6 July 2000
What is this thing called faith? It's a belief which does not rest upon logical proof or evidence. A belief is simply a mental acceptance that something or the other is factual. I have never experienced that thing called Africa. I believe it exists. I always try to tailor my beliefs to that which presents the higher probability of being true. With absolute certainty I believe that Africa exists and this takes very, very little faith on my part. It appears to me that faith and rationality occupy two immiscible portions of one's brain. The more there is of one, the less there is of the other.

The more improbable a mental item is, the more faith is required to accept it. The 'religious' hucksters use this to their – not God's – advantage. When your prayers fail to materialize, you are accused of not having enough faith which, of course, God recognizes and thereby withholds His favors until the day you "shape up" – usually by sending more money. The deranged naturally exhibit the greater quantity of 'faith' since most believe in the wildest of absurdities. (Our ZOG asylum is currently in the hands of such people but it is not a unique thing nor is it because Americans are more brain-dead than other populations of other times.) We are thus led to accept the idea that the more ridiculous one's mental state is, the more God loves him. I find this a horny pill to swallow. God has always indicated that He prefers – if He EVER bothers to give two shakes – people of sound mind since societies run by nitwits always have a way of decaying and dying. Societies run relatively close to rational lines according to what is observed in Nature, are always more productive and healthy. There have been very few of them over the years and they seem to have very short lives. This, you might suggest, contradicts my prior statement but those Natural Socialist states did not die of internal rot. They were simply overrun, and destroyed, by hordes whose entire motive was a common hatred for what was obviously superior. This is a very old theme and the fact that God never seems to intervene leaves me with the thought that He really doesn't give two shakes. Communism, as you may recall, is the politics of envy and you do not have to travel very far to see it in action. It's all around you – everywhere.

One of that ever growing number of yammers, eager to separate you and your money, was howling about the educational disparities between public and private schools. Private schools have as students about 10 percent of the kiddies yet account for about 50 percent of the top academic performances. The "pray and send money" crowd tells us that the reason is the "love of Jesus." Religion, and loads of faith, are claimed to be able to take a simian brain and transform it into something more sophisticated. That belief takes, I'll admit, more faith on my part than I really can conjure up. I've taught in many schools both public and private and have associated with children, in my childhood, from both areas. Certain things were noticeable, especially in my 9th year since there was only one high school in our small town. Kids from catholic schools simply did not perform as well as those who attended the public grammar schools. This had nothing to do with religious instruction although we do know that so much time was devoted to beating the "love of Jesus" into the kids' noggins that not much was left for arithmetic and reading. (Time spent studying the Bible is time taken away from studying chemistry.) At that time, the catholic community consisted mainly of Italians, Irish and Poles and a large percentage of those from "just off the boat" families. There's a distinct ethnic factor here. The Jewish community was quite small but the young all went to their own tiny school next to the only synagogue. I never realized how many jews there were in our rural community until they presented themselves during our freshman year – from Chirnoff to Davidovitz. I will state this: Almost without exception the top performers, and by this I mean in math and science, had an unmistakable fairness in their countenance.

Parochial schools have a very small count of low IQ people which apparently is closely associated with skin color. Many times I was told that the only reason a parent was sending their youngster to a private school was out of concern for their safety. In one of my schools, theft, vandalism, rowdiness and poor scores closely paralleled the increase in Black students. In an earlier essay I mentioned that an integrated school becomes borderline at about 5 percent Black. If this percentage is 25, then for all practical purposes you can write it off as a place where anyone learns anything. Integrated education simply means that all standards will be brought down to the level of the primitive Black. This saddens me since I do hold compassion for those unfortunate White kids who have been cheated out of something, which in my day, was essentially worthwhile. Most of our average White kids have no place to turn. Many come from dysfunctional homes, "one parent families", and other such sewers. With little adult support they take to drugs and subsequently sex. Many simply imitate unruly simians all of which ensures that their futures will be quite bleak. This spells disaster for any society which is unable, or unwilling, to correct itself. As the hordes of muds flood into the living space of Whites, the more difficult it will be to salvage anything. The turd-world has demonstrated beyond any doubt, that it is incapable of building much of anything. They are bringing their disastrous modes here. They seek not "freedom" but freebies. If America resembled their own country, they would not seek to plant themselves here. Unfortunately, goats bring along their goat relatives and their goat behavior – even if you could tolerate their smell. It takes a heap of faith to not see the obvious.

