7 November 2000
I dun dood my vote duty. I certainly did not delude myself by believing it will do one thing other than change the captains of a sinking ship. I vote a straight ticket – White male. No, I do not consider Lieberman White and I have strong doubts about Gore. I started with Buchanan and then searched for all of the masculine and apparent White names I could find. I voted NO to every tax and spend proposition. For years, I have hoped for a selection which read: Select 4 of the below to be publicly executed. The list would be members of Congress, the Federal Reserve and randomly picked members of the Bar Association. Notice that I did not include the Hollywood and TV moguls. They hold power only at the discretion of ZOG and you should always keep that in mind.

I did observe a senile White woman helping a batch of Chinese who had difficulty with the language. "Ah so. Velly eassy. Who the Chinee we vote for?" The old woman searched with no success and them asked them if a Black candidate would do. This described our situation poignantly and all of the foreign colonizers must shake their heads in wonder at a people so stupid that they relish giving their country away. By the way, more than half of the candidates for judge, legislators, etc. were female and of the candidates with masculine names, only about 1/3 were Western European. I am sure that C.N.Y. is representative of the whole country. Where will you go Whitey when this land is no longer yours? 

Apparently the hebes who shook down the Swiss banks for $1.2 billion are now complaining about the exorbitant fees of the shysters they hired. Ever watch a pack of hyenas at a fresh kill?
Remember that I do not charge extra for the grammatical errors and misspellings which often occur on this page. Also keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are opinions and nothing else. I hope you know what an opinion is. An opinion is not a statement of fact. Facts are either true or false. Opinions cannot be so graded.
Today is deflection day. Millions of foolish people will zip to the polls and cast their vote in a silly game which is rigged against them. Since voting is nothing more than a popularity contest where each goy wants to brag Wednesday morning that his "man" won, it is easy to see the 'sports' aspect of it all. If WE were a COMMUNITY, then voting would be meaningful. Alas, we are not and one might ask why this is true. Perhaps Aryans only unit when externals force them to do so. After all, the Aryan does value his wide open spaces and certainly cannot thrive in the termite mound type of living the other races naturally gravitate to. If this be it, then it should appear that White people must BE CAPABLE of forming community when the inevitable presents itself. Our whole society is hopelessly fragmented and the White portion more than all the rest combined.

From my experience, as I look about, it is difficult to find young people capable of such a bond with his own kind. Most have been hatched in a group we still like to refer to as a family. If this be as pervasive as I suspect, then when crisis arises, will mutual trust and camaraderie magically envelop us? I think not. "As the twig is bent..." the saying goes and I place most of the blame for lack of trust – and nothing worthwhile is ever formed without it – upon the almost complete lack of structure in a family. The hedonistic approach many of our young people engage in, from drugs to recreational sex, is not as much a concern to me as is their habitual lying, petty thievery and disdain for the effects which their behavior has on others. This especially affects children so corralled.

Both Eric and I are great "people watchers". It's interesting to observe and predict. Yesterday, I was eating a version of ptomaine served by Arby's. As I peered from the window, a young couple popped from one of those "in" miniature busses with two children. It was obvious that papa was more interested in mama's warm parts than he was in HIS – his blood! – children and that mama was more interested in his wallet than she was in HER – her blood! – children. That the children were a blood UNION of what supposedly was a SPIRITUAL union of two people, seemed out of place. I mentioned to my lady friend that soon we would be entertained by a pair of small undisciplined brats. It all came to pass and the frequency of such episodes is indeed heart rendering.

Without White community nothing will ever be accomplished by ourselves on our behalf. Our misdirected efforts only benefit those not of our kind, sadly to say. There remains little doubt that our young are looking for that which they cannot describe – community – and they search in vain for that which they never experienced but nonetheless hunger for. Without ever having experienced the community of a true family, they seek that which they do not know.

There is no way that the adoption of some bizarre 'religion' can accomplish community. There is no way the silly notion of "leaderless resistance" can accomplish community. These remain other than variations of entertainment, like the current attitude towards sex, where people delude themselves into believing that a gaggle of fans at a niggerball game represents some sort of camaraderie. It's as I describe. You cannot build castles out of sand nor make silk purses out of sows' ears. Without quality raw material, it's ludicrous to discuss the machinery.

