28 November 2000
If equality really were a truth, then there would be no need for laws to enforce it.
The fact is that 'equality' is the weapon used by the bottom feeders against the useful and productive.

This is a flying machine. This is a flying machine which White men built. Here you see some White men who can fly the flying machine and maintain the flying machine. This was about 60 years ago when there were still all White countries in existence. (Today, there are all Black countries and all Yellow countries, but no all White countries. What kind of equality is that?) There were no genius negro engineers nor brilliant mestizo mechanics involved. How was it possible for these White men to accomplish such a feat without the benefit of diversity and cultural enrichment? Maybe they were racist. You know what that means, don't you? It means they stole the machine from the Higi of Nigeria and copied it using the gassee slave labor of those closet cadaver camps and then, in true racist fashion, took the credit for themselves. Now that the White man is on the way to extinction, think what this will mean for the world. Without racism to hold the genius back, technology will move ahead so fast that it will kink your hair and fatten your lips, not to mention the char-broiling of your skin. (Photo copped from http://members.aol.com/rkolmorgen/ar196.htm)
All the votes should be counted – especially the uncounted votes which weren't counted. Now, if a counted vote were not counted then it should be counted except in the case where it was already counted. Uncounted counted votes represent the will of the people just as much as the counted uncounted votes do. If the number of counted votes exceeds the number of uncounted votes, then a recount of the uncounted votes is required by law. In the event that the number of uncounted votes exceeds the number of missing votes, then the missing votes should be counted as uncounted votes. If some precincts did count the missing votes, then those votes do not need recounting. When any county has a number of vote counts which exceeds the number of counted votes, then that vote count shall be declared to be a registered vote count, except in the case where the vote counter didn't count.
A 100 IQ person can accomplish more, and be worth more to society, than a 150 IQ dead ass who prefers to while away his time contemplating his navel.
Did you ever notice
that politically correct talk has several interpretations while politically incorrect talk has only one?
I, when my stomach can handle it, listen to jabber radio with its many dysfunctional callers, know-it-alls, and assorted cretins. Today, I picked up this gem of wisdom and logic: "If the counting of the votes shows Bush to be the winner, than that should settle it except if Bush is not the winner, then we should count the votes."

Another: "Everyone has the right to vote but if they didn't vote then we shouldn't count their vote."

One caller read the Florida election law which states that votes received after 5:00 PM, the seventh day after the election, shall not be counted. The jabber radio host responded that the law can be interpreted in other ways. I wonder how many ways a STOP sign can be interpreted.

Another caller said he liked our two-party system because it gave people a choice when it came to voting. He was opposed to great differences in political philosophy because that would "...pit people against each other." There you have it, folks. That's why we have a one-party pinko government with two names.

Did it ever occur to those nitwits in Florida that not all people vote for all positions or propositions? I know many who refused to vote for a president but did vote vote for some local congressman. If the g.d. hole was not punched, my divining rod would indicate that they had NO INTENT to vote for those so included. These were probably our more intelligent citizens.

My cousin lives in Niagara Falls – an area economically depressed due to a good 8 year dose of Clintonitis. Lard ass parasite LaFalce, a close friend of the Clintons, was reelected AGAIN. Amazing!

I've noticed a distinct correlation between "need", "want" and "right". It appears that many use these words to mean the same thing. I want it. Therefore, I need it. Therefore, therefore, I have a right to have it. In addition, wishful thinking is accpeted as truth. Gore is contesting the election and we KNOW that IF Bush were in the same position he'd DO THE SAME. Thus, the boob justifies his behavior on the grounds that all others are as low down as he is. Considering my experience, that might have a ring of truth in it.

As everyone involved is busy undermining and/or ignoring, decisions made by others, it is apparent to me that this is only an extension of the way our little kiddies are brought up. If the little pot doesn't get what he wants from his bigger brother, he then asks mama. If that fails, he runs to papa, and so on. The goal it clear in the delinquent's mind and so he just searches about until he finds agreement. In any home worth being called that, when either mom or dad makes a decision, the other backs it up. My mother knew how to say yes or no and she only said it once – unlike the mothers of today who seem to feel that debates with minors are perfectly wonderful and indicates "concern". My dad knew how to say yes or no, and he also never repeated himself.

For the past eight years, I never listened to any of our draft-dodging president's speeches. What little I accidentally was subject to revealed that he was a mild-mannered clever liar of the first water. It looks like I won't be hearing any presidential speeches for another four years. Gore is an arrogant and non-clever liar while cretin Bush reminds me of one of Disneyland's exhibits – plug it in and listen to it talk. Occasionally the eyelids will blink.