Dr. Torah, who continually promotes race-mixing and the "jewish religion" often has great examples of dysfunctional people to marvel at. She is a bigot in the true sense of the word. Anyway, Joe called in. The mere fact that he seemed to need a female noise machine to help him with a problem indicated he was an emotional cripple. Joe got the hots for an ostensible White female known for her wigger behavior. The female had the time consuming hobby of humping Black men and ran into a little difficulty when she decided to "shut off" her current semen supplier. True to his genes, he did not take kindly to this request and thereupon beat her silly and then grabbed what he believed  to be his last piece of that particular pussy – complete with the obligatory bout of sodomy. She cried "rape" and this is where addlepated Joe entered the scene. He consoled her and helped her with the legal part of the allegations and as could be expected, dipped his own wick, from time to time , into an orifice almost certain to contain an integrated nest of bacterium and viruses. One finds diversity in the sloppiest of places, eh? Joe was in love. He married the woman even though she could not identify which Black paramour was the father of her upcoming child. Now, Joe is doing his best to tolerate the drugs, rap crap jungle noise plus the other trappings, and raise a "nice family".

According to the rich doctor, Joe's love object "just happened" to make a "forgivable mistake" by associating with a "bad" Black man – a comparative rarity it seems. Torah's following advice was a miniature tirade about the exceptional niceties of Black people as a whole.

Normally, I'd have laughed a little and waited for the next clown to pose his/her problem which seems to always involve some aspect of promiscuous behavior. A cousin of mine, decades ago, started dating a talking ape. Blacks never have platonic relationships and so it became noticeable that Karen was doing the oscillation bit from the start. All was smooth until he requested that she give his brother  "head" – fellatio. She objected when the two of them showed up at her door. They left. He returned – with a shotgun which he pressed into her groin before pulling the trigger. This left quite a mess on the front porch and the poor underprivileged lad ended up doing 3 years at Attica – obviously a severe and racist sentence for holding a gun which discharged "accidentally". After he was released, he was again apprehended but this time for selling drugs to school children. "And he came form such a nice family," the local Christians were heard to sing.

Although of my blood, I held not one grain of sympathy nor compassion for this young lady. If one chooses to swim with piranha or bask with crocodiles, then what could anyone expect? To believe that jungle behavior is caused by the jungle is indeed an article of supreme faith. Leopards cannot change their spots.

In a 1960s issue of White Power, there was a photo taken from some newspaper. It showed a young White girl, in wedding dress, smiling beside her Black husband. The girl was blind and the caption gushingly commented, "She doesn't know the difference." To this, Rockwell added, "Doesn't her nose work?"
There are millions of White women who, for one reason or the other, are raising children without a man in the house. The media calls them "one parent families," which is stretching the phrase in magnificent fashion. Only two possibilities can be noted relative to the solitary marital status of such a woman: (1) She wasn't bright enough to pick a suitable partner in the first place or (2) was such a bitch no reasonable man would stay with her. – after the novelty of steady poon-tang wore off. I do not believe that any stranded woman could say to herself, relative to her child, "Daddy flew the coop and I know that places you at a disadvantage. I do not want you to grow up having a slut for a mother so I'll abstain from sex until I marry again." This is rarely the case for a woman's stronger urge is in the realm of getting knocked-up rather than taking care of what she has already given birth to. As a child grows older, the mother gradually loses interest in it. Sad to say, all but one woman I've ever heard about trying to bring up a child by herself, has ever embarked upon a program of abstinence out of her concern for the welfare of her children. More often, according to my observation, has the case been one where the woman continues to have her orifice stuffed, come hell or high water. This brings to mind a typical event.

I was driving down a busy street when I noticed two 5-6 year olds running loose in the street. I pulled over and motioned them to me. In that moment a passerby shouted, "You stupid s.o.b., get your f---ing brats out of the road!" I then asked what their names were to which I was informed: "Bonnie" and "Clyde". Quite odd, I thought. I asked where they lived and they pointed. I took them by the hand and moved toward the house. "The door is locked," said Clyde and Bonnie followed with "Uncle Jim is helping mom put up new curtains." As we stood on the porch, me knocking on the door, revealing sounds were quite noticeable. "Umm." "Ahhh." "Squeak, slosh, squeak." Uh, uh, uh." So much for curtains. So much for women who profess concern for their offspring but for the time required to whip up an orgasm, forsake them when the right stud comes along. 

I like listening to Dr. Torah and watching the evangelist TV programs. So many nitwits, so little time. This stuff it certainly superior to the regular 'sit coms' as far as comedy goes. One joker claimed that he just wrote a new "bible" intended only for women. There must be 666 versions of this holey book already in circulation. Soon, someone will offer 'personalized' copies and then everyone can happily live "according to the word". It's like the Constitution – something for everybody.
I whipped into my favorite auto parts store and nervously exclaimed to Trish, "If that fellow in the green van had run the red light, I could have been killed!" Also, "The other day, while waiting at the stop, if that 18 wheeler had jack-knifed and flipped on top of me, I could have been seriously hurt!" I am in continual danger. Life sure is hazardous. (Frankly, doesn't this sort of crap get a little tiring?)