The first step is for each to reflect upon his behavior and ask "Am I a credit to myself, my family and my people?" If not, then one must develop the will to do so. No group is any stronger than its individual members. Self-serving people do not have community. There can no family without it. A man who truly loves a woman does what he can to enrich HER life and a woman who loves a man does what she can to enrich HIS life and the greatest gift one can give to another is TRUST and FAITHFULNESS.

Many years ago, I was awakened by a phone call at 2:30 AM. A crying woman told me that her name was Helen and that I had met her at the "pond" about a year ago. The conversation went along this line:

"Yes, I remember you. Aren't you the wife of Clyde?"
"Yes, – sobbing – I need help. I have had a car accident and I don't know what to do."
"Are you hurt?"
"No. Just shaken up."
"Have you called your husband?"
"Yes, but he laughed and said it wasn't his problem."
"Have you called your father and explained?"
"Yes, but he said he had no sympathy for me since I was stupid enough to marry whom I did."
"Do you have anyone else you can call?"
"No. You were the only one I could think of."

I thereupon agreed to go and get her learning that she was 7 months pregnant and with her 4 year old son. She had very little money and I called a motel and charged a room so they could have a place to sleep. I explained that I could not drive for 3 hours – she was quite distant – without additional sleep but that I'd be there at 9:00 AM.

I picked them up and delivered them back to their domicile. That was the end of the matter although I did have an opportunity to talk with her nearly 2 years later.

Old habits, I guess, are hard to break and often is the time when my youthful comrades would come to the aid of the other without hesitation nor question. Gil, a fellow who shared the next bed during my stay at the military hospital at Valley Forge, once asked for a loan of money. It was granted with no question or promise. He returned it within a year.

Stop looking for someone else to solve your problem. No one can give you backbone except yourself. Stand up straight, let your word be your bond,  and be a White man. You might just like the feeling. It works for me.

Please note that I have added a new folder: Liberty Bell. Over the years, there have been many great articles in this now defunct publication and only Dr. Oliver's material has seen the light of the Internet day. Young people are advised to read, learn and think! Much of their woe can be directly traced to problems fully recognized by what is now called the "old duffers" club most of whom are now in the book and video hawking business – patriotism for profit.. As I told one smart-ass yapper at a Citizen's Police Academy session, "I was once 23 but you were never 54. I have been both and that gives me a great edge as to knowing what is going on in this world. You'd be well advised to listen and learn for if you choose not to take advantage of the experience of others, you'll lose in the end for your enemies are not children. Young people are never wise. They only think so and self-delusion will defeat them the most readily."
The Stalinist Ralph Nader has been getting the predicted coverage. He is to be for the Democrats what the ugly dwarf Perot was to the Republicans – a vote eraser. The fix is in for the candidate with the brain of a bush. Today he is supported by the non-Latin Latino vote but a honky front man will not be needed when they have a La Raza candidate of their very own.
Rev. Kenneth Molyneaux of the WCOTC has announced that his novel White Empire is online. Go to my Links folder so that you can jump to it. At this time, I have not read it. Be advised AGAIN, that neither Robert, Ed, Eric or Carole endorse all that appears on this site. 
The "equals" living in Zimbabwe, are killing off the White farmers and then complain that there is not enough food. Perhaps Pat Robertson (pray and send money) will launch one of his $14,000 'mercy missions', which by the way, would cost his supporters about $487,000.
The servomechanism to one of the trim tabs just went 'thud'. Our 747 ship is in a shallow dive and the yoke is locked. The passengers are all singing "In the sweet bye and bye..." while Izzy Pilebaum is selling good luck charms with a life time guarantee. The youthful set is oozing with glee since each 500 foot descent allows them a sharper view of the ragged peaks below. Now I ask you, "Does it really matter who the pilot is?" Make sure you vote remembering all the while what Hillary's idol Stalin said: It's not who votes which counts , but who counts the votes.
Remember when Anita Bryant was kicked off television because she stated that she preferred heterosexual people and opposed to the excrement worshippers? Rosanne, the zero talent bag of dung, insulted the country with her off key, crotch scratching, rendition of the National Anthem. The episode past quietly thus proving who exactly runs the country.

The Friar's Club – a batch of rich kosher klowns – had their annual "roast" recently. Unlike Dean Martin's shows, there was nothing really funny unless vulgarity on the Stern level makes you laugh. The 'humor', as with the Black 'comedy shows' is all about orifice activity.

