24 November 2000
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Not everyone loves Fred as Fred loves Fred.

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"For a year I worked in Boulder, Colorado, on the staff of Soldier of Fortune magazine, half zoo and half asylum, with the intention of writing a book about it. Publishing houses said, yes, Fred, this is great stuff, but you are obviously making it up. I wasn't. Playboy eventually published it, making me extremely persona non-grata at Soldier of Fortune."

I translate that as: "I am a two-faced backstabbing snake in the grass with neither honor or integrity.  I am unrepentent about it, I did it to them and I'll do it to you, too."    He's just a little system maggot playing a role as a token white male for the corporate media.   To him what "right looks like" is July, 1965.

I've seem plenty of Reeds.  Reed reminds me of something Louis L'Amour, a great writer and historian of real white men, said in his reminiscences of his early roustabout life.  The first part of his Yodering was in the last days of the Old West in the early 1930s.  He knew many true White Men in mines, ranches, logging camps, etc.  Later he shipped out as a merchant sailor and traveled the dying white empires.  He also saw many colorful white characters scattered in the colonial ports in Africa, China, the Phillipines, Indonesia, etc.  But he said he noticed a big difference.  The men he'd known back in America were tough as nails, but they were building a country and they knew it.  The characters he came across later in the Casablancas of the dying white empires were shady, shifty and just out for the 'Main Chance'.

Fred Reed's just out for the Main Chance.    We gotta watch out for the Reed types.  What we want are the tough as nails country builders.

M. Maguire 


Eugenics Is Back?

The Proven Value of American Negative Selective Eugenics and the Continuing Fallacies of Positive Eugenics Breeding Theories

And my point is, even if a small group of people would pool their resources and breed children that would have IQs in the above 180 group, these few children with the right training and dedication would be the driving force for change and human advancement. Just one child with an IQ above 180 and with the conscientiousness to use it, is worth a thousand average children with the best education money can buy.

Practical experience says that when one engineers to optimize just one capability, one winds up with a highly suboptimized construct. If I.Q. measurements alone were the ultimate determinant of human value, then Mensa wouldn't contain such a huge density of truck drivers, waitresses and trailer park Sealey Posturepedic Mattress Queens.

That writer also cited the Jews as a positive example of a eugenics program designed to optimize 'intelligence'. If I were to use the Jews as an example of eugenics, it would be to illustrate the infinite social dangers of trying to optimize for just one trait on the basis of empirical observations. Physically and emotionally they are a mess. Ashkenazi Jews have a strong congenital defect known as Tay Sachs Disease. Just ask any obstetrics doctor. This is why medical questionnaires for pregnant women always ask about Ashkenazi Jew lineage. Jews also experience far higher than average rates of insanity and other mental  and emotional dysfunctions.

Jews also provide the only known example of a nation conducting a four sided civil war while under external siege from foreigners. See Flavius Josephus, The Jewish War. Their civic quotients are so low it takes threatened genocide to unite them and even then they don't cooperate effectively. Nor do people with 'high intelligence' alone have a long-term track record of community survival or security dominance. If they did, the Jews would still be in southern Lebanon, rather than battling Palestinians inspired by Hezbollah's example of protracted war.

The experimental data to date indicate that optimizing for high IQ as currently defined will merely produce the results we presently have around us. A great deal of historical experience says it also produces a mindset incapable of truly long-term planning since the products of that program are incapable of living in symbiosis with their hosts.

The current state of the art is not advanced enough to allow for a positive program of selective eugenics. The doctors can weigh in again on positive selective eugenics when they've cured cancer. That happy day will also be serious scientific evidence they know enough to speak authoritatively on the subject of chromosomes, genes, DNA and RNA. At the current time positive selective eugenics stands on a par with many DaVinci mental inventions. It's great in theory but the technology simply doesn't exist to implement.

Eugenics as applied by the male and female mind always produces two different results. Margaret Sanger, who had an emotional sympathy for the National Socialist program in Germany, is a classic case in point. She believed in eugenics for other races and 'lower' (apparently measured by economics) whites. She was also a nymphomaniac of the first water. Her ultimate  contributions, birth control pills and abortion, are the two biggest backfires in history. They turned out to be precision guided munitions for preempting future intelligent white babies. All the "lessers" either refused or are too stupid to effectively use them.

