6 July 2000
Adolf Hitler remarked that the more people talk about rights, the fewer of them there really are. Look around, my friends, isn't this exactly what we see? Also, Eric reminded me that the "Protocols" describe the Clinton era precisely. 
We have all heard the news about the present state of Sierra Leone. It was ruled by the British from 1896 to 1961 when it was turned over to Black rule. At the time, Sierra Leone was an orderly and prosperous country. Since 1961, corrupt, selfish, stupid and viscous nogs turned the sweet place into a murderous zoo. Everything went down the tubes and it is little more than a basket case today. But this should have surprised no one since Blacks always destroy anything they get their hands on. This is happening in Zimbabwe where White nitwits are still doing the Alice in Wonderland thing and delude themselves into believing that "OUR Blacks are different." In spite of the evidence – rapes, looting, murders, etc. – the palefaces remain in fog land and will remain that way until the day they are finally exterminated. White people like this do not deserve any sympathy – they gave their country away without a fight and now they are living with the consequences of their foolishness. Like a White tramp who spreads her knees for her "equals", who really needs them?

On the Western end of New York State lies the city of Buffalo. Many years ago, a ferry ran from there to a gigantic amusement park called Crystal Beach, Canada. It contained a world famous roller coaster which I now believe has been relocated to some park in New Jersey. People would take the ferry and enjoy snacks, dancing and generally have a pleasant trip before they landed at Crystal Beach. Like all good things, it soon attracted the flies – black flies. With a little grab-ass here, an insult there and overall obnoxious and loud behavior, the owners decided to shut the ferry ride down. This was not an obstacle to the pests for they found other ways to get to the park. The same behavior – it's in the genes, baby! – occurred and was repeated until Crystal Beach closed down and vanished into memory.

The Hyatt Regency used to have an enormous Christmas display the center piece being a huge ginger bread house complete with all of the trimmings. The aroma would make many mouths water. It was a pleasant experience for those who chose to view, and experience, the display. The came the black flies. With a grab at the cake here and a few pieces tossed there, the proprietors felt compelled to erect a glass barrier between the ginger bread house and the marauding apes. This, as might well be imagined, only slowed down the destruction for a while. Hyatt's Christmas gingerbread house also vanished into the pages of history.

Whitey never learns. He invents but soon forgets, as Eric reminds us. Blacks are on the way out on this continent if present trends continue. The Mexicans are crawling onto his back and the Chinese are climbing up his legs. The Chinese are gaining in political clout and it was they who got Affirmative Action on the college campuses abolished in California. Whitey remained busy playing with himself. Softly, softly, catchee monkey – as the saying goes. I am placing my bet on the Chinese since THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

The social dreamers are sputtering about the escalating rise of AIDS in Africa. They have visions of changing the sexual habits of those people so that the disease might be diminished. Good Luck! Trying to get a nignog to stop screwing is about as easy as it would be to convince him he should stop breathing. As an Attica Prison officer once told me, "Niggers are cocks with two feet."

The "fudge packers" in Sin Francisco are back at it again going full blast. The AIDS scare only temporarily slowed their perverted behavior. Gonorrhea is rapidly on the rise. But, what the hell, the best things in life always require a small price. Besides, having a politically correct disease just might land you on the Larry King show.

