13 October 2000
Wouldn't it be nice of the Democrat party called itself what it really is – the Neo-communist party?
O don't worry, the Republicans are trying hard to catch up.
One must give the Islam crowd a lot of credit. Their suicide missions prove they are very serious. This is something a jew will never do – give his life for his tribe, or anything else for that matter. An American really never understands this kind of loyalty and dedication, for the American is hardly loyal even to himself. During WW II, the kamikaze was a source of great puzzlement and the best the boob could do to explain it was to call it an act of insanity. We were in the early stages of jew-daze then.
A War criminal is anyone who:

(1) is on the losing side.
(2) kills people with no just cause.
(3) kills people WITH just cause. This proves intolerance.
(4) with a severe food shortage, prefers to feed his kin before he feeds concentration camp criminals.
(5) follows military orders.
(6) exacts reprisals when partisans kill his comrades.
(7) fails to give aid and comfort to the enemy.
(8) maintains his oath of loyalty to his nation.
(9) fails to surrender before the first shot is fired.
The bad news: The relative numbers of jews and Palestinians being killed in the continual mud east playground is small.
The good news: In most inner jungle city schools, English teachers are in very short supply along with math teachers. Teacher shortages are blamed for class sizes of 50 and more.
More good news.
The desert cutthroats (Hebrews – Habiru Sagaz) probably are itching, as do the christian end-timers, for Apocalypse Now so they can all go skyward to play canasta with God. The Army-gad-on prophesy is of course poppycock and so the mentally deranged judeo-christian clowns are making it into a recipe – a staged play hoping that the main player won't miss His cue. If they can get the world pot to boil and outdo Hiroshima and Dresden, I'll bet all of my frozen bagels that Christ will never show up.
Dear Robert:

Boy! Scary article. Thank god I'm not in school now.  And thank god my late aunt, an education professor, saved up boxes of old textbooks from the days of rigor. They'll come in use for the child my wife is now carrying and future children to follow. (Browse the used book stores for texts printed prior to the judeo-communist takeover of 1945. RF)

"Mr. Klein of California State at Northridge says the number of calculus sections on his campus has been cut in half in the last 10 years, because of declining interest and ability. And the students who enroll are weaker, he says, because they did not receive an adequate education in high school algebra."

God's honest truth is spoken.  Math is quickly going down hill and this is drastically affecting the technical fields.  Engineering and Science graduates as a whole are down 50% in the past 20 years, including the supposedly lucrative fields of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering.  The reason is because most kids can't hack it in the last domain of educational standards, even though partial credit has crept in and reared its ugly head (do you get partial credit with the judge when your chemical only kills some people, and not everyone? – how about a building that only half fallen down?).  Standards that won't fall too far there until society decides that it can live with the ongoing catastrophes that occur in turd world countries every day of buildings falling down, trains wrecking, planes crashing, regular power blackouts, etc.  But I'll bet even that is coming eventually.  Until then, the dolts must go into "business school" (or if too dumb for that, then into "education school"), which is why I note that the big investment banks here in New York City are focusing more and more energy on recruiting engineering and sciences graduates (further reducing the pool of technical people, note well), because the undergraduate business school graduate cannot perform simple business calculations like net present values and return on investments.  At graduate business schools the percentage of students getting MBA's who were engineering undergraduates (still a fairly rigorous process, which is why so many upper level jobs require them and are closed to business undergraduates) is closing in on 40%.  That's engineering alone.  At Carnegie Mellon, I laughed watching the business school undergraduates struggle through 2 and 3 year annuity and net present value problems. We'd had engineering economics earlier and had mostly breezed through the 20 and 30 year computations with variable flows that they gave us.  Different qualities of students.  But the colleges won't tell you that.  Just like they toot their horn about the SAT scores of incoming classes going up even though its solely because of reforming and easing up on "biased" test questions. (The SATs of 1999 are NOT the SATs of 1960. RF)

I notice that most people today are unable to do simple addition of decimal numbers, such as the cost of items at a store, and are constantly befuddled and/or amazed by my ability to add them up as fast as they can punch them into the machines.  Even moreso, I notice the machines have had to get very smart (bar code scanners and item keys rather than number keys) because the cashiers have gotten very dumb – the result of not having owner proprietors and their kin running small shops but instead having absentee owned supermarts and franchises.  Apparently the average McDonalds' cashier does not have the ability to enter decimal prices of items, but must hit a memory key for the item.  Not surprising when you see the cashiers usually.

