9 January 2001
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Comments such as the above appear each month on a certain newsletter. One might rightly ask who the "we" and "us" refer to. I know, but I'll leave you in suspense. Just another patriotism-for-profit fellow with a cup in his hand. How sad.

I copped the following from Keltie Zubko's newsletter. If you read this slowly and carefully, you'll see what is coming to your neighborhood, soon. I hope you people are not simple-minded enough to believe that your internet free-wheeling will continue forever like some sort of welfare payment. (Good news. You'll always be able to get a full measure of porn. Porn hokay. Truth not hokay.) Of course, one should realize the racial implication of all of this. It's little to do with freedom of expression and all to do with slapping a lid on Whitey's mouth. It's only another part of our ongoing race war which we are, at the present, losing. But who really cares anyway – as long as there is enough beer, niggerball, drugs and poon tang for all?

Keltie, and her husband Doug Christie, live in the western part of Canada. I know them personally as people of integrity.


Bernard Klatt (of Fairway Technology) has been ordered to travel to Vancouver to answer questions under oath from English police officers who are investigating an allegation that an English citizen placed some material on a website in Oliver, B.C., which might be accessible from the UK which might contravene UK law.

What law applies in Canada, Canadian or UK? Well, it depends. The website has not operated since 1998, but that doesn't stop the investigation of allegedly bad words.


The German Government or its highest court which seems to be the same thing, has ruled German law applies to any website anywhere in the world that contravenes German law no matter who operates it, a German or otherwise. Imagine the presumptions and implications!

Anyone going to Germany should consider what they have published in the past and whether or not it contravenes German law.


The Supreme Court of Canada denied leave to appeal in the Zündel (Human Rights) case where the issue simply was whether truth should be a defence to a statement which exposes one to hatred, contempt, or ridicule on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation, etc.

In other words, truth is irrelevant if a member of some protected group feels offended by a statement. The Supreme Court of Canada agrees.


Dr. Tobin, of Adelaide, Australia, has been ordered to remove a "holocaust denial" website by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

History about the holocaust is apparently not debatable. The issue is going to court and the result is at least for now, uncertain.

France Cracks Down on Internet Freedom of Speech

In a ruling with potentially far-reaching implications for the Internet, a judge Monday gave Yahoo Inc. three months to ban access by French viewers to a Nazi auction site or face a stiff financial penalties.

The court case sparked a fierce debate about free speech and the limits of national jurisdiction over the Internet.

Yahoo has argued that as an American company, it should not be subject to laws of another country. The French legislation, the company said, violates U.S. principles of free speech. Free-speech advocates, such as Reporters Without Borders, also argue the decision offers a dangerous precedent that threatens liberty of expression. Other critics are concerned about any national constraints to the seemingly borderless boundaries of the Internet.


Canada Customs officers are still allowed to decide if material is obscene or not, after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled 6 to 3 on December 16 in the Little Sisters Bookstore case. The court was split 6-3, with the three dissenting justices wanting to go further and strike down the customs legislation altogether.

The Court said that Customs has to prove obscenity rather than the person importing the book having to prove it wasn't obscene. The onus shifted, but the fact remains that the law hasn't changed as to who decides.

Even more alarming, Canada Customs is allowed to decide what is true or false in history, what is a bona fide religious opinion, and what is a matter of public interest and for the public benefit and what is being or not being communicated to remove hatred against another group. Canada Customs has all the powers of the courts and the courts say that's okay.


We are starting an email list to distribute the Friends of Freedom, and other information. If you wish to be included, please email kzubko@home.com with a note confirming this.

A fellow passed this address along since it is the web site of a contributor to National Alliance as well as others – http://www.isteve.com. Many might assume that he's an OK sort of dude – a true honky supporter, but a perusal of his material will convince you otherwise. First, there are these clues. Notice his web address I Steve. Then comes the I am and I was menu. That's enough to set the stage. It's my way to always scrutinize photos and here I find what appears to be somewhat kinky dark hair, a rise to the cheekbones and unusual fat lips. Get my point? 10 to 1 he's circumcised and kisses his mirror each morning. It's still the blightwing.

