23 January 2001
Has the Red Book Cleaning Brigade visited your library yet? The commie "public radio" has announced that "committees" will be visiting libraries to seek out "incorrect" books and will recommend that they be exorcised. Jews have been doing this for a long time now and it's only recently that they have enlisted goy simpletons to do their dirty work. Any guesses as to what sort of books will be considered "incorrect", Whitey?
The introduction of computers into the classroom will doom American education as if the suffering from the presence of  "equals" wasn't enough to do the job. The computer is only a machine and no machine is capable of putting a brain into a coconut anymore than wearing aviation goggles will help a penguin fly. Teachers love computers because they are mainly used as a game tool – a distraction – entertainment – which relieves them of any real teaching duties. What they call teaching is little other than a gab fest where the unthinking toss in their opinions and yammer about the conflicts. Opinions are not knowledge even if the vocabulary is impressive – which it rarely is anyway. Nowhere is this more evident than in the sciences and particularly in one of science's most valuable tools – mathematics.

The computer has changed attitudes and not for the better. Name one kid, or goof ass parent,  who isn't firmly convinced that all there is to know is out there – somewhere on the "net". Just 'click' and without moving a cell on one's fat ass, the universe becomes exposed! One now sends his computer to do his research for him and it bodes ill for the White nation if the only solid source of information – the library – vanishes leaving only the fetid crap which passes for internet "resources".

Another disastrous attitude is that if someone "explains" something to you, then you "know" that material. If I explain the workings of chess, for example, then does that make you a chess whiz? Certainly not. No more than explaining how to fly an aircraft makes you a pilot. I can show you how to use a lathe (I have a Class A machinist's license by the way) but that will not make you a machinist of any caliber.

Math is basically a skill and no skill is ever learned without practice, and more practice, yet the "computer gang" really has no other skill except keyboard pecking with two fingers. People write to me regularly concerning plane geometry proofs. They attempt them without being able to remember basic axioms, postulates and even the introductory definitions. They do not remember these things simply because they only READ them in the same manner as they read anything  in the line of entertainment. If you cannot remember how to spell words correctly, you have no business writing prose. A 'spell checker' was designed for the purpose of catching rare MISTAKES and not as a servant to clean up something you do not know how to handle in the first place. Daily I answer questions from algebra students who cannot even add correctly and from geometry students who cannot handle algebra properly. This all falls from the idiotic notion that repetition is tantamount to cotton picking slavery. I was once asked how I always managed to get 100% on Dr. Grave's calculus proofs. I explained that I memorized the proofs even to the dots and dashes, which really impressed the old boy. I told this person that I used the time-proven system for memorization – repetition. I'd write the proof out at least 100 times, and believe me, when test time came my pencil marched across that paper like an S.S. company on parade. How does an actor remember his lines or a songster her melody – practice, practice and more practice. (During my first week of Army Basic training at Camp Pickett, I wrote out the general orders 500 times each. One day, Capt. Ulrich stomped up and down our ranks asking "What is general order number...?" When my turn came I instantly spouted "To walk my post in a military manner ....") This is my point, when education is turned in to a batch of entertainment – let's the kiddies have fun! – by the dimwitted females which now saturate our schools believing themselves to be teachers, you can kiss education good-bye. Make no mistake, it is nearly gone. When our high school "honors" students do not have the skills our grammar school kids had 50 years ago, only a weed head can say that we are better off.

Education is a serious business and when a school system can blow $9M on a new gymnasium and call it "education" then it tells you something about the electorate which smiles when they read their tax bills. Gee, junior is smart, ain't he? He must be, for I am spending a lot of money on his education.

Dumb 101, an introductory curse.

It was on TV. It must be true.
My teacher said it. It must be true.
It's in my textbook. It must be true.
The Reverend said so. It must be true.
He's a Ph.D. and he says it's so. It must be true.
She has written 69 books and she says it's so. It must be true.
Everybody says so. It must be true.

If you agree with the above, then what in hell do you need a brain for? A brain is for thinking and if what you believe is not based upon thought, then you've answered my question. You are little more than a ventriloquist's dummy – and ZOG LOVES YOU!!!

We are told that all yapping bipeds belong to the same species, Homo sapiens. Homo is the genus name – a classification much broader in scope than species. Sapiens is the species name under the genus. Let's talk about fruits – real ones, not feces loving perverts. Let's talk about the oranges which Eskimos never eat but get their vitamin C quota anyway – from animal sources. Let's go scientific with the names. Let's stick to the genus Citrus.