Our society today is a great balancing act as to whether the sophistication of technology to support the masses of imbeciles now living here can keep up with their proliferation into additional sectors.  Still, want to see traditional America?  Go to an engineering firm with a lot of private clients.  Hands down that 98%+ of the engineers on staff will be white, and 90%+ will be male.  My old firm had 75 employees.  Excluding the secretarial, marketing, and accounting staff (8 women) we had 67 technical people.  Included were 3 women engineers (1 a jewess), 2 jewish engineers, 1 woman CAD operator, 1 honky hispanic from Mexico and 1 honky hispanic from Cuba (they are not counted as 'minorities'), 1 Vice President who was 1/128 Indian and 127/128 Irish (marked down "Native American" for Affirmative Action government quotas though).  There were no blacks, no supposedly "smart" Asians (even in our California office excepting the receptionist), no Hispano-Mestizos, and no Wogs.

Yours truly, W. S. T., M.E.

Having difficulty in a certain school subject? There are reasons for this. (1) You have a lousy teacher, (2) you are inadequately prepared, (3) you're lazy and prefer watching niggerball and (4) you are in over your head.

#4 is a no-no in today's Marxist political climate. #3 proves you are intelligent. #2 is because you were a victim of #1. The net result is that you leave school knowing nothing due to #1 but believe you know everything because of #3.

A young German asked me why Americans always seemed to elect crooks, perverts, liars, idiots and so on, to public office. I told him that we wanted our leaders to be one of us.
What does Al Gore mean when he says he'll "promote diversity" in the railroad industry?
This is Orwellian upside down talk for the simple act of replacing White males with muds, fags, lesbos, dwarfs, cripples and so on who simply could not hack it in a free marketplace where employers chose the best for the job. The U.S. government, referred to as the ZOG, is the deadliest enemy the White man all over the world has. In the market place, economic screws are tightened in order that Black morons – which means the whole species – can invade top management positions. The U.S. Army, once a decent outfit, used to require an I.Q. of at least 118 in order to even be considered as officer material. It's unlikely that 1 Black out of 300 would even come close yet the Army is saturated with nigwog Majors, Colonels, non-coms et al. who can hardy communicate beyond 'ebonics'. On a merit rating for an open position of Lieutenant (N.Y.S Police), a friend of mine was #1 but the promotion went to a bit of chocolate 'diversity' who was #473 down on the list. Aside from the personal affront, this sort of favoritism – make no mistake, it IS FAVORITISM of the most perverted kind – diminishes the overall quality and effectiveness of any unit. If we have, as the jew Swartskoff (blackhead) and now Cheney, claims, the best army in the world, then that doesn't say much for the military of the world.

Years ago, when I was employed in a research facility, the company stuck our department with a nigger "engineer". Outside of stealing the tableware at a retirement party, this engineer couldn't engineer a one hat hat-rack. He was little more than a pleasant bit of overhead. This overhead – the ZOG's bureaucracy is top heavy with them – ultimately is paid for by the taxpayers who apparently love to have the spiny shaft shoved up their rears because they keep voting for more of it. The one and only Black "technician" we had at the zirconium facility was noted for stealing chickens whenever company outings were scheduled at Ray's farm.

In the early 1960s, one of my articles appeared in the Crystal Ball and the Freedom Journal. It described my prophetic version of how the U.S. would first turn America into an international theme park prior to imposing it on the rest of the White world. "Promoting" in double-speak means FORCE. It's that simple. It's that obvious. My grandfather said in 1941, minutes after he heard the announcement of war, that if Germany lost the war, the cesspool of communism would soon come to America and riding on the turds would be the jews. He was no prophet – just a man who could think in a straight line. Make no mistake, this IS Israel and what is called "Israel" is little other than an outpost in the asshole of the world – the middle east. That area in not 'holy'. It is holey for a land chosen by God would be a Garden of Eden. Any god who favors ugliness and barrenness – whether in a people or real estate – is no god of mine.

