11 November 2000


by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/31/00 skolnick@ameritech.net

There has been a long-time scheme to put in a Rockefeller as "President", or King, in the U.S. WITHOUT AN ELECTION

1. Laying the ground-work for the orchestrated Watergate Affair, in the late 1960s, the Rockefellers pushed through the 25th Amendment, to cure the gap in the U.S. Constitution as to how if a President is dead in office [or assassinated], or unfit to continue to serve, how the Vice President takes over and becomes President and automatically removes the unfit President.

2. I was the first to go public with part of the scheme. Elected Vice President Spiro Agnew was removed by a bribery scandal known before he was elected on the Nixon/Agnew ticket, 1972. At the time one of the only ways I could be heard was at college lectures where I spelled out the scheme six months before it happened. "I did not read that today in the New York Times, Mr. Skolnick. Where the hell did you get those details?" Naive college students would shout at me during the question and answer period. By October, 1973, Agnew was forced to resign and President Nixon appointed under the newly-minted 25th Amendment, as the new Vice President, WITHOUT AN ELECTION, Gerald Ford. Ford previously sat on the Warren Commission fraudulently stating a "lone assassin" murdered President Kennedy. [Nixon had been part of the Dallas plot.]

3. When Nixon was forced to resign in 1974, former Warren Commission member, Gerald Ford, without an election became President. Ford, in turn, WITHOUT AN ELECTION, under the Rockefeller-instigated 25th Amendment, appointed Nelson Rockefeller as Vice President. Who remembers Nelson Rockefeller's testimony, upon being ratified by the U.S.Senate? Rockefeller stated that the key members of his family, including himself, had PAID NO INCOME TAXES IN THE PREVIOUS ELEVEN YEARS. The oil-soaked, richest family in the world, does not and did not support the realm, the infrastructure of America, with the payment of taxes. You see why this land is so heavily in debt. [When candidates for election appear on my Television show I ask them, if elected, would they tax the ultra-rich who now, by corruption and malign influence, PAY NO TAXES. I never get a straight answer.]

4. In 1975, there were three genuine plots to assassinate President Gerald Ford. A BATF undercover agent, supplied with a large caliber gun by them, came within a hair of blowing away Ford. That was would-be assassin Sarah Jane Moore missing her target because a disabled vet hit her elbow as she was seeking to public execute Ford. My sole publicity device, other than college speeches, at the time, was a recorded phone message. As best I could, with a series of phone lines, I tried to give out the details of the three plots. Without a legal formality, the U.S. Secret Service put false busy signals onto those lines, to block my supposed First Amendment Free Speech rights. When I threatened, in my wheelchair, to picket the phone company headquarters, a kind phone company bureaucrat explained to me, "Mr. Skolnick, we only follow orders of the Secret Service. They, not us, are blocking your phone recorded message." So, Nelson Rockefeller came within a would-be assassin's bullet of being President WITHOUT AN ELECTION. I attempted as best I could to spell out the other two genuine 1975 plots against President Ford.

5. For at least five years now on the web, on the radio, wherever I was allowed to be heard, I have spelled out various plots to assassinate Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., install John D. Rockefeller 4th as Vice President, and then shove out Clinton, so Rockefeller, under the 25th Amendment instigated by his family, could be President, or King, WITHOUT AN ELECTION. Are the sheep of America so dumbed down that they would VOTE a Rockefeller in as President, considering that family's infamous history? Just before the year 2000 presidential election, the Rockefeller-sponsored- PBS, ran a two-part series, more or less praising the Rockefeller Family, or explaining away their long-time crimes against the American people. Such as the plot to run two commercial aircraft into Air Force Two with Gore onboard in July, 1999.

To be cute, John D. Rockefeller 4th, great grandson of oldman John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous Standard Oil Trust, calls himself "Jay". I dare point out that all documents have been destroyed showing William ROCKEFELLER Clinton as the illegitimate great grandson of the criminal patriarch of the Rockefeller fortune. It is a simple reason why Clinton, despite his treason and crimes, has not been prosecuted and jailed. Jay's wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, has been a kingpin in so-called "public" radio, which I call National Petroleum Radio. She reportedly is part of numerous secret joint accounts in the Harris Bank, Chicago, in the Mid-East construction business, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, with Osama bin Laden. The White House said if they could "find" bin Laden's accounts, they would freeze them since they describe him as the "world's leading 'terrorist' ". In October, 1998, I and a TV Show associate of mine confronted top dogs of Harris Bank with details. Don't heckle me with naive statements why you did not hear of this in the oil-soaked monopoly press.

6. I have strong reasons from profund sources to believe that a so-called "Emergency" may follow the year 2000 Presidential Election. And that there is a further scheme to install Jay Rockefeller as the unelected "President" or "King" of the U.S., all without having him on the Presidential Election ballot. Prior to the year 2000 Presidential Election, so-called "pollsters" and "pundits" made quite an effort to unhinge the brain of the average American, with a barrage of "polls". The only "poll" or pole I respect is the one fire-men slide down from upstairs in the Fire Station when the bell rings.

Since my stories are often so far ahead of the "parade", they are often misunderstood by those without our benefit of some one million documents, records, tapes, and details. I do not reveal sources. I do not want to hear one of my sources later was in a plane that somehow blew up or that his or her body was found floating in the canal. To protect my sources, I have in 40 years as an activist been eight times jailed for contempt of court for refusing to divulge sources or how exactly we investigate deep plots and corruption.

Will there be an orchestrated "constitutional crisis" favoring installing a Rockefeller as "President" or "King"? At least in Moscow, in the past, when there was a so-called "emergency", they would play somber, symphonic music on the radio for 24 hours.Just another story suppressed by the liars and whores of the press. You know, the ones with the 50 dollar hairdoes and the nickel heads. Stay tuned.