Eugenics programs limited only to mate selection will not succeed. Most females practice this in some degree or another already. Nor is heredity the only factor. If it were, we would not be in the midst of a crisis of fetal alcohol syndrome, "crack babies" and children damaged by parentally transmitted venereal disease. Heredity establishes the potential upper limit. Environment will either facilitate or cripple the realization of that potential. In the current environmental chaos our emphasis as white patriots must be on reestablishing lawful authority and stable social conditions. It is useless to consider any positive eugenics program when the present social environment handicaps utilization of current maximum potential.

There is one example of a successful multigeneration eugenics program.

The previous eugenics programs in the U.S.A running from the very late 19th Century until the late 1960s were very effective. They operated on the principle of herd culling. Most inmates of mental institutions and many prisoners were sterilized. There was no attempt at either "scientific" selection based on inadequate science or breeding programs based on unproved theories. The selection criteria were based on 'Civic Quotient' and 'Emotional Quotient' deficiencies as measured by criminal conviction or institutionalization. Compared to attempts to breed two arbitrary ideals together, the American program was precision targeted at selecting out identifiable dysfunctions. The American program was the most scientific ever implemented. It was backed by epidemiology studies that proved mental illness and criminality was far more prevalent in certain families and thus had a strong genetic component. And it did not attempt more than was proven by the existing state of the art.

Much of the German National Socialist program of negative selective eugenics was copied directly from American practices which had been operating for a generation at that time. The Germans also started some selective positive programs grouped together under the label of "Lebensborn". These positive breeding experiments have great theoretical and emotional appeal to white patriots. These positive selective eugenics experiments operated for too brief a time to produce statistically significant results. The short period of a few years, combined with the environmental contamination of the post war Morgenthau famine, Soviet rapine, deportation and chaos mean that the Lebensborn program, and specifically S.S. breed matchings, can never be evaluated scientifically. Assumptions that they would have worked will always remain just that.

Following World War II the U.S.A. programs were progressively restricted and finally aborted by the late 1960s in a series of ZOG court rulings. First the involuntary sterilizations were stopped. Subsequently almost all the mental patients were deinstitutionalized. Now they live under bridges, sleep on steam grates, throng the soup kitchens, are frequently addicted to drugs and fund it all with low level street crime, begging and sporadic charity. They have no shelter when it snows and don't know where their next meal is coming from. But they are free to breed, particularly the women among them who turn to prostitution. I ask anyone to tell me who was more humane: Bad old racist sexist U.S.A. or kinder gentler ZOGland? Back in the bad old days such unfortunates at least had a warm bed and three square meals in the county mental hospital. Nor did they propagate new generations of dysfunctionals.

The increase in U.S crime rates, the decline in composite population academic performance and the collapse in white birth rates correlates with the progressive elimination of American style eugenics and their replacement by Sanger-Jewish "feminist eugenics".

The American program of negative selective eugenics did operate for a sufficiently long period to produce discernible results. Communist New Dealers and Jews have been quick to take credit for the American Era that started approximately in 1940 and ended in the late 1960s. Certainly it was an era of unparalleled economic and scientific advance. Diverse ideological factions variously credit homosexual Keynsian economics, Jewish Marxist economics, Jewish immigration or stolen German technology for that period. Few want to recognize the American Eugenics factor. The beginning of the period in the 1940s marked the maturity of the first full American generation subjected to American style eugenics. The end of the American Era marked the rise to maturity of the children of a generation that was progressively less culled. Our present posture on the brink of a New Dark Age marks the maturity of a generation not at all subjected to American negative selective eugenics and that was subjected to female eugenics of the Margaret Sanger style.

The older American eugenics program was not restricted to whites. American blacks and American Indians who 'qualified' themselves because of mental deficiency or criminal behavior were also included in the programs of sterilization. It would therefore be inaccurate to say that American eugenics were racist. They were not in that regard. There was a tendency towards more inclusiveness of negroes and Indians because the law was White Law. Miscegenation between whites and blacks was usually outlawed, and miscegenation in general strongly discouraged. The country was multi-racial but the society was racially segregated.

This racially inclusive eugenics policy had its results. Today American negroes are universally considered superior in intelligence to Haitian negroes or African negroes. African newspapers sometimes even comment on this fact, although they explain this disparity by accusing whites of having 'stolen' the best genes from Africa. This explanation is oxymoronic on its face since it was stronger negroes who were selling the weaker negroes to Arab and Jewish slave traders. What the Evil White Man actually did was improve his initially inferior Negro breed stock. Miscegenation accounts for some of this gap, improved environmental factors for some more, but they don't explain all or even the majority of the large gap between the average American negro and the average African negro.