America's worst enemies simply could not do the damage to this country that the Americans are doing to themselves. Bush has the spic vote locked up and Gore, the Chinese, but the chinks are not yet numerous enough to be of a great help to him. But – there's always mañana. Welcome to the land where a contagious disease, AIDS, actually has "civil rights".
If I grabbed it right, all products containing phenylopropanolamine will be pulled off the drug store counters. The substance is an active ingredient in everything from cold remedies to diet concoctions. Supposedly precipitating heart problems, I am not surprised. Tinkering with your body with any sort of drug – legal or not – is not the path to well being.
A fellow private pilot sent this comic prose to me and asked me to read it. My comments will be in bold blue.

Scientists Think They've Glimpsed the 'God Particle'. My first chuckle.
Matter: If a Higgs boson has left tracks in an accelerator, it opens a 'whole new world' for physicists.
Hog bisons would be a better name.

By K.C. COLE, Times Science Fiction. Writer

GENEVA – For more than 20 years, scientists around the world have been searching for an invisible particle that determines the basic properties of matter. The particle, called a Higgs boson, is thought to be a vibrating chunk of the unseen vacuum A chunk of vibrating nothingness? If there exists 'unseen' vacuums then what do the 'seen' vacuums look like? that underlies everything in the universe. Today, meta-physicists at the European laboratory CERN are set to announce what they believe is the first glimpse of the Higgs boson. The evidence is by no means conclusive. You betcher ass it ain't! However, the discovery is considered critical to physics – not only concluding one chapter but also opening the door to another completely undiscovered realm. If it's undiscovered then how do you know it's there? "The Higgs is not just a particle,' said CERN theorist John March-Russell. "It means there's this whole new world out there." Once physicists understand this pervasive, unseen influence, they will be able to answer a question so fundamental that ancient thinkers probably never even dared to ask it: "Why does matter have mass?" Why does mass matter? I thought this was a definition. Said Princeton experimentalist Tinkerer. Chris Tully: "I think it will eventually be hailed as one of the greatest achievements you can make in science." The vacuum of physics gives structure to everything else. Nothing like taking nothing and building something, I say. Like the strings of an unseen puppeteer, it holds all matter under its influence. The Higgs field is a fundamental part of this nothingness. Nothingness is now composed of parts. How does one tell one 'nothing' part from another? Apparently not all nothings are equal. Here's where the meta-math enters. An infinite count of nothing makes something. It's like water to a fish, an essential ingredient of the universe. Which one? These gooney birds have 'discovered' about 4 universes so far, I think. And the Higgs boson has enormous consequences: Without this hidden field, all particles would travel at the speed of light. Atoms could not exist. Anyone wanna buy a photo of a nude non-existent atom? Possible traces of the long-sought particle were detected during experiments in the 17-mile-around Large Electron Positron collider, or LEP, by crashing atomic particles together at high speeds. Tracks From the pecker bird. I suppose. suggesting the possible presence of the so-far-unseen Higgs have teased CERN physicists with a frustrating succession of appearances and disappearances over the last month. However, evidence accumulated last week finally convinced the experimenters to request an emergency resuscitation of the aging accelerator. CERN officials had previously decided to tear down LEP and start construction of a replacement. Now we have the bottom line – job security! "It's a very pleasant emergency," CERN director general Luciano Maiani, Another brilliant Aryan. who has been a confirmed skeptic, told The Times on Thursday. "Last week changed everything." He got his plumbing cleaned. The final decision on the fate of the collider will have to await a vote by CERN's 20 member states, probably next week. However, for the time being, it looks as if the hordes of workers waiting with "blowtorches and axes," as one physicist put it, to dismantle the machine will have to go home. Nothing like creating new jobs, I say.

It's hard to say which universe all of this magic comes from or which universe really came first. It just might be possible for a chunk of vacuum from one universe to vibrate itself into another universe thus giving rise to all of those 'worm holes' out there. This has all led me to wonder if I shouldn't apply for federal funds so I could build a phlogisitron accelerator. My theory – backed up with no evidence whatsoever in keeping with popular trend – would accelerate a chuck of vacuum in a bagel shaped chamber while a chunk of anti-vacuum would be ripping it off in the other. My calculations demonstrate that it would take about 6,000,000 revolutions before lox speed was achieved. When vacuum collides with anti-vacuum, it's very possible that a 6th dimensional form of flubber might be created. Since the universe is expanding into itself, the assumption that the universe is elastic would statistically be demonstrated with a 6 percent margin for error.

