3 November 2000
Second thoughts on being president – I'd abolish all of the Holoco$t guilt payments and all such connected shake-downs. It would be a simple book keeping exercise. Every jew will henceforth be paid $6000 per month for life. This would eliminate all of the concern about how many times a single jew could "survive" and whether the current payments fall into the domain of "an estate". I can hear the thunder of stampeding feet and I'd hope that Metzger and Pierce would pay attention for that "only 2 percent" foolishness would be multiplied six-fold.
Listening to a woman's words is much like eating jalapeño peppers. After the first few, it gets damned torturous.
Oh well ..... http://www.sightings.com/general5/iswarns.htm

And now a nature story –

We saw a Jewish seagull at a beach park yesterday.  How, you may rightly ask, could we tell it was a Jewish seagull?  Well, sit back and relax....

There was a flock of about 30 seagulls gathered around a drinking fountain with a leaky faucet.  In the center, keeping control of the puddle, was one old loudmouth seagull cackling away.  Whenever any of the other seagulls tried to come up to get a drink, this seagull would charge and peck the other away.  And all the time, whether other seagulls tried to drink or not, the drinking fountain seagull continued his cackling and croaking, making more noise than all the rest of the seagulls put together.

After one particular incident chasing another seagull away from the fresh water, the whole flock started a small riot, all the seagulls moving around, cackling a bit and several pecking others who weren't even involved.  But that soon calmed down, except for our one seagull, who continued his cackling non-stop.  Probably he was cackling about the 'Holocackle' that had just happened.

The saddest part was when I realized that whenever the flock moved, the old selfish seagull, instead of keeping his precious water fountain, would go away with the rest.

A Jewish seagull beyond all doubt.


I have little to say regarding Ross Perot's endorsement of brain-dead Bush. I said pretty much what I had to say many years ago when the gullible goyim thought this system whore was some sort of savior. Perot's ugly reptilian countenance and dwarf-like stature enables him to be lower than the belly of a snake with much less effort. He founded the Reform Party to ensure the election of the degenerate and amoral 'hero Bill'. When millions of well meaning and stout Americans fell for Perot's barrel of deceit, and it looked like the average Joe just might have a say in his own land, the weasel ducked out, abandoning ship, over the inconvenience it all might cause for his daughter's wedding. Now, instead of endorsing a candidate from his own party, he again does the slippery side step. It's critters like this who justly deserve any imaginable variety of hell. It's trash like this which are applauded on the Larry King show, as you might well imagine. Perot, like Bill Gates, have no positive talents in any field. They are hypocrites and deceivers of the first order and will do anything to enrich their despicable selves. They are nothing but puppets of our evil masters. To serve ZOG is to be rich. $atan pays well, well indeed. I'll end with this passing bit of advice: Jesse Ventura and Ralph Nader are no friends of the White race either. Whitey, they're sticking it to you from all sides. Wake up!
For what it's worth —

Ralph the Leninist by Jacob Weisberg
Posted Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2000, at 5:13 p.m. PT

Over the past 10 days, liberals have been voicing shock and dismay at the imminent prospect of their old hero, Ralph Nader, intentionally throwing the election to George W. Bush. A first, eloquent protest came 10 days ago from a group of a dozen former "Nader's Raiders," who asserted that their former mentor had broken a promise not to campaign in states where he could hurt Gore and begged him to reconsider doing so. Others, including Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter, have expressed a similar sense of disappointment and betrayal.

Nader's response to all this heartfelt hand-wringing has been to scoff and sneer. On Good Morning America, he referred contemptuously to his old disciples as "frightened liberals." The Green Party nominee is spending the final week of the campaign stumping in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Washington – the very states where a strong showing stands to hurt Gore the most. Nader has said he wants to maximize his vote in every state in hopes of attaining the 5 percent of the vote that will qualify the Green Party for $12 million in federal matching funds in 2004. Speaking to foreign journalists in Washington yesterday, he explicitly rejected Internet vote-swapping schemes that could help him reach this qualifying threshold without the side effect of electing Bush president. In various other TV appearances, Nader has stated bluntly that he couldn't care less who wins.