A mention in that email was in regard to what a woman looks for in a man. It's been theorized that only two things are of importance to a woman: a big Jolly Roger and a bigger bank account. This is what many claim attracts White women to Black males which fits according to Dr. Rushton's premiss – big dicks, small brains. (It's a small wonder that donkeys are not in greater demand.) (Having been in many communal shower rooms over the years – Navy, Army, university, etc. – I am inclined to agree with Rushton. Years ago I read an article about the penis size of a 15 year old Black boy. In its flaccid state it measured 13½  inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. It was also mentioned that his estimated IQ was about 50.) Again, my email friend bought up that White men like Asian women because of their sexual prowess. He then suggested that Black men team with Asian women for the ultimate in whoopee. I guess it's just a dog's life – If you can't eat it or screw it, then piss on it.

And the Lord sayeth: ...unto the woman, objectivity shalt be denied her through all the days.

I frequently listen to Dr. Torah just to keep track of what the dysfunctional people are up to. Females calling up can usually be counted upon to say, "I am my children's mom. Here's my moral dilemma. I have 3 beautiful children..." Once of these days, some woman with her feet on the ground might be heard to say, " I am a mother of 3 ordinary looking children and 1 who is not so good looking." Then again, if she were this objective it would be likely that she'd not be calling. There are indeed ugly and stupid kids out there and they DO have mothers – I think.

In the same vein, did you know that when people are surveyed as to their driving ability, 94 percent claim they are above average? Or, the lower a kid's communication ability, the higher is his 'potential'? At a Rochester school for "the gifted and talented" 27 percent of those in attendance as so "gifted" that they cannot get to school on time – and some of them cannot even TELL the time. Yes sir. I sawed off a small piece three times now and it's still too short.

If the cross between a pheasant and a hen is called a phen, then what does one call the cross between a pheasant and a duck?

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO! Oprah and Jesse, IN THE NUDE and DOING IT ! You must be over the age of 18 to view this revealing one-of-a-kind graphics file. Copying is forbidden.

This photograph of Oprah and Jesse "doing it" was taken in a coal mine after midnight, on October 31, 2000.

While teaching in an all girls school, a young sweet face came to me for an opinion on why women do not receive the same pay as men for the same work. "Let's see," I told her, "I've worked for the U.S. Army in a poison gas facility; Q clearance government atomic laboratories; aircraft laboratories; electronic research laboratories; and taught in about 5 schools. Not once did I ever see a sign, notice or comment, which said, 'If you are female, your pay will be depreciated.' Ilene B., my partner in one laboratory, actually was earning more than I due to seniority. Pay scales are pay scales, union or otherwise, and there ALWAYS HAS BEEN equal pay REGARDLESS of sex, race or orifice preference. What you are being introduced to is pure Marxist crap, the type certain bean headed females love to wallow in. Enough said." 

The electrical problems observed in the state of California, will not be solved. That doesn't mean that millions of dollars will not be wasted in an attempt. CA is now too turd-world to be ever run efficiently again... unless the weeds are removed from the garden. Florida is also on its way. As CA goes, so does the country. As the erosion rapidly gains momentum, honky Harold still prefers to watch niggerball while his kids hop, pop and flop to the jungle bunny thump and screech of MTV.
I watched C-Span where a bunch of simians called the Black Caucus, were flapping their prehensile lips over Dubya's "Florida fraud". When toastmaster Gore mentioned the rules of the House, one water buffalo promptly told him where he could shove those rules. This was punctuated by a veiled threat which related to their version of "getting justice". Although the comedy shows staged by our elected are not this humorous it's still has a long way to go before it becomes the insane spectacle – never taught in an American history course – as those staged during the Reconstruction period after the Civil War. "Elected representatives" from the South – honkies were banned – staged daily drunken bouts complete with bottle throwing. Too bad TV wasn't around at that time. I can visualize one of the jews who tell us what is what, gasping, "Look at those oppressed more-than-equal people reacting to White racism."
Jimmy's dad was a rough, no nonsense man. He tended his own business and never bothered anyone unless that someone was foolish enough to bother his wife, his sons or his exceptionally beautiful daughter Lois. As a kid, I was fascinated by the look of her – cream colored skin, brilliant blue eyes and a shade of dark brown hair which put the 'icing on the cake', plus those harmonious features we cherished as "White". Old Jim, as he was called, was dependable to an extreme even when under the influence of his regular Irish liquid staple. I remember my father mentioning that Old Jim once "talked" to a fellow who was accused of being inappropriate towards George Porter's daughter. I did hear some words involving broken fingers. On another occasion, Gil and I were passing Dudie's tavern when a body came sailing out, onto the street, via the front window. It seems that some unknowing soul had said something to Old Jim's wife which didn't set too well with that forceful man.

