25 December 2000
In the day of the Lord, the snake shall cease to crawl on its belly and stock shares shall be beaten into Fords.

Mr. Zud, the local zoo keeper, knew there was no such thing as the 'inherited' business. Pythons slithered about because they were 'held back' by the monkeys' simianism. "Always at the bottom," he said to himself, "something must be done about this terrible inequality."

One morning, Mr. Zud built a new school with all of the latest faddish gadgets. After rounding up the monkeys and the pythons, he integrated them in his new building. At first, the monkeys chattered and scrambled and scrambled and chattered. "Tut tut," said Mr. Zud, "be tolerant for all the pythons want is a good education."

In the beginning, there was still all of that commotion with nary a peep from the pythons which were simply looking for a way to be educated. Mr. Zud called upon Horace Fleas who was well known for his interest in teaching tolerance, that is, when he wasn't chasing hate-mobiles. While Fleas taught, Zud watched and once in a while Fleas watched Zud. The monkeys soon became so full of tolerance that they could no longer tell a peanut from a buffalo chip. The pythons needed no tolerance teaching since they weren't the ones who were chattering and scrambling and scrambling and chattering. They were jes peace lovin' brothers.

"Hey," shouted one of the monkeys, "that thar python has one hellova big lump in its middle." "Where's Charlie?", asked another. No one knew and no one cared since tolerance lifted care from one's brow – all's well with the world.

"Look again," vocalized Henrietta, "I see two pythons with those lump bellies." "Where's Brian?", asked another monkey.

Carrie the crow was circling overhead and could not help but hear the goings on. She witnessed Mr. Zud writing that big check to Mr. Fleas and summed it up this way: Although the pythons claimed to only be interested in getting an education, it appears that the monkeys were really the ones who were learning something – the hard way – the tolerant way.

If Black is Beautiful then why are so many Black men chasing after White women?
When a White man is smart, he is very, very smart. When a White man is dumb, he is very, very dumb.

Mr. Honky is sitting in a chair facing my desk. I have a loaded 12 gauge shotgun pointed directly at his crotch.
"I think I'll pull this trigger," I say.
"No. Please. I have some money. I'll give you some."
"That's good. How about $1000?"
At this point Mr. Honky opens his wallet.
I say, "I've changed my mind."
"Here, take $2000."
"You white devils are all alike. Dumb. You think that a wad of money will save your ass from most anything. Has it ever occurred to you that after I blow your guts away, I'll be free to take all of your damned money anyway?"

The trigger is squeezed. Ba-lam! Thud!! The middle third of Mr. Honky's body is instantly turned to bloody mush.

In rushes my assistant who exclaimes, "Shit. He still be kicking. Why didn't you shoot him in the chest instead of the nuts?"
"Because he carried his wallet in his shirt pocket. What do you think I am... a stupid honky?"

That's the story of South Africa and Rhodesia – soon to be coming to your neighborhood.

Perspective.According to one news item, an asteroid "passed over London" missing the earth "by a whisker" thus allowing the Brits to continue eating fish and chips. London ain't very big physically according to American cities so I picked Chicago as the target of that space rock. Area to area, any zipping stone would have only a 1,000,000 to 1 chance of nailing Chicago. Thems decent and favorable odds, I'd say. When coupled with the lateral area of our solar system compared to the sum of the planets, the odds get heavily stacked in favor of space.

The London "near miss" what a "wheeew!" and I can almost hear all of those "What ifs?" What if it hit London? What if I were vacationing in Nigeria at the time? What if it landed squarely in my plum pudding? Thank God He saved us from the space boulder He sent our way. God apparently loves to scare the equality out of us.

Just how close what this near miss, this "whisker"? The experts tell us that it missed London by 480,000 miles. Damn! They were surely lucky this time but what about the next?

Haters deserve a Merry Christmas too.

            RIDING THROUGH THE REICH            (sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells")

                Riding through the Reich,
                In a big Mercedes Benz,
                Killing all the Jews,
                Making lots of friends!
                Hear those Mausers roar!
                See those sheenies drop!
                So long as we've got Xyklon-B
                The fun will never stop!

