5 September 2000
A fellow writes: "A new bill has been introduced in the Duma (Russia) to charge families the equivalent of $2,000 USD in hospital costs for the second and subsequent babies.  That's dollars in country where the average monthly family income hovers around $100 and the population is declining by 1 million per year.

This is just open Rassenkampf against the white race, pure and simple."

My view: If you want to cut down on population growth, sterilization is very much more effective than fines. As the population pressures increase, the political pansies will try everything except what will really work. The slugs and parasites always seem to have more "rights" than those they feed upon. WHY DOES ANY WELFARE BREEDING MACHINE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE SUPPORTED BY THOSE WHO ARE NOT? 

So-called science is now being used in an attempt to convince the brain-dead that there is no such thing as 'race'. The alpha and omega of 'truth' – the New York Times – recently published an article claiming that races do not differ very much on the genetic level. They – our "scientists", who in a sane society would simply be shot – say that 'race' is a social concept and that we all evolved from a number of tribes who migrated out of Africa. Let that sink in and then put your brain into gear.

A "number of tribes"? Why no mention of THEIR "evolution"? They just sort of popped onto the planet, eh?

If examination on a more minute level is valid when it comes to evaluating differences, then why stop at gene junction? On the molecular level there is no difference between a corpse and a live mama. Moreover, the "scientists" are telling you that what your senses inform you of, are merely "social structures" and by inference, your senses are misleading you. Our biologists are working toward what we were taught in our elementary science courses – the basic called the atom. If we peek at hydrogen peroxide and plain old granny water, we'll see that they are both composed of hydrogen and oxygen. We therefore conclude that the 'races' – hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen oxide – are equal. Let one of these fog-heads drink hydrogen peroxide and I'll stick to rain drops.

It's the little things which make the most difference. Pure water and some containing only traces of E. coli bacteria might be the same to these academic nitwits, but they're not the same to me.

If we look at the genetic DNA cotton candy of both idiot and genius, we might not see any difference at all but REAL WORLD experience yields a totally different evaluation. This microbiology thing is now advanced to such a point that its practitioners HAVE LOST CONTACT WITH REALITY and their common sense is now proportional to the size of the particles they study. "Isn't it exciting," belched one Nobel Prize winner, "we now have the complete DNA/genome map and we can spend the next one hundred years figuring out what it all means." They DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS and they freely admit it but with massive ignorant arrogance, they proceed to fabricate more absurd hypotheses. Spielberg is a dwarf when he is compared to the "scientific" fabricators.

Try this quote on for size: "Scientists say that while it MAY BE EASY to tell AT A GLANCE whether a person is Asian, African or Caucasian, the DIFFERENCES DISSOLVE when one looks beyond surface features and scans the human genome for DNA hallmarks of 'race'." (The differences also "dissolve"' when we also run people through a food processor.) Yes friends, if we examine coal and diamonds at the atomic level, we won't find any differences either. So what? This sort of "science" is NEAR-SIGHTED, and they admit it, yet the American boob INTERPRETS it such a way as to short-circuit his God-given senses and ability to reason.

The unbelievable poo-poo of this N.Y.T. article continues with the remark that "humans" have only been "evolving" for 100,000 years and that isn't long enough to produce a "race". Yet, in that 'short' period of time, the Blacks who supposedly migrated from Africa "evolved" a cortex in their head wool; "evolved" blond hair and blue eyes; "evolved" a larger cranial capacity; "evolved" a different blood type; "evolved" darker muscle meat and skin; "evolved" a less dense bone structure; and on and on and on. All of these changes occurred in a RELATIVELY SHORT TIME SPAN but the evolutionist bone-heads claim that EONS UPON EONS are needed to change much of anything. Which is it? A short time or a long time? Besides, when Negro black wool added a cortex and changed its color, WHAT SORT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PRESSURES WAS "EVOLUTION" RESPONDING TO? And of what survival value is blond hair and blue eyes? I can see it all now – the hungry saber-tooth glanced at the "evolved" nigger and said to himself, "Hey man, it's not nice to eat those blue eyes. They have survival value." Does blond hair and blue eyes prevent your ass from freezing on those January nights?

