15 November 2000
I enjoy watching those "why we should all hate Germans" dogma dramas which pecker up the TV screen. I always look forward to seeing and hearing those elderly, articulate, and handsome German veterans tell their tales of wartime. This sort of masculine beauty is on the decline and I suppose that this is what the uglies all yearn for. Without the presence of God's finest, the sewer rats would have nothing to compare themselves with and then, as all the moms welcome, would "feel good" about their miserable selves. The whole lesbo crowd – those who fail to attract male attention or are hateful of the male himself – joins in with the muds to destroy the White male image and ultimately erase them from the earth. They promote race mixing, abortion, and chemical birth control, as a means to forever block the possibility of White males being born.

As an aside, let me note that all animal breeders are exceedingly careful about the genetics of that which breeds with their stock. All horsemen know that if the finest mare is allowed to mate with a scrub, she is tainted by that mating and is never used for breeding again. When a Black man couples with a White woman, that woman is forever soiled racially for there is much clinical evidence to show that the male's fluids are adsorbed by the female and affects all her subsequent children regardless of the species of the father. Most White males intuitively recognize this fact and I believe that it it precisely this which angers them so, relative to the drug sluts who prefer simian partners. The quack Freudian jew bunch tries to slough off this deep White masculine feeling as a variety of envy or jealousy. Dick, a fellow I grew up with, was a classic rugged blond male who could, and usually did, capture the sexual fancy of girls almost beyond count. He merely had to beckon for one to hear clothes hitting the grass. While in Syracuse, back in those carefree days, we spotted a rather attractive blonde with her jungle playmate – on an invisible leash. Anger rose in Dick's breast and the only reason I can offer is that deep inside, he was hearing the voice of his ancestors. The misbehaving of our people over the centuries has now brought us to the final battle – Der Tag – we win or we disappear down the memory hole. We have no more continents to flee to nor any more room to hide from our mistakes. Hitler fought the Alamo of the White race. (I hope the German youth recognizes this!) The remainder of the war is up to us. Give up, and become part of the enemy, or stand up like White men and fight. The daze of wine and roses is over.

My father allowed his sons to enter into activities of which he knew would fail, as long as the failure wouldn't be severe. It provided an excellent learning environment just as the lioness allows her cubs to "play" with a porcupine or get careless at the end of a shallow ravine. I once asked my father, in regard to a failed venture, why he did not try to stop me since he knew what would happen. He simply replied that I wouldn't have listened anyway. Right on! I bring this up because this is the patience we must have in regard to those White males who now oppose us, for future events will be bombarding us with ever increasing frequency and intensity, and it is precisely those events which will win them to our side. Those with long range vision can see the ugliness of the horizon and since the distant is now becoming closer, only the blind will fail to recognize it for what it represents.
The White man understands everything but life itself. He invents television and ships bodies to the moon, but couldn't recognize a parasite or enemy even if it were purple with yellow stripes. Our elderly citizens, all of whom have demonstrated their usefulness by a past history of employment and law abiding behavior, are down the list of priorities when it comes to influenza shots. One might think that this would be a consideration relative to the dispensing of flu vaccine. Not so. Quite so. ZOG prefers to ship the vaccine to those places of cultural superiority such as Attica Prison so as to protect murderers, drug addicts, child molesters, extortionists, embezzlers, perverts and especially the AIDS club, from the ravages of a virus infection. Now, the Marxist Democrat party and the lesser Marxist Republican party, support this sort of discrimination but the hilarious thing is that the old geezers all voted for one or the other. That's what I mean about Whitey being so stupid that he doesn't know who is cramming the purple shaft up his rectum.

Your webpage sucks!  Format wise!  However, it's by far king of the hill in regards to content of political satire. Bravo! :P

Best regards from Europe, the other sinking ship!