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour, weekly public access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.


THE ALLEGED "ELECTION" What is Happening? by Sherman H. Skolnick 11/8/00 skolnick@ameritech.net

In effect, the year 2000 presidential election has been cancelled. So, to be legally accurate, I prefer to call it the alleged "election". Here is what is happening as of the time I am writing this posting:

1. Good sources told us long before the alleged "election", that the matter may be resolved in Chicago. The Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, has his brother William as the Gore Presidential Campaign Chief. In previous stories, I have written about Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA officials, some of whom are also federal judges, such as in Chicago [unconstitutional, right?], have reportedly been communicating with the two Daleys. They demand "co-operation", impliedly a threat. That is, that the Mayor and his brother not stand in the way of the FEMA officials orchestrating the outcome. As we have pointed out in 1991 in federal court, and in my previous posting, FEMA is ABOVE the U.S. Constitution, ABOVE the presidency and the Congress [unconstitutional, right?].

2. The Florida presidential vote matter is to be submitted, under Florida law making it mandatory, to an automatic recount because of the closeness of the alleged result. Vote fraud has been raised. [What about the TV and radio networks OWN VOTE FRAUD through their votescam computer in New York?] The recount matter would take at least until after February, at the earliest, making the usual Presidential inauguration cancelled. Some thought President Clinton was hallucinating, when months ago he said he is not leaving the White House even after the year 2000 Election. If the recount is challenged in Court, the matter would go on, according to my estimate, to April or June, 2001, at the earliest.

If the matter gets to Court, the Democrats may well publicly proclaim that Florida judges are beholden to the American CIA. Remember how the Florida judge barred testimony implicating George Herbert Walkert Bush, in the Manuel Noriega prosecution. Old man Bush, as former head of America's secret political police, the CIA, installed various dictators, including Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Noriega, among others. Revelations about the CIA's domination of the Florida judicary inevitably may have something to say about The Coca-Cola Company and the CIA and the Courts, in next door Georgia. [See our website series, "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts".]

3. Like in the Tilden-Hayes mess in the 19th Century, the Bush-Gore matter will most likely be submitted to the Electoral Commission, under the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In the prior commotion, they reached a compromise as to how post-Civil War reconstruction was to proceed. In the current controversy, they may ORDER a compromise, that is, that a person, not on the year 2000 Presidental Election ballot, be selected, by the Electoral College, as the "elected" President. That has been pre-judged to be John D. Rockefeller 4th, who calls himself Jay to be cute.

The Democrats have various blackmail bargaining chips when blackmail has traditionally been the criterion as to key matters

=== Documents exist showing the elder Bush was implicated in covering up the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. [One such document is posted in a previous story of mine as to Bush.]

=== Documents exist showing the Bush family is directly in business with the Queen of England through her bank, Coutts Bank, London. [See our prior series, Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush.] Since the War of 1812, the British have vowed to take back this continent as a British puppet colony. William Rockefeller Clinton was sent by the Rhodes Trust to be educated at Oxford. The Rhodes Trust is pledged to overthrowing the American government and restoring British domination. The Brits played a role in steering up known hostility between the South and the North, Divide and Conquer, to foment the American Civil War. The Brits ran the Union forces blockade to supply weapons to the Confederacy. One Confederate top official fled this Continent and lived out his life in England. The British played a role in the political assassination of President James Garfield and President William McKinley, who opposed Britain trying to dominate American aspirations and industrial development.

Clinton took a pledge to support the Rhodes Trust. He did not finish his Oxford education, having been ordered, under threat of criminal prosecution, to leave England for having raped a British woman. Later, as President, he twice took an oath at Inaugurations, to support the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Which oath did this pathological liar intend to keep? To the Rhodes Trust or to the U.S. Constitution?

=== When he was Vice President and later President in the 1980s, the elder Bush arranged to flood the U.S. with dope from Colombia. As v.p. Bush was supposed to be head of the South Florida Dope Interdiction Task Force, or some group with a similar government name. His sons George W. Bush and Jeb Bush were implicated in picking up cocaine for their own use in airplanes they flew into a Florida U.S. Military base. The Bush family are implicated, through 25 secret bank accounts worldwide, in laundering billions and billions of dollars from the dope traffic.[See our website story with documents attached there.] Greenspan,, as czar of the Federal Reserve, authorized this dirty business.[Greenspan's secret authorization codes are shown on some of the posted documents.]

=== A picture exists, made by an undercover team of the Drug Enforcement Administration, showing George W. Bush snorting cocaine with his buddy William Rockefeller Clinton. You have been asleep, if you did not know that Clinton and the Bush family are cronies and get together at old man Bush's mansion in Kennebunkport, Maine. The picture has long been suppressed although in the possession of top news people of the major news networks. The Gore campaign reportedly has for some time had the picture. [They would like to show George W. but not Clinton.]

4. Greenspan has conferred with Clinton on the matter whether to close down the stock and commodity exchanges, and even interfere with transactions of U.S. Bonds. [Little known fact large purchases of U.S. Bonds by Japan and Saudi are backed by gold. U.S. purchasers of U.S. bonds have no such benefit.] Foreign countries may have reason to lose confidence in the American central government. Britain relishes that idea, when as mentioned, since the War of 1812, England vows to overthrow the American government. In its simplest form, Clinton has been a British agent, bringing intentional discredit to the American government through his lying and his sexual predatory episodes, such as raping Juanita Broaddrick, and using the room next to the Oval Office for his episodes with Monica Lewinsky. [Since Clinton is an illegitimate great-grandson of old John D. Rockefeller, who created the infamous Standard Oil trust, no sensible member of the U.S. Senate would have dared be in favor at an impeachment trial of removing Clinton as President. Legitimate great-grandson John D. Rockefeller 4th may be foisted as alleged "President" on the American people by the blackmail and trickery.]

5. Great secrets of the U.S. may come out in the apparent unfolding emergency. Such as the high-level CIA plots to assassinate President Kennedy, Malcolm X, Kennedy-family friend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, and the airplane-bombing that took the life of John F. Kennedy, Jr., who intended in 2000 to run for President. The Kennedy family, however, has been silenced by financial benefits awarded them following each assassination. [See my website series, "What Happened to America's Golden Boy".]

In an era, starting some 40 years ago, when political murder is the unofficial policy of the American secret police, I intend to keep with our strict policy of not risking or revealing sources, even to those who are skeptical despite our four decade history of exposing profound secrets and corruption. Internet may get mysteriously plugged up. Stay tuned, if possible.

Dear Robert,

As predicted, New Mexico has gone to Bush, by 17 votes (although apparently there are *still* possibly another 189 ballots to count).  To add insult to injury, one Sanchez (a Republican) beat out another Sanchez (a Democrat) who was Speaker of the State House.  No way of telling if either or both Sanchez's were honky Hispanics, or injun Hispanics.

Oregon continues counting a shrinking Gore lead after the Republicans tricked the Democrats into counting all the votes from their stronghold of Multinomah County too soon.  Counting continues in Washington and California as well o an unknown number of ballots (perfect, just keep adding to them by feeding them through the Pitney-Bowes postal franking machine as needed).  Gov. Thompson of Wisconsin announced that he is planning on whittling the Gore lead there down to nothing over the weekend with absentee ballot counts, and local Republicans are landing tactical nuclear explosions on local democrats over fraud and corruption in Madison and Milwaukee (i.e. students voting 10 times, bus loads of niggers going around and making multiple votes, phantom absentee votes foisted on unsuspecting citizens, etc.).

I had no idea this election would be such a beautiful result to us.  The shit has really hit the fan as far as how America is really run and elections really decided and the amount of endemic fraud and corruption.  Some of the liberals were completely floored by the "Arcadia" split of the country against them given all the commentary devoted to it on the TV, Radio, and in the Jewspapers.  Things will never be the same again around here.  Now is a time when historic events will occur that make a significant impact on this country's future and the fate of our nation and the parasite nations living with us.  The Freemason/WASP – vs. Khazar feature of this race is especially interesting to watch with the dueling Bush/Gore spokesmen.  Ari Fleischer appears to be Bush's watch Jew; perhaps he is one of the "our Jews" from the western Spanish/Dutch/German Sephardim as opposed to the much hated "new crowd Jews" from Khazaria/Russia.  NYC is a great place to see the difference between these two groups – the Khazars are easy to spot with their caricature features, while the European Sephardi have a much easier time blending in because of their more "Aryan" features and coloration, often only a nose or ear gives them away underneath their blond hair and blue eyes.  The Arab Sephardi are Jewish Trailer Park Trash as far as I can tell, both from their roles here and in Israel, where they serve as the Khazar's niggers and need not overly concern us excepting their dangerous superstitions and clinging to ritual murder.

The cluster hump continues apace.  I think it goes till at least Tuesday, not just Monday as your reader predicted, as they need all that time to gin up the ballot counting process to the proper pitch.  The only way I see it ending Monday is if Gore finally takes the hint from the "Velvet Hammer" James Baker and admits that his efforts are not producing enough votes.  If he doesn't, he apparently is in for lots of trouble next week and beyond.

This very much appears to be a fully concerted effort to put the old crowd back on top in this country.  Its worth noting that quite a few of the new crowd billionaire Jews here in NYC have been ruined financially recently or are in the process of being ruined, including Saul Steinberg and Ron Perleman.  I can only imagine the old crowd has had just about enough of their lack of subtlety in the way they go about advancing what is really a fairly commonly shared interest.  The crackdown on this bunch in Russia by Putin (who seems like a real gentile to me, although he is probably partially on strings) appears to be a coordinated attack.  To make sure the message got home, note that Putin was at the bottom of the USS Cole bombing (he supplied the explosives, via Iraq) as a revenge for the apparent torpedoing or ramming of the Kursk by the current new crowd government here.  To bad for weenie Gore that he got caught in the middle of a mob war.  Marrying off first daughter Karenna to the NYC Schiff's apparently didn't gain him a bucket of warm tobacco spit in consideration.  What a dork of a sucker – such an overeducated misfit geek that he can't even see what's going on around him!

Best part – Clinton's barely suppressed giggle on national TV at Gore's electoral incompetence and his failure to secure his election.


Whenever you see anything carrying the "democratic", read "jew". "Democracies" are supposed to represent ALL points of view, but alas, they only represent that which is "good for the jews".
The first step towards White anything is a desire to be White. If White people no longer wish to be White, then there is no point in discussing plans, goals, strategies, organizations or even bothering to be informed about factual matters such as race and history. A person who desires NOT to be what he IS, is indeed one sorry pottage of protoplasm.
The Washington (state) Telephone Assistance Program wants you to have a telephone. They'll cut the bill in half if you belong to one of these favored – according to language spoken – groups: Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Laotian or Spanish. A qualification is that you must be collecting food stamps, medical coupons, SSI – in other words, the qualifications of a righteous parasite. There are no deposits or connection fees required and if you cannot pay your bill, that's OK too. What, pray tell, is more stupid than a honky who insists upon giving his country away? "Enjoy," as the jews say, you don't have very much time left in this land of the spree and home of the slave. The Camp of the Saints is in full bloom. Who's playing niggerball tonight?
The real test of any scientific theory is its ability to predict future experimental results.

Take for instance the latest measurement in New Mexico's electoral quantum physics lab.  Gore's 10,000 vote lead mirage has now evaporated into 162 votes with 'several hundred ballots still in question'.