I think I might start a new enterprise – the Church of Jesus Christ, Atheist. I'll not ask my flock to give money to the Lord. I'll ask them to give money to me. God has everything. I don't.
When Eric arrived at work the other day, he smiled and told his boss, "This morning, on my walk to work, I saw a White man." Eric has spent most of his life as a minority in the countries he was in. He feels quite at home in Mexi-Yakima. Remember? This is a city in the Great White Hopeland where, not too long away, those "leaders" of the blight-wing urged you to move. One thing about all of those White race saviors is that they have been consistently wrong. But, they are ostensibly White which means they never learn from observation, or anything else, for that matter.
Our benevolent ZOG, relative to the White race, has violated every rule covered by the Genocide Convention.
The local wind bags – gab show hosts and their followers – are bubbling green over the fact that schools in N.Y.S. lowered the passing standards to accommodate those with prunes for brains. I'll wager that all of the complainers had twerps who passed the finals and in order to keep their wishful thinking balloons properly inflated, they were compelled to bellow like a herd of cows trapped in a crocodile infested swamp. The facts – reality, that filthy negative upsetting evil – have been around for decades. When creatures of another species (that's wool on their heads, not hair) were forced into our traditional segregated schools back in 1954, one thing or the other had to happen: (1) the critters would fail en masse or (2) the standards had to be lowered in order to make an insane "axiom" true – weez be eekuls. We all know what happened. By 1970, 50 percent of the high school "honors" algebra students could not pass a 6th grade arithmetic test of 1932. In keeping with the falling standards – which are on the verge of disappearing altogether – fancy labels were added in order to bamboozle the nitwits into believing they were better than the facts indicated. Blacks, of course, are nearly impossible to educate (their net accomplishments over the last 10,000 years in Africa – zilch!) and what we observe in the few positive cases is little other than skin deep parroting. (Listen to some 'articulate' Black give a speech. It is hollow from end to end.) Soccer moms, and other suburban twits, were not opposed to the lowering of standards. It made their undisciplined womb droppings appear to be geniuses. The Blacks passed and the Whites became "gifted and talented". Who says integration wasn't for the better? This predictably has produced our current crop of arrogant ignoramuses who can flash their flattering report cards without having the foggiest notion of what, or how, it was made of. "Modern" education has found a successful way of cheating White folks out of skills, and knowledge, and leaving little to show for it except rigor mortis of the noodle. Today, this leaves the cheering parents gladly supporting massive school budgets for the purpose of building new gymnasiums, adding swimming pools or tennis courts, and providing electronic toys to occupy their poor "kiddies" during their daily confinements which are generally used to line up a partner for the evening's go at orifice stuffing. If you haven't contracted some recreational disease by the time you are 14, then you are obviously politically incorrect.

I have observed the unfolding disaster for decades. In an attempt to inflate images while decreasing the content, old standbys such as advanced algebra, and solid geometry, were dropped from the curriculum and a piecemeal pottage called "calculus" or "AP" something or the other, was substituted. Needless to say, senior high school math, back in the dark ages when I attended high school, was enough to tax anyone with an IQ in the 130-145 range. This meant that most people simply did not take this material. I can now ask if anyone thinks that not taking a stiff course such as solid geometry, is worse than taking a less demanding subject with the impressive name of "AP calculus". This fits nicely with the image people – collecting garbage now being called "sanitation engineering". Then , in the 1970s, parcels of abstract college algebra were tossed onto the 7th graders as an improvement over knowing how to add and subtract. (It is common to find high schoolers working at checkout counters who simply cannot add or tell the difference between a quart and a half-gallon.) But if you asked them, they'd tell you they were "A" students. This makes crotch-driven moms smile but it enhances the community not and deceives everyone.

Lately, the trend has pursued a more grotesque path. "Geometry", as it is called, is being presented to 5th graders who can hardly perform simple arithmetic. I recently encountered a "mom" who proudly introduced her "genius" son. (Aren't they all?) He was moving into "honors geometry" (7th grade) and I was told that he always struggled with mathematics. She wanted me to tutor him during the summer so he'd "be prepared" for the upcoming subject. I told her that the previous course was THE preparation for the next in any sequence. I did chat with the fidgety child and discovered that his grasp of arithmetic was dismal. In addition, I was amazed that he was by-passing algebra – something which completely took the wind out of my aged sails.

