24 October 2000
Inner city nogs have caused more damage to our cities than the Luftwaffe could ever have done.
During THE war American bombers killed more French civilians then did the evil Germans.
Cheap beaner labor goes like this: Hire one and he brings along 15 dependents which will be supported by tax-payers.
How long will the jews in Israel be content to guard Arabs? When they finally wise up, they'll move back here.
Germany is a branch office of our ZOG with German front men and jews pulling the puppet's strings.
Dear Mr. Frenz:
I was told you are one of the best math toters (sic) around. My problim (sic) is our professor in calculus II expexts (sic) us to remember what we learned last year. I dont (sic) remember how to derivatize (gawd!). Can you help.(??)

Dear Mr. Byron M.:
If you can't remember it, then you didn't learn it. Try reviewing an appropriate textbook. If that doesn't help, why not take a course in political science where everyone gets an "A" if he hates Germans.

During 1980-1995, Australia's firearms-related deaths and firearms-related homicides decreased by nearly two-thirds. In April of 1996, a shooting incident precipitated a heavy ZOG crack down on legally owned firearms. This effectively disarmed the honest population. As a result, home invasions shot up 21 percent, gun murders 19 percent and armed robbery 69 percent. The rate is still increasing and this is what is planned for the Americans. Remember that lying Bill still has over 2 months to pull off something we will not like. God cannot be on our side since Bill hasn't been run over by a bus yet.

Ever wonder why the "crime rate" is down? Police departments get ZOGbucks if they can show that their jurisdictions have a decrease in crime. What effectively happens is that the REPORTS of crime are down while the mayhem continues. It's phony as is the "increase" in student test scores where schools are given ZOGbucks for reporting higher grades.

It's one thing to have someone stick it up your rectum, but quite another to do it to yourself. Most Americans appear to love sodomy and that's why they love doing it to themselves. They elect a pinko draft-dodger and then wonder why his Department of Justice states, in a letter of August 22, 2000: "The Second Amendment does not extend an individual right to keep and bear arms." Karl Marx lies in his grave smiling. The Founding Fathers are sad since they now realize that they wasted their time.

The New World Disorder promises great things over the Taiwan issue and Vietnam II is on its way in Columbia. The mideast, in spite of any "piss process", will forever be belching it's variety of swamp gas financed by the world's greatest batch of self-deluding suckers. Wanna take a guess as to whom I refer? We fought an insane war to rid the world of order and we should be very pleased about it. After all, Adolf Hitler lies in his grave laughing.

Slime does not pop up overnight. Neither does censorship. ZOG pursues its unrelenting course by first trying to get the soccer moms and niggerball dads to tacitly approve of censorship by pointing out that those who are really gung-ho about the "First" are really social misfits and then when they lower the boom, the sheep all go "baa" in approval.

Ernst Zündel, known to his friends as "the Zud", has been in and out of Canadian courts for decades. It's a sort of vocation. He cannot win much of anything since the judge always reads from the kosher script which is handed to him and uses the word "inadmissible" as often as possible. The court circus is a time waster where the only positive side is that it keeps a lot of superfluous lawyers employed. Now we have the good news that Fred Toben of Australia has been ordered to remove material from his web site which discusses the holohoax in an "unacceptable manner" – read: the jews don't like it. What jews? Well, the hypocrites are from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. (Fred has a human right to remain silent and an equal opportunity to drown himself.) Kindly Fred says he won't comply because the order is illegal. Law goes out the window if the jews get upset, don't you know? Anyway, Fred has a good chance of being nailed for "contempt of court".

This sort of thing IS BEING PLANNED for America and don't you beer can jugglers forget it. In the meantime, don't worry – enjoy, as the jews say. There is plenty of boob tube crap to fancy and mucho licentiousness to wallow in. Besides, the thought of leaving your children a commie-type world cesspool is gratifying. It will be challenging and we all know that people always do better when they are challenged.

Dear David Duke:

You may remember our meeting in Toronto in 1979 or 1980, in the company of Wolfgang Droege. At that time you claimed the Soviet Union was not run by jews, based on the evidence from a single Soviet citizen whom you met in Asia. This nonsense was also echoed by Dr. Pierce and Wilmot Robertson.

Now that hordes of Soviet Jews are pouring into the U.S.A. and Canada, you are preaching about them in Russia, where much more is known about jews than here. Russians should be preaching to us!

