12 July 2000
She was a typical mom – about 28 and with a child of six or seven years. As they stood in line ahead of me, the child pointed and was heard to say, "Mommy, I want that piece of candy." "No you don't," replied the pleasant looking woman. When one thinks about what was actually said, he cannot help but notice the absurdity in it. To tell a child that he doesn't feel what he feels is pure nonsense but this sort of thing is commonplace among women who, sadly to say, form the bulk of grammar school teachers and an increasing percentage of high school teachers. It's the rare woman who is objective for their world is one of feelings. Most would sacrifice all of the world's greatest paintings in order to save one child from the cavern of death. Attitudes such as this not only forbid the construction of civilization but will tear one down – as we see all around us.

Daily, I feel confident that young people are told over and over what their feelings SHOULD be. You are to like this because it is purple or dislike that because it was made by the naughty man down the street.

Kathryn Knapp was about my age and she lived in the next apartment building. Sometimes she'd visit my sister. I had always liked building model airplanes although I was a bit too clumsy to be classified as an expert. I was just finishing one of Dick Korda's models and had the wings propped up between the arms of a chair so that the cement would dry and leave the correct dihedral to the wings. I had worked on the plane for many weeks.

Kathryn was heard to enter the kitchen. Sis accompanied her to the living room where my airplane rested in mom's favorite chair. I turned my head briefly and during that time Kathryn managed to sit squarely upon that balsa wood structure. I must have been beet red when I shouted, "Damn! Damn you!" Mom rushed in and surveyed the damage. I had tears in my eyes but not from biting my lips. Mom quietly said to me, "Don't be angry because it was an accident and I am sure she's sorry." I left the room trembling with what could be accurately described as hate. Dad was in the kitchen and was aware of what happened. "You'd like to kill her, wouldn't you?" "I don't think so, dad, but I did have one hell of an urge to push her out of our third floor window. The thought of her splatting onto the concrete was a comforting thought," I confessed. Dad held me and explained that he too would have felt the same. "In many cases," he explained, "it's far better to control your behavior and thus avoid future hardship. But, feelings come and go and we should always attempt to prevent them from governing our behavior."

Over and over our young people are lectured on how they should feel. You should feel sorry for a family you don't know and who lives on the other side of the planet, just because one of their kids lost a leg. You should pity the hungry – over there, somewhere – and ship them food. You should join some ridiculous "candle light vigil" for people you don't know and probably wouldn't have liked even if you did. You shouldn't feel hatred for the fellow who just poisoned your loving dog. You should love people who are perverts and are spreading life threatening diseases. You should feel sorry for the Black man who was never a slave just because his great grandfather was. The Marxist recording repeats and repeats. If swallowed, this banter will make any normal person neurotic which many claim, is the intent. The percentage of our youth who have been rendered such is quite high. Healthy kids don't freak out on drugs, sex or go bananas during some degenerate "rock" non-concert. Neither do they commit suicide. Teen age suicide one year after Hitler's coming to power dropped nearly to zero. If this doesn't indicate an increase in the mental health of a people, then I do not know what does.

When the gumdrop you have for a teacher starts on her "feelings" band wagon, don't revolt nor contradict. Smile but fully realize that your feelings are something very honest which her propaganda decidedly is not.

Fear, hate, love and so on, are inborn predispositions because they HAVE SURVIVAL VALUE. To "love your enemy" is the surest way to extinction I know. You do not have to hate your enemies – just be determined to help them enter heaven as soon as possible.

Upon the take over of a pride, the lion kills the cubs which were from another male. No man can ever take to his heart the son of another as he would his own. Women, with children from another man, are risky to accept as a wife. Most even make lousy friends. Men who fail to heed this, live to regret their choice. (The road to hell is paved with beaver.) On the other side, it is perfectly normal to dislike faggots of all varieties. Fags are an insult to your gender and a threat to your children. Males instinctively dislike perverts of all stripes. (Women are often drawn to dysfunctional and ugly people.) The male instinct interferes with the political agenda of those who anticipate ruling the world and that's why Pavlovian techniques are so important to them. As children, you are exposed to Marxist one-world uni-sex notions on a daily basis. ZOG has found that this is not as effective as they had hoped. That's why they are pushing "day care". In day care centers, you child will be exposed not only to diseases of every description but to concentrated race mixing as well. When they are through with your son, he'll be lucky if he knows sh-- from Shinola.