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As we used to say in the 1950s, relative to hot rods – If it won't go, chrome it!
Thanks = RF

I hope you strained your eyeballs noticing the all of those mud vote-counters in Florida. Muds are everywhere, sniffing, belching and taking over your country cesspool by cesspool. I popped my vision onto the secretary bird Harris. If she ain't a kikess then I owe Father Flannigan $10. 
'Tis a rare female who values an intelligent man for his genetic contribution to her children. Usually, crafty females only are attracted to intelligence as an indicator of a path to affluence. When I was in my prime – handsome, brilliant, talented, athletic, philosophical, musical, inventive, artistic, poor and unknown (today I retain only the last two attributes) – I was sought after and dated several charmers by the names of Porter (chemicals), Chapin (spraying equipment), Woodward (formerly Jello) and Hershey (no need to label this one). Those 'romances' never' lasted over three or four days since, in my own shy fashion, it was obvious that material things held little value for me. Except for one, all have passed into that great void (presumably via a fur lined worm hole in the comos) and recently one of them – a destroyer of two hormone driven sad sacks unfortunate enough to have married her – contacted me and sighed, "You could have been rich if you married me." This was the luscious "stacked" doll whose family promised me a rose garden including everything from a free passage through college, a secure job as a company exec plus a well adorned piece of real estate to take a shower in. I wasn't for sale then and I am not for sale today. You know what? I come from a long line of proud little people who don't kiss-ass for anything.

The only sad part of my immensely rewarding and satisfying life is that I will not live long enough to make it more so. I go to bed at night smiling, knowing that I never profited one dime from the misery of another nor cheated anyone out of anything. That makes me rich beyond the comprehension of the average buck chaser.

I cannot divorce myself from the feeling that this kaleidoscope of idiocy and disease, called America, is somehow coalescing into a condition where the "diverse" dominoes are about to fall. The gods do many odd things and America's siding with the anti-Christ during the middle of the last century has not been forgotten nor the punishment waived. It's on its way.
When I was a kid,
the propaganda informed us that "dandruff" was the cause of our social problems and failure to secure a good job. This followed on the heels of B.O. (body odor) which was another affliction we mortals have been plagued with. Since that time, all sorts of maladies have popped up. Yeast infection, toe nail fungus, vaginal tremors, etc. and now, "masculine itch". What most of these annoyances are, I haven't the foggiest notion, but I wonder if "masculine itch" is just a new name for "jock itch". Jock itch was confined to those who didn't care much for soap and water and never washed what was affectionately referred to as a "jock strap". Today, in our more "kind" society, this elastic appliance is known as an "athletic supporter". With over half the population possessing defective vision and the other half with defective brains, it is easy to extrapolate the future relative to disease and dirt, which of course, have the same first letters as dumb and diversity.

Enjoy the garbage dump you voted for with your blood in 1940-45.

Harry Trendel is a flaming fag. He's the kind of guy you find looking over your shoulder when you are standing at a urinal. Although caught in compromising situations with young boys, he was never found guilty of any mischief. Harry is also a school teacher and objections to his presence have been disputed, but the defense has always been that smiling Harry keeps his "personal business and beliefs" out of the classroom.

Although teacher Paul Fromm has never brought his political views into his classroom, he was nonetheless canned.

One might think some double standard was at work here but that's not true. You see, faggotry is not critical of jews. In fact, jews are some of its finest promoters. Paul Fromm, outside of the classroom, has been critical of jews and so was Dr. Charles Weber along with many others. In this society which is no longer run by those who founded it, everything is permissible except criticism of jews. That makes sense to me. Moreover, even to mention this is a variety of "anti-Semitism".

Dear Mr. Frenz:

   Watch for a rash of articles documenting the rise of anti-Semitism and new pogroms in Russia.  We'll be treated to a few tearful stories plus a precis of hundreds of years of Khazar suffering in Russia.  And there'll doubtless be some juicy material on Russian collaborators with the Nazis.  We'll also hear how liberty and freedom of speech is now being extinguished in Russia and a new Iron Curtain is going up.

    The actual cause of this coming "news" is Putin's ongoing  persecution of Jewish Organizatsiya operatives like Berezovsky and Gusinsky.  Today was a two-fer.  Vladimir chased two of the seven Oligarchs out of the country in just one day.  Gusinsky has simply vanished.  Berezovsky, who also holds an Israeli passport, is rumored to be going into "political exile" in London.   That's an interesting way to put it.  Enforcing criminal laws against Jews is anti-Semitism.