Orange: C. sinensis. Sour orange: C. aurantium. Tangerine: C. reticulata. Citron: C. medica. Grapefruit (pomelo) C. paradisi. Grapefruit (pummelo) C. grandis. Lime: C. aurantifolia. Lemon: C. limonum.

All of the above species are INTER-FERTILE and many hybrids exist and are marketed. Most of these fruits closely resemble each other and some people cannot tell one from another without a supermarket sign. The biological differences are small in comparison to the MAJOR differences between the nigeroid and the honkiod and the gookoid, YET (as I have also discussed relative to crows and foxes – and penguins are a far more rich example) WE ARE TOLD that weez all b'longs ta da same species. Did you ever really think about this? Did you? Ever?

It takes VERY LITTLE to tell a black man's part from its white counterpart. Black hair HAS NO CORTEX, for example. One hair – one microscope and the difference is as plain as Goldfarb's  nose. Blacks are about as related to Whites as the lemon is to the tangerine. They belong to different species and anyone who has ever been around Black people knows – unless they are zonked out on drugs or a true believer in American Marxist educational "truth" – that Blacks and White differ far more than skin color. In fact, skin color is the LEAST SIGNIFICANT of these differences.

For the lack of better names, there are 3 species of yammering hairless apes: Home sapiens (white), Homo nigerus (black) and Homo mongulus (yellow). All other hoomun beans are mixtures of these species – mongrels of one fornication formulation or the other.

If  you think this is all not so OK, then go back to the beginning where you see Dumb 101, and read those 7 lines slower this time. If that doesn''t change anything, then you probably love MTV.

Delta announces that it will school future commercial pilots for FREE providing that they are sans penis and/or soot colored. Ya suh, Rastus, when the nogs and wogs start being commerical passenger pilots, this honky will start wearing out a lot mo' shoes. (White male asses need not apply or haven't you caught on yet?) Weez gotta 'nuff problems with the mud mechanics already.
Pic courtesy www.front14.org/tsun

OK honky men and honky women, please start conserving electricity immediately and extensively. Electricity is a White man's thing and to prove your Marxist tolerance of those who are stealing your country, Zionist intolerance of racist racists plus your love of White self-hate, do all of your hate literature reading by candlelight. The muds of the west coast need the electricity and according to Dubya's inauguration speech, weez gotsta be super generous in a most generous super fashion.
Maguire sez: This is another classic example of what happens with the low level of personnel the US military must  now operate with.  R&D has to be done not to increase capability but to simply retain current capability:   I mentioned with the fixed head space bolt program for the .50 caliber. The cause of all this is troops too stupid and/or too ill-disciplined to follow a vehicle shut-down checklist.  The flat-spin enroute to ground is so discernible.  It's appearing all over the place in big and small indicators.  This is from the Army Research Laboratory Annual Review.

This is the kind of crap I used to see with Turd World armies 15-20 years ago.  No preventative maintenance, just run it into
the ground until it breaks and hand it over to the white man to fix. (There's no sucker like the White sucker ... RF)

Oil Coking in Hot Section Bearings of the AGT-1500 Turbine Engine:  Oil coking is one of the primary causes of engine failure for the AGT-1500 turbine engine (the M1 tank engine). It occurs when the engine has not been given sufficient time to cool  down before the oil flow to the bearings is stopped. The residue of remaining oil is cooked by the high engine temperature and forms a layer of coke on the bearing surfaces.

The major cause of heavy oil coking is improper engine shutdown. This problem is of  major consequence logistically; if it is solved, it could significantly reduce engine over-haul  costs, which now exceed $200K, and double the average life of an AGT-1500 engine.

Dubya simply cannot be as bad as the scum bag pair... but that doesn't mean he'll be great. The anti-White crusade will still carry on, so keep your powder dry. Like AIDS, the red bitch will be difficult to get rid of – especially in land already suffering from tertiary syphilis.
The Clinton precedent:

"Mr. Claude Balz, you have been accused of armed robbery and assault. How do you plead?"
"Guilty, your Honor."
"What a truthful young fellow. In that case, I'll dismiss the charges."

A short back and forth – (a more knowledgable (than I) person's 3 cents are blue)

Mr. Chambers wrote:  (Robert replied then Mr. 3 cents joined in.)

