9 August 2000
Don accepted as fact that his wife was faithful to him. He would refuse to listen to the mountain of evidence which indicated otherwise. None of "his" children had the slightest resemblance to him. Don held an OPINION which he called fact. Don, relative to the topic of his wife, refused to think. He is one of millions. Rulers, whether political, religious, or whatever, rely upon the non-thinking mind in order to hold on to their power. If an occasional person asks embarrassing questions, then the mob is directed to straighten his thinking out. It's called peer pressure, tradition, fad, political correctness, and so on. If the yammering pressure of the majority doesn't get that person to cease and desist, then there is always the BATF or some other goon squad which will quiet the squawking duck.

We have all been trained to comply and go with the flow. It keeps us out of most trouble and in school, being a non-thinkig parrot is the best path to good grades. So indoctrinated are we that we habitually gauge intelligence by the result of some paper test and/or some person's ability to rattle of a batch of Greek poems. We live in an abstract construct where reasoning is a rare commodity.

Lyle used to go fishing in Call's quarry often. I told him that I had surveyed that entire body of water using SCUBA gear and had never observed even one fish. Kyle believed in spontaneous creation and the theory of evolution. If he offered food (bait) often enough it would create an environment which would attract fish. He never explained where those fish were supposed to come from. So it is with the THEORY of evolution which is more porous than Bonnie and Clyde's Ford on the day of their demise. People accept this evolution malarkey as fact and think no further.

Birds, with their warm blood, light bones, keen eyesight, and the enviable ability to fly, EVOLVED from cold blooded, heavy boned, near sighted reptiles which could not fly. Ah yes, they say. Birds have scales on their feet and reptiles also have scales. Therefore they are "related". If this is 'fact' then please explain the logical sequence of events which would cause feathers to grow, bones to get less dense, blood to be heated by internal combustion, and all of those other necessary items necessary for flight. To believe that an eagle is a descendent of of some desert lizard is a concept which simply boggles my small mind.

As a child, I asked my very wise grandfather about a story which described the fate of a man who accidentally fell into the Grand Canyon. "Suppose he were a devout christian, " I submitted, "how hard would he have to pray in order for God to protect him from splattering upon the rocks below?" What people call miracles, and therefore God's handiwork, are nothing more than chance events. A plane crashes killing all but one. The 'survivor' mutters that it was a 'miracle' that God saved him. If God could save him, why not everyone? Being all powerful, why not prevent the crash in the first place?

More evolution poppycock. Certain fish had an itch to get out of the water where they were tired of being wet all of the time – somewhat like coming in out of the cold rain. So, they "evolved" legs and lungs, crawled out of the sea and trampled forth. Why did they want to do this? I suppose there was a rumor that more food was available on land or a new welfare office had opened. That's one hell of a giant step for fishkind – dumping your gills, sprouting legs and miraculously 'evolving' lungs. Evolution is supposed to be a slow process. Yes? Then think for a moment about all of those intermediate types who never quite got to the full legs stage or the full lung stage. THINK ABOUT those millions of unsuccessful intermediate types – reptiles to birds – which didn't quite have enough feathers, or 'not yet' warm blood, or bones 'not quite' light enough in order to stop crawling and start flying. Where are all of those fossil remains? There should be tons of them. If reptilian life was so unsuccessful – one of the major 'reasons' given for evolutionary changes – then why are they still here? (This reminds me of Prof. Butz's poignant statement about all of those missing 'gassed' jews: After the war, they were still there!)

The hokum peddlers have explained how land life came about but the story gets more interesting. 'Some' land animals, who got tired of wandering here and there, 'decided' that they should return to their past life in the sea. So they 'evolved' flippers and tails and leaped back into the sea. They, however, didn't re-evolve their gills but chose to keep their lungs. Thus we explain the existence of whales and dolphins who act like fish but aren't. (Marine whiggers, I guess.)