    Actually, I have to agree with that.  The criminal codes world-wide are inherently anti-semitic since they invariably outlaw fraud, perjury, subornation of perjury, swindling, theft, drug trafficking, white slavery, bootlegging, receiving stolen goods, conspiracy, arson, contract murder, bribery, counterfeiting, securities fraud, and, horror of horrors, often usury.  "They're a Holocaust!"

 * * * * * * * *

Several new developments today, all of which were previously predicted by the Scientific Theory of Election 2000.

1.  Nominally 'Democratic' Dade and Broward Counties ended all further ballot recounts, saying their results are final.  Cocaine, Incorporated is thus presenting a solid pro-Bush front.  I do think in all fairness the U.S. Bureau of the Census should recount by hand all precinct and other elections workers in those two counties.  Their totals there have undoubtedly gone down since the first count earlier this year.

2.  So far 5 of Palm Beach's 11 county judges have recused themselves from considering the lawsuit Jewish and other Democrats filed against the Democratic Palm Beach elections commissioner.  In that lawsuit the Democratic voters claim they are too stupid to understand the local ballot design.  Personally I don't see why this question has to be litigated.  I'm happy to concede the issue to them without a court fight.

3.  The GOP Secretary of State did not recuse herself, and instead demanded all 67 Florida Counties to certify their votes by 5pm EST today as required by Florida state law.  A Volusia County judge also did not recuse himself and, in an historical reenactment of 19th Century USA judicial practices,  played the role of an American judge enforcing written American law.   The 5pm results leased the White House to George W. Bush for the next four years.

But we don't want to confine ourselves to reporting what we already scooped the networks on by nearly a month. Instead we'll venture our expectations for  news later this week and next.

—   Secretary of State Harris will include all absentee ballot adjustments and consider nothing further from Palm Beach County.

—   Gore will begin litigation on the refusal to recognize Palm Beach's vote revisionism.

—  At that point, Gore being fully inside Hillary's trap, the Clinton get out the vote effort in California and New York will reveal that absentee ballots have swung the national popular vote over to George W. Bush.   The spotlight on Albert Gore Junior will showcase a two-time loser trying to steal the election with voter fraud and fancy legal footwork.  This will end Albert Gore's political career and clear the decks for Hillary in 2004.

* * * * * * * * *
Horowitz. He said the GOP conservatives need to prepare for political warfare in the streets. Another superb idea, although I
know Horowitz is clueless about why it's so really good. Personally I'd LOVE for the GOP to put 50,000 in the street with another 50,000 Democrats on the other side.

Then the GOPers can look around and understand who THEY are and who is the enemy.  It would be a good education for the police and military forces, too.  Seeing  only white people on the GOP side and a Mulligan's Stew  of Jews, blacks, Chinese, mestizos and queers on the other side will educate more blightwingers than the entire internet.

M. Maguire.

If the people of Florida cannot count votes properly, do you really think that ONLY Florida is incompetent? If count number 2 is different than count number 1, then what makes you believe that count number 3 has any value? If you cannot master the simply art of counting, then it is foolish to count in the first place. One of the beauties of American democracy is that no one seems to know what they are doing and if you don't know what you are doing, then what's there to worry about?
Hey mon! What happened to that 5 year program which was to place American kiddies in the NUMBER ONE world-wide spot  by the year 2000? The fact is that we slipped down one notch. I suggest that we endeavor to get worse. In that why we just might go up. Johnny, with his B.A. in toilet paper engineering, might not be able to read but he at least feels "good" about himself.
The election recount asiniity and the general corruption and ineptitude are considered by some to be "proof" of our superiority as concerns government. What the hell. A measure of the "good life" is how far you can sink into debt before declaring bankruptsy. "Sales" are events where people spend money in order to 'save' it. One thing that has always puzzled me is since all women describe their children as "beautiful" and "talented", then where do all the the ugly and stupid adults come from? We even look at morality with crossed eyes. Clinton does his hanky panky in the Oval Office but he'd never do such a this in the privacy of his own bed room.

