31 October 2000

Copy this graphic and use your printer to make 6,000,000 stickers suitable for convenient posting in ZOGland.
I wuz at de local supermarket w'en I seed two strange 'girls'. Both were dressed in black and one had 4" shoe lifts. The shorter had 3 rings in her lips and the paint jobs were something out of the Adams Family as were the costumes. Since it was Hollow Weenie, I complimented them on their "get up." The bean pole scowled in a threatening manner and belched, "This is how we always dress!" I replied, "How convenient to be always ready for Hollow Weenie."
I am warmed by the continued "linking" of pro-White web sites. It's what I have always recommended. For too long, the old farts of the "patriotism for profit" business have refused to acknowledge that young blood will soon push them into the past – where they belong. THEY want YOU to support THEM, but reciprocity in not in their vocabulary. The future is for the youth. Old die-hards like myself have no future but I'll be g.d. if I'll turn my back on it or them.

I've been shit on and shot at; lied to and lied about; thrown from a bridge; damned near paralyzed from spinal meningitis; watched my mother die when I was a kid and a few years later, my brother. I've enjoyed the delusion of being in love and learned from the snippet who ultimately betrayed me and stole everything I owned. My only son died before he could walk, and you know what? I AM STILL HERE! I have been on top of the world and in its darkened depths but I never copped out to alcohol or drugs; have never went back on my word; never "ratted" on anyone and never stole anything from anyone. As long as my ass can muster up the strength, I'll keep on marching. It's great to be a White man.

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The voting delusion. This is not a democracy. It's a hypocrisy. If the people REALLY had a voice in things, then when the Pearl Harbor scene erupted, FDR should have asked whether THEY wanted to go to war. In addition, the people had a right to know what led up to the attack. They should have been told about our oil embargo against Japan; our DICTATES to a foreign power and the fact that militarily Japan had her hands full fighting the reds in Manchuria.

Look at the propositions agreed to by the people and notice how some "judge" overrules their popular vote. It's very commonplace. Hitler was far more lenient in plebiscites than our "demonocracy" ever was.

Notice all of the "coincidences" which just happen to favor the more red candidate. Perot, whom I foretold was a system sellout whore, sucked away votes from Bushy and then tossed in the towel and went back to scooping up more millions with his ZOG deals. In Jew York State, Juliani had the charisma to win the Senate race over the crimson carpetbagger bitch. It was "conveniently" revealed that he played a few rounds of dip wick and when added to a minor health problem (poor health and infidelity are Congressional attributes anyway, along with increasing sodomy), it served as a "reason" for him to drop out and leave limp dick Lazio as Hillary's opponent. Coincidence?

Voting used to be for the property owners since it was felt they were more affected by what goes on and ownership does imply a more responsible nature. Then, the male honky dropped the property requirement and soon added the yammering female to the list of voters. Then came the low I.Q. Blacks. Then people who couldn't articulate the language. The voting age was dropped and the trend indicates that, in the future, it might be a requirement to be a pervert, liar, whore monger, drug pusher and whatnot, in order to vote. This certainly would harmonize with most of those whom we choose to call "our representatives."

The great unwashed hordes, under ZOG direction, now control who our elected criminals will be. Don't fret since you have no real choices anyway especially with an electorate who views an election in the same light as a niggerball game. Listen to the candidates. They get into politics for the PERKS and don't give two lumps about what happens to the country as long as their million dollar retirement rip-offs stay in place. Remember the "I had a wet dream" fraud M.L.K.? He rode around in a gold plated Cadillac while his supporters dragged carts during one of those mandatory "marches".

The reason we get officials who don't care about the country is because the voters don't care about the country. All want to steal something for themselves. White folks abandoned that which they conquered and walked away. He, like the satiated lion, had his fill of struggle. What see see now, and what will be the future, is the ever increasing batches of vultures, hyenas and maggots, which are now feeding on the carcass. When Whitey is gone, whom shall the parasites feed upon?

The Mourning After by Minority Mike

The town council of the Free and Independent Nation of Last Ditch Attempt has officially declared November 8, 2000 to be a Day of National Mourning for the citizens of The United States of America. The proposal was presented to the council by councilwoman Lotta Dedwood and was unanimously approved as a symbol of the sympathy felt for all Americans following their election of a new despot to rule the roost.