Over the years, I never saw my father engaged in any sort of fisticuffs nor ever learned of his assaulting anyone for whatever reason. Dad was quiet and another striking fact was that he never spoke ill of anyone, or any group, or anything at all, for that matter. I wondered how 'brave" dad really was. Everyone liked him, especially for his honesty, and he always left any scene where the voices started to rise. Later in life, that answer was presented to me.

Work was a little slow at dad's regular place of employment so he took a part-time job at the V.F.W. as a bartender and after hours janitor. We thought this was funny since dad abstained from drink except on rare occasions when the summer's heat led him to a bottle of cold beer. One day, about 2:00 AM, he was cleaning up the place and an intruder, obviously not knowing someone else was in the building, came in prepared to enrich himself according to the contents of the cash drawer. He was startled by the appearance of my father; he drew his gun, and threatened to shoot. Dad hurriedly advanced as one bullet grazed his shoulder. Another shot was fired about the same time as dad slammed his fist into the man's face breaking his jaw and loosening several teeth. As the man lay silent, dad called the police and then sat on the fellow until the police arrived. The next day the newspaper headlined the episode giving dad credit for saving the cash. He quietly told them that he was only a part-time bartender and wasn't a security guard. "Then why," asked a reporter, "did you act in such a fashion?" Dad replied, "The fellow should not have threatened me."

As the experiences in my life added, I soon came to realize that most of the 'macho' 'kick-ass' types are never that way when the odds aren't decidedly in their favor. When confronted alone, away from an audience or a gang, they usually dissolve and become spineless. Quiet, unhysterical, men are generally those which you should not antagonize.

I learned something about my father, something which my insides always knew, that a backbone doesn't have to be put on parade or displayed like a bulging biceps. Since those days, I have always judged men by the value of their word.

Outlaw hate? Are you kidding? You have a daughter which you love. You protect her and provide her with exercises and opportunities so that she may grow into a sound woman. She is of your blood and the way your treat her reveals your feelings toward yourself. Let's suppose that she is raped by some poor misunderstood victim of oppression. Do you think such an event at age 15 is only a minor bump on her path of life? What are your emotions? Sympathy for the perpetrator? Conciliatory? "It'll soon be forgotten, honey." "At least he didn't kill you. You should be thankful." "God must have had something in mind to have allowed this to happen."

My view is simple and easily understood. As a loving father, you'd be filled with hate and, if allowed, understandable action would follow – with my full approval and applause.

To abandon hate – an essential survival emotion – is to forsake one of your most potent weapons. Without cold, one never experiences heat. Without hate, there is no love. Never let those champions of envy and hate – the bolsheviks among us – talk you into disarming yourself. To "love" everything and "hate" nothing, is a mental aberration which renders the wearer useless for any purpose. More so, it is a contradiction in terms only accepted by the hopelessly neurotic. For some odd reason, far too many women love to impose this contradiction upon their children. This is the reason that all soul destroying political movements level their propaganda at women who, in turn, blab about the omnipotence of children. Once this band of Marxists harpies – and this excludes a large body of women – is given free reign in the home, classroom and government, collapse is not far away. Feminized societies, like niggerized societies, have no future – and that is decidedly to the good. The gods know this.


    Read the weapon description from 'Israeli Aircraft Industries'.  Then Maguire will explain what the Khazars are really doing here.  Even their own website has loud warning bells for the alert. 'Several tests' and 'ready to enter pre-production engineering' are already big red flags for those with eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to understand.    Translated this means, 'give us money to finish development, maybe we'll give you a usable weapon later.'

    Now for some Real History. This is all based on 27 year old 'not ready for prime time' technology from the U.S. Army's canceled Copperhead program for 155mm laser guided anti-tank rounds.    The Jews either stole it or bought it for a song from Raytheon.  Most likely it was the former, knowing the real moral character of Jews and especially Israeli kikes.  The technical and tactical problems with such a small diameter guided round being shot out of a gun are several:

    1.  The electronics hardening necessary to survive the 25g plus acceleration in a gun tube.

    2.  The reduced lethality of a 155mm or 120mm round that is mostly guidance package.   Seeker heads,  guidance fins and batteries do displace high explosive.