Through it all, we must remember this: one century ago we had little idea of what was happening in other corners of the country due mainly to the lack of rapid communication. Today we are said to be "closer" and better informed. Consider this – of what value is instant communication when most of it is false? The point blank truth is that really DO NOT KNOW what is stirring in the minds and hearts of our racial comrades. I strongly suspect that it is 180 degrees out of phase with the flatus issued by those radio and TV personalities who tell us what and how to think. If the gods favor us, as I am inclined to believe, those people will be held to account and like the jews who did the Nuremberg murders on one of their 'special' days, I propose a proper encore on July 4

Over 1 year ago, Eric said it would be the Colombian drug candidate Bush, by a nose.
After the side show is over, The American will return to slopping in the hog trough as if nothing had happened.
Betty is an old childhood friend of mine. That's friendship matey – don't read anything into that. She often asks me to pay a visit to her miniature mansion in West Palm Beach. On one occasion, I was awakened by the sound of a persistent door chime. Betty, who was in a bedroom on the opposite side of the house properly servicing, I suppose, her paramour for the night. I got up and answered the door. It was Betty's mom and dad paying a surprise visit. I let them enter and at the same time Betty emerged from the bedroom looking as one always looks after finishing what was obvious. The father glanced at his daughter, sighed, and said "Oh well." The young man, after briskly stuffing what looked like a $500 bill into Betty's partly fastened bra, nodded and slipped out the side door. The mother looked up at the ceiling and started a conversation which completely overlooked Betty's damp and half dressed state. As I watched with interest it occurred to me that mother so arranged her mental processes that I remain convinced that she noticed absolutely nothing. I mention this tale because I am just as convinced that a large number of our people have in operation the same 'shut out' mechanism when they view the election circus and its rather clear message to the farce we call "democratic America". These people – the walking smiling dead – are a great potential when it comes to the coming battles. We cannot awake them by shouting, swearing or even by getting them to read books. They must awake by themselves and the best adjunct we can be is to remain calm and steady. We, who possess the glasses (see the movie They Live), must treat them as we would a young child – helping them by simply being ourselves, for the time will come when they will turn and ask for help. In the meantime, it will take extreme patience and a will never to be put on the defensive for our beliefs. Our race – not that obscenity called 'mankind' – has accomplished nearly everything worth mentioning and the other races which have benefited immensely from our generosity can be fully expected to try and kill the Golden Goose as their greed for Golden Eggs knows no restraint.

