14 September 2000
Capitalism. Ain't she sweet? It go dis way honky: We could sell loads of gadgets to the Mexicans. The problem is that they have no money to buy the junk. We'll lend them the money which is also good business. We don't have enough workers to build the gadgets so we'll hire the Mexicans. The Mexicans will create a demand for Big Macs and that's good for business. This will increase the need for burger handlers so we'll have to hire more Mexicans. The Chinese see an opportunity and open a string of fast food joints featuring sweet and sour dog, sweet and sour grizzle and General Tao's spicy cat. Business is booming and Whitey is screwing anything and everything thus producing critters which look like refugees from a Star Wars episode. The joint is as busy as 6,000,000 maggots on a rotting corpse and it smells just as great.

Hitler warned that if the Americans didn't get the jews off their back, they would be taken over by the Chinese. The destruction of White America is the 'reward' for being on the wrong side in WW II. Some people will actually enjoy the sewer they are creating – but not all. The future will belong to the racially conscious. Mongrels can never hope to retain anything for they are the flotsam and jetsam of indiscriminate copulation.

Wha' dis jive 'bout creatin' jobs? Man made tools to make work easier. Man used horses and oxen to eliminate some of his toil. Man used slaves to lighten his work load. Man created machines so he didn't have to work much at all. Technology is geared towards the ELIMINATION of work, that is, jobs. If we want to create jobs, then get rid of the f---ing machinery. You honkies sho' be stupid.
Let's see: The paleface evolved from the black face way back when, in the dark bushes of the jungle bunny continent. Whitey is therefore higher on the evolutionary scale than is Blacky. Because of this, the young kiddies are told that mating with them is good, very good. Blacky, in turn, evolved from the apes. Using the same logic we should teach Blacky that mating with apes is good, very good.
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. In my library, I have a 1912 plane geometry textbook. The introduction mentions that it is a text for those who DO NOT INTEND to continue their education BEYOND THE 8th GRADE! With an appropriate title change, it could pass as a college textbook today. Ah! The joy of integration and the required down grading so that weez alls ekuls.
CUI BONO. They are still pushing the nonsense – there's more variation between members of a race then there is between the races. Marxist rubbish! (Ask these fruit cake promoters what they mean by 'variation'.)

There you are. A German fellow gazing at a blue-eyed Scottish woman and one of those 'black beauties' straight out of the Congo bush. Your EYES tell you there's one hellova difference between the Scot and the Congoid. Your NOSE tells you there's one hellova difference between the Scot and the Congoid. Run your fingers through the 'hair' on the heads of both. Your FINGERS tell you there's one hellova difference between wool and true hair. What, pray tell, is there about your SENSES which the indoctrinators fear? So much so, in fact, that a large proportion of your "education" is devoted to convincing you that your SENSES ARE IN ERROR. (Many of our Marxist teachers indirectly insult our intelligence.) Who benefits from such a process? And why?

God outfitted you, as well as every other critter on the face of this planet, with SENSES which are for the benefit of you personally and your race, in particular. Survival of the individual is secondary to the survival of the kind. One NEVER HAS TO SIT ONE DAY IN A CLASSROOM nor read even a single book in order to function as a normal viable being. Education has always been for the purpose of learning new skills and obtaining knowledge. That is not so today. Most of your school seat time is devoted to conditioning your mind so as to OVERRIDE your reason and sensory perceptions. Whatever the 'seat of your pants' tells you, there will be some teacher who will tell you that you are wrong and you'll be marooned on the isle of the politically incorrect. Yes, the mind can be warped so that a person becomes dysfunctional and our masters incorrectly believe that it will be easier to rule drug-crazed, sex-crazed and self-indulgent people than sane and thinking men and women.

Racially conscious people obviously have their senses operating according to Nature's law. No 'sane' goat would want to stuff his joint into the rear of a sheep and no sane White person would desire a camel or Congoid for a humping session. Our masters want racial awareness destroyed and that cannot be accomplished without destroying one's ability to use his senses in an intelligent manner. Day care communes are an ideal place to f--- up the minds of the young. That's why ZOG promotes their use. Day after day, the endless pounding that black equals white, up is the same as down, hating hate is an approved form of hate, etc., deadens the senses of all involved. Indeed, all day care centers PROMOTE race-mixing aggressively.