The idea for the event came to Mrs. Dedwood after she viewed the televised Presidential debates on local television station KRAP. "My heart goes out to the beleaguered folks of America," said Lotta. "If those two drop-cases are the best to be found in the entire U.S. it's time to put out the fire and call in the dogs `cause the hunt is OVER. Those poor folks are doomed," sighed the disgusted councilwoman. "Al Gore is so corrupt the Russian Mafia wants to name a saint after him, and he's so dumb he'd screw up a three car funeral. As for George Bush, any damn fool ought to be able to see he's a New World Order muckspout of the lowest order. A day of mourning following the election on November 7th is the least we can do since one of these two empty suits is going to get elected!"

An official statement regarding the event was released to the press by Mayor D. Day. "For reasons unknown to sane people, the folks of The United States perpetrate an incredible hoax on themselves every four years in the name of "Democracy" by having a presidential election. The tragic result of this diabolical scam is that some new bottom-feeder is put in charge of the continuing murder of liberty wherever he can find it!

People with IQs somewhat above the average room temperature know that the federal government and its ring leaders cannot provide liberty. They are in fact in the business of murdering liberty. Federal restrictions – and the criminals that vie for the opportunity to impose them – produce nothing more than additional restrictions and assassins. Since Americans are determined to continue this scam, inexplicably adding yet more government imposed misery to their lives, we felt we should offer them the chance to mourn their duplicity in their own enslavement – as well as let them blow off a little steam in the process. We've got a full day of events planned to ease their pain and we encourage the populace to come on out to Last Ditch Attempt on November 8th where the only thing they'll find with the "Federal" stamp on it is some of the ammunition!"

The day's ceremonies will begin with the Reverend Hollis Lost presiding over the eulogy for the Liberty that died when one of the two candidates was elected. Following the eulogy, the funeral procession will proceed to The Last Ditch Attempt cemetery where liberty along with truth, freedom, integrity, and common sense will be buried en masse.

In an effort to alleviate the pain sure to be felt by all Americans following the election and funeral, a number of events sponsored by the folks of Last Ditch Attempt will be open to the general public. All donations are tax deductible and proceeds will be divided between the town's home schooling families, minus ten percent which will be used to finance improvements on the rifle range at Last Ditch Attempt's Armed Bears High School.

Some of the events featured will include: an open class "Golf-Shoot," sponsored by The Last Ditch Attempt Saloon (Guns & Bait in the back). Saloon owner Biggun Stump describes the competition as a combination of the best parts of golf and target shooting. "All holes are 300 yard straightaways. Y'all tee off with a .22 cal. handgun at a distance of seven yards," Mr. Stump explained. "Then yer caddy places a new ball next to the piece of the first ball that landed closest to the hole. "Then ya shoot at the new ball with whatever long gun ya choose. Ya move on down to the hole in this manner with all shootin' bein' done from the tee. First person to plink a piece of the ball into the cup wins that hole." "Now drivin' that ball is fun for all ages," concluded Mr. Stump, "but I'm here to tell ya that puttin' will separate the men from the boys right quick." Libations will be served AFTER the competition and winners will receive trophies depicting Arnold Palmer working out on a .50 cal. All contestants will receive life-sized posters of John Wayne, Roy Rogers or Gabby Hayes.

In the interest of providing a guide for the novice to the idea of liberty, Miss Mobeta Tingler's Gamin' Parlor An' House of Horizontal Refreshment will host a seminar entitled "Voting Your Way To Slavery And How To Stop Doin' It." The seminar will be conducted by Professor Ucan Trustmee who promises to try and explain why politicians are so fond of abusing his name. Free day-care will be provided for the children by Miss Ora Lee Active, who'll be reading inspiring true life stories about what the Founding Fathers really had in mind from Murray Rothbard's four volume set, "Conceived In Liberty." (Toddlers can nap in the Tipper Gore coma room.)

Madam Dripper's House of Guns & Bait & Wax will be open to the public at no charge. "Don't miss the Government Whores and Horrors Display," says Madam Dripper. "We've got everyone from Lincoln to both Clintons in there and it's right scary." (Children under 12 not admitted to this display since it gives them nightmares.) Tobacco and raincoats will be provided for those with stomachs strong enough to enter the Janet Reno Room where barfing and spitting on the display are encouraged.