I earn about $1000 per month and of that I spend $1500. My finances were always in a turmoil so I enrolled in a money management course. Being senile to a major degree, I became quite stressed when it came to all of those assignments. That's why I enrolled in a stress management course. With my homework now nearly doubled I find that I am suffering a lot of pain. Lucky for me, there was an opening in a pain management course. I seemed to be doing well until it dawned on me that all of the fees connected with my management programs only made my finances worse. That increased the stress and increased stress gave me more pain. I went for a long walk in the woods to ponder my dilemma and came up with two possible avenues of escape. (1) Someone should send me anonymously $6,000,000 preferably by an untraceable postal money order or (2) enroll in a management management course. I think the gods don't like me and that worries me since I never did them any harm. Do I now need to enroll in a worry management course? Such anguish. There ought to be a law.
Keep in mind that I am not a fully certified racist. I still have many more undergraduate courses to satisfactorily complete before I am awarded a degree. Then will come the added expense of fang implants.
Jordon almonds
– those hard candy coated nuts – are comparatively uniform in size. The small nuts have a thick coating while the larger ones have a thin coating. Thus, they are graded according to coating thickness: extra fine being much thinner than fine, regular and so on. On the outside Jordon almonds appear to be equal, but inside – it's a whole different game.
Old Doctor Bater, with the help of his son young
Master Bater, have finally finished their flatulated ion exchange unit which they claim will solve mankind's problem relative to food. Chlorophyll is very similar to hemoglobin, in molecular structure,  except for the central metal ions iron and magnesium. The FIEU operates in conjunction with a blood circulating machine. As the blood enters the exchange unit, the iron atoms are exchanged for magnesium. The magnesium is supplied by a standardized solution of magnesium sulfate – Epsom salts. At the completion of the process, a person will be able to manufacture his own food – internally – like a plant does. During the daylight hours, one must stand in the outdoors, facing the sun with a sincere smile, arms outstretched, for about 41 minutes each day. The only visible effect noticed so far on the experimental subjects, was that the person so transformed exhales oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. This has the added benefit of reversing the greenhouse effect and curing most people of their smoking habit. "I suppose," said the friendly doc, "we'll have to get used to seeing green people and our laws prevent discrimination on the basis of color." The military took a keen interest in old Doc Bater's apparatus because of the benefits of having built in camouflage. Major Uprising mentioned that there might possibly be a drawback when scouting parties happened to find themselves in the middle of a herd of goats.
Dr. Revilo P. Oliver reminded us that most Americans quickly change their minds when they hear the sound of two twenty dollar bills rubbing together. The sound of two one-hundred dollar bills rubbing together would be considered the voice of God.
Throughout history, and even written in the Bible, women have been transfixed by snakes. Even the rat will stare and remain motionless while the viper prepares to sink its fangs. So it was with the election of Queen Vile of the Potomac, the soulless Red carpet bagging witch straight out of hell. As soon as elected, she started a campaign against our traditional method of selecting presidents. The Founding Fathers fully recognized that popular vote would only lead to a tyranny benefiting the dwellers of the urban areas. Today, urban is synonymous with mud and Hillary would love nothing better, as does her husband, than to turn this land over to mud rule. In fact, Bill, who I understand (Sherman Skolnick) never finished his American flag-burning bit at Oxford due to being run out of England for a rape, loves to smear this 'Whites are on the way out' excrement into the faces of those college students masochistic enough to listen to his speeches. It is obvious that all politicians today obviously favor the muds since it is now obvious that their votes carry more obvious weight. That's obvious, don't you obviously think?

To get some idea of what this urban/mud election hoopla is all about, consider the little country of Twatland. It is a small country composed of 10 states each occupying 1 square mile. All of the states are named after flowers save one – the Mud state. In the beginning was the word that 600 of Twatland's 6000 citizens lived in the Mud urban state and depended upon the other 9 rural states for their food. Each state had 1 Senator and a number of Representatives based upon the ratio, 1 Representative per 20 inhabitants. The combination was called Electors and they determined who the Captain of Twatland would be. One can see that the rural states would combine to 279 Electors while Mud state had only 31. Since most of the Mud state was on welfare, it seemed appropriate that the people would did all of the work should be more heavily represented. Time, like Hillary's mouth, does not stand still and today the Mud state encloses 5000 denizens thus giving them 251 Electoral votes and 59 for the rural states.

So, with or without, the Electoral college, the vote rapidly moved in favor of those who preferred the diseases, criminal activity and copulation advantages, offered by the the cities as opposed to those who sang "O, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above... Don't fence me in." (As a young man, I had to walk 5 miles, one way, in order to visit "jugs" Janice.) Once the dimwitted Whites, under the hypnotic spell of the 666 gang, decided to import "The wretched refuse of your teeming shore." (Statue of Liberty), they inflicted a mortal wound upon their land. They simply abandoned ship and left it all to those "in need". Millions sigh to themselves, "We lost this time but there's always another election." I have news for them: The Muds will NOT ABANDON the ship and have NO INTENTION of letting you back on board. The sell-out Whites of today are no better, or worse, then those moneyed, and degenerate,  warts who imported, and bred, talking apes to do their cotton picking labor those centuries ago. If Whitey thrives on uphill battles, then the coming decades will give him a great opportunity for self-improvement.