As I said, Plan B is energizing quick, the Accumulators are powering up and...

This show will be over Monday at the very latest.  Gore will cave soon.  And these are just the public messages to him.  Imagine what's being said in private. (Submitted.)

Alex Curtis, a prolific writer of pro-White material,  was recently arrested on SUSPICION of engaging in "hate crimes". (Here in the world's largest banana republic, you don't actually have to commit something to be arrested. Mere "suspicion" will do it. Hillary must get mental orgasms over all of this soviet style business.) It will be interesting to learn the particulars. The possession of one single swastika is considered PROOF that you are 666 times as dangerous as Charlie Manson. One reporter stated that Mr. Curtis said "I will attack my enemies..." "Attack" is another of those great English words which can be used in several manners. "My homework was so profuse that I decided to attack the assignment with a vengeance." "Harry grabbed his pen and proceeded to attack the integrity of his neighbor in a sarcastic letter." "The disease had already attacked the central nervous system." To those who have already found you guilty, justice, logic and definitions have nothing to do with it. "We'll give him a fair trial," said Judge Roy Bean, "before we hang him." The Germans full well know how American-Jewish political justice works. They still remember Nuremberg. ZOG yammers continually about vigilante 'justice' but engages in it wholesale. Have we so soon forgotten Ruby Ridge and Waco? Those dissenters just have to go. Right? It's the American way. Do it legally if it achieves the goal, otherwise, do anything which works.

At this point I am reminded of the jewess judge (Rosenberg?) presiding over some Soviet trial. When she got tired of listening to the defense, she pulled out her revolver and shot the defendant – dead – in the court room. At least her action was less hypocritical than some of the machinations we see here in the good ol' USA.

You young people cannot remember how Clinton's idol, FDR, tried to get Col. Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviator, stripped of his rank because the Colonel didn't agree with FDR's war mongering policies. And then there was Mr. Pelley who was actually jailed for taking the First Amendment too seriously. The "boys" are picking us off one by one. That's a major fault of the "lone wolf" strategy.

NOTICE: If any of you people are able to find the out of print book, The Pythagorean Proposition by E.S. Loomis, in decent shape, I'll pay $100 for a copy.
Whoop! Hoop! Who are we for?
Hillary in '04! Ugga bugga tooty fruity yer constitution gwinna git the zooty.

Hillary hates the First Amendment; the Second Amendment, the Electoral College – in fact, the whole arrangement which stands in the way of her Red Reign. (Karl Marx from the Valley of the Shadow of Death, talks to her every 6th day.)

The death march proceeds and even now they are trying to enlist the brain dead in support of altering the Constitution. All that needs to be done is to connect the Electoral College with the death of some kiddy and the moms will march with their torches intent upon burning down the entire Library of Congress. 

   To me a big problem for us is all the false Confederate nostalgia among middle and working class white men.  It's the idyllic land that never was.  Antebellum Dixie was a three and half tier social system.  At the top was a small aristocracy of 30,000 white planters betraying their race by importing and breeding blacks for cheap labor and profits.  Then they favored their 'property' over the 'white trash' because it led to great profits for them and their women.  Right after the blacks came the Jew traders who oiled that machine.  Bottom of the heap was our people, kept there by the preceding multi-cultural coalition.

    Exactly what we see around us today.  Amazing how little the Democratic Party has changed in 140 years.  The Jews moved up in rank and beat out the older Anglos who ran the system (that's what 'civil rights' was all about), but that's all.  So to my southern brothers I'd say this:  Don't yearn for the Old Confederacy. You're still living in it. It expanded all over the Jew Ess A.  So enjoy yourselves.

    The only thing the whites ever got out of the slave system was flaming war which the planters exempted themselves from (Harvard and Yale did too).  You did get a lot of your women raped, too.  The Old South whites today really yearn for was the post Civil War post reconstruction south from 1877 onwards.   To me the elites of the Confederacy were the biggest race traitors the white race has ever seen in North America.  And their descendants sold the Klan out once more in the 1960s to cut yet aother deal with the Jews and blacks.

    "An ole Massa Bush, he jes' smile and smile". (Submitted.)

Ain't it awful. The freedom of America's free wheeling web sites is being blamed for the somewhat rapid increase in German anti-Semitism. Gas what? It won't be stopped peacefully. Great sport lies in the future. To be 28 again!
— Family Money Tree —

Get ready for the class-action suit to end all class-action suits, a shakedown on a grand, multi-billion dollar scale. The Reparations Assessment Group is gearing up, its goal is to win settlements for the descendants of African slaves in America.

Harvard law professor Charles J. Ogletree says the project has big plans and counts Johnny Cochran among its arsenal.

Other players include Alexander J. Pires Jr., who won a $1 billion settlement for black farmers who claimed discrimination by the Department of Agriculture; Richard Scruggs, who won the $368.5 billion settlement for states against tobacco companies; Dennis C. Sweet III, who won a $400 million settlement in the "phen-fen" diet drug case; and Willie E. Gary, who won a $500 million judgment against Loewen Group Inc., the world's largest funeral home operator.

"We will be seeking more than just monetary compensation," Ogletree said. "We want a change in America. We want full recognition and a remedy of how slavery stigmatized, raped, murdered and exploited millions of Africans through no fault of their own."

The federal government, state governments, and private entities such as corporations and institutions that benefited from slave labor could be targets of the legal action, Ogletree added.

A safe haven? Try genealogy firms. (Submitted.)

Now let's not get bent out of shape over this. Remember that the poor Black is only a pawn in the world game. Those who pretend to have his interests at heart, are really his worst enemies. So let's help them along by  providing the names of every last Jew slave trader, merchant and investor involved in that racket from the 1600s forward. It will make fine entertainment. 

First is the AP. With 66 of 67 counties' boards of elections individually rechecked the AP shows Bush leading by 'only' 229 votes.

"What a hoss race, what a hoss race!"

Not really. All of the big Democratic pits are already in the AP's report. Places like Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Volusia... You can even track this racially going down the AP list.

Dade (Miami meaning Little Havana) 'only' found 26 more net votes for Al. Kosher and Cuban Broward (Fort Lauderdale) actually added one to Bush. When we say 'Dade-Broward', we're talking about the corporate headquarters and suburban bedrooms for Cocaine, Incorporated. These two counties together now announce they were off by only 27 net votes in their first count. You can believe as much or as little of that as you want. Both counties have destroyed tens of thousands of ballots and their accompanying volunteer precinct workers. Regardless of how little Gore's vote increases there, the Missing Persons list will expand after this is all done, along with some timely heart attacks among retired elderly precinct volunteers. Former Secretary Baker, with Hussein's and Noreiga's scalps on his belt, is on site supervising operations personally. The next county up the Mud Coast Line is Palm Beach. And it's there the Jews are keeping their balancing power of decision. Palm Beach County has now turned out 600 more votes for Gore (how symbolic) after they sabotaged him to start with. Here's the curve ball: Palm Beach has now announced ANOTHER recount (the 3d) , this time entirely by hand, not to be completed until Monday pm. That now allows 6 days from last Tuesday for the mail to come in. They can add or subtract as necessary.

For everyone's education these 600 votes were also the biggest single increase for Gore in Florida. Let's the ponder the implications here. What's being presented to the nation is that Rich Jew-White Palm Beach is less efficient in vote counting than Middle Jew and Mestizo Coke Dealer Broward-Dade. Anyone who knows these areas personally knows that the picture in all other county services like schools, police, and sanitation is exactly the opposite. Palm Beach is far better off in those government services than either Broward or Dade.

The small rural nigger counties are practicing last generation's old style ballot box stuffing. They'll get nailed soon enough on that.

The generalized trend in the AP totalled recount has been that Gore has gotten 'help' in counties he carried the first time around (excluding the huge urban megapolis of Dade-Broward), and vice versa for Bush. And there's still the 'ships at sea' vote (not only military but the mail is also in the possession of the Federales from the military postal system to the USPS). Hillary has Al boxed two ways there. So why all the excitement? This has little to do with Y2K and everything to do with 2002 and 2004 already. Hillary wants an energized base, a smooth primary and no side shows from 'stolen victors' or from Green Parties. First Hillary will produce a 'Year of the Woman' in 2002 and a Democrat Congress. Then she'll conduct an Imperial Progress right back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There's two and four years' of Immigration Invasion reinforcements on the way.

'But Gore won the popular vote. Gore won the popular vote!!!!'

New ominous reports from New York and California on that subject. They still have a million absentee ballots to count. Not enough to change either state to Bush electorally but enough to put Bush over the top, barely, in the national popular vote. As I said, Bill and Hillary are campaigning hard to turn out the vote for George and they're gonna come through. This cuts the ground from under Gore both ways. Loser in the electoral college, loser in the national popular vote. What's Gore gonna do? Demand a recount in states he carried by wide margins?

You can just hear Bill talking now: "Well I've said all along the popular vote and the voice of the PEEP-HOLE was important, and it is. We just have to listen hard sometimes and accept the will of the PEEP-HOLE when they finally speak!"

Hillary and the Big Jews have spoken. Hillary in 2004 and no primary interference from losing Dumb White Boyz and their nigger campaign advisors. So good bye sour grapes loser incumbent Vice President Gore, hello Gracious Star Winner Senator Hillary as the undisputed Leader of the Opposition.

Then there's Plan B already energizing as a fail safe if worst comes to worst in Florida. Watch New Mexico's ongoing recount closely. They're currently recounting 65,000 'early voter and absentee' ballots (code words for working people and therefore mostly Republicans) that may have been subject to 'computer error'. This could hit Al's 10,000 vote margin there. George only needs to gain 5,000 of those.

Wisconsin and Iowa have only 5,000 & 6,000 vote margins for Al Gore. That's a total of a mere 6,000 votes that need to switch to George. Here again, the Nader vote may expand beyond previous estimates. Those three states put together for George and deducted from Al can still get Bush to the White House even if all else fails here in Florida, assuming we haven't drifted into a civil war by then or Bill Clinton doesn't decide to suspend the constitution.

Submitted by a reader.

During that encounter which saved world communism for the jews, the Germans had a machine gun, the MG-42. It was spring operated – today it is gas operated after the innovation of the American Garand (a White man in case your Marxist teacher tells you otherwise). The spring was a work of art and in spite of decades of experimentation, we have never been able to duplicate it. We know the composition of the metal and the physical attributes but that great unknown – the tempering – has never been discovered. (In fact, the astounding technological feats of that Nazi era have been used as a reason for some of the "extermination" methods which defy the laws of physics and chemistry.)

Note – a reader commented upon this by writing: Another white man named John Browning had already introduced the gas operated principle with the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) in 1918.  He also designed the famous Colt .45 Auto, the M1917 and M1919 .30 caliber machineguns, and the M2 .50 caliber machinegun.  American infantry companies in WWII carried 6 main weapons.  These were the M1 by Garand, the Colt .45, the BAR, the M1919 and the M2 by Browning, and 60mm mortars from a French design.

Anyway, that article doesn't understand how machineguns operate.  All of them have springs, from the German MG 34's and 42's blowbacks to the M-60 'gas operated'.  Gas, either by direct blow back or from a gas tube, is what opens the bolt to eject the empty cartridge case.  This has been true ever since Hiram Maxim designed his machinegun in the 19th century.  A spring forces the bolt forward to load the next cartridge.

But the 'spirit' of the article is true, although the author missed the best cherrys of German technical genius.  That's a lengthy discussion, and leads into areas where Hitler clearly made wrong choices that cost the white race World War II.  I'll give just one example right now.  The entire idea of wire guided anti-tank missiles and the first designs, which concept we still use today, originated in Germany in 1943.

We "liberated" (in a war looting is called this by the victorious side) every astounding thing the Third Reich produced from video and digital technology to rocket technology. Our atomic bomb technology was "liberated" from the Nazis by jewish "survivors" long before the war was over. Anyway, the sad thing is that a couple of generations of perhaps the finest people on earth were brow beaten into believing that they are some sort of evil incarnate. This assault upon the spirit of a people, and it's happening to Whites all over the word, is something I detest with a passion.

Another note from the same reader: True.  It's up to us to do something about that.  It's called self-respect.  Just don't act like kids waiting for the grownup Jews to compliment you.  They'll only compliment you for behaviors they want.  And those behaviors are the ones that are 'Good for the Jews.'

As a matter of fact, WW II is the first war in history where the victors have failed to confess concerning their propaganda lies. Those lies continue to be spread by the jew controlled media, TV and Hollywood asylums. No one other than a few individuals taking to themselves, dare contradict what has now been installed as a state religion. To doubt the b.s. about WW II is tantamount to heresy and those so guilty would be burned at the stake if it were legal to do so. As Orwell pointed out, in the future it will not be sufficient to just refrain from criticism of the jews but it will be necessary to daily vocalize your love for them as most Christians are now doing, especially the carnival scum which infest the Total Christian Network. By the way, have you noticed that the "musical" portions of these programs are totally niggerized?

On the personal level, how many of you can recognize the lump in your throat when your brain directs your tongue to say "jew" or "nigger"? And the hesitation and change of noun which follows? I myself detect this hesitation and that's why I say, and write, jew and nigger often. It's not done out of a sense of profanity but simply to train myself that using "nigger" should be as unemotional and unrestricted as using the word "cabaret". Most people are "up tight" when it comes to freedom of speech. They know deep inside that IT PAYS to be politically correct. This, to me, is being two-faced and hypocritical for if a man is not revealed by his word, then of what intrinsic value is he anyway?

With a plethora of Chinese, Korean, Cambodian and Indian restaurants popping up in neighborhoods all over the land, I do hope that soon genuine African cuisine would be introduced. I can see it now: The Mamba Hut featuring the finest in toasted termites and boiled grubs served with a generous portion of warm swamp water. Appetizers might include boiled goat penis and crocodile eggs. The after dinner drink might be a mixture of blood and milk.

Since those degenerate race-mixing fems see value in being humped by one of God's mistakes, I think they should go all the way and embrace their wonderful world of African kitchen art. After all, you are what you eat.

N.Y.State just announced that 97 percent of their high school students passed the regents exam in English. Many of those who passed the exam had I.Q.s of 74. Logical conclusion – it only takes an I.Q. of 74 to pass a N.Y.State English regents exam. When the fence is lowered, more goats will wander off in the direction of the diploma mill.

Pat Buchanan said he wanted to return to a merit system. He apparently did not realize that applying merit across the board would bring back the hated segregation. You cannot have standards AND equality concurrently. 

I suggest that Al and Georgie fight a duel to the death. If imposed, which one – perhaps both – would chicken out?
The sooner people realize that the Democratic party is mainly lesbos, fags, unclassified perverts, nigs, wogs, nogs, gooks, spooks, beaners, ricers, free-loaders, parasites, predators, hebes, illiterates, muds, and ostensible White White-haters, the better. Not that it will change anything, but it will at least make conversation easier. "O, he's a Democrat," would be a blanket description for every sick variety of anti-White and sub-human there is around. The Republicans still haven't caught on to the race war which envelops us since they do their best during election time to fanny kiss those who spit in their faces. It's just that things are beginning to be more self-evident and 'diversity', with all of its filth, incompetence and corruption, is starting to reveal itself more clearly. (This is the legacy of the anti-human victory in 1945.) Of course, the jews are straddling the fence hoping to slide this way or that in order to end up on which ever side manages to finally capture America. They coaxed Whites into giving up their country and true to heredity, they can never see the outcome of the furies they so feverishly promote. The country is still not in the bag as of yet but be assured that the incompetence and tendency towards illegality of the muds will prevent any such thing from happening. Our enemies certainly realize that once this election farce is over, the goyim will return to their grazing – as long as there is grass – without one iota of memory of its significance. The Gaussian curve will triumph and only a few kernels of corn have so far popped, but the heat is increasing and the roar of unison is not far off in the future.

There are only two roads – some combination of deportation, segregation, sterilization and extermination – or – White suicide where the genes of our ancestors get drowned as they are in Egypt, South America and so on.

We threw away merit and the only path to return will include much suffering. Our question is this: Who shall do the suffering, we or they? It will not happen otherwise. The lion will never lie down with the sheep. The sea is calm and already the boat is over loaded. If we cannot muster the will to throw some overboard, then we shall either be thrown overboard ourselves or we shall all drown together in true egalitarian fashion.

The White male has been been infected with degenerate variety of feminism and this perhaps is a part of the reason there are so many lesbos and fags out there. I remember an old Tyrone Power movie where a sinking ship left a row boat with too many passengers. The officer asked for volunteers to jump over the side so that the others could be saved. The remaining people were rescued and true to our effeminate version of justice, he was held to account for his actions following a barrage of wishful thinking involving "ifs" and "buts" – the way a woman rationalizes saving the sick over the healthy and sacrificing the all for the one (Private Ryan – something NO effective military man would do.).