TV "drama" is now little more than effeminate gossip and sob stories, or muds saving the world – a world they had no part in creating. Such a deal..

With the Pope now kowtowing to every bizarre religion on the puss of the planet – the jew "healer" Benny Hinn just swoons at the mention of the Pope – one might rightly wonder if this bothers Catholics any. I guess it's "My Church, right or wrong." 
Since 1991, I have believed that Hillary was a lesbo jewess and a communist to boot. Since then I have never found anything which would change my view. Now I see that a religious periodical is claiming the very same thing. They also give her the title "The Whore of Babylon." I think it's about time to start labeling such people as their behavior warrants.

Lemmings, of course, believe that "communism is dead." They also believe that God violates His own laws ("miracles") and that a non-materialistic heaven has streets of gold. Communists are internationalists and they wish to abolish all nations. Since a nation is a group of people with a common blood, they thus support race-mixing. They promote anything, which serves to destroy a nation and its people, from drugs and pornography  to jigaboo jungle racket. They work to destroy families by convincing the mindless that day care communes are better than mothers. They always seek to destroy male authority using slogans such as "equality" knowing full well that a "one parent family" – which is not a family at all – leads to the psychological destruction of the young. The big cheese communists are no more interested in the "poor" than are the rich capitalists. In fact, they are usually the same people. To the last, communists are gun grabbers. So far, they have been able to convert most churches into public "cells" where the word of Marx is sold as "the Bible tells me so." America is fighting communism? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. The featherbrained American tax-payer has been funding, and protecting the whole racket since the first. You really didn't think "we" declared war upon Germany in order to protect the corn fields of Iowa from submarine attack, did you?

If some young person who knows of no way to fight what his instincts tell him he should, other than wearing a swastika, can be called a Nazi without belonging to such a political party, then I think it's OK to call non-party member communists such simply by virtue of their associates and behavior.

Communists need you in order to build a utopia for themselves. They might promise you a share in it, but lying is part of the way they do business. The Russian idiots found out the hard way. Will we be any smarter?

One thing is certain: ALL governments engage in propaganda. They are interested in governing and not in conflict. Thus, the baloney falls mainly into two classes, (1) tell the subjects what they want to hear and (2) by repetition, fill their heads with whatever is needed to make them smiling serfs. Number 1 we observe, in very heavy doses, every time elections roll around. (If elections really meant anything, our ZOG would find a way to abolish them.) Number 2 is always directed towards the young as older noggins resist change to a greater degree. To get at the kiddies, it was necessary to demolish male authority for daddy is not as easily swayed as mommy when it comes to making junior's life a bowl of cherries by protecting him from the really valuable lessons in life. All communist efforts have females as a main target. Once they are in the camp, dad can be made to comply since most of them are addicted to steady poon-tang and have fits of terror, and cold sweats,  at the thought of losing it. That's where we are today and a change will not come about as long as the seas are relatively calm. If hell breaks loose, as it appears it certainly shall, all of the women's lib and faggot worship will be trashed since these people are incapable of bailing out any sinking ship. Their clout today is little more than a victory by default.

On the communist, one-world, agenda is the universal "brotherhood" of man and everyone able to understand this page, has been subjected to barrages of this malarkey. We are all one species – Homo sapiens – we are told until we can parrot it like the parrots we are. Some actually believe this contrary to what their senses tell them. It's like believing something is true because "The Bible tells me so." (If God wrote the Bible, did He use a ball-point pen or a word processor?)

The biological classification of life on this planet is just a MAN-MADE classification. It it held tightly in the confines of the THEORY of evolution. A biologist classifies a thing based upon it similarities to other things previously classified and further involves the BELIEF that things which are similar ARE related. Moreover, these relations IMPLY a common ancestor and hence evolution. If one visits a library, he readily notes that books are classified according to similarities but no librarian I know of believes that the books are related nor have descended from one another.

The first step toward any AWAKENING is the revelation that we just might believe things which are NOT TRUE. Our egos demand that we hold all our "truths" to be self-evident for no man can admit that what he currently believes is nonsense. If you cannot admit that you might be holding dear a few, yet unidentified, falsehoods in your cranium then you are a bigot, in spades. One can only break out of the lemming category if he is willing to explore his own position and belief. This will prove difficult for those who have a low level of self-discipline – will power.