Schools are agents of our Zionist state but you do not have to be influenced by them. Study your math and science and language. Memorize enough of the other stuff to enable you to pass. Go with the flow but remain true to your genes. Your best defense is in knowing that you belong to a special breed of bipeds – the like of which no other race can even come close.

Authentic pride, as in White Pride, is not a matter of braggadocio nor of getting up one morning and saying to the mirror, "Today I shall be proud to be White." In the same vein, one doesn't adopt some political philosophy as a means to have people notice him. Often, people choose their politics because of their friends. Religion, politics, pride and so on originate within a person. Honesty is something which comes from the inner being and has nothing to do with whether you are in the company of thieves or all alone. Honesty, for example, often brings on circumstances which one might have preferred to avoid. There is little in life which guarantees broad success. One necessarily plays the odds and the odds favor honesty. If one is a hermit, then it doesn't matter but nearly all of us have to deal with people all of the time. Some of them we like and others we do not. And although it is hard for the air heads to believe, you can be hated for what you are. I believe that there exists no group of people more hated than are the White folks of the world. As long as Whites ruled most of Africa, the natives smiled and were polite. Once White power was destroyed, their TRUE feelings became terribly evident to the fools who believed you could "coexist" with a pack of hyenas by merely being "nice" and tossing them some carrion from time to time. If you tolerate termites, you can be assured of what will happen to your house. You are tolerating the insults, predation and parasitism of large numbers of people because you've been convinced that you'd be naughty if you didn't.

One only has to remind himself of what is happening on this planet today AS OBSERVED, and not by listening to the siren songs of your enemies or CNN news. ALL White lands are under siege and ALL White values and traditions ARE being assaulted. I cannot be convinced that this is out of "love for mankind" unless those responsible have decided that Whites do not form a part of mankind – a highly probably position. These enemies cannot – at this time – proclaim hatred for what you are and so they look for other reasons to hate you which will also appeal to others of your kind. You supply those each and every time you shout "kill a nigger" and run around half drunk wielding a 2 by 4, or by going bonkers and spraying bullets all over the neighborhood. Falling off a bar stool during the singing of Die Fahne Hoch is not the best way to demonstrate White Pride either. You might feel proud of belonging to the White race but ask yourself if the White race would be proud of you.

It's a very sad commentary on so-called family life today to recognize that a very large number of young kids have been brought up in what amounts to being a zoo. That's very disheartening but what's worse is that most young people, instead of enduring the climate and resolving to not let it mold their character, actually try and become worse specimens of humanity than are the parents they criticize. This is called teen age rebellion but they really aren't rebelling against anything. They are using their misfortunes, often which are merely imagined or exaggerated, as an excuse for not applying effort to better themselves. This has always been the mode for failures which would have been failures even under the most ideal of conditions.

No race on the planet has overcome obstacles the way White people have. When they moved into a desert, they found ways to bring the water to them. When they wondered what the moon was really like, they built the contraptions to find out. If a mountain was in the way, they leveled it. If a bay needed crossing, they built a bridge across it. If they wanted light, they used electricity. White people create the environment they choose. All other peoples, when they aren't imitating or receiving hand outs, are no more than SUBJECTS of the environment as they found it. So astounding are the facts in this regard, that even the warped attempts to "prove" that 'we are all equal' are laughable. Someone digs up an ancient pot and then builds a dream picture of the marvelous accomplishments of those people. "Ah," it is exclaimed, "the Chinese invented gun powder and printing."  These attempts are so feeble that they convince only the duds in the society for the flood of White accomplishments simply drowns any odds and ends one drags out of the dust bin of history. In the unlikely event that a Black man ever "discovers" anything, he'll be doing it with the White Man's tools. Niggerball is White from conception to sneakers. The fact than one can train a chimpanzee to ride a bicycle is in no way connected to the invention of the bicycle nor the building of it. Racial equality – in anything – is a fraud from top to bottom and frauds can only be held in place by continued deception and threats usually by force of arms. It's one thing to say, "I believe," when a loaded gun is stuffed up your nose and quite another to say this from the heart. Take a few minutes and mentally list those characteristics of White people which you think are worthy of pride. Then look at yourself and see how many of those attributes you have. Learn to act White. Are you up to it?

