28 August 2000
"The descendants of those who hated Jesus, who condemned him to death, who crucified him and immediately persecuted his disciples, are guilty of greater excesses than those of their forefathers. Greed is growing.  The Jews who led Europe and the entire world to disaster – morally, culturally and economically – developed an appetite which nothing less than the world as a whole could satisfy ... Satan helped them to invent Socialism and Communism.  Love has its limits.  The movement for freeing the world from Jews is a movement for the renaissance of human dignity. The all-wise and Almighty God is behind this movement."

"Why Are THE JEWS BEING PERSECUTED?", Fr. Franjo Kralik, published in "Katolicki Tjednik", Archdiocesan Paper of "Catholic Action" in the Archdiocese of Sarajevo, Imprimatur Archbishop Ivan Saric 1941

One of my favorite politicians is the former governor of New York, the jewish looking Mario Cuomo. If there is one word which describes why I enjoy listening to him, it is 'slippery'. This man has a definite talent for fleecing the boobs and his relative dead pan way of delivery is usually mistaken for sincerity. I did catch a bit of him on the Larry King program where he explained why people were not entering the police, teaching, and so on, occupations much anymore. The economy was so great, he explained, that potential teachers, for example, had better opportunities. That's Mist. Only sadists or feeble minded females enter the teaching "profession" these days. In the 1970s, I was offered a job in NYC teaching math for a decent salary of $74K. It was a jungle bunny school and I declined amidst my chuckles. White kids do not enlist in the Army unless they have some psychological need to be bad mouthed and abused by moron Black 'sergeants' and other A.A. dysfunctional non-coms.

As governor, someone pointed out that Mario's appointed bureaucrats were mainly Italian and that this was of a curious nature. Mario solemnly explained that he chose people on the basis of merit and they "just happened" to be Italian. The boobs are no different now than when old P.T. Barnum made his often quoted remark. Suppose that police officers, after rounding up a batch of criminals, used the same explanation when asked why they had arrested so many talented African gentlemen. "We arrested drug pushers. They just happened to be Black." That's a no-go as everyone realizes. You see, all of this tolerance and discrimination crap is a one way street.

White people remind me of Mr. Betzold's bull. Mr. Betzold was a miserable man and vented his frequent bouts of anger upon the critters who were unfortunate enough to be in his domain. My grandfather usually coaxed his animals along in a gentle fashion. Mr. Betzold was the brute force type of guy but fell a little short when it came to the young bull. As is the usual case, bulls have heavy rings fastened to their noses to which a rope is tied. Normally, this is enough to send messages to the animal as to the direction you chose to move. Mr. Betzold had mistreated his bull to the extent that the pressure from a nose ring had little effect. After watching him yank on the bull's rope without success, my grandfather offered a suggestion. Slip the rope through the ring and then tie a loop around the bull's testicles. It worked. When Mr. Betzold yanked, the bull complied. That's White America. The only major difference is that Whitey seems to enjoy it.

I see that the nogs are now getting into the extortion racket. They might call it a "law suit" but extortion it remains. About 30 years ago, the misunderstood prisoners at Attica (N.Y.S. prison) on the Tonawanda, went on a bloody rampage. I guess their TV sets malfunctioned or their porridge was too hot. ( I used to swim in the Warden's pool at the time I was dating a House Member's daughter.) Anyway, the Constitutional right to protest led to massive damage to the tax payers' property and left many innocent criminals dead along with a few evil fascist nazi racist guards. That followed Gov. Rockefeller's call to the National Guard. Some of my childhood playmates were guards at the facility and two of them were murdered outright because they had a politically incorrect color to their uniformed skin. C.V., who purchased my archery equipment many years previously, had his throat cut at about the time his genitals were severed and stuffed into his mouth. Another great fellow, R.B. was partially gutted during this show of 'rights'. At that time, I lived a couple of miles north close to a burg called Alexander and got my information hot from the neighborhood and not the usual perfumed variety we are accustomed to on da' TV. The uprising was brutal and so was its suppression. Now, the savages are being paid large sums of money, via the mechanism of legal robbery – the lawsuit – for being "abused". Such a deal. I do hope that soon someone will encourage the chinks to file a lawsuit alleging 'brutality' and 'racism' for their decades of work in the railroad gangs of the 19th century. But then again, maybe they aren't interested since they seem to be buying up everything in sight and colonizing quietly, very quietly.
Katie said insightfully, "Even though the scientific method is used, biology is a very, very inexact science." With young people such as this, there is still some hope for the White dodo. Perhaps she had read The History of Biology by Eric Nordenskiöld.

