25 August 2000
If White racism is the reason Blacks can't get their act together, then I suggest that they all take a hike back to Africa where they can flourish in a Utopia of their own making. They will have to leave behind all of those items produced by the racist society they WILL ALWAYS complain about – items such as running water, electronic junk, automobiles, boom boxes, medical facilities, welfare offices, scholarships for the stupid, White sluts to give AIDS to, electricity, basketballs, Smith and Wessons, baseball caps, non-earned Affirmative Action promotions, and on and on. Once in Africa, free of White racism, they should quickly – with the knowledge the White man bestowed upon him – build skyscrapers, rockets to the moon, Autobahns from here to there plus contribute to the world of mathematics, music, philosophy and physics by demonstrating how really paltry were the contributions of Gauss, Mozart, Edison, Euclid, Aristotle, Greig, Newton, Schopenhauer, Michaelangelo, Shakespeare and other honkies. Yes my friends, we must set them free!
When the typewriter was first introduced, it was claimed that a hundred new Shakespeares would immediately surface since their genius was somehow thwarted by the tedium of using pen and ink. When the pocket calculator became commonplace, it was claimed that oceans of math geniuses would pop up who were previously hampered by the ability to add and divide longhand. The apex of this nonsense is now found in the computer for it will unleash the "held back" talents of everything from rodents to blood suckers. This is Marxian environmentalism malarkey and serves only to bolster the "information age" momentum which means little more than sales of electronic entertainment devices. While we are all sitting at the keyboard gathering information, who is growing the food necessary to keep us alive? Some network nerd? Or are we "evolving" into a herd of critters who can live on virtual cucumbers?

If you want to see how far we have fallen in the education department, visit a used book store and peruse the math and science textbooks used in the 1920s and 1930s. Even grammar school works in arithmetic ought to shake your rafters a mite.

Forced integration was the tool used to destroy American public education for nothing can be maintained at any reasonable level of competence if it is geared to accommodate people who simply cannot function without massive assistance. Take away the White props, and the Blacks fall straight upon their faces. Call it racism if you like but I'd be more influenced by a DEMONSTRATION that Blacks can really hack it ON THEIR OWN. I really do not believe I'll see a Sambo rocket to the moon anytime soon.

On occasion I telephone an old friend Nadine, a RN who lives in Merced CA. She mentioned that new diseases are popping up faster than they can be identified or named. Eric suggests that we start giving them appropriate sequential names such as Diversity Disease #3, Diversity Disease #4, etc. "Whats VD duz yu hev man?" "Hey. I gots da DD69." Nadine also reported that ZOG apparently won't lift other than its middle-finger in this regard. Surprise?

The crows are dying from West Nile virus; invasions by voracious and destruction insects are on the rise; crops are being affected by new diseases and this insane mess shows no signs of ameliorating. Aholes are intent upon building their expensive houses on earthquake faults; in flood zones; in mudslide areas and shady nooks known for their frequent forest fires. America is on the way out as were all previous race-mixing societies including ancient Greece, Rome and old Egypt. Are our masters so stupidly arrogant that they think they can battle Nature (or God) and win in the end? And while we are "having fun" the racist Chinese are moving steadily ahead. "Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey," as they say.

It is far less taxing to go to the gym for a one hour workout than it is to think in a straight line for five minutes. I stand perpetually amazed that so few ever bother to question popular absurdities. We hear "evolution" as frequently as we hear four-letter words and no one seems to notice that our "experts" simply DO NOT AGREE on what's what. If a group of people cannot agree, they what good is anything they say? When I took high school biology, we were told that there were TWO kingdoms of life – plant and animal. Now, that domain has been enlarged to FIVE!!! Critters which were classified as one thing decades ago have been reclassified into something else today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? So fragmented has this nonsense become that additions in terminology are frequently necessary in order to prop up a foolish theory. We now see "sub-genus", "sub-species, and "sub-class" used as an attempt to bail out the leaky boat. The more real world discoveries there are, the more feeble the Disneyland structure of the "theory" becomes.

As a young and handsome fellow, I was frequently asked if I were a MacPherson. I wasn't and people were surprised. "You sure look like a MacPherson and so do your sisters." How often do we hear that junior "looks like dad" thus nailing down a relation? Many Chinese resemble each other. We could conclude some relationship here. Many White people look like each other. How about those cases of mistaken identity? Black people are often mistaken for another. YET, NO Black person was ever mistaken for a White person. No Chinese banker was ever told that he resembled Clint Eastwood. No White person was ever claimed to look like Whoopee Goldberg. Again, those creatures who "talk to God" say we are all "brothers" and the evolutionists say we are "related". Have you ever thought about this?