In order of importance, the best way to get assaulted by mestizos or negroes is to:
(1) Befriend them. (2) Be  hostile to them. (3) Remain aloof. (4) Become a hermit.
It stands to reason that if you don't want to be attacked by alligators, then you shouldn't swim in southern rivers.
The Laidlaw company is now offering bonuses of $2000 if you are stupid enough to take a job driving one of their school buses. Since most parents feel that teachers and bus drivers are being paid to receive abuse from their delinquent apes, I wonder what prompted the bonus. Teachers are in general masochists and more and more women are filling those jobs. It fits their genetic profile. "I know he loves me. He just backhanded me in the mouth."
Formosan (Taiwan) termites are eating up the cellulose goodies in many New Orleans homes. The damage is in the millions. It is claimed that a generous colony can clean out the beams in a home in about five years. Love that sweet and sour pork (cat or dog in most Chinese restaurants). This is just another one of those grand benefits of "diversity". The race mixers will be glad to hear that more diseases are on the way. A land always receives what it tolerates. Keep smiling. The worst is yet to come.
Voting, if you are wise enough to analyze things, will correct none of the things we, as a minority, complain about. I try to follow the advice of a man younger than myself who thinks that laughing about the nonsense which sails about our heads, will be far more beneficial than getting acid indigestion over it. The masses of asses are carrying us with them on their plunge into the river of no return. Enjoy the ride and always keep on the alert for shelters and escape routes. Besides, hiding in your closet won't protect you one bit from what appears to be an enveloping Marxist tyranny. Dr. Charles Weber was canned from his university position where he taught only German and NEVER brought his personal views into the classroom. The tolerant "never forget, never forget" bunch came across a 'letter to the editor' he wrote once concerning the tenuous foundation upon which the 'holocaust' legend was based. That was enough to pressure the university into canning him. The same was attempted in regard to Dr. Arthur Butz, but, to their credit, Northwestern didn't toss him out. Dr. Oliver, if you'd care to remember, remained on the staff of the University of Illinois – and he never resorted to a "screen name".

People have never understood that "legal" is simply whatever set of rules the masters decide upon. What is legal and permissible today, can vanish overnight. If you become a target, you will be shot at and being a model citizen is absolutely no protection. The Whites of Zimbabwe are being exterminated not because they issued politically incorrect remarks or had as much as a parking ticket, but simply because the rulers no longer desire to see their pale faces. Even their odd email "handles" didn't protect them from being found. How in hell could this land of the freebies ever been formed if everyone hid, or ran way, each time someone said, "The woods are full of Indians and they'll kill you if you venture there." 

I am now informed that new strains of body lice are popping up in the school environment. Irene, a brain dead christian,  believes the "new Americans" are lovely people and thinks it's charming when her blonde pre-teen daughters hold hands in racial harmony with "brothers" from the planet of the apes. Well, it seems like the daughters came home from one of their "it's a small world" kissy-kissy classroom sessions with their heads full of lice. (Later, it will most likely be some S.T.D.) They cannot seem to get rid of them because the lice are apparently a new strain resistant to all known remedies. Ah! – the joyous benefits of integration. Only this time, it's lice with more than two legs.
In that smiling promise called Black Africa, it seems the AIDS virus is pursuing its own variety of race mixing. Blacks, forever filling any available orifice, are doing their thing across tribal boundaries – as a result of their traditional state of continual warfare against each other. This allows the various strains (clades) of the virus to get to know each other better thus introducing new combinations to the pleasure pot of sexual integration. The Los Alamos facility which has kept the genetic records of the AIDS virus since 1959, claims it cannot keep up with the new varieties now being hatched. The virus is becoming more diverse, and that's beautiful – we are told. Diversity is our strength! Pray to your gods that benevolent Americans will soon demand that all of the diseased Blacks of African be brought here – where we can "cure" them, outfit them with a Pentium III processor and fix them up with those race mixing lovelies who cheer at niggerball games.

A cure for AIDS? Ha. Ha. Ha................. Ho.. ho.. ho.. ho.. HA.. he.. he!

Keep it in your pants buster and you'd be surprised at how this will cut down on S.T.D. and unwanted pregnancies. But that would require some moral standards supported by brains. As the population continues to down breed, soon the only place you'll find a brain will be in a formaldehyde filled jar in some museum.

To the loose crotch battalion – using the spermicide nonoxyl-9 increases your chance of contracting AIDS by 50 percent without changing the probability of getting knocked up. Keeping your knees together reduces the probability of both to ZERO.
An FBI agent was talking to Eric when a car alarm went off. "The Puerto Rican national anthem," he quipped.