Having passed around the German "Stealth Fighter" to my father, he passed it to one of his buddies at Boeing, and he said something like (this from memory, so be nice):

"The German design is well known – it's a GREAT acheivement in Aeronautics;  however, it wasn't a stealth plane.  The wing, while it's true provides a great shape for building stealth aircraft, the Germans didn't have this in mind, as radar was new and they didn't know much about it. A baseless assertion contradicted by the evidence.  Generaloberst Martini was listening for British radar transmissions in early 1939.  It's why he sent the Graf von Zeppelin zeppelin on a trip around the British Isles that year.  He was listening for it because the Germans already had it.  The Freya radar was introduced as standard production equipment in 1939.  It's a certainty the Germans developed this independently from the British.

I admit it's possible Dr. Horten exaggerated.  That doesn't explain his recurrent postwar collaborations with Jack Northrop and Northrop Aircraft up through the B-2 project. Doktor Horten said he knew of the flying wing's low radar cross section in 1943.  It also doesn't explain why the Hortens included a charcoal and glue layer in the H0-229 lamination.  There also weren't any fuel tanks in the wing.  The wing itself was built as a tank and coated with kerosene-proof glue on the inside of the first plywood layer.

    Would it have performed as well against 1990s radar as the F-117a?  No, and it didn't have to.  It's radar adversary was 1944 style radar.  To say the F-117a is better is the same mindset that says the Hughes AGM-65 is better than the X-7 Rottkapchen on which the AGM-65 is largely based.  Speaking of which, ATGM development post-war followed the same dip and upswing curve we saw with flying wings and stealth fighters. The Soviet AT 1-3 and the French SS-10 and SS-11 missiles (circa 1950s-1960s) weren't even as advanced conceptually as the German X-7.  It was only the follow-on TOW that finally matched and exceeded the X-7 design specs.

     The M-47 DRAGON infantry carried ATGM, which is closest in range and tactical employment to the X-7, was and remains a POS.

A small digression.  Whether the British account of independent invention is accurate is a second question.  What is known is that Fighter Command's first operational system, their 'Coastal Chain', also operated on long wave frequencies just like the contemporary German Freya did.  Both countries were spinning off applications for airborne and naval radars at remarkably concurrent times.  The US otoh received its first radar plans from the British in mid-1940.

    Germany developed FREYA and other applications independently.  The British either independently and concurrently developed a first generation long wave system or their work was based on some more undisclosed espionage.  We have HMG's word for it that British radar was an independent achievement.  This is the same government that closed all Cabinet records to support Churchill's claim (a bald-faced lie) that the War Cabinet never considered peace negotiations with Hitler in mid-1940.  It did.

    The 'Kammhuber Line' of  night defense was built around a grid of radar station boxes with one night fighter under control of each radar station.  It was in operation in 1942.  The idea of 'Window', or radar jamming with
chaff and metallic strips, was thought of in 1941 before the RAF thought of it. The Luftwaffe suppressed it until 1943 for the same reasons the British did later.

    Come 1942 the Germans had already deployed airborne radar on night fighters.  Anytime you see an Me-262 picture sporting an antenna array mounted on its nose, be advised you are looking at a radar equipped night

"What the Germans were doing is trying to break the sound barrier, The Horten brothers had a separate design for Mach +1 aircraft.  They didn't expect the Ho-229 to break the sound barrier nor was it a goal. and would have, if the war would have lasted a little longer.  You see, in order to break the sound barrier, a plane must have wings which are at least at a 35 degree angle, otherwise the plane will be torn to pieces.  The wing designs were very sleek and proved to be capable of breaking this barrier under the right conditions.

"A Stealth plane, on the other hand, can only be made because of special composits the plane itself is made out of.  A wooden "B2" would not be stealth, for example.

"If your friend has any information about it actually being a stealth, I'd be interested in it.  We have the designs of the German plans at work [Boeing], and they don't indicate any attempt of them trying to be "stealthy."

There was a little more, but I can't add it, cuz Iz done 4'gotz it.

If you've got more information or opinions, send them to me, and I'll send them to the folks at Boeing! For what kind of response? Advice on the Ho-229's airline transport potential?  A sales quote for a B-777? Lockheed did the design and production for the F-117a.  Northrop did the flying wing YB-49 and later the flying wing B-2. Lockheed is the designer and lead airframe contractor for the F-22 Raptor 'Stealthy' program.  It's being built at Marietta, Georgia at Dobbins AFB. Boeing's bit role is in partnership with Lockheed as a component and sub-assembly builder.

    Boeing's last produced fighter design was in the early 1930s, the P-26 Peashooter. Their last bomber was the B-52.  They're trying to re-enter that business with their X-32 version of the Joint Strike Fighter but face a real uphill climb against Lockheed's X-35 JSF variant.

