1 January 2001
Dr. Torah is from the same tribe which gave us Dr. Spock. He's the fellow who recommended that children be allowed to do "their own thing" since curtailment meant emotional damage. It was not publicized that the knowledgeable doctor's own kids were druggie flakes of the first order. Taking his advice is the same a asking a "homeless person" how to get rich. I do listen to this odd woman from time to time as a thermometer to gauge our society. Today she informed a woman that if restaurants didn't allow the kiddies to run their toys up and down the walls, over the tables and play chase around and under the tables – as long as there was no property damage – then that restaurant was "not oriented towards kids". Parents love this sort of advice since it gets them off the hook relative to being responsible adults.

This free-wheeling attitude is interesting. Joe decides to take a motor trip with his family. It is to be 'fun' and everyone will do 'their own thing'. Mom has the radio blaring and tosses the accumulated litter out the window because she just felt like it. In the back, the kids are tossing french fries at each other. All are having fun. They all laugh when little Brad slaps sister Sarah in the face with a ketchup loaded hamburger. Mom laughs too since the kids are really having fun. Spot, the mongrel dog, is leaping here and there trying to grab the hamburger the kids are teasing him with. Mom grabs the hamburger, telling the kids to behave (does she really think they pay attention to her?) and tosses it out the window. Dad was distracted and so weaves into the opposing lane. Another fellow blew his horn and gave dad "the finger". "Who does that idiot think he is?" shouted Henry, "I've got a good mind to run the bastard off the road." Dad, always setting a good example for his kids, slams on the brakes and makes a ragged 180 will full intent to catch up with the fellow who showed him no respect. During the rapid change of direction, Jamie bashed his head on the door handle leaving a slight scratch which bled somewhat. Mom then shouted, "Rush to the nearest hospital because Jamie is on the verge of dying!" Spot barked two times. "Where's the nearest hospital?" dad asked. "Don't you know anything? Pull over to that gas station and ask," was mom's response.

As they pulled over, dad noticed that the guy he tried to chase was getting his tank filled. He moved swiftly towards that man waving his clenched fist. At this point, Spot barked four times and the kids took the opportunity to leave the car and run into the adjacent field where they continued having fun. Such games never end.

He who defines, controls. I listened to a Chevrolet advertisement where a young lady came out of the showroom and smilingly exclaimed, "Not only do I have a new Camaro, I now have credit!"

She didn't "have" a new Camaro since she never paid for it. What she had was not credit but a debit. She was financially worse off than before she "obtained ownership". Why? Because the dealer added on a profit to the tenuous value which you can never retrieve. If the car was really worth what the lady paid for it, then couldn't the dealer buy it back for the same amount – even Steven?

In a store, a lady explained to her beau that she had just "saved" $14 on an item because she bought it on sale. I smiled and voiced that I had "saved" $54 by not buying it at all. "Save" in common parlance apparently means one doesn't have to spend as much as he would have otherwise, for some item. I always thought that savings were sometime you had in a coffee can for a rainy day. Eric humorously told me that he'd saved so much money on sales that he was now broke.

In the same vein, a "news" mouth on the radio, while commenting upon the dismal performance of certain stocks, said that the market was "was creating negative wealth." Let's see: if I lose money then I am still wealthy but in a negative sense. This fits well into our bizarre society where kids who can't perform are still described as "intelligent" – somewhere, somehow in that vast black region of the mind. As I study my balance sheet to determine my net worth, I come up with $666 in the black. At this point I cannot determine if I am positively wealthy or negatively wealthy.

The lunacy goes on and on and on and on.

As the year 2000 was approaching, the doomsday prophets-for-proft were all a twitter with anticipation. You probably remember the scenario which myself, and a few sane others, stated would not be the case. After the ho hum event, Christian TV yapper Jack Van Impe consulted his rabbi consultants who admitted an error in their calculations. Why they discovered that after the event and not before, remains a mystery. Anyway, they failed to take in to account that there was no year 0. After 2000 years, you'd think the wise rabbis would have discovered that before. (See my article on calendars for some sensible education.) This made them off by one year and so throughout 2000, Jake the Ripoff geared his sheep for the coming blast at midnight December 31, 2000. Again, God didn't favor us with destruction but I do believe that Chester's wife was caught doing some naughties with a fellow she just met at the bar. The reason politicians and evangelists can keep on bellowing is because the average person apparently has a hard time recalling anything which happened more than two days ago. Let's see, where did I leave my shoes?
First, let me say that if this email has reached anyone who has no interest in it, my apologies. I am sending it to my list of contacts on the Internet because of the urgency of the situation.