Among the hundreds of examples, I'll mention the two snakes Micruroides euryxanthus and Cemophora coccinea, which resemble each other so closely that they are commonly thought to be the same. Not only do they belong to a different Species but to a different Genus! So here we have this wonderful system where things which appear to be alike are not related and things which are related – as The Black man and the White man – don't look alike!

I am not interested in the validity of the classification business, which is part and parcel of the THEORY of evolution, but solely in the fact that Joe Six-pack, Susie Leg-spread or Mike Pot-head NEVER bother to entertain their brains with questions about the implausibility of this baloney.

Whatever Black people are, they are NOT White people with melanin problems! White people have no business supporting them nor mixing with them on any level. They are a burden to any society which is foolish enough to allow them privileges within it. The proof of their "equality" could be secured by having them all return to the land of their ancestors – scientists, "geniuses", rap-crappers, drug-pushers, Harvard graduates, Colin Powell, Jessie Jackson, et al. – and once and for all DEMONSTRATE how Black people can create and invent and run an efficient society just as the Europeans have done over the past centuries. This will not, and could not,  happen for everyone knows that everyone is lying to each other about this whole Marxist "equality" scam.

It's nice to know that someone from "across the pond" has made available a virtual calculator which can calculate 10,000 decimal places. (Why stop at 10,000? Why not something more politically correct like 6,000,000?) OK, so what do you do with it other than wasting your time gawking as useless digits. Since 15 places will define the width of a hair relative to the distance to the sun, I do not expect any engineer to use this calculator very often. Once you recognize that you are living in the world's largest lunatic asylum, you'd know why people get into contests to see how many digits, for the square root of 2 as an example, they can have some machine (computer) spit out. As I have mentioned many times, we are living in a society where the MEANS is everything with no regard to the ENDS.

The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is an irrational (transcendental) number which means that any calculation of it will produce a long string of non-repeating digits. High school kids know this ratio to be called "Pi" and used 3.142 as an approximation. Three-hundred years ago, Pi was known to nearly 1000 places which was over-kill relative to its usefulness. You'd think the math bone-heads would have been satisfied but no. The electronic computer was a prod in the can for them to go into high gear. It is my understanding that Pi has been calculated to hundreds of thousands of decimal places. Since the algorithm (procedure) necessary to do the job can be written upon in a couple of sentences, the search for extra digits depends only upon how long you want your computer to be plugged in. The is ahole city! Big time! It should tell you something about those people we call mathematicians.(It's not a case of sour grapes. One of my degrees is in mathematics and I was always a star grade-grabber. Consorting with mathematicians is like rooming with niggers. Ya gets yer street smarts ina big hurry.)

C.S. is a young and very attractive woman. She graduated with top honors from a top engineering school. She scored extremely high on the SATs while in high school and ditto for her IQ tests. We often rush to conclusions and in her case, we might label her very intelligent.

C.S. got the hots for a divorced man of mixed ancestry. He allows his ex-wife to poke her nose into his business.. He spends tons of money on porno material and often lies to his friends and parents. C.S. married the fellow and he promptly enrolled them in one of the California far-out cults. You know – how to find the real me, you, or anyone else who is apparently lost. In one "therapeutic" session, they dabbled in group sex like a lawn full of canines during estrus. C.S. contracted some incurable form of vaginal warts which apparently was shared by her stalwart husband. She LOVES him and they joyfully bounce around the countryside spending the fat bucks he makes by over-charging the peons. My question: Do you really, as in REALLY, believe that this woman is intelligent?

                           America will never be a beatutiful garden until the weeds and vermin are exterminated.
Thanks to yo'all for those many compliments which are received daily. This site is maintained at personal expense and there are no books, medals, videos, carnival buttons, flaming swastikas, drugs, earrings, nose-bones or anything like that here for sale. We ask nothing other than for each reader to make an attempt to get his Pavlovian conditioned brain back into operation for that is THE quality which has allowed White people to dominate technology and practically everything else on the planet. Neither Eric nor I are here to ARGUE points of view. We only ask that you pay attention – whether you agree or not is irrelevant – and think about what we have to say, plus THINK about how YOU are being MANIPULATED for the BENEFIT of those who HATE you. If you believe White people are loved because they care about the survival of the yellow-billed dung-dipper, you have much to learn. Tossing free meals to a pack of alligators never wins their friendship and bedding down with apes never changes them one iota. You cannot alter the biology of a rat by giving it a better place to sleep.
I do not have a crystal ball although I did write for a publication with that name – many sunspots ago. Then how come I called the shots on the sell-out Perot and the current Reform Party's nominee Buchanan? Old Pat's true colors are revealed for those who swore at me many years ago for criticizing this "great White hope". Pat chose as a running mate, the Black Marxist arrogant female Ezola Foster. Doesn't that make all of you race conscious honkies jump for joy?