I remember all of that 'ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny' and 'kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, species' jazz from my high school days. I thought it was nifty and I remembered it well because it 'paid' when exam time came. I never questioned the whole batch of doodle until I was older and then I laughed at how easily I was conned into believing absolute nonsense – material which simply not stand up to the light of reason or question. I did manage to rattle Mrs. Forsyth once when it came to an embarrassing question concerning evolution. She smiled, nodded and said, "Bobby, it's only a theory."

Men love to classify things as in a shoe store – women's shoes, children's shoes and so on. These classes are further divided into casuals, dress, athletic, etc. It's like the biological classification of the planet's life forms. There is a similarity when one examines loafers and sneakers but only an evolutionist or an idiot – usually the same person – would believe that the shoes  were related and evolved from one another. Internally, a mechanical watch and a clock resemble each other. Are they therefore related? Did the clock evolve from the watch or was it the other way around? Did the pale skinned, blue-eyed blond 'evolve' from the dark-skinned, black eyed wool head as they currently teach in schools? Furthermore, does any teacher tell you that they are teaching THEORY and nothing more? SIMILARITY DOES NOT IMPLY RELATION! The ocean and urine are similar in that they are both 95 percent water. A rocket is similar in shape to a spear and they are both projectiles. They are similar but not related and I cannot believe that the rocket evolved from the spear. ABSTRACT MAN-MADE CLASSIFICATIONS ARE PROOF OF NOTHING! The "proof" that a Bantu is related to a Nordic is circular. First, they are classified as being related and then that classification is used as 'proof' that it is fact. If you cannot see through this ruse then I suggest a life of marijuana smoking and copulation for your brain is useless.

I propose not theory and wish to argue none. What I am offering is a question. Why are Blacks and Whites classified as belonging to the same species when their physical differences – hair, teeth, circulatory system, sweat glands, bone structure, etc. – surpass in number and divergence those possessed by the the different species of crows, for example? If relatively minor differences between crows are sufficient to place them in a different species, then why are the greater differences between the Black man and the White man ignored? It appears that different rules are in effect. I am not arguing the validity of classification but only that IF you wish to use it, then why doesn't it cover the genus Homo? If species means anything at all, then reason dictates that Black people and White people belong to different species. And try to get past the religious nonsense and the skin color distraction. Blacks can be identified by blood alone; bones alone; hair alone; sweat alone and yes, even the g.d. toe nails! How dense can people be? Or how blind?

Few recognize that what we call science today is not much more than another religion complete with its witch doctors and potions. There was a time when science meant observation and the collection of data. From this a pattern of cause and effect was pieced together to form a theory. The theory was tested as to its probable validity. Today this approach has been replaced by delusionary bits of dreamland. Today's meta-physicists observe a mountain of data pouring out of an instrument and stuff it into their computer blender. Out comes 'facts' such as 'black holes', 'worm holes', duplicate 'universes', 'time warps' and all sorts of comic book items. But they are true believers – actually religious fanatics – who are convinced that their illusions, delusions and conclusions represent reality. The shark Pat Robertson "talks to God", so he claims. Has he ever offered his suckers a listen to a tape recording of those plentiful events? So what makes Carl Sagan any different when it comes to tale telling? The jackasses dig up 23 fossil bones and then proceed to tell you a complete story on the dinosaur's love life, favorite bed time snacks, eye sight, scale color, vocal noises, running speed and about every other thing imaginable – and all from a few time-battered bones! Amazing! Spielberg history? Now we are bombarded with Spielberg science. Dawh, Jewrasic Farce is real man. I seed it on da TV.

Be a parrot. Don't question and above all, do not think! ZOG will love you for it.