The evil effects of White racism do cause many sweet, gifted and talented people to become very naughty.

A welfare mom, unable to find a baby sitter, locked two of her brood in the trunk of her car. (Local news.)

Three misunderstood kiddies with great intellectual promise, poisoned the food of several of their teachers who "just happened" to be of a lighter hue. They were turned over to family court. I cannot understand why since we all know that somehow, somewhere, Whitey was at the root of it all. (Local news.)

"Election intrigue not monopoly of Third World,'' read Thursday's headline in The Herald, a state-controlled newspaper in Zimbabwe.

I take deep offense at the racist slur that Florida isn't in the Third World.  If anyone doesn't believe me, just tour Belle Glade in Palm Beach County, Immokalee in Collier County, or anywhere in Miami and south Dade.   Why, sho'nuff, you can drive for miles and miles there and never see one leetle sign in the evil white man's English.   Then try saying Florida isn't a Third World country.  Wez gots a Foist Woman sleeping with da Guv named Columba, the state's Uno son speaks Spanish as a first language, and our AIDS infection and crime rates are world class.  We have almost as many illegals as Texas.  There's so much cocaine pouring through here the Honky tourists sometimes think it's snowing.  And our roads have as much junk falling on them from unsecured truck loads as any Third World country.

Now as for white people, just ask any European tourist.  People of color kill more white people here in a slow week than they do in Zimbabwe all year.

Yes sir!  We are PROUD of our diversity here in the great Mestizo state of Florida.  We have Jamaicans, Haitians, Cubans, Mexicans, Arabs, Hindus, Jews, Ghanians, Costa Ricans, Hondurans, 'Native Americans' from all over the hemisphere, Chinese, Koreans and a whole big pile who don't know what they are, never having seen daddy and sometimes not even mommy.   And even when they do have mommy she was often too drunk or stoned to remember exactly what daddy looked like, or can't say for sure which one daddy was.

Florida not in the Third World indeed.  Bah humbug! (Anon.)

That Florida comedy continues.

What does the count of "accidental" votes reach now? This sort of nonsense reminds me of the time I was living in California. A SINGLE MAN, a judge, OVERTURNED the entire vote of the people in regard to a certain proposition. His rationale? "If they really understood the proposition, they would not have turned it down." The whole rotten system is rigged but sadly, only about 1/3 of the population realizes it. Each insignificant voter swoons in self-delusion that his vote really does amount to something. You cannot beat the house especially when it uses loaded dice. I have come to find merit in the "voting" process as described in the movie Harrison Bergeron. Offices were filled by a lottery. I would embellish this a tad. What I would do is to have names submitted and then draw straws. The losers would all be shot. I am sure that there would be plenty of people perfectly willing to offer themselves in the service of their country and leave the "grace of God" to sort it all out.

>>In Volusia County, one of the 67 county election offices was ordered sealed by a judge and cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape after an election worker was seen leaving the office carrying several large boxes early Wednesday morning.   Sheriff's officials later said no crime was committed but all ballots from that county were impounded.<<

>>Television networks also reported several ballot boxes were missing in heavily Democratic Broward County, reports election officials called ``totally incorrect.''<<

Volusia County is heavily black Democrat.  In that case it was almost certainly blacks taking away white precinct votes at Donna Brazille's behest.    So Rebbe counter-attacked by disappearing some of his own votes in Kosher Fort Lauderdale.  This farce does have its comical side.

 I wonder how much the Bushes paid the Jews for America?  Probably it depends on how many Dade County votes the Cubanos can disappear for them in  areas around Miami.  Florida's record turnout will drop a bit before this is all over.  Few will suspect it's different factions of the Democratic Party competing to throw the election one way or another.

 'An ole Massa Bush, he jes smile and smile...'

By the volume of mail I receive, the news is good. Many have observed that the Florida shindig didn't pan out according to the kosher kommie plan. That's why there is the "recount", which really means "How can we juggle this 'upset' so as to assuage the Gore goyim at the same time we plug in our drug candidate?" Gore has already announced the opening wedge. The jews are understandably nervous. They are yet in a position to lower the boom and they must walk tippy toey so as to not disturb the grazing sheep up but the fact remains, MANY are waking up and starting to ask questions.

The Nader turnout was disappointing. One might have expected hordes of young environmentally conscious people to support him but it's probably difficult to take time away from drinking and copulating in order to vote, not to mention all of those niggerball games and drug noise concerts. The Alzheimer's mob, terrified of dying and more frightened of living, worry more about a S.S. check being late than they do the kind of world they are leaving to their heirs. As the midwest vote proves, people will gladly trash their environment rather than lose a day's wage. In this respect, they are on the same level as the Pigmy and Hottentot.

Although exposing myself – again – to charges of 'woman hating', I nevertheless feel I should comment upon those hordes of walking crotches who went ballistic when their red goddess Hillary yelped something or the other about "the right to choose." It's supposedly to do with a woman having the say-so about 'her' body. As blood typing in the past, and today's DNA tests have always shown, the unborn IS NOT PART of the mother's body any more than a tapeworm is part of its host's body. What the hens of the abortion on demand clutch promote is the willful killing of an inconvenient unborn child. As a man, I would be deeply, and perhaps homicidally, disturbed if the woman I impregnated decided to abort MY CHILD as a matter of convenience. There perhaps exists no other blatant act which denigrates the man foolish enough to be invited into the division of her legs. And yet, dear friends, hundreds of swayed men choose exactly this type to squander their manhood on. I shall always retain the notion that one of the greatest compliments a woman can bestow upon a man is to want HIS children.
FYI – The 6th root of 666 to 69 decimal places is –
Now if I can only decode the number I am sure that I will have the key to the the mystery of the vibrating vacuums.