Perot is a system whore. He belongs to the fat-cat club which uses the government – like the jew Gates – to line his pockets. Buchanan was a TV celebrity and one DOES NOT get on 'da TeeVee unless he waltzes to the tune played by our hidden masters. Both Pat and Ross were frequent guests on the jew Larry King's lip-flap show. This presence alone is enough to make anyone very wary of the loyalties of those so interviewed.

Whitey! The Reform Party is nothing other than a side show diversion used to befuddle the boobs and PREVENT them from doing anything to prevent what appears to be America's exit from history. The next time you hear someone mumble, "If we could only elect the right candidate....", I hope you, in a gentlemanly manner, smash him in the face with a 2 by 4. Don't worry about inflicting brain damage for manure is not harmed by stout blows. By the bayou, the Reform bunch is fielding such wonderful pro-White types as Kitterman, Savich, Rivera, José Camahort, Glass, Kofi and Lempke.

                  White people build.     Yellow people maintain.      Black people destroy.
ZOG pays taxpayers' bucks to schools with the highest test scores. ZOG pays taxpayers' bucks to police departments with the lowest arrest rates. The rationale is right out of a comic book. Higher test scores prove the kiddies are learning more and this wouldn't happen without super teachers. Right? Fewer arrests mean the coppers are really doing their job – having rounded up all the culprits, thus the crime rate is lowered. Right?

After I ditched my job as a chemist, I went into the teaching racket where I learned first hand that school principals are not always honest. Being a little 'wet behind the ears', I made the mistake of being honest about my grades. I was summoned to Mr. B.'s office where I received a good tongue-lashing. The grades for the varsity apes were too low – they might not be allowed to stay on the team. The grades for the few nigs who were in attendance were too low – hints of 'racism'. A special case was made for a psycho Injun whom I apparently 'didn't understand'. (This moronic critter would go 'ape' once in a while and smash up the typewriters in the only subject he apparently could pass. He also let everyone know that he 'hankered' for 'white eyes' nooky and his favorite was a cute blonde with the nickname of "blanket ass".) The grades also were too low for the affluent degenerates from 'the parkway'.

There I stood with direct orders to alter the grades on a batch of sweet adolescents who belonged in a reform school. I refused and I do not have to tell you that I was looking for another job shortly thereafter.

Here, decades later, Anjetta McQueen, A.P. (Seattle Post), has discovered that teachers have been handing out the answers to the final exams and committing all sorts of other unethical, if not criminal, acts. Daw..hh.... Better late than never, I'd say.

Our public school system began it's downslide in 1954 when good schools were forced – in true democratic fashion – by gunpoint, to accept low I.Q. Blacks only a couple of generations removed from swinging through the trees. Blacks cannot be upgraded but Whites sure can be downgraded, which they were big time. You'd think that the honkies would object, but they only belly-ached for a while and then settled down to enjoy the fruits of integration. Things were decidedly better. No longer did a student have to bust his ass to get an 85. He could could drool at the lass in the next seat while playing with himself under the desk. This was sufficient for him to be labeled an "honor student" which simply means that he was not disruptive in the classroom. In more than one school of which I am familiar, 30-50 percent of the grade is for "class participation". This was simply brownie points for behaving yourself. Difficult subjects were dropped as being "irrelevant". Mom, who thinks her kid is beautiful and talented, loved the lowered standards which she convinced herself were "more modern". Now she could brag about junior's straight A's. The private school dads were also pleased. High grades meant that he was getting his money's worth even thought the real world evidence demonstrated that his offspring  didn't know a faction from a fraction.

With the labor taken out of education, there was more time for relaxation – a premature retirement, so to speak. Computer entertainment became the norm even in the schools. Relaxation meant more sex, more alcohol and more of whatever some criminal would sell on a darkened street. When this was added to the hearing damage  from rock "concerts", it is little wonder that the young cannot function without mom and pop, plus gramps and granny, acting as baby-sitters and a reservoir for the loans necessarily brought about by their undisciplined sending activities and inability to earn more than minimum wage – if they ever took time off from copulating and snorting to have a part-time job.