We are further told that the reason the White man became more inventive was because the harsh environment compelled him to "evolve" in that direction. Blacks had it easy in Africa, we are told, and that's what caused them to remain stagnant. I ask, "If life in Africa was just a bowl of cherries, then why in hell did they 'migrate' to Europe?" When was the last time you say boatloads of jews leaving this land of honey for the "promised land" of Israel? I guess they decided not to "evolve" anymore by remaining here.

It's one thing to say that mammals "evolved" from birds. It's quite another to explain why and when and how? Ask your teacher the next time he/she/it farts this brown stuff from their mouths.

Since chemists filled out the Periodic Table with 92 naturally occurring elements, of which EVERYTHING is composed, doesn't it stand to reason that the DNA assemblies would also have a FINITE measure of basic units? And that ALL LIFE would be some combination of them? Is this so hard to understand?

Take a tablespoon of carbon (lamp black, soot) and stir it into a glass of water. The mixture will be composed of nearly identical amounts of the elements as found in an equal mass of table sugar. What would you say to a person who claimed that they were equivalent or even related? Yet this is what the 98 percent DNA garbage concerning chimpanzees and humanoids is all about. IT'S THAT 2 PERCENT WHICH MAKES ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND TARZAN'S 'CHEETA'!!! A tiny pin prick can burst a balloon. A few neutrons starts the detonation of an atomic bomb. The difference between fissionable uranium and everyday uranium is so slight that it took hundreds of years to discover it.

Biologists get mental orgasms over SIMILARITIES. It's the whole basis for every thought which travels through the sewer pipes of their noggins. Similarities to them means evolution and relationship. They are obsessed with similarities as are the liberals, Marxists and religious goof balls. In contradiction to this, they also claim that DIFFERENCES – very, very tiny ones at that – are the REASONS things "evolve" into something else and that differences then add up to similarities!

Those who wish to rule the world are hell-bent to destroy the White race for IT IS THE ONLY RACE WHICH STANDS IN THEIR WAY. The main strength of the White man is his mind and his spirit – the ONLY combination which could ever put men on the moon and produce food surpluses which are now insanely used to feed their enemies.. The White man simply cannot be conquered. He must be talked into committing suicide – and so far, this has been progressing nicely. Much of our youth is socked-out on drugs and most of them spend their waking hours imitating jungle bunnies with their screeches and log thumping – oddly referred to as 'music'. Race-mixing remains the highest priority and its pressures have been felt for centuries. Everyone loves a roll in the sheets and if a brain can be rendered dysfunctional with public education, Pavlovian conditioning,  and incessant TV Marxist propaganda, then the gonads take over and many fall into the degenerate practice of filling any available orifice.

I have said before, that if the propaganda has not perverted the thinking of enough White people, then incentives will be offered – bonuses for mixed race marriages. This is even now in evidence albeit on a low level. EVERYTHING, from science to special privileges, is now in the service of the anti-Nature program of biological destruction. If we "go with the flow" then we will soon pass into the dust of history. When the sheep begin to trust the goats, the slaughter house is just around the corner.

Have you noticed the great numbers of people who cannot wipe their own behinds without first consulting some "study"? A recent study shows that ... people who eat eggs have higher levels of phlogiston in their warts. A recent study shows that ... people with lint in their navels are more susceptible to UFO rays. A recent study shows that ... people who eat large amounts of fruit become more fruity. It's enough to make people want to imbed razor blades in a ball bat and go on a swinging rampage. What ever happened to thinking?

It took the U.S. Army 17 years to discover that the best emergency burn treatment was the application of ice or very cold water. Singe the ass on your neighbor's cat during the winter and you'll find the critter burying its tail in the nearest snow bank. Humans never seem to learn from experience or even attack a problem logically and cannot act as intelligently as that neighbor's cat.

A well known radio doctor mentioned recently that people who eat raw carrots and prune cake don't seem to have as high a rate of colon cancer as do people who still have their third molars and wet the bed. How did he know that? A study! That's how. But what is a study anyway?