    The other fact (this also is not opinion) is that Jack Northrop admitted in 1979 before he died that he'd committed perjury before Congress concering the origins, development and termination of the YB-49 six engine
flying wing jet bomber program in the early 1950s.  Now go look at Horten's WWII design concept for a flying wing bomber with, coincidence, six jet engines.

    Northrop's revised story was that Stuart Symington as USAF secretary ordered Northrop Aircraft to merge into another contractor and that when Northrop refused, terminated the YB-49 and ordered all prototypes and production models on the line destroyed. Symington denied this.  Maybe it was true or maybe the USAF thought it was protecting proprietary information it had acquired by right of conquest.

    Whether Jack Northrop in 1979 (with the flying wing renamed B-2 back in black development at Northrop again) gave the full story then is an interesting question that will never be known.  I'm not putting any money on Jack Northrop Version 2.0 myself.

Irritable Robert replied:

Who knows? The comment is about as valid as saying that Babbage never made a "real" computer since it didn't employ microchips. His intent was obviously to fill a census need instead of providing entertainment of the masses, which the mass market is. That makes it no less a computer – gears and all. The Romans never built a "real" sewer system because it didn't have circular PVC pipes. Taken in context and that time frame, the ship WAS a stealth aircraft. The fact that no one mentioned the word "stealth" in connection with any description, does not negate the argument.  AN INVENTION DOES NOT HAVE TO ACHIEVE THE INTENDED GOAL. I wouldn't have conceded that much.  Low radar cross section was one of the Horten brothers' specific goals with the Ho-229.  Your correspondant can get and read "Nurflèugel : die Geschichte der Horten-Flugzeuge 1933-1960" by Reimar Horten, published posthumously in 1993.  If he can't read German, my mother-in-law might be persuaded to translate it for him. She has a Ph.D in German. Many inventions were either the result of an accident or some side effect. I have long grown suspicious of all engineers since their new bridges, building, etc. have been know to collapse in spite of their self-assuredness that they were all a pack of geniuses. At one time, all engineers and physicists "proved" that a friction driven machine, like the 1/4 mile dragster, could never exceed 196 MPH in that distance. People who were not engineers demonstrated to the world that the "experts" were AGAIN DEAD WRONG. It's too bad that the people to whom you refer, were not intelligent enough to see THEIR ERROR OF DEFINING THE PAST WITH CURRENT VOCABULARY AND CONCEPTS. This has always been the MARK OF THE SHALLOW THINKER..

To those involved, it is perhaps a bitter pill to swallow at the evidence of how much American technology is based upon the "liberated" German material of 1945. The Manhattan Project (A-bomb)  came to the United States via the jew scientists who were chased out of Germany in the late 1930s. They mistakenly call it "I just escaped being gassed! So where's my 'survivor' check already?" The AGM-65 TOW is almost entirely WWII German Rottkapschen design. When our Department of Defense hands out contracts, it also fills the order briefcases with relevant WWII German technical information. As Lt. Block told me after the war, "The blending of American natural resources with German technology would have been unstoppable even if the remainder of the world were allied against it." I think we all should give thanks to White men, and to the German in particular, who gave us nearly everything we enjoy today as technical progress. Without the development of the White man's most useful servant, electricity,  you wouldn't be reading this screen today.
David Goldman has mentioned the great success of his www.hatewatch.org site. As it goes, when a racist hater announces himself, a dozen anti-racist haters spring up like Jeeps in the old Popeye comic strips. It appears then, that the racist haters are a dying breed being rapidly replaced by the new p.c. anti-racist haters. That's as good as creamed cheese and to celebrate, dandy David has a replacement site, www.paragraph127.org, which will have much to do extolling the virtues of being perverted, black, mud, diseased, or whatever it is that enriches, supposedly like manure, this land of the freebie.
I have received correspondence to the effect that the German Ho-229 was not a stealth aircraft because it didn't meet today's standards. Yes my friends, Ford's model T was not an automobile because it didn't meet today's standards. The Santa Maria was not a "real" ship because it couldn't have met today's standards. Yes my friends, Tom Edison never built a "real" light bulb because his objects didn't employ today's tungsten alloys. The fact that RADAR could have never detected the H0-229 again "proves" that it wasn't a stealth aircraft. Frankly Irene, I do get a little tired of bone-heads, especially those with college degrees and fat salaries who still think voting will change things. In the 1930s, no one ever had  poliomyelitis. Why? It's because they called it infantile paralysis then. That's why there were no stealth aircraft in the 1940s. Get it? Got it ? Good.
When you see the smallest of the mud, coal, rice and bagels, think about:

The Hen and the Swallow
A hen, finding the eggs of a viper, and carefully keeping them warm, nourished them into life. A swallow, observing what she had done said, " You silly creature!  Why have you hatched these vipers, which, when they have grown, will inflict injury on all, beginning with yourself!"