Some of you know my personal story; I am sure that all of you know of my writing and work for the only Cause that really matters, and you know that I have not been a huckster, promoter, or fund-raiser. I have just done my best for our people for the last two decades.

In early 1997 my then-wife, Kirsten Kaiser, was twice admitted to a mental institution for, among other things, threatening to kill our three small children and myself.

Upon her release from the mental ward, my ex-wife swore that she would "do anything" to "destroy" me and take my children from me. She has attempted – and is still attempting – to make good on that promise.

For almost four years I have been dragged through endless court proceedings, hearings, Child Protection hearings, and been subjected to countless local and national media smears. I have been falsely accused of child abuse, of being involved with the Oklahoma City bombing, of being a dangerous "hater," of being a wife abuser, and the litany of lies goes on and on.

I married the most wonderful woman in the world this year, Elisha, and without her support I would not have been able to make it this far. But my recent marriage has only fueled my ex's fury, and now her attacks are directed at both of us. She has been publicly attacking my new bride with the foulest of charges.

Up to this point, we have weathered the storm. All of my ex's charges have been thrown out of court. We have been victorious, but at tremendous cost. I have spent well over $50,000 in this battle so far; and to me, who has not had the income I might have had had I chosen a different course in life, that is a _tremendous_ sum of money.

The legal attacks continue. And the money has run out.

Because of our political beliefs, because of the love for our race and nation that we will not renounce, we currently face a legal
battle to keep the children that we will have to take to the Court of Appeals.

We need help to pay our legal expenses, and to replenish the money we've been forced to borrow so far. Our debts are staggering. We are essentially broke.

If you can help us in any way, my wife and I will be deeply appreciative. We need you; and Oskar (almost 8), Edgar (6 and
autistic), and Klara (4) need you.

Contributions for our legal defense fund may be sent to:

Kevin and Elisha Strom
PO Box 762
Earlysville  VA  22936

News, links, and pictures: http://www.kevin-strom.com

¶ ¶ ¶ ¶ ¶ The above has been circulating the innernut and it's presents an opportunity for White folks to help a fellow White man. One can stuff a few bucks into an envelope and make the return address the same as the forwarding one, in case you prefer to remain faceless. If you don't like sending ZOGbucks in the mail, then a postal money order is also faceless. I, like the grandfathers I admired, can criticize Kevin but that doesn't mean I won't try to help to bail the fellow out.  I know not Kevin personally but though our small bit of email correspondence, have found him to be a rather upright fellow – an increasingly rare sort of individual. As you can see from the appeal letter, he suffers from that extremely common malady – he lets his Jolly Roger decide whom he plays sheet gymnastics with. I am sure, that at one time, he felt the same towards his first wife as he now does towards his second. Let's hope that his second judgment was not also determined by Jolly Roger. It's this sort of thing that the vultures love to prey upon – disunity in any White association. (You didn't think this feminist crap just dropped out of the blue, did you?) White folks are at war and, as so many before have found out to their disadvantage and sorrow, an unreliable woman has been the downfall of otherwise sound and valuable men. In Kevin's case, the eddy currents of his ego have also contributed towards the lack of sound judgment and objective evaluation. That's also another common fault.

As a fellow White, please respond to this appeal and when you have done that, go look in the mirror and ask yourself about your current female associate. Ask, sans the "jollies" part, if you'd trust her as a comrade in a life or death situation. That might give you some idea of which end of your anatomy runs your life.

As you part with your money, mention that FAEM made you do it. RF

                   Saturday, December 9, 2000

The names Christof Friedrich (Ernst Zündel) and Eric Thomson appear on this publication. It was printed by George Dietz (White Power Publications, (C) 1977). Technically, an author is the one who does the writing – which Eric did. Ernst supplied the photographs. According to my spies, Mr. Cotter was a supporter of Ernst's expanding career of appearing in courtrooms. It would be reasonable to assume that the "author" mentioned in the article would be Mr. Zündel. It will be interesting to see if any of this money really filters back to Eric... he's not holding his breath. Ofttimes character is revealed when ZOGbucks are involved. Most people are like the snapping turtle – once the jaws are slammed shut, death is not sufficient to loosen the grip. The love of money ranks right up there with over active gonads.