First, they grab a batch of people who are "representative" of the population. In America, this means one faggot, one married man, one Mexican, one cross-eyed virgin, one Torah reader, three juvenile delinquents, Whoppie Goldberg, a senile priest, an AIDS carrier, and so on. Biologically, this hodge podge represents nothing in the real world yet the "tests", or whatever, draw conclusions about some "average man" which belong in comic books. Rat experimentation might tell us something about rats but unless your ex-husband is one, you'll learn absolutely nothing. Besides – and this is bedrock important! – the rats which are used for laboratory examination are as IDENTICAL GENETICALLY as science can cultivate them. The human "samples" are as far from this as a garbage dump is from a surgeon's autoclave. Yet – and I'll say it again – yet, the inbred white rats still interject a variable which would not be tolerated in any hard science. Let me explain why.

Years ago, Carbide and Carbon Chemical Company (my memory might be faulty concerning this name) marketed a non-ionic detergent they called Pluronic L62.  As is done, it was tested upon laboratory rats for safety – not the rat's safety for most of them died during the wondrous data collection. L62 was introduced into their diet until some of them started dying. When 10 percent of the rats died, the amount of L62 given was divided by the body weight of the rats to give an "LD ratio". In this case that number was labeled the LD10 ratio which means that the LETHAL DOSE which killed 10 percent of the rats was something or other. This was continued all the way up to 100 percent yielding a sort of function. Thus, the Nobel Prize winning discovery was this: What percentage of the rats do you wish to kill? Once a loving number was chosen, the chart would indicate the extent that their food was to be laced with L62. Since these rats were "scientifically equal", then why didn't ALL of them die? Moreover, those "scientists" simply CANNOT PREDICT which rats would die and which would not. Their advice, relative to a particular rat is thereby useless beyond the mention of a probability. "If you choose to flavor your tea with a teaspoon of L62, then you have a 20/80 chance of dying." Will it be the 20, or the 80? NO ONE KNOWS, yet this sort of "advice" is taken on a personal level by batches of trusting people as a CONCRETE FACT for their PARTICULAR SITUATION. More sickening yet, is that this nearly useless information is then transferred to a human population with a genetic variation as broad in scope as Howard Stern's degeneracy. This is a pure, unadulterated, and asinine, faith in a "study" which is as valuable as Confederate money.

To continue with this exercise in "science", suppose that "x" milligrams of L62 per gram of body weight would kill 20 percent of the rats during the first trial. The data I have in my files shows that ALL subsequent trials varied by no less than 28 percent from each other. The conclusion I drew was that no one could tell for sure how much L62 was needed to kill 1 out of 5 rats – no more and no less. Perhaps you'll recall those long ago blasts of DDT – that wonderful scientific breakthrough which would rid us of pesky insects – used on the flies of the island of Mindanao during WW II. The first application killed 99 percent of those genetically identical flies. That left 1 percent which survived to breed. (If some survived then they couldn't have been 'equal'.) Soon, there were as many flies as before. DDT was used again but it only affected 89 percent of the flies. Today, the flies of Mindanao use DDT, if they can get it on the black market or as foreign aid, as a food seasoning.

Studies are to the medical profession as documents are to historians. When to comes to "studies", buyer beware.

*** Note for the 'weez ekul' tribe. Black absorbs heat so why did the highest rate of frost bite occur among the Nigeroid troops during the Korean War?  Koreans are darker in skin color than White fellows and yet frost bite was relatively unknown to them. There's something fishy about this equality business, don't you think? Do you even bother to think?

One of the more disgusting things I have heard recently involved the disrespectful treatment dished out to a visiting lecturer at Stanford University – Harold Bloom. Mr. Bloom is a Professor of Literature at Yale, I believe, and although he shows all signs of being a Marxist, I find him interesting to listen to. That is not the point, however. If you do not like the man then you have no business listening to him and this is precisely what I dislike about our large numbers of jackasses we choose to call fellow citizens. As I witnessed first hand in New York City, while on leave from Fort Monmouth, Frank Sinatra was performing at one of the places where show people perform. I neither like old – unfit for military service – "blue eyes" nor his off- key crooning. Jerks would actually buy eggs and tomatoes and smuggle them into the theater where they would throw them at Mr. Sinatra. This is little different from the behavior of those palefaces who use LASER sights and high-powered rifles to blast prairie dogs to bits for no other reason than that they are "funny" targets whose bloody bits were more interesting to look at than the bits from an exploded clay pigeon.

