1 August 2000
A tidbit from a reader:

"France has told its European partners that Europe should be prepared to take in millions of migrants in the next 50 years to offset population decline."

"The document has been drawn up by France's Interior Minister, Jean-Pierre Chevenement."

"He says that Europe, a land of immigration, will become a place where racial mixing occurs and public opinion needs to be enlightened and convinced."

Schroeder has been pounding this tom-tom a bit also.  In his case he sez he'll get them from Eastern Europe and parts of the Communist Independent States.  Now the entire 'deal' is to present the illusion of fixing their collapsing social insecurity pyramid schemes.

Question: When was the last time you noticed any family taking resources from Granny to give them to old childless prostitutes and their johns?. Ooops. I should have said "career feminists" and "their domestic partners".

Or taking said resources away from the children to give them to said old childless prostitutes?  It does not happen in Asia, Africa or Latin America.  Even Canada Geese have more sense.  And it will not start happening just because those people are moved to Europa, the Maoist People's Republic of Canada or the Blighted Plains.  The immigrants' own women will refuse to permit such subsidization of old gringo whores and their wasting tricks.

So, it won't work.  We do have to give England's Blair one 'hip' for his effort.  The only leader leading by example.  If Schroeder thinks there's not enough Germans he needs to mount up on his young blonde tootsie and do the same.

Immigration as a solution to economic problems?  Well, let's see.  Sure didn't help the Noble Redman out much in 19th Century America.   Starting in 1861 my own great-Grandpa and Ma put out 16 that lived to adulthood.  Grandpa/ma had 10.

New immigrants are not going to pay huge taxes to support old childless white sex degenerates in Yuppie style.  I personally think the immigrants are instead going to put the pre-existing degenerates into Reservations, just like last time.

The modified battle cry has to be not "women and children first" but "White women with children first."  XX  bioproducts of "publick edukashun", note the plural form.  That's multiple children, not one child.

Shaka Zulu was not a nigger. He was one of the greatest natural leaders who ever graced the continent of Africa. One might even call him a Nazi. As he moved into kingship he, as with most rulers, was hampered by the religious who, from the Pope to tribal with doctors, peddle superstition as a means to subordinate and fleece others. Most attempt to rule even kings and Shaka was no exception. The story of how he broke the power of his witch doctors reveals what a remarkable man he was.

One day, Shaka called together his witch doctors in response to the cattle blood which was smeared all over the Royal Hut during the preceding night. This was a great insult to the King and he ordered the witch doctors to "sniff" out the guilty. The next day, a few dozen were brought before the King by the witch doctors. Thousands of Shaka's subjects were in attendance. As the prisoners lay prostrate, Shaka asked, "These look like your enemies. Are you sure you have the right men?" "Oh yes," the witch doctors replied in unison, "they are the guilty and they should all be killed." Shaka smiled and shouted to the people, "No. I am the one who defiled the Royal Hut. I alone am guilty." The crowd mumbled in anger and glared at the witch doctors. The witch doctors either lied or were incompetent, neither being complimentary. Shaka released the prisoners and granted them privilege to do as they pleased with the witch doctors. Before the sun had reached its zenith, the last wails of the dying witch doctors were heard. Shaka remained absolute, never again to be contested by those in the spook business.

Daniel Boone once remarked that if he ever saw a newspaper being blown by the wind, then the place was getting too crowded and it was time to move on.

Grandfather took my brother and I by the hands and led us to all of the upper floor windows in that old farmhouse we called home. As we looked to the north, west, south and finally to the east, we were asked what we saw. After listening to our details, he responded, "If you ever look out of any window and see another house, then it's too damned crowded."