This same effect can be seen among American Indians. They are demonstrably superior in all measurements to Mexican and South American Indians. Yet it was the Indians of South America who possessed the higher Aztec, Mayan, and Inca Empires. What accounts for this remarkable reversal of human quality factors between the two populations of Indians? Neither American Negroes or American Indians rose to the white level but they are measurably superior when compared to their coracialists in other countries and continents. This is because none of their coracialists were subjected to a negative eugenics program conducted according to white law. What happened to end this happy state of affairs precisely when it was starting to return decisive results?

It's not only modern American whites who display an apparent decay compared to previous generations. Other commentators have noticed a qualitative decline among American negroes and American Indians compared to their recent ancestors. The influence of media cannot account for all this because the three groups constitute very different media markets.

There is also one large white racial group in America that still practices the 'American System' of selecting out for poor civic and emotional quotients. This group is the Old Order Amish. This becomes clear once one studies their social system. While one must be born Amish, that is no guarantee of remaining Amish and hence propagating the next generation of Amish. One may choose to leave the Order, or one may be 'shunned' for social (criminal) transgressions. This shunning is equivalent to social and economic expulsion from the community. It also constitutes genetic expulsion since no other Amish family will marry a child to a person shunned. The shunned person may reproduce, but he will do so in the general population and not in the Old Order Amish community.

What has been the result of Old Order Amish adherence to American Negative Selection Eugenics? The Old Order Amish are the only remaining white group in America still productively increasing in population. Highly cohesive and productive Old Order Amish communities are spreading in territorial extent and also pioneering previously unoccupied areas. The progressive prohibition of American style negative eugenics and the rise of Sanger style eugenics correlates to the increase of the Jewish population in America.

This is a simple demographic and historical fact. It's also confirmed simply by listing the organizations and individuals that spearheaded the drives to end American negative eugenics and adopt birth control pills and abortion. This is why I said earlier that "the experimental data to date indicate that optimizing for high IQ as currently defined will produce the results we presently have." The Jews themselves are a product of precisely such an older empirical program. Let us not emulate others' failed experiences.

The Jews, both conducting and being the products of a more primitive eugenics program, recognized the mortal threat a scientifically based program in other races posed to them. The German Lebensborn experiment certainly excites the greatest emotional reaction in them to this day. The Lebensborn program was also the most similar to their own. But I will assert it was the American program that posed the greatest peril they have ever faced. Not only was it improving American whites but it was also improving American blacks and Indians. The thoughtful Jew looking three generations ahead could foresee a world in which he was far outclassed not only by American whites but probably by American Indians and in which he might only be equal to American blacks. From the Jews' viewpoint this was another 'Holocaust' of far greater peril.

We thus saw another deployment of Rebbe's millenia-old nuclear political weapon: "But the Jews were jealous, so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace and started a riot." Acts 17:5

The Jewish social assault against the American white population since World War II has been at least as savage as that against German whites. It has been so savage, so strongly sustained and so carefully coordinated as to make thoughtful whites wonder what in the world they ever did. It's almost as if they were guilty of a 'Holocaust' themselves instead of having fought for the Jews in World War II. From the Jewish viewpoint that is precisely their "crime". It was actually a threatened 'Holocaust' of the Jews being surpassed not only mentally but physically and emotionally and by more than one race of people. Consequently 'saving' the Jews from the National Socialists and rendering vast aid to the Zionist project counted for naught. America was still guilty of the ultimate 'sin'.

Conclusions. The case for a eugenics program based on positive selection for 'intelligence' has one long-term data pool. The resulting products in the form of the Jews is very negative as to programs of empirically directed breeding eugenics. The more recent American negative culling program based on 'emotional' and 'civic' measurements rapidly returned far superior results to the society undertaking it. White racialists can continue to maintain a belief that the Lebensborn program would have returned a positive result. But that belief is in fact an article of faith unsupported by scientific measurement. Probability theory indicates equal chances that the S.S. experiments would have returned no result or an adverse result for the same reason as previous Jewish programs: insufficient scientific foundation.