I wonder if you really know the difference between Whites and non-Whites, as well as jews and non-jews. I wonder at your admiration of "the Cherokee Nation" who represented an alien presence in White territory, and who were removed by a wise President Jackson to protect the White Race. Eurasians are not White, even if they have Anglo names. One writer opined that "the darker the population becomes, the more inclusive the definition of' 'White' will become."

All the terms and conditions of The Genocide Convention certainly apply to the White people, who are the victims of Zionist Occupation Government policy. This is why I have proposed The Anti-Zionist Alliance, which can include non-Whites as allies in the Aryan struggle for survival. This is the approach I can recommend for you, for I have put it in the public domain, free of charge, without copyright.

I am not able to forward the $100 'gift' which would become part of the donations you claim are necessary for your "financial security" as mentioned in your form letter. My financial security depends upon my full time job. You might try it sometime.


Eric Thomson, 18 Oct 00.

Aside from being an extremely powerful argument, let's forget biology for the moment. The liberals, communists, Christians et al., seem to believe that if you take Black people and stuff them into a society and environment created by White people, they will be able to function as White people. This implies that the environment is the major factor governing behavior. If so, then the magic "White" environment must have created itself so that Whites would have had something to be molded by. The "weez eekuls" nonsense is so apparent that the only explanation I can offer, as to why it is so accepted, is that most people are very uncomfortable with reality and short circuit their senses so that they can no longer tell a sewer from a brook. Quotas, Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, and all of the other ZOG programs should prove to the dimwits that the "minorities" cannot hack it on their own. Even the 'superior' jews in Satan's rock pile called the 'holy land' cannot survive without the goyim's tax dollars. I'll leave you with this question: Wouldn't it make sense for God's holy land to resemble a Garden of Eden or is wretchedness 'holy' to God and the beauty I see in the lush, flowering valleys with their melodic, crystal streams, not holy?
Do not forget that Germany is still an occupied country completely under the heel of international jews and zionists. The ongoing destruction of their language, culture and heritage cannot be described in any other term but EVIL.
From a contributor —

To White Businessmen:

To determine the value of Mexican labor you can compare two data pairs for oil production.  The USA, with 21 billion barrels of proven reserves, produces 8.1 million barrels daily.  Mexico, with 28 billion barrels of proven reserves, produces just 3.1 million barrels daily.  Nor is Mexico a member of OPEC subject to production caps.   Given these parameters and wide open access to two oceans, it takes a unique combination of corruption, sloth and stupidity not to be positioned as the world's swing producer.

And yes, the beaners are importing both electricity and natural gas from the USA.  Against this they do have some of the most advanced narcotics trafficking and prostitution businesses in the world.  Betcha can't wait to put this talent to work in your business instead of "high priced whites" (and also move their women and many kids into your community)!

Dear Robert:

Gallup now puts Bush at 50% to Gore's 41%.   Zogby's work, which has been much better in recent elections (closer to the outcome, however that's determined these daze),  keeps oscillating between tied and +1% Bush.  I'm sorry you'll have Hillary as a Senator.  If it's any consolation, I think she'll only be there four years.  The continued browning of America, combined with the upcoming little ZOGlings' NEA oriented world view says she'll move back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come 2004, complete with a Democratic House.

And oil price trends, a stagnant to declining stock market and the continued aging/browning of the work/welfare force (i.e. ever increasing friction in the creaking gears of industry) says economics are going to be at the top of the agenda in 2004 with the GOP holding the bag.

Overseas the most exciting possible event is a potential regional air-sea war with China over access to Taiwan.   If the Beijing fascists (and China is fascist now) restrain themselves it will be from fear of provoking Japan into a full scale air-naval-nuclear rearmament which would be supported by ASEAN and the USA.

We missed a big trick not letting the Japs keep Manchuria and Korea.

And while I'm prognosticating... On the Europa front there'll be a lot of smoke but no fire.  The blightwing has no idea just how close a control ZOG has on Germany.  Those controls are Freedom, Progress, Peace, Friendship and Fraternity.  I don't mean the ideals.  I mean the major gas/oil lines snaking out of Russia into the fatherland.  Germany's 'alternate source' is the North Sea oil and gas fields controlled by Her Majesty's Hebes, plus a limited port capacity to play the world market, such as it is.  The whole purpose of the Green Party was to push Germany to 'clean' (read external) energy sources and away from any development of internal self-sufficiency based on nuclear and coal derivative supplies.    As a result ZOG can push 5 buttons (soon 7) and shut off the Krauts from the East.  The City of London can do the same from the west.

Why does anyone think ZOG agreed to German reunification to start with?  It was the progressive completion of those pipelines that made the USSR willing to step back from Europe.