This depraved indifference to Republican rule has made Nader's old liberal friends even more furious. A bunch of intellectuals organized by Sean Wilentz and Todd Gitlin are circulating a much nastier open letter, denouncing Nader's "wrecking-ball campaign – one that betrays the very liberal and progressive values it claims to uphold." But really, the question shouldn't be the one liberals seem to be asking about why Nader is doing what he's doing. The question should be why anyone is surprised. For some time now, Nader has made it perfectly clear that his campaign isn't about trying to pull the Democrats back to the left. Rather, his strategy is the Leninist one of "heightening the contradictions." It's not just that Nader is willing to take a chance of being personally responsible for electing Bush. It's that he's actively trying to elect Bush because he thinks that social conditions in American need to get worse before they can better.

Nader often makes this "the worse, the better" point on the stump in relation to Republicans and the environment. He says that Reagan-era Interior Secretary James Watt was useful because he was a "provocateur" for change, noting that Watt spurred a massive boost in the Sierra Club's membership. More recently, Nader applied the same logic to Bush himself. Here's the Los Angeles Times' account of a speech Nader gave at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., last week: "After lambasting Gore as part of a do-nothing Clinton administration, Nader said, 'If it were a choice between a provocateur and an anesthetizer, I'd rather have a provocateur. It would mobilize us.' "

Lest this remark be considered an aberration, Nader has said similar things before. "When [the Democrats] lose, they say it's because they are not appealing to the Republican voters," Nader told an audience in Madison, Wis., a few months ago, according to a story in The Nation. "We want them to say they lost because a progressive movement took away votes." That might make it sound like Nader's goal is to defeat Gore in order to shift the Democratic Party to the left. But in a more recent interview with David Moberg in the socialist paper In These Times, Nader made it clear that his real mission is to destroy and then replace the Democratic Party altogether. According to Moberg, Nader talked "about leading the Greens into a 'death struggle' with the Democratic Party to determine which will be the majority party." Nader further and shockingly explained that he hopes in the future to run Green Party candidates around the country, including against such progressive Democrats as Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, Sen. Senator Russell Feingold of Wisconsin, and Rep. Henry Waxman of California. "I hate to use military analogies," Nader said, "but this is war on the two parties."

Hitler analogies always lead to trouble, but the one here is irresistible since Nader is actually making the argument of the German Communist Party circa 1932, which helped bring the Nazis to power. I'm not comparing the Republicans to fascists or the Greens to Stalinists for that matter. But Nader and his supporters are emulating a disturbing, familiar pattern of sectarian idiocy. You hear these echoes whenever Nader criticizes Bush halfheartedly, then becomes enthusiastic and animated blasting the Green version of the "social fascists" – Bill Clinton, Gore, and moderate environmentalists. It's clear that the people he really despises are those who half agree with him. To Nader, it is liberal meliorists, not right-wing conservatives, who are the true enemies of his effort to build a "genuine" progressive movement. He does have a preference between Republicans and Democrats, and it's for the party that he thinks will inflict maximum damage on the environment, civil rights, labor rights, and so on. By assisting his class enemy, Nader thinks he can help pull the wool from the eyes of a sheeplike public.

If Nader's goal were actually progressive reform – a ban on soft money, a higher minimum wage, health-care coverage for some of the uninsured, a global warming treaty – it would be possible to say that his strategy was breathtakingly stupid. But Nader's goal is not progressive reform; it's a transformation in human consciousness. His Green Party will not flourish under Democratic presidents who lull the country into a sense of complacency by making things moderately better. If it is to thrive, it needs villainous, right-wing Republicans who will make things worse. Like Pat Buchanan, Nader understands that his movement thrives on misery. But the comparison is actually unfair to Buchanan (words I never thought I'd write) because Buchanan doesn't work to create more misery for the sake of making his movement grow the way Nader does. From a strictly self-interested point of view, Nader's stance is the more rational one.

