To convict you of 'hate', all that will be necessary will be for you to have in your possession one of Rockwell's boat tickets. (If you don't have any, then shame on you.) Just READING pro-White material is ipso facto evidence of 'hate'. I am sure that if they didn't manage to find a  miniature autographed copy of Mein Kampf on your person, a search warrant would soon follow because THEIR MINDS ARE MADE UP! Justice? Facts? What's dem? Ha! This reminds me –

Many years ago, my friend Eric was grabbed by some thugs in the pay of another government – on their soil. He was accused of being a spy and they promptly told him to surrender his camera. Eric had none as they found out when he was stripped naked. His meager possessions were searched as well as his one room den. They couldn't find that camera! That fact then became THE proof that he indeed WAS a spy – an an extremely brilliant one – since he managed to cleverly hide the camera so that is remained undetected. This is insane mentality – typical of any mud mind – and it is precisely the same as that which is only so evident in this drug-soaked copulating animal farm we blindly sing praises about.

The general population is as a batch of frogs sitting in water which is slowly rising in temperature. They, and unfortunately we along with them, will be certainly cooked unless some god peeking though the clouds decides to terminate this fetid structure post haste. As more and more goodies, including 'reparations' for someone's great-great-great-something being a slave, are shoveled away from White workers in order to appease the predatory ingrates we call 'minorities', one wonders when the last straw will be placed – WHEN, not if.

Many moons ago, there was such a thing as background music to movies. Before sound films, the 'silents' were accompanied by a piano, or a pit orchestra, which lent appropriate sound to the visual screen. This was usual practice and when lovers met, violins and an occasional harp rendered soft melodies. When it was a time for sadness, a cello might slowly add to the atmosphere. What do we have today? Whether a space launch, a wave swept shore or deer grazing in a field, the accompaniment is always ooga-booga-thump, ooga-booga-thump. It's African. It's primitive. No feeling, no poetry, just 'rhythm'. A rickety stage coach, traveling over a bumpy road, also has rhythm – bumpety bumpety bump thump, bumpety bumpety bump thump...
Let's see. N.Y.S. raised the education standards once again only to have more people fail. They avoided revealing the overall picture by pointing out one or two 'successes'. Now, they are at it again – idiots that they are – deciding to allow schools to accept a 55 as a passing grade for obtaining a Regents diploma. (Back in the dark ages, before we were beautified by forced integration, we needed an 85 in order to quality.) A 55, of course, allows cretins to feel good about themselves. It's all so feminine – wreck anything just so the kiddies don't have a "poor self-image." Imagine flying on a jet which is in serious trouble, and allowing junior to have a go at the controls because he scored high on his Nintendo computer game – Be an Airline Pilot. If he scored low, then that is also a reason to let him jump into the pilot's seat – to increase his self-esteem, no less. Affirmative Action now includes anyone who harbors an itch to take on things his heredity and competence would otherwise not allow.
Jewish money is being used to "resettle" (invading) "Russians" here in Uncle Samuel's slop trough. The hilarious thing is that these imported khazars are mostly thugs and criminals. They are here as predators and will seek out those with the largest piles of moolah. Interestingly enough, a huge percentage of their targets are other jews! Such a deal. So much for universal jewish brotherhood and intelligence.
Every once in a while, someone discovers that I can add and subtract and so they send me their math problems. Yesterday, I received an email from a fellow in dire straits (No Sarah, they're not in Florida.) – he claimed he lost the answers to his final exam and needed some last minute help. Sound odd? It shouldn't, that is, if you are still capable of thought. In most inner city schools, the final exams, plus illegally obtained answers, are the focus of "review week". I know. I have spies.
On the biology front. Did you know there are more physical differences between the White and the Negro, than there are between the 30 odd species of crows? Yet, we are told that weez all belongs to da sam species. Why do people still insist on believing the THEORY of evolution when it's so full of holes that one would believe  it to be related to swiss cheese?