Many are complaining about the low White birth rate and some foolishly beckon that we should all spend more time impregnating our women. We are supposed to emulate Mexicans, I suppose. (Is our world to be saved by winning a breeding contest?) Like most of the ignorant blightwing, they bellow White noises but utterly fail to realize what being White is all about. White people need space! They, and they alone, feel the need to expand into the cosmos. They, and they alone, formed the leadership and drive for the space program. They, and they alone, make up the world's explorers and adventurers. The White men sailed to North America. The Indian did not sail to Europe. The White man sailed to the Orient. The Asians never sailed to Europe. White people are not content living nose to nose with dozens of their own kind – something which is typical of all the other Homo species. The Asians cram together – presumably for warmth – like termites in a mound. How many Black people have you noticed living in the middle of nowhere? Only the Chinese can feel lonely in a crowd of 10,000.

It is only within an atmosphere of space and freedom that the White man multiplies best. As the muds crowd into his living space, the more alienated and enclosed he feels – like the zoo animals which fail to reproduce when confined. A White man multiplies in order to fill an empty territory – not to overload an existing one. The White man always moves on when "there goes the neighborhood" arrives. This White flight is not one of fear but simply a response to an inner drive which can never be erased no matter how severe the communist indoctrination in the schools. Nature cannot be erased by ZOG's Pavlovian methods. The subjects either go insane – which many of our young are now demonstrating (ever go to a 'rock concert'?) – or they smolder as the frustration and tension builds. The heat increases and the pressure mounts. When the balloon bursts, heaven help those who corrupted the society of The White man.

The true White man cares about the world his children will inherit. That is why he is very cautious as to whom he shares his bed. If a woman is little other than something with which to play "bury the weeny" then you are not much of a White man – or any other kind of man, for that matter. In all fairness to men, let me say that we certainly have plenty of wayward females who view men as "sex toys". They favor one stud for a time (one night to six months), tire of him and then search out another. Except for the "dick" and assorted monetary advantages such as dinners, and clothes, they view all men as apparel to be donned whenever the itch arises. Woe be to the man who marries one of these psychically frigid women. They are an extremely self-centered and selfish lot. Hardy the type for motherhood or anything else, unless you are also living in the gutter.

Over the many years of my rewarding youth, I spent much time in the northern reaches of Canada's Algonquin Park. Although I rarely encountered other people, I can say without reservation that I never came across a swarthy adventurer, ever. All I met were of fair complexion and had blue eyes and light hair. Even in my amateur gold panning days on the western slopes of the Rockies, I only met those of my kind. As children, my beautiful blond sisters would roam about the considerable acreage of our farm – at night – and even around the "back swamp".

White people need space and when that is denied them, one of the first symptoms is a declining birth rate. You may babble about economics and all of that other Marxist trash, but nothing will change until our spirit is restored. As the discontented muds breed to their capacity – usually supported by our tax dollars – they are ipso facto in a state of war with us. Many publicly admit it. They must go and the morality of how is not worth considering. It's a cosmic struggle and the gods are only interested in who is left standing.

"France has told its European partners that Europe should be prepared to take in millions of migrants in the next 50 years to offset population decline."

"The document has been drawn up by France's Interior Minister, Jean-Pierre Chevenement."
"He says that Europe, a land of immigration, will become a place where racial mixing occurs and public opinion needs to be enlightened and convinced."

*** France is already 60 percent mongrel at the least. Keep adding that Black "genius" component and you'll soon be producing Mozarts, Gregs, Newtons, Galileo Galileis and da Vincis by the carloads. Diseased people are gaining more rapidly then the general population increase. Mongrels are always more prone to disease, insanity, criminality, parasitism, and all of those other liberal niceties. I am placing my bet on disease. The heyday of "cures" has passed except in the minds of those prone to wishful thinking.

This is the kind of world the communist/zionist victory of WW II was fought for. Hitler was right!