A carnival will be held in the town square with food, rides and games for free people of all ages. Participants are invited to try their hand at dunking Ms. Forevera Constant-Buttinski into a 1200 gallon tank of raw sewage. "It's a filthy and disgusting thing to do," said Ms. Constant-Buttinski. "But it's for the children, and my husband pointed out that, since I've been a left-wing pooh butt my whole life, being covered in crap is nothing new to me!"

Local guide and trapper Waylon Upyorn encourages you to shoot a water pistol at a balloon shaped in the likeness of Hillary Clinton, Barney Frank, Charles Schumer or Janet Reno. "Y'all make one of their heads explode an' ya win a copy of Tom Paine's `Common Sense'," says Waylon.

On the midway you can enjoy the usual rides along with this year's special added attraction, "The Politicians Tilt-A-Whirl." Town physician Doc Croaker explains the ride like this: "What happens is ya climb onto the thing an' all kinds of smoke an' mirrors pop up an' then it starts spinnin' around til ya get dizzy an' wanna puke. Then, just when ya start thinkin' things are gonna be okay, the bottom drops outta the dang thing an' yer left there hangin' in the breeze! It makes everybody sick, but every four years people line up to get on the infernal contraption."

Don't forget to grab a snack at one of the food stands. There's pizza shaped liked Chelsea Clinton's face, Al Gore waffles, and Hillary Clinton sour balls. Try a bag of Reno fries, but be prepared for the gas that follows! Then wash it all down with a Teddy Kennedy beer. Just look at the size of the head on that thing! Don't forget to take home a bag of Billy Jeff mini-assault-weenies for the family dog.

Mayor D. Day sums it all up by saying, "We want to help folks get over what they've done to themselves on election day. We're not interested in feeling their pain, we want to teach them that they are fully capable of making it go away."

October 30, 2000

Minority Mike, aka Michael J. Bates, can be reached at thunder_foot@hotmail.com, His wife, Margaret, helps him with the big words in the letters you write him.

Minority Mike's archived columns from the LewRockwell.com Home Page

The g.d. country is in a mess. Don't just stand there – DO SOMETHING!!
Such as:
(1) Pray and send someone some money.
(2) Vote and then pray.
(3) Keep singing "Look at what they are doing to us now."
(4) Put on your camouflage B.V.D.s, grab your rifle, speed to the nearest woods and shoot up all the squirrels within sight and hearing. (General Order 6½.)
(5) Commit a criminal act against a non-White and end up in jail thus proving you are "are doing something".
(6) Get drink and shout "Seig heil" 6 times before you fall off the barstool.
(7) Watch niggerball, night after night, and then tell your neighbors how niggers are wrecking the country.
(8) Break the windows in a synagogue and after you get trashed, cry that the jews are persecuting you.
(9) Get a tattoo and a nose ring, then go to a rock concert where they imitate niggers and then shout "White Pride!"
Hic niger es; hunc tu, Romane, caveto.   (He is black, beware of him, Roman.)
Sam SchulmanBlow by Blow

I used to tease my business partner, born in 1960 to my 1950, about how his generation brought in a whole new standard of female beauty – bee-stung lips and all – devoted to the suggestion of being ready for fellatio, rather than for intercourse. Jane Russell lay back on the haystack, ready for the whole man, I told him, but Drew Barrymore wanted only to take a part of you. He laughed then. But now my case has been proven, thanks to an 83-year-old former British MP named Leo Abse, in the most important book of our young century: Fellatio, Masochism, Politics, and Love. Don't look for it here in the U.S., because, frankly, we're not ready for it.

Abse proves conclusively that fellatio is an aberration of the 1960s, without much of a history in sexual behavior before that; and its widespread acceptance as the "common coinage" of casual sexual exchange is bad news for all of us – presidents, men, women and children. Abse, a Welsh Jew, represented Wales’ Pontypool, a mining constituency, for almost 30 years. A left-wing Labor man, he was also single-handedly responsible for pushing virtually every reform regarding personal and sexual freedom through Parliament: divorce reform, abortion rights, the decriminalization of homosexuality, in-vitro fertilization. When he preaches, it is not as a puritan: Abse is blamed by many for the sexual permissiveness of the second half of the last century.