For the white race, there's probably no more important technology than alternate energy supplies.

Last night I watched Bill Curtis and his biased Investigative Reports on da TV. It's was all about hate, White hate of course, for only Whites seem to be capable of it. (There might be some logic in this if we assume that Whites are the only true humans and non-human animals do not have emotions.) All violent actions by the so-called "minorities" are of course only expressions of frustration and such. On the show, were three well known personalities – well known to about 1/2 of one percent of the population – Matt Hale WCOTC, Tom Metzger WAR and Bill Pierce NA. I thought the show was better than most since these targets of jewish hate – sorry, I mean brotherly love – were allowed to speak a little more openly. I have no quarrel with any of them except I do get a little tired of their quoting jewish "statistics" in regard to Whites being the "majority" and jews being "only 2 percent of the population". Both claims are bogus unless Pierce's and Metzger's definition of who is White and who is a jew differs from mine. I do not consider any Mexican to be a White man and any "part jew" is a jew to me – unto the 5th generation – and that includes people such as the actors Harrison Ford and "Italian" Robert DeNiro. I, as well as my old friend Eric, are entirely biological in our thinking and the definition that "anyone is a jew who thinks he is" is an absurdity relative to people who claim to be "racists". Race is biological and not a matter of opinion or show of hands. If you claim to be a racist then you'd better stick to a biological premiss or else do something useful by seeking steady employment.

It was very sad to hear, from both Pierce and Metzger, that the "way to capture the youth" is through music. Think about what this entails. American youth apparently are beyond reason and have no intrinsic feeling of community with their own kind. Presenting them with the facts that they belong to a race which sends men to the moon and is the only race of people who produces food surpluses, means little. Whether art or science, NO OTHER RACE even comes close to the achievements of the European, and never will for White people are in a class all by themselves. This is all forsaken – meaningless – and the way to "unite" White youth is through what is basically nigger noise, with its attendant shrieking, amplified to the point of auditory pain. What sort of nonsense is this? We appeal to those of European blood by resorting to African log thumping "music". It would be like Martin Luther King appealing to Black unity by using the musical devices of Mozart and Grieg. Even the "dancing" of our youth is taken right out of some old Tarzan and the Apes movie.

Amiable Tom Metzer, a promoter of "leaderless resistance", mentions that "we are everywhere," referring to his associates who apparently  cannot cooperate with, nor trust each other. As the White population visibly decreases at an ever-increasing rate, whether you are a "leaderless resister" or not will mean little, for you will be targeted on your color alone. You will be picked off, one by one, precisely because you are "leaderless" with no other goal than being a sneaky nuisance when you are not attending a drug-rock concert or looking for some orifice to stuff. If this is what our youth really amounts to, then we'd all better enjoy some licentious ocean cruise while we may, for the future is not in us.

Let's suppose that the "White" portion of MTV somehow obtains political power. Do you really think a horde of such people would be capable of running anything, much less a nation? Do you really think that most White people would want such undisciplined nitwits to rule over them? Give me a break. If the "glue" of White solidarity is at base, only a mutual love of nigger noise, then what sort of society would that be? It would only last until some guitar string broke.

Whether knowingly or not, anyone who promotes this sort of "musical togetherness", is working towards the same goal as the ZOG. We all know who it was who popularized ape shake and shriek, and they love nothing better than to see ostensible "racists" promote the same thing.

I have mentioned before that the larger fraction of youth is little other than undisciplined trash. This is not flattering but it was not an attempt at some sort of "put down". I am well aware of the Marxist influence in our schools and the availability of drugs and an attitude that there is nothing sacred between men and women other than the fact their sexual apparatus seems compatible. Youth succumbed VOLUNTARILY to the degeneracy they now exhibit. No one forced their mouths open to inject substances aimed at abstract pleasure. No one forced them to treat that most intimate of unions as a recreation. No one forced them to abandon their word and violate the property rights of others. White people throughout the ages have demonstrated an unsurpassed WILL to overcome ANY and ALL obstacles. Any White worth the name CAN RESIST the overt subversive propaganda which is part and parcel of his "education". Being a part of the undisciplined trash crowd is something WHICH WAS CHOSEN. Why would any White person want to imitate another of a different species? I even watched the insane spectacle of the freaked out "ape lady" Jane Goodall, with a colleague, "communicating" with each other with chimp gestures and noises – ON NATIONAL TV, no less. Talk about regression!

