25 September 2000
USA Today, September 13, had an article "Poor nations just getting poorer." In an absolute sense, this is false. The poor and starving cannot get any lower without dying. The "poorer" is a relative thing meaning that the 'rich' are simply getting richer and the Marxist policies of distributing evenly the wealth which is earned unevenly, is not succeeding. Should we be surprised? I am not. When one feeds a nonviable population all that is produced is an increase in the number of non-viable people. The numbers of those starving automatically increases. Starvation among populations is not cured by misguided charity. It is cured by hard work. If the environment is not suitable, then the environment is changed (only White people seem capable of doing this big time) or Johnny Bang-bang's tribe should pack up an move elsewhere – which they are doing wholesale here in the disintegrating jew ass oi vey. America has usually managed huge food surpluses due to its large land mass and small White population. As the hordes invade, more and more farm land is leveled in order to make housing complexes for the speculative increase in parasitic dwellers. More people are planting their ass on our soil which takes away farm land not to mention an increase in disease and crime. It's like burning your house, a piece at a time, in order to keep warm. Someday the last shingle will be consumed.

Under Black misrule all African food exporting countries have become food importing countries which should tell even the beer sucking niggerball fan something about 'equality'. The idiotic ostensible Whites seem to think that the future of food production will be a sort of chemical assembly line producing 'health bars' out of thin air and soy beans. Such is the intoxication with 'science' which, like God, will solve everything if you pray – beg – hard enough. (If I were a god, I'd have only contempt for such praying beggars!) Our food supply, due to this childlike fantasy, is already of poor quality and the result has been a decrease in resistance to disease. People seem to be "allergic" to nearly everything. This is a sign that they simply cannot function in the real world. Only a calamity will stop this insane drive. Race-mixing, which makes people more dysfunctional, will only acerbate the situation. If you think "genetic engineering" will be a solution, then I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Over the decades, jews such as Montagu (changed name) have informed us that there is no such thing as "race". Since it must be true, if it comes from a jew, then I enthusiastically ask, "Then what in hell is 'racism'?"

Putting that professional but idiotic opinion aside, racism is a doctrine which holds that certain races are naturally superior to other races. Once a criteria is specified, then the truth of the definition is obvious. If we define superiority as the ability to run around bare-assed, in relative comfort, during a Siberian blizzard, then the Yellow race is superior. (Their circulatory system is designed differently than the other races'.) If we define superiority as the ability to withstand heavy blows to the head without apparent injury, then the Black race is superior. (Their skulls are very thick.) If we define superiority as the ability to create technical marvels, then the White race is superior. If we define superiority as the ability to produce huge food surpluses, then the White race is again superior. If you count up all the areas of superiority, then the White race is superior on the count alone!

All races are racist. If they weren't, they'd be useless in the scheme of things. It's not the real world racism which is heralded to be a problem. It's White racism, because that and that alone stands in the way of mud-world domination. The United Nations, while created by jews, is now rapidly falling into the hands of the turd-world. Jews always create castles of sand and always lay the foundation for their own misfortune. If some magic bone could erase all vestiges of White racism, then the world would be plunged into a struggle to determine the top rooster. Blacks simply do not have a chance against the Yellows. Without White support, Blacks are nothing and only a pot head could believe that Yellow people would supply welfare programs for the Blacks.

In our topsy-turvy Orwellian world, racism has had many tails pinned on it. If one is racist, then one is full of hate (the opposite of the love for one's own kind). If one is full of hate, then one seeks ways to destroy those not of his own kind. Racism thus leads to 'genocide'. In order to prevent such 'holocausts', racism must be destroyed. You might terrorize people into BEHAVING as if they were not racists, but you'll never destroy that internal spirit unless a reverse genocide is brought into play. Insane contradictions abound. The 'tolerant' are always intolerant of those who do not agree with them. One can hate as long as it's hate they hate. Some varieties of hate are more politically correct than others.

IF Davey hadn't hid in the closet to masturbate, THEN he wouldn't have found the truck driver's gun. IF he hadn't found the gun, THEN he wouldn't have shot the balls off Mrs. Daley's cat. IF Mrs. Daley's cat hadn't lost his balls, THEN then it could have fathered six kittens. IF it had fathered six kittens, THEN they could have killed the rats living in the truck driver's barn. IF the rats were killed, THEN the truck driver wouldn't have bought the gun. IF the truck driver hadn't bought the gun, THEN Davey's mother wouldn't have wanted to store it. IF she hadn't wanted to store it, THEN she wouldn't have had the closet built. IF the closet weren't built, THEN Davey couldn't have hid in it in order to pull on his taffy.

At the end of all these IF-THENs lies a simply jewish conclusion. Masturbation causes masturbation.

I never had to go through what some of the kiddies do today. My mom wasn't an air head. How many times have we heard about mama dragging her offspring to the clinic for a 'shot' for something or the other? "It won't hurt," she assures the struggling critter. After a scream following the stab, a few tears, and then a general quiet, mama continues, "See? I told you it wouldn't hurt."

How about the super-market scene? Little Irene moans that she wants a Hershey Bar. Mom replies, "No you don't."

This sort of crap continues on into school where the young are bombarded with all sorts of doodoo which their senses tell them is BS, pure, smelly and simple. After a few years of this injustice, few brains survive the assault and their owners drift off into a surrealistic world to continue the process of robbing people of their common sense. Once your brain is scrambled, you are no longer in touch with reality – the reality which provides the only true information your need. This brings me to Dr. Rubin. (Honkies just love getting false information from the self-chosenites.)

The kindly doc handed out some sound nutritional advice concerning the longevity of your household  pal, Rover the roaming retriever. Doc said that "'scientifically designed" canned, and bagged, concoctions were superior to anything the dog would choose to eat for himself. Since they can't brainwash dogs, the next best thing is their owners. Eating the super-market stuff, he claimed, would add "years to a dog's life." Uh huh. Oi vey. This flies in the face of evidence but if honkies ever paid attention to facts, they wouldn't be in the fine mess we see today.

There are two aspects to this topic. (1) Read the labels on those super-market "vet approved", "scientifically formulated" boxes and cans of crap the poor captive dogs have to swill down. From soy beans to the floor sweepings of a chemical laboratory, it's all there. What sound dog, using his God-given sense of smell and taste, would EVER eat this garbage unless it had no other choice?

The addlepated doc continued with tales about "lactose intolerant" canines. (I secretly suspect he is a 'survivor'.) Hank, Chubby and Purp, our farm dogs, drank warm, fresh milk twice a day and they loved it, as did our nine cats who only had one life each. The dogs ate MEAT, as any canine SHOULD. (The cats stuffed themselves on birds and mice.) Hank preferred woodchucks; Purp rabbits and Chubby would eat the first thing he could kill. He always cast a side glance at the chickens but granny was rather intolerant in this regard. What effect did all of this 'politically incorrect' chow have on the dogs? Hank and Chubby lived to be 18 and Chubby's life was cut short at close to 18, probably from an overdose of fresh air and too much of a good life. My own dog, a Dalmatian, lived to be 16 which astonished the vet who eye-balled him from time to time. He told me that most Dalmatians died before they were 12. Spot was weaned using raw meat, milk, raw eggs and loved eating chicken bones. He NEVER had one sick day in his life and died of old age which lasted about 3 weeks! This is factual evidence but leave it to a jew to tell you that the truth lies elsewhere.

Now, the young of today have been subject to the most massive coordinated campaign of brain-washing the world has ever seen. The air is so full of BS that if lies were purple, no one would be able to see the hand in front of his face. Just because your past was not a bowl of Rudy Vallee cherries, that is NO EXCUSE for not getting your act together and become the White man, or woman, you were MADE TO BE. You cannot FIGHT as a White man unless you ARE ONE.

If I were Yellow or Black, I'd not be a White racist. God handed me the only things I can work with. The next time you pray, maybe He'll tell what He had in mind.
When I watch the christian zionist religious con artists on TV, I am reminded that nitwits have always been plentiful throughout the ages. I love the "end timers". They have been around since the first humanoids learned to squawk at each other. I remember vividly one such huckster announcing the "end" for October 12, 1978. Following this, he offered pricey tours of the "holy land" for the following Christmas season. If you cannot detect the absurdity in this, then I hope you bought a ticket.

Stifel was one of the oddest personalities in the history of mathematics. He was originally a monk, was converted by Luther, and became a fanatical reformer. His erratic mind led him to indulge in number mysticism. From an analysis of Biblical writings, he prophesied the end of the world in October 3, 1533 (and you thought it was December 31, 1999?) and was forced to take refuge in a prison after ruing the lives of many believing peasants who abandoned work and property ion order to accompany him to heaven. (Those were more sane times when such people were simply hanged without burdening the society with trials, etc.) An example of his mystical reasoning is his "proof", by arithmology, that Pope Leo X was the 666 "beast" of the Bible. From the name LEO DECIMVS he retained the letters LDCIMV and added an X, for Leo X, and omitted the M, because it stood for mystery. A rearrangement of the letters gave DCLXVI or 666. This is an example of "jewish science" – start with the conclusion and bend the facts to fit. Stifel might not have been a biological jew, but he certainly thought like one.

In my sock I have a piece of paper bearing some number. What it is, is called TRUTH. Someone might CONVINCE you that the number is 666. Some might even offer you documents, arguments and an interpretation of Nostradamus. Maybe he'll tell you God told him. I might arbitrarily say that your answer is right or wrong. In fact, we might just set up a debating society and argue the matter "holocaust" style, but it will all come to naught – other than keeping us busy and distracted from the fact the house is on fire – since the only PROOF will be something demonstrable in the PRESENT. I must take off my g.d. sock and let the inquiring minds see for themselves.

Our young kids, and most adults, have been CONVINCED that wogs and nigs are equal to the Aryan man. This is not a PROOF by anyone's standards. When someone asks for PROOF, he is met with catcalls and invective. If you know the number I hid in my sock, then you shouldn't waste your time talking to the arrogantly ignorant. Your senses tell you all you need to know. Save your energy for the non-verbal battles.

One ding dong opined that mongrels represent the next step up the evolutionary ladder. Since jews are tri-racial, they thus sit on the top of the heap which their religion tells them anyway. Sticking your vanilla spoon into chocolate pudding has nothing to do with evolution. It only reveals one is hard up in the crotch obsession business. There is simply no practical, or otherwise normal, need for anyone to seek a partner of another own race. God did not create the race-mixed muds – wayward humanoids did.
Many young honkies love race-mixed schools. The standards are lowered to accommodate the bush bunnies and so the lazy honkies can then secure high grades without any effort at all.
As children, we held our father's hand as we watched our beloved mother being buried. Dad had tears running down his cheeks but there was no sign of the emotional breakdown which is so very common among the so-called men of today. The following Monday he was back at his job and we were back in school. That was before the days when a whole school goes into mourning and offers 'crisis counseling' for the emotionally weak and dysfunctional. "I had a wonderful 15 years with your mother, but it's over and we shall move on." That was dad's eulogy to mom and we NEVER held 'anniversaries' where we all blubbered and held candle light vigils – and flags at half-mast – like the very jewish looking brother of Princess Diana. Only sick people wallow in self-pity and that brings me to the topic of the "holocaust" which has more to do with reparations and gassing then it does a consumption by fire.

Blubbering about events, real or imagined, which are claimed to have occurred a half century ago, changes nothing and it is IMPOSSIBLE to ever know the truth about what a batch of hearsay (gossip) or documents, real, forged or conveniently missing, might be interpreted as. Most people simply do not care about the past. Niggerball, computer entertainment, rump humping and cocaine snorting are simply too much fun to be distracted by "debates" over the color of the smoke issuing from flammable jews. Those who still – ho hum! – choose to bicker generally fall into two groups (1) the 'true believers' – jews and those who claim to love jews – who nonetheless are anxious to prove that millions upon millions of jews perished and (2) those who are claimed to hate jews but nonetheless try to demonstrate that more jews survived than perished. It's a very strange logic: if you love things, you want to believe that they were destroyed and if you hate things, you want to believe that they live. It's little wonder that sane people shy from this bizarre arena of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Each side, the 'revisionists' – recently labeled "holocaust deniers" – and the 'exterminationists', have been at it for fifty years as if it were a perpetual; ping pong game. The ball bounces first to one and then to another but no one goes anywhere. One states this and the other counters. Then there is a counter to the counter and so on until the score keeper falls asleep. Now I notice that the believers are discussing the molecular structure of hydrogen cyanide gas as 'proof' of something or the other. This is on a par with examining the the grain of the wooden ax handle which Liz Borden used to massage the heads of her parents.

Neither side will change their minds and the best thing we could all do is to send them into an arena armed to the teeth with swords, grenades, blow guns and so on, and let them DO WHAT IS REALLY ON THEIR MINDS – kill those lousy s.o.b.s! If these jackasses were really SCIENTIFIC then they'd try to duplicate what is was they claim. Remember those two blowhard jew 'scientists' who tried to pull of that "cold fusion" scam? When their 'successful experiment' could not be reproduced, the whole foolish tripe went down the drain. We've had 50 years and that was certainly enough time to DEMONSTRATE that Marv the survivor wasn't having a LSD trip when he told his tale. Both sides should have enough volunteers to conduct whatever would be necessary. After all, Jesus died to wash us of OUR sins so I am sure there will be plenty of jews who will choose to die to wash us of our doubts about the most holy of causts. Of course, neither side is serious. It's only a profitable game they play.

Years ago, I called to account a jew revisionist, automotive engineer (who couldn't keep his own car running), about his IHR claim that people couldn't be killed by breathing diesel exhaust. He went on the say that carbon DIOXIDE wasn't a poisonous gas even though the WW II U.S. Navy diving manuals claim that it is. To further demonstrate that a college education destroys the capacity to think, he blatantly made the statement that one could breath carbon dioxide in safety as long as there was 20 percent oxygen (normal atmospheric level) available. I proposed that he join me at skinny dipping Bonnie's pool in Horseheads NY, where I would outfit him with SCUBA gear. The tanks would contain 3 percent additional oxygen, 10 percent carbon dioxide and 87 percent air. The rules were simple. All he had to do was remain under about 6 feet of water for 30 minutes. When he surfaced, I'd pay his $5000 for his effort. (I had more loose cash in those days. Then I met Ruth who dry cleaned me while my eyes were wide open.) He agreed until I mentioned the last rule: he was to be tied to the bottom of the ladder for the entire 30 minutes. The tank capacity at that depth was about one and one-half hours. He refused! So much for conviction. I have always maintained that if a man won't bet his life on something, then he really is not very serious. When it comes to real world DEMONSTRABLE proof, both exterminationists and revisionists are simply not interested. Both groups swoon in the vapor of their own hot air.

There is a vast difference between CONVINCING someone that such and such is true, than there is in PROVING that such and such is true. The first relates to a BELIEF while the latter relates to TRUTH.

The Olympic Games were founded (by White people) along military lines to determine the best ALL AROUND athlete – not some specialized freak. The discus, javelin and shot put were all military practices as well as the required running and leaping over tall buildings with a single bound. The athlete was scored on ALL events and he was REQUIRED to participate in them ALL. If these rules were in place today, it is doubtful if anyone would win anything.

Over the years, the 'olympics' has taken on all the aspects of a carnival and degenerated to the extent where nigger noise and nigger jerk is now the 'norm. It's totally Hollywood with Las Vegas super glitz. It's all so jewish.

There are now "Special Olympics" complete with wheelchair races. Soon, I'd expect to see Siamese Twin high diving contests and paraplegic wrestling matches. Yodeling could also be an event. Hell, at the rate it is going, baby-sitting could be added thus forcing mothers to take care of THEIR OWN children for a change – at least while the 'games' were on.

Athletics today, along with 'rock and flop', is so drug-saturated that I suggest a "Drug Olympics" where medals could be given for those smoking the most pot and still remain awake during a simulated earth quake. Drug testing would still be required since some might just try to sneak in with a functioning brain.

To all of you breast watchers out there – where do large boobs leave off and udders begin? Moo.
Get this!
Most of my ancestors have been on this continent for about 400 years. No, they were not teepee dwellers or cotton pickers. I think this qualifies me to be labeled an American. Now consider a China fellow with the name Long Tin Wang. He just fell off the boat and took an oath which he'll soon forget. He can call me whatever he wants but if I refer to him as a "slant" or "chink" and fire him from his job, I could wind up in legal doodoo for 'ethnic discrimination'. In other words, this bamboo bombino has MORE RIGHTS in a country which I thought was MINE, than I do!! Could I collect welfare and get cheap schooling if I immigrated to China? That tells you what ZOG is all about. Whites have lost control of the country they founded and built – and are still keeping together by their toil and sweat. Yet, and this is the most surprising thing about it, the Whites simply smile and hand over anything the invaders ask for. Even a chicken flaps its wings and squawks before its head is severed. Calling a White a chicken is to belittle the chicken. If the honky doesn't soon wake up, he'll NEVER WAKE UP!
Stress management? I manage mine quite well. In fact, I spend one-third of my life away from stress. I call it sleeping.
If you choose to be non-violent, then it's quite possible you'll starve for not many animals offer themselves by saying, "Here I am. Eat me." Unless, of course, you are Bill Clinton. How does one DEFEND himself from attack if he is "non-violent"? In fact more people have died at the hands of the benevolent and incompetent than they have from people 'full of hate'. We are accustomed to highway slaughter which racks up more funerals on a daily basis than ever did any blightwing yo-yo who decided he was going the save something or the other, by popping off an otherwise harmless spook. We have a strange set of priorities in this land. If some SUV owning jerk runs over a few undisciplined brats playing marbles in the street, he would receive totally different treatment if he happened to have a swastika tattooed on his forehead, Manson style – who probably would have been in a concentration camp if he were in Germany in 1937. As for myself, I would more appreciate being shot by someone who hated me than by a clown who only wanted to see if his rifle sights were on target.

One steps on roaches in order to get rid of the pests. No hate need be involved. The fact is that hate – a very powerful emotion which will NEVER be legislated out of existence – often mitigates against effective killing. One a person drops into an emotional state, he has lost his advantage. Who is the most feared – really – a COLD-BLOODED killer who LOVES what he is doing or some hot head who blows his top every time ZOG takes more of his tax money and gives it to muds so they can enjoy life without working?

Our most "loved" president, JFK, was assassinated. Our most "despised" president, W.J.C still manages to ply his trade with applause from nearly everyone. You figure it out. I am going to the kitchen and vent my hate. I am going to 'boil to death' a cup of oat flakes and crush the life out of a few raisins with my own bare violent teeth! 

One fellow, at first, thought he'd like to avail himself of my generosity and add his material to this site. After getting scared s---less over a few paragraphs of opinion, he did a 180 claiming that ORION was TOO racist. Let's assume for the purpose of hate, that there IS something called TOO MUCH racism.

Racism is a belief in the superiority of the race to which one belongs. (I have often wondered what a belief in the INFERIORITY of one's race would be called.) A pride in one's race is a corollary to this. Let's stick to White racism because all White-hating people think there is no other kind. If White racists indeed do not belong to a superior race – one that puts men on the moon and invents all the toys the other races love to get their hands on – then they have an unfounded belief. The undeniable fact that non-Whites are killing each other in order to gain access to White lands tells you something. Whites HAVE something which the non-Whites deem SUPERIOR. That's what drives them. If White superiority is a nonsense notion, then where is the evidence to the contrary? Now don't give me that old jew comparison of a yellow Tin Wang who scored 354 on an IQ test a while white Davey Crockett only managed a 72. To determine the temperature (average kinetic energy) of a mass of water, we do not resort to comparing one slug box molecule with a road running one. One billion Chinese really haven't done much other than lay waste to much of their country. A handful of White seamen once managed the whole known world.

If ORION is TOO racist, then what is the politically correct amount? Perhaps one could be a part time racist something like a weekend (NG) warrior. Why not ask the White-haters how much White racism they will tolerate? How about zero? They are the people who are setting the rules. You are either racist or you are not.

The First and Second Amendment haters have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them and their hatred for White people who love White people, knows no bound. That's why they have to justify their hatred by inferring that to love one's own kind means to hate all others. It is precisely THEY who have a sick view of the world and in true jew Freudian fashion, they point their fingers away from themselves. The enemies of the White race have labeled Whites, who like like their own kind, as "haters" and all the jabbering, and debating, in the world will not change that ONE BIT. You are the object of insane hatred and like the object of a shark's lunch, you are not going to change that no matter what you claim, or do.

What puzzles me about all of those who belly-ache about racism, it the fact than NONE of them seem interested in migrating to an area devoid of White people. If I were Black and truly felt oppressed by White racism, I'd buy a one-way ticket on a boat heading for that land of civility and culture, a land where they appreciate true human values – Africa.