Fellatio’s prominence is a 20th-century thing. Abse shows that even in the heyday of Victorian prurience, fellatio was nearly unmentioned even in the most encyclopedic catalogs of naughty things to do. There's not much mention of it in Krafft-Ebing or the novels of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Freud and his followers thought it was regarded as fairly repulsive, except between the most intimate and happiest of lovers – and rare. For Abse, the poet Philip Larkin was wrong when he said that "Sexual intercourse began in nineteen-sixty-three" – but fellatio may have.

This was well before fears about AIDS made it desirable to avoid direct contact between the sexual organs. But Abse thinks that the universality of fellatio, "if uninformed by tenderness and bereft of whole relationships between the protagonists, tell[s] us how unemancipated, not how liberated our society has become."

It is bad news for women on the whole. On the one hand, Abse believes that women get a series of sadomasochistic satisfactions from performing fellatio upon a man. It is a way of becoming empowered – in his highly charged language, an empowerment that "now finds expression in bedroom and Oval [Office] as well as the boardroom, her partner's manhood literally in her hands and between her teeth. She alone determines the rhythms which formerly were the male prerogative that so often left her dissatisfied when the replete male insensitively turned away. In this enactment, however, there is no doubt in her mind as to who is in charge, who is the leading player, and who literally has been assigned the bit part." And yet this kind of revenge is self-mutilating as well, making fun of her own generative organs, even as she takes revenge against the man by causing in him a denatured climax, having nothing to do with paternity. As Abse says, "the blows she directs against herself, and the blows against her partner, are all subsumed in the act."

At the same time, we gentlemen on the receiving end are harming ourselves and our partners at the same time. By making love in this fashion, we avoid any merging of ourselves with our date. In fact, a Gen-Xer in the act of being fellated is "in the grip of emotional paralysis, one from which he seeks to release himself by unconsciously denying the very existence of the whole vagina-endowed woman." At the same time, he is placing himself in the power of a woman with the ability to castrate him – for Abse an act of pure masochism. You may think you're having fun as a man, but you're wrong. Let someone unzip your trousers, will you? When you do, Abse thinks you are pursuing "the lure of total helplessness, of freedom from responsibility, of the relief of total dependency, of, in short, emasculation."

What has caused this outbreak is a mystery. Abse thinks that it's a consequence of careless mothering that beset the children of the Rosie the Riveter generation, and has continued. This is his explanation of President Clinton’s mad pursuit of punishment-by-blowjob: Why do men need, in "presidential style, to risk their whole manhood and place their trust in women who are often little more than strangers to them?" Clinton is seeking masochistic relief from the ghastly childhood he suffered at the hands of his casual mother and her boyfriends.

There is a refreshing seriousness about sex in Abse’s eccentric book – and some wonderful psychosexual interpretations of politicians like Enoch Powell, Tony Blair and of course the Laocoon of Clinton/Monica/Starr. Abse believes that what we do with one another matters – which would be a nice change. In the meantime, we have to wait for future generations, if there are any, to tell us whether fellatio is one of the great horrors of the 20th century, like social engineering and disarmament, or one of its great blessings – on the order of One-Click™ Shopping and CallerID™.

I mentioned way back when, that most sex scenes in kosher movies show the aggressive female on top. Many White males, deluded by their self-image of being able to "kick ass", are psychologically little boys always ready to please mommy in order to secure her moist favors. In my neck of the forest, a popular bumper sticker states: "Women kick-ass!" Wimps just cannot wait until they vote some yapping harpy into public office. RF

