3 December 2000
You must have girls which read your page. I bet some are ticked off. J.M.S.

I wish I read you years ago. It would have saved me from that witch I married. In second thought, my hormones got the better of my judgment in those days. Sam.

You advice about not marrying a girl who wouldn't be a good mother is right on. G.P.

You forgot one thing. Women are born marxists. If you say something bad about one they all think you mean them. R. Smith

When I let it be known that there will be no daycare for my future children, most girls took to the hills. It is a way of telling you they don't want your children. Ben M.

When I lost my job my girl friend found a new partner. Tells you something doesn't it? H.H.A.

My advice: Look before you leap. There might be jagged rocks beneath that beautiful calm surface.

Once you establish a standard, you have created a discriminatory atmosphere. Once you establish a standard, you have also created two classes – inferior and superior. It's not a matter of prejudice nor bigotry. History has demonstrated that the naturally superior rarely hate the inferior but that the inferior always hates the superior. It was the French canaille who delighted in observing the blond victims of the guillotine. Those who point their finger at "haters" point three back at themselves.
by Eric S. Margolis  3 December 2000

Eric Thomson's favorite Righteous Jew Margolis is a US Army Vietnam infantry veteran, anti-Zionist, pro Arab and Moslem, highly anti-British Empire and one of Canuckistan's bigger thorns.

NEW YORK – The United States and Russia may soon launch  a joint military assault against Islamic militant, Osama Bin Laden, and against the leadership of Taliban, Afghanistan's de facto ruling movement.

Such an attack would probably include US Delta Force and Navy Seals, who would join up with Russia's elite Spetsnaz and Alpha commandos in Tajikistan, the Central Asian state where Russian has military bases and 25,000 troops. The combined forces would be lifted by helicopters, and backed by air support, deep into neighboring Afghanistan to attack Bin Laden's fortified base in the Hindu Kush mountains.

How well such an raid would succeed remains in question: US special forces have had a dismal record of fiascos over the past quarter century.  Russia's special forces, though more capable than similar American units, experienced some success but also many failure in the Afghan War.  Assassinating irksome Third Worlders is the specialty of Britain's very able and very deadly SAS(Special Air Service) commandos.

In such an attack, the US would also launch cruise missile attacks, and Russia air strikes, would pound Afghan government installations and communications to punish Taliban.

The United States blames Bin Laden for the 1998 bombing of US embassies in East Africa, and the October bombing of destroyer `USS Cole' in Yemen. Washington accuses the shadowy Saudi, who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan, of masterminding world anti-American terrorism. Bin Laden tops the FBI's `Ten Most Wanted' list with a US $5 million price on his head.

Russia accuses Bin Laden and Taliban of aiding resistance forces in Chechnya, whose forgotten people continue to battle Russian colonial rule. Moscow also fears Taliban threatens the Russian-backed communist dictators – or `Red Sultans' – of Central Asia. Russia is determined to avenge its defeat in Afghanistan, and regain control of this vast, resource-rich region.

Washington recently joined the `Shanghai Five,' an unofficial pact between Russia, China, and three Central Asian states to combat `Islamic terrorism' – meaning the region's anti-communist Islamic independence movements. The US agreed to share intelligence with them and provide some funding for the crusade against Islamic insurgents.

The Clinton Administration's anti-Muslim alliance with Russia is strategically wrong and morally disgraceful. Leading human rights groups are condemning Russia for war crimes and mass murder in Chechnya, widespread torture, rape, looting, collective punishment, and operating concentration camps. Russia has killed some 140,000 Chechen civilians to date and covered that nations with millions of anti-personnel mines.

America has no business colluding with the perpetrator of these crimes, nor with China's brutal repression of Sinkiang Muslims, nor aiding pro-Moscow police states in Central Asia. All of Washington's new `friends' in the anti-Islamic crusade are major
violators of human rights.

America has a better case against Bin Laden, who proclaimed jihad, or holy struggle, to `liberate Arabia and Palestine from American rule.'  He may have been behind the terrorist bombings in East Africa; perhaps, too, of the `USS Cole.' But Washington has to date shown no real proof, only leaks and claims by dubious `anti-terrorism experts.'