                Oh, rat-tat-tat! Rat-tat-tat!
                Up against that wall!
                Heat those ovens nice and hot,
                There's room enough for all!

                Rat-tat-tat! Rat-tat-tat!
                Mow those Hebrews down!
                Oh what fun it is to have
                The Nazis back in town! 

** What's Billy Bong up to now? Pushing more integration and handouts for the roach people. What did you expect?

** Dubya appointing all of those cruds and muds? What did you expect, you silly goat?

** Dubya's reign will contain at least one giant thud. By 2004, the skraelings will be controlling who gets elected but since it is not 100 percent as yet, the Zionist Republicans must be made to look bad. The castrating Hillary will plug her Lesbo 2002 year and the White male will be permanently neutralized by the time her bolshevik regime is in place.

** I understand that there are 800,000 Chinese troops in the Sudan siding with the Moslems. There's oil in them thar crevices. It appears that the Chinese/Moslem deal will push militarily against the goyim and their Zionist masters. Look for more Orwellian "peace" in the upcoming years.

** If we paid off the national debt, there'd be no money left.

** Mother Nature is up to her old tricks again. Bacteria, viruses, prions and now something new and yet unlabeled is appearing. Since diversity is great, diseases just had to join in and in a land when every  person has a constitutional right to infect his neighbor. Typhoid Mary never had such a good deal.

** Brazil, burdened with untouchables, shipped them into the Amazon to populate the forests. They cleaned huge sections of the rain forest and planted their beans. The problem is that the top soil is only about 3 inches deep and after the first crop, the rains took the soil and flushed it. Now there is an ever-expanding waste land. This is altering weather patterns and lowering the planet's ability to cope with carbon dioxide. All could have been averted with a massive sterilization program.

O beautiful for big-bang guns... and spacious gaping holes ... the good news from Britain is that citizen ownership of guns is going down while the crime rate is going up. Australia is already submerged in the Marxist ideal of fewer guns and more crime. After all, guns are dangerous and crime is only a social problem.
George Dietz – his Liberty Bell web site is in my links section – sent along a tidbit from a fellow which illustrates what it is I have been saying. Too many of you concerned people out there are failing to use your God-given brains and parrot pieces of the Marxist propaganda you've been bombarded with since you first decided to shun mom's nipple for a good steak. Specifically, I am referring to the "jews are brilliant" and the asians all possess "remarkable scientific skills". The evidence is their predominance in top levels of university and professions. Let's see, didn't the German people actually object to all of those jews which infested all of their professions? Didn't they make a major effort to have those locusts park somewhere else? Didn't batches of them steal German material before they came to what is now Greater Israel and get the blood-thirsty FDR to do the atomic bomb rain dance? (Los Alamos was operated with lots of Talmudic hocus pocus.) If all of Germany's jews were gassed, or ended up somewhere else, then how do you explain the fantastic rise in innovation and economic progress which the Germans achieved WITHOUT the assistance of all of those geniuses? How come all of those brilliant and talented hebes just can't make a go of Israel without perpetual American tax-payer support?

A stately woman, whom I haven't seen in years, told me that her husband wanted to start a clothing business but soon learned that IF ONE WAS NOT A JEW, then he could never get "the prices" which afforded him the luxury of competing. The meat-packing industry is 100 percent kosher as is the Hollywood funny farm and it has little to do with genius. (Rudy Stanko found out the hard way that gentiles and meat-packing do not go together.) It's a result of the jewish "shut out." So pervasive and powerful is this process, that nearly any goy who succeeds in anything has already bought in to the ass-kissing club. (Look behind the scenes and you'll soon discover the jew. Even my favorite Clint Eastwood is crotch deep in hebes and race-mixing. For your edification, why not check out Rush Limbaugh?) It took me years to find out who was responsible for the "shut out" of a beautiful young lady, with brains by the bushel, who managed to top all of the contenders for a massive scholarship at a renowned university. She was unfortunate to have been born very Nordic looking and with a German name. The figures behind the scenes had "survivor" type names and indeed, they were collecting those related extortion payments. There are gifted and talented jews, but as a people they fall short, very short, of ever being able to compete in the brain market when the playing field is level.