On the Dr. Torah show, a young farm lad called it "slavery" when, at the age of 18, his father requested that he do some of the chores around the homestead. If he were my son, his face would have been at the receiving end of a manure shovel. This useless jerk didn't just "come out" on his birthday. He was reared in a household – and I'd bet on it – where daddy was "pussy whipped". It happens all of the time. Faggots and bums are the product of feminine dominance. Manhood is a mental state. I have seen many "Arnold's" who do the bidding of their harpy spouses. Want nooky? Then there are a few errands I have for you. 
Liberals walk in where Nazis fear to tread.
Never trust the White man
. A couple of centuries ago, he borrowed thousands of monkoids from Africa and STILL HAS NOT RETURNED THEM.
Confused? The next time you take a race-mixer to lunch, ask him/her to precisely state why they think Blacks and Whites are equal. If you hear anything logical – no religious palaver or social bull – why not let me know? I am curious. I haven't heard one sane reason yet.
There's not much whiter than an albino Negro. Should one be considered White? Would one consider themselves White. Fat lips, wool on the head, "lark's spur" heels, low IQ, a think skull and lots of Black genes hiding underneath would lead me to think otherwise. When some of your "White" friends possess kinky hair, flared nostrils, fat lips, very dark eyes, and is a little turtle like in the mental department, I'd bet there was a jig in their family's wood pile. People say the drone singer Johnny Cash is White but they might just like to see his family tree. Mariah Carey, in spite of her flowing hair and light skin color, is not White. She's some sort of mongrel who belongs to no race.
Laws only help when you have law abiding citizens. This is something the law makers seem to forget. Whenever I feel like burning up a half tank of gasoline – pollution, I love it! – I drive to the big city. There I observe cars running red lights, ignoring stop signs, passing stopped school busses, refusing to give emergency vehicles the right of way, driving down side walks, speeding and so on – just to mention the traffic violations. People are shop lifting every place I go and "grazing" occurs on a regular basis in the super market. People spit on the sidewalks and 8 year old hoodlums throw bottles at passing cars. Every night there is a shooting somewhere and some pervert waves his wiener at the grammar school girls. The answer to this growing anarchy is – you guessed it – pass more laws! Every useless biped is now clothed in so many "rights" that laws are as a summer breeze.

The drinking age was raised from 18 to 21. Gas what? The teens are still getting as slobbered as they ever were.

Yesterday, two 17 years old boys were in the process of getting plastered while sitting on a park bench. The police noticed and started to approach the bums. In a panic, they jumped into their car, slammed it into reverse failing to remember that they were parked near the edge of a gorge. Gravity being what it is, funerals will be forthcoming.

A 16 year old sex wheeler and dealer, downed one of daddy's bottles of bourbon and got so high and happy that she sang merrily as she ran around the swimming pool, tossing her clothes in as in a game of musical strip tease. Before she could give a public air to her pubic hair, she slipped, and smacked her empty head upon the pool's stone edge before falling into the pool. She didn't drown but I understand she is being propped up with a life support system at the local medical meat center.

Here are three useless blobs of protoplasm who received the just reward for their brainless activity. What is the public concern? Well, the radio and TV propagandists are shedding tears over how to stop teen age drinking. How will they stop it? Counseling, no less – the old talking cure which never cured anything – a mini version of the psychiatrist's racket. Better yet, why not fill in the gorge and line the pools with bouncy, bouncy material?

A good kick square in the ass would solve most of the youth problems in this country. The larger problems can be solved  Smith and Wesson style but the country is so feminine that when anyone farts, it's a major concern. A police captain once told me, in response to my remark that there were few thieves in Muslim countries, that the hand chop trick was just too, too barbaric for us to enact. Well, when a society wants to be as soft and perfumed as toilet paper, then don't be surprised if someone wipes their rear on you.