    3.  The tank shooting this round has to receive targeting information from the forward team with the laser designator.  Then it has to shoot into a very small square in the sky to put the round on the proper trajectory to acquire the laser spot on the downhill slope of the trajectory.  It's not a guided round until the seeker head acquires a laser spot lock.

    This idea was already in the U.S. Army's laboratory in 1973 when these Israelis were taken by surprise by Anwar Sadat and AT-3 Sagger missiles.  It was rejected for the above cited reasons.  There was a previous US iteration of guided tank gun missiles in the 1960s in the 152mm Shillelagh missile for the M60A2 tank and the M551 Sheridan.

    Completely brazen and shameless.  It's identical to their attempts to palm off their junk Gallil assault rifle on the Turks.  The Turkish officers were sold until they noticed that all the Israeli troops themselves were carrying US made M-16A1s.  The Turks promptly contacted Colts.  The Israelis are just waiting for some muds to float in from the turd world to get hustled.  Meanwhile the Israelis themselves aren't buying it.  As with M-16's they're demanding more U.S. made Hellfires and AH-64 Apaches.

    LAHAT:  Made and rejected by white men, picked up and dusted off by the Jews for resale to the niggers and the muds.  I wonder what's worse:  the lying Kikes who present this as their own invention or the ignorant goy who'll think it evidence of 'high Jewish intelligence'?


Nothing like battle hardened front line ready troops. Welcome to the ZOG p.c. "enforcers".
(It makes about as much sense as having men as wet nurses.)

German squaddies face wind of change. http://www.thescotsman.co.uk/world.cfm?id=37182

The tribe is at it again...

Le Maitre

Fascist the Snowman

Hereís something really funny to start you off for the new year: An English art historian, Dr. Tricia Cusack (some doc, some historian), recently produced a 15-page report attacking the snowman as racist and sexist. Yes, the snowman!

You know the type. For centuries he has been an innocent source of fun for children. Easily made and with nothing more than a carrot  needed to give him a nose, building the snowman was even more fun than a snowball fight, and a priority for kids – until now, that is. Cusack, obviously as moronic as many of the academics of her p.c. ilk, has devoted five years to researching Frosty, arriving at the conclusion that snowmen on Christmas cards represent phallic symbols that help condemn women to a second-class status in society, and are also threatening to minorities.

Did you get all that? The report suggests that ethnic minorities find these pure white snowmen very threatening. Poor ethnic minorities! As if they didnít have enough troubles already. Now those big, bad snowmen are making their lives even worse. In her report, the half-wit suggested that snowmen should be more representative. "Iíd like to see more female snowmen, and more ethnic diversity." What she didnít offer was how white snow could be fashioned into ethnically diverse snowpeople. (Perhaps in Switzerland and Austria, where cowdung easily mixes with the abundant snow...)

And it gets better. Snowmen reinforce "a gendered spatial-social system" that sounds impressive but is actually "wicked." In other  words, and always according to this cretin, snowmen suggest that a womanís place is in the domestic sphere, while menís is in the workplace. (Gee whiz, I wish I were an academic and able to write such crap and get paid for it.) "His presence is a reminder of masculine dominance, order and surveillance... with its bulbous, over-indulged body, phallic carrot nose and black unindividualized eyes [it] has obvious elements of the grotesque..." The doc obviously does not like snowmen. She would rather have kids find a way to create skinny, black snowwomen instead.

Oh well, it could be worse. Or could it? The pipe the little ones used to stick in the poor snowmanís mouth has long ago gone the way of high-button shoes and good manners. Smoking, remember, is a  no-no, and now itís the snowmanís turn. Although not an academic by a longshot, hereís my take on the egregious sexist and racist snowman: Snowmen are white because – and this is a world exclusive – snow more often than not is white, and a female snowman is harder to make because bigger hips and breasts are impossible to model unless the snow is frozen. Mind you, I donít expect academics to understand such esoteric data, but what the hell, Iíll spread the word nonetheless.