The mass media and ZOG are one in the same – anti-White. The pie-faced Connie Chung, with her jew husband, recently vented their anti-White sentiments on a recent Larry King show. TV is THE mass indoctrination medium and what you see there is what ZOG fully intends this society to become. All programs, including the otherwise great National Geographic specials, are now saturated with jungle bunny noises from log thumping bump-a-da-bump bump to Whitney Houston type screech, holler and warble. They intent to create a nigger environment everywhere you look, and prompt the young to do the 'pot' route so that they feel like niggers. Rock concerts are nigger in structure and tattoos, pierced noses and bizarre apparel is straight out of the jungle. White people who imitate niggers are dysfunctional and most of them cannot exist without handouts from a welfare agency, public or private – meaning air-headed parents, usually. These people are PROBLEM MAKERS and not problem solvers.

It's a credit to the White race that they can land men on the moon; lay gigantic cables under the sea and develop the technics which has led to this modern marvel we call technology WHILE CARRYING USELESS BLACK BAGGAGE ON THEIR BACKS. Without White support, Blacks can do nothing on their own. Let those who claim otherwise demonstrate it.

Rockwell used to shout, "White man, fight!" Before that can happen, White men must act like White men and far too many of them put savages to shame. Take those 'spring break' orgies for example: drugs, sexual free wheeling, disease spreading, alcohol and so on, usually to the extent that at least one person dies from his excesses. These people are disrespectful to their families not only by their behavior but by the fact they more than often are in college at their parents' expense. Lives founded upon such hedonistic behavior certainly are not lives which will benefit society in the long run as many employers are now starting to discover. Not only do these vagabonds offer nothing of value, they view the independence obtained by working for a living as mundane and often, as a form of slavery. Communists always support such behavior as it is destructive to a society but once political power is achieved, such 'useful idiots' are quickly exterminated. (That's one of the few positive things I can say about communism as it's currently practiced.)

It's not all bad news. The good news is that we still have millions of great young people silently contributing and enduring the handicaps ZOG places upon their existence. Daily, they are bombarded with Marxist propaganda and the "rights" protected assaults by their inferiors. The fact that they "hang on" and continue to function is a complement to the White spirit. I don't view these people as cowards which is something the unemployed bar flies of the blightwing – the potential jail birds – love to harp about.

Don't be conned out of using your God-given senses BY ANYONE for ANY REASON no matter how many clowns subscribe to it. If you are encouraged to eat spinach, it suffices to say, "I don't like it." If a harangue follows illustrating all of the benefits – iron, vitamin C, fiber, etc. – tell them, "You eat it." If that doesn't work, walk away. If the bastard follows you, introduce his teeth to the moving end of a ball bat. Draw that line in the sand and stick to it. You just might be standing alone. In that case, smile and show them the finger they can rotate on. It's better to live one day as a lion than a whole year as a sheep.

I popped on to that foolish, time wasting, thing called discussion groups. It's an arguing format where each turns off his computer while retaining the same idiotic notions he signed on with. Again – for the 69th time – someone is promoting that "Northwest migration" nonsense. The fellow should visit that place where he could observe first hand, a Chinese governor and mestizos thicker than flies and maggots on a rotting corpse. Whites have simply lost the ability to question and learn – or even think! The world will not miss them except perhaps for the jews, who will then have to work for a living.
Their fatal tri-racial make up compels them to kill the Golden Goose. – FAEM

You got that right.

    I recently looked into the world-wide population distribution of 'Jews'.  Tri-racialism aside, they are only able to thrive on ONE racial group, and that's the whites.  Here's the leading population centers of Jews:  America is first, followed by Israel, Russia, the British Commonwealth as a group, and France.  After that the numbers drop to tens of thousands in non-white mestizo countries and mere hundreds in true oriental countries.  They simply can't out-oriental true orientals.

    That last datum is most significant.  As the western 'colonial' presence declined in the East and Far East, the Jewish populations there melted apace too.  China is now listed as having a mere 300 hundred Jews resident. In the late 19th-early 20th Century the Jewish population in China was tens of thousands in the various 'International Settlements.  It's the same story in India.  There too a population of only several hundred remains.