The true ignoramus has no functioning brain. He is revealed by his beliefs. These beliefs he holds as truths. What is discharged from his mouth is nothing other than what others poured into his brain. He gets most of his "truth" via several avenues:
(1) He saw it on TV. (2) He was taught it in school. (3) The Bible told him so. (4) He read it in a book by a celebrity.
(5) Everyone else says it's so. In all of these cases, what he recites is merely second hand material and usually incorrectly at that. This then, is the average voter, church goer, politician and potential bit of cannon fodder. 
Election b.s.
If elections really made a difference, they'd make them illegal.
In the old Soviet Union, you could only vote for the candidate of their single party. In the U.S., you have the choice of voting for two candidates of our single party. Zionist candidate A or Zionist candidate B. Which is more honest? A single party with one name of a single party with two names?

Eric has long forecast the election victory of the drug cartel's favorite: mummified brain George W. (One of those rare people whose head was shrunk by Jivaro injuns while he was still alive.) The other Zionist party is also predictable. They are now gearing up for their final farewell to the top salesman for Vagina Brand cigar humidors. Since the brain-dead electorate cannot remember if last weekend had a Sunday or not, the big morality Clinton blasts won't be heard until late October. When Lieberman whispered into Gore's mother earth ear, "Bagels? Hell. I can get them for you wholesale.", the v.p. choice was in the bag.

I have been informed that a rabbi in Israel has been preaching that the "6,000,000 gassed" deserved their fate because they were sinners. The Nazis were obviously doing God's work. Perhaps we need a religious monument in commemoration and give the job of building it to the Spielberg Cement and Mortar Works. He's good at building things out of nothing.

Now that the wife of Lieberman – Gore's jew-mate – has spun another "survivor" yarn, the count of the "nearly gassed" has increased to 37,666, 069. Such a deal. Pretty soon, the count of survivors will surpass those who are supplying the checks.

One benevolent Black face declared 'on da TV' that his campaign to "cure world hunger" was a failure. Now, if God didn't want us to starve, He'd have supplied more Cherrios. Let's suppose that I, in my most magnificent fashion, go to the closet and fetch my magic kerosene lamp. After inhaling the inspiring fumes of burning fuel, I invoke a little magic – which I do from time to time when I want someone to fall down a mine shaft. Hocus pocus jeesus crisis! After the flash, the thunder and 3 new UFO sightings, food is supplied in a quantity sufficient to stuff every Homo crud stomach in the whole wide one-world after all. Then what? With the renewed energy the muds would go full steam ahead at what they do the best – making more muds. That's more empty stomachs and we are back to square negative 6. So, charitable Charlene, how much water can you carry in a sieve?
The Census Bureau is in another fine mess. Back in the days when Count Dracula proudly displayed his six-pointed star pendant, the Bureau only recognized 4 'racial' classifications: white, black, yellow and injun. Why the injuns were not classified as yellow is beyond me but that's the magic of America – plop your butt here and your race automatically changes (mestizos become White). Anyway, with the degenerate and dysfunctional copulating with anything handy, all sorts of half-breeds and mongrels are springing up faster than Clinton can grease his salami. The Census Bureau, which leaves it up to the individual to declare what he is, has added more classifications but still half of our population is basically unclassifiable. (I observed a batch of 'things' the other day – light skinned, earrings, tattoos, ass-backward baseball caps, nigger talk and motions, plus the other 'rock' wrappings, and I feel they all thought they were "White". They were little more than light skinned "muds".) Thus, more and more approve the title of 'multiracial' which indicates that one comes from a long line of bipeds whose only criteria relative to what is stuffed into what, is "does it fit?" and "did it feel good?"

One has no problem with green or blue but how do we go about classifying all of those in-between cyan mixtures? Three-fourths blue? One-third green? It's really very simple. If it's not green and it's not blue, then it's something else – neither green nor blue. That's why God invented the words "mongrel", "mixed" and especially "MUD!"

When the produce section of a market is tossed into a blender, how would you describe the resultant mixture? 10 percent oranges? 1 part lettuce? Hell no, Irene. I'd call it all garbage!

It is no surprise that those of mixed blood are the most dysfunctional. They do not know who in hell they are and to flaunt a superficial pride in being a mongrel, doesn't change their behavior, or value, one iota. If Homo were inter-fertile with  wart hogs, how could one take pride in saying, "Man, ah is part wart hog."?