Heard enough? Just before Christmas, an English lady bought a traditional Christmas creche for her grandchildren, only to discover that Joseph was missing. When she inquired at the store she was assured that this was intentional. "It is to encourage the idea of a single parent," came the reply.

I have a friend in New York who comes from Lithuania. His name is Alex Sepkus, and he is a very talented jewelry designer. His stuff is sold at Bergdorf Goodman, among countless other megastores, but Alex is not the average designer. He happens to have been brought up under the most oppressive system known to man (sorry, also to woman), which was communism. I recently had a drink with him in New York and we talked about political correctness. "I see many similarities between p.c. and what we had to go through," he said. His father-in-law was a poet who wrote against totalitarianism. He was found dead one night, all his poems and manuscripts gone. They have never been found. "Just as the Wall came down and the evil empire      collapsed," said Alex, "those who like to dominate others found a new  way to do it, political correctness."

Hear, hear. Joking about snowmen aside, p.c. is a persistent form of untruthfulness. Itís about pretending that things are different from what they are. It means adjusting what one says to what one thinks ought to be true, not what one knows actually is true. Liberty depends on memory, and cutting people off from their pasts and discrediting our ancestors are the chief techniques of modern tyrants, the politically correct.

Take the government propaganda backed by federal laws forcing people to be ashamed and frightened to even acknowledge the slightest of differences between the races. The power of p.c. has corrupted the media to such an extent that even conservative newspapers are full of odious drivel about hate crimes and diversity. All crimes are hate crimes, but the pleonasm comes in handy for those who insist the white man is a devil. Christian communities are being attacked by the liberal culture via television and the movies, while our colleges and universities have been reduced to "assembly-line factories that turn out sensitive, nonjudgmental anti-intellectuals, the worst of whom are hired to keep the machinery running" (Thomas Fleming in Chronicles).

It all has to do with you-know-what: p.c.c., politically correct cowardice. Maybe as his last act Clinton and his gang should outlaw snowmen. 

Since my ISP "lost" a second batch of my email, I have been testing out other providers. You might see addresses jerked about, from time to time, but a real live working one is always at the bottom of the page on FAEM. Do not despair, I trust no ISP's evaluation of themselves. Objectivity is not a common virtue.
Let's see, Ernst Zündel promptly hoarded his Cotter will windfall – earmarked for 'the cause' – and I think David Duke's portion is also about $100,000. Poor David. Last seen blowing thousands of his supporter's dollars at the MGM in Las Vegas, about a year and a half ago, he is  in deep shit with ZOG for shady financial shenanigans. Nawh! Not David – one of our great White hopes. After all, he founded the
National Association for the Arrogating of White Peon's funds.

There is no "movement" and there never has been. What you deluded yourself in to believing, was only a batch of con artists which Rockwell warned about 35 years ago.

The money? Well, no one likes to rob a pauper and I strongly suspect that the enemies of the White race are already plotting means to also get their hands on Mr. Cotter's bucks.

"Juan, it's looks like they are coming straight for us wanting to take our gold. You stay here and guard it. I'll go look for help."

Juan smiles to himself and says, "That Pedro is very dumb to think that I'll ever give him back his one-half."

The sounds of pounding horses' hoofs gets louder but Juan keeps counting the coins.

Great news! The red civilian army is soon to go on the march through your local library. They're on the lookout for politically incorrect books which they will recommend be destroyed. Communism is dead. Long live communism. Funny thing but these people are doing everything they accused the Nazis of doing – only more so. An' miss Hillary jes smile an' smile.

                           MARXISTS  'R'  US
The word from Toronto
, plus that of a spy in MA, (I DO have friends in both places) is that Ernst Zündel received $100,000 from the Cotter estate which was for "the cause". As no surprise, the money immediately went into his personal account as did several other large donations in the past. As you probably know, some of the Cotter money was earmarked for the AUTHOR of The Hitler We Loved and Why. This means Eric Thomson totally, or in part, according to how one interprets "author". On the street, the odds are 666 to 1 that Eric receives not one single dime. That's why they call that patriotism-for-profit bunch, the BLIGHTWING. For your own information, you might like to phone Mr. Zündel and ask his opinuion about the whole matter. You'll get a cheap education, I believe.