Old comrades from the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan who know Bin Laden, tell me the US has blown him out of all proportion into a mythical caricature, the latest of long list of Muslim boogemen beginning with the 19th-Cerntury `Mad Mullah.' Bin Laden's alleged attacks may have actually been done by other Saudi extremists of the Wahabi sect.

Afghanistan's Taliban refuses Washington's demands to hand Bin Laden, a hero to many Muslims, until the US shows proof of his crimes , which it has not. When Bin Laden and other mujihadin battled heroically against the Russians in Afghanistan, the US
hailed them as `freedom fighters.' But when these `jihadis' called for liberation of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf from US  domination, they were branded `Islamic terrorists.' In 1998, the Clinton Administration showered cruise missiles on guerilla camps in Afghanistan and an innocuous drug plant in Sudan, killing over 100 civilians and fighters.

The US engineered a punishing Iraq-style embargo of war-ravaged Afghanistan at a time when many of its 18 million people are starving and homeless.  Though Taliban controls 95% of the country, the US refuses to recognize or aid the Islamic regime. Washington and the US media have launched a fierce propaganda campaign against Taliban, accusing it of encouraging the opium trade, harboring `terrorists,' and abusing women. The woman's issue has resonated loudly in the west, particularly on college campuses.

All the women's groups now shrilly lamenting that Afghan women must go veiled were silent when the Soviets slaughtered close to 2 million Afghans – half women – from 1979-1989; silent about 500,000 Afghans maimed by Soviet mines since then; silent about thousands of women raped during the post-war anarchy before Taliban restored internal order.

Taliban is battling the opposition Northern Alliance in the northeast corner of Afghanistan bordering Tajikistan. The Alliance
commander, Ahmad Massoud, is a long-time collaborator with the Russians. His cornered forces are being increasingly aided by Russian arms, pilots, artillery, air support, as well as covert help from Iran, India and, likely, the US – all of them fueling the
decade-old Afghan civil war.

The Clinton Administration, which shamefully financed Russia's massacre of the Muslim Chechen, is now actually helping Russia re-enter Afghanistan, an act of dazzling geopolitical folly that will endanger Pakistan and further convince the Muslim world that the United States is its sworn enemy.  American money now pays for the killing of Palestinians in the Mideast, the slaughter of the Chechen, the death of 500,000 Iraqi children(UN figures, not mine),and now the punishment of ravaged Afghanistan – all this under the banner of a war against terrorism.

Instead of trying to overthrow Taliban, which will surely pave the way for a second Russian occupation of Afghanistan, the US and its allies should recognize Taliban as the legitimate Afghan government, and work with Kabul to curtail the opium trade, which is currently beyond anyone's control in a nation that is starving and desperate.

The west may not like the fierce Taliban, but it is the legitimate government of Afghanistan and the only power holding that nation together. Taliban is also only force blocking Russia's plans to restore its former rule in Central Asia, and to reoccupy  strategic Afghanistan.


Are you a male chauvinist pig? Not many – about a dozen or so – females are taking issue with me over my "chauvinistic" remarks. One female (I suppose – because over the internet anyone can pretend to be anything) remarked that there were many chauvinistic web sites of one degree or the other. Before we can discuss this, we should first make sure we know what the word means. chau·vin·ism  n. 1. Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind. First, chauvinism is an opinion, that it, is is neither true nor false since beliefs cannot be so described – at least to the logical. prej·u·dice  n. 1. An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts. What ho, quite so! AN OPINION FORMED BEFOREHAND WITHOUT KNOWING THE FACTS. If the facts indicate that the norm of female intelligence is below that of the male, then believing in the superiority of the male intellect cannot be called chauvinism. If the facts indicate that the norm of male physical strength exceeds that of the female, then a belief in the superiority of male strength cannot be called chauvinism. (Jes, I iz aware of those hormone freaks – flat chested, feeble menstruation, hair growing where is usually doesn't, etc. critters). Get the idea? If you don't then try watching niggerball or go to a drock consort.

Most men are quite possessive of their blood – their children. They are very inclined to be extremely protective of their womenfolk in particular. All of the women in my family loved this. This is built in and no legislative act nor eternal yapping about "rights" will ever change that.