Mr. Bloom did not deserve the treatment he received even though some seemed to get a kick out of seeing any jew at the short end of a stick. This brings me to the topic of racism.

To me, racism is little more than the instinctual drive, and desire,  to associate with those of your own kind. With pride in that association, the undefined attribute called 'superiority' is not much more than some axiomatic corollary. If you are pleased with belonging to a certain group, then it would be nearly impossible to believe that the group is a bunch of wastrels and bums for that would assault the very core of one's ego.

Recently, it was found that a Chinese restaurant was serving pork to it's Jewish and Muslim customers when the meat was actually labeled lamb– something which made them understandably unhappy. A reporter questioned the fellow concerning the deception – which I find reprehensible – about the source of the meat and he replied, "Don't you like Chinese people?" This, of course,  had nothing to do with the topic. This is the very common side step and most people fall for it and immediately place themselves on the defensive.

When Rastus is caught with a suitcase full of cocaine, his defense was that he was arrested because he 'JUST HAPPENED' to be Black. When Izzy is caught lying on the witness stand, he immediate accuses someone of being an "anti-Semite." Caesar, the demented dog belonging to a former demented neighbor, used to crap in my dime-sized flower bed and then whip his legs energetically so that flowers and dirt were sprayed over the lawn. I disliked this behavior intensely and when I brought it to the attention of the baseball cap cretin owner, he responded "You hate dogs." There it is – in all its pervasive glory. Never address the problem. Get the other fellow on the defensive with some non-related comment, preferably an insult.

If, as we are told, racism implies a desire to stomp on people for no reason other than they belong to a group of which one does not approve, then the mischief lies in the mind of the accuser for people are generally not "hated" for what THEY ARE, but for what THEY DO. If enough of a certain group displays the same objectionable behavior, then a generalization is made which remains at bottom nothing more than a useful guide often providing a survival mechanism. This is not prejudice – a pre judgment. Mama lion lets junior lion toy with porcupines as a means of learning something about the world they live in thus insulating them from further bad episodes in that area. Unlike the dim-witted mothers of today who fight tooth and nail to insure that their little genius pee-pot never suffers from an ill advised action, lion cubs do manage to become adults whereas the "adults" of today are mainly undisciplined brats who emotionally never got beyond age twelve.

Not only do people use the side step to avoid discussing any real issue, they often rationalize their actions in a discontinuous and illogical manner. If my understanding of the affair remains correct, the person of D. L. is an example of the type of person whom we simply cannot afford to have representing anything called White. His batch of foolish shack-up artists and drug-rock supporters, claim that he is a "political prisoner" even though there was nothing political about his crime. I understand that he was an accomplice in the murder of the obnoxious jew talk-show host Berg, of Denver. Berg was an ASSET to the White people as he clearly demonstrated what is it that most Whites find objectionable in far too many jews. The more Berg ranted, the more our point was proven. Perhaps my wee brain is missing something. Why does the killing of one jew represent a way to secure the future, blah, blah, 14 words ..  for our children? Did Mr. Berg take an oath to kill every newborn White child or intend to sell their single moms poisoned Pablum? If wrong, what am I missing?

If White folks don't get their act together, the curtain will fall and it shall be no one's fault but their own. How much more criminality can be worshipped; how much more "troo-joo" nonsense must we hear; how much more revisionist verbal farting must we financially support; how much more idiotic anarchist "leaderless resistance' manure must we swallow; how much more 'religion inventing' can we put up with; how much dysfunctional behavior can we tolerate before we run to the shower and cleanse ourselves of this moronic drivel and BECOME what we SAY WE ARE? Our collective behavior, especially that of our diverse "leaders" makes us the laughing stock of the world. If the jews truly are our singular enemy then they can do nothing wiser than let the goofs of the blightwing continue with their vaudeville acts.