The old farts in this land cannot be relied upon for assistance in this cosmic racial struggle. They have no future; they know that and all they seek is additional comfort before returning to the back void of nothingness. The youth DO HAVE A FUTURE but it WILL NOT BE THEIRS until they muster the will to OVERCOME the massive – VERY MASSIVE – destructive forces ALL OF WHICH ARE UNITED in their goal to destroy the European, his nation, his culture and traditions. The most obvious of these is the popularization, and enticement, to ACT NON-WHITE. Dr. Pierce, along with others, apparently agrees that acting non-White is the key to White survival. I think not. I do not believe a lion would last very long if it decided to act like a leopard.

I look at our White youth, not for what they presently are, but for WHAT THEY COULD BECOME! The lowering of education standards to accomodate a stone age people represents educational fraud and it cannot be corrected by assuming a posture of arrogant ignorance. White kids have been cheated out of a good education whereby half of our high school graduates could not pass a 1931 6th grade test in arithmetic. To willingly intoxicate, and delude, one's self into believing that you are in possession of some sacred mental endowment because you receive "A"s on a mickey mouse test, is not the way to the required open mindedness necessary to improve your lot. White folks are under attack and looking at the stars while a dog is urinating on your shoes, is not the way to insure dry feet. One must first WAKE UP!

The question begs: Does White youth really want to remain White?

Hillary is the candidate who would gladly give you the shirt off someone else's back.
In America, those with the potential to contribute the most shall receive the least.
If I were a jew, this is what I would do to stop the conflict in the mideast: I'd remove the Palestinian supply of ammunition by gathering up all of the rocks. I'd ship the rocks to my cousin Cathy who'd sell them on QVC as 'pieces of the Holy Land'. Such a deal. Such a profit.
The Moslem population in the U.S. is growing by leaps and bounds and yet some of our people want to start a war with them. 
The way the law suit racket is going, pretty soon you'll be able to sue a city for being mugged in it.
Lifted from the Jethro Gazeete, October 2000

Von Jones Scores Double by Arthur Clyde Hopper

Doctor Von Jones, President, Chairman and titular head of the world famous JITTER, Jethro Institute of Thought, Thinking and Engine Repair, announced today that JITTER has received two additional grants from the Federal Government totaling, in the words of Doctor Von Jones, "One hell of a bunch of that filthy lucre!"

Doctor Von Jones said that the money will be used to study two projects that JITTER has been working on for some time: The Meaning Of Life and Time Travel.

In an exclusive interview with the prestigious and award winning Jethro Gazette, Doctor Von Jones claimed that JITTER is very close to discovering the true Meaning Of Life. "All it really is going to take is a lot more money," said the Doctor. "We're pretty sure that it has something to do with figuring out the best price for a pizza after sorting out all the coupons."

As for the elusive quest for Time Travel, Doctor Jones says that money is definitely a factor, but he knows that Time Travel is possible because his own mother was capable of it. According to the good Doctor he remembers many incidents when his sainted mother said, "Get me a switch, I'm gonna whup you into next week!"

Doctor Von Jones claims that the only reason JITTER is so progressive in mans' search for knowledge is that the current administration is working the United States Mint twenty four hours a day. "I think it definitely proves that the administration has invested the United States Treasury in foreign oil."

Musket On Seniors by C. A. Hopper

Bill Musket, Jethro businessman, recently conducted his annual yearly seminar on encouraging Jethro businessmen to make their business practices "Senior Friendly". "Remember," said Mr. Musket at the seminar, "if the senior crowd feels comfortable in your business, you are in a position to make some serious bucks."

Mr. Musket had some simple tips for the Jethro entrepreneur. One of the most important was proper lighting. "If you keep the place dim enough," said Musket, "you can switch price tags around as soon as your senior customer expresses interest in something. For example, something priced out at $3.00 is really easy to change to $8.00 if you're quick with a pen. Weird lighting is the key. Pictures of babies are good. Just as soon as you're asked a question by a blue haired grandmother, pull out a picture of a baby. A great opportunity for a quick short-change."

He also stressed the importance of the promise of service after the sale. "Chances are that they are going to completely forget where they even bought the damned thing!" Mr. Musket said that it is important to never give receipts with your store name imprinted on it. "Promise them anything, they'll use most of their brain power trying to figure out how to get home."

Mr. Musket ended the seminar by reminding the attendees that profits are the American Way. Abnormal profits based on the gullibility of the American consumer are guaranteed in the Constitution or someplace.

The Nazis apparently got away with all of their naughtiness since people who are not Nazis are paying for the reparations.
What's this about the 'mark of the beast'? You cannot trade in the meat business without that mark. You cannot trade in the garment business without the mark. Without the mark, you cannot trade in the movie or TV business. Without it, you cannot trade in the diamond business. I wonder what that mark looks like – the thing with those 6's.