During the late 1950's, Darlene and I would sometimes attend a movie on 55th Street. Once, we went to see one of those hate-Hitler fabrications by the jew Wolper. Although neither one of us commanded more than a few words and small sentences, in German, we were nonetheless emotionally aroused by the eloquence of the speaker – Der Führer. I have dreamed that someday we might have such good fortune. But alas, The German people in the 1930s were a stout and honorable breed and the majority of Americans today can't seem to get any further than trying to obtain another credit card.

Hillary the Red is operating according to plan. Now that she was elected, her million plus bungalow (she relates to po' people, doncha 'no') is now up for sale. She established the legal residence requirement to be classified as a citizen of N.Y.S. and she'll now continue with that – most likely a small apartment – although the primary location for her bolshevik ass will be in D.C. 

I think we should all run our lives the way the Florida dunce-vote counting goes.

** Yes, I know the payment was due on the 15th, but I don't have all of the money together yet.
** Yes, I know this is a chartered flight but we can't take off until all of the passengers show up.
** Yes, I know the enemy doesn't have all of his infantry in place yet, so let's hold off the fighting until each is counted.
** Yes, we'll have to postpone this emergency operation because all of the scalpels haven't been counted yet.
** Yes, the bastards are charging us with their machetes, but we can't take off until all of the gasoline is on board.
** Every vote counts. To be fair, we'll have to postpone the counting until the Alzheimer's crowd gets a chance at the polls. It's not their fault they thought it was 1999.
** There were three who robbed the bank but we can't arrest the two we cornered until we catch the third one.

The very sad thing about this national debacle is that the aholes who staged it do not realize what aholes they really are.

My youngest sister yelled from the other room, "I smell smoke. What's burning?"
I replied, "It's only your older brother doing some thinking."
Yes, I have.

Alex Curtis is in "deep shit" as Danny Aiello told Jean Reno in the movie The Professional. Although Alex's acts were of a quasi political nature, as were those of Patty Hearst, ZOG still classifies them as criminal acts which, of course, they really were. This is where ZOG, so far, still maintains the legality charade. As our benevolent police state grows, the pretense will gradually be dropped as was the case in that other bolshevik paradise, the Soviet Jewnion.

The question we can really ask is whether Mr. Curtis represents a degenerate member of our race, that is, is he some far-out loony as were the jew and fag who shot up the school the gun-grabbers love to remind us of? I strongly suspect that a great percentage of these Alex-type young hot-bloods – fully willing to tempt the authorities – are not something more worthy of our respect. I never advocate breaking the law but we might ponder the words of Martin Luther King who belched that no one had to obey UNJUST laws. Since M.L.K. was not white, we could fully expect his words to be regarded as coming from God and everyone knows that blacks are always saving the whites from their incompetence and foibles. Just watch that beacon of truth -TV.

I perhaps might just be aware of the deep felt contempt these young men must have for a Zionist system which makes them persona non-grata in a land their forebears conquered, settled, built, maintained, shed their blood and lost their lives in order to secure. How can any racially healthy young person TOLERATE the usurers and parasites who batten on the workers? How long can he keep getting kicked in the face, with Affirmative Action and other discriminatory policies, and when told he is "intolerant", still manage to smile?

Nations are of men and they are no better than the men who compose it. Laws flow from the consent of men – not the other way around. I do not advise breaking the law because its enforcement thugs will come down on you hard, very hard, and extremely so, if you happen to be a white male. There appears to be no greater crime than one committed by a white male. In fact, "hate" is close to becoming a synonym for "white". If we adhere to the sophomoric dribble, "this is a nation of laws...", we will continue to lose our land and our freedom for "the law" is exactly the most potent weapon in the arsenal of those hell bent on our demise.

The Florida fiasco should have planted something indelible in your mind – our ZOG state is morally bankrupt, insanely incompetent, and all of that "legality" by misfits, political hacks, rapacious lawyers, bungling judges and so on, is just crap fit only as entertainment for the yet unawakened boobs. Nature abhors dysfunctional societies and the time is approaching when more and more people will behave less and less as puppets on a Zionist money string. When that surfaces, let our judgment be our guide. Nigger mobs are far more cognizant of what laws they can safely break and to what extent they can bend them. Let us be more wise. Aim carefully before you release that volley.

Half Right, Half Bright
Part One of A Six Part Series of Commentary and De-Obfuscation on David Horowitz' 'The Art of Political War'.

There are six principles of political war that the left understands, but conservatives do not:

1. Politics is war conducted by other means.

    This first principle of Horowitz' is a restatement of a truism first uttered by a White Man, Charles von Clausewitz.  He said that "War is diplomacy conducted by other means."  In general Horowitz is correct here. Let us therefore consider serious actors on the historical stage of politics.  Such actors include the NSDAP of Germany, Mussolini's Fascist Party, Zionism in all its tentacles, the Bolsheviks, the Continental Congress, the Chinese Communist Party, Julius Caeser, Octavius and the modern Democratic Party.  Each of these entities regarded their political opponents as deadly foes to be physically destroyed.  Each largely succeeded at their tasks.