Zordim Krat was a pilot on the first UFO which landed on my uncle's corn field. Being unsure of the terrain, Zordim zigged and turned several times before he managed to land. The landing ruined a portion of uncle's corn field leaving  flattened circular areas here and there. Some nitwits actually came from CNN and took photos. When Zordim first spotted a Toyota, he took several 4D electromagnetic images of it – to show to his grandmother. As he wandered from the corn field to the pasture, he crossed a road where there was parked a Lincoln Continental. "Mirj!," he shouted, "I've found another but very much larger. It is obvious that the larger critter evolved from the smaller – they are so similar, from their strange round feet to the large eyes which light up." This knowledge was scribbled upon a radioactive gold tablet which my aunt discovered while chasing Betzhold's cat with a shovel – with full intent to bash the feline senseless.

As the news went hither and yon, people began to believe that anything which resembled something else, just had to be related somehow. This, I suppose, is why Laura preferred a zucchini to Walter's fingerless arm – it was larger and therefore represented an evolutionary improvement.

I listened to Dr. Torah – rumored to be become Pat Buchanan's running mate – harangue a woman because she objected to race-mixing, which is somewhat like bestiality to which this jewess objects as being a perverted action. Zo, vot's new? I still stand amazed at the massive numbers of wayward men, who screw up everything they come in contact with, seeking advice from a woman and secondly, one who certainly does not promote the welfare of any race except her own, if I may use 'race' in a loose sense.

Of further note, it was mentioned that alcoholism of one degree or the other, is most prominent among young White males. This was not surprising but it was disheartening relative to the level White males have descended. In addition, I am amazed at the number of White males who act like savages – noisy, undisciplined, pierced this and that, tattoos and living for today's short-lived pleasures. They seek out orifices to stuff and then abandon their 'sex partners' when pregnancy follows thus allowing the new young to be brought up in a freaky one parent household.

Noise brings fear into any baby's breast. Noise frightens every normal form of life on the planet. The raucous racket pouring out from MTV and the so-called concerts actually can be found to clear an area of varmints and the like. This atavistic nonsense is certainly something which is a learned addiction for nothing resembling a healthy life-form would ever seek it out. It is anti-life and therefore can be considered insane and at times, evil. Niggers take to this stuff naturally. White folks must get 'hooked' on it for if it comes to one naturally, then one rightly would suspect a contaminated blood line.

Perhaps this bizarre and non-Aryan behavior has its roots in the fact that most young people today never had the security of a real family. Surely the generation which produced the likes of Bill and Hillary is not one that should be remembered fondly. No matter how dispicable those two piles of contaminated protoplasm are, they are only two out of millions. Where else would their votes come from?

We should not dwell on why our sewer came into existence nor place the blame somewhere else than with ourselves. As a child, my father was usually unemployed as were most blue collar people. This privation never once prompted him to steal, lie or cheat. He never got drunk in order to avoid his responsibilities; never beat nor argued with my mom; but forged along, day by difficult day, ensuring that his family would receive all that he was capable of. He was a man in the greatest sense of the word. He was not unique at that time for I remember the Carneys, McCabes, Morrows, Coles and such, who were as resolute as my father, uncles and grandfathers.

Why the young males of today have turned their backs on manhood, I do not know, but they have. It takes character and effort, I know, and perhaps our easy affluent life has been somewhat responsible but I doubt it for I know of many young men, born with a platinum spoon in their mouths, who remain honorable, truthful and dependable – but then, so were their fathers.

With a beer can in one hand, thoughts of a 'good time' swimming in the mind, and eyes forever searching for something to insert his dick into, it's no wonder, as a  race, we are losing our living space. A person is no better than his behavior and I don't care how often he sends travelers' checks to God nor how many bellicose songs he screams in defiance of a world he opted not to play a significant part in. There is no excuse for anyone not to become all that he is capable of.



Simon Sheppard BSc, of the Heretical Press, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England was yesterday sentenced to 9 month's imprisonment at Hull Crown Court for the 'crime' of 'Publishing or Distributing racially inflammatory material'.