Most of the country's health problems arise among the race mixed and genetically impoverished. John (elephant man) Merrick had a severe genetic fault and it is now shared with over 100,000 Americans – and growing – because being ugly doesn't seem to stop copulation. In fact, it often encourages it. Every high school boy knows that it's easier to find loose crotches if you are on the football team, or have an expensive car, than it is if you are the school's chemistry whiz. Ugly actors, such as Mitchum and Palance, have always been sought out as sexual partners far more often than a Robert Taylor or Tyrone Power. Women have no taste, as Ludovici points out, beyond an assessment of a bank account and penis mass. Ugly attracts women since it brings out their motherly instinct to nurse and care for that which is lowest on the totem pole. How often is it that healthy and intelligent children are ignored by the mothers since "they can take care of themselves" and therefore need no help? Sows have far more survival sense. They eat their weak and disfugured young.

Do not be intimidated by the "experts" for they are more attuned to political correctness, and the bizarre, than to the truth. At one time, it was p.c. to believe that the world was flat and if you questioned it, you'd be hung out to dry. The same thing is true today where we are led to believe that the "races" all belong to one species Homo sapiens. If you disagree, I am sure there are hundreds of Ph.D.s waiting to smash you in the face with their petrified diplomas. "WHO," they screech, "are YOU to question the authority of experts?" Never mind that the experts disagree amongst themselves for they belong to the same elite, and effete, club and you, no matter how well your brain functions, are an OUTSIDER! An expert becomes an expert by being a parrot for if you didn't agree with the experts who are about to grant you a degree, you wouldn't get one.

Blacks, Whites and Yellows, belong to different species for there is far more difference between them than there are between several species of rats, crows and salmon (Oncorhynchus masu and Oncorhynchus nerka, both found in the waters off Japan, for example). The fact that they, like many other species, are inter-fertile, is of no consequence. One only has to view the genitalia of the Hottentot in order to be shocked when told we are "brothers". I once proposed this classification: Homo sapiens, White; Homo nigerus, Black and Homo mongolus, Yellow. Each species is composed of several races as one notices when picnicking in Africa or China. (Mulatto is not a race. No mongrel belongs to a race.) The "church" will have no part of this and ALL governments do not wish to offend the church. (Experts are essentially bigots for they never change their positions. They'll argue their own brand of absurdity unto death.) People with a race mixing agenda will oppose this to the last drop of YOUR blood. Race mixed people KNOW that they belong to nothing and in order to feel that they do belong to something, they must necessarily destroy even the concept of difference, as did Socrates attempt to destroy the concept of beauty. It's like the hag Hattie who felt a deep need to disfigure, or kill, any female she felt was prettier. In that way, she could reign. Men desired her not but when beauty was gone, she found orifice stuffers then available. Destroy the best, and the worst then becomes the "best". All intelligent children have experienced the hatred issued by those beneath them in their class. Thus, communism always appeals to the envious and this land is saturated with it although it is always called something else.

I am well aware that the THEORY (it's in a dictionary in case you are befuddled) of evolution which our Marxist schools teach has the preposterous notion that White people evolved from Black people. Blacks migrated to Europe and their skins evolved to white, so it goes. Why would that happen? (Carleton Coon tells a wholly different story in his books on race.) If the cold north causes evolution to bleach out the Black skin (hell matey, I always thought that the sun, not darkness, bleached colors) then why is it that the northern-most tribes of Mongols and Eskimos don't have paler complexions than Whitey? Black color ABSORBS heat so if old daddy evolution had any brains, he'd have bleached out the skin of the tropical Blacks so they'd be cooler during rutting season. Also, if blue eyes "evolved" from the Black's near-black eyes because of the shorter summers, then why are the Asian Eskimo's eyes also near-jet-black? The Amerasian lived for centuries in a climate almost identical to Europe and his skin never turned white nor his eyes blue nor his jet black horse-like hair blond. He sat there like a lump, as did the Blacks of Africa, while the "magic" environment of Europe "forced" Whites to discover and control electricity; develop chemistry and on and on and on. If you think the difference is all about skin color, then send a few shekels to the the NEA for they did a good job with their psycho-lobotomy "education".