I, years ago, visited a university campus to discuss some trivial bit of trivial trivia. While there, one professor babbled about the program the school's university used to compute the transcendental number Pi. I asked him of he were interested in seeing a 194 byte program which could do the very same thing? He blew his cork and I changed the subject. After all, who the f--- was I? He be de expert.

He did escort me to the surface physics laboratory and introduced me to the Chinese delegation. The whole department was a colony of rice burners. Ah!, you say. It only proves that the Chinese have a wonderful talent for such things. Ain't we enriched? China does not send its idiots here to study. What you encounter are their BEST. This, as you should be able to fathom, presents a certain bias to begin with but are you so naive that you believe that the Chinese don't have their very own "shut out" in effect? The Chinese are quite racist and strongly family oriented – the two go together – and there is little they do without first asking, "Is it good for Chinese?" One jew by the name of Silver complained that if a non-Chinese ever got past the racial barrier and became involved in surface physics, then his life would be made so miserable that he would quit. The same is true in the meat-packing industry where the mestizos always manage to get rid of the hated gringo. Should we assume then, since that industry at the lower levels is packed with mestizos, that somehow the mestizos demonstrate a superior talent for carving up animals?

One thing Whitey – if you are ever going to succeed in this global racial war, then you'd better shed the handicapping baggage of the enemies' propaganda. Parrots may be getting great crackers but parrots they remain. Our people have a superior gift for thought, but if they refuse to use what the heavens bestowed, then they deserve nothing. We shall receive NO FAVORS from the gods until we choose to stand up and BE WHITE. Get up from your knees, wipe the brown from your nose, and resolve to THINK!!!

One of the things I try to do in these pages, is to try and clean some of the academic b.s. from the minds of otherwise sane people. I give my opinion, of which you may agree or disagree, hoping that it furnishes some seed to clear thought. To tell me that I am wrong concerning some opinion of mine, is to completely miss the point – opinions are neither right nor wrong for those words are only correctly applied to facts and believe me, all of us don't have very many facts on our side for much of our mental wanderings are based upon faith.

I watched a program concerning the search for intelligent life – out there – somewhere – in that vast vastness of vast outer space. It's quite vast, you know. The featured mannequin was a disciple of that odd ugly duck, Carl Sagan, who believed he knew something about infinity and beyond. In spite of the fact that it is very difficult to even find intelligent life here on our spherical dirt blob, these fools apparently are not concerned with the garbage they are standing in and prefer to "look to the stars" for divine somethings.

The average worker is usually intimidated by words he doesn't understand especially when it comes from people who never earned one callous performing honest labor but gained all of their knowledge by memorizing the words of others who gained their knowledge by memorizing the words of others, etc. For these parroting efforts, they are granted diplomas ( I have 3 – hard sciences – in case you think I am a sour grapes sort of guy.) which they display, like the biceps of a steroid freak, when they are confronted. But, back to the search for intelligent life.

The tools which are used are optical telescopes and radio telescopes. Since eye strain causes headaches, the "deeper" probes – actually they are not probing anything but are only "listening" – are reserved for the radio waves. "About 400,000,000,000 years ago," the narrator swooned.... this and that took place. This should be the first point for putting your brain in 4th gear. People are still arguing about what took place during the 1960s, yet these scientists speak with dictatorial certainty about things 400 billion years ago. (The 400 is actually politically incorrect, if not factually so. It should be 600 for everyone knows that there are only two ordained digits, the 6 and the 0. From these, 6 meaning the jews and 0 nothing, God made all things, as the moody Cole Porter tune goes – All or nothing at all. Half a jew never appealed to me...) Anyway, they agree that it takes a monstrosity of light years for light to travel from the planet Mongo of solar system 69, galaxy 13-B2, universe 4½, to the we-are-not-alone earth. Assuming that we all agree on which permutation of beeps, blips and blaps constitutes an "intelligent" message from those who are so stupid as to want to contact US, then doesn't it seem reasonable to question information which was sent billions of years ago? How long is the life-span of lifeform Quasimodo-12 anyway? Of what value is any communication concerning events which have long since passed? Suppose all of us had a life-span of 4000 years and Colonel Colon, in his Madison Avenue bunker, just received a message from Fingerus Rectumus mentioning that his chariot got bogged down in mud on his way to one of Nero's orgies in Rome. How about being informed today that Homo knuckledragamus discovered that tiger blood made good paint for cave walls? Get it? Got it? If we did receive information from other beings then it would be so out-dated that ludicrous could not even begin to describe it. If those beings were indeed technical, their technology would have changed drastically by the time we received any radio waves they sent. It's like receiving today a smoke signal sent by Geronimo informing his fellow savages that they should attack the Fort Apache 20 minutes after coffee break – providing the bagels arrived on time.