I hope you'll understand my inner turmoil in matters such as these. I have been f---ed over big time by people in the past but harbor no grudge since I probably should have known better than to get involved with them in the first place. One thing which always disturbs me is when trusting people get shafted by predators. Should I remain silent because it truly is none of my business? In the case of one's sheet soiling partner, that is no one's business but people who profess to have YOUR INTERESTS at heart, particularly in this terrible time of White dispossession, should not remain anonymous. In this regard, my quandary remains. Should anyone remain silent even in the face of evidence that certain "leaders" refer to their following as "suckers", but nonetheless APPEAR to share the same goals? How valuable REALLY, is truth relative to the struggle of the White man? 


    Yes sir.  The 3d Millennium economy is great.  After exporting almost all its manufacturing jobs America can sit back pretty at the top of the global information economy with high tech high pay jobs like CAD design and programming....

    But wait!  What distant network murmur doth mine internet ear hear?  CAD work done here, CAD work done there, CAD work done everywhere... Iceland, $2.50 an hour, New Dehli, $2.00 an hour,  Hong Kong, $1.50 an hour, Beijing $1.00 an hour.  Finished .DWG files delivered instantly by email.  Fax or email drawings for a quote.

    Welcome to 2001: A Third World Odyssey (Maguire)

I hope you all sent your donation to Kevin A. Storm. Maybe he's learned something. If his Jolly Roger gets him into trouble again, then he should be ignored.
Iffen this is supposed to be an integrated society, then how come Blacks separate themselves into realms called Black Beauty Contests, Black-owned businesses, Black athletic scholarships and stuff like that there?
Keep praying that
Eric Thomson gets the Cotter money due him. He will not scramble for it but truly deserves it – unlike several others I could name.
One of the reasons that the image of WW II is so distorted is that our masters do not want the sheep to know that the Third Reich was an advanced civilization – 25 years ahead of the rest of the world. To cloud, and hopefully forever bury the memory, the Holocaust fables must be repeated over and over like an assembly line producing Preparation H. I hope you realize that "the boys" are working for the criminalization of all questions relating to that topic. When Col. Lindbergh returned from a visit to the Third Reich, his compliments incensed smiling FDR who then did his best to try and have the Colonel stripped of his rank and possible jailed. If you doubt that the Holocaust was a giant project for gassing people, then somewhere along the line our kosher indoctrination program, called "education", has failed. That's why they are calling for increased public expenditures and penalties for "doubters". That's what bolshevism is all about. Communism is about as dead as is AIDS.

The truth certainly must be hidden if we are to devolve into a pottage of easily ruled dysfunctional people whose only goal in life is to accumulate possessions, eat and screw. The Third Reich was no place for feminists, drug pushers, perverts, free loaders, porno stars or those of foreign extraction such as jews, and today Germany is not only saddled with more of the same, but batches of Blacks and Turks as well. The middle men financiers do not want you to know that one of the most hated things Hitler did was to separate Germany from the international money racket which enriches those who run it and impoverish those who are caught in its tempting briars. Hitler accomplished in 2 years more than Roosevelt ever did during his entire New Deal. This, according to FDR's personal papers, infuriated him to no end – the beginning of real red hate and probably no small item when it came to laying the ground work for his planned war. At that time, Germany was ONE NATION – a people of ONE BLOOD, as was the United States is its better days. ONE NATION, UNDER GOD – that was once MY country but my fellow citizens simply gave it all away. All that is left is a place to breath – not ever again something to feel proud of, or something one would be willing to defend. And that's what ZOG is all about anyway.

                 White people who refuse to think White, really do not have much of a future.

Close Encounters of the Third Reich Kind

Awestruck ZOGlings at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum warehouse stare at an artifact of a more advanced civilization.  The Ho-229, the world's first jet stealth fighter, circa 1944.

How come, you might ask, did all of this German stuff end up in the good old U.S.A.? It's called looting, my friends. It's what all decent and tolerant people do when they have the upper hand. Tons of German nerve gasses, Tabun and Sarin, ended up in the state of Washington. How come the Germans didn't use this stuff to "gas jews" instead of using the insecticide Zyklon B? Lot's of unanswered questions here, eh Doc? Better get the answers before asking questions is banned entirely.