I hope you saw that TV program covering the numerous Caucasian mummies, 3000 to 4000 years old, which were discovered on Chinese territory. One of them was over six feet tall and his red hair contrasted the blond hair of others found in the same spot. Apparently White folks settled in China about the same time as the Blacks were trying to find different ways to copulate with goats. (The Mau Mau used to place the incised penises of goats in their mouths as part of a ritual.) There were many settlements, the commentator observed, and artifacts including cart wheels were quite numerous. I waited in anticipation for the down side of  this apparently White superiority show. The sewer boys did have the last say. The White tribes disappeared apparently from race-mixing which only goes to show that "humans" will copulate with ANYTHING. This final solution to White racism was well received and our wonderful global gene pool became blessed with brotherly love. The Chinese gained. We lost. Perhaps those two Asian civilizations weren't really Asian in the beginning after all. Whites, you should know, started about one half dozen civilizations. The Blacks not one – as in NONE! But that is understandable since they are a mutant variety of the mountain gorilla.
The 1960s was turbulent. Riots here and demonstrations there. Neighborhoods burned to the ground. (It shows you how far ahead the Blacks really think – they torched their own "hoods".) I witnessed those in Rochester NY and Chicago IL. It looked like revolutionary conditions had arrived and Rockwell shouted "The Jews are through in '72." All sorts of "movements" sprouted but the noise and mischief makers failed to notice one thing – mainstream America did not join in. There cannot be any revolution unless the masses want one! They didn't and so the chaos was only a conflict between what were essentially losers – those who felt the world owed them something or grabbed the opportunity to act like an undiciplined brat. That mentality is still alive today.

Unemployed high school dropout Joe Thud shouts "Sieg Heil" and then launches his tirade against people with homes, families and obligations, chastising their failure to support HIS imagined revolution. It's the old cart before the horse thing. It's a beggar mentality. It's bolshevism to the core. One does not ask the poor about the best way to become rich. A better White world does not come about by verbally attacking successful White people. It can only be realized when the losers wake up and try to be better themselves. The young flock to those degenerate circuses called "concerts" where all scream, gyrate and have epileptic fits when they are imitating African savages. Dr. Pierce might call this the "music of rebellion" but it's not music and the 'rebellion' is little other than a mindless mass engaging in temporary anarchy. Successful revolutions demand an outward dedication to a goal and an inner discipline both of which are not present in the blightwing. These public nuisances are dedicated only to their own pursuits which usually involve licentiousness of all flavors. Sow's ears do not make one Hitler Youth.

One fellow remarked, concerning a fellow revisionist's wife, "If she had as many sticking out of her as were stuck in, she'd look like a porcupine." I'll drink to that.
A cohesive nation and one with promise for the future cannot be conquered from within. This is why racial incitement and confusion plays such an important part in the conquest of the Culture Distorter. Thus, immigration and integration are the best tools of communist conquest in America.
Nationalism is the mightiest foe – politically, the only foe – of communism. It cannot be suppressed for long nor perverted for long. It will always triumphantly emerge unless the people sink into the hopeless and chaotic perversion of liberalism. America is at its political crossroad.
The dream of all tyrants – power without responsibility – is brought to reality in a democracy. If you seek the true rulers of a democracy, look behind the men of state.

Did you know that when hanging solved most of our social problems, the length of the drop was obtained from a formula? If the fellow weighed 8 stones (112 pounds) the rope length was 10 feet. If he weighed 14 stones (196 pounds) the rope length was 8 feet. The "art" was directed toward the breaking of the neck without yanking the head off. If the fellow strangled to death, then the hanging was improperly performed.

The Nuremberg kangaroo trials resulted in many German military officers being executed by hanging. It was also a calculated event. The rope was deliberately kept short so that the men would slowly strangle and the trap doors designed narrow so that when the victim fell through them he would smash his face on the platform. We certainly did have some fine people "on our side" didn't we? It all makes me want to salute the flag and sing "God Bless" – the "America" was left out befitting the kosher flavor of it all.

Let us at least talk about it, you wisest of men, even if it seems bad.
Silence is worse; all truths suppressed become poisonous.                        Friedrich Nietzsche
If Hitler had won the war and controlled America, do you think