The most accurate rifle in the world is useless when the user cannot see. High tech tools in the hands of savages can never be utilized to great advantage. The same scalpel, in the hands of one, might save a life but in the hand of a victim of palsy, would produce disaster. You cannot separate the machine from the operator.

An economic system is a machine which is no better or worse than the people who use it and the best economic machine will produce nothing if there are no raw materials to use.

In the late 1920s, Germany was in economic ruin. The condition was far more severe that that in America, which occurred later, since America had vast raw material sources which was not true for Germany. Out of shear desperation, the Germans chose National Socialism and Hitler was the first to admit that he was Germany's only remaining choice. The economic miracle – there is no other word suitable – which occurred in the Third Reich was not repeated in the land of plenty, America. America chose as president, a smooth talking rich con artist who, along with his quasi communist wife, saddled the land with Marxist "recovery" programs directed by the hordes of jews who were part and parcel of the "New Deal". (FDR is Clinton's idol.) While Germany was reducing jewish influence in her affairs, America was increasing hers. Although FDR called for the production of long-range bombers (Boeing) in anticipation of the war he fervently desired, plus his 'make work' projects – some of which were declared unconstitutional – failed to create any economic recovery. That came during the war to save communism which we refer to as World War II – a war against the successful anti-Communist states of Germany and Japan.

The economic might of the U.S. follows from more than one factor: (1) vast natural resources and territory, (2) a system still enjoying the inertia effects of White contribution – which will not last much longer, and (3) a willingness to obliterate militarily any other peoples viewed as competition. (The increasing niggerization of our military will ultimately reduce our armed forces to an anti-White Planet of the Apes with very dangerous toys.) Although it might be impossible to determine whether White Americans could adopt National Socialism, one might speculate as to the massive effect any such adoption would have upon the world if they did. Certainly a proud White nation would be the target of the hatred the muds now accuse White people of having. That hatred will become more in evidence as White people turn more and more of their affairs over to their enemies, who will eventually drop all of their "brotherly love" pretense when they feel they are, at last, in control.

African Health Care(They're your equals, remember?)

THE SWAZI TIMES  Swaziland, Africa, October 16, 2000


"FOR several months, our nurses have been baffled to find a dead patient in the same bed every Friday morning", a spokeswoman for the Mbabane Government Hospital told reporters.

"There was no apparent cause for any of the deaths and extensive checks on the air conditioning system and a search for possible bacterial infection, failed to reveal any clues."

It seems that every Friday morning a cleaner would enter the ward, remove the plug that powered the patient's life support system, plug her floor polisher into the vacant socket, then go about her business. When she had finished her chores, she        would plug the life support machine back in and leave, unaware that the patient  was now dead. She could not, after all, hear the screams and eventual death rattle over the whirring of her polisher.

"We are sorry and have sent a strong letter to the cleaner in question. Furthermore, the Swazi Health and Welfare Department is arranging for an electrician to fit an extra socket, so there should be no repetition of this incident. The inquiry is now closed." The above news item is reproduced without editing other than typographical.

Register your name and address to go on the Mailing List to receive David Irving's Action Report. (What sort of action are you talking about Davey?)

Helen said: My, what a small organ.
Christof replied: Perhaps, but I didn't expect to play in a cathedral.
Imagine – If 6,000,000 Matabele die from starvation they will be eligible for 'survivor' payments in 5 years.
Question: If one 'survives' 6 times, will he receive 6 survivor checks?
Question: Do 'survivor' checks continue on to the 666th generation?
The easiest way to generate HATE is to FORCE people who do not like each other, to live together.
or Whigger – an ostensible White who wants to be a Black African log thumper.

Webe or Whebe – and ostensible White who wants to be a Hebrew money changer.
A comment from a reader:

Hillary and her pals are aiming at a 1917 Coup 'd tat.   The other meltdown in 1991 came from two factors.  The first is fairly widely known.  The USSR was a multi-ethnic state where the dominant race, white Russians, had declined to 50%.  The second factor that enabled USSR meltdown (from ZOG's viewpoint) was that the nationalities were INSUFFICIENTLY distributed and intermixed.    Each of the republics was still recognizably ethnic, if diluted from the Czarist era.  The RFSSR was still mostly Russians, Ukraine mostly Ukrainians, Latvia Letts, Uzbekistan Uzbeks and so on.