    As Israel and Bernard Schwarz of Loral sell America down the river with juicy backstabbing nuclear technology deals with the Chinese, the 'smart Jews' should remember one thing:  the Chinese have not forgotten the colonial Opium Trade was once known as "the Jews' business" and controlled by Jewish families like the Sassoons. Where do people think Joe Colombo of the old NYC Profaci Mafia Family got the idea to complain about organized crime prosecution as 'ethnic discrimination'?  Can you say 'Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism'?


O woe is us! Der Clinton reduced the military budget and der Gore nods. Der Bush will put it all back together ag'in. O my.

Now, it would seem that a fat military is useful for one of two things: (1) conquering other lands or (2) defending our borders. Bush Jr.'s father, Georgie boy, wasn't into the conquering bit. He, via his jew and mulatto generals preferred to "wage war" against third-world countries just to prove how big a bully we can be. The Iraq thing was little more than a fireworks display where the TV boobs could relate – a Nintendo game where they could rain death and destruction without ever worrying about retaliation. Yes, there were a few sacrificial goats who joined the Army "to get a college degree."

Defending our borders? Ha. Ha. Ha. What borders?

If the military is not defending our borders or conquering foreign lands, then why do we have it at all?

Speaking of Iraq: It is a major source of oil and so how does ZOG relate this to the lowering of oil prices? First, they blow up the oil producing country and second, they slap an embargo on their exports. Yes old patriotic goofs; first I dynamite your bakery and then threaten you if you attempt to sell bread and then I cry about the price of wiener rolls. It's just typical American logic – I saved so  much money on all of those sales that I am now broke.

Paris, Friday, September 8, 2000
Suit Alleges French Railroad Profited by Deportation of Jews

Agence France-Presse

NEW YORK – Holocaust survivors and their descendants have filed a class-action lawsuit here against the French National Railroad, SNCF, charging that it knowingly transported 75,000 Jews to Nazi concentration camps during World War II.
... article continues but one doesn't have to eat a plateful in order to know what doo-doo tastes like.

If this is successful, which it probably will be because people seem scared dungless of the jews, then I suspect they'll want to hang anyone who sold a sandwich on the train – or the people who made the wheels – or the tracks – or profited from the coal which was burned to provide power. Once a blood-sucker finds you'll do nothing to stop him, he'll call in his entire family to feed.  Here again we have it – anti-Semitism results from the jews' BEHAVIOR and not simply because they have a bizarre set of religious delusions. Their fatal tri-racial make up compels them to kill the Golden Goose. 

It does not TAKE all kinds – . There ARE all kinds. Why should any healthy society have to put up with AIDS carriers, for example, whom I'd be reluctant to feed to any healthy crocodile? Why do we have to TOLERATE  misfits who wouldn't last one day in any respectable society of buzzards? or dung beetles?
I hope you American honkies are paying attention to what the U.N. is up to. Part of their 'millennium' conference was aired on C-Span and a couple of nifty announcements were made. The U.N. is now flipping from being a debating society for turd-world honky-haters to a "world governance" body with authority to override national sovereignty such as hauling Americans before a world court if some tree-swinging ape decides you are up to no good. In addition, they think that the American has too much material wealth which should be distributed according to "need". (The theory is that when everyone is fat, lazy, stupid and free to copulate with anything he can finger, then 'piss' – as the Israelis say – will reign supreme. Ha. Ha. Ha.) The solution to the 'forever needy nigger' problem – tribal warfare and AIDS in Africa – is more handouts and you'll never guess who they have in mind. "Democracy" only benefits the majority and on a world scale honkies don't even rank third.