I choose not to get involved with those pointless "holocaust" debates like the foolish revisionists do. The endless babble has reduced Ernst Zündel to not much more than a professional defendant where he will probably die while sitting at some defense table. It 's better to go fishing than to enter a contest where your chance of accomplishing anything is virtually zero.

Many us us are familiar with math exercises which are supposed to test our wee brains for something or the other. Questions like: which number is the next in the sequence 1, 2, 4, ....? Suppose we are in a contest and I ask you that question. No matter what your reply, you'd be wrong since I can dream up a rule which would place you in error. You simply cannot win anymore than you can win debating professional liars who perform best while tears are streaming down their cheeks. In the mentioned sequence, usually one will pick 8 since it "appears obvious" that each is the double of the preceding. I shout, "Wrong, you anti-Semite, for it is 20!" The rule is: take the sum of the number squared increased by 2 and decreased by its double, and double that. This will give you the next number. Algebraically, 2(x² + 2 – 2x)

Marvin: "My grandparents, 54 cousins, 12 aunts and 3 goats, were gassed in the only stainless steel chamber in the Third Reich – in Stuttgart."
Bill: "What do you mean 'gassed'?"
Marvin: "They were rounded up in Regensberg and shipped in a cattle car to Stralsund – 4666 miles away. It was in the middle of July and they nearly froze to death."
Bill: "But how could anyone travel 4666 miles in Germany and still remain in the country?"
Marvin: "They doubled back many times to make sure they weren't being followed."
Bill: "In July – they nearly froze to death?"
Marvin: "Ja. They were secretly working on an extermination project using liquid nitrogen and some of it escaped into the cattle cars. They were going to deep freeze jews and then toss them off the mountains in Switzerland so that when they hit bottom they'd shatter into at least 666 pieces – thus destroying the evidence."
Bill: "On what authority can you say this?"
Marvin: "My second mistress swore to it on a stack of Talmuds and we executed two Generals who looked like they knew what nitrogen was.The Generals must have been guilty of something and both Nazi and nitrogen are n-words."
Bill: "OK, but you mentioned the gas chambers at Stuttgart."
Marvin: " From Stralsund, they crammed us into a Fokker triplane and there we flew to Schweinfurt."
Bill: "It's hard for me to believe that – how many of you were there? – more than 3 people could not be packed into a Fokker triplane."
Marvin: "There were a lot of us, many hundreds and besides, this was specially designed for their extermination program."
Bill: "I have a hard time believing all of this."
Marvin: "Just as I thought! You're an anti-Semite!"
Bill: "No, I am just trying to be logical about all of this."
Marvin: "Now you admit that you're a Nazi!"
Bill: "Put that aside and continue with your story."
Marvin: "After leaving the Greyhound bus in Koblenz, we were forced to march 1666 miles to Stuttgart by way of Wittenberg – through mile after mile of decaying bodies – blood, feet, feces, menstrual blood, vomit – it was terrible – all those victims."
Bill: "All right – you are now a Stuttgart – the supposed home of the stainless steel gas chambers. I'd like to mention that there is no record of any such facility as you describe."
Marvin: "Can you prove that lie? Where are the documents?"
Bill: "Documents are used to verify the existence of things, not their nonexistence."
Marvin: "The Nazis were clever. They destroyed all of the evidence, but you – you're a Nazi. In fact, I do not think your name is Bill. It's probably Heinrich."
Bill: "My given name, William, is on my birth certificate."
Marvin: "That's a ruse. Show me such a certificate."
— Bill furnishes the document. —
Marvin: "It's obviously a forgery. You Nazis are good at forgery."
Bill: "Some of your story doesn't seem possible considering what we know about natural science."
Marvin: "The Nazis were very clever. They found mysterious ways to do the impossible. That's the power of hate."
Bill: "What do you mean by 'hate'?"
Marvin: "Why do you hate jews?"
Bill: "I never said that – and I don't."
Marvin: " Why do you lie all of the time?"
— The "debate" continued on into the night when Bill had a brainstorm. He drew a swastika upon the wall. Marvin shrieked in horror and leaped out the window forgetting that they were on the 69th floor. Marvin did not survive. —
 Dear Professor Frenz,

    Sam Houston won the battle of San Jacinto outnumbered more than 6-1.  Alexander conquered the Persian Empire with an inverse force ratio of 1-9 or worse.  The Vikings, who not only terrorized but conquered large sections of Europe, were also outnumbered by their opponents.  Cortez destroyed the Aztec Empire with a small battalion.   Pizzaro took down the Incas with just 25.