Men usually do not take kindly to the rearing of those not of his blood. The only men I know who married a woman with children from another, were simply crotch bound and considered the step-children as an expense to be paid for whatever it was he thought was worth using. Women generally know this feeling not and that that's why they accept almost any sort of suckling.

When women were not of the "liberated" sort, they ruled the rulers. Who controls the cradle controls the world. Women were talked out of their superior position and this lends credence to the words of Ludovici and Schopenhauer – women have no taste nor intelligence. In this respect they are like jews for they eventually create a climate which no longer tolerates them. I also find it odd that although 'equality' is proclaimed though out the kingdom, when it comes to enforcing those "rights", everyone relies upon the males in their service.

If a sad mad cad had to add a bad chad to gad chad, would this produce a fad a glad lad on a pad could count on a tad?
The asinine Florida spectacle would be laughable except there really are some clowns in this asylum who take the whole thing seriously. It is certainly a cross between the Caine Mutiny (the f---ing strawberries!) and Alice in Wonderland (off with his head!). You could install Ted Bundy, or Denny Dimwit,  in the Offal Office and business would go on as usual – colonization by asians and their cousin mestizos; driveby everythings plus drugs, dirt and disease for everyone.
Thairs bar in them thar hillshttp://fathersmanifesto.com
Read: Drinking men drivers are one fifth as likely per mile to have an accident as sober women drivers.
Also, you'll find a graph showing where the "norming" shift took place in 1990. This was used to "dumb down" standardized tests to "prove" that America's young were getting smarter due to their Marxist egalitarian indoctrination and salsa diversity. Mamas, those in the "one parent" non-families, use the results to claim that their average twerp is actually a genius. Does anyone remember the 1995 five-year program which was supposed to place our kids in the numero uno world position by year 2000? It went down the memory hole because it never happened and it won't happen. America is at the bottom of the heap because of the added in chocolate  factor. The presence of bongo bongo blood will forever doom America's education and it is quite odd that the white kids who are BEING CHEATED out of a good education mostly prefer to gyrate at nig drug rock non-concerts acting like loonies at a who's the craziest festival. Countries with the highest percentage of non-polluted white blood still are on top but the bolsheviks are doing their best to erase that. Communism is dead? Your heinie inhales cyanide gas.
Election shenanigans.  The GOP has known about that for a long time, of course. And the so-called  GOP moderates have always chilled the issue, using it as the coin of sellout to the Dems.  Now that they need it, they pull it out.   Dade County is staying true to the Bush cause, with the nominally Jewish Miami Herald raising the convict angle.  Their work showed there's 500 felon votes just in the ballots in Sauls' courtroom right now.


Duke is not entirely wrong, at least in generalities and principle.    There are active white nationalist groups in Russia such as Pamyat, and also Barkashev (a Hitler wannabe) and his 'Eagles'.  One thing I agree with is that whites worldwide have to work together.  "White Men of the World Unite!  You have nothing to lose but your chains." to plagiarize Marx.   We certainly cannot afford any more intra-racial war.

But I think Duke is seriously misreading what Putin's regime is and represents.  This is probably the result of the advice he's getting.  Putin is the candidate of the FSB, which is the domestic descendant of the KGB and still chock full of Jews.   He was deemed minimally acceptable by those Jews who count most.  Those Jews are not numbered among the so-called Oligarchs, who are stooges and frontmen for looting Russia's internal economy.

Putin's post 1991 putsch political apprenticeship was served up in St. Petersburg, which is Russia's version of Roaring 20's Chicago so far as organized crime goes.  Yeltsin subsequently appointed him to head the  FSB.  Following that he became Prime Minister and then President.

This means that Putin was also Tatyana Dyachenko's nominee.  Yeltsin had something in common with every Russian ruler since 1917 except one.   All of them were either Jewish or had Jewish wives.  Yeltsin's wife was also Jewish.  That means Yeltsin's daughter, Tatyana Dyachenko, is Jewish under the Law of Return.   Under Yeltsin every single prime minister from Viktor Chernomyrdin to Yevgeny Primakov was either outright Jewish or part Jewish.  This included the petro banker geek Kiriyenko, who was PM from March to August 1998, when the ruble crashed.  It also included Viktor Chernomyrdin, PM for five years, a big buddy of Al Gore and the previous head of GAZPROM.

The sole exception to this Jewish Rule in Russia was Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev.  Neither of them were Jewish. I find it fascinating that the moment non-Jews came to power in the USSR there was a political crisis that resulted in a return to the Jewish Rule.

Putin's current cabinet is still loaded with dual national Russians/Israelis.  Putin does represent a much more nationalistic policy, at least as he defines it.    When one asks, is Russia a European or Asiatic country, the answer is 'yes'.   European Russia is mostly European from the Urals to Poland.  This excludes Belarus, which was the area of the old Czarist Pale of Jewish Settlement and is still teeming with Jews.  East of the Urals the people are 'Russians' only in the sense Eskimos are 'Americans'.  It's a legal term that has nothing to do with race.

A bit of background of about what's happened since 1991.  After the failed putsch the regime realized it faced two threats that hadn't existed since 1917.  The first threat was the population of Moscow Region, which was now in a revolutionary mood similar to Paris in the 1790s.  The second threat was the Army and paramilitary units like the KGB Alpha commandoes.  These too had begun to act in unpredictable ways.

Yeltsin and his advisors learned from those lessons.  First they greatly increased the percentage of the national income allocated to Moscow Region.  This should have been noticeable even to Duke.  As soon as one leaves the 'Center' and travels to the rest of Russia, income drops like a rock.  Among non-Moscow Russians it's a real sore point.

Secondly, as part of the Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions treaty for conventional forces, Yeltsin's people deactivated every last Army ground combat unit within 200 miles radius of Moscow.   This is why the May and November parades in Krasnaya Presnya lost their militaristic character.  There weren't any units close enough to participate and the government had no intention of inviting any that close.  They even went so far as to restrict the amounts of fuel Army units adjacent to that circle could have on hand.   Their last step was to garrison Airborne Regiments at every major airfield around Moscow.    To understand this people need to know the Russian Airborne was always an autonomous service, not part of the Army proper.   These Airborne Regiments became the new Praetorian Guard for the remodeled Jewish regime.

The Russian Army was thus removed as a political actor.  It was now too far away to move by ground, it has no airborne capability of its own, and would have to fly in transports to airfields where Guess Who! was waiting.  The vast majority of Russians didn't understand this and still don't.  I had some fun in the summer of 1998 when coup rumors were rife.  Sometimes on Kutuzovsky Prospekt I'd cup my ear and say, "hear any tanks yet?"  I knew there were none and could not be any.  Coups are impossible without soldiers in place to conduct them.

One needs to track what happened in 1991 and also 1993.  In 1991 the Airborne regiments and the KGB Alpha refused to assault the White House with Yeltsin inside.  In 1993 they did attack when the Russian Communist Party attempted another putsch.  Thus we got to see tanks firing main guns at the facade.  In both instances, 1991 and 1993, the airborne commanders acted in a consistent pro-Jew and anti-Gentile manner. Whether they understood this in 1991 is another question.  There couldn't have been any question by 1993.

A good question for people is this:  what is a communist party which is mostly Jew free, which the Russian Communist Party already was by 1993?  Answer: it's really a national socialist entity, or at least a potential national socialist entity.    We saw this in France, too.  When the French Communist Party collapsed the white Frenchmen went straight to LePen's nationalists.

Further clues that Putin is less beholden to the Jews, at least to the local Jews, comes from his latest 'military reforms'.  He's deactivating some airborne regiments and transferring some others away from Moscow Region.   The 'Praetorians' are being gutted out.  This leaves the FSB, the Interior Ministry and the local Moscow city police as the remaining major security forces inside the Moscow Region.   Moscow Region has now been demilitarized to a remarkable degree.  Putin's 'anti-Jewish' actions have been coming in rapid pace lately, which makes me wonder if there was a failed assassination attempt recently.