One thing that the experts demand, and expect, is that those numerous critters out there (and there is an equation to prove it) send something WE understand. Remember that space capsule which was catapulted into the heavens a while back carrying gold phonograph records? The nitwits in charge of this apparently believed that out there, somewhere, those space crawlers have access to the latest RCA l.p. record player. Today, I suppose, they would be launching CD-roms into space.

I'll leave you with this closing comment and hopefully you are beginning to think about this cosmic scam. If we listen long enough, and space is indeed curved, we should expect to be hearing our own signals in a few billion years, give or take and handful of holocausts. Like the naive boy shouting in an echoing canyon, we could thus talk to ourselves and prove that there are other intelligent beings in the universe, or whatever ALL is called now. By the way, what do you mean by 'all'?

We are told that heat cannot pass through a vacuum. That's the basis for those common vacuum bottles which we often contain our drinks in. If so, then if the sun went out, then why should the earth cool down since "space" is essentially a vacuum?
It might take a climber 2 hours to scale a 500 foot cliff but it would only take 6 seconds for him to fall to the bottom. His crawl up might only be 1/20 of a mile per hour but a fall would have him splatting the bottom at 130 MPH. In both cases, the energy it took to climb up equals the energy involved in falling down. Overall, a conservation is in play. The buzzard at the bottom would believe that his next few meals were free and this is how most of us view energy and other things – from a strictly enclosed, disjoint personal view. One man's loss might be my gain, but the sum total does not change.

A man confined to death row does have a shortage of female warmth but the world suffers no such thing. If I have no money, then I personally have an oil shortage. If the producers withhold oil from sale, we do have a temporary oil shortage. If all of the oil we estimate to be available remains in the ground, then there is no real oil shortage – only an extraction shortage. 'Shortage' depends upon whether you view things globally or locally. The fact that you MIGHT run out of something does not translate into a shortage. There is no shortage of energy. It remains constant. There might not be enough of a CERTAIN FORM to satisfy your desires, but as long a the White man remains viable, there will be ways to do whatever is required. When there is a shortage of White men, the world will be entirely different – a project Hillary and her zombie supporters are pursuing with utmost vigor.

I often tutor people in mathematics. I do it free if I decide I am not talking to a stone. One fellow asked how he could extract (decimal notation) the square root of 2. I showed him the "old method", which is not taught today because it is too taxing for our modern batch of geniuses, and when we got to 1.4142135623730950488 we quit. "Hell," he said, "isn't it easier to write the EXACT value?" With that he scribbled down a radical sign enclosing a 2. I explained that the symbol group <1,2>, where the 2 has an over bar, also represented the square root of 2 in continued fraction form. There are even many infinite series which also REPRESENT the same value BUT they are ONLY EXPRESSIONS – mathematical shorthand! If you wanted to machine a nozzle for a gas chamber – a jolly idea – and your machinery was calibrated for decimals, then the symbol radical 2 would be useless as would be all other representations of that value which was not decimal. You still have to change the form. (Hey mon, there's no energy shortage. You jes have to change some of the forms.) Somewhere, as in our little exercise, you'd STOP – supposedly where extra digits became useless. You'd then have an approximation which WOULD WORK for the job specified. The term 'exact value' means, in mathematics, some batch of symbols, preferably the fewest in number. Like reading about how to 'save the race', there is a world of difference between reading and doing.

The biggest hang up most people have is their inability to separate the label from the content.

As a very young boy, I'd look up at that erect man who was my paternal grandfather. Oh how I wished my hair was as red and rich as his. One day, while standing under our favorite maple tree, I told him that his eyes were exactly colored like the brightest of blue skies. He smiled and said, "Wear your freckles proudly." My material grandmother had a darker shade of red hair but her blue eyes shown with the same brightness. I thought blue was nifty and patriotic as was the red hair and white skin. Silly boy stuff, I told myself.

Gramps sold a portion of his land – that which contained the stream flowing from Horseshoe Lake. He dammed up the stream and created a pond several hundreds of yards across with a depth of about 18 feet near the middle. People came and picnicked; swam and boated. In the winter, ice skating was very popular. The people who bought the property turned it into a private club but still continued with the recreation. Our family was spared the expense of membership for obvious reasons. Most of the free hours of my young life  were spent at "the pond". I wasn't aware of it then, but all of the club's members were of northern European extraction and the owners intended to keep it that way. It was heaven and those memories I shall retain always.

Both of my sisters were blue-eyed blondes and eagerly sought by the young men in the area. How pretty they were and I could not imagine anyone wanting to marry someone who didn't present such a wholesome appearance. I have always liked red hair and blonde hair and blue eyes – and especially those violet gems which my favorite cousin possessed. It was only when I was 10 or so, that I was distinctly aware that I preferred people with light skins since I was now being introduced to people who appeared to be born with a sun tan and foreboding dark eyes – burnt cork, as Eric notes. None of my parents, nor relatives, ever once mentioned race nor did they ever say anything derogatory about people who looked differently or believed differently. In fact, I paid no attention to the young lady who told me that blue-eyed people were evil and called them "fish eyes." Her eyes were as coal and I think she was from Cuba. She apparently hated anyone who was lighter than herself.

I developed a very strong preference for people who resembled the beloved members of my family, a family which never knew divorce, drunkenness, abuse, thievery, mistrust, and so on. I just liked White people. It wasn't taught that anymore than my love for sauerkraut and roast turkey. It was just there. And it is still there. While no one seemed to mind in those long past days, today I simply have to admit that I am a racist – a natural born lover of the best of my kind. This is not a problem for me as I am at home with every other healthy critter on the face of this earth for no deer prefers the company of cows and no cougar roams the range with the coyote. Birds of a feather flock together . What a bunch of racists they must be.

Irv was classified 4F(unfit for military service) in 1943. So was Frank Sinatra (very likely a jew since most "Italian" entertainers are).  Frank chose to croon to the bobby-soxers and get rich through his shady connections. Irv had a bony growth in his nose which hampered his breathing. Irv took a job and earned enough money to pay for a operation to correct the defect so he could enter the military service – the equivalent of 5 months pay. Once recovered, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps (it was a separate force at that time). He ended up as a belly turret gunner on a Boeing B-17C. He flew 23 missions over Germany; was shot down once; captured and escaped where he spent some time in Paris. He had mentioned that his German captors were far more civilized than were the French civilians he encountered. Anyway, Irv was awarded a silver medal, plus others, while Frank continued to croon off key. Frank is still the object of perverted worship while Irv sits out the remainder of his life, unknown, in a semi rural area. In my book, there is no question who is the most substantial, and praiseworthy, man.  But alas, America no longer rewards, or has a use for, the gallant men who formed those past generations. Today, we elect brazen criminals and perverts to high office and welcome liars and pushy morons whenever the chance arises. Morons, of no use to any society, garner millions of dollars by stomping around plastic pastures chasing balls. Drug soaked freaks receive millions of dollars for making ear shattering noises and shrieking like banshees under the flashing strobe lights of a gaudy asylum. Those millions of dollars come from people who value nothing and are usually valueless themselves. Known by various names – canaille, mischlings, skraelings, untermenchen – they are the sewer people who are in revolt against civilization. They fondly elect anyone whom they think will steal for them and as Mencken reminded us, most Americans live for the day they can steal something. If you wonder why the Hillarys and the Billy Boys got to run the show, you have to look no further than the horde which now out numbers the people of quality who no longer have a political party to represent them. Bolshevism has found its raison d'être here in America.
Jeff Anderson is to be commended for his work on behalf of the German victims of Zionist hatred and depravity.
I am somewhat puzzled as to how we can make it all well again. Money? If I raped and murdered your daughter, how much money would it take in order to correct all of that? Money simply has no merit when it comes to correcting wrongs. There is nothing more indelible, and unchangeable, as the past. I suggest that we might all issue a sincere apology and take an oath forever prohibiting us from engaging in conflict with our racial brothers in Germany, or anywhere else, for that matter. What we stole, we could repay, but the damage to the spirit of their young people is not something which can be written off with the writing of a check. The path to honest reparations would be to restore their faith in their people and give those exceptional people the credit they truly deserve instead of allowing the propaganda of WW II to be continually spewed from that electronic anus called television. There's a lot we could do as a united group of White Americans but I am afraid that since we cannot seem to be able to help ourselves, we can do little for that cradle of excellence – Germany. With the jew monkey on our backs, and every crevice filled with the encroaching mud people,  it would behoove us to sweep our decks clean before we worry too much about the mischief we perpetrated in the past. (The horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was only an extension of the evil nature of those who ruled, and still do, the otherwise good people of the Angle world.)