(1) millions of Blacks would be burdening the system and collecting welfare?
(2) Hefner, Stern and Springer would be making millions peddling their TV trash?
(3) drug pushing  and "drive by" shootings would be part of everyday life?
(4) millions of Mexicans and Chinese would be pouring into the country?
(5) that if Cuba were a problem it would be allowed to stand?
(6) the Internet would be loaded with porno?
(7) perverts would be allowed to run about unhampered?
(8) people with life threatening diseases, such as AIDS, would be free to infect others?
(9) morons would be given "sports scholarships"?
(10) fornication would be a teen age sport?
(11) the RussianY mafia would be a criminal plague?
(12) men who knock up women and then run, would be allowed to continue?
(13) White people would be the targets of predators and the victims of parasites?
(14) intelligent White kids would be burdened with massive school loan debt?
(15) White people would be saddled with 30 year mortgages at usurious rates?
(16) incompetents would be permitted as "aircraft mechanics"?
(17) healthy and productive people would have to pay the bills for the foolish and degenerate?
(18) the whole country would be taxed in order to make the world safe for idiots?
Intellectually lazy people are always easy to hoodwink. That's why they rely upon wishful thinking.
Have you noticed how our corrupt politicians, who swear to uphold the Constitution, always manage to circumvent it by destroying the "spirit of the law" and making it a "letter of the law" legal ploy? The Constitution spells out the residency requirements but Bushy's buddy Dick Cheney, like Hillary the Red, simply change the locations of their out houses in order to "legally" obtain their corrupt and greedy ends. Necktie parties would slow this down a bit.

The Aryan religion is reason.
The Aryan god is truth, along side of which,
all other gods and religions are like bad drugs and bad dreams.

Great shakes Shirley! The 30 year mortgage rate is down to an average 8.16 percent. If you borrow $90,000 you'll be paying back 2.68 times that. In other words, the original $90,000 plus $151,364 in interest. You have to be a Nazi to know such things.
Eric informs me that his article The American Delirium was recently published in a periodical called Western Destiny. I have never seen this "phoenix" but the name yanked my memory chain. The monthly publication Northern World was issued in 7 volumes during the period 1956 to 1963. Volume 8 in the series was renamed Folk and ended in December 1963. The Noontide Press picked up the slack and starting in June 1964 called it Western World. Since intelligently written material has never appealed to the blightwing – besides, you have to pay for it – it went 'thud' a couple of years later. As the American youth are progressing rapidly toward illiteracy, I see no profit in anyone publishing anything more than comic and porno books for the goyim. Robust Robert still has a copy of the whole set of Western Destiny as well as Franklin D. Roosevelt's autograph on the inside of a Lucky Strikes wrapper. For the know-it-all types, Lucky Strikes was a brand of cigarettes and the radio ads always contained the little ditty,  L.S.M.F.T. – Lucky Strikes means fine tobacco.

Now that it's been brought up, I've decided to add a new folderWestern Destiny – to this blightwing resource page.

Rum head rumors, like the seven year locusts, always return when you thought you'd seen the last of them. I am now re-re-re-informed that Dr. William Pierce is an "informer" – presumably for ZOG although this was not made clear. To those geniuses with all of that hot insider information, I'd like to ask this:" WHO is he informing on and WHAT precisely is he revealing? In addition, I find it curious that "Dr." Edward Fields, who did a number on George Lincoln Rockwell decades ago, is now being praised by certain unemployed "leaders" as a man of substance. Also championed as another great White hope, is an odd duck who believes that herbivores have canine teeth. With salesmen like these, it's no wonder the jews go to bed laughing every night. Another decade of this blightwing nonsense and I'll join the Jewish War Veterans. I always liked the name Altman.
Thinking of exposing your male child to wiener whacking? Or perhaps your parents allowed this to happen to you. Read this:
Greg Raven's
web site, which contained some revisionist material, was just shut down. The reason? It was "offensive to the web community." Who determined that "web users" found it offensive? Did they take a survey? Of course not. It was more than likely a parasitic pestY who – like millions of their kind who HATE freedom of expression for anyone but themselves – bombarded my former ISP until I voluntarily closed the site down to save them from further hassle. Since few seem interested in standing up to the usurpers, they will assuredly drive all into a corner but that will not stop their attacks. White people are now viewed as sex obsessed losers – which the whigger crowd mainly is – and are being slowly herded into the pens. At the present rate of retreat, I estimate that freedom of the Internet will not last more than four more years, except pornography and moronic nonsense which will get more degenerate, if that's at all possible.