What's important in Russia today from ZOG's viewpoint?  In terms of international impact what's important is control of GAZPROM, which is Eastern and Central Europe's principal energy supplier.  GAZPROM has been called a "state within a state".  It's also Russia's principal foreign exchange earner and the source of hard dollars for paying off the old detente era 'loans' (and who underwrote those?) given to the USSR in the 1970s.

GAZPROM is still Viktor Chernomyrdin's fief.  Chernomyrdin was Yeltsin's favorite prime minister and the longest lived, with over 5 years' service  Prior to becoming PM Chernomyrdin was the official head of GAZPROM.  His successor still is, although Chernomyrdin himself is really its senior statesman now.  And the C-Man, with his deep cover Jewish connections, was also NATO's 1999 agent in negotiating an end to Kosovo with Milosevic.

I previously commented on the outflow end of GAZPROM as it relates to Germany's energy supplies.  Now people can see the 'Russian' end of it.  GAZPROM is ZOG's eastern chain on Germany.  Meanwhile the revenues GAZPROM collects FROM Germany are immediately recycled to London and New York in 'repayment' of old Soviet era debt.   ZOG gets ya coming and going.

The results of the 'economic crisis', actually the devaluation of the ruble, in August 1998 were intriguing.  It was a major screw job for Germany.  This is because Germany's investments and debts from Russia were denominated in rubles.   Germany naturally wanted to offset its Russian energy bills with exports of consumer and capital goods to Russia.  These had to be sold inside Russia for rubles and then exchanged.  With the ruble rate going from 6 rubles to 1 USD up to 25-1 and more, one can see an instant 75% discount on Germany's holdings.  Meanwhile Germany's GAZPROM gas bill is still denominated in Greenspan Greenbacks.  The net result of this was a huge hidden increase in Germany's energy costs.  Its earnings in Russia fell by more than 75%. The resulting deficit had to be made up with foreign exchange dollars earned elsewhere.   When one sees a persistent 10% unemployment rate in Germany, here's one of the reasons.

Following close on GAZPROM are the various oil companies and their various degrees of privatization.  Those with the most proven reserves were the least privatized, naturally.  The ones that were 'privatized' mainly represent exploration and co-development opportunities for western Big Oil interests.

Control of the Russian Army, and even the nuclear forces, is not internationally significant anymore past the point it affects the stability of the local regime, control of GAZPROM and ZOG's hold on Siberian energy sources.  It's highly significant to the Russians locally, but not elsewhere, except on the assumption someone is contemplating nuclear war or a change in GAZPROM policy towards Germany and Central Europe.

Chechenya.  The big factors there are the same as all over ZOGland.  Those are control of oil and drug routes.  The significance of Chechenya is its position astride potential pipeline routes leading to Caspian Sea offshore oil and gas fields Azerbaijan is developing.   The second factor is Chechenya's position due north of the Kurdish opium fields in northern Iraq.   Its local terrorism was not a major concern to Moscow Center, although the Chechen cottage kidnapping industry of mid level Russian businessmen was, at least to them.  If anyone is curious why the Jewish backed regime of Yeltsin first went to war in Chechenya, there's the answers.

 Kosovo.  Kosovo was in fact a Significant Emotional Experience for Russians.  As any gentile Russian will tell you, in the Serbs they see people that look like themselves, speak a similar language that is written similarly, and are also Orthodox Christians.  From ZOG's viewpoint driving a wedge in between the EU and Russia was desirable.  The only way Germany could ever become independent of ZOG policy is by developing some stability and control in its external energy supplies.  This will not happen in the Anglo-American-ZOG energy imperium in the Persian Gulf.  The only other option is Russia, which is already a significant supplier for Germany and could become far more significant.

People who followed Kosovo closely remember that Schroeder was lukewarm about it.  The major European cheerleader for the Albanians was Her Majesty's Hebes' proxy-PM Blair.  Clinton more or less followed the lead, while NATO's half-Jew commander General Clark conducted the air war.  Madeleine Jewbright was the Secretary of State who broke down the negotiations with Milosevic.  When it started to look like ground troops time, Blair was again leading the cheerleader section.  Chernomyrdin was subsequently sent in to get Milosevic to agree to a ceasefire.  Kosovo was a ZOG operation from start to finish.