I would suggest that Mr. Anderson refrain from comments such as, "The fact that Germany had a bad government does not in any way excuse the atrocities we committed.", for it only continues the Zionist propaganda and is judgmental and self-righteous. Whether a government is "good" or "bad" should be left to the people who chose to live under it.

Recently, there has been a trend relating genetic dominance with superiority. It follows the line that when a Black mates with a blonde White, the black kink of one's hair submerges the silky fairness of the other and a burnt cork look appears in the children's eyes masking any of the genes responsible for blue. This then, proves that the dominant Negro characteristics are superior to those of the Caucasian.

I have two bowls of substances. One is a delicate French soup and the other, the fresh droppings of a young heifer which at too much summer alfalfa. I take a tablespoon of the soup and mix it with the aromatic brown goo. Is the smell or flavor of the goo affected? I am not sure about the flavor but I can make an educated guess. Nothing has changed. Next, I take a tablespoon of the aromatic goo and mix it in the bowl of French soup. The smell does change and I also venture a guess that the flavor has also shifted dramatically. Since the characteristics of the feces dominate, then feces are superior to soup.

Fine machinery is always the more delicate and to claim that a sensitivity to abuse represents inferiority is to change the playing field.

The recessive nature of most White attributes is actually a survival mechanism when viewed with intelligence. The slightest alteration of the White countenance is immediately noticed and gives warning that the object is adulterated with alien blood. One must not focus upon a single item for the horrendous multitude of race mixed bipeds is staggering to behold. I have seen bright blue eyes on critters which bear no other resemblance to anything for the Black and Yellow components are so mismatched as to render obscene ugliness. Most of the "health" problems people face today are based upon genetic mismatches – nearsightedness as a result of deformed orbital sockets; poorly aligned teeth as a result of large teeth in small jaws; and so on. When it comes to "diversity", it is a case of mix and mismatch.

I listened to this as I waited for my turn at the counter:

10 year old pot to his mother – I'm going ice skating tonight.
Mom – You are?
Kid – Yeah. At 6:30 and you'll have to drive me there.
Mom – OK.
Pop – But.... but....
Mom – He said he's going ice skating.
Pop – If you say so.
Kid – I'm bored. Let's go.

They then all paraded from the scene demonstrating exactly who was head of that household and exactly what the hierarchy was. ¿No es verdad? Ah! Lowly man. What thou sacrifice for a dip into the valley of the shadow.

When the TV vocalists yammer about legislation designed to improve education, what this means in double-speak is that more of the tax-payers' money will be poured down the mud drain. Even as I write, a radio announcement was to the effect that Lincoln Park school was to be renamed the Charles Spurgeon Johnson School of Excellence. What absolute magic. By what amounts to fiat, a gaggle of welfare jerks, who cannot even come to school in time, was instantly transformed into a band of geniuses.