This is the state of things and I am not bringing it up to denounce anyone. White kids, by being compelled to be schooled in the presence of primitive peoples, are being cheated out of what used to be common fare some 60 years ago. It might make one feel like some "hot shot" when he aces a test but the truth of the matter is that he was never given anything significant to perform. Recently, I tossed to one arrogant "brain", a plane geometry textbook published in 1922. The covers were faded and his fingers shuffled the pages. "Sh--. This is heavy Ph.D. college stuff," he casually remarked. "No," I said, "It's what my aunt studied during her sophomore year in high school back in 1935."

It is the technology of the older generations which is mainly responsible for keeping our planet from being tossed to the lions. All scientific advances are the result of a diminishing proportion of the population. As the number of hungry mouths increase, while the resources to provide food decrease, I remain confident that this century will indeed prove interesting.

Who says there's no community? Fifty years ago, when one wanted directions on how to cross a street, he needed to ask only one person. By the 1970s, it took 3 people to answer the same question. Now, as we begin the century of no return, it takes about 10 people. You see – more and more people are "getting involved" and "coming together" in helpful brotherhood. I am now about to write a manual entitled, "How to Tell When a Stop Sign is Real." In it, I will cover the various levels of reality from 'questionably real' to 'really real'. 
As a population gets darker, more and more of them manage to consider themselves "White".
I've been busier
than a cat trying to cover doo-doo on a concrete slab. The radiator on my nearly obsolete Ford split open and some non-biodegradable juice slithered onto the planet thus creating another issue for big Al. To make matters worse – for global warming – I am still breathing. All of that humanoid carbon dioxide certainly adds up. I don't worry though, since our physicists will soon find a way to let it all escape through one of their "worm holes" into Universe #6. God created this universe. I wonder who created all of those others? Don't you think our planet should collect reparations? After all it was a "survivor" of the giant gang bang.
Thank The Great King in the Clouds for giving us Dr. Torah. Where else can one get so many belly laughs in such a short time? One ostensible White fellow moaned that he was a little upset when his fiancée told him she was pregnant – by another man – a Black man. True to form, Rastus blew town and the honky actually married the broad. He "felt" for her! Now, he brags about "his" beautiful, talented, brilliant, exuberant, etc. mulatto as being "spiritually" his anyway. If this clown's mother had supported abortion, we'd have one less dink like this to waste fresh air on. His actions remind me of the man who pooped into his own hat and then put it back on his head.
Little by little, the race element is creeping out. After mentioning that there seemed to be a inverse relation between the drinking of coffee and Parkinson's disease – in Japanese men – Dr. Bagelmeister cautioned that what was true for one race might not be true for another. Dawh?

A gifted nutritional research woman I know, recently told me that honkies could not survive living on a normal Innuit (Eskimo) diet. That's a major racial difference in case you are still smoking that egalitarian hemp. I did ask her about the current "fat" madness. "It's just politically correct madness," she replied. It all boils down to profits as she explained about the "edible" lubricants they put in cookie dough so that it can zip through the mass production machinery. As the number of useless mouths increase, so decreases the quality of our food.

There's a big difference. The Japanese come here to study and make a few yen, but then they go home. The Chinese come here  to study and open restaurants – but they don't go back home.
Americans will forever be in lala land. If you lay the truth on them, they will call you "negative", at the least, and sometimes come close to lynching you. To be "positive", in the American vocabulary, is to leap at the chance to believe in some fairy tale.
I think we should celebrate the genome mapping accomplishment with a shindig befitting the Y2K predictions. They have a lot in common. Like all pie-in-the-sky "breakthroughs", it won't amount to a tinker's tinkle. The human gene pool – actually more like a cesspool – is now so adulterated that only a severe pruning would be capable of reducing it to a manageable size. Don't count on the masses of asses to do anything to improve their lot biologically. Dysfunctional people HATE their betters and that's why they are always so eager to eliminate them. They demand tolerance for THEM while showing none for those they demand the tolerance from.
If you'd prefer to keep company with three beautiful women rather than three hot-to-trot lepers, then you are guilty of discrimination. You should be ashamed of yourself, you naughty boy.