So far Putin is following a stock ZOG line in his foreign policy.  The fact that he's 'nationalistic' is to his credit since that instantly puts Russia into tension with Germany and Central Europe.   From ZOG's viewpoint the danger marker would be warm friendship with Germany while simultaneously following an 'anti-Jewish' line at home.  Putin's anti-Jewishness has been selectively targeted at buckaroos like Berezovsky and Gusinsky.  It has not led to wide-ranging anti-Jewish measures in general.  Along these lines the international Jews like a small amount of anti-Semitism in Russia. Without it they have difficulty motivating individual Jews to emigrate to Israel, which is always in need of manpower.  Putin's 'anti-Jewish' measures have been more comparable to Stalin's destruction of Lenin's old politburo.

The gas and oil factor is where ZOG's big stake in Russia lies.  The many tales of the Oligarchs' vast wealth are chump change compared to the Euro-energy angle the Russian government operates in conjunction with London and New York.


The next time one of your blightwing leaders claims that America is "still 70 percent White" (down from 90 percent in 1950, we are told), ask him, her or it, to define what they mean by "white". You might get a surprise.

Even with the most elastic definition of white, this country HAS NEVER been more than 87 percent white, if that. In 1790 when blacks COULD BE COUNTED, due to their circumstance, the white population was less than 77 percent. Anyone old enough to know is aware that the war-mongering cripple who occupied the White House at one time, labeled ALL Mexicans (mestizos – mixed race) as White and the census so counted then as now. In the 1920s, there was a massive immigration from countries known to have heavy does of black blood although they were again labeled "white". As race mixing proceeds, more and more of the population see themselves as white and a neighbor of mine – burnt cork eyes, kinky dark hair, high cheek bones, light skin – calls himself white and probably believes it. I hold no such delusion as to what he really is – a mongrel – and in my book I don't care if your skin color matches that of the fresh snow, you are not white if you carry about genes from another race which have been inserted in the first to fourth generation.

At first glance, one might think that the deadly coral snake is a harmless scarlet, or king snake. Such a foolish assumption might not be to your advantage. Train yourself to search out negro and oriental characteristics in the "whites" who prowl about in malls and supermarkets. With a little time spent at this, you'll not be so gullible as to believe "all that is pale is white".

Beore anyone starts feeling too smug comparing their locality to the Florida Banana Republic and its registered vote of convicted felons, prison inmates and concurrently disenfranchised soldiers, I suggest ya'll check your own local polls carefully.  Take for instance Harlem, South Philadelphia, South Chicago, East St. Louis,  East L.A., Camden, New Jersey, Oakland, CA, inside the perimeter Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, the barrios of San Antonio TX or 100 other constituencies.  If the rocks were turned over in any of these dumps, does anyone suppose we wouldn't see the same maggots we're presently seeing in South Florida?

Welcome to 'Motor Voter'.  Call them Drive By elections.


Read all about it.

Somewhere, out there, in that vastness of uncounted eons, hooman beans "evolved" into two kinds of pimples – fair-skinnned and mud-skinned – so say the the authors who probably share more than a race-mixed equation. If the names are representative, one is a mud and the other a non-mud. Their essay is typical liberal rot supporting the absurd notion that the only differences between the species is a matter of melanin. If we "understand" that prejudice is only an ancient emotion which had something to do with something, then the naughtiness imposed by this emotion would fade into the welkin and we'd all live blissfully dunking our doughnuts in whatever pot is the most handy. I've covered this topic so often that I am now losing my virility as a result. Fat lips are fat lips and melanin has nothing to do with it. Head wool is wool, no matter how you shear it. The niggeroid's wool has no cortex and any microscope will reveal this. To make a tiring story short, there is not one tiny bit of a black man's, yellow man's or the uglies in between, which are equal to each other and certainly not equal to that of the white man. The melanin worshippers seem to shy from the blond hair and blue eyes which alone belong to the white species. The eyes of the other so-called "races" resemble burnt cork. Be that as it may (the reader might like to refer to my earlier essays on this topic), what of this wonderful Nirvana created by "understanding"?