Eric claims that the U.N. Charter is a treaty and thus overrides the Constitution. One lawyer argued that it is not and so far about 100 Congressmen have petitioned that the U.S. pull out of the U.N. Except for possibly one, the entire Senate is a piece of jewish property while the House reflects the will of the people to slight degree. (Once the American boob wakes up to who is yanking on his balls, the U.N. will go bye-bye – and hopefully those who attempted to stuff us into this cage receive exactly what they deserve. It would be nice to witness a kangaroo court such as we forced upon the Germans at Nuremberg, only in reverse.) The U.N. is a continuation of the communist jew pipe-dream (League of Nations) for world control and both Gore and Clinton support it. World chaos will mount because all of this Disneyland "it's a small world" crap flies in the face of reality. Everyone knows that when two boys are thumping each other, the way to stop them is SEPARATION. Separation is what most married couples do after the novelty of steady goona-goona wears off. People, and every other critter on the face of this planet, will always prefer their own kind unless they are degenerate. Not everyone is a Hillary or Bill. People ALWAYS view the world differently when THEIR ox is gored. No pun intended. 

The shortest distance between two points is not a Maiden Form bra.
After the war which established ZOGism as the primary political force in the world, a fellow named Kaufman wrote a book, Germany Must Perish. That was all well and good considering those freedoms of this and that. Suppose a fellow named Hofmann wrote a book, Israel Must Perish. Do you think the tolerant freedom brigade would then sing the praises of all that equal opportunity jazz ? 
They say that bananas are rich in potassium but gunpowder is richer.
Games you can't lose: Russian roulette when the barrel is stuffed up the other fellow's nose.
             If voting really made a difference, it would be outlawed.
We know that those critters who call themselves 'veggies' are opposed to killing animals for food. Some varieties of these twits will – to their credit – drink milk, eat cheese and eggs. Now we have the 'fruities' – those who will not kill a plant in order to secure food. Ripping a carrot from the ground, as horses do when they get a chance, does kill the plant. (You didn't know horses were killers, did you?) When one yanks a plum from the old fruit tree, he does not kill the tree but he does prevent that plum from maturing and growing into another tree. Thus, the 'fruities' are in the abortion business relative to our DNA 'relatives', the fruit trees and bushes.

Does one invite his own demise when he yells, "Eat me!"?

If riches are tied to high intelligence, then how do you account for basketball players?
"Scientists" say that the  woodchuck-sized hyrax is the "nearest" living relative of the elephant. I wonder what the nearest dead relative of the elephant looks like.
Irene said, "My, what a small organ."                         Don replied, "I didn't expect to play in a cathedral."

Dear Mr. Frenz

The FAEM website is one of the most interesting and most intelligent websites I have discovered so far. And it is funny. Every time I turn on my computer, the first thing I do is to check FAEM for new entries.

My best regards, J.L.

There is nothing wrong with science as long as it's connected to the brain. Unfortunately, this is not the case today. The Third Reich is no longer with us. There is something about down-to-earth approaches which take the fun out of life.
I think it's about time I reread China, the Jews and WW III. The world is getting more interesting – fast!

With Vincente Fox (look like a honky to me) running Mexico, it looks like he'll be pushing for more of his "little brown men" to take a hike to the sucker's dump – the god land of the freebies – jew ass olé. Of course the mestizos will retain a dual citizenship which the American boob feels are a sort of right for non-Whites. Open borders will be such fun.

Watch China! With a food shortage, over-population and lots of Western boom-sticks in their arsenal, it would come as no surprise that they drop their chopsticks, let the egg rolls get cold and decide to do what Genghis loved best – run over those stupid occidental clowns. Rivers, lakes and reservoirs are drying up and their mistreatment of the environment is bringing forth new stretches of man-made desert. It is noted that about 2400 square miles of China turn into a desert each year. Add to this the unrelenting drought and you have a bunch of rice cakes ready to pop. Americans, not yet having their fill of masochist pleasure, will love to have millions more of their yellow "brothers" stop in for tea and stay awhile. Hell, we just might see the day when Chinese fast food joints outnumber the Burger Kings and pizza parlors. But keep your eye on your pets. Sweet and sour pork is not always what it is claimed to be.

Didja ever wonder why there seems to be a news blackout concerning Russia and Mr. Putin? We used to see Clinton's drunken buddy Boris on TV all of the time. Interesting things are going on in Russia. You can bet on that.

As the decades clock by, who knows what or who will be left standing. Man has never forsaken his primary urge – screwing himself out of house and home. We are on a trolley going downhill in a hurry but the valley below is covered in fog and we won't know what's there until we crash into it.