Those interested in positive breeding programs will be well advised to stick to the customs of the millennia until genetic science further advances. The case for negative culling programs is undeniably established. Those interested in improving societal gene pools are well advised to focus their efforts on negative selection and sterilization.

End note:  Indiana was the first American state to adopt mandatory sterilization of prisoners and institutional patients in 1907.  Fifteen other states adopted similar laws by 1918.  The majority of American states had similar programs in place by the end of the 1920s. These sterilization programs had varying durations with the typical length being about 50 years.  Sterilization of mental patients on an ad hoc basis  was typically adopted earlier in each state.  Without the benefit of lawerly supervision, doctors exercised greater latitude in their care of feeble-minded charges.

M. Maguire

Remember that after every election, the population gets darker by the boat load. If you think that inviting foxes into the hen house is great because it represents diversity, then your children will curse you. The mud party represents a larger percent of the population than does the Republican. (Any dink who tells you that Whites are 70 percent of the population deserves to have his testicles nailed to his head.) The voting days of the male Whitey are passing into history. The coming decades of turmoil will show whether the gods are with us or whether they have given up in disgust – a not unlikely choice.
I wish those "rule of law" idiots would wake up. Didn't Martin Luther let's-piss-in-the-streets  King set the precedent by announcing that one didn't have to obey "unjust" laws? Didn't we hang thousands of German officers at Nuremberg for little other than obeying orders (law)? The "law" my friends, is whatever the guy with the biggest gun says it is. This is a hypocritical mobocracy. It's that simple. The only "mob" who hasn't took to the streets yet is the White male worker. Isn't it about time? What did you say? No, I do not know when the next niggerball game is playing.
Suppression of rights and freedoms in the U.S.A. is far less important to the masses than would be the suppression of vehicle ownership and/or the steep rise in fuel prices. Hogs do not care about their freedom to oink, but they do care about their freedom to swill. The talk about 'civil war' over the presidential election circus is little more than oral flatus. Another beer; another niggerball game; another grab at an orifice – it'll soon be forgotten.
I wonder
if many of my younger readers are puzzled by this situational "legality" which overrides the idiotic Florida vote whatever. It's not new. Hell, the gold old jew-ass-oi-vey has been pulling this sort of crap for decades. The more grand of the past farces were the Nuremberg don't-lose-a-war trials where we made "war crimes" laws AFTER the war was over. The objective at that time was to kill as many Germans as we could legally but since there were no laws to cover that, we made them up. Good ol' Ike starved to death over one million German men by classifying them as "other loses" thus removing them for the seldom-used Geneva Convention for P.O.W.s – something usually ignored by the 'gallant allies' but adhered to by the Germans foolish enough to believe that they were fighting a war with honorable men.

What's going on in Florida is nothing unusual. Dimwit Don is allowed to repeat the "final" exam as many times as he needs in order to pass it. I've personally witnessed teachers and principals altering the grading rules AFTER the exams were corrected. (In NYS, a regents grade of below 55 can be "normalized" to a 55 and principals are allowed to determine what the passing grade is. So much for state wide standards.) It's all part of that jewish bending which starts with a conclusion and then works backwards. This also permeates that now corrupt discipline we sometimes refer to as 'science'.

The American Chemical Society staged a math puzzle contest back in the 1960s with a certain set of rules. The contest was divided in to 10 sessions. AFTER I won all 10, they changed the rules limiting a contestant to a maximum of 2 individual wins. In spite of that, I won overall and then they refused to give me the grand prize since my presence represented something "unfair" relative to the rest of the contestants. (A "fair" contest is where all of the hammerheads finish so close that each mommy can dream that "only if ...", her little cretin would have won.)

I've also observed the post-contest rule-making relative to my blonde blue-eyed nieces. They both creamed their peers in physical contests and the air-headed broads which constitute most of our feel-good type Marxist teachers, decided that the girls' performances were "unfair" to the dwarfs, cows and idiots. The girls, who were still in grammar school, were then scheduled to compete against those in high school. Again the girls came out on top. As a final insult to ability, the bevy of hens redefined the rules again and my nieces were then pitted against the boys. After winning most of those swimming and running events, the girls withdrew from any further competition in absolute disgust. Now, as adults, they are both about 68 inches tall and would have made great poster women during the Third Reich.

My daughter was in the equestrian regional finals of some long forgotten event in Texas. When informed in advance that she would not win, she asked her fellow competitors why not. They replied that they knew the judge well and he always voted for the rider with the largest boobs – something about protoplasmic oscillation, I suppose. It all came to pass and my daughter was initiated into the real world of corruption.