Simon and another Hull Nationalist were arrested on June 8th 1999 whilst distributing leaflets in support of the British National Party's Euro-election campaign in the Avenues area of Hull (see http://www.heretical.com/zogvshep/crime.html for a reproduction of this item of 'hate literature'). They were reported to the CPS and the Attorney General for the offence. The super-respectable populist BNP leadership hit the roof over this and Simon was consequently expelled from the party. The BNP leadership has since ignored Simon's brave stand but thankfully this cannot be said of many ordinary members of the party who have stood by him regardless of the consequences.

The other Nationalist arrrested, one David Hannam of Hull, pleaded guilty to distributing the leaflet and was sentenced to 3 month's in a Young Offenders' Institution. Simon refused to cower to the Race Tyrants and stood by his ideals. Defending himself without legal representation he was sent for trial at Hull Crown Court on the 12th June.

On the 12th, the case began with the swearing in of the jury, one of whom was Chinese, another an obvious queer and the rest uninterested looking types who looked as though they would find find anyone guilty of anything they were accused of. Simon refused to plead and a 'not guilty' verdict was entered.

The Simon defence case was that as the Jews were expelled from England by King Edward I in 1290AD and the Edict of Expulsion had not been revoked, Jews currently living in England were illegal immigrants. As Jews, being in this country illegally, had devised and voted on the various Public Order and Race Relations Acts, these laws were invalid so he could not be guilty of breaking a law that should not be on the statute books. Simon was assisted by NF activist and Wakefield Organiser Eddy Morrison who acted as a 'McKenzie Man' who, although he could not address the court, could advise Simon when needed.

There were seventeen people who were allegedly offended by the content that made a statement to the police against Simon. Only two of these, both women, took the stand and swore that they had been offended by the leaflet's contents although they failed to mention that they were both Labour Party activists. On cross-examination by Simon they both admitted that the leaflet had not incited them to hate people of other races, so how could the leaflets have been likely to Simon asked? The Judge told them they did not have to answer many of the questions Simon asked them, thus stifling his defence.

Three police witnesses were also called including the arresting officer who read the leaflet and had to radio for a superior to come and read the leaflet before he carried out the arrest.

On the second day of this farce of a trial, Simon called two BNP activists as defence witnesses, both of which were excellent and informed the court of the illegality of the Jewish presence in this country. The Judge and jury seemed surprised that these two proud British Patriots were both intelligent well mannered individuals who knew what they were talking about, totally contradicting the media image of White Nationalists that they had obviously believed beforehand.

Simon took the stand and totally exposed the Race Relations/Public Order Acts for what they were in his excellent defence, as he also did in his address to the jury.

The day closed with the Judge's summing up in which he had to state that the law under which Simon had been charged, the 1986 Public Order Act, was law so Simon's case had obviously hit home. The Judge stressed that Simon had a degree and was a publisher of scientific books so he was obviously aware of what he was doing. The court then adjourned until the following day when the jury would be sent to make their verdict.

The next day, Wednesday 14th June, the jury retired at approximately 10:40AM. They returned a mere 20 minutes later with a guilty verdict on both charges (distribution and publication). The Judge then said that because David Hannam had received 3 months for one of the charges, a custodial sentence was inevitable and sentenced Simon to 9 months imprisonment. Simon was then taken down like a common criminal to begin his sentence with a look of pride that I will never forget, it was a look that made me feel proud, a look that made me realise that we can never lose.

This trial brought to me mixed feelings. Firstly I felt angry: I felt angry that British people are being dragged in front of ZOG's courts for distributing election material just because political opponents don't like the opinions expressed in the literature. I felt angry that the leaders of a so-called British Nationalist organisation saw fit to expel one of their activists just because he fell foul of the law. I felt angry that Simon's co-accused didn't have the guts to stand and fight these evil charges and by crawling to the court with his cowardly guilty plea, sentenced his supposed comrade to 9 months in the System's gulags.  At the same time I felt proud: I felt proud that Simon never flinched, never backed down, never even attempted to make a compromise with our enemies at all during this case. I felt proud that members of the NF, BNP and C18 forgot their political differences and, in the case of the BNP, ignored their leaders and stood by Simon in his hour of need. I felt proud that Nationalists were prepared to travel from all parts of the country to give Simon their support.