An instructive comparison is India, which in my opinion is ZOG's plan for us and their lesson learned from the USSR.  India is filled to the brim with hundreds of languages, castes, races, ethnic groups and religions, all of whom hate each other with mortal passion.  Periodically they erupt in primeval communal violence.  Yet India doesn't fragment.  Why?  It's because they're all so intermixed none of them can ever get enough elbow room to establish a self-sustaining statelet.   It's not that ZOG is opposed to nationalism.  It loves nationalism in bite size chunks.  The more the merrier.

Common ground between you, me, Hillary, the Atzlan crew, Farrakhan and all other thinking individuals is that 'America' is toast.   Uncommon ground is WHAT OUTCOME?  You've seen mine already.  Hillary's crowd is eyeing the 1917 Bolshevik coup. 

I have a secret. If I share it with you, then it's no longer a secret. One can easily determine the logic of this. Sharing a secret with another means that two now have the secret. If it is shared with yet another, then three hold the secret. We continue until everyone has the secret. In this case, it is no longer a secret. If 'n' people have the secret and it's still a secret if 'n+1' people have it, then – reductio ad absurdum. Never tell a woman anything which you would not want to appear in the newspapers. They love to prove to each other they have 'secrets' thus revealing them with the admonition, "Don't tell anyone." The reason is because they wish to be the FIRST to pass on what they consider to be privileged information. If you 'tick' a woman off, then any sensitive information which you foolishly shared, WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU. You can take that to the bank.
Some have asked what prompted Eric to "see the world" and live outside of the U.S. for a good share of his life. I have known for a long time and now he has no problem with others knowing about it.

Eric was writing a thesis on foreign relations and his advisor suggested that he go to Peru to get a South American slant on U.S. foreign policy. They underestimated Eric's ability to "sniff out" things. He discovered U.S complicity with the then U.S.S.R. relative to the "cold war" scam. If we were in some kind of war with the Soviets then why were we supplying them with massive shipments of foods, industrial supplies and high-tech information? With this question continually in the back of his mind, he uncovered that the "war" was merely a dispute over spheres of influence and that the American goyim-boobs would have to be misinformed so that they would continue to unknowingly finance the "evil empire" while patriotically waving the flag.

Eric was stopped at the border when he returned and his thesis confiscated. He was told politely that it would be in his best interest to take a long ocean cruise. When the phony cold war ended, it was then safe for Eric to return to Israel West.

Eric's solution to the "gays as Boy Scout leaders" – Let them have a complete fag boy scout troop. After all, being a fag is "natural" and there are a lot of natural boys out there. 
Sports is the opiate of the asses.
I was informed that the mestizos got Martin Luther Koon day canceled in Southern California. The beaners screamed that there wouldn't be any M.L.K. day without a Caesar Chavez day. Also, a jew high school principal was battered and told by the friendly salsa crowd that "you ain't one of us, so leave." 

I oppose all varieties of down-breeding since the way to a better world is through better human stock. Race-mixing is the most severe, and therefore the most degenerate, of all down-breeding practices.
With a song in my heart, I make the prediction that most Americans will vote for the liar who promises to steal the most for them. '
Pauper' carpet-bagger Hillary, if not elected, will sell her $1.5 million "cottage" on Lonk I' lund NY and move to another poverty area where she can hep' da po', but not with her money! All of the discontented twats in the state are on her side so that they can collectively "sock it to" their hubbies by proxy. Imagine the plight of the poor saps who were so poor in judgment that they married one of these witches.
The blight wing always warns people about events which have passed.
I have added a short work to the Online Books folder – German Economic Policy. To the bird-brained zombie ambling through the super-market aisles, National Socialism was about gassing jews. The fact is that NS is so hated by the parasites and predators, that 50 years of incessant propaganda was needed to partially erase its memory. From the Marxist schools and churches, NO ONE wants our young people to know the truth about the miracle of the 20th century – Nazi Germany. Our censors, and masters, operate out of pure fear fueled by an insane hatred of truth.

If all of the laws currently on the books, were enforced, nearly all of ZOG's people – from the prez and Congress on down – would be in jail. We have enough laws to put a stop to everything of which we complain but a law is useless without enforcement and enforcement requires the will to do just that.
O sweet joy of mestizo diversity, I worship thee –

THE Maracana, the world's largest football stadium and the Mecca of Brazilian soccer, is being eaten away by corrosion by football fans relieving themselves on the terraces. (Eric reports mestizas washing their infant's diapers in public drinking fountains. RF

Not wanting to miss even a second of a match by using the lavatories, the Brazilians have long held to a tradition of urinating in the stadium's access ramps. The problem came to light after officials noticed that the entrances' concrete and steel structures were eroding badly. Luis Eduardo Cardoso, an engineer at the 50-year-old stadium, which was built to host the only World Cup finals held in Brazil and is home to the Flamengo club, said: "There is corrosion in all the entrance points to the stadium.