OK. I sniffed around a bit and it only confirms what I said years ago. Those blightwingers who want to "fight" but aren't interested in spending a dime, always flock to the freebie web sites. I guess $10 or $20 per month is an exorbitant price to pay for freedom of the press. The blightwingers also flock to free email joints such as Juno. If they'd spend a few bucks and PAY for their web presence, I am sure that the commercial atmosphere would make them less vulnerable to being "shut down". Sho' 'nuff, Whitey, Raven's personal web site was a freebie. That's why he has absolutely no grounds to belly ache about the shut down.

26 years ago, HillaryY made an anti-Semitic remark? Good gawd Greta, what's this world coming to? In a land where the most common adjective is "f--king" and the most popular noun is "a--hole", I really do not see what all of the fuss is about. Jews make anti-Semitic remarks and Blacks make "nigger" jokes. I think that even Tonto used a "racial slur" relative to the Lone Ranger. What is frightening is this: It's not the words nor vocaubulary which are significant but the fact that our society places enormous importance on this "chicken shit" – to use an old Army term. This focus on absolute trivia is indictitive of wide spread mental problems. Our population appears to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It's astounding! Now if Charles Manson ever made a "racial slur" then that would make him bad – very, very bad. Compared to racial slurs, a few hatchet murders amount to little of nothing.

The solution to all of this nonsense would be for us all to have out vocal cords, tongues and lips removed. End all speech and there will be no politically incorrect speech. This wouldn't make everyone happy for I am sure that – out there in that great somewhere – there'd be people who'd be offended by the way you looked at them. What should the penalty for an offensive "racial look" be? 

The deranged freaks called astrophysicists are at it again. They found a "wobbling" star – out there, somewhere – which "proved" that there must be planets revolving about it. (I saw the drunk Charlie McCabe wobbling last night as he strolled home. That "proved" that he was surrounded by buzzing bees.) Not only are they busy trying to find life – way off there in the great expanding-into-what? universe – they are trying to find intelligent life. So far they've been unsuccessful. I suggest that they try to find intelligent life ON THIS PLANET. Now, that's a formidable undertaking.
Most of what we hold as "truth" is merely information which has been handed down to us. If we feel no real need, nor desire, to know the truth, we simply accept what we have been told and let it go at that. This is a desirable state of affairs because progress is never assisted by reinventing the wheel or rediscovering how to extract aluminum from the clay of this earth. I obviously believe many things which simply are not true. The stickler here is that I am ignorant of exactly what they are.

I have always used the word "goy" to mean a non-Jew. I have read that others say it means "cattle" when plural (goyim) and "stupid cattle" when rendered shabbos goy. A note from a Jewish reader set me to grab a very old book and look up the Hebrew word "goy". It means "foreign nation" and from a Jewish perspective, gentile or heathen. Shabbos relates to non-Jews who perform duties for the Sabbath-observing Jews who, by religion, are not allowed to perform many things during this holy day. I have noticed Orthodox Jews who refused to press the pedestrian button at a cross walk if the day happened to be a Saturday. I was asked once to press the button. I suppose I then became an instant shabbos goy and if that Jew perceived me as some sort of slave, or inferior, then the warped interpretation is in his head and not in mine.

It should be noticed that I am adhering to the dictionary definition fully realizing that goy may have a colloquial, slang or obscene meaning such as our terms cock (a male chicken), tit ( a small bird – titmouse) and pussy (a fuzzy catkin – plant). I am not a Jew and therefore do not know. It's no big kratmepa. I won't poison any pigeons over it.

Last night I watched TV for a bit. I am always interested in anti-White propaganda. After a few scenes of The Postman, (lousy!) with the obligatory nigger heroes, starring Kevin KostnerY, I flipped to C-Span, I believe, and listened to the babble of yet another yapping feministY. She was in the mental "analysis" business relative to "hate groups." If you are not "tolerant" of the people who are turning your country into a pig sty, then you are "sick". "Hate" is now relegated to the level of mental illness and the "love" of degeneracy is considered the epitome of mental health. But keep on mind that names are only labels and a label never changes what the labeled object is. The number of times I have been called a "f--king idiot" is perhaps legion but that tag has neither increased nor decreased my IQ. I don't go into a confrontational mode when I hear these things. If it's face to face, I usually agree, smile and walk away. In this cosmic struggle, it is usually the case that what you are called is actually a revealing of what your antagonist IS. There is infinitely more hate to be found in those who label others as "haters".