During a phone call to the Mayor of Buffalo NY, U.S. Congressional Representative La Falce made a similar comment concerning the discrepancy in the time indications of their watches. La Falce explained that "he was on Puerto Rican time." Immediately, Jose Hubcap of some Puerto Rican committee for the advancement of parasitic island mud people bellowed a complaint claiming that the remark put Puerto Ricans in a bad light. Hell, Jose, Puerto Ricans put themselves in a bad light – just by being Puerto Ricans. Typical of the useless trash Americans never tire of electing to office, fat face John issued apologies all over the place. The turd world farts, and ZOG jumps.

One fellow wrote: "Big Brother is watching! Speak your mind without fear – they already know what you think and write! In Britain this is going further, with proposals afoot for MI5 to permanently tap all ISP's to track "suspicious activity".  You bet your ass the ADL is up the the same thing."

I won't agrue with this. I see the day coming when any out-spoken White male possessing a computer will be in the same category as someone caught carrying burglary tools. In the generally accpeted inversion,  (perversion) of our laws, innocence will have to be proven. This is a requirement in any soviet state. "It can't happen here," you shout. A White living in Zimbabwe and dying in a pool of his own blood, probably thought the same thing about the "disadvantages" of turning the land over to Blacks.

Injuns get their "sovereign nations". Blacks get their demanded special treatment with handouts. Mexi-beaners get their days of "La Raza". Feminist yappers get their abortion butchering privileges. Faggots get the right to spread AIDS. White male dinks get nothing. The reason is easy to see. This is a mobocracy and whoever shows up with the larger mob will get their way. White males are not the mob type. When their nuts have been squeezed long enough, they will be.

The female castraters have managed to get several schools to "ban" typically boy behavior such as playing games of "cowboys and Indians". They have managed to encourage the use of Ritilin (sp?) to suppress male behavior where its use is nearly 50 percent of the school male population in some areas. This comes about because the female witch, in spite of her pushiness and demanding big mouth, still hasn't been able to grow testicles, even though in some cases, she wears a jock strap. They want boys to behave as girls and if you find your wife attempting this with your son, then I hope you have a big foot and know where to plant it. Better yet, make sure you NEVER marry or even play "house" with one of these types no matter how "sexy" or beautiful you might think she is. It'll be your hormones talking anyway. Nearly all faggots grew up where momma was the 'heavy' in the house. Think of all those captive young boys being brought up in female "one parent" non-families. Males who desert a woman they impregnated should be summarily shot.

All of the "safety" gadgets now required during activities known to be risky, have been advocated by females and often with the assistance of their effeminate husbands. One addlepated woman said she wasn't opposed to guns as long as the bullets wouldn't hurt anyone. Nintendo war, anyone? Effeminate American men are allowing masculine invaders to occupy our living space. Unlike Gulliver, will we wake up before all of the ropes and stakes are in place?

According to another email sent by a reader, the "boys" are pushing the idea that circumcision is a method which reduces the risk of contracting AIDS. I wondered when that song would be sung again. Decades ago, foreskin lopping was promoted as a preventative of syphilis, gonorrhea, chancre, etc. Also added was that women preferred circumcised men as humping mates. To those whose groin is their brain, what more could they ask? Mangle then dangle – then whoopee!

The disease hokum is just that – crap. Today, with most of our nitwit males being circumcised, the V.D. rate dwarfs that of a half-century ago when circumcision was confined to a minority with peculiar beliefs about life on this planet. God created the body perfect and yet some men disfigured it claiming that it was the will of God. That can be little other than a sign of insanity. In high school, I told my biology teacher that the "vestigial structure" assignment given relative to the appendix and adenoids, was bunk even though it was generally accepted. Little "Bobby" got his frame tossed out of class again. He just couldn't catch on that he was there to "learn" and not think. Poor me. I haven't changed one bit since then.

Many Semites have attempted to disguise themselves by getting plastic surgery, generally of the nose, and changing their names. In a shower room of 50 years ago, they still couldn't hide. Many gentiles, full of the love of Jesus, did allow the peter whacking routine to be performed on their sons. A better approach was this: Instead of trying to look like a gentile, then why not make the goyim look like jews? The goyim are idiots and they can be sold anything. Hell. Let those foreskins fly! Besides, since a fee is charged, it's all good for the doc's business.

Venereal diseases – now called sexually transmitted – whether caused by bacterium, spirochete or virus, makes its inroads via the urethra unless your poker has been battered as to break the skin. In that case, any access to the blood, or other precious bodily fluids, will do. During intercourse, the glans penis is exposed anyway. The foreskin is a protective membrane useful when one is not using his appendage as a dipstick. The additional bulk of the foreskin has been claimed to be very desirable by some women.