I am still watching the outcome in Florida, not because I give two shots about what happens, but because it might give me a little more insight as to what the string-pullers have in mind. I still see Hillary the Red in 2004 and that can't happen with Gore around. Then again, why can't we have Gore for 4 years and then have him pull out at the end of one term due to fallen arches or some other debilitating malady? Whatever happens, the gullible goyim will again have it shoved up their rudders. With sodomy gaining social acceptance and popularity, it might be understandable why our citizens vote the way they do.

It seems that many are incensed at this photo. My grandmother often kissed her horse Nipper and my sister often kissed her horse Impulse. I kiss my old hound Spot several times a week. Steve Irwin, the "crocodile hunter", kisses all sorts of animals all the time. His wife has been photographed kissing pythons and elephants. My mom often kissed her favorite Jersey cow, Mary Ann. 'Always willing' Diana, down the hall, kisses her cats. Hell, Aunt Roberta has been known to kiss her pet raccoon. So I ask this: What's all the commotion about Dubya kissing a water buffalo?
A Study in Pathos

   Strom's website is well done. I've read his many writings and I can see the intelligence at work.  As for the primal urges, 'fear' goes along with lust as one of those. Those who can't control it break in battle.  So to me a good indicator of a potential comrade's usefulness is his ability to impose his willpower on his lower parts.  Kevin apparently can't control it and so he hooks with women of the same nature.

    Kirsten herself seems to me a really sad case.  Kevin was hubby #3, for whom she left #2 AFTER meeting Pierce and Strom.  Now her new radio jock is #4.  This doesn't count any in between boyfriends. On her website http://www.castleplanet.com  she blames everyone in her life except herself for her problems.  Her parents made her 'submissive'.  Husband #2 caused her to meet Dr. Pierce to start with.  Kevin and Pierce 'cut her off' from society.  Kevin caused her to fail at her real estate job in Minnesota.   I wonder when the radio dunce she's hooked with will tumble to the fact he'll soon become the next cause of all her problems?

     I read Kirsten's interview with the SPLC.   It told me the National Alliance suffers from terminal incompetence, which is the diagnosis of others too.  It was displayed in the interview, although Kirsten herself wouldn't understand the significance.  Kirsten said the NA members always wanted to know the locations of the National Guard armory in any town they were in.

    Bad news for the NA.  They won't get anything there besides scrap iron.  Here's why.  After every drill National Guard armorers remove all the weapon firing pins or other essential part (with M-16s they remove the whole bolt) and store them at the local Sheriff's office for safe-keeping.   The Guard hierarchy retains control of the arms room keys (with burglar alarm hotline to the Sheriff's office) while the sheriff keeps the firing pins.  The units don't keep any ammunition locally unless they have an indoor firing range for .22s or .45s.   Any local gunshop has more operating weapons and ammo than a National Guard Armory.  It's with measures like these that ZOG controls its military forces.

    Do you suppose Dees would provide addresses for the Patriot and Hate Groups he lists here: http://www.splcenter.org/intelligenceproject/ip-index.html ? SPLC is not as helpful as old Simon Wiesenthal.  He provides email adresses and links.  I notice Morris copied Matt Hale's ministers' addresses, presenting all of them as active chapter locations.  How Jewish.  Presenting to his dumb supporters WCOTC 'chapters' that are really state prisons.

M. Maguire

I measure the stature of a woman by her behavior and not the geometry of her various body parts. A woman with children, as long as they are not adults, is duty bound to provide them with the best possible environment and that means a substantial man as a father in a legal household. When a woman parts, for whatever reason, from the father of her children, it is her obligation to seek out a BETTER mate than the one who went somewhere else to dip his wick. The country has a plethora of these female types who operate contrary to the interests of their children. I say that any woman who cannot provide a solid family social structure for her children has no business yelping about securing the future of "the race" since she cannot even secure the future of her own family. If you cannot manage the removal of peanut shells, you do not belong in the peanut butter business. If a woman cannot be a good mother, she'll NEVER make a good wife. What galls me is not the selfish attitudes of such women, for it harms me and mine not, but it certainly does represent a waste and lends psychological damage to those young unfortunate enough to be innocent victims – all in the name of "equality" and "liberation", I suppose. Yes, yes, yes, I fully understand that there is no shortage of irresponsible male bums and opportunists out there but, my sweet woman, YOU were the one who invited him into your sanctuary and YOU ALONE hold the immense power of determining who shall be the father of your children. Look before you leap.