"We believe that the main cause of this structural damage is people going to the toilet. All those gallons of urine contain a lot of ammonia which acts with amazing speed. It eats through the concrete and then acts like acid on the steel girders, which is why the corrosion is so devastating."

So seriously are the authorities taking this threat to the historic stadium that they are launching an "anti-urine" patrol. An eight- man squad will patrol the corridors of the stands – which can hold 220,000 spectators – and forcibly guide the fans towards the lavatories. Mr Cardoso said: "When there are big games it can get pretty disgusting here with a really horrible smell. There is a huge volume of this liquid. If we don't do something about it the very structure of the Maracana could be destroyed."

Apart from the urine patrol, the stadium officials are spending thousands of pounds on renovating the lavatories. They plan to have brand new facilities next to the bar, along with more lavatories at every entrance point. Another problem, according to Francis Carvalho, president of Rio de Janeiro's sports authority, is that the stadium's management has been reluctant to invest in comfortable, modern lavatory facilities.

Mr Carvalho said: "The fans have a tradition of getting really mad and smashing everything in sight if their team loses. They go to the bathrooms and rip toilets from the wall and break all the pipes, so we haven't really wanted to make the bathrooms any more enticing for them."  As well as renovating the lavatories, the Maracana's engineers are starting work on replacing the damaged concrete and steel girders in the entrance areas. The engineers plan to erect new steel pillars which will later be encased in concrete. (Instead of urine soaking into the woodwork, you'll be allowed to wade in it. RF)

Another candidate for Affirmative Action and a job at NASA –

NEWS HARARE, Zimbabwe (04-04) – After 20 mental patients disappeared from his bus, the driver replaced them with sane citizens and delivered them to a mental hospital. The unidentified bus driver was transporting 20 mental patients from the capital city of Harare to Bulawayo Mental Hospital when he decided to stop for a few drinks at an illegal roadside liquor store. Upon his return he was shocked to discovered that all the mental patients had escaped.

Desperate for a solution, the driver stopped at the next bus stop and offered free bus rides to several people. He then delivered them to the mental hospital and informed the staff they were easily excitable. It took the medical personnel three days to uncover the foul play.

The real mental patients are still at large. 

Of the contenders for the job of U.S. bo's'n, I list the following in order of the most damaging to our sinking ship. (1) Gore, (2) Nader, (3) Bush and (4) Buchanan. The boatswain is in charge of tightening the nuts and bolts and making sure there are no holes in the sails. The captain of the good ship ZOG-li-pop has been the same red crew since the communist victory in 1945. Who you will cast your vote for depends upon your inclination. (1) The ship is rotten so sink it as fast as possible. (2) The ship is rotten but keep it floating as long as possible. Anyone who seriously thinks the outcome of the upcoming voting carnival will change much of anything had obviously consumed too many Pop Tarts or has a brain damaged by drugs or diseases from all of that wonderful free love out there.

I vote about as often as I carry water in a sieve but this year I will flip at least one lever. It's one thing to mistakenly vote for a closet commie but quite another for a full-blown exposed one. Thousands of voters have declared "Anyone but Hillary," but my motto is , "ANYTHING but Hillary" – a goat; a used condom; Charlie Manson; dust mites – anything. Friends, what sort of woman would stay married to the likes of Bill Clinton?

Speaking of females, a portion of the hate mail I receive – it's a holocaust! – is in regard to comments I have made relative to the penis-envy sex. No one would ask a male to nurse his children so what's the big deal about not asking a 83 pound "fire lady" to carry a 265 pound man down the rescue ladder of a burning building? The physical differences are massive but not as pervasive as the mental. How many hubbies have broken their buns rebuilding a section of the house only to find that his mate focuses on the light switch which doesn't happen to match a lampshade? Women focus on trivia and are present orientated. They'll endanger 100 people in order to save one of dubious value. This sort of view is proper and useful when it comes to a PORTION of the business of raising a family. Parenting is teamwork and any child deprived of either half will certainly grow up to be a problem-maker. It's a localized disaster when any man abandons his family and/or leaves the larger decisions up to the female in the house. The greater insanity is when men VOTE FOR lesbos, harpies and other psychological misfits to run the country he lives in. Any man who thinks we need the feminine touch in the business of power handling is the type of man who enjoys self-castration. No nation can survive female 'leadership' for long.