The biology teacher at our all-girls school was in the business of promoting circumcision as necessary to prevent S.T.D. Doris, a student of mine, came to me for an opinion on the topic. (Not all students become parrots!) I explained that it was a primitive, and savage rite and in some cultures it also applied to females. (A savage in a $600 suit attending Yale is still a savage.) She was horrified and expressed disbelief. The following day I presented Doris with a copy of an article fully illustrating the gruesome procedure. At that moment, I perhaps detected the young lady pressing her thighs closer together. Doris took this packet of information to the feminist biology teacher along with a description of the pain inflicted upon the young males during the procedure. Barbara, as this hag was called, shrieked, "Good! Men should be made to feel pain so they'll learn what women go through during horror of giving birth." Horror? Pain? But then again, I never met any "liberated" woman who wasn't also liberated of her common sense and feminity. A general hatred of men was revealed by this outburst and believe it or not, some jackass actually married the witch.

On the uncircumcised penis, the outer layer of the glans is only about one cell deep. The circumcised penis having no protection for the glans, tries to build one up by increasing this outer cell layer. (This attempted compensation should serve as proof of what Nature intended in the first place!) This often reaches a depth of several cells of relatively inert structure. The net result is that the nerves become buried deeper and the man is deprived of maximum pleasure. As far as his senses are concerned, he is essentially wearing a condom composed of his own skin.

One woman confided to me many years ago that the sight of a scarred – by circumcision – penis was revolting to her. I am inclined to agree as I find only ugliness in anything composed of scar tissue.

At an early age, many boys discover that without their consent, someone chopped off part of their anatomy. If this happened to me, I'd certainly confront my parents and ask who in hell gave them authority, beyond that dictated by necessary operation, to mutilate my body.  Secondly, I'd ask for the reason they chose to justify that permission. It's true that many beliefs involve the observance of puberty with acts such as the bashing out of front teeth, slicing the male's urethra so that ejaculation occurs along the testicles, driving wood splints through the nose, pounding the big toes flat, inserting stones under the skin, partial scalping, etc. But this is the mark of the savage so the next time you see cretin Charlie with his pierced eyebrows, it's a safe bet that his foreskin has already been offered to the gods.

I often listen to the draft-dodger Lush Rimblow, who owes his career to his father$ and good friendsY. Lush was back-pedalling about 666 MPH in response to an allegation that he believes Blacks suffer from genetic malnutrition of the brain. That's a false charge since Lush, who hates environmentalists – tree huggers, as he calls them – blames the vagaries of environment for the inequalities of performance. According to him, there are only two kinds of featherless bipeds on this planet: (1) those who agree with him – conservatives, and (2) those who do not agree with him – liberals.

Lush is on the defensive today and is just over flowing in his condemnation of (White) racism. Lush, like his many friendsY, has the required shekels allowing him to not experience "brotherly love" first hand. If he didn't spout the party line, how long do you think he'd be allowed on the controlled media? Millions of nitwits look to this fraud for "truth".

Coming soon: Eric's The Jewish Problem, Robert's On the Bottom and Looking Up, plus a great letter from a young man who survived ZOG's brainwashing – public education, as it is known in the trade.
Oh yeah? A recent controlled media announcement gave false hope to those needing liver transplants. If I heard it right, they want to inject the person with liver "stems" from a donor. The "stems" circulate to the liver and there precipitate new liver cell growth. How about that? If it works, then I suggest using brain "stems" on our genius Black population. In that way, they just might be able to feed themselves and pass 5th year arithmetic before being granted "scholarships", diplomas and high level government posts.

If your liver is shot, then baby, it's not alone. The rest of your tires are also losing air.

In the 1940s, a good meal centered around its portion of meat. Today, we've gone carbohydrate nuts. Compare pictures of a 1930s amateur athletic team with the soft, effeminate looking slobs we see today. I'd wager, that ounce for ounce – no steroid freaks included – the young of yesteryear were very much stronger than their modern counterparts.

Did you ever wonder where all of that butter is going? The butter (fat) which they are taking out of Nature's most perfect food – milk? (Behind the scenes, shekels are being rubbed together.) ZOG is pushing this "low fat" diet nonsense but the stats reveal that those so hoodwinked are getting fatter – and sicker – and more stupid – and uglier. To those who believe that ZOG tells it straight, I have this question: Did you have a lobotomy or is it just a case of defective genes?