So Gore supporters might as well quit warning the Green candidate that he's going to put George W. Bush in White House. Ralph Nader is a very intelligent man who knows exactly what's he doing. And they only seem to be encouraging him.

I think we should all remember that famous painting of the ragged clothes, and bandaged limbs, on those fife and drum men who were heading Washington's rag tag army. We are they – battered physically, and often financially, but not spiritually. The oceans are there. We must cross them.  The mountains are there. We must climb them. The stars are there. We must seek them. We march on because we must. That's what being White is all about.

I personally like everyone from Zündel and Irving to Smith and beyond. If they ever asked for a favor, I'd more than likely comply. I criticize their modus operandi but this criticism is confined to the domain of opinion. My opinion is not offered because I wish to be interpreted as wise, or even prophetic, but to furnish seed for that in which the White man excels – thinking objectively. If all of my whooping and hollering has brought one White man to stop and say to himself, "I'll be damned. I never thought of that," then this effort will not have been in vain.

Eric says, if he were president, that his first act would be to enforce all existing laws. My priorities are different. If president, my first act would be to call an emergency session of Congress. Once gathered, I'd seal the doors after 69 hunger-crazed lions were added. In addition, I'd add 13 sex-deprived gorillas to properly pleasure the yapping hens. After all, they shouldn't mind since they share the same 98 percent DNA.
The Canadian honky can't give his country away fast enough. Herb Dhaliwal
, P.C., M.P., was pleased to issue an applauding statement following Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Elinor Caplan's announcement that the Right of Landing Fee for the "refugee" denizens seeking to inflict upon Canada whatever it is they are fleeing from, has been flushed down the toilet. True to 1984, "humanitarianism" does not apply to White people.
If the American boob behaves as he has in the past,
I see the election this way: Bush (a refurbished Alfred E. Newman) by a 5 percent nose; Hillary the Red by a 6 percent hooked nose. Nader the Green shoveling up about 6 percent from the college protest bunch and Buchanan with about 4 percent in spite of the heavy handed shut-out operation. (Buchanan shot himself in the foot by actually advocating a return to MERIT as a requirement for nearly everything. Such unfeeling discrimination never sits well with the unwashed herd.) For the past 69 years, the Konspiratorial Kosher Krowd (the REAL KKK) has managed the fix. I always vote since it is more fun than watching the girl down the hall charge for what she used to give away free. I always choose the most disgusting incompetent I can find on the list. This year, it will be a very difficult choice to make.
About 69 miles from here is an island in the Niagara River. It's called Grand Island and lots of people live there. Today, a Black kid was trashed by 5 White kids. This, as we are accustomed to expect, was "racially motivated". When the Blacks kicked a White man to death in the same vicinity about 8 months ago, ZOGspeak labeled it a "thrill killing". As the pervert harpies love to remind us: only Whites are racist. This is the exact OPPOSITE of truth for White people are the LEAST racist of all the humanoid critters. Whites always get into difficulty because they are either not racist or not racist enough. Think about that before your mouth, in Pavlovian style, starts yammering the Marxist line your ZOG teachers indoctrinated you with. We, as White men and women, MUST, in order to survive as a people, become MORE RACIST than the nogs, wogs, gooks and spooks who are attacking us on all fronts and if you do not think we are under siege, then you'd better stop smoking whatever it is that paralyzes your brain. This assault, it is very sad to say, is supported by hordes of our own kind! In a mixed gathering, if you insult a sweet and loving Black man by calling him a nigger, you can bet your woman's soft parts that it will be White people who'll attack you first and most vehemently. (It's called being deranged – no other race suffers that affliction. Imagine a lion going to the aid of a leopard, or a zebra to a gazelle.)