    Superior men are always the key.  But that superiority has to be reflected in superior spirit, fortitude, preparation, training, weaponry, tactics, operational art and grand strategy. 

The Chinese have established their beachheads here in the U.S. The process of infiltration is heating up. Already they are securing top political positions (Governor of WA, for example) and are positioning themselves in the Army officer network. The universities are full of them both as students and as professors. China has been in drought condition for the past couple of years and it shows no sign of easing. The resultant food shortage will engender an increase in the numbers of "refugees" which will land upon our shores. Chinese criminal gangs are on the increase, but who worries? Alfred E. Newman? Our "intellectually challenged" experts still claim that in the northwest, Whites are 'still' 88 percent of the population. They fail to tell you that the most rapidly increasing of our diverse hordes are the Mexicans" which, according to the rule established by F.D.R, Mexicans are classified "White" and most of them mark that "X" on the census sheets – if they ever bother to fill them out.

The Playboy interview of Rockwell has Alex Haley quoted as saying that the jews number only 6,000,000 in this country and that was in 1966 – a figure Dr. Pierce seems fixated upon. If we allow jews an increase of 1.5 percent per year (the mestizo rate is about 2.6 percent), that would make them about 10 million today – 4 percent – if we can believe Mr. Haley. This is more than likely to be a gross underestimate considering the massive numbers of them pouring in from overseas and those numbers who have not yet "discovered", as Madelaine only recently did, that they are jews. The "closet" is full of them.

'Tis a strange land, lassie. Burning the flag is considered an act of 'free speech' while burning a cross is not.
The British Museum (London) has on its shelves a book (C37.C.31) in the Russian language by Sergi A. Nilus, called Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion. It purports to reveal – using documents – the inner workings of a plot by certain international jews to place the world under their control. The book was received 10 August 1906 through regular trade channels. Eyre and Spottiswoode, official printers to the government, printed an English translation in 1920. The Protocols became "of the Learned Elders of Zion" and have been denounced as a "forgery". I would suggest that all concerned read the text of these "protocols" and gauge for themselves their accuracy relative to the events we now see unfolding before our eyes – if you still retain the mental faculties to learn anything. (If a map really does reveal the location of the gold, then what difference is it who drew it, or whether is was a copy or not – or even a "forgery"?) Also, why not read the Soncino Edition of the Babylonian Talmud for yourself instead of relying on second hand information. The jews have managed to have the "protocols" banned in a number of countries and, while you watch niggerball and listen to MTV nigger screech and thump, they are working hard worldwide to put a stop to any internet discussion of anything they don't want you to read. They call it "hate literature."
Only in our snake pit – youthful honkies stomp a blackface. That's a hate crime, but in Yakima WA, a gang of young Blacks swarmed a paleface and stomped him to death. It was labeled a "thrill killing" since they were laughing while they did it. The 6 million dollar question is this: Will that work for Whitey too? My guess is – not on your affirmative action ass!
              Work is the curse of the hating class.
I am in favor of doubling the "survivor" payments
to the offspring of "survivors". My rationale is this: the original "survivors" suffered not only from the ordeal but also the  memory of that ordeal. A "survivor's" son not only suffers from the memory of his parent's ordeal, but also of the memory of the memory of his parent's ordeal. Also, he must suffer the ordeal of viewing the compulsory Spielberg dogma dramas and the memory of the ordeal of seeing Spielberg movies. In fact, the memory of an ordeal is in itself an ordeal. And if you remember that ordeal, that is also another ordeal. Such suffering! There auto be a law.
Once again, I send thanks to all of those who send me material for this page. There's hope yet.
      Hic niger es; hunc tu, Romane, caveto.
   (He is black, beware of him, Roman.)
I have added a new folder in the Contents area – The Theory of Evolution. Fifty years ago, teachers were honest enough to mention that this "theory" was just that. Today, it is passed off as an absolute and the sheep baa and swallow the whole fable hook, line and sinker without disturbing one neuron in their sleeping brains. I never gave this much of a thought until I found out that some schools are now teaching that Whitey "evolved" from Homo nigerus. Anything to get the goyim to copulate with anything which fits. Yes, the moon is made from green cheese and cotton evolved from spider webs.