America is rotting and the termites and mildew are in power. The favoritism towards the diseased, crippled, stupid and wretches of all descriptions flows mainly from the fact we are no longer a masculine society. Women love shit for it gives them something to "make better". The fact that White men are losing their jobs is de facto evidence of their lack of control over their lives. Arrayed against them are all the smiling, useless blobs of after-births who are replacing them. They are voting. They are multiplying. Can you see your future?

The wog who is after your White job, and your women, has NO INTENTION of being "fair" about it. That's WHY he favors Affirmative Action and discriminatory Equal Opportunity. If he takes advantage of the stacked deck, what in hell makes you think he'll suddenly become "fair" when he has the upper hand? The worst malady which can befall anyone is self-deception and Americans are saturated with it, so saturated that they can look at what happened in Rhodesia and still see nothing and learn nothing. If this is all we amount to, then we all deserve to vanish from the earth.

The trademarks of the blightwing are easy to distinguish. One sect shouts about how jews are liars and then proceeds to quote "facts" from jewish sources – namely, that there are ONLY 6,000,000 of them in the U.S. and ONLY make up 2 percent of the population. It appears that the ego-driven never see the light since their heads are always up their dark hole. You figure.
The jews and arabs are going at it in Seattle. To the west of here, jews are vacating whole sections as the Muslims move in. Jew flight? Well, they wanted diversity and now they have it but they don't like it. It's a wonder jews aren't calling for the aboltion of the arabic numerals which we have used for centuries.
At the present time, nothing can be done. Moreover, nothing SHOULD be done. The rot is progressing nicely without our help. Enjoy the insanity while it lasts.
Did you know that the first atomic bomb detonation occurred using a jewish homunculus plus kosher alchemy hocus-pocus? Just thought jew would like to know. Jew shouldn't be a brain dead honky forever.
Mestizo tricks.
Everyone should know that the meat packing inductry is 100 percent jew controlled and now the mestizos are taking over the manual jobs. Abby hires a few nice immigrants from the land of salsa and beans. They come to work with knives and cell phones. They first ask Whitey if he wouldn't prefer to find work elsewhere, while they pick their teeth with the knives. If Whitey doesn't take the invitation, he will change his mind after a beating and a few good cuts. Little by little, Whites are being driven out. Mestizos use their phones to communicate on the job. They always let each other know where the boss is so they can look busy when he comes their way. 
I have just as much right to be a racist as any Chinese, Mexican, Black, Indian, et al, has.
Why was it that Pelley could command groups numbering in the tens of thousands and our current crop of blightwing social clubs cannot garner more than a few dozen and most of them high on drugs or diluted with alcohol? It's simple. This is not the 1930s.
White whacking Whites. Farmer Haybucks hires cheap diseased 'immigrant' labor in order to fatten his wallet. Town's persons Bop and Bean, dislike the muds polluting the scenery. Bop and Bean trash a few border hoppers. Farmer Haybucks comes to the rescue of the muds by using the chancre covered arm of the ZOG. Whites war and the muds gain. Instances such as this are quite common both in the U.S. and Canada.

If you are in an integrated crowd and call some Black a nigger, you are more in danger of being trashed by Whites than you are Blacks. This is typical feminine behavior. A camel craps on an oriental rug and a man kicks it in the ass. The woman jumps to defend the camel. It's pervasive. Remember the billboards which stated "Don't leave the keys in your car. Prevent a good boy from going bad."? This was relative to car theft. All car thieves should be summarily hung. That'd slow it down a mite. I guess we are supposed to believe that criminals are 'enticed' into their means of livlihood and wayward ways. It's all part of the no personal responsibility game. I am tired of hearing this crap. Poverty never caused my father to beg or steal and hard times never prompted him to drench his brain with alcohol either. 