The only thing which keeps our asylum rolling is momentum. The creative driving force ended with the Communist victory in 1945. How long the ball keeps rolling is anyone's guess. When it stops, I assume that most will be so down-bred that they won't know the difference and once in a while you'll hear one say "moo".

                                     * * * * * Well fed hogs never rebel. * * * * *
America: (1) Took California away from the Mexicans. (2) Ruined it. (3) Gave it back to the Mexicans
God is very accommodating.

(1) Islam has a Heaven of Eternal Sensuality.
(2) Christianity has a Heaven of Eternal Boredom.
(3) Judaism has a Heaven of Eternal Complaining.       (Copied from Mythbusters.)
(1) Passport in Israel.
(2) Residence in the U.S.A.
(3) Money in Switzerland.                                                 (Also copied from Mythbusters.)
He may be your equal brother, but he isn't mine.

I suppose if you have damaged your gray cells smoking pot, ruined your hearing listening to "rock" and attenuated your sense of taste and smell with alcohol, then I guess everyone looks equal to you. One with the mentality of a prune obviously cannot tell the difference between a sun spot and an anus. Although I am approaching 100 at a brisk clip, I can still tell the difference between shit and Shinola.

The commie TV had a program which discussed the "common ancestors" of the elephant and the hyrax. Anyone who has managed to graduate from the second grade knows there are two types of elephants – the Asian, Elephas maximus and the African, Loxodonta africana. They are quite similar in looks but they are "classified" as belonging to two different Genus as the names indicate. Genus is one step above Species in the biological rank. This means they are quite far apart in the relative area – according to the ding-dongs who practice biology for a living. Now – get this! – the nearest "relative" to the elephant is a rodent called the hyrax. The hyrax is of the Order Procavia and resembles a woodchuck or ground hog, only more plump. Furthermore, it is very difficult to tell a hyrax from a pika (another rodent) and they belong to DIFFERENT SPECIES. One can easily – very easily – tell a nigroid from a White man and yet we are told they belong to the SAME SPECIES. This makes about as much sense as saying that apples and oranges are kissing cousins while tangerines and oranges have virtually nothing in common. If you can swallow tripe like this then Al and Hillary will appreciate your vote. If you are too young to vote, then you could join some "anti-racism" gang or help with the lyrics to "Divershity will overcum."

If the young people listening to this swill in their school classes had the moxie, as I did when I took biology, to ask intelligent questions of their Marxist teachers, they'd soon find that the subject would be changed in one hellova hurry. It's also a good way to lower your grades as I found out under bagel professor Otterbein. I always got A+ on my papers until he connected my face to my name. From then on, the best I received was a D. (Eric was told once, by his six-pointed professor, that anyone who believed that F.D.R. was involved in the Pearl Harbor setup, would flunk the course! Ah yes. Academic freedom – kosher commie style.)

The basis for the supposed biological connection of an elephant to the hyrax rests upon similarities in toe nails (hoofs), nasal tissue and microscopic similarities in the eye retina. Wow! That's overwhelming. Aren't you convinced? 

If the TV bull crap about WW II were really true, then why would it have to be repeated over and over again for 50 years?
Price hikes are coming again on a whole batch of things. Inflation, the friend of future revolution, is on the rise. If a price stays numerically the same, you'll receive poorer service and poorer quality which means less for the dollar. That's also inflationary. In addition, the Fed is pouring extra paper into the market place, not related to a supply of gold nor an increase in productivity, but proportional to the number of diseased parasites invading the country.

Back in more sane times, my father supported a family of seven – his! –on one salary. Today, ZOG mandates that you also support six or so people on your salary – you, your wife and possibly one child plus FIVE OTHERS WHO YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW! In my county, 56 percent of the property taxes are used to support the welfare class. I know of other areas where 78 percent of the budget goes to freeloaders – the indigent useless plus the foreign squatters. A monster chunk of your income taxes also go into this sinkhole called 'they breed – we feed'. Americans apparently love to be bled to death and many of them help it along by adopting the refuse of foreign shores. It won't continue forever.

When you have a hole in your gas tank, you don't get too many miles to the gallon. But never complain. It's not politically correct and besides, everyone loves a masochist.

I listened to a computer nerd ramble on the other day. Computers used to be for the purpose of computing and that's why programming was taught in the late 1970s. Today, the machines are simply expensive entertainment centers accomplishing the hard way, what could be done easier and with less expense by other means. The nerd went on to tell about his $3200 six-speaker keyboard noise center and his recent purchase of a $429 software application which would write programs for him. Although he never touched machine language he still called himself a "programmer". I asked what sort of projects he was busy with. His eyes lit up and he joyfully described how he 'made' a (virtual) "calculator" which could do arithmetic by simply moving a mouse and clicking. I told him that calculators were already invented and all he had to do was move his finger and then 'click' a button – and for a cost of only $10. Besides, you could stick it in you pocket when not in use.