We live today in a Police State, a state where dissidents are jailed for disagreeing with the Ruling Class and their mutiracial madness. This is a nation where democracy is dead, where anyone who is prepared to stand up and demand the preservation of the White Race is persecuted and vilified. This is a nation where certain races are allowed to repeatedly to flout the law without punishment whilst the so-called upholders of law and order, the police, protect them whilst they mug, rape, murder, push drugs and pimp prostitutes. This is a nation where the indigenous people are second-class citizens in their own country and we are ruled by an injust and cruel alien fist.


                               TOMORROW BELONGS TO US!

Kevin Watmough

Full details of the ZOG v Sheppard can be found on:

Where did people get the notion that this was a democracy – people directly voting on issues of concern? How many times has the "will of the people", as determined by voting, been "over turned" by one court – usually one man – as being "unconstitutional"?  Where, pray tell, does the Constitution give ANY man the right to cancel the will of the people? You vote down a tax increase and it comes anyway. You vote against something, and you can be assured that another voting charade will be forthcoming. You vote for something and you can bet your ass that you won't get it.

I feel that most realize that voting is little more than a carnival and surely, Americans do love their carnivals. Who gets elected is immaterial. One jackass is as good as the next. Besides, if a degenerate can get elected to the White House, doesn't that really prove "equality" – that anyone can do it.

The polls (actually poles – a variety of shafts) claim that Bushy II is ahead of kosher Gore. Since the small W, as governor of Texas, has had more people executed than in any other state, it is likely that he appeals to a certain crowd who realize that a social misfit is more easily cured of his problem via a lethal injection rather than being the object of time consuming and money consuming do-gooder programs. Pogroms are always more effective than programs. As with food fads and fitness crazes, the boys are whooping it up in the DNA circus ring. They want to use this technology to determine if the last guy they fried was really guilty after all. Come on boys, once you're on that great train ride into oblivion, does it really matter whether you were  were innocent or guilty? Does God really care? If you came out on the short end of a trial, then wouldn't He give you extra consideration and grant you a box seat to the next ethereally opera? The more you suffer, the closer you are to achieving grace. That's what they told me before they said "Pray, and send money."

When a cancer is operated upon, a whole lot of healthy tissue is destroyed in order to insure that all of the cancer was removed. Having some notion about "protecting the innocent" is not the way to remove social cancers or problems in general, as the drug pushers have always recognized. "Hey you 69 people in there. We'll give you 1 minute to send out gruesome Gus or we'll burn the whole damned building down – with you in it." You be amazed at how effective this is when you want to put your mitts on a gruesome Gus. Just let his faithful comrades do the work for you. Amazing. Wondrous. Too bad I never thought of this.

Great! I love it! A new school principal for the fall will be a former "nuclear scientist" wearing dreadlocks. I am sure that he can be relied upon to install classes covering the evils of taking a bath – which diminishes one's sexual attraction relative to race-mixing – and other lessons in the proper way to sacrifice goats and chickens. 
                                    RACE-MIXING DESTROYS DIVERSITY.
If you love diversity, you'll enjoy wallowing in any city garbage dump.
Contrary to what you might hear or read from the blight-wing, I was informed that a Toronto jewish periodical mentioned that Bill Gates was a jew. One gander at his countenance and behavior gives this a certain credibility. I am presently searching for that mention. Also, it is not widely circulated – and for a good reason – that good ol' Putin, the friendly leader of Russia, is a jew too. (Has a nice ring to it, eh?) I wonder what our bigoted Khazar Yuriy would have to say about this.
of course, is sinking fast as a livable area for White folks courtesy of the torpedoes supplied by the chief ZOG honchos. Simon Sheppard, a Brit, whose site is listed on this site, is now basking in the hospitality of some British dungeon (he was perceived as being an anti-Semite) and I understand that others are now being prosecuted for publishing Merrie England 2000 – also on this site. Merrie England is mild and great humor and it's hard to believe, as an American, that one could go to jail for engaging is what appears to be nothing other than a go at free speech. "Free speech", as you should know, is proceeding rapidly to the point where it was reached in the jew-dominated, American taxpayer-supported workers' paradise, formerly known as the Soviet Union where anti-Semitism was a capital offense. One merely had to "look like" he didn't feel a necessity to kowtow every time he smelled a baking bagel. It is fully intended that all unacceptable criticism be smashed and only ZOGUSA has the economic and military means to impose the New World Order. For a while longer, depending upon the fickle finger of fate,  Americans will still be privileged regarding freedom of speech, but that too, is slated for extinction – if the evil people now in control do have their way.