The husband of one of my sisters was killed in an accident. She had 3 young children. Within a year, she married a very fine man who helped bring up the children. My mother died when we were young. Within a year, my father sought out and married a fine woman who became our stepmother. After the last of us became 18, dad went on the raise 4 more children with her. The examples are numerous but these are the kinds of substantial people to whom I relate. A woman with 3 trailing ex-husbands is either a very poor judge of character or is a vagabond herself.

As the leather heeled female Xena struts her stuff, her male counterpart is searching for "Nazi porn" sites. And these people are going to build a better world? Not today. Not ever.

As I listened to those mealy mouthed assholes – there is no other appropriate label – yammering about vote counts, fairness, the law, and the state of venereal warts, it pulls out one of my primeval urges to clean out the whole lot of them. It reminds me of the movie Marty starring the jew Ernst Borgnine. I don't know Marty, what are you going to do? Chickens cackling in the barnyard. The drone of a million geese after landing on a new pond. The clucking at a Tupper Ware party. The indecision arises from the fact that everyone wants everyone else to be "happy". I wish there were some men left in our military who would simply walk in, fully armed, and state that the election was over – there was no winner. Alas, the rot is not advanced enough yet for the arrival of a man of lightning.

The ex-Mrs. Kevin Strom, at the top of the heap with her new subservient husband.  Elsewhere on her website was her interview with known pedophile M. D. There was also an appeal for funds to pay for her legal struggles to deny the children's father visitation.  Interesting that she's shy on money for the pharisees despite being a posterchild for the SPLC. I wonder if she has yet connected her insolvency to her involvement with a submissive wimp and also the Jews? The biggest pathos of all is that this sad woman defines 'freedom' as being able to dumb down her kid with Pokemon.

*** The above was submitted by a reader and it shows exactly what I have been warning about. Kevin Storm was an associate of Dr. Pierce and he is certainly a gifted fellow and I wish him all the best. Whether he suffered the partial lobotomy offered by public education is not known. What is known, it that those gray cells which dictate where one should plant his carrot, were missing in his case. Over and over, I've seen young idealistic fighters go down the tube because they FAILED TO DISCRIMINATE in the MOST EXTREME MANNER when it came to a choice of a wife, or comrades. The "Lady in Red" who set up the shooting down without warning of John Dillinger in front of Chicago's Biograph Theater, was not a rare type. Today, these Hillaryites probably outnumber trustworthy women by at least 6 to 1. Your jammer has no brains and neither do you if you take orders from it.

    Dear Professor,

    You forgot the very best part of usury!  That's the wonderful device of 'amortization'.  Under this scheme the vast majority of the interest is scheduled for repayment before the principal.  The beauty of this device appears when some Big Kike asset mines another going concern company he obtained via a leveraged buyout or replaces the white workers with immigrants.  The small local kikes can then repossess the newly unemployed gentile's car, house and furniture.  The 'remaining principal balance' (collateralized by the asset) until late into the loan period is still 80% of the original loan.  It always far exceeds the current wholesale market price of the items, after deducting lawyers' fees.

    Then Marvin turns around and sell the used repo to some nigger above blue book rates for -0- down and E-Z monthly payments that include 25% interest.  Marvin only collects 6 or 7 payments before the nigger gets arrested and starts paying a Jewish lawyer and bailbondsman, or the asset is stolen or seized in a drug raid.  People observing this from the outside wonder why Marvin The Car Man never goes broke.  They forget that the resale is already pure gravy.  Marvin will still get a hefty tax write off, if he still needs it after paying his local, state, national and Israeli Zionist Jewish Communal taxes.  He writes those Jewish taxes off on Schedule A as charity, and gets a public award and favorable publicity from media Jews for having paid himself.  So if he doesn't need the write-off that year he can carry it forward on Schedule D as a 'Capital Loss'.  Hopefully this will explain how Jews get fabulously wealthy going bankrupt.

    Even the dumbest gentiles can follow the amortization process in their mortgage coupon books from Payment 1 to Payment 360.   Take'em out, boyz and boyz with mammaries.  It's all laid out in Principal, Interest and Escrow.  This escrow category deserves some contemplation.  It combines ZOG's direct cut in property taxes plus the lawyers' cut, which is where most so-called insurance premiums go.  The escrow account itself is always overestimated.  This leaves Levi with an interest free loan for several decades.