Over the years, schools of biology have clashed. Some argued for a different species name for the Black African which was consistent with other rules for naming. Relative to zebras, crows and other life, continents of residence were a principal reason for  a new designation. Without question, the easily recognized difference between the "hair" on the heads of Blacks as opposed to Whites, should have been enough for any biologist with a working pot of gray cells. Some species, for the lay person, are indistinguishable and all sorts of species are inter fertile. In the end, Marxist notions – most of them finding fertile ground in Christianity – ended up with the greater political strong-arm support and so the politically correct belches about Whoopee Goldberg and Clint Eastwood being "sister and brother" is little more than fodder for the simple minded. Once convinced – and I hope from genuine deliberation – should one act as a proselyte and romp about believing that the "truth shall set you free" and preach to the masses of asses? I say no. You'll only meet with resistance and sooner or later you'll get your teeth loosened and for what? No one changes anyone else's mind. They have to do that for themselves, if ever. (Even when the icy water reached their chins, some passengers on the Titanic still believed that it was insinkable. Shades of South Africa and Rhodesia – Zimbabwe – eh?) This then, means that you should never argue the matter anymore than you would discuss politics with a crocodile. If you are clever, any discussion could be quickly terminated, and secured,  with some simple, calm statement. I've seen Eric do this on many occasions leaving his antagonist open mouthed with a blank stare (the Christian glaze) where "does not compute" is brazenly written upon the eyeballs. As a White man, why would you want to stir up a hornet's nest when you presently do not have the means to blast them into the next world? Patience. All will come to those who wait and prepare.

The Black man is not your equal – never was – never will be. Because the government allows them special rights (Sondernegers) and protections, that makes them no more equal than are the rats, cows, monkeys, roaches, etc. which are objects of worship by East Indians. Act White. Think White. With 60 percent or more of the young Whites acting like niggers, and spaced out cannibals, you will be in a minority but that should be a compliment for the muds of this world NEED US. We do not need them. Never have and never will.

Patriot's day? What's that? Celebrate what? My country used to be my NATION. That's no longer true. There's nothing left in this garbage dump worth claiming allegiance to. I'll obey the laws, pay my taxes,  and generally remain thankful that the Bill of Rights is still functioning – for a little while longer, that is.

The media is the propaganda arm of our ZOG. Some claim that the ZOG is a servant to the media bosses. Who cares? They are united by worm holes.

The Internet, when it first farted upon the scene was immediately attacked. If a site popped up which "offended" the "tolerant", all sorts of hassle resulted from bugging the service provider to "hate" mail by the bushel. (Isn't it curious that most of the so-called hate mail comes from those who attack others who hold opinions different than theirs? It's the old ploy: Shout "thief" and point at someone else while you empty the cash register.) The "defenders of free speech", who actually hate it, got mired down in the resistance of many who actually believed in the right to a freely expressible opinion. The pressure was off and sites mushroomed so that one can now find all sorts of material, some enlightening and others little more than inflammatory drivel, without too much effort. This, my friends, is only a lull in the battle, for the evil empire has no intention of letting people, such as myself, gas on forever without opposition and censorship. Their busy little minds are conjuring up something – who knows what? – which they feel will ultimately silence the dissenters in the last place on earth where they are still allowed to roam at will – the United States of America.

In olden days a glimpse of explosions was not so shocking and Heaven knows – anything goes! (Music by Cole Porter.) Yes, my freedom loving orifice stuffers, Fourth of July fireworks was anything short of dynamite when I was a young muscular stud. Buy what you could afford and let them rip! ('Safety' was that which we carried between our ears.) Fathers gave proper instruction and often joined in the detonations. Sparklers were reserved for toddlers and faggots. Across the road from our house, my uncles would gather to see who could blast a milking pail the highest into the night sky. It was noisy and we kids emulated them by using paint cans, piles of rocks or "cow flops". (A 'cherry bomb' placed into one of these fresh nuggets would cause all to run for cover.) A special treat was when two teams arranged themselves behind barricades and used rockets as projectiles directed towards the "enemy." None of my family and none of my friends were ever injured using fireworks. None of my family and none of my friends were idiots. We did hear of a fellow named Art Carney – not the TV actor – who managed to lose a finger but young Art was hampered by a genetic defect which forever prevented him from counting beyond 6. I suppose mothers worried, but not my mom, at least we never knew it from her actions. When we came home bloodied or bruised, she would ask how it happened and often she'd reply, " I see. It was your own darned fault. Let's hope you learned something." I, like almost everyone else I knew, had a real father and not some pussy-whipped, grinning "sperm donor" as Dr. Torah often refers. REAL freedom means that one suffers the consequences of his own acts. What a revolutionay idea! But not according to Hillary the Red.
I haven't watched TV for nearly a week. I did manage last night to flick it on – and shorty, off. I am tired of the endless varieties of HANIYF programs. (Here's Another Nigger In Your Face.)