Little Sammy sticks his finger into the opening of a rather large hornet's next. It doesn't take long for what any sane person expects to happen, to happen. There it is – swollen, sore and Sammy screaming to low heaven. Let's understand this sort of thing for if we do, I am sure that all of the pain and misery will vanish quicker than a jew at a Nazi reunion.

The hornets were in the nest just doing their horny hornet thing – peace loving critters that they are. Here, out of somewhere, or maybe even nowhere, charges in a giant worm with a hard hat. "Weez bean attacked," drones an alert hornet by the name of  Basil. In an instance, the swarm dive-bombs the worm, inflicting puncture after puncture.

The doctor examining Sammy's throbbing red finger goes into a diatribe concerning toxins, synapses, capillary congestion and dandruff overload. Sammy nods in approval since he now "understands".

Did all of this understanding alter one iota of reality? Of course not, but this mental nonsense is exactly what separates those who can actually think as opposed to those who still believe that schooling, especially an excess, actually increases the ability to think. It does no such thing. Some of the biggest meat heads on the planet paper their walls with diplomas. These documents only indicate the acquiring of a small body of skills, a little dangerous knowledge plus proof that they spent a lot of money and time getting their brains to self-destruct. Let me retell the story of the "genius", former TV math "quiz kid", who was one of my roommates at the University of Chicago – Joel Kupperman.

Joel could do the Lindy Hop with about any arrangement of math symbols you'd care to present. He had that great A-captuing talent but was he intelligent? I'll leave that up to you to answer. There's is no need to elaborate on the fact that he'd have screaming fits in the middle of the night and toss his pillows across the room. If I were tolerant, I'd have put up with that shit and never got a good night's sleep. I am intolerant of any s.o.b. who bothers me when I am sleeping. But that's something else.

One afternoon, in the community kitchen of Snell Hall, Joel boasted that he was in total control of his emotions and no one nor anything could cause him to relinquish that control. "Zat zo?," belched Leon Zuckerman. Leon then proceeded to cut off Joel's tie. Joel smiled. Leon dumped catsup all over Joel's head. Joel was still composed. John Kidney then walked over and pushed Joel off the chair and onto the floor. Joel looked up sporting a big grin. By that time, Kerry Patacki had filled up a container with some of the garbage from the sink. He dumped it square into Joel's face. Then the real fun started. It was hard to tell who ripped his shirt off or who tore open the seams of his pants. I do know that it was Sid Gervertz who threw Joel's shoes out the window. Joel was kicked, dragged and lovingly tossed about. After about 15 minutes of this sort of thing, all action ceased and the participants started returning to their classes. All except for Joel, now flat on his back looking like something the garbage scow dragged in. "I win, " he shouted, "I've proved that no one can cause me to loose control of my emotions." I ask you – Would any intelligent person allow this sort of episode to take place without one single objection? Joel obviously "understood" his emotions.

Emotions are part and parcel of your survival mechanism and they can indeed be overridden consciously. Often, this is a good thing but one must use care and caution for something far greater than what you might think you are, is sending you important messages. There exists NO EMOTION which does not have some significant survival value and your enemies apparently know that better than you. Muds can never beat white people in the long run. The only way they can even win a battle is to get you to short circuit yourself. The assault is twofold: (1) Impose penalties for following your instincts. This finds a form in the "hate laws". (2) Get you to pit one emotion against another – guilt is usually the main course – and thus render you helpless and deaf to the spiritual voices of your racial past. Education has this as a MAIN focus and it is no wonder that many of the most sound, non-degenerate, racial specimens we have are high school drop-outs. It's a shame that they do not recognize what they were subjected to for if they did, you wouldn't see many of them squashed out on drugs, alcohol and sex.