If you are not racially conscious, then you are obviously unconscious.
The old TV series, Bonanza, has been recently hailedY as one of the greatest "all American" shows. The all American cast consisted of Lorene GreeneY, Dan BlockerY, Michael LandonY and Parnell Roberts(?) plus a rice burner here and there.

The AmericanY in Paris was George GershwinY and AmericanY music is little more than nigger jazz.

John D. RockefellerY nailed the oil business by controlling the one point where all oil had to pass – the refineries. Thus, he could influence oil transportation, drilling and so on. Bill GatesY also did the same thing. He nailed the point where computer data had to pass – the operating system. Such a $$ deal.

It's too bad the White man failed to rope in his most magnificent triumph – the control and use of electricity. As history is being rewritten faster than jews fleeing Germany in 1940, we can soon expect to see that Faraday, Edison, Tesla, et al, were really Bantu, Higi and Jivaro with a touch of Cherokee.

White people create civilizations. Yellow people maintain civilizations. Black people destroy civilizations.

Due to my comments about certain types of females, some have suggested that I am a woman-hater. This escalation from criticism to hate, demonstrates how jew-dazed many of my readers are. There are certainly millions of truly great women running about and I do not mention them because they are either related to me, friends of mine or completely unknown. I do not seek the company of twats, sluts, bitches and witches no matter how beautiful or intelligent. One has to have some knowledge in order to classify. This knowledge often is first hand but the best experience is the observation of those males, with more hormones than brains, who end up getting the short end of their temporary trysts, marriages and what all. I do not associate with liars, cheats, thieves, people who do not return what they have borrowed, and in general, people whose word isn't worth the air it travels on.

My mother, like her mother, were stout in character and I have never heard either complain about anything. Neither my brother, sister nor father ever complained about anything. Grandma would work in the garden, sweat dripping from her brow and she not once muttered about how hot it was. Grandfather, dirty and tired from the long day of plowing never mentioned a thing in a discouraging fashion. Work had to be done and that was that. I have never used the word "bored" and I cannot recall ever hearing it in my family. I suspect that "boredom" is a state of unhappiness brought on by the fact that one is not being entertained in the fashion they think they deserve. Intelligent people are never bored. I distance myself from anyone who mutters that they are bored.

There are about 20 million hooman beans living in New York State. ONE mosquito bit someone on the ass and he died from some variety of the mugga bugga fever – courtesy of rice land. The media is having a field day scaring the brown stuff out of the dysfunctional morons who are now refusing to go out at night where some evil (Nazi, I suppose) mosquito is lying in wait – just for them! If you are out after dark, your life is in greater danger from our pampered two-legged predators than it is from a batch of insects who actually – unlike our privileged parasites – have to earn a living.

When I was a kid, America was a beautiful place. Now it's hard to see the trees for the garbage – breathing and otherwise.