Astral-physicist Iva Biggun has recently announced that his equations prove that 'black holes' aren't really black at all. They only appear to be black due to the absence of light. Even the "hole" concept is under attack. Mathematician Augusta Wynn, in collaboration with Teddy Humper, have managed to multiply an old Babylonian matrix by the Chinese Wang Constant to show that galaxy "holes' are really packed solid with Emeril's essence of anti-light. Is a No-bull Prize in their future?

Dear Professor Frenz,

I enjoy your essays.  Some are amusing, some informative, and some of them actually qualify as prose poems.

Eric Thomson is entertaining to read.  He's become an excellent polemicist.  I do have to say that in the 1970s I already figured from afar what he had to go on-site to learn:  Rhodesia was a losing proposition.  Even at the age of 20 I already knew the Brits would betray them to the blacks.  They'd been doing it for 45 years by then.  Still, Eric produces good material.  We always learn more from defeats than victory anyway.

You know, for all of the endless babbling on the blightwing side about 'patriotism', white strongholds, separatism, militias, Kurt Saxonism and such, I can honestly say one thing.  I have yet to see anything of any utility whatsoever concerning strategy, war or military affairs to emerge on the aptly named blightwing side.   And nowhere is that more true than the "Civil War Two".  The author is clearly still suffering from Vietnam Burnout.

WHERE IS THE GEO-STRATEGIC GOAL?How can anyone ask someone else to follow them when they don't even know themselves where they are going?  Shaka Zulu knew better than that, for cripes sakes.  And so do most white people.   For anyone who dreams of a "White homeland" on North America, the following describes the militarily, economically and environmentally sustainable minimum, less than which I suggest everyone tune the niggerball back in and have fun poking the abundant freely available Zogling orifices.

I don't know how far I myself subscribe to the below but I can say this: until some practical program that leads somewhere besides Fort Apache is clearly articulated, most white people will have the sense to not listen.

Right now people listen for a clear trumpet call and they don't hear it.  To be a "racialist" in a movement that doesn't even have a feasible plan "to get there from here" is merely to court attack in a multi-racial society.  "Leaderless resistance" produces "planless battles".  About 5 millenia of military after-action reports say that is the leading cause of DEFEAT. (The blightwing always warns us of things which have already happened. RF)

In the Letters folder, read ARCADIA.

Recent correspondence – my words in black.

Future first.   You saw a white nation appear on the map for the first time last night.  It was my 'ARCADIA'.    This entire race WAS about race, and about sex.  Ultimately it was all about biology.   That white baby is in its sixth month.  More serious comments await the detailed precinct results and also the Y2K census results. These are CD's I'll be buying and plugging into huge databases.

>>The radio talk show responses this morning were revealing. It seems that Lazio attracted the White male vote leaving the welfare crowd, jews, perverts, the abortion harpies etc. to the Wicked Witch of the East.<<

 —  It was that similar final show at South Beach in Miami, with Lieberman and his Jews presiding over their masses of canaille, that drove me to vote for the Freemason.  FYI, Miami is Janet Reno country, plus the site of 'Alien', of course.  The Cubans there are in Bush's pocket and don't give two shits about the Jews.  Your new Senator from New York will prove to be the decisive factor still.  The 2,000 ballots 'overseas' they're talking about are almost all military officers, so those will break 80-20 for George after deducting for the Israelis.   Such is the rationale that will be put forth.

 — I did have some fun with my ballot.  I voted a straight white male ticket too and against every woman. We didn't have minority candidates here in my county aside from Lieberman.  I also voted to remove every judge top to bottom.  There were 9 I think up for Yea-Nea confirmation.  Toss'em all!

>>The only thing I am disappointed in is that I'll have to be more alert in order to avoid her lying lips and mechanical voice – something like the Martian squawk in that spoof Mars Attacks.<<

I watched her acceptance speech.  A case study in amorality and sociopathy.  She will say and do ANYTHING to get what she wants.   And Gore has to lose for that to happen.  Well, the country has nearly voted in a dude with less than 6 years experience in his state office.  Hillary notes this and also notes that Hillary can't run if Gore's sitting there in 2004.   The Freemasons have another hammer overhanging, too.  It's called Indictment for Perjury.   I am confident both the Clintons are campaigning very hard for George W. right now.

 >> Anyway, I hope Gore and his entourage of jews finally gets to the Captain's cabin. I also hope that Lieberman stuffs his kosher krap down our throats until some wake up.<<

Here's where 'is it good for the Jews'  will become decisive.  Not what's good for the individual Jew Lieberman with his foreign born 'Haddasah'.  My read is that the Big Jews will turn thumbs down on Gore for this reason.    Their preferred method is to exercise power from behind the scenes, not openly.   Having Lieberman standing at the summit of a fast disintegrating state heading into turbulent economics and overseas war is not 'good for the Jews'.

They're looking long term, and that's Columbia and coke.  At the present moment they're in their preferred role as middleman broker.  This time they have an entire nation for sale with the auction taking place in Florida.    Set against all that is the danger of Lieberman becoming President because of a national tragedy.   The demographic ground simply isn't well enough prepared yet.  Therefore the danger of triggering ARCADIA's final labor is too great.  They also saw that white baby appear on the ultrasound last night.

Florida has now announced the recount won't be done before close of business Thursday at the earliest.  ZOG
obviously wants some time to think this matter through carefully.   I predict ZOG's consensus will reach the same
conclusions I have (and probably Eric has) but will act oppositely AGAINST the 'White Baby'.

At the the current moment that electoral map is the best possible anti-immigration anti-Jewish advertisement possible to white people.  It makes it too plain in ways even ZOG educated whites can understand.

>> Eric doesn't agree. The American people love having their rectums reamed. Oh well, the trend continues. RF <<