Each biological classification of life is part of the tree Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, Variety (race, breed). These categories are mainly based upon similarities but the type of similarity is not consistent thus giving rise to a fluid batch of classifications. In the past 30 years, three new "kingdoms" have been added and the qualifications for other "pigeon holes" change with the prevailing scientific winds. One of the arguments the race-mixers love to flag on about is that since the the Black and White are inter-fertile then they must be 'bros' under the melanin paint job, that is, they belong to the same species. (By the way, the mechanism of the whole melanin business is not very well understood but that doesn't stop the experts from issuing some major "fact" about it. Didn't the unemployed Marx rant on about the value of labor?) Hell Marvin, many species are inter-fertile: the hare and the rabbit; the jackal and the fox; the camel and the dromedary; the horse and the zebra; the bison and the European ox; the llama and the alpaca, etc. Simply because a cross can exist proves little beyond fertility. Also, members of different Genus are sometime inter-fertile! And if that is not enough, there are crosses between member of different Order! The animal known as the jumart which inhabits the Atlas and Piedmont mountains, is one such example for it is the cross between the bull and the mare. The domestic goat and the ibex of the Pyrenees (different Genus) have been crossed by the native Pehuelhas. They call the critters chabins and they are fertile among themselves. Their skins, Pellons, are of considerable commercial value. Yes, the Black man may be your brother but he sure as shooting ain't mine. 

One small step for a White man. One giant step for White men.
I spent the weekend at my sister's home and was busily searching my boxes of old books and came across a pamphlet entitled "Ice form Heat". It was about the principle and applicant of gas burning refrigerators. Accompanying it was a booklet on the design of steam powered refrigeration units. To the uniformed, the whole idea contained therein would probably appear far-fetched and perhaps insane. There was something far more profound than the manufacture of ice by using heat. It was obvious, so obvious that it obscured itself. This wonderful idea – one of hundreds of thousands – was the product of WHITE thinking. No Black man, no Yellow man, no mongrel, no horse, and no spook has the wherewithal to not only dream this stuff up, but to put it into practice. In the pre Marxist days of Africa, the Blacks always remarked that the White man could do anything. It is not surprising that before Whitey decided to commit suicide, he was looked upon as a god. Today, he cannot give away his country and his wealth fast enough. He disdains reproducing his own kind and takes delight in each hideous mongrel and race-mixed ogre which oozes from the cracks of lust and bestiality. Yet, there are a few who quietly prepare for the future which shall be theirs after the final stage of spiritual syphilis has had its way.
You were the first racist I'd ever read who had the guts to call a spade a spade vis-a-vis the "Great Northwest Imperative", or whatever the hell they called it.  As the link I've sent amply proves, anytime the concentration of crackers reaches a civilized level, good ol' zog will even the "score", by any means necessary.  If honkies aren't willing to fight for what is their's, then they deserve to perish.
According to an AP article appearing in a San Francisco paper (intimidation #1: It's in the news so it's true.) two scientists (intimidation #2: If it's from 'scientists' it's true.), Jablonski and Chaplin, (intimidation #3: They are jews so what they say must be true.) have correlated skin color with the amount of ultra-violet radiation bashing the planet using data from a NASA satellite (intimidation #4: Data? NASA? Now I know it's true!). Along the line they mention "folate", "vitamin D3", and the "ozone mapping spectrometer" (intimidation #5: Scientific jargon proves that's it true.)

What these two jerks are attempting to do is anyone's guess. (It reminds me of the "cold fusion" scam promoted by two other jews whose names I was determined to forget, and did.) They concluded that the difference between the skin color of a Niggeroid and a Honkiod was due to the UV differences caused by the swiss cheese ozone hole allowing people in the tropics to get more of it than the pale faces living alone the Rhine. They conveniently left out the Eskimos who have quite dark skins and the American Injuns who, while living in the temperate zone as do Europeans, also have darker skins. The tropic dwelling South American Indians have very much lighter skins than do the tropic dwelling African Negro. (I guess their ozone hole was smaller than theirs.) It's all "jewish science" – pick the data which fits your predetermined conclusion. Anyway, notice the absurdity ".. the variations in skin color are adaptations to solar UV light, NOT BIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES (caps mine) among people." If a difference in skin color is NOT a biological difference then what in  hell is one? Besides, the dark color extends into the muscles. Black muscle IS darker than White muscle and one is always reminded, at Thanksgiving Day, that not all muscle meat is equal. Black bones are also DIFFERENT than White bones. That's why the forensic people can tell which race a certain batch of bones belongs to.