The amount of blood being donated is at an all-time high but the demand far exceeds it. Keep popping those pills. You'll need all of the Medicare your votes can buy. The country is dying spiritually but it's too soon to tell whether we are more degenerate physically or mentally. Support your local quack. Get a check up today.

Back in those days before the soccer moms demanded that the world be made safe for idiots (sterilization is far more cost effective) there was a swimming hole called Fuller's Pond. It was the result of damming up a tributary of the Genesee River. A diving tower, trapeze, diving boards plus an anchored raft and sandy beach made up the swimming facility. There were row boats which were free to use and a battery of outdoor lights to flood the area at night. On Saturdays, a small band (saxophone, piano, clarinet, trumpet – not the whigger racket druggie degenerates we have today) gathered to play sentimental music for those inclined to dance. People came and went at all hours – swimming, boating and carousing with their girl friends in the glenn. The only rules were: Return the boats, horse shoes and other items to where you borrowed them and, make sure the lights were turned off when you left.  There was another rule but it was taken for granted: Your skin color had to be no darker than cream. Needless to say, hours spent at Jim Fuller's Pond remain pleasingly vivid in my memory. Even today, not one soul I knew ever regretted the lack of 'cultural enrichment'.

Jim loved the outdoors and his father secured State aid to establish a breeding ground for pheasants and stock the pond with fish. At the time, the State was not in the business of dictating how the money was spent beyond the fish and game area. But ZOG was busy sharpening its knives for the planned castration of White America. The victory of the New (turd) World Order schemers in 1945 signaled the beginning of the end for the Nation called America.

The first State dictate was that Fuller's Pond had to obtain insurance since it was a public 'preserve', as they started to call it. With the insurance policy came a requirement that the place be staffed with life-guards. Then, swimming hours were posted. This was later extended to include 'no swimming' if the air temperature sank below 70 degrees. No longer could we "go for a dip" as whimsy might have dictated. The band no longer came to the clubhouse and the diving tower and the trapeze had to torn down because they were "dangerous". Free boat use was banned. (My younger readers probably do not know that free sandwiches and such, in taverns,  were made illegal about 1950.) Next, a batch of floating ropes penned off the swimming area. No longer could one swim from the "deep end" to the beach – about 100 yards. Old Jim made the thing into a private club but that only held off the integration sharks for a few years. The "club" was then blessed with brotherly love and the new members promptly began to play grab-ass with the young girls and raise the noise level about 500 decibels. Many families simply never came back. On the second night following old Jim's observation of a Black, with his bare ass hanging off the diving board, shitting into the water, a case of dynamite accidentally got lodged at the base of the dam. Shortly after, the dynamite managed to accidentally detonate thus turning about three-fourths of the dam into flying mud and stone. The stream gained its freedom but ours was lost.

Now, as people drive by the area, all they witness is a meandering stream wending its way through humps of earth crowned by Nature's endless assortment of weeds.

A lifelong friend of mine recently commented, "We were lucky to have experienced the 1950s." To us, freedom resided in the knowledge that foolishness brought consequences and that what we reaped was that which we sowed. There is no freedom in "safety" and certainly not in this debt asylum we sing praises to. If Attica Prison served roast turkey daily and champagne in the evening, it would still be a prison. If you are a fish then I suppose an aquarium is just as good as an ocean. Myopic people can never see the fences which contain them and sheep apparently do not mind shepherds.

Millions of Blacks are, and millions more will be, dying from AIDS in Africa. I ask you this: If God really "shed His light" on us, then why in hell is Africa having all of the good fortune?
The N.Y.S Board of Regents recently announced that Robin SchambergY was awarded the Teacher of the Year bagel. The luncheon was hosted by Robin RapaportY. Plump as a hippo Mz. Schamberg gained many brownie points – 6 of which were the result of her being non-Aryan and 69 more because she belonged to the right tribeY – for her well paid efforts plus the quote of the Sabbath: "A student for one day becomes a child for a lifetime" – a hideous distortion of an otherwise meaningful Chinese proverb. Her crowning achievements in the field of education, which earned her 666 points, were the numerous trips she and her flock took to the Holyhoax MausoleumY.
Nothing in particular but I read that a LeRoy Hasey died at age 51 of a "massive" heart attack. Is this worse than dying from a "minor" heart attack? The article also stated that "1000 people were shocked." Since no other details were given, I will assume that there was faulty wiring at the funeral parlor.
Anyone who has read anything by Ingrid Rimland will instantly recognize that the supposed correspondence, which is floating about on the Internet, between her and a deranged freak pretending to be sane, is nothing more than an amateur attempt at fraud.