Those who do not resist collectively must suffer individually.
I do not accept
the definition of "superiority" as that which, in the end, survives. That would make cockroaches superior to the saber tooth tiger. We must set aside the p.c. versions where 'superiority' is customarily added to anything which smacks of White people expressing that they do indeed like their own kind and prefer their company. The handle, White Separatist, is always interpreted as White Supremacist – which evolves to a White racist and HATE!!! – and there really is little we can do about it anyway. So let the bull fly. This is not a war of name-calling. It is one of blood.

Once we define what superior means, then little argument follows. We could define a Black basketball player as superior since he earns millions of dollars with an IQ which would only be envied by a chimpanzee. If the criteria is one of who can produce the greater number of offspring, among the Homo genus, then a welfare mom is superior. (Indeed, very shallow blightwing people have actually advised us to try and out breed them!)

Where superiority is not accompanied by parameters, we must make some assumptions and those assumptions are more secure when the comparative sets are the most similar. Thus, 'ants are superior to ducks', has no meaning for there are few shared attributes. It does have meaning if we say that superiority means the ability to carry proportionally heavier loads. However, ' geese are superior to ducks', brings forth an array of things which can be compared. The ability to fly; their feathers; how well they float upon water; which can swallow the most corn, and so on and so forth. These attributes are held in common although superiority is still a bit tenuous.

When we turn to the genus Homo, the one thing which sets them apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is their ability to use their brains to cause mischief. Thus, superiority is the correct title for that species which can finagle the laws of nature in a direction not otherwise obtained. This monkeying around with nature generally falls into what we call science and it's basically divided into the loose categories called biology, chemistry and physics. There are other flake-notion "sciences" such as 'social science' which is nothing more than a batch of opinions – mainly gossip. Biology is more descriptive than anything except when it tortures animals to death in the quest of "truth". Physics is mainly about the physical properties of matter and is an attempt to make nature more simple to understand. Chemistry is the real heavy among the sciences for it deals with how substances react and attempts to give us a picture of structures we will never fully comprehend. Physicists describe how long it takes for a rock to fall 666 feet. Chemistry tells us what the rock is made of and gives us a direction as to what we might be able to do with it. All sciences use mathematics – a symbolic quasi-philosophical language – but mathematics in itself is not a science. Six billion mathematicians "proving" that or that with their equations never fed one horse nor built one fire. Mathematics, like the ability to play chess well, or compose music for the piano, remains in the realm of talent. There have been many cases of mentally retarded people who are superior in mathematics or music. We have a special term for those people – idiot savants.

Chemistry can separate the hydrogen from water by the expedient of tossing a piece of zinc into a dilute mineral acid, or aluminum into sodium hydroxide. When electricity was harnessed, water could be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen without the expensive consumption of other substances. ELECTRICITY – that defines the White man above all else on the planet as the supreme controller of one of nature's marvelous forces. Years ago, before the p.c. bunch started lying about what the world is like, chemistry was a nearly exclusive German exercise. In fact, when I was young, anyone expressing a desire to pursue chemistry was required to also study the German language. Since chemistry is such a grand mover and shaker, I would classify the German group as superior to all other White groups. It is extremely difficult to imagine science moving along with German blood at the helm whether that German stock is called American, Brit, Aussie, Russian or whatever. If you know what German means, then you'll know what White means.

Without the posting of parameters, one must assume that remarks about superiority take for granted the realm of science. Asian science is mainly a parroting. There is no such thing as Black science. Science is White even though one occasionally sees a baboon toying with a test tube.

Superiority does not command the implementation of that status. It is a sad commentary that there exist millions of Whites who have an itch to use their firepower to eradicate other forms of life just for the hell of it. The disappearance of the passenger pigeon and the American bison are examples of certain White people the world would be better off without. This urge to kill for pleasure exists among all human kind. When the White sold his firepower to the Indian and African, they immediately went about blasting everything within sight and hearing. The Japanese are decimating the whale and shark populations often for the most bizarre of reasons, as do the Chinese with their potions of tiger liver extract. It is not a modern thing either. Didn't the Romans take a liking to plates of bird tongues where the rest of the bird was trashed?

What the world needs is not increased medical benefits, more prayer, faster computers, more available poon-tang, lowered taxes, legalized drug use – it needs better people and there is no better place to start than with the superior White species.

                  Speakeasy but carry a big jug. 

   Some months ago Maguire commented on the future faced by the childless white career feminist.  The United States Bureau of the Census has now been kind enough to illustrate this in pictures for its Y2K Census page.  Neither white men or white children even appear in the group montage.  This is no surprise to regular FAEM readers and is not significant.  Same-o Same-o at this time.  I was far more impressed with the picture of the old lonely white woman standing by herself on the far right.