To continue with this typical jewish b.s., they give as a reason for the 'fact' that most women are lighter in color than men is due to a demand for increased vitamin D3 for the fetus. (The light/dark female/male thing could be another dispute. Dark men DO seem to seek out lighter woman but that's not a proof of anything other than a drive to improve their status. Fair skinned women have been prized all over the world over for ages.) How much UV exposure does an Eskimo female receive living in the Arctic? When were you aware that Eskimos ran around bare-assed in the icebergs so they could gather up all of that marvelous UV which is rare in those regions? Or did the Elm Dairy supply them with lend-lease quantities of irradiated milk? If they were fully clothed while outside, then how did they receive their marvelous suntans? And of what biological use was it? How many oranges do the Eskimos pluck from the trees so that they can get they daily ration of vitamin C? Where did the Eskimos plant their fresh produce gardens so they could have their daily 'veggies'? The main source of their vitamin D was from the fish and seals they ate, especially the livers. Animal products are rich sources of both oil soluble and water soluble vitamins. The modern air-head which calls herself a 'mother' – just ask her if she has ever heard of cod liver oil. Gramps always remarked, "Let the rabbits eat the green stuff. We'll eat the rabbits."

Now for the final asininity: "We're all the same under the skin," Nina Jablonski said. Pay attention! The whole article, and the useless 'research', was about UV light and skin color, YET, the final remark was about NOTHING which was covered. This makes about as much sense as discussing sunlight and grass and finalizing with the statement, "Under the grass, all dirt is the same."

If I ever do anything, I hope that I can get at least a few of the younger people – and it's the young who will have to live in the coming commie sewer – to USE THEIR HEADS instead of sucking up all of the Marxist swill which passes as 'education' and 'news'. A college education today is the single most barrier to sound thought and at one time I was recognized as a top problem solver in the aircraft industry. I have never hid the fact that most of my sound, and often insightful, information came from the people on the assembly line – and not the engineers. Who knows best about a cow – the Cornell graduate or the man who shovels its manure? White man – think!!!

The debate between Mr. Thomson and Dr. Mathis has recently involved a controversial publication, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Dr. Mathis has suggested that all those interested in the debate read it and thus increase their knowledge concerning one of the topics under discussion. He believes that knowledge is strength. I cannot argue with that.
These facts cannot be overthrown: There is a great difference between the White man and the full blood Black man. Not only do they differ much in their hair, skin, lips, nose and feet, but the seams running through the skull bone are different from that of the White man, the arms, and fingers are longer, the calf of the leg is lower on a Black man than on a White man, his flesh is of a very dark color, even to the bone, and  the Black man has one less bone in his head than a White man. When tissue is injured, the Black man forms different scars than does the White man. The Black man's odor is distinctly musky. These differences, discernible by anyone whose senses are intact, should dispel any notion of "equality" or brotherhood.
It's not often that I have the opportunity to watch Joy while she freshens her face in the mirror. She appeared  very pleased with what she was doing. I coyly asked if she'd share her thoughts with me as she continued her preening. "I love the clean rich sky blue of my eyes. Why should I find 'burnt cork' eyes nice to look into? I like the sun gold which shines in my hair. Why should I choose to look at tar colored hair? I love it's silky softness. Why should I find pleasure in stroking horse hair or wool? My skin is like cream and I find no beauty in skin colored like you-know-what. I like what I am and I like to see me in other people and especially in my children yet to be. It's all about what is pleasing and that's why you'll never see me with a mud sub of any hue."

I maintain that people who value what they are never race mix. Malcontents, dysfunctionals and degenerates often choose partners of some other race. Observe closely those who promote and wallow in, race-mixing for you'll discover something sinister in their being for it is they who are the true haters and one cannot help but notice that they cannot contain it. Their venom runneth over. They hate that which they can never be and wish to bring all down to their level.