Welcome to The Ever Increasing Hate Ministry. Services are held daily except for Black Tuesdays. Introductory courses in Envy are available at our night care centers. We also offer intermediate courses in Jealousy for the graduates of our College of Unbridled Passion (C.U.P. if you get the connection – it's nice to be connected.) For those interested in the Ph.D. (Doctor of Pitiless Hate) degree, we offer advanced studies in Hate and Rage, past, present and in-between. There is a required thesis on how all of this relates to nocturnal emissions. We discriminate solely on the basis of bank accounts and the length of your canines. Hate does not come cheap and it's useless without the proper weapons.
It do go this way.
Hairless apes hump away making more hairless apes. Hairless apes need chicken to eat. Healthy, free roaming chickens taste best and are the best for you. This makes chicken shortage and low profit for greedy Purdues. Solution is to coop up chickens so they can't run and lose expensive corn energy. Coop chickens catch and spread diseases faster just like the turd world critters. Solution is to feed chickens Aunty Biotic. Hairless apes eat chicken and eat Aunty Biotic which is in the chicken. This reduces the effectiveness of hairless ape Aunty Biotic when needed. Hairless apes then get more diseases. More hairless ape diseases mean more jew drugs will be sold and eaten thus screwing up body's equilibrium. Screwed up equilibrium causes more sickness thus increasing the need for more drugs. If you can't see where all of this loony tunes activity will lead to, then you might consider a brain transplant. You can't fool Mother Nature.
If someone had an infinity of nothings, what color would it all be?
Those big worm holes in the sky might be amazing but I'd still like to see the worm which created them. 
"They" claim that there are only 5 regular polyhedrons: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. That's false, since I have recently proven the existence of a 6th regular polyhedron – the phlogistahedron. It has 666 faces all in the image of the "rho factor" which has been proven to be the "vibes" which DNA sends to God. Benny Geltvasser claims that the 6 day creation actually produced 6 universes, 69 bagels, a partridge and a pear tree.
Being honest does not mean telling everything you know.
Intolerance is the defense mechanism a host has against its parasites.

http://members.theglobe.com/kcwills/At the bottom, click on "So many conspiracies."
While in the link business, I hope you'll grab this one:


It is absolutely one of the most beautiful sites I have seen – hard hitting material plus just enough clean graphics to set it off. Far too many, usually with nothing to say, spend all of their time "chroming" a useless information site. Not so with Kevin Alfred Strom's contribution. On this site you'll find Dr. Oliver's critique of The Enemy of Europe, by Francis Parker Yockey.

Also see:  http://www.kevin-strom.com for other great stuff.

As the potato bug destroys the potato and the potato field, because it is its nature to do so, so does the jew destroy people and nations. J.G.
Dear Mr. Frenz
, I consider you the best of those on the side of the white race. If you were elected president, what would be the first thing you would do?

Dear Gene: Thanks for the kind word. My first task would be to find someone superior to myself and then turn the whole business over to him.

One of the attributes of the human brain is its imagination. The most important attribute is the ability to recognize when your brain waltzes off into lala land where the imagination becomes uncoupled from the real world. Sadly, most humanoids are quite deficient in this property. Some of it is certainly related to heredity – race mixing produces scrambled brains – and all can recognize that our ZOG schools have injected refurbished Marxism into the noggins of the young thus rendering them oft times being unable to know what is real and what is not. The more 'religious' a person is, the more likely most of his firing plugs are fouled. A serious Marine once told me that he was 'trained' to see all people as green. This, I suppose was a ZOG requirement in order to camouflage the race of the more incompetent among them. IF he ACTUALLY saw green people then think of what this might do to a serious confrontation in an all green environment. The poor fellow wouldn't be able to recognize the enemy from an avocado.

Mathematics and science in general, is now so disabled from "jew think" that I have wondered if it can ever return to the path of sanity. The cosmo brains babble about spatial gopher holes and multiple universes while mathematicians ramble on about how an infinite count of nothings can add up to something. It's little wonder that some young people claim that they don't understand any of it. That's a drawback of being comparatively sane in an asylum run by the most vocal of the inmates.

Suppose you have two straight rods hinged at the ends so as to form an adjustable angle – something line a machinist's divider or an engineer's compass. As you open this device, the angle size increases and soon you are left with a limit. It is now 'straight', that is, 180 degrees. How do you know that it has reached this point? Perhaps it is only 179.999999 degrees or 180.000001 degrees. Your senses cannot help you and all of your measuring tools add no assistance. But does that make any difference at all? For whatever our purposes are, the angle IS 180 degrees and we go from there. Not so with the loony mind of the mathematician. He envisions hairs on a billiard ball and can daydream about an "epsilon" which is "as close to zero" as he likes. (If it's not small enough, just cut it in half and repeat if necessary.) This you must recognize is off in lala land and is similar to those who see virgins floating through the clouds or those who hear un-recordable voices from above. Once you move from the real – provable in the real world – to the abstract, you are no longer playing in the field of sanity. If you recognize that fact, then is represents no problem and often it will lead to some insight or invention.