     Take a REAL LONG LOOK at those pictures, you stupid greedy bitches.  There's your future after helping the Jews and nig-nogs salami-slice away your men with politics and your sons and daughters with the abortionist's knife.  Now strain your problem solving skills and ask yourself one question.  Who do you think is the next slice off the salami?

    So where IS your future security exactly, goilz?  Your stock brokerage accounts?  Most of you have already discovered the phantom nature of that in Y2K's stock market.  Your precious social security?  One bill in a demographically correct mud Congress can change all that.

    Will your property values save you, perhaps?  Take a look at California and at what happens to property values when the Muds move in next door.  Anyway, Juan on the far left and his off-camera Senorita and 5 kids are not going stay in a trailer park when all that stands between them and 3-5 bedrooms is YOU.   Finding yourself short of husband, son and gun to defend yourself, I suggest the following:  You can try charging them heroically with a sex-toy in one hand (to represent the man you trashed) and an abortionist's knife in the other (in lieu of your dead son they tossed in the dumpster out back).

    Your corporate pension, then?  Tsk tsk tsk.  More paper values made up of stock, bond and real estate portfolios.  Another bill in Congress can redistribute that to the 'needy' in a flash.  All that great 'security' turned out to be paper promises.  Well, strict laws of contract are a WHITE idea, you dimwitted shrews.

    The modern feminist reminds me most of a Looney Tunes character sawing off a tree branch while sitting on the wrong side.

    Enjoy, sweet peas.  Ya'll worked hard for it.


Crotch think: (Reductio ad Hitlerum)
Hitler was born in Austria. Therefore Austrians are Nazis.
Hitler wanted to strengthen the German family. That makes the traditional family Nazi.
Hitler spoke of the "folk". That makes any invocation of nationality or ethnicity, Nazi.
Hitler loved neoclassical art. Classicism in any form is Nazi.
Hitler disapproved of smoking, therefore non-smokers are Nazis. 
Isn't it curious that Horace Fleas "teaches tolerance" by being extremely intolerant himself?
Frankly Flossy, I do get a little tired of those cotton-candy brained christians continually yammering about "miracles". On the jews' version of the TV news, I listened to a young women lament about her auto collision and the fact she wasn't killed. "I have a 'guardian angel'," she sighed. Listen, if you REALLY had a guardian angel then it would have kept you out of the crash in the first place! Then there was the clown – the only "survivor" in a plane wreck which claimed 87 lives – who believes that he was SO SPECIAL in the eyes of God, that his life was spared while those of the others were sacrificed for reasons unknown. Infantile rubbish!
Man whipped up tools to lighten his work load. Man used slaves to lighten his work load. Man pounded together machines so that they could do the work. Man soldered together computers to direct the machines which do the work. Now, man is complaining that there is no work and he votes for any liar who promises more jobs.
Kissing a tarantula's ass will not change its habits. Tossing chickens to a crocodile will not change its habits either. Keep this in mind when you decide to swim in the Congo river, sleep in the Arizona desert, or go race-mixing. 
As the times change – Have you noticed that nigger noise, as TV commercial background, is slowly being replaced by mestizo sombrero sounds? Also, keep your eye upon those disappearing blue eyes in the cartoons and Disney productions. Blue-eyed blondes are becoming brown-eyed blondes and brown-eyed blondes are evolving into brown-eyed brownikins. Pretty soon, Snow White will metamorphose into Soot Black.

The fellow who went bonkers in Boston and killed a fistful of people, is only another one of dad's "early poppers". Like popcorn, as this insane society gets more freaky, more and more kernels will succumb to the increasing heat. When you hear the roar of popping, you'll know it's time to go "ape" yourself. Remember: Without the Second Amendment, we wouldn't have the First Amendment for very long. Keep stockpiling those slingshots. I just might want to borrow one someday.
As one could bet on, "grief counseling" centers instantly popped up for those breathing people whose workplace was upset by the well publicized shootings in Massachusetts. I wonder what the progression of WW II might have been like if "grief counseling" sessions followed every "crisis"? Homo Americapuss ain't what he used to be.
Why do the yum-heads say "24-7" when referring to an encompassing period of time? Wouldn't just "24" say it all? Perhaps they like redundancy. How about 60-60-24-7-30-365-100-1000? That'd cover it for a while.
Why is it that home computers are not used for computing?
I criticize certain varieties of female but I do recognize that far too many White males have failed to be men. In the absence of men, a female finds it very difficult to be a woman.