Skeptics Had a Good Case Skeptics have been saying for weeks that the hints that surfaced at CERN last month were only wishful thinking – a desperate attempt to claim a prize that almost surely would have gone to the rival Fermilab outside Chicago if CERN's accelerator had shut down. The skeptics had a good case: Of the four cathedral-sized electronic "eyes" that watch for the Higgs, only one initially saw telltale tracks of the particle. A few weeks later, another detector saw something, only to have the evidence evaporate under later scrutiny. Check the wiring for cold solder joints. "Maybe they persuaded themselves that, in spite of the warts, these [tracks] are OK," Chris Quigg of Fermilab said at the time. "But my judgment is, they're going to have a pretty hard time." In a dizzying series of events since mid-October, however, two other detectors at LEP have spied what scientists believe are definite Higgs tracks. I am inclined to believe that when men walk on water they leave Higgs tracks. "Among physicists, we believe we have them. They all frequent the same crack house. But we don't believe we have enough of them" to claim a discovery, said Jason Nielsen, a graduate student from the University of Wisconsin. So, after a week of sleepless nights and tense hallway conversations, Maiani has decided to ask for a reprieve for the collider. It won't come cheaply. In addition to the $70 million More of your tax money you silly goyim. it will cost to pay contractors who were standing by to destroy LEP and build the next machine, the change of plans will take a big toll in careers disrupted and personal plans. Normally, the physicists would not have gone public with their findings until physics conferences next spring, said a spokesman for the experiment, physicist Tiziano Camporesi. Another Aryan. "But by next spring, the detector would be gone." Why all the fuss? If the Higgs had different properties, our universe would be an entirely different kind of place. Bosons are one type among the almost unimaginably small subatomic particles that, according to theoretical physics, are the ultimate building blocks of the universe. Hey man, where did all of these blocks come from? Another "in the beginning" big bang flatus? The Higgs boson, often described as a kind of cosmic molasses, changes the properties of particles that travel through it. A space gauntlet – yikes! It imparts a kind of sluggishness – or mass. Until recently, mass was considered so basic a property of matter that scientists didn't even think to ask where it came from. "It was God-given," Maiani said. "The fact that human beings can frame the question – much less find the answer – is amazing," Tully said. How can the physicists see the vacuum? Didn't you just say is was un-seeable? The same way a brick "sees" the Earth when it falls to the floor, or a magnet "sees" metal. The unseen influence affects the way things move. In fact, the very observation that things have mass confirms that the Higgs exists, physicists say. To prove their theories, Read: delusions. however, they need to set the vacuum vibrating Hmmm Irene, what frequency would be best to vibrate your vacuum? with enough energy to send a chunk of it, in effect, "free." Only that way can they study its properties. The CERN machine accomplishes that by making two beams of particles collide head-on at enormous energies. Electrons circling in one direction meet their anti-matter counterparts, called positrons, circling in the opposite direction at four intersections along an accelerator ring. Continuously accelerated as they fly through the ring, the particles cannot exceed the speed of light. Instead, their energy translates directly into mass (according to Einstein's Handsome Aryan! E=mc² formula). By the time they collide, they have been fattened to 200,000 times their normal "weight." Actually, the true increase is 6,000,000 times. All that energy goes into mutual annihilation – a burst of pure energy. And out of that ball of energy come new particles. If the physicists at CERN are right, their collisions have produced a so-called Z particle, massive enough to set the vacuum twanging for a tiny fraction of a second and produce the Higgs boson. A vibration is something moving back and forth. How does nothing move about? The answer is found in the crazy world of meta-mathematics and this is the "reality" of modern physics. In layman's language – hot air extruded by the certifiably insane. The exact "pitch" of that twang is the natural frequency of the vacuum. If you still are in doubt, take a day off and contemplate this bit of hogwash. Frequency, in the world of particles, translates directly into energy, which in turn translates into mass. Things would be simple if either the Z or the Higgs could be seen directly. Alas, both dissolve into other particles before traveling even a few inches at nearly the speed of light. Therefore, the details of the collision must be inferred from the tracks left in the four detectors placed at the intersections of the particle beams. As pieces fly out from the site of the collision, every stray bit is identified, tracked and counted. Buried in pits hundreds of yards beneath the rolling French and Swiss countryside, the enormous, tinkertoy-like detectors operate in ways surprisingly similar to human eyes: After collecting detailed information on properties of particles that pass through – speed, electric charge, mass and so forth – they make what amount to intelligent "guesses" on what they "see." At the end, what they have is a carefully measured probability of being right. The process is very much like staring at a strange flickering light in the distance, explained CERN physicist John Ellis. The longer you look, the more certain you can be that you're looking at a planet instead of an airplane. Now get this: The 'particles' are only around for a split glitch so what does a "long look" mean? Tully, who is one of three independent physicists in charge of calculating those probabilities, says the current odds that the CERN Higgs is not real stand at about 3 in 1,000. That may sound good, he said, but to claim a "discovery," CERN would need the probability that the signals were the result of random chance to fall to 5 in 10 million. That will require staring at the flickering signals for another year. And that, in turn, means running the 11-year-old accelerator well beyond its current capacity. The operations people say they can do that, but it will take its toll: As the accelerator ages, insulation becomes brittle, cooling coils crack, sensitive electronics get destroyed. And with the Higgs so nearly in sight, it seems a shame to give up – especially with Fermilab From the jew, Fermi. potentially so close behind, CERN officials say. University of Wisconsin physicist Sau Lan Wu, Another Aryan. who has been searching for the Higgs for 20 years He has been looking in the wrong egg roll. and is part of one of the CERN search teams, says: "It's within our reach. We should have the chance." Translation: I need the work.