Coupled with envy, this ego-stuffing fantasy business is part of the American character. The G.I. Joes, who managed the Sherman M4 tanks during WW II, were told they had the best tanks in the world. The Germans, with their Tigers, brought those boys into the real world. Even the German foot soldier hiding in the brush, with his shaped-charge "bazooka" (our term – named after the odd musical instrument played by Bob Burns), was on a par with one tank. Click, zip, swish.... blam!! One gone Sherman. One old friend of mine, who was a member of a Sherman crew, told humorous stories about how their shells simply bounced off the Tigers. As another useless historical note – the Jeep was named after an orchid eating critter, with miraculous powers of reproduction, which appeared in the Popeye cartoon strips. 

The Palestinian West Bank – Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You. 
The Perpetual Motion Network.

The amount of energy this earth ball picks up from the sun is used mainly to provide the energy for photosynthesis and to keep the surface temperature somewhat stable. Most of the sun's energy is bounced back out into space. Fossil fuels, coal and oil, are "condensed" energy accumulated over the eons. The energy of waterfalls comes from the evaporation and condensation cycle which has been going on for some time now. In the center of the planet, is a gigantic hot box which we are told is molten iron which sometimes heats up a fault or two and blows its top in an exciting, and photogenic, event we call an eruption. (An erection is when a building is put up.) All forms of energy we use has a cost. Even slaves required the energy of food.

Crude oil is rarely found sitting in your back yard just waiting to be burned. If you want lots of it, you need to dig a hole. Digging holes consumes energy. Once you get it into a barrel, you cannot burn it in the engine of your Mercedes. Its fractions have to be separated. This separation consumes energy. Once you have the gasoline in a barrel, you need to ship it to your local Sunoco station. This shipping consumes energy. The gasoline needs to be pumped from the storage tank into your tank. This consumes energy. Your car consumed energy just to get to the filling station.

Nuclear reactors use uranium-235 which comes from uranium 238. Where do you get the U-238? You dig a hole. Digging holes consume energy. Next, the U-235 needs to be separated from the U-238 and this consumes energy. In the reactors, you need shielding. Some of the shielding is zirconium. Where does the zirconium come from? Zircon is an 'impurity' found in silicon sand. The richest sources are in Canada (Chalk River) and Australia. Just to hog up all of this sand and ship it hither and yon, consumes energy. Once we have a pile of sand in our back yard, what do we do? We separate it which consumes energy. Lots and lots of electrical energy plus magnesium which also consumed lots of energy to obtain. Even when we get the zirconium separated from the silicon, there is a problem. The stuff is contaminated with hafnium which has to be removed. This consumes energy.

Nuclear breeder reactors are no help either. They can use U-238 or Th-232 (thorium). Where does the thorium come from? It is found in minuscule amounts in the phosphate mineral monazite. That means lots and lots of digging and shipping and extracting. More energy is consumed.

I hope you are getting the picture. There are no free rides. There is no energy shortage and never has been. All we do is convert one form to another. There might be a shortage of one form, such as wood for your fire, but overall, the sum stays the same. When your Mercedes zips off to the grocery store, the gasoline energy which isn't used to propel the vehicle is used to heat something or the other. No energy ever disappears or is created out of thin air.

Dams only serve to control the potential energy of a body of water but the amount of water available for running down the creek stays the same whether a dam is there or not. The kinetic energy which Mother Nature might have placed downstream is now placed upstream due to the dam. No energy was created by the dam. Instead of a few giant turbines concentrated in a small area, we could have placed millions of tiny turbines patterned over hundreds of square miles. I once considered using my residence water supply as a source of energy to drive a generator which would supply electrical power. Alas, the cost of water precluded that. The best I could possibly do would be to bore through the cellar wall, under the driveway and tap into my neighbor's natural gas line. Now that I live in an apartment, I have to settle for tapping into someone's phone lines and stealing their postal packages.

Every thousand square miles you blanket off to capture the sun's radiant energy is a thousand square miles where carrots cannot be grown. Every billion wind generators you pepper the planet with, captures the energy which would otherwise be used to stir the evaporation necessary to supply the rivers with water. If you harnessed all of the breezes, the plants would all die since diffusion would not be sufficient to supply them with carbon dioxide.

There are no free rides. I worry not about energy "shortages" – only those bastards who manipulate the supply for hate and profit.