I have known Ernst Zündel for nearly 2 decades and if he is a physical threat to anyone, then Hillary Clinton is the Virgin Mary. Ernst is definitely pro-German which earns him no brownie points when it comes to pleasing a tribe which can never be pleased. Ernst is a pacifist and came to Canada in order to avoid military service in Germany. He, like thousands of other Germans, began investigating those natural world impossibilities which are sanctimoniously cloaked with the porous robe called THE holocaust even though it had little to do with fire. (When one capitalizes the "h", it becomes "genocide" and  has nothing to do with a biological GENUS, unless one feels that jews represent the total of everything from Homo habilis to Homo sapiens. This is the Age of Hilarious where anything can be called anything and usually is.) This collection of old maid sob stories, delusions, wishful thinking and photos with false captions, has become a religion and to question it never brings down the wrath of God, but does give the jews a target for their venom. As I have mentioned many times, only a fool thinks he can win a battle in courts controlled by the enemies of mankind. All previously white countries are now in Big Brother land and the gates are now being shut on what used to be a country I was proud of. 
Zündel throws in towel at human-rights proceeding

by KIRK MAKIN, Globe and Mail Update

As a human-rights proceeding against Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel approached its record-shattering fifth year yesterday, someone was notably absent from the hearing room.

Mr. Zündel has thrown in the towel.

After devoting an estimated $140,000 to his defence as well as numerous days spent strategizing and sitting in hearing rooms, the notorious Holocaust revisionist said he is tired of being a patsy.

"I would rather save my money and appeal their grotesque ruling when it comes out," he said in an interview.

"The reason I'm not there is my disdain for these people. It is perfectly clear to me that the courts of Canada have simply decided that Ernst Zündel has got to go. They are going to nail me."

However, at the Canadian Human Rights Commission hearing where Mr. Zündel is charged with using the Internet to promote racial hatred, it was business as usual.

A half-dozen lawyers for various Jewish groups and commission counsel did battle yesterday with Paul Fromm, a figure on the extreme right who has intervened in the hearing in support of free speech.

Mr. Fromm contends that the media and human-rights bodies have historically attached unfair labels to spokesmen on the far right, referring to them as racists, bigots and Nazi sympathizers.

Mr. Fromm shares Mr. Zündel's belief that the Internet should be a place for lively debate of even the most sensitive historical issues. The ruling in the Zündel case will be the first on whether Internet service providers and Web sites can be restrained by human-rights legislation.

Mr. Zündel maintains in his defence that he has no control over the California-based Web site, and that in any event, the commission is not empowered to regulate the Internet.

Opposing him and his associates are a formidable array of legal talent representing the commission, complainant Sabina Citron, B'nai Brith Canada, the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

The previous record for a Canadian Human Rights Commission complaint – five hearing days – was surpassed long ago by the Zündel proceedings. The Zundel hearing has now consumed 48 hearing days.

Signs of the passage of time are numerous. One of the three panel commissioners resigned from the case a couple of years ago, citing the time it was eating up. The original commission counsel, Ian Binnie, is now a justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

There is also a village-like atmosphere in the hearing room, a development that tends to characterize all legal proceedings which stretch on interminably. "The case has been going on so long that we're punchy," John Rosen, a lawyer for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, remarked in an interview.

The frequent delays in the case are largely the result of Mr. Zündel's applications for judicial reviews of rulings made by the commissioners.

By Mr. Zündel's own count, 54 rulings have been made since the proceeding began. He ended up on the losing side of 53 of them, he said, including a recent attempt to have one of the remaining commissioners, Reva Devins, removed because of potential bias.

"We have seen some of the most incredible, unusual rulings," Mr. Zündel said. "Truth is not relevant, and my intentions are not admissible, so this is no longer a court. Ernst Zündel has been so demonized that the courts no longer look at the facts."

Yesterday, Mr. Fromm put yet another familiar name from the far right, publisher Ron Gostick, in the witness box. He introduced Mr. Gostick as a man who "in some ways, is a victim of antihate legislation."

Mr. Gostick testified that numerous Crown authorities have failed to find anything he has written that violated a law, yet he has been pursued by the media and hounded out of meetings halls by angry Jewish groups.

"Are you pro-Nazi?" Mr. Fromm asked in one of the more bizarre exchanges of the day.

"I'm just as anti-Nazi as I am anti-Communist," Mr. Gostick replied.

"Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Ku Klux Klan?"

"No way," Mr. Gostick said.

The commission has set aside the next two weeks for evidence. Closing arguments are expected to begin in early 2001, and the commission could easily take one or two years to render its decision.

The worst penalty it can levy is to order Mr. Zündel to stop operating the Web site, if he really does.