A hysterical LaRouche representativecalled me asking for a donation of $1000 for the presidential race in 2004. I mentioned that since LaRouche's heart attacks, perhaps he wouldn't live that long. The foolish twit was coming apart at the seams over the possibility of Ashcroft's appointment as A.G. "It will be another Nazi Germany," she shrieked, "and you know what HE did?" I said I never met Hitler and therefore didn't know what he was "up to" since I do not place much faith in hearsay. She furnished this bit of information: "First he gassed all of the jews. Then he planned to gas the Catholics. (Hitler was a Catholic.) Then he was going to gas the Lutherans." By then, when I thought she was out of gas, she continued, " He got the bankers to bribe Hindenburg and make Hitler chancellor. After that, Hitler abolished all elections and shot anyone who disagreed with him. The German scientists hated Hitler and that's why they developed such astounding technology. Hitler jailed Von Braun because he wouldn't put gas warheads on the rockets." I told her that it was all very interesting but my uncle, who lived in the Third Reich, told a different story. "Who was your uncle," she demanded. "Hitler's first cousin," said I. She hung up thus denying me the opportunity to help tired old Lyndon, with his Brenton Woods baloney, from saving the country in 2004. It appeared to me that if Bush and his "fascist" gang were destroying everything, then what is it that LaRouche would "save"? Perhaps Eric would like to donate, providing Zündel ever gives him the money (fat chance!) he received from the Cotter will for Eric's authorship of The Hitler We Loved and Why. Old lawyer Cotter was obviously a VERY POOR judge of character.

The LaRouche gang is about 50 percent jews and most of them as wacky as can be. Since man is in God's image, they promote unbridled population growth so that the planet will be filled with trillions of these bright and shiny images of the divine and heavenly. Overpopulation? No worries. We'll ship the overflow to Mars if the moon gets too full.

White Technology + non-Whites = Over Population + Environmental Degradation.
Here's another link to Nazi aircraft. De planes sho' do look familiar, eh Rastus?


The hype crap about Simian History Month is mostly day dreams when it is not outright lies. If I were Chinese, or Mexican, I'd demand a Yellow History Month or Brown History Month. These, of course, would pay proper homage to the media which is devoted 95 percent to Jewish History Year, Decade, Century or eternity, as it is now progressing toward. No matter what the Black assaults upon White society, and their pocketbooks may be, never forget those loving gems of humanity which elevated them to a virtually untouchable position, like the sacred apes of India and Gibraltar.

When a hater doesn't get his fill of hate, he becomes even more hateful. With this in mind, I offer some graphics which were sent to me by people full of hate, I suppose. Make sure you take another look at the Hottentot genitalia on this site for a jolly good taste of "equality". If those drawings turn you on, you're a prime candidate for an anti-racism demonstration.

For the umpteenth time —

It's not the Zionist Occupied Government.
It's not The Zionist Occupational Govermnent.
It's THE Zionist Occupation Government.

A government exercising control over a batch of mindless goyim.

Our own Eric Thomson coined this term decades ago and it has now even entered into the news world. David Horowitz, in his National Review comment, stated, "That worldview is summed up by three letters: ZOG. ZOG stands for 'Zionist-occupied government,' the phrase used by  far-right white supremacists, anti-Semites, and militia members for the federal government." He's in error because (1) he didn't know any better or (2) he's muddying the waters. Since the jews are now starting to recognize the popularity of this acronym, they are going to redefine it for us as do do nearly everything else. Culture destroyers until their dying breath, they be. Right Amos? O iz you Andy?

Speaking of that wonderful source of energy, electricity, harnessed ONLY by White intelligence and ingenuity, in the mud flat areas, there are "brown outs". In the black areas, there are "black outs." How long before ZOG dreams up more p.c. terms?
I hope you are enjoying the national holiday. Hell, isn't a day off, no matter what it's about, something to be welcomed?  Some refuse to honor Martin Luther Koon's birthday and honor something else. We have a ground hog day, don't we? Other's go out and get drunk celebrating the fact that he's dead. No matter what all of the hype about this fellow is, it's mostly Hollywood and we know what that means, don't we? If, for some bizarre reason, you are really interested in learning the truth about this obnoxious specimen of Homo nigerus, read this: