2 October 2000
Propaganda contains 1 part in 20 of truth. Propaganda is always identified by its continual repetition for truth only needs one exposure. The TV networks illustrate daily that they are in the business of propaganda. Has WW II ended yet?
Crowds are standing at the lake shore with intent upon dipping into the water. They test the temperature with their toes but still hesitate. All are of the same mind but they fail to enter the water until someone dares to be the first. This first soul is actually a leader – the tiny crystal from which the rain drops form. If it weren't for these kernels which "pop" sooner than the others, not much would ever be done. I always encourage others to speak out and once they do they find they are not alone. Once the crowd is in the lake it's very hard for our evil leaders to tell us we cannot swim there. There's massive power in the people and so far it's been held in check by the marxist propagandists who convince us that we are somehow 'wrong' and that it's better to take-off when the wind is at your backside. It all seems so logical until you study what being airborne is all about.
September 17, 2000

The Editor, Harrison Daily Times

I read in the Times a few days ago that Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" is in danger of being removed from the classrooms of the public schools. This sort of idiocy, similar to what is happening to the Boy Scouts of America, shows the depth of stupidity, the lack of courage, and the willingness of the dwindling White majority to accept uncomplainingly any amount of manure in the face.

When I was a student at the University of Chicago in 1947-48, I had to purchase a copy of Huckleberry Finn since it was required reading in the humanities course I was taking. At that time, the U of Chicago was ranked third, scholastically, in the entire country. Prof. Rose, our humanities teacher, told us students that Huckleberry Finn was among the greatest books ever written by an American author. H. L. Mencken (whom I hold in the highest regard) wrote this about Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn in the "Smart Set" in the February, 1913 issue, page 152.:

"I believe that "Huckleberry Finn" is one of the great masterpieces of the world, that it is the full equal of "Don Quixote" and "Robinson Crusoe"..... I believe that it will be read by human beings of all ages, not as a solemn duty but for the honest love of it.....I believe Mark Twain had a clearer vision of life, that he came nearer to its elementals and was less deceived by its false appearances, than any other American who has presumed to manufacture generalizations....I believe that he was the true father of our national literature, the first genuinely American artist of the blood royal."

So...what has changed since 1948? I'll tell you what has changed. White Americans have been fed a dose of foul, unadulterated drivel by media, politicians and clergy about the need for them to remove all thoughts of pride from within themselves. They have been urged to don the hair shirt of guilt and to accept any insult and outrage presented them by the various minorities who have flocked into their country. The tragedy is: so many Whites accept this degradation as if it were an honor. If I had young children, they would not be in the public schools. H. L. Mencken was home-schooled. Concerned, thoughtful Whites are turning to home-schooling in droves. Ambrose "Bitter" Bierce said he got his greatest delight from observing the human spectacle of cowardice and folly. He put man, intellectually, somewhere between sheep and horned cattle. Unhappily, the more I see of this crumbling society, of its unbelievably indecent leadership, of its willingness to toss out its greatest author because some silly minority can't understand his greatness, the more valid appear the conclusions of Bierce.

erne hume

In order to save the White race, White civilization must collapse.
If it becomes illegal for us to insult one another, then where will the spice of dialogue come from? If one's ego is so feeble and tender that he cannot stand a sideward glance, then perhaps suicide will cure him of this weakness. After all, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me." Should people who love to wallow in self-pity be allowed to infest our living space?
Liberalism is a deadly disease. It assumes that others are as you are. To engage in this with an alien is very dangerous.
Niggerball comes in several varieties. (1) Jumping niggerball (formerly basketball) (2) Scrambling niggerball (formerly baseball) and (3) Steam roller niggerball (formerly football).

A young lady stopped by to cry on my shoulder. I had previously warned her about entering the "teaching" profession. Women, forever propelled by emotion, always have difficulty with cold reason and believe that a parcel of sweetness will make everything better – mommy will kiss it and make the hurt go away. She partially heeded my advice by avoiding public schools and chose to plant her chalk in a private one. I mentioned that parents, with their minds neutralized by environmental equality crap, will always place the failure of their undiciplined and down bred offspring at the teacher's doorstep ESPECIALLY if they have to PAY tuition. MOST DEMAND "A"s FOR THEIR MONEY!!!

As I warned in 1962 (The Crystal Ball periodical), the forced mixing of jungle bunnies in our public schools would effectively destroy the world's best public school system. It is now past history and the best the race mixers can do now is supply a feeble bandage here and there to an arterial wound. The public school system is FINISHED for all practical purposes and ZOG fully intends to destroy the private system except for those of the chosen peepholes. Simply because the carcass is still twitching does not mean it is full of vibrant life and will soon be back on its feet again.

People, who in a sane society would simply be shot, are now running, and ruining, EVERYTHING we once held to be American. Students are being burdened with hours of unnecessary homework in subjects for which they have no intrinsic talent. Daily, I tutor young people in high school mathematics – algebra, geometry, etc. – who CANNOT handle simple fractions and several cannot perform simple division. American kids are INTENTIONALLY being "dumbed down" and mind-altered so that a large percentage of them don't know the day of the week. Parents are being LIED TO big time. Mediocre children suddenly become "gifted and talented", "student of the month", "honors student" and other labels which have NO FOUNDATION in fact. Our effeminate society accepts this feel good approach as the criteria for 'well being'.

Florida's Bush head recently announced that their schools will be graded on an A to F basis. Two Fs, I believe, will be enough to close a school down and the parents will be given freebie vouchers (MORE taxpayer $$) to attend a school of their choice. This is the under-the-tent approach to complete destruction of private schools. Private schools do produce better students simply because they attract BETTER RAW MATERIAL. No wog school, public or private, has ever got past the crawling stage. Imagine that you own a pie factory complete with the best stainless steel production gadgets available and your task was to produce quality pies made from mud. Good luck! Of course, and in tune with our jew-dazed set of no values, we could label them "apple" and then call those who didn't like to eat such pies, intolerant haters.

* * * * * *
The jew-daze which has effectively immobilized a great share of our population was demonstrated recently on C-Span during a Christian Coalition gathering. One-third of the speakers were jews including a rabbi. The theme was obvious and the Christian nit-wits were repeatedly reminded that they were only a slab of bark on God's Talmudic tree. "The trunk," smiled the lisping rabbi, "is not a branch." What sort of people PAY to have speakers insult them? And then applaud?

* * * * * *
Gordon Robertson, the son in line to acquire his father's hokum racket, recently burbled about the Tufts University refusal to continue supporting a "Christian" student's group. The Bible was declared to be full of "hate speech" relevant to the perverts we choose to call "gay". This was a result of a time-proven commie technique. It seems that a lesbian mud gained membership and then, when in an advantageous position, denounced the very organization which welcomed her. Christians NEVER catch on to anything. The 'love of Jesus' which glows in their eyes blinds them to the real world, I guess.

It's been around for so long I stand amazed that so few can see the machinations. Those 'persecuted' demand entry. Aholes let them in. The persecuted ultimately gain political power and then proceed to persecute those STUPID enough to grant them leniency in the first place. It's the way to take-over and Americans are now experiencing this full blown. "You want to hang me but you have no rope? Hell, I'll loan you some." Like the sky-divers enjoying their trip downward – laughing all the way – Americans have FAITH (like the Rhodesians and Afrikaners) that the parachute will open before reality presents itself.

It takes intelligence to learn a complicated procedure. It takes far more intelligence to know when not to use it.
How do you expect to retain your property once you've given your country away?
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.
There's a great shortage of English and math teachers who are masochistic enough to venture into inner city "schools" (actually, detention centers where the prisoners have more 'rights' than do the keepers.) They even want to pull retirees out of hiding and offer them additional $$$$ incentives. After 45 years of failure to prove that environment causes simian brains to be unreceptive to education, they are still at it. Americans never seem to learn from their mistakes and so this circus will continue until the lights go out and the wells run dry. 
The more we disregard racial differences, the more apparent they become.
What ho? Quite so.
  Let's see. How does it go? The ugly honky colonized Africa and caused all of that segregation plus heaping tons of exploitation upon the innocent peace loving indigenous nature lovers. Terrible. Terrible. So, during a fit of political correctness, the pale face pulled out his stakes, packed his tent and went home thus leaving the Blacks 'R' Us bunch to put Africa back together again. You'd think that would be the end of it. But NO! They are now calling for a re-colonization of that land mass in order to bail the bush bunnies out of the mess they caused themselves. If nignogs are so damned equal, how come they always need a batch of White skins to keep them from starving? 
With tears in my eyes, I listened to a TV narrator explaining how the Injuns – always in tune with Nature – are worried about the environment. He commented continually about how the "Native American" – a misnomer for replanted Asiatics – never caused pollution or a ravishing of the countryside. This implied a sweet and more saintly nature, I suppose. The fact is that the plains Injuns often stampeded thousands of Bison over cliffs in order to facilitate the gathering up of skins, bones and meat. Most of it was left to rot. In Africa, once the jackass White gave guns to the nigs, the "in tune with nature" savages quickly took to machine-gunning down whole herds of antelope and so on. Bazookas (named after the musical instrument played by Bob Burns) were employed to down elephants and rhinos. Injuns, like the Blacks, are ingrates and should thank Whitey for not killing them to the last man. This pap is so very wearing. 

The politically correct should be MADE TO LIVE with the aliens they claim are their equals.
It's hard to tell which jew-stooge, Gore or Bush, is the more simple minded. Recently, Gore said that a vote for him was a vote for "a new future". Does this means that if you vote for Bush you'll be voting for an 'old future'? Greta, we are in deep shit.
One fellow asked me why is was that books on mexican hygiene, jewish ethics and negro achievements only contained blank pages. Maybe it was a trick question.
An older German once told me that America should be punished for what they did to Germany during WW II. I told him that Americans ARE BEING PUNISHED but most of them are so down-bred and stupid that they do not realize that fact.
Inner city dwellers have done more damage to American property than the Luftwaffe ever could have.
A woman's right to choose?
This means that she has the legal privilege to kill the unborn! Men – that unborn is YOUR child too!! Are men perfectly willing to let a woman DECIDE whether a man's child lives or dies? It would appear so and it is quite obvious that far too many males view a woman – like they did their mommys – as some object which will make them feel good. For that, they gladly sold their manhood and their souls. Our future calamities will be well deserved.
TALMUDIC TIDBITS: A recent radio report featured the complaints of a 'civil rights' jew who complained that 'upscale shopping malls' were hiring Black security officers to watch Blacks. When Black security caught Black shoplifters in one case, a Black was killed. The jew opined that the malls were 'evil' to have Blacks policing Blacks for that was "racist". When Whites policed Blacks, that was even 'more racist'. Perhaps the jew would exempt Blacks from being policed at all. It's impossible to give a kike what he likes, for a jew is never happy no matter how much the dumb Goyim try to please him. Time to please yourself, Whitey! E.T.
One retired U.S. military man had a practical view of military integration: when Blacks were in all-Black units, they mutinied en masse. With integrated armed forces, they can no longer do that on a unit basis, so they must content themselves with fragging officers and recreation in the forms of beating and raping White soldiers, along with occasional riots. There's no life like it! Why does Black behavior always resemble prison behavior, no matter what sort of institution they are in? Ours not to reason why, it's back to Africa they should fly! Why should we deprive Africa of the 'Black genius' it needs to solve the problems of that continent? Let's be fair and send them all back there! E.T.

No. I am not a revisionist. I do not argue over material which cannot be verified except by experimental duplication or the use of a time machine. The "holocaust" bickering and yammering is too deeply founded upon HEARSAY and BELIEF for my liking.
No. I do not "analyze" religions such as some blightwingers do, nor do I attempt to surmise who adheres to what they claim to adhere to. ALL RELIGIONS contain a large percentage of pure 'feel good' malarkey plus ample portions of "God will getcha if ya don't watch out!" hokum. I condemn no religion for the weird, and not provable notions which are part and parcel of its "truth".
"Civil Rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of White males and do not apply to them." Mary Frances Berry – black face, honky hating chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights under addlepated President Ronald Reagan, 1984.
How often have you been told that inbreeding produces sick critters and that outbreeding produces wonderful improvements? Betcha didn't bother to even look up the words! Well folks, according to that little known book called the dictionary, inbreeding is defined as: To breed by the continued mating of closely related individuals, especially to preserve desirable traits in a stock.

Impregnating your sister does not constitute inbreeding since it is not a CONTINUED operation involving the offspring of such a mating. A one shot copulation with one of a different race is not outbreeding for the same reason. Breeding implies an operation spanning generations.

Outbreeding is usually championed by race-mixers who come from a long line of bipeds who didn't care who stuck what into where – as long as it felt good. Outbreeding produces hybrids in the best scenario but usually odd combinations of this and that in mongrels. Without arguing over the genetic whatalls, it would be hard for me to believe that a batch of physically repulsive humanoids is superior to an extended family of handsome blue-eyed blondes.

Outbreeding DOES NOT ENHANCE desirable characteristics but only serves to MASK undesirable characteristics. Outbreeding thus spreads defects among a larger population than would be the case otherwise.

Inbreeding augments BOTH desirable and undesirable characteristics. The undesirable characteristics are thus amplified but spread over a very tiny percentage of the population. If those so afflicted are prevented from breeding, than that characteristic is eventually removed from the gene pool.

So far, the niggerball brigade has agreed that 10 one-gallon containers of water containing 10 percent camel dung is a better water supply than are 9 one-gallon containers of pure spring water and 1 one-gallon container of 100 percent camel dung. In the latter case, one could always throw away the pail of camel dung. Diluting the crap is not the way to a better water supply and neither is race-mixing a path to better people.