If the White man evolved from the Black man, then to ask a White to race-mix with a Black, would be reversing evolution. If this is an ideal, then perhaps we should suggest that the Blacks mate with their evolutionary forebears, the apes.
It is very common for teachers today to magnify the sporadic innovations of non-Whites into something of great importance. We've heard the tale of the "invention" of smashed peanuts (peanut butter) and the discovery that oil will leak from a can with a hole in it (the self-oiling bearing). The golf tee is now another one of those miraculous achievements by a Black man.

Golf, TRADITIONALLY, involved the ritual of scooping up a fistful of wet sand and making a mound out of it on which to place the ball. On some forgotten occasion, Charlie Ink Spot was whacking balls at some local club. (How he got in is a mystery.) Golf traditions were honky stuff and so this fellow used a short fat cylinder on which to place his ball. This lazy man's approach caught on and a White man started to capitalize on the manufacture of what we now call a "tee". All sorts of things like this historically present themselves from time to time. True inventions require INTENT and the only intention of that long gone Black fellow was not to improve the game of golf but to merely reduce his own personal energy expenditure.

I wish not to discuss all of the "super" mathematical achievements which the Chinese, Arabs, talented chimps and UFO pilots, are now being credited with. A wee overview will be sufficient.

The history of mathematics cannot with certainty be traced back to any school, or period, before that of the (White) Ionian Greeks. Subsequently, there were three major periods (1) the Greek (White), (2) the middle ages and  the renaissance (White) and (3) modern times. There is no doubt that other peoples have left records indicating that they knew something of numeration, mechanics and land-surveying, but these were founded only on the results of observation and experiment and were NEITHER DEDUCED FROM, NOR DID THEY FORM ANY PART OF SCIENCE. (The crap about the "amazing accuracy" of the Mayan calendar is just that – TV crap. The most accurate calendar ever devised is the one we use today. The egalitarians, in order to achieve their nirvana of 'equality' need somehow to elevate the non-White to the achievement level of the White and since facts simply cannot support this, outright lies are required – plus the power of coercion and intimidation.)

As with the invention, the demarcation is simple: There is a distinct, and major, difference between searching for water and falling into a lake. This difference is that which forever separates the White man from all other species, whether Homo mongolus or Homo nigerus. It is no accident of nature, or product of environment, which has propelled White men to seek the stars and to cross unknown waters. When we speak of "man", it means White man with the various look-alikes going along for the ride. If White people no longer desire to remain White people, then the world, as we know it, will vanish – whether the oil wells are functioning or not.

More trouble – A Chinese spokesman for something international is seeking a way to end world wide White racism. Chinese racism OK. White devil racism, not OK. At least they have openly joined in the fray – racism is "ethnic pride", "self determination", and so on as long as Whitey doesn't have it. Isn't it a source of great pleasure, and pride, to know that non-Whites hate Whites who actually like being White? If you choose to surrender, they still won't like you very much.
NATURALIZATION. Let's suppose we naturalize talc as flour, tar as chocolate and epsom salts as sugar. What might you think that would do for your chocolate cake recipe? Diversity is divine. If you naturalized Wen Ho Lee as an American, he'd still be the same thing. Putting feathers on a fox will not make it a chicken.
If some operation depends upon 1 man who is 90 percent reliable, then that operation has a 90 percent chance of succeeding. If the same operation depends upon 2 men, both 90 percent reliable, where a failure of either means a failure of the operation, then the operation has only an 81 percent chance of success. In a similar vein, 10 men, each 50 percent reliable, has only 1 chance out of 1000 of succeeding. As the number of vital components increase, so must the reliability of each separate component increase in order to maintain overall reliability. This is why America is failing at an ever increasing rate – more ingredients of poorer quality are being added daily, as ZOG policy dictates. Disasters – the jew screw and mestizo demand on electrical power in California is only the beginning – are now lining up to visit you. That's what cultural enrichment is all about.
Amerasian, mestizos and asians are the carriers of a resistant strain of TB. Where a large body of these people congregate, there is sure to follow a TB epidemic of some proportion. You asked for diversity. Love it. Anti-biotics will not save you.