German Technical Genius


    The design principles of the German Panzerabwehrrakete X-7 Rotkäppchen and its Pfeifenkopf guidance computer were the basis for the U.S. Army's still in-service AGM-65 TOW II Missile produced by Hughes.  The AGM-65 TOW didn't enter service until the early 1970s.  Three hundred X-7 prototypes had been completed and serial production started when the factory was overrun in early 1945. Luckily for ZOG, reactionary elements in the Wehrmacht didn't encourage the Rotkäppchen when BMW first proposed it in 1941.  Otherwise the ZOG armies would have been hit by a hail of guided anti-tank weapons
starting in late 1943.

    To put this in perspective, Germany was 25 years ahead of the U.S.A. in this field of weaponry in early 1945. After fielding the TOW in the early 1970s, the Jew Ess Ah! kept this weapon in service for the next 30 years and will probably keep it for another 10-15 , for a total service life of 45 years.  Those of you who have perceived a flattening curve of technological innovation can rest assured your perceptions have not deceived you.  This phenomenon is very real and growing.

    You can also rest assured that the very best German secret weapons projects of World War II are still secret. Some of them are the basis for research and development today and remain classified.  Everyone can look forward to several more decades of sensational Popular Mechanics articles on this subject.  That assumes ZOG is able keep the printing plants running that long and produce enough literates to support a market for such magazines.

    To estimate what the scientists of the Reich and their successors would have developed by now, 55 years later, go to the nearest bookstore science fiction section. (Maguire)

In the movie Dr. Zhivago, Alex Guinness explains that "better" has not much to do anything. "I've killed better men than I with only this small pistol," he stated.

One of the major obnstacles for anyone to overcome is an objective view of himself. To admit that we might be lacking in something, is often a bitter pill. This also extends to admissions about the honesty of one's father or the fidelity of one's mother, or wife. Men will often rush to defend a believe faster than they will the truth – and that includes WW II. An old friend of mine, Tony D., lost a leg at Guadacanal. His life long ambition was to be a prize fighter and then a trainer.  One grenade changed his enbtire life forever and it would be very hard for him to listen to arguments concerning FDR's goading of the Japanese into a war and his own governts complicity in the destruction of not only our finest young men, but those of Germany, Japan, and others as well. That war was unnecessay, b.s. to the contrary.

While one might criticize his family whenever the modd struck, to critizize your govermnetnt in time of war, is a very dangerous thing. We love to wave our flag in the faces of other people but we should remember that others also have flags and the very same feelings. If the TV networks were really out to "tell it as it is", we'd see tales of the survioros of those horrors called, Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin Hiroshima, Tokyo and Nagasaki. All we seem to be exposed to is the spirit of the Brits during the "blitz" or those well-worn scenes of dead typhus victims posing as "gassees". The bombing of England was in retaliation for the bombing of Berlin and when I see a TV program about the valiant defenders of Berlin, before it fell to the Soviet raping and pillaging hordes, then I can say that we do live in the land of the free – and truthful.

In 1973 during the Yom Kippur War the Egyptians took Golda Meir and the Hebes by both tactical and technological surprise.  The Israelis figured the Egyptians would need a day to breach the Suez Canal embankment walls with explosives and trim them.  The Egyptians showed up with high pressure water pumps and hosed holes in the banks in a few hours.

    The IDF then counterattacked with tank brigades held 10-12 miles behind the canal.  But Egyptian infantry had already crossed on rubber rafts and met them with a hail of infantry-carried AT-3 Sagger anti-tank missiles built on the principles of the German X-7.  In less than a day Egyptian armored units were pouring through the breaches into the Sinai.  Except for a US airlift of AGM-65 TOW missiles, Israel would have lost the war.

    The Israelis have not elected another woman prime minister since.


     "According to preparatory documents, U.N. organizers of the child summit hope to redefine the role of families and government agencies in child-rearing and endorse the right of children between ages 10 and 18 to be sexually active and have abortions."


    Or as Mr. Rogers would say, "It's a wonderful day in the Global Neighborhood.  Will you be my friend?"

    The salami slicer is spinning up to full speed.  Child marriage, pederasty, concubinage, incest and wife-beating are all wonderful mud-cultural traditions from before the dawn of memory.  Suttee (widow burning) will be next.  At least you won't have to endure moralizing white men like a 19th Century British governor of Bengal and his racist policies.  He'd set up a gallows next to each widow pyre with the announcement: "When men burn women we hang them."