HATE LITERATURE is anything someone hates to have you read.
I notice that the older Gregory PeckY gets, the more 'injun' becomes his appearance. One can even notice Kevin KostnerY, Harrison FordY, Paul NewmanY, Kirk DouglasY, Michael DouglasY, Sissy SpacekY, Robert DeNiroY and others, drifting towards those classic Grecian features of Alan GreenspanY.
My inquiring mind wants to know. After 10,000 years, the Black man has still utterly failed to form one civilization or come up with one technical or artistic contribution of note. He has destroyed everything which was ever given to him – including whole functioning countries such as Sierra Leone. The Chinese and Japanese do not consider them their equals, so why do White people? Never forget, White man, that if the plug were pulled on the single White contribution of the harnessing of electrical power , the world would go 'thud' in one hellova hurry. Think about that the next time you invite Sidney Poitier to dinner as a member of an "equal" species. 
Marvelous! The talking headY announced that chimpanzees are 99 percent human since they have 99 percent of the same DNA. No. I think humans are 99 percent ape because we have 99 percent of the same DNA. Horses are also 78 percent human for the same reason or perhaps humans are 78 percent horse. If this were truly a world of equality, 128 horses should carry the same voting weight as 100 humans. (78% of 128 = 100) All of this inane and insane babble is meant to positively pave the pompous path for the addition of more animal rights. Now, if concern, and material aid to other forms of life is proportional to the shared DNA, then Blacks must be 189 percent human. That's why John C. was caught servicing a heifer – he believed it was 81 percent human. Pray that some Mongolian horde sweeps over this land and kills all of us. At least the coyotes and the deer would not be so bizarre. It is not a coincidence that American and ahole begin with the same letter, "A" – which is of course, 33 percent of DNA.

One wise ess said that DNA meant dumb nigger ape, but that's doubly redundant.

Beginning 1 August 2000, FAEM will no longer accept donations less than $6,000,000. If the TV evangelical rip-off artists can set a lower limit, then so can I. In addition, I will not offer free sets of the World Book Encyclopedia nor a season pass to Edna's 'pleasure palace' simply because you send me a 'love' offering.
About 10 miles north of London Ontario, is a town named Eganville (I was informed that this is in error. Perhaps it should be Elginfield. Eganville was stuck in my mind since I used to pass through it on my way to visit Barbara who lived in Petawawa, near the Chalk River area of Canada. Eganville is the home of  large deposits of the mineral sphene – calcium titano-silicate. Also, this region supplied much of the zircon sand used in  the production of zirconium which, as we all know, was part of the Manhattan – atomic bomb – Project.)  The Donnellys lived on a road called the Old Roman Line. There is a cemetery containing the mass grave of about a dozen members of the Donnelly family who were all murdered in the wee hours of one morning by a group of vigilantes. Recently, a TV network did a story on this family who lived about 120 years ago.

I have read the long out-of-print book The Black Donnellys and visited the grave decades ago. I am not about to repeat the story of this quite remarkable Irish family. The father was said to have been able to 'take on' any three of his seven sons and whip them in a fight. Each son was said to have been able to lick any three ordinary men, armed or otherwise. The Donnellys never resorted to the use of firearms. In fact, they were quite intolerant of anyone who pointed one in their direction. If you were that foolish, it was said that you'd be able "to hear the shovels digging your grave."

According to the book, the Donnellys were the terror of the region and the community resolved that the only way to deal with the problem was to exterminate them – a sound decision, I might say. Anyway, if the book was factual, and I have no reason to believe otherwise since it was published before the 'memory hole'  was running full blast as it is today, it was given a whole new flavor by the Reds who run TV. The murder and mayhem committed by the Donnellys was down-played when not ignored. The 'bad guys', as you might suppose, were the 'vigilantes' – naughty, naughty boys who resorted to violence when the parliamentary jibber jabber failed.

Suppose we have a community of 10 beggars and 1 hard working man who managed to store up enough provisions for the coming winter. When it comes time to eat, and these people lived in a "democracy", how do you think they'd vote as to the disposition of Mr. Stalwart's stored potatoes? Although communism is supposed to be about "equality", it readily admits, through the writing of Marx, that people are not equal. "From each according to HIS ABILITY ..." certainly tells us that. People with no ability ALWAYS ARE IN NEED of one thing or the other. When the drones are allowed an equal vote, as they now are in America, the working class will go under. When they disappear the useless parasites will have nothing to fasten their mandibles on except the rich. If they manage to scalp them, then what will be left for anyone? The locusts are always capable of destroying but never capable of building. That's why they are locusts. Parasites need us. We do not need the parasites. Let the religious, with their strong ties to heavenly magic, feed them. Did you ever notice that the witch doctors are also parasites?