Looking for 'the God Particle' LEP has been looking for the Higgs since the collider was commissioned in 1989, but the search goes back way before that. The Higgs is considered so important that Nobel laureate Leon Lederman Kosher, of course. No wonder physics has come to resemble a Rube Goldberg nightmare. has called it "the god particle." It is the last piece in the so-called "standard model" of particle physics, but paradoxically, "it proves that the standard model is wrong," said Ellis. For one thing, if the Higgs is where the CERN results suggest it is, it means at the very least that there must be at least one other Higgs, and that they mix together somewhat like oil and water, said CERN's March-Russell. Ellis even made the admittedly "crazy" suggestion in a talk Wednesday at CERN that a lighter Higgs particle may have already been missed by LEP. But for theorists, the real question is: What lies beyond? The point, March-Russell said, is to study the structure of this unseen stage on which the universe lives. And that will probably have to await the new accelerator that replaces LEP. Called the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, it has already been delayed many times for other reasons. Even if the Higgs really has been discovered, March-Russell – echoing many of his colleagues – stressed that LEP "can only see the shadows. It's only when you go further that you see the structure underneath. I think we're going to start seeing incredible things." That's what LSD does for you.
* * *
Tracking a Particle – A particle detector at the European accelerator laboratory CERN has seen the best evidence yet for the so-called Higgs boson, a profoundly important particle. The detector is layered like an onion. Each layer measures different properties of the particles. Possible traces of the Higgs particle were detected in the experiment shown below: * Higgs and Z particles are created during the collision of an electron and a positron. The collision occurs in the center of the small cylinder, which is the innermost tracking chamber of the detector. Both kinds of particles transform into other particles before reaching the boundaries of the small cylinder. * The force of the collision sends the particles flying out through the small cylinder into the large cylinder, which is another tracking chamber. In the large cylinder, the paths of the particles are bent by strong magnetic fields. The paths of the lightweight particles curl around under the influence of the magnetic field. * The heaviest particles pass through the small and large chambers without bending their paths, dumping all their energy into another layer of the "onion." The fragments outside the large cylinder represent the areas where the heaviest particles deposit their energy and come to a stop. Source: CERN

The average person reading this trash would come away feeling intimidated and intellectually inferior since he did not understand what it meant. Gibberish is not understandable and if anyone claims that he understands illogical and contradictory material, then I might ask, "Where are the firing squads now that we need them?"

Any astute reader could spot a fistful of contradictions in the above piece of journalistic crap and probably conclude from the given that God was really a vibrating vacuum after all. It is no coincidence that the malarkey being excreted from our havens of mathematics and science has increased in geometric proportion to the number of jews and muds who have infested, and infected, those fields with their mental diseases.

All brought to you by the same wacky bunch responsible for the 'cold fusion' scam and discovering particles "older than the universe." Ain't science wunnerful?