It's a puzzling world after all. When someone criticizes a jew, he is called an anti-Semite or a Nazi. When a jew criticizes anyone, he is never called anything. When Blacks pummel a White man, it's called a crime. When Whites pummel a Black man, it's called a "hate crime". When non-Whites forbid intermarriage, it's called "ethnic pride". When White people oppose race-mixing, it's called racism. When Blacks are given jobs they are not qualified for, it's called "equal opportunity". When are Whites ever given jobs or scholarships they aren't qualified for or don't deserve? When non-Whites stand up for their rights, it's called democracy. When Whites stand up for their rights, it's called Nazism. There's something oddly unequal about this "equal" land of ours and it's easy to see who is at the bottom of the pecking order. Just to question this whole biased affair is called "hate". 
Race-mixers obviously dislike intently their own characteristics. Otherwise, why would they deny those attributes to their offspring? Jews promote race-mixing. The Japanese and Chinese frown upon it and so should White people. Jews are themselves so hopelessly blood mixed that they wish the rest of the world to be like them for they have no passage of return. Race-mixing has produced some of the most hideous physical specimens ever seen. Race-mixing is not "out breeding" as some would like to promote. It is decidedly anti-Nature but then again, all mid eastern religions have been at war with Nature since the first hard-up prophet caught a sheep by the hind legs.

If we had the White racial stock of the early days of the Roman Empire, niggerball would have all blond, blue-eyed  players.
Butyl phthalates are pervasive in the plastic industry. They were one of the "secret ingredients" in a process involving the manufacture of a certain part of the atomic bomb. Most of the derivatives, when ingested, are interpreted by the body as the hormone estrogen. The phthalates are used as plasticizers and in contact with water, they leech out thus giving rise to the noticeable fact that many plastics stiffen and become brittle with age. Whether it's milk, canned peas, frozen foods or what all, most of our food comes in contact with these plasticizers and therefore, we consume them unknowingly. Minute traces have been demonstrated (Edinborough University) to produce all sorts of cancers and organ malfunctions in laboratory animals and the researchers believe that humans are not immune to their bad effects. One might think that resorting to super market 'freshies' would avoid the problem but all "store bought" produce has come into contain with insecticide sprays, fertilizers, and so on, which contain phthalates. Tufts University was continually plagued by the "magic" presence of estrogen like substances in their experiments but it was eliminated when they returned to glass Petri dishes instead of the cheaper and more popular plastic types. (I trust laboratory work to the same extent I trust the food preparation at Mac Donald's.) The bottom line is that our food supply is loaded with these plastics which we ingest. Health problems are mounting and it should surprise no one that within ten years it will be common knowledge that plastics are not sent from heaven. As the turd world grows – we feed, they breed – so does the need for food and Western society has foolishly embarked upon a "science knows best" when it comes to food production. It's a big buck industry and since the greed for profit fuels nearly everything American, it is doubtful if any alternative will be forthcoming. Any society should, as the Nazi regime attempted to do, maximize the QUALITY of both its people and their living conditions which include safe, healthy things to eat. We are hell-bent on providing for the useless, who will NEVER return to the society that which they take out, and this means saving them from their follies and maximizing food production by unnatural means. It is just another one of the disasters we will soon face.

One does not need countless hours of research nor massive reports to discover that your lungs were designed to handle ONLY clean, fresh air. Smoke, whether from pot or tobacco, was never intended to be inhaled. Man made crap like hydrogenated oils, diglycol stearates, and Sorbital sweeteners are ARTIFICIAL and hence, poisonous to one degree or the other. Every time you stop off at Dairy Queen or Burger King, you are eating the stuff. Your digestive system was not designed to handle chemical sewage which much of our super market products are and I don't care two hoots if their ARTIFICIAL vitamin content make you jump for joy or your private witch doctor recommends it. You are still eating crap! (A good portion of rabbit is more effective at knocking out scurvy than is a dozen oranges or $50 worth of vitamin C pills.)

I have stated many times over, that there will be no "cure" for cancer for the notion of a cure is tied to a RESPONSE to a problem and not one of prevention. The prevention is not the ingestion of ARTIFICIAL chemicals called drugs, or vitamins, or in eating the bark from the goona-goona tree. If we do not soon insist upon QUALITY both in humans and in what they eat, then Nature will relegate us to the dust bin of history – where, if we do not change, rightfully belong.

We are exposed to an increasing number of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses but a far more insidious danger lies in what we eat and breath. One cannot 'enhance', as the advertisements claim, our immune system by the ingestion of weird potions and strange herbs. The immune system is strengthened by contact with a disease to which an immunity is built. The more drugs, from aspirins to birth control pills, we take, the worse our health becomes. Old age is when the piper must be paid. The foolish young will take their turn learning this.