Yes Irene, the Grand Island kids are getting out of hand and now the adults are clamoring for a curfew. Curfews do not change any kids behavior. That behavior was instilled mainly in the household they were brought up. The only way negative behaviors can be altered is either by the individual voluntarily controlling what he does in line with what is acceptable, or by "making him an offer he cannot refuse". Making a choice between being shot or behaving is not a difficult one to make. But that's a no-no in today's effete society where hurting the feelings of another is tantamount to execution. No one must never be "offended". It's called "mental anguish" and heaven forbid anyone ever suffering from that!

The rot did not come over night but it's here in all its slimy putrescence. The White father is now denied his traditional authority in the home – by law. If he catches his wife in the sack getting serviced by the meter reader, he can do little of nothing other than count the strokes. (Keep in mind that it was SHE who spread her legs. The meter reader only took advantage of an opportunity.) If she gets splattered against the wall, as she SHOULD, he'd soon be in the can for assault. Even harsh words can be labeled "verbal abuse". It is doubly true of his children where "child abuse" is so broad in range that it often covers an angry look. Robbed of this authority, the house evolves in to little more than a hotel where everyone "does his own thing" and doing your thing is about as advantageous to social order as desertion is to the military. In this environment a man must be EXTREMELY careful as to whom he chooses to be the mother of his children. There are a lot of great looking vipers out there. MEN always choose WOMEN for their life partners. Wimps and other varieties of nincompoops always choose that which tickles their gonads. They enjoy their pleasurable moments before the ultimate, and inevitable, storm for a viper is compelled to sink its fangs into something, sometime.

I listened to Ralph Nader last night. I like the man for his forthrightness. I dislike many of his positions. Character wise, he is vastly superior to either of the ZOG candidates, one of whom we shall be stuck with. Nader is all for special privileges for non-Whites. He stated that Whitey had been in the driver's seat for too long and it was now time for others to be at the helm. This statement ALONE is sufficient to disqualify him as a solution to our national afflictions. In addition, he finds little wrong with buggery and the other activities of the 'in your face' pervert bunch. He even condones and supports their "marriages". A person VOLUNTARILY chooses to destroy his brain and body by partaking of drugs. When such a person becomes a social problem, then Ralph wants tons of tax dollars spent to "rehabilitate" the man. (I love this tripe. It's like looking at a moldy piece of fruit in the frig and wondering how you can 'rehabilitate' it into something edible. The same f---ed up brain which led to drug use will still be there in the end!) Nader's message, although anti-White, is attractive to young people for little other than an avenue which appears not to be on ZOG's map, but it's there, nonetheless. We have often heard that ZOG control doesn't extend to local politics and the populist bunch forever plays that music. Not so. Not so. Local politics is ignored due to its relative unimportance in the wrecking business but let one pro-White localite open his mouth, and you'll see ZOG show up with his bared teeth. Stop deluding yourself. Third parties are only entertainment and when one pops into prominence, they'll be squashed. ZOG loves rich people and if ZOG does not like you, then you'll never be rich. Everything we experience is under ZOG's eyes. The 'free speech' thing will continue ONLY as long as it does not appreciably interfere with ZOG's plans for a one world funny farm. 
Ja Brüder, I am a racist but what it means to me might not be the same as it means to you. Let me mention what it DOESN'T mean to me. It does not mean I should push Black people in front of speeding busses. It does not mean I should shoot a jew radio talk show host because he says things I do not like. It doesn't mean defacing synagogues or setting fire to Black churches. It does not mean robbing banks and then claiming I did it for "the race". It does not mean engaging in anything illegal or even being a public nuisance.

I avoid the company of all non-Whites as best I can during an average day of living. I do not voluntarily contribute to anything which I believe to be detrimental to my race. I try to live and let live. I do not hate crocodiles nor even dislike them as long as them remain surfing in the Congo River. When they show up in my back yard, then I do get a little annoyed. If one tries to deprive me of my life or my welfare, then it's time for Mr. Colt. I like the Texas motto "Don't tread on me."