    This reminds me.  In our future white country the ballots need to have four blank lines for write-in "Proscription".  There are four categories of Merchant, Financial Factor, Medical Professional, and Lawyer.  The winner in each category will be publicly flogged to death following the conclusion of a hand recount.  Results must be certified 7 days after the election or the local canvassing board AND the head of the local bar association will join the other winners.  Local elections will feature local parasites.  State level elections will rope in state level vampires.  In national elections it's the turn of the S&P 500.

Best, M. Maguire

The carnival which is occurring in Florida is not unusual. It is simply the American format extended to elections. The inability to accomplish anything, even when the rules for completing a task are there for everyone to see, permeates everything in the American society. We can do nothing because we don't want anyone to be left out or, heaven forbid, have their teeny weeny feelings upset. Where, but in America, can people be compensated for "mental anguish"? Where, but in America, will a whole procedure grind to a halt because some drag ass didn't show up on time? To sacrifice the group for the benefit of an individual is feminine. What woman would sacrifice the live of one yet unproved child in order to save Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry? Here I realize I invite the criticism of those odd thinking females who somehow are not comfortable with the fact that male and female are different in ALL respects including the spiritual and mental. Male and female were made to be complements as were the heart and lungs. Both are essential for life but when the lungs demand to play the part of a heart, that's where my feathers stand up. Women have their affairs and men have their affairs. The attempt to equate the two has always been fatal for any family, and ultimately, any nation foolish to condone it. The evidence abounds.

An aircraft flies with a pilot, crew and passengers. Today, we have the situation where the passengers want their Constitutional turn (right) at the controls. The children demand an equal voice in the family circle – and they usually get it. Our parasites, who pay no taxes and contribute nothing to the general welfare, demand that they have a voice in how the tax-payers' money gets spent. It's idiotic and destructive as will be proven over the coming decades.

My daughter was about 7 at the time. We were waiting our turn at the checkout. A brood hen was ahead of us trying to control her little delinquent who was busy tossing grapes about. "Peanut", as I frequently called my daughter, asked, "Daddy, will you buy that package of gum for me?" I replied, No." That ended the gum discussion. No tantrums, tears, trouble or even the question "Why?". The woman ahead of me looked squarely into my beautiful warm eyes and asked, "How did you do that?"

Peanut often accompanied me to the girl's school where I taught for a decade. One of the women there apparently was disturbed by my daughter's consistent, and unfailing, politeness and civility. "She might be nice now," the woman snarled, "but wait until she's a teen-ager and brings her friends into the house where they raise hell and damage the furniture. Wait until she steals the car keys and runs off for a few hours, then you'll learn about 'raising' kids."

Time passed and my daughter became 18. The same harpy who had 'warned' me 7 years earlier again had the opportunity to view Peanut's behavior. The only response which was given was a disgruntled, "You lucked out."

Women were not designed to head families and without Father Dad, the machinery rarely produces children of any merit unless you value the unruly and lost. Mom never had to scream or otherwise discipline us. The words we dreaded to hear were, "Perhaps your father should learn of this."

Instead of accentuating the positive – as the song goes – of their entire being, far too many women disregard that and enter into combat with their mates. Hillary is the quintessential model for what I describe. At election time, thousands of women in my area gathered to pick up senile older women who hadn't voted in years – some didn't even know there was an election – drove them to the polls and told them to yank the Hillary lever. I asked several of these people why they voted for Hillary, a known communist sympathizer and person who revealed her low and mean character by not only marrying a slime ball such as Bill, but remained married to him even when his perverted and disgraceful antics became public knowledge. The response was simply that she was a woman. Now that's what I call a deep and abiding concern for ferreting out the more suitable candidate. In a nation where young men, who are called upon to assist their fathers, label such assistance as "slavery", it is not surprising that women complain of the same ailment.

Imagine that you have no knowledge of the GENERAL behavior of various species. Suppose you entered a strange place where there were vipers, tigers, hideous savages with their MTV make-up, and so forth. There you stand – a dues paying member of the club whose motto is, "Thou shalt value each as an individual." You spot a crocodile with a full stomach. Nice fellow. Sleeping quietly. No problem. As an individual, he's a sweetheart. And so it goes, body by body, species by species until reality catches up with you. You're gone!

Generalizations are the staple of survival. The monkey views ALL pythons in a very general way and although this might appear bigoted, prejudicial and discriminatory, it DOES AFFORD the monkey a much better chance of survival. And ANYTHING which furthers the chances of survival is ipso facto, intelligent. The only way any consideration can be given to the individual is to first GENERALIZE – as we do in all of the hard sciences. Any particular datum is useless without the composite generalization of the whole data field. This focus on the fly speck instead of the fly is what much of our malaise is based upon.

I am not sure of the origin of our "the individual" fetish is. Perhaps it's a response to a deep, and hidden, feeling about reality – each of us, with the exception of extremely rare individuals, have only a minuscule effect upon what happens on this planet. We are as lice on an elephant's rump and anyone who takes to the air instantly knows what a grain of sand a man is compared to the beach. (If we allotted a square 2 feet by 2 feet for each person to stand on, the entire human population of the planet could be contained within a square 20 miles on a side.) Most people are not happy with the indifferent face of reality with it's misery, death, uncertainty and sense of helplessness which of course develops in our childhood where we are taught, usually by women, how IMPORTANT each and every one of us is. Reality dictates the opposite. Kennedy was assassinated and except for the tears, the machinery cranked on. The individual is only important if he is a part of an important group. "Rudderless annoyance" is the cop out for the quasi anarchist. Other than landing a few simpletons in jail, it will achieve nothing. Axiomatically, people who shun reality will never be swayed by truth for truth is reality. That is why they can believe in the most atrocious dribble from 'equality' to 'Yes, Jesus loves me'. (Peter Popov, the TV evangelist, exposed years ago and nearly indicted for fraud, promoted the idiotic notion of 'Bibles from the Lord'. He requested donations so he could allegedly finance his effort to fasten millions of Bibles onto balloons and let the winds carry the 'message' to the whole world. He disappeared from view but now has resurfaced with an audience 4 times larger than before. The same moronic spectacle was observed with Bill Clinton. The worse he got, the more he was applauded.)

If a person is truly more than one grape from a bunch, then he needs no advertisement to that effect. All who encounter him will know, and remember. I have met some truly astounding people in my life – Ted Boyer, Tom Gaskins, Eric Thomson, Patti Millar, and so on. Outside of the other molecules which interacted with them, the world at large remains ignorant. So what of it? Of what use the the applause of a company of baboons – other than to get elected?

White males have given away their control of the future. They left the driver's seat and let the kiddies have their go at playing daddy. We are spinning into an abyss and on the way we falsely assume that the lack if pain is what 'happiness' is all about.


In my youth I met an amateur zoologist who was studying the relative intelligence of various species of mammals, excluding men. Obviously, carnivores are more intelligent than herbivores, and he thus far had been able to observe only Felidae and Canidae. For him, intelligence was not the ability and willingness to be taught tricks, at which dogs obviously excel, but the exercise of judgment in situations involving the animal's survival. From an eminence he had watched with binoculars a pair of coyotes as they dealt with a pack of dogs. Hotly pursued, they reached a thicket in which one hid while the other led off the enthusiastically yelping pack, and led them over a widely circular course that resembled the lower part of the numeral 8, returning at length to the thicket, where the mate, who had rested in the meantime, took over and led the dogs over a course corresponding to the upper part of the 8 to repeat the maneuver. Before long, the dogs were sprawled out on the ground, panting desperately in utter exhaustion, and the two coyotes trotted away to attend to their own business.

He had recorded the results of an experiment on a short film, taken with a telephoto lens from a blind. A cage of steel mesh, large enough to contain a small pony, was placed in the open. It had a guillotine door that was held open by a catch connected with a treadle on which was placed a generous hunk of fresh meat. An animal that tried to take the meat would spring the catch on the  door and be securely trapped in the cage.

A coyote, attracted by the aroma of the meat, approached the cage and halted some ten or twelve feet from it, tensely alert as he watched the cage for several minutes. When it did not move, the coyote sank down on his haunches and continued to study the unfamiliar object. At last he arose, walked to the cage, sniffed at the steel mesh, and then trotted disdainfully away.

The gentleman thought that he had proved that coyotes are more intelligent than dogs, wolves, and other Canidae. Perhaps he had. What he certainly proved is that coyotes are more intelligent than Americans.