Sniff around. Perhaps you can find the out-of-print book The Pythagorean Proposition by E.S. Loomis. I'll pay $100 or more for a good copy. No, you shouldn't steal one from your local library. Try the used book stores.
A fellow wrote and asked if I knew a way to solve a 4th degree (quartic) equation to 200 decimal places. I said "yes" and then asked him what he was going to do with the value. After all, 12 decimal places will define the width of a hair relative to the circumference of the earth. Perhaps he is building something out of rubber. He claimed to be an engineering student and sent me some calculation concerning a circular object. He was using the 8th grade approximation of Pi, that is, 22/7 which is accurate only to 2 decimal places. Once you add the Affirmative Action fraction and inflate the grades, you'll be able to see why I still prefer to drive over the older bridges.
If a fellow insists upon drowning then it's silly to try and convince him that he should learn how to swim. It seems that this is the path the blightwing insists upon traveling. When an ostensible White wants to be a nigger, then he really has nowhere to go. He forsakes his own kind and will never be accepted by the group he strives to emulate. It's one sad sack who cannot accept what he is and make the most of it. Drugs, body mutilation, whether tattoos or piercing, hedonistic noise 'concerts', and such, only indicate that the individual despises himself – or is perhaps insane – and the path out is not more of the same. Only degenerates worship degeneracy.

What say we if it was noticed that the leopard preferred the company of lions? Or the Goodalls the company of chimpanzees? Do brown rats nest with black rats? Do chickens have lips? One of the ingredients of basic intelligence is the ability to recognize things without asking an opinion of others or in looking something up in a man produced book. If an elephant is standing on your foot, you need no course in physics to describe the forces involved nor any stress and strain relationship all fancied up with mathematical symbols. Once deluged by mobs of muds, does it improve your life by waving about the scores of IQ tests, crime statistics, and disease distribution maps? The hyena cares not about the ability of the cheetah to run. Superiority/inferiority does not enter the equation. A cheetah is not a hyena and a hyena is not a cheetah. White people are not bleached out Black people and Black people are not sun burned White people. One only has to view the Negro comedy channels to quickly discover that the language they are most comfortable with in not the English we White people are most comfortable with. Black humor is overtly engrossed in genital and anal functions. My senses tell me that Black people are not my brothers and I am no more biologically connected to them then are the chimps the warped air head Jane loves to watch copulate.

To Mr. Frenz:

A Win-Win situation for us.  I cannot believe the Jews are acting this stupid.  CNN actually aired pictures of some Palm Beach Jewess recounter wearing a large Star of David.    Nor can I conceive of a better outcome for us than that Gore-LIEBERMAN should win the election after FOUR recounts with ever increasing Gore-LIEBERMAN votes in 46% White 30% Jewish 17% Black 7% Other Palm Beach County.   I've never been signed up to the legends of overpowering Jewish intelligence, crediting them instead with stubborn persistency and consistent selfishness.  But I've always credited them with a certain native caution and shrewdness.   Maybe I've overestimated them.  And they do have difficulty acting as a group in anything other than self-defense.  Israel wouldn't have 50 political parties if that weren't true.

I have not however overestimated Bill and Hillary.  Alien in Miami is not something an Administration trying to elect Al Gore would have done.  They are scum, but they are highly intelligent scum who know how to manage and win elections.    New Mexico also went the way theory predicted.  And I still think the Big Jews want to chill this.

But man is not God and man's plans don't always work out.  An essential part of our program is the disappearance of the False Front White Party called the GOP.   I've seen it for a long time but now Arcadia's on the map for all of Arcadia's whites to see.  All they need is self-awareness.  'We Are...'  And what happens?  Multicultural Democrat Jew Beach steals it for Gore.  Such a result will finally discredit the GOP Freemasons.  The Jewish Neocons will be history having lost three straight elections.  Powell and his pro-affirmative action crap will be shown to be worth fewer black votes than the GOP got prior to 1960.  Mestizo Bush with his Open Door immigration policy will be shown to be not enough to attract mestizos to vote, just enough to move in and vote democrat.  Once the GOP Freemasons are gone we can start working on the white workers in the non-government unions.  Now THERE'S a result to pray for.  Better the recognizable than the false friend.

It's precisely for all the above reasons that I still expect a pro-Bush outcome.  The Bush apparatus is slipping the glove off to show some steel.  I listened to Bush Asset Flush Limblow  for 15 minutes Friday in my car.  He was describing the Democratic Party in the precise terms we'd use to describe the Self-Chosen Race.  The Special Prosecutor hasn't made a decision yet on Clinton.  Well, he always did say 'AFTER THE ELECTION'...

M. Maguire