The race-mixers have an agenda, my friends, and that is to make sure old Whitey's genes get diluted so that the following generations no longer survive as White people – just hideous, peanut brained mud cruds – the color of you-know-what. EDUCATION is part of that plan. They are down-playing White achievement and elevating the most trivial doodling of non-Whites. Biology was first promoting that Whites and Blacks were separate branches of a 'common ancestor' tree. Now, they are pushing the direct descent line so that Peter Dunkin becomes painted with an acceptable hue. The freaky females who get turned on by watching monkeys and apes copulate, are yammering about the "humanness" of their objects. None of it is scientific even though they claim it is. It is unadulterated Marxist propaganda and many of you are paying tuition to get indoctrinated. Use your brain, White man! There are about equal numbers of White males and females. There are about equal numbers of Black males and females. There simply is no valid reason why one cannot find a mate of his own kind. The promotion of race-mixing is an in-your-face issue and has absolutely nothing to do with 'equality'. Race-mixing is degenerate because it reduces both White and Black attributes. It is also a perversion. It's about time you used your brain, instead of your gonads, to direct your life. Race-mixing is genocide for it will eventually destroy all races which participate in it.

Educators are giving each other 'high fives' over reports that the SAT math scores are up. The SAT has been around for about 40 years but the concern over 'high miss' questions (Blacks were the real problem) didn't become an issue until about 1967. It was then that the determined effort to lower the standards of this test began. The "A" used to stand for APTITUDE which mean that originally it was a sort of intelligence test. Today, it means ACHIEVEMENT – an indication of how good one is at parroting. Pruning the questions is one thing but they have also changed the way the scores are computed. A score of 400 – the 1962 equivalent of an IQ of 85 – is now considered "average". You do not have to take my word for it, just visit any library or even a school, and ask to see a SAT test for 1965 and compare it to today's joke. While you are at it, see if you can't locate a copy of  any standard 6th grade arithmetic test for 1934. In it you'll find many "college" questions. The presence of dimwitted Blacks in our integrated schools has given rise to a wave of appeasement which won't benefit them but does cheat White people out of anything remotely resembling an education. White loafers love it for they really don't have to exert themselves to reach Black achievement levels. That gives them lots of time for drugs, rock concerts, alcohol and recreational poon-tang.
WIN $666 plus a genuine Captain Midnight decoding pin.

How? By writing a short essay of 69 words or less, on why White people should give a hoot, or even interfere,  when AIDS is galloping along doing its ethnic cleansing bit.

Also, we'd appreciate receiving info relative to the opposing theories concerning the origin of AIDS. It's African we know but whether it was administered along with the smallpox vaccine as some conspiracy buffs seem to believe, or it crossed the Genus line when some horny African decided to fill the orifice of a monkey. (Goats are commonly used, so why not monkeys?) Once the Blacks were infected, race-mixers and faggots made sure it jumped over a Species barrier. O, the joys of diversity!

Anyone know the address of the outfit which is selling 'Hitler was Right' bumper stickers in HEBREW? They might be the same fellows who are offering the "We feed. They breed." T-shirts.
Greetings Professor!

As always, more excellent commentary from the FAEM page.  Since you have a quote from a Catholic on your page now, I thought you might be interested in seeing this interesting article on how the jew works from within..

Also, some more holohoax extortion:

The Chinese are arming themselves to the teeth and they have no where to go except out of China. The Chinese have now endorsed Gore for President and the mestizos are backing Bush. The chinks and spics are moving in to control the country and the Blacks stand confused and helpless, while the Whites giggle, count their virtual profits, suck on beer and grin like Cheshire cats.
One student told me that "we are all the same under the skin." This was during a discussion on race. I asked him, "If you were in a life threatening situation and needed a blood transfusion, would you accept any of your equals'  blood?"