    One thing all of these entities had in common was a core of committed believers ready to make the final logical extension of politics and diplomacy if conditions required it.  That is to say, they were both ready to appeal to arms and they had the forces available to make that appeal.  Even the Democratic Party of today has its Jacksons, Sharptons and Aztlan activists who can instantly field an army of millions of rioters ready to defy all comers, along with special purpose squads dredged from the bottom of the underworld for high priority tasks.

    Our first insight is that the Republican Party has no such forces to back its positions.  This leads us to our second important insight.  The only possible source of force for the Republican Party would be subversion of existing military and police forces.  But these forces are often laden with a 25%-35% leavening of Democrats.  This leads us to our third important insight.  Pacifist movements of the nature of the Republican Party have NEVER  successfully undertaken such a subversion.  The fourth insight comes from Machiavelli, when he observed that mercenary forces usually find it easier to rob the paymaster than to fight for

     It is possible that Dubya may call forth Maxiumus and the Felix Legions should the current show in Florida not resolve his way.  The Felix Legions in fact have a great contempt for the Democratic Party and its minions.  But it is less clear that having cleared the streets of subversives Maximus will yield the White House to a man who couldn't secure it to start with.

    We can already see from the above that the so-called Republican Party is in fact not a political party at all.  To begin with, it does not aim at the destruction of its political opponents.  Rather it constantly seeks accommodation with them.  GOP leaders are always ready to reach amiable agreements using their followers' interests as the coin of the transaction.

    The Republican Party of today is in fact an aggregation of local neighborhood home owners' associations, trade groups, ladies' auxiliaries, churches, and country clubs.  Its various adherents all share a common misery, not common interests.  In this sense they compare more closely to the passengers of the Titanic rather than members of a true political party.  Like the Titanic passengers of old, the GOP is full of factions struggling for seats in the lifeboats at the expense of their fellows.  First and second classes had every interest in keeping the steerage passengers locked below decks until all lifeboats had been launched.  In the same way the rich of the Republican Party do their best to keep middle and working class white issues locked away out of sight.

    This understanding makes clear to us many otherwise inexplicable GOP positions.  Foremost is its consistently accommodationist position on gun control.  Now that we understand the GOP as the pacifist movement it is, this conundrum ceases to baffle us.  It would in fact cave in completely on the issue were it not for the external discipline imposed by the National Rifle Association and similar groups.   Many white patriotic union members voted for Dubya in Ohio and other areas precisely because Dubya is opaque on gun control, even though he is an open anti-white racist in other regards.  The Democratic Party has no such confusion.  Like the previous Bolshevik Party, it knows that enemies are easier to kill if they have no firearms.  Therefore it openly favors abrogating the Second Amendment.

Worse, while you have been making your argument the other side has already painted you as a mean-spirited, borderline racist controlled by religious zealots, securely in the pockets of the rich. Nobody who sees you this way is going to listen to you in any case. You are politically dead.

    The same Democratic Party that paints the GOP this way just offered the example of a Jewish usurer who paid $60 million of his gains from loansharking for a Senate seat in New Jersey.  To my knowledge no one in the GOP stated this obvious fact,  despite 80% of Jews voting Democratic.  Nor does the GOP highlight the fact that the net worth of Democratic senators is far greater than GOP senators.  Here again it fears the accusation of anti-Semitism.

    Meanwhile the 'religious zealots' that Horowitz warns against are Zionists to a man.  Jerry Falwell, to whom the Israeli Government presented a medal and a Lear Jet for services rendered, is the classic case in point.  In this case we can agree.  There's serious doubt these people are even Christians as was understood by 18 previous centuries of practice.  For instance, Falwell REFUSES TO MEET other Christians living in Palestine when he goes there, preferring instead the company of Talmudists and atheist Khazars.  The New Testament offers no parallel.  It's as if Paul, upon returning from a missionary journey, refused to meet the other disciples and instead met with the Sanhedrin.

    This type of schizophrenic mislabeling is typical of what constitutes the middle and upper levels of the GOP.  We see ostensible Americans in the pay of foreign masters (the entire RNC),  pro-family executives serving as lobbyists for the gambling industry (Frank Rich), Christians who are anti-Christian and pro-Jewish (Falwell, Robertson & Co), pro-military draft dodgers like Quayle and Bush, adulterous moralists like Gingrich, anti-abortionists who appoint pro-abortion justices to the Supreme Court (Bush Sr.) and ostensible whites who support Anti-White Legal Codes.

    Horowitz however offers the GOP a path out of this swamp.

M. Maguire