In some Canadian cities, they have trashed the laws regarding panhandling. Why? Because they discriminate against the poor. If God loves the poor so much, then why doesn't He feed them?
They are not all dead yet. Religious huckster Peter Popov (or some similar spelling) was exposed as a fraud many years ago. He disappeared from the lucrative 'healing' business. Gas what? He's now back, bigger and noisier than ever and what is truly amazing is that people are again flocking to his shearing sessions. What's that about the truth setting you free? B.S.
The phony 'war on drugs' isn't succeeding, so another jew 'expert' tells us. He suggests more money to be spent on education and rehabilitation. My take on rehabilitation is this: People who take the drug high road are generally worthless anyway. They should be segregated on Molokai and given all the free cocaine, or whatever, they can snort, inject, or whatever. If caught leaving their paradise, a $10,000 bounty should be placed on their heads – dead or in pieces.

"Rehabilitation" and "education" are lucrative go-nowhere rackets. That's why they are so popular. "Heppin' the po'" is another useless time waster unless you are one of the boys profiting from it – at taxpayers' expense. No one should should receive one dime of taxpayers' money unless he has previously been a contributing member of the society. Granting voting power to parasites is suicidal, as we see happening before our very eyes. As it stands today, unwashed "refugees" have more 'rights' in this country than do the citizens who built and still maintain it. Our people have no immune system as it has been effectively destroyed – except for that minority called the politically incorrect.

When one wishes to remove the annoyance of flying insects from his life, he chooses the segregating effect of a screen door. No one bothers to chase and kill the flies outside but once they cross the border – swat! My living space should not be the flies' living space. White living space should not be the living space for biological misfits and critters belonging to other species.

I sometimes turn into those non-debate debates where two liars attempt to out-promise each other. Hillary the Red was asked what the reason was for her staying with corrupt Bill. Her answer: "It was a personal decision." The fact that the questions moved on proved one thing to me. When someone asks a question and you reply with a string of words, that's accepted as an 'answer' by the stupid – and most die hard voters usually are. This is political babble and the sheep never catch on. Hillary, of course, did not answer the question in a logical sense. The dumb goyim apparently cannot distinguish a response from an answer.

"Please Ms. commissar, what is the sum of 4 and 7?"

"That's a good question. I have always been interested in math and I believe everyone should have some expertise in it. I am glad that you brought up the number 7, for that's the number of days in a week. Besides, I am '4' seven days in a week."

At this point the audience laughs and Hillary goes on to the next question.

Idiots and parasites outnumber the sensible people in this country. That's why voting is a joke. Then again, how can you call people sensible if they granted voting rights to parasites and idiots?
A high-tech society run by low-tech people is a disaster waiting to happen.
The popcorn theory goes this way: When heat is applied to a population of kernels, some cannot take the initial heat – they are the first to pop. All over the country you can hear a pop here and a pop, pop there. When the popping reaches a crescendo, you are in the middle of a social upheaval.

A fellow sent me a short article describing one of those loud pops. Garry Watson of Bunker MO, was served with papers to the effect that his property was to be the pathway for a new sewer. Mr. Watson, apparently unaware that he was living in a communist country, still held the old American belief in property rights. Three crewmen plus back hoe, and a police officer showed up ready to begin the trespass. The officer was along due to the notice by Garry that if they came onto his property, he'd kill them. They came and he shot – killing two and wounding two. Garry, being an old line American, was a man of his word with strong beliefs. He also recognized what the next act in the ZOG play would be. He said good-bye to his wife; entered the nearby woods and killed himself. It is a shame that Garry couldn't have been slightly more immune to the heat for, at a later date, his willingness to die for what was right would be far more effective – he would have had lots of company. (Never ask any woman to understand this – it's a man thing.)

If you still hang on to that silly belief that you have property rights, then ask yourself how you'd keep a band of juvenile delinquents from playing football on your property. Kick one in the ass, while on your property, and see what comes next. ZOG'll getcha. My grandfather had property rights. They were in the form of 'posted' signs and a good shotgun. No one f--ked with 'gramps' and the masculine government supported him. Today, we are under turd-world control via the U.N., thanks to the brain dead who listened to the siren song of the jew. Everything must be made safe for the invaders whether across the border of the country or across the border of your front lawn. It's a jew world after all. A jew is free to join YOUR clubs but you are not free to join HIS. That's kosher equality.