It appears to me that people today are so absorbed in the "means" that they really have no idea of the "end". Our lunatic social programs also demonstrate this where the object seems to be to make everyone happy and to hell with the future fall-out.

Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. It can be cured.
Stupidity is a mental state which blinds one to his own ignorance. There is no cure for it.
No, I am not aware of what is going on relative to the circus called political conventions. They are little more than rock concerts without the musical sound machines. Both orgies are indicative of a society gone mad.

I did hear about Hillary the Red promoting her communist "village" concept. Funny thing about Americans: They demand every social welfare program they can think of, from "health" care to government guarantees, but will die believing they hate socialism.

Considering the tons of Marxist propaganda which is shoveled upon the school kids, it just might be advantageous to be a high school drop out.
A young bull and an old bull
were standing on the side of a hill observing a dozen or so cows in the meadow below. "Hey," shouted the young bull, "let's run down the hill and jump one!" The old bull shook his head, smiled and said, "That's the trouble with all of you young fellows. Always in a hurry. Always impatient. Never grasping the potential of anything." He then paused and continued, "I propose that we walk down and jump them all."
ZOG loves tampering with what you eat. There's big $$$ in convincing the sheeple that non-Natural foods are great and that taking things out of wholesome foods improves their value, as in milk. The evil Nazis knew of the link between smoking and cancer way back in the 1930s. The connection between eating hydrogenated paint components like margarine and heart problems was known about 1936. If you think that all of this vitamin and plastic food propaganda is directed towards your health, then you had better stop smoking those strange weeds. Big business, ZOG and others making millions on their lies, push crap because it's profitable. (Where does all of that butter fat they take out of milk, go?) Now, after pushing the soy bean as fit for human consumption – it's only marginally suitable for cows – it appears that this garbage is also causing health problems. As they say, "I'll be dipped." Read this:
Ain't science grand? I wonder how many diplomas one needs before they let you visit the inner sanctum where their crystal balls are located. (Male and lesbo scientists all have crystal balls .) They can dig about and come up with 17 bones from which they can tell you belongs to some critter which lived 3,666,069 years ago. Not only that, but they add their eye and body color, if it were near sighted or not,  the number of scales on its tail, sex life, how fast it could run, whether or not it had toe nail fungus, the sounds it uttered and all sorts of other wonderful information. It's amazing, ain't it?

The meta-physicists collect all sorts of radio signals coming from one or the other of their universes and come up with quarks, worm holes, black holes, super mungas, radioactive phlogiston and the origin of UFOs. Like their hole digging counterparts, all they need is a box full of space noises flooding into their computers to tell you all sorts of wonderful things such as: descriptions of particles older than the universe, light bending around corners, everything expanding ad infinitum (into what, they do not mention), positive charged negative electrons coalescing into a gamma fart, gravity being sucked off by anti-gravity and why a vagrant mass of iron ore 69 light years away – headed in our direction – might be a potential threat to the coming elections.

Now, we can either accept that our scientists either have a super crystal ball which even God would envy, or that they belong confined to a large room with a rubber TV set. I am still asking for one good reason why most of our scientists should not be considered to be on a par with the TV 'miracle healer' jew Benny Hinn who passes himself off as a 'christian' who converses with God.

Now it's West Nile fever. That's no big deal. I am waiting for the more serious East Nile fever and the South Nile fever. The Big Apple will really be hard pressed if Hudson River fever ever manages to break out. People around Albany NY are now more scared of mosquitos than they are of muggers. To avoid mosquitos, New Yorkers are advised not to go out at night. I suppose this also is true if you wish to avoid being mugged. The problems with muggers is that without outdoor victims they become home invaders. It's just their way of sharing the wealth. Ain't that so, Karl?
The "one world" Red super-state is coming along nicely but all such anti-Nature schemes soon have to confront unforgiving Mother Nature at her meanest. Sickness is increasing. Filth is increasing. Degeneracy is increasing. Disease is increasing. Everything of quality is on the wane, but the insects, bacteria and viruses will still be there – in greater force than ever before licking their chops at the sight of the hordes of down-bred genetically impoverished critters whom 'God loves' but will not protect. Only a jew-dazed mop head could believe that 'Jeezus' or a new 'health care' plan will stop the approaching storm.