The female had the standard "pc" reasons why "hateful" young White males complain about Blacks, jews, perverts, "AIDS Alans", and so forth. You young males are failures, although she didn't say at what, and need scapegoats to affix the blame. Yes Sarah, when someone enters my apartment and craps on the rug, the reason I get p-ssed off is because I am a failure and blame that person where I should be tolerant and instantly recognize the benefits of this bit of "cultural enrichment". After all, it does help the economy by giving more work to those in the rug cleaning business.

People who care about what is happening to this country are a small minority. Everyone else approves of the Chinese and Mexican invasions. The developers rush to fill the need for additional housing – more concrete, more wood, more paint, more wiring – all velly, velly good for business. The manufacturers love the influx of cheap labor. Merchants drool at the thought of a greater customer base. The environmental pollution known as politicians welcome the additional voters. The legal, and illegal,  drug pushers are happy with the expanding market. The clergy smiles at the prospect of more poor souls to save – for a small fee, of course. More computers will be sold befitting Bill Gate'sY vision of a brave new worldY – everyone sitting at a keyboard pecking away and "experiencing all that there is to experience" – the wonderful world of illusion, delusion and confusion.

You, the small White young male concerned minority, are the target for your mere presence gives lie to their propaganda. They would exterminate you if they could but the present political climate dictates that some pretense that "justice" and all of those annoying Constitutional Amendments, mean something. This is necessary to convince the sheeple that all's well. The communist Soviet never suppressed ALL dissent. They allowed Ivan to publish his little pamphlet as long as the distribution was minuscule. In that way they could point to the "freedom of the press" which existed.

For those who are not blinded by keeping their heads buried in the slop trough, the assault always involves making you appear ridiculous, insane or criminal. As with the anti-Goldwater propaganda during his presidential run (1960s), GoldwaterY supporters were always portrayed as fumbling idiots and the photographers would go to any length to capture on film, the ugliest physical specimens found at some rally. Rockwell was acutely aware of this technique which he referred to as the "up the nose shot". The Marxists love to have you do something asinine – something criminal – and in that way make sure you end up in the can where you will no longer present a problem. They are foolish indeed who believe that the criminal acts of a few blight-wing clowns transform them into martyrs. You should be concerned with public perception for it is they who view people such as Mathews and Lane as criminals – they are nothing more – and therefore make White organizations criminal by association. Only short sighted and egocentric jerks see value in this. As long as the racially aware White man sports his swastika, tattoos, pierced this and that, frequenting bar rooms on the sniff for loose pussy, and behaves in an anti-social manner, his enemies will grind him under foot. As a social freak, you present no threat and THEY KNOW IT. What they do fear, is that racially conscious White males just might present an appearance which could possibly invite the public to inquire as to the basis for their positions. It is absolutely necessary to WIN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE! Anyone who suggests that a few fliers littered here and there or that some overt criminal act will "send a message" is someone you should avoid unless the prospect of going to prison is inviting. What you should be supporting is the idea that better people make a better social environment as opposed to the Marxist nonsense that all will be well once the wealth is shared. National Socialism is firmly rooted in the idea that biology is the most powerful factor in the human environment. Those in opposition believe that the environment dictates all.

We are swimming against the tide and relaxation only results in being further downstream. If you have chosen to join those who are proud to be White then you are required to contribute more than flapping lips or a few Sieg grunts. You must ACT WHITE. That alone will set you apart from the masses of asses with pale faces. If the White CAUSE is to be supported then it behooves all agreeable White people to CLEAN UP THEIR ACT! You will convince no one that you support cleanliness if you yourself look like you have been living in a sewer. A White group is no better than the least of its members.