Grime and Burnishment.
Thou shalt not steal. OK, so what? Talk just won't stop it since Nature directs all of its critters to grabbing whatever they can. As White people, we desire a society free from thieves and thievery but bad apples will be with us forever. In order to reduce the incidences – it can never be stopped 100 percent – we apply punishment, or as the insane liberals wish, rewards for abstaining. History has shown that rewards are soon forgotten and they have to be offered on a continual basis, like welfare, but this effectively does little as we see for the crime rate of those receiving their Marxist hand-outs. One does remember very well those 10 lashes he received at the stake. Some people even disregard this as the Arabs have discovered, and so removing the offending part is the only way the stop THAT individual from sticking his fingers into the till again. This often serves as a warning to others so inclined, by hey, you can't win them all.

Punishment is always remembered better than rewards, Pain often entails some physical harm to the individual – the burn from a branding iron, broken ribs, a missing hand or ear, and so on – but the pleasure of a reward has no such physical downside and so it has little or no value relative to having people control themselves when an urge to be naughty strikes them. We do remember the bad much easier than the good.

When I venture to the big city, I often meet former students. One 30ish woman came up to me with a pleasant salutation and them kissed me in the cheek. "I always liked you," she said and I was embarrassed when I couldn't recall her name. She was not one of the cut-ups in her class – I DID remember the names of those types. We remember groups easier by the useless turkeys they contain than we do in respect to their saints. And so it is with people for a groups is generally labeled according to the behavior of its LOWEST ELEMENTS. This is only natural. Sneak up on a Holstein bull and kick him square in the balls. He'll  remember you for eternity. On the other hand, it takes repeated offerings of fresh corn before he will get partially used to your presence.

So it is with the jews. There are probably thousands of them who are as nice as can be. I have been personally assisted during a few unfortunate times by jews. I do not forget those things easily but when I criticize the jews – apparently in general – I have only those who define that group in mind.

During the blizzard of 1977, the city was shut down for nearly three weeks. There were food shortages here and there and several independent bakers worked overtime to supply the need. Every "Christian" baker jacked up his bread prices 3-fold which is a practice called profiteering. An old acquaintance, Lenny, baked his jewish loaves and sold them for 1/5 of the regular selling price!

Our society is fragmented. The "generation gap" is an indication of the lack of family community. The feminist harpies with their satchel of lies, has been partially responsible for the break-up of the family. Marxist teachers add to the disintegration. Christian churches place allegiance to fictitious figures on a higher plane than allegiance to one's blood. Generations of Germans are having their heritage torn from their breasts by implanting an unearned guilt in their minds. White people are now advertised as the world's villains. In Orwellian lingo, America was not conquered, but "stolen". The German space program as implemented in the U.S., is not portrayed as an outstanding achievement, but "depriving the poor of the wealth owed them." (Owed for what, I ask.) The lack of achievement due to hereditary deficiencies becomes "racism". Everything wrong with this world is now laid at the doorstep of White people while the disease peddlers, drug pushers, parasites and mongrels of almost unbelievable ugliness, are now credited with "cultural enrichment". We must tolerate those who distort and pervert, and be intoleraant of those who are trying to defend the society they built. But you know all of that. Why does is continue?

Very few people in any group really do much of anything important in spite of air headed women believing that every twist her child performs is another act of 'creativity'. The top 10 percent are those who invent, discover and produce that which benefits us all. They are the officers on our ship. Most people, about 70 percent, are passengers who 'go along' with whatever seems proper. A few laws here and there are enough to keep the society stable. The stabilizing inertia of all societies depends upon this group. At the bottom, there are the misfits, criminals and other destroyers who are the rats of the ship. They pay no attention to the rules and so our prisons fill. The middle status quo bunch are not interested in storm warnings. They want no part of bad news – never have and never will. The idea of killing the messenger is centuries old. Perhaps this is why all societies sooner or later meet their demise. The present is just too enjoyable to be interrupted but interrupted, it shall be.