Females rule in the grammar schools where each kid has his turn at being "student of the month". Let's see, stupid Stewart hasn't had his turn yet and if he is denied it, then that wouldn't be 'fair'. Thus, we find grammar schools where each gets his 'stars' for just breathing. Everyone's a winner. After all, 'weez alls ekuls' and no kid should have his feelings hurt. Heaven's to Betsy. I'll drink to that.

It has now progressed to the point where students completely ignorant of course content are asked to 'grade' their teachers as to knowledge. If they don't get it, for whatever reason – usually a hereditary deficiency – the teacher is given a poor grade for 'not nowin' nuttin'. I once received a zero, on a scale of 1 to 10, (the ass couldn't even follow directions) because he didn't like my response to one of his foolish queries. He asked what the spherical coordinates of a cylinder were and I explained that spherical coordinates were for spheres and not cylinders or even roast pork. I was once denied a contest prize by the American Chemical Society because I was "too good" and that was not 'fair'. Needless to say, there were two fags, one woman and two wimps on the deciding committee. I've seen this egalitarian torpedoing dozens of times and all for people far more astute and capable than I. (I am not a blight winger since I don't believe I know it all.) Today, everyone must have a college degree so that reduces the value of such degrees to near zero.

What in hell is this "partial credit" crap I hear about? Yeh man. I know the wing fell off at 35,000 feet but you must give the builders 'partial credit' for the all of the good work on the rest of the plane.

Chemist Clem spent 69 hours trying to synthesize goono-flako, a high explosive made from the shriveled brains of deceased Olympic medal winners. Clem was meticulous and precise, that is, for 99.9999 percent of the time. Near competition, he made a split second error which caused the entire laboratory to detonate. Hot damn! All of that 'partial' credit for excellence was chiseled onto his headstone.

And again, what in hell is this 'take an exam until you pass it' manure? The crazed elephant is charging dead at us. Irv takes a shot and misses. "Oh well," sez I, "take another shot. Sooner or later you'll stop the critter." Can you have as many shots at triggering the parachute as you choose? I will bend my rule for a whole section of the population. Any lawyer should have as many suicide attempts as he needs in order to achieve success.

Females just love the weak and when left in command, they make sure that everyone waits for the paraplegic to 'catch up'. Imagine a hazardous situation where evacuating an area was of highest priority – a g.d. bomb was falling. The female would ask all to remain until Sammy the snail came into view. Once in a while you do come across someone who knows how to close a door on time. My aunt once complained about a church attendance she participated in when visiting Stuttgart Germany. The service was to begin at noon and when the clock struck, the front doors were shut and locked. Beautiful! There was always something I liked about the Germans.

A little p-pot addressed me at a recent wedding. "My mother said I was beautiful and very intelligent," said she. "Kid," I frowned, "you are ugly and more than likely very stupid." Immediately the brat went into a screaming tantrum and proceeded to destroy the wedding cake. The last remark I remember hearing was, "Iz mama's wittle darlin' hurt?"

There used to be beauty contests. Now the charades are called "pageants". It's equal opportunity time where lepers from Molokai are guaranteed a queenship in order to fill a quota. My suggestion to the brainless White women who just hanker to be Miss something or the other: Don't enter anymore contests until all the turds have had their place in the sun. After that, it will be your turn in the barrel.

The feminine influence has caused everything to be reduced to the lowest denominator and the country is on a down slide due to it. It cannot be reversed until the fit hits the Chan.

Two-thirds of American youth can safely be classified as rabble – undisciplined trash. They weren't born that way, but chose to adopt their hedonistic life-style out of pure selfishness. (I hope that some of them can wake up and be a credit to our great race.) Their word is worthless and honestly appears to be non-existent. Employers tremble at the thought of hiring one of them. In fact, most of the young are still being financially nursed by their parents whcih allows them more time to reproduce illegitimate offspring that they dutifully burden their parents or society with. Two-thirds of America's 'adults' – over-aged children – fall into the same category. The only time they pay attention to the government, or parents, is when they desire a favor or when authority threatens to splatter their brains onto the sidewalk. The majority of people have clearly demonstrated over the centuries that they are INCAPABLE of GOVERNING THEMSELVES. There is one other time when the unwashed hordes look to leadership and that is when their playground is under attack. In a time of calm waters, anyone can play at being a captain but when the winds rise and the waves mount, the "equal" denizens will seek someone who can save their bacon. That time is approaching.