A businessman who cannot compete in a fair marketplace often uses a lobby to warp, or replace, existing law. He might wish to destroy the independent but will never so publicly state. He does the fox-in-wool sneak and bases his argument upon whatever is an acceptable fad, such as a concern for the environment. Thus, he finds a way to impose regulations upon the 'industry' which raise havoc with the independent's ability to stay in business. The small guy goes down the sewer all under the guise of "saving the environment", or whatever cloak the evil perpetrators choose to don. The net outcome tells it all – words being used only as a smoke screen for the foul intent.

You can call it "equal opportunity", "we are all equal in God 's eyes" (although He never said such a thing), "brotherly love" or whatever, but it's all bull used to baffle and anesthetize the gullible. One scrutinizes the results and not what someone runs off at the mouth about. You are being lied to about intent and before it's your turn at the gallows, you should at least know who your executioners are and why it is that you are being hung. Truth will not set you free but it does have a way of providing a balm for the soul.

I call our present trend communism because the results have been exactly that. (Americans who suck up to every socialist program claim that they oppose socialism.) Communism is not a paradise for anyone except those who run the show. It's a two tier system – rulers and serfs. You can easily tell who the rulers are. A serf cannot criticize a ruler without penalty. Who is going to jail and whom did they criticize? You can easily tell who "won" World War II. The winners always write the history and who is it that is telling us what that "truth" is? If you can't figure that one out, then obviously you don't watch much TV or haven't been paying attention to your Red teachers. These are the resorts where they screech about the National Socialist evil but studiously refrain from telling you what National Socialism was all about other than leaving you guessing about gassing. One should intuitively wonder what it is they are trying so hard to cover up and why they feel a necessity to run and rerun old photos of barbed wire and a nude corpse being tossed into a pit.

I see that the old yarn about bodies being able to burn by themselves using their own fat as fuel, has been given a new look. A Leon Margot, if I got it right, claims that women can burn better than men due to their higher percent of body fat. The 'holocaust' pitch goes along this line: once the kindling has roasted the corpses sufficiently, the fat melts and dribbles down thus providing the fuel for continued burning. The 'holocaust' victims were claimed to have been starved and so I wonder where all of that fuel fat came from. Why haven't some of your young people, who love to experiment with explosives, bizarre sex and drugs, taken it upon themselves to actually test those 'extermination' stories of the 1940s? They could learn something which would not be as endangering as an explosion, a blown mind or a plethora of venereal diseases. If those claims could be proven – and not just accepted as gossip from people with a grudge – then perhaps we might start canning brains as a sort of portable fuel as Sterno 'canned heat' was, for brains are about 40 percent fat. So if someone calls you a fat head then don't get angry. He is only stating a demonstrable fact.

The one world crowd started their real muscle job around the turn of the 20th century. The revolution of 1905 was snuffed in Russia but was successful in 1919 where it wasn't really a revolution but a take-over by disgruntled jews most of whom came from the United States (Bronstein, aka Trotsky, for example) properly funded by money from the United States. This has been amply documented which anyone can discover in our national archives – unless some unknown "dog ate them". (The American War of Independence is often incorrectly called a revolution, which it was not.) Communism is a turd floating in an otherwise clean spring pool. It contaminates everything it comes in contact with. Communism is a parasitic creed using pleasant sounding slogans as spring boards for their poison. It will always fail if left on its own. In the late 1920s, the agricultural reforms imposed upon Russians caused massive starvation. ZOGUSA was not interested in the collapse of communism so President Hoover allocated tons of American wheat for shipment. President Roosevelt (jews in his family tree) again supported the workers' paradise with loans and such. When it looked like Hitler's reforms would cleanse Europe of this plague, millions of Americans were stampeded into altering the course of that war. No matter what the propagandists bellow, the outcome was that the scheme for a one-world domination by a select group was saved.

Ask yourself why it is that ZOGUSA farts about the right to free speech but does nothing about infringements of that right by all other governments, including our "brothers to the north". ZOGUSA goes bonkers when a wayward American jew gets his ass whipped by the Chinese for his acts of vandalism or when the Japanese want to ax the American nignog soldier for an Okinawa rape or when some over-aged American brat gets life imprisonment for drug-dealing in Turkey, yet remains mute when the First Amendment for the "citizens of world democracy" is violated left and right all over Disney's 'small world'. In case you still need your fingers to count, I'll tell you. ZOG does not want critical free speech to exist anywhere. In the USA it is using the avenue of political correctness – a variety of etiquette, we are supposed to believe – to diminish some expressions. ZOG, OUT OF NECESSITY, must still allow the American serf the right to yap about things he does not approve of. This necessity is that the American serf is STILL needed to finance the world-wide destruction of nationalism and independence. (Self-determination for people who don't matter, like the Negro, – yes. But for Whites – no!) Without the American boob, the United Nations and all of that one-world kissy-kissy blather would go down the tubes faster than Bill's zipper at the sight of a new orifice. Our intended world masters view freedom of speech as a fire, for truth is something which could consume them. They are extinguishing those fires in all White lands, so what in hell makes you think they will allow them to continue burning here in America?

Forget the words. If I tell you that I only want to comb your hair and you end up finding yourself scalped, that should be enough to enlighten you. Eh what?

I  wish White people would stop referring to themselves as "the majority". They are not and probably never were. When one has quality, quantity is not necessary – in fact, it's down right in the way.
The wad-heads in the N.Y.S. legislature are going to rewrite that state's constitution in order to eliminate 'sexist terms'. If someone comes along wanting to be governor and promises – as his first official act – to gas the entire assembly, I'd vote for him. This folderol over the he/she/it is about as intellectual as our "representatives" could ever hope to get anyway.

They are, of course, showing great bias as they will attack only one syllable words such as "he", "son", "aunt" and "his". No one has mentioned two-syllable words such as "person". Imagine some nitwit programming a word processor to replace every occurrence of "son" with "person". On the first loop, we'd have "perperson" followed by "perperperson" and "perperperperson" and so on until the computer blinked "tilt!". Since "able" sounds like a man's name, maybe that should go too. How about Charles Manson – a last name containing 2 sexist syllables?

Hell, let's have a go at the federal Constitution. If I didn't miss a finger as I counted, there are 47 "he or his" words and not one "she or her". Such a deal, Madelaine. The Declaration of Independence has 9 "he or his" and not once mentions "person". The Magna Carta is also biased in this regard but to Lincoln's credit, he – whoops! – IT never mentioned a "he" or a "her". Then there's the 1948 U.N. Declaration of Human Rights with 22 male and no female word counts. I do give the "its" who wrote the Mayflower Compact credit – it was void of sexist terms.

I hope someone is culturing a special virus which will attack only politicians, and nails them with something akin to 4th stage syphilis. If you don't know what this is, then you should look up what the 3rd stage is.

* * * * * * *
I snapped to a TV channel which was doing a special on the American jewfish – obviously anti-Semitic. I had hopes of seeing Kissinger or Greenspan but, in spite of the resemblance in many cases, they were not identified as such. Albright does resemble the toadfish while Reno could easily pass for a hagfish. There is a billfish who is married to a dragonfish. An anglerfish and a lungfish are running for the presidency with swordfish, filefish, reedfish, dogfish and beardfish trying hard to get reelected. All of this is the subject of CNN which daily comments upon bonefish, catfish, flatfish, sawfish and paddlefish. Clingfish showed up on the Jerry Springer show and ratfish hosts some moronic "millionaire" show. With all of these underwater forms messing up the American lake, it's time we all went fishing – not with hooks, but with harpoons.

I have added Arnold Leese's book The Jewish War of Survival – courtesy of an energetic young man. For over one-half of a century, we have been bombarded with tons of what can be generously called propaganda – actually Hollywood's kosherized version of  history. If the purveyors of this 'politically correct' pooh really had a handle on the truth, then it wouldn't be necessary for them to repeat it ad nauseam. Our masters live in fear that the gullible goyim might actually wake up one day. From what I have observed, that fear is unwarranted.
I consider it a compliment that so many are lifting, and posting, large amounts of material from this page. (I know for I have a secret.) Although it would be appreciated, I never expect the blight-wing to give credit to anyone.
J. C. Penney, the huge store chain, has pulled out of Yakima WA entirely. They just couldn't keep up with the theft and other annoyances which are part and parcel of their growing "diversity". When it comes to mestizos, diversity means that profits take a nose dive. Of course, we'll soon hear the screaming about "racism" whenever anyone finds a way to avoid predation and parasitism.
Since most babies are born because of the sex drive, sex is the thermonuclear element in the population explosion. Elmer Pendell's book, Sex Versus Civilization reveals how civilization is affected by the QUALITY, as well as the quantity, of its people, and how its rise and fall are coincident with quality CHANGES.

<> Civilizations reverse evolution;
<> Wars against poverty have actually fostered it;
<> Among educated people, there has never been a "population explosion";
<> The statement, "There is too little food," is usually simply a means of disguising the more meaningful fact that there are too many people, a condition which exists not just within nations, but within families as well;
<> Families on the government dole have more children than the average of the taxpayers who support them;
<> The quality of a nation changes as the consequence of changes in personnel.

We elect criminals to public office so why don't we allow criminals to vote?
During a war, everything is legal – that is, unless you lost.
To an American, anything he desires is automatically classified as a "right".

As American education continues to be swallowed up in a vast brown hole, we hear less and less of college graduates who cannot write a coherent sentence. Now we are discovering that many 'teachers' can't either.
How many remember that 1998 warning about the runaway solar radiation which was going to another Y2K bit on the world during the months of March, April and May of 2000? Like all farts from the 'experts', it passed unnoticed as did the 'Jupiter effect' of 1982 and the 'crash of 1989' – not to mention the food wars of 1972. Still, the American boob never learns and the shysters are forever inventing new scams to fleece, and scare the crap out of, the sheep. Perhaps their memory is about as substantial as cotton candy. As honkies are now becoming harder to tell from niggers by their behavior, maybe the attention span is also progressing along those lines.

I watched briefly a Black "comedy" show. The "comedian" was yammering in some odd dialect of Americanese while holding on to what may have been the penis in his pants. "Shes needen nother foot, so ahs gibbed her one, uh, uh, uhhhh..." grunted the talented one with appropriate hip and tongue gestures. The audience howled at the subtle and ingenious routine. He repeated himself and the audience howled again. This back-and-forth went on five times before another sparse thought entered his simian head. I imagine the audience was so dim-witted that they never caught on to the repeats.

Every once in a while I pop on to the Springer and Stern "shows" just to see if the sewers are getting fuller. They are.

Some bean head wants to sue ABC concerning that jackass show about being a millionaire. The claim is that he was discriminated against because he couldn't hear. The show is "unfair" to the handy crapped – another dizzy dither guaranteed to enrich the parasitic lawyer class. In saner times, it would have only taken one bullet to rehabilitate the complainer.