Our Marxist leaders have imposed a system of education guaranteed to produce the maximum number of useless neurotics. Instead of developing your God-given abilities and allowing your senses to do their time proven work, they indoctrinate people with notions diametrically opposed to what is perceived as real. Young kids, torn between Zionist palaver and the real world as inputted by their senses, simply blow an internal fuse and cop out to drugs, sex and criminal behavior. Appealing to 'reason' will not help since that is what their Pavlovian indoctrination was supposed to be all about in the first place. They simply take the path of least resistance which has always been the mark of the uncivilized and the weak.

We can survive this cosmic struggle but it will not come about if we adopt the directions of those not of our kind nor their behaviors. We are submerged in THEIR rules and THEIR behavior and it is our task to SURVIVE, unscathed, in this very real HOSTILE environment. White people, and they alone, have demonstrated, in their unrelenting pursuit of harnessing that about them, whether electricity or chemical synthesis, that it is precisely they who can build a better world for themselves. No others need apply. Other peoples and races have indeed had inspirations from time to time, but the sheer magnitude and quality of the White contribution dwarfs any defensive, or apologetic, voice from the non-White world. Indeed, the world THEY live in – the world they USE and yet criticize and seek to control – is a White created world and they should be reminded of that fact repeatedly. They have not one iota of remorse for the Whites they have killed and we should not shed one tear for their fallen, no matter how it came about. The past is dead. For good or no, it cannot be changed and neither can crying over spill milk alter anything. It only consumes valuable time. Only the future can be changed. Often we find ourselves on the job, side by side with an incompetent who is only there because of the big fist of the ZOG – which has nothing to do with merit all to do with the color of their skin – but we can still function with an absolute minimum of fraternization. (The African animals do this quite well at their watering holes.) As Whites, we need kiss no alien behind nor do we have to alter OUR society to fit them! They get all the assistance they need from our Zionist government and to assist them on a personal level is tantamount to helping the hangman tie his knot. (The female nature is very prone to this and women in positions of influence act as do any revealed enemy.) Those of the other races are NOT your brothers and they certainly are NOT your friends no matter how sweetly they smile at you. They'll smile because they still NEED you – like that lovely bimbo you dated until you ran out of money. When the time comes, and they feel they do not need us, it will be adios amigos. The South Africans and Rhodesians never learned that simple solitary fact. The salmon gets to his goal not by helping the fisherman nor relaxing on the swim. He remains true to his kind and perseveres whether rapids or shallows. We can win if we choose to remain White. It's all up to each one of us to decide which it shall be. 

Another contribution –

The struggle in Columbia, Venezuela, and Peru is over control of the cocaine traffic, and over natural resources.   It's the Usual Suspects, too, in a three cornered fight.

See these pages:


Probably you've heard about Lori Berenson, especially living in New York.  She was helping Tupac Amaru stir up the usual terrorism among illiterate peasants and criminals.  She's quite symbolic.  No surprise, or coincidence, that her co-racialists in the Organizatsiya are also backing a range of guerrilla outfits with guns and supplies, not only in Peru but across the region.

Fujimori, the Japs' proxy in panning Peru for minerals, put Lori inside for her trouble.  That's the second corner.  The Japanese are on a hunt for resource access as usual.  Primarily minerals but if/when serious drilling starts again and luck intervenes, lots of oil too, especially offshore.  And it's significant that only 43% of the US Senate voted to tell Fujimori to free her.  So why did the GOP vote against her?  Quite symbolic and informative again.

In the third corner are our upstanding GOP Freemason elites represented by the Bushes.  Up until now the Big Oil/Coke lodge of the Freemasons have had the lock on the cocaine trade.  Why do you think loose borders don't matter to George Jr in Texas, or Jeb Bush (married to a Cuban) in Florida?   Just look at where Medellin and Cali are located.  They sit on the two major routes through the Andes out of interior Columbia to the coasts.   Cali feeds into the Pacific and up through Mexico.  Medellin moves through the Carribbean and Gulf.  And sitting at the two major North American port areas are the two Bush brothers.

The Khazars are now trying to push'em out.  This is also why Bush Senior removed Noriega in 1989.   Noriega sat at the crossroads in Panama.  It's not that Noriega was dealing cocaine.  He was always Panama's top connection, all the way back to Trujillo's days.  Noriega's crime was that he was starting to deal with the Mossad. Bush told him to quit and he wouldn't.

And golly gee whizzers, guess what happened to destabilize Venezuela several years ago?  A currency and stock crash combined with a banking panic, interestingly localized to that one country.  Usually these things infect the neighboring states but not in this instance, for some reason.  It's not disorderly at all.  It's quite orderly once you know the rules of the game and have a scorecard and map to tell the players apart.  The Khazars plan to get control of the coke.

Partly it's because they're finally losing their opium monopoly.  The Chinese are squeezing them out of the Golden Triangle like a pimple.  While everyone's been watching Miss Democracy, Aung Sang, in southern Burma few notice that the Chinese are absorbing northern Burma in a slow roll demographic conquest.  And whenever the Chinese come in, they toss the Jews out.  Meanwhile the Taliban kicked their proxies out of Afghanistan, and the Shiites ran 'em out of Iran.

Their last good production area is in northern Iraq, if that explains all the crocodile sentiment over the Kurds and the northern Iraq no-fly zone.  USAF pilots often come back very confused.  From the same airfields the USAF is using in Turkey to protect Kurds in Iraq, the Turkish Air Force is launching missions to BOMB Kurds north of the border.  Once the opium factor is revealed it's all quite logical.

Here's the latest from the Late Great U.S. Army:  because of the current huge famine shortage of captains and now majors, the Army is going to eliminate 'small group instruction' at the Service Schools for the Captain Career Courses.   They have to fill up the shortages in the troop units so they're stripping the schools of qualified instructors. When I went through the Infantry Officer Advance Course it was 18 man groups and no place for the incompetent to hide. So far as I can see now, incompetent is all that's left.

As a result of the current shortages, they're going back to what used to be called "200 man bedrooms" or large lecture halls.  They might try to supplement that with CD-ROMs, who knows?  They're just eating up their seed corn now by doing this.

You can guess exactly WHO has been leaving and who's been staying.  Hillary's Zimbabwe Mob is almost ready. Only good news is that these remnant shells are less capable than the majority white National Guard units in the countryside. Only exceptions are the Ranger battalions and Special Forces, where people of color are still discriminated against by performance requirements and so underrepresented.

P.S. It is looking increasingly possible to me that Bush and his Freemasons could well lose the growing  struggle with the Organizatsiya in Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, & Peru (maybe) for control of the cocaine trade. The results that would have in Central America, the Carribbean and Mexico will be very far reaching. Picture a line of dominoes falling north. Kind of like the 1840s except this time WE are the Chinese. – Anon.

A while back, Toronto's Zud placed me on his s---list at the instigation of Mz. Rimland, so I was told. I no longer get the Zud report but his subscribers pass their copies on to me anyway. I also receive David Duke's "Uncensored Conservative Commentary". Dave has been surviving on donations since Noah was a kid swimming in the Euphrates. Noah frequently ran away from home to avoid being called to the mountain top. Anyway, Dave thinks the White race is in jeopardy since they aren't humping each other enough. He, like some other simpletons of the blightwing, seem to think that the key to our survival as a people depends upon reproduction. The fact of Nature is that the lower rungs of life always reproduce in greater volume. The Chinese always breed to the point of near starvation and the Blacks would rather f--- than eat anyway. White is synonymous with QUALITY and that has ALWAYS been our forte – our strength. Our present danger is that our QUALITY is diminishing rapidly due to indiscriminate Peter Dunkin which the young prefer to call recreation.

Asiatic Russia is David's "bulwark to the East" and he'd like them to "become racially aware." I'll bet he also thinks that "communism is dead" and Russia Judenfrei. I hope he asked his Russian audience for the latest scoop on the UFO which landed 69 kilometers outside Irkutsk. What is this "racially aware" business anyway? Does one need to go to school, or read some book, in order to find out about the stock of his family tree? Are mirrors scarce?

Davey does have some good points but his brain is clouded by that infernal blightwing disease – ego intoxication – which prompts the afflicted to kiss his mirror image. He cannot see the forest for the toothpicks. By the time the blight wing wakes up and discards their cockamamie croutons, it will be all over but the gassing.

It's hard to find anyone on the political scene lower than the Clintons. Two degenerate peas in a rotten red pod. In private, draft-dodger Bill signed a bill which provides medical assistance for women with breast cancer. Why would he choose to hide the signing fact from the public? Easy. The bill was introduced by Rick Lazio, Hillary's opponent in the NY senate race. I don't get bent over such stuff as I have full confidence that the American public will elect the most disgusting pieces of protoplasm they can find. On Mount Olympus, the gods are laughing their asses off. 
The "History" Channel
(more correctly, the holocaust channel) is running a series on Hitler Youth. If you pop on for a peek, you must keep one thing in mind – ALL TV IS KOSHER and those who are dispelling 'truth' will almost always be jews. This is tantamount to asking the gazelle to discuss the positive sides of lion life. Nearly all jews are envious of White people and all HATE any batch of White people who get 'wise' to how they behave. This is especially true of the Third Reich where a people demonstrated the heights they could achieve once jewish infestation was diminished. Also keep in mind that YOU WILL NEVER be presented with any unbiased discussion of National Socialism nor much of any truth. The formula for presentation is usually 6 percent fact and 94 percent Wolper or Spielberg day dreams or outright lies. The fact part is always chosen from common knowledge and this lulls the observer into a state of acceptance for the remaining boat load of b.s. If the listener is astute and questioning, he will be able to spot the nonsense as it spews from the mouths of the hardly good, usually bad and always ugly. Now for a few laughable 'facts" about the Hitler Youth as solemnly declared by those perpetual haters of everything and everyone.

The main jew yammered about how the H.Y. had no compassion for those who couldn't keep up during the strenuous physical programs. Hitler, we were told, wanted to upgrade the Aryan type by an elimination of the unfit. The next time this fellow flapped his negroid lips, he mentioned that this was AGAINST Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest principles and was actually REVERSING evolution. Evolution, by inference, was allowing "nature" to take its course by allowing the physically degenerate to reproduce. This is true jew logic.

A jewess, belching about Hitler and the occult (please note that ALL religions are some variety of the occult but the major religions are not called that – they have the larger hammers) went on with a remarkable yarn. Hitler ordered the severing of a few heads from the best of the S.S., and then had them placed in a cave where they could "communicate" with the spirits of the true Aryans who lived in Tibet. If you can believe that, then you can believe the buckets of "jumping flesh" and "geysers of blood" which decorate the holocaust fables.

Nazi symbolism was denounced with no mention of the baubles and bangles which are part of paraphernalia – idols, robes yarmulkes, goblets, etc. – which adorn all Catholic services. Certain Nazi physical rituals were ridiculed with no mention of the 'wailing wall' bobbing which resembles a batch of woodpeckers at a new find. It's the old story: If we do it, it's OK. If they do it, it's bad.

Lies have short legs. The truth can stand on its own. All lies have to be supported by subsequent lies and therein is the purpose of the unending – decade after decade – parade of 'survivors' and Rube Goldberg tales right out of a comic book. The more the jews yammer about the Third Reich, the more nonsensical their words become. As the b.s. becomes more odious, plus the increasing public annoyance, it will ultimately create a climate for yet another wave of "scapegoatism". Jews remain their own worst enemies. This appears to be common to all race-mixed peoples.

One thing that is remarkable about any showing of "liberated" Nazi era films is the pervasive 'good looks' of the population. An old comrade of mine once remarked, after killing a group of German soldiers, "Damn, but they were handsome." When I view these clips and then go to the local super market, it brings a great sadness to my soul at the noticeable increasing ugliness of the population. As I see some decent looking ostensible White girl dragging behind her tree swinging lover, I wonder if she ever gives one thought to the quality of the children such a mating will produce. Grandfather once remarked that we should beware of stupid and ugly people since they are full of hate – hate for that which they could never become. How true. How true.