There is no way outside of a lobotomy which will ever get me to belittle White achievement with the effect of believing all humanoids "are equal". From cathedrals and science to literature and rockets, White people DO NOT have peers. Moreover, the runners-up are so far behind that it's not even worth considering. We are unique and I remain eternally proud to belong to that group. I am the first to admit that I am not a great specimen of the White race for there are thousands more intelligent, more physically robust, more handsome, more ethical, more moral and more everything, than I, but I remain a White man and I have a God-given duty to act like one. I can be nothing else and neither can the antelope or cheetah. I cannot act like a Negro anymore than a leopard can act like a lion for to do so would betray, and pervert, everything God set into motion. I, as an individual, can be bested in several ways by others of another race but there are White brothers out there who can best all of the other races. There is NO member of another race of whom we could not do without. WE NEED THEM NOT but they, sure as shootin', need us. They simply cannot compete and their only path to anything must be paved with our efforts and approval. That's why it is so essential for them to handicap us with self-imposed guilt, special priviledges for the botched, and promote disastrous out-breeding with those not of our kind. It's harder to behead a man when he is standing than it is when he is in the ass-kissing position. To be White is to remain standing with a deaf ear when the "minorities" start their weeping and wailing for it's only a disarming act they play.

A  fellow sent this in as a response to a comment I made about the vaporous sell-out candidate Ross Perot:
(Beware of all third-party candidates until you check out which whore-houses they frequent.)

Pee-rot, after the Zionist State of Israel, is the biggest single welfare queen this country has ever seen.  His first company, Electronic Data Systems, made its bucks almost entirely on FEDZOG-USA government contracts, specifically computerizing the Social Security and IRS offices, with Pentagon deals along the way.

His deal with the Clintons went much deeper.  At the same time he was running his divide the vote candidacy, he had also just started up another 'computer integrator' company on EDS' lines, this one specializing in medical management information systems.  And boy, what an amazing coincidence!  In their first major initiative (after trying to turn military barracks into open homosexual bathhouses), the Clintons tried to create a socialized national health care system.  This, had it worked, would have made him the richest man in the world, more than likely.  Just imagine all of Pee-rot's systems in every hospital, doctor's office, and drug store in the country, in addition to the all the work inside FED-ZOGUSA itself.

They paid Pee-rot back in other ways for all the money he so selflessly 'spent' on his candidacy, but there was the Big Tamale Pee-rot really wanted.  The legend that Pee-rot spent his own money because he was patriotically concerned about the Jewess Ah!' is the biggest load of crap since the original Holoco$t.   He doesn't give two craps (they can be sold for compost) about anyone except himself.

Won't it be great once we can see what deals our Kleptocracy has cut in advance over the current election farce?

One fellow invites his friend to view FAEM –

Oh my stars Jim!!! What a great website!! I can't believe I hadn't come cross it before now.  I should have heeded your advice long ago!  My God, but those people give one a certain sense of hope, not to mention a sense of greater pride in not being born a minority!   The one guy made such perfect sense too. I've thought to myself for some time that what goes around comes around and that it's only a matter of time before white people in America become the minority at which time those remaining will have nothing better to do than stay home and breed.  Afterall it is the one pleasure that requires nothing  more than a willing partner and it is the rich man who has no time for such simplicity.

Just the same though, it is very difficult to sit back and watch your world slip away without ever lifting a finger to hold on to it.  I wonder what makes some of us able to recognize and repel the beast, while others are swept away by its siren. You know my son can sit in front of a television set and tell me every  time he sees one of the subliminal cuts. I've caught a few myself, but I often wonder if it was only my imagination, having been in an almost dreamlike state. Sort of being almost but not quite asleep, then waking to wonder if there really was a commercial for 5 Star Ford or Wendys.

I'll talk to you more about this